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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good for them. >> that's what's making news in america thi emily: good morning it's february 3. i'm emily rhymer. randy: stories we're following, making a push to new hampshire, the all out battle for republicans and what's at stake for the democrats? emily: new clues in a deadly crash involving the marines from the south shore. the evidence investigators are piecing together. randy: coming to a close. what we can expect for a man convicted of a tragic crash on the arborway in boston. emily: but first we check in with cindy and weather later. cindy: later is the key word. the radar not picking up on anything locally. i don't have concerns for your morning commute trying to get
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bother you. it's a little colder with 20's across worcester county. worcester is at 32 degrees and with the onset of the precipitation, i think the temperatures will hedge up just enough we're talking about rain with the system and a little along the coastline mid to upper 30's, boston to the cape. you can see all the cloud cover across the area now and off to the west we have rain and a little snow near the canadian border and all coming in with a frontal system. this is the storm that produced all the blizzard conditions in the midwest. our wet weather comes as the cold front crosses the area and doesn't happen until this afternoon. we're still mainly dry across a good portion of our area. west of worcester it the rain and evening commute we'll deal with downpours and pockets of rain as well. temperatures climbing in the 50's this afternoon as the winds pick up out of the south, southeast. it's warm and turning windy and
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let's get you to the roads now. good that they're dry. olessa: a look at the pike. we're looking both ways the screen. so far no complaints. a bit of overnight construction is in place. let's take those maps so you see 93 south at the zake im-- zakim bridge and this is northbound by the mall and as you travel 125 north. no problems west of town. southbound out of nasm and so far we're expecting the trains and buses to start on schedule. emily? emily: thank you. stories we're following. the marine corps found trace elements for the d.n.a. for some of the 12 marines killed in a helicopter crash in hawaii. that was found during a search ending january 19. christopher orlando of hingham died in that crash. randy: two investigations
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boston child after being rushed to the hospital. the boston police is looking into what happened before the 3-year-old was taken to the hospital sunday with traumatic injuries. the state calked to a caretaker two days before the incident and that person claims the boy was clean and well fed. so far no charges have been filed. emily: a decision to file criminal charges could come as early as today. he is expected back in a pennsylvania courtroom after arguing he has immunity. a district attorney testified he did agree not to prosecute cross by but the current d.a. said no agreement was signed. he is charged with drugging and assaulting a woman in 2014. randy: commitment 2016. a full-court press in the granite state. candidates will swarm new hampshire before the first votes in the nation's presidential race. emily: they're hitting the trail early.
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8:00 a.m. ted cruz, chris christie, carly fiorina and jon gilmore are headed north. last night trusm picked up an endorsement on the way out from former senator and new hampshire resident scott brown. brown who has been hosting events for the g.o.p. candidates called trump an agent of change. after a tough loss, trump was back to his signature blunt style. donald: wouldn't you rather have trump president if we're attacked. we'll beat the [beep] out of them. emily: trump is heavily favored in new hampshire according to recent polls but as iowa shows the only numbers that matter are the ones tallied next tuesday. randy: equally challenging for the democrats, turning a tie from iowa into a win in new hampshire.
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erika: clinton's razor thin victory in iowa, the democrat frontrunner spoke to a packed auditorium in hampton last night. the latest polls give bernie sanders a lead but clinton has pulled out a surprise victory here before in 2008. neither is giving any ground. hillary: bernie sand serious a neighbor but i think we'll have a good contest talking about what results we can produce and what our records have been. bernie: if we win in new hampshire after our great showing in iowa, we'll do well in nevada and south carolina. together not only are we going to win this election. but more importantly we'll transform our great country. emily: sanders and clinton with events today. randy: sanders and clinton will
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tomorrow night, that debate at the university of new hampshire in durham, their final showdown before the february 9 primary new hampshire. emily: today the driver who called this tragic crash will learn his punishment and this is a case full of emotional twists and turns for everyone involved. the eye opener's antoinette antonio is there at the courthouse to see what we can expect. announcer 1: antoinette: 20-year-old nicholas papadopoulos was found guilty last month for the reckless operation that injured several people including the man he hit on the arborway. kevin celluci was there in the courtroom when the verdict went down. the father of three can't talk, walk or eat because of his injuries. at that time a family spokesperson described how
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>> he requires around the clock care and it's an awful situation. and he does have three young boys. antoinette: papadopoulos agreed to plead guilty but when the judge said he should spend a year in jail he changed his mind. he faces up to two years behind bars and family members of those victims are expected to be here at the court for today's sentencing. we of course will keep you posted on what happens. we're live in brighton this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb news? 5. randy: a plane lands safely after bursting open in midair. what experts say may have caused it. cindy: it may be dry out there but rain may be moving in today. the time line on how long it stays with us and the threat for thunder for some.
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emily: take a look at this.
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forces an emergency landing. two people were hurt aboard the plain. the question is how did it happen? passengers from somalia heard a bang and saw smoke before the cabin depressurized. the plane landed safely. passengers getting a look at the fuselage with the metal torn back. security leaders believe terror groups could be testing what takes down a plane. aviation experts believe a bomb would have created more damage. randy: during the rescue in missouri after a 16-year-old boy there falls through the ice. a police officer tried to reach that teenager with a branch before firefighters initially got here and they brought in equipment to help and just had a refresher course on ice rescues last week we're told. the photographer said the boy was lucky that they did. he was treated for hypothermia but is expected to be ok. tackling a controversial issue, the nfl. a utah man heading to traffic
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emily: halfway home. cindy: it will get to the 50's but rain is coming in. february rain on the way. bring in an umbrella. the radar is quiet so no big issues with the morning commute. it's a low impact event through lunchtime. once we get beyond lunchtime, look what happens. our rain chances go up. so the evening commute if you're traveling tonight, you got it. you've got rain coming on in. look at the temperatures running in the mid to upper 30's along the coastline but if you head over the interior, worcester at the freezing mark and west of there it's running in the 20's through the connecticut river valley so it's a little bit chilly in spots this morning. you see the winds shifting to the south-southeast and will bring up the temperatures rapidly. we've got a lot of clouds overhead and there is some snow around the northern fringe to
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montreal and then you get in the rain heading towards buffalo and syracuse and the rain goes to the gulf of mexico. that box is a tornado watch in the deep south. this front is energetic and potent, it's loaded with moisture and it's going to be pushing through during the second half of the day and tonight. it's really in no hurry. look at the temperatures as you get closer to the frontal boundary in the south. 50's and 60's is the air mass sliding in as the frontal boundary approaches. we're starting out with 30's this morning. look at this towards the late morning. we're in the 40's and by late day we're in the 50's as this rain starts to move in. winds will be out of the south-southeast picking up at 15-20 miles per hour and turns windy and warm with a lot of 50's as we get towards the end of the day. let me get you through the time line. this morning things are quiet in the northwest corner of the state, southern vermont there may be a touch of light or freezing rain initially and it warms up. as we get into lunchtime the
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worcester area. it's the second half of the day the rain moves in and for the evening commute not just the rain but the yellow indicating embedded downpours. see this cluster of storms here, we have the potential for thunder as we get to about 8:00 tonight to 11:00 tonight in southeastern massachusetts and by tomorrow morning that rain is starting to taper off and shift offshore. when all is said and done, we're talking about a good soaking anywhere from half an inch of rain to over and inch of rain in southeastern massachusetts where the bull's-eye will within this event. overnight low temperatures holding close to 50 degrees with a southerly wind. the wind turn west but look at the temperatures in the 50's and holding there all day long. maybe late day partial clearing as that front is going to kind of linger offshore and we'll watch it because on the southern end of this front as we get towards thursday night and friday, the area of low pressure may try to sneak northward a bit and with that we may have to watch
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first part of your friday for a little bit of rain and rain mixed with snow and there could be a minor accumulation here in southeastern massachusetts but this gets out of here friday afternoon and look at that. your weekend still looks great with a good amount of sunshine, temperatures not far from 40 this time of year. monday clouds increase and signs are pointing to the potential for a storm. we'll have to keep a close eye on on tuesday. there's a potential we may get snow by tuesday. stay tuned. emily: in february? thank you, cindy. olessa: no issues out there this morning. a live look outside, ruse 1 in to the bottom of the screen and you see an occasional set of headlights with a quiet start in both directions. overnight construction in place this morning. let's go to the maps and show you where that is traveling 93 southbound approaching the. zakim bridge. the expressway north by the mall and picking up
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side from great plain to highland. route 9 looks great and if you're heading north of town you're in great shape. it's looking great from meth union to the connector. -- methune to the connector. randy: after an alarming increase in the number of injuries in the 2015 season, the league saw a 58% increase even after cracking down on the helmet-to-helmet hits. the nfl is now developing new equipment including helmets injuries. some experts believe as many as 9% of players will suffer from degenerative disorder c.t.e. caused by repetitive brain trauma. emily: another case of the zika virus confirmed in the u.s. and appears it was transmitted sexually. this patient was hospitalized in texas. the virus linked to birth defects is usually spread through mosquito bites but dallas county health and human services said a patient had
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person in venezuela. the rapid spread of the virus is having an impact on boston school students. some international trips have been canceled because of the global outbreak. this week the world health organization declared a emergency over the virus and students to the upcoming areas in winter and spring breaks are urged to take precaution. randy: an unusual warning for anyone under the age of 45, avoid alcohol if you're not using birth control. the guideline was issued in an effort to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. pregnancies in the united states are unplanned so the risk of drinking in the first month is high. more trouble for chipotle. the company says a federal criminal probe linked to a food safety incident at a california restaurant is now national. the expanded investigation will focus on what headquarters knew about conditions at restaurants
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chipotle shares dipped 7% after the announcement. emily: your economy headlines. asian shares with oil prices and the dow plummeted and lost 269 points to close 16, 153. right now stock futures are higher. amazon is expanding from its online offering. the company will soon open more bookstores. the internet retail giant opened its first amazon books in seattle last fall. it is soon expected to open stores in 400 locations across the country. no word if boston is included on that list. randy: 4:51, trending stories. lady gaga will sing the national anthem at the sunday's super bowl. she'll take the mike for kickoff at the stadium in santa clara, california. another superstar added to game day. cold play and beyonce set to take the stage at halftime. emily: a utah police officer help as father in need at the
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this man was waiting for traffic court while his energetic daughter ran in circles. but when the time came she wasn't allowed inside the courtroom so the officer kevin norris sitting nearby there offered to baby sit and he worked some magic. 2-year-old abby took to that officer and was fast asleep when her father came to get her. randy: a sea lion in california heads out on a shopping spree. the animal was captured on surveillance at the cave story in la jolla. the sea lion entered from a beach side cave that acts as an entryway to the ocean. the images were posted on the store's facebook page. during his trip the sea lion seemed most interested in ice cream. of course. and other customers, a little curiosity there in the case with a nice promotion campaign. come on down. man's best friend becomes a dog's best friend. emily: the simple gesture from
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emily: it is 4:55, time for early news to go. randy: the d.n.a. from some of the 12 marines killed in a chopper crash in hawaii had been identified. they were presumed dead after the two choppers crashed january 13. one of the marines was from the south shore here in massachusetts. the d.n.a. was found during a search and rescue operation that ended on january 19. 23-year-old marine corporal christopher orlando from hingham was killed. it's unclear whose drment n.a.
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emily: the convicted girlfriend of james whitey bulger, katherine creig is accused of refusing to give information of people who helped bulger in his 16 years on the run. creig is serving eight years for helping the boston mobster avoid capture. randy: prosecutors are's dropping the case of three men linked to a shooting of a high school student because of lack of evidence. police say they were spotted leaving the red sox bury apartment belonging to the former enlish high dean shaun harrison who is accuse fed of shooting the teen over drugs. harrison facing charges in may and the teen survived. emily: several complaints about racism. black community leaders demand those who exhibit racism will be displinned. they're launching a investigation. students posted a video on youtube and wore all black last week to show solidarity. randy: government center
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set to reopen next noshts, -- month, march 26. the station had been closed nearly two years no major reconstruction. the goal was to make the station more accessible for people with disabilities and a lot more glass will thereby and will be brighter. massive delays in china blamed on poor weather there. this was the scene as 100,000 people were stranded at a train station on monday. rain and snow delayed several planes ahead of busy travel for the country's lunar new year. by early tuesday some 34,000 people remained at the station. emily: the bruins struggled to hold ton a lead from the game from their all-star break. early in the third period last night they let it slip. toronto scores two goals in 1:30 span, pushing it into overtime. the b's get a penalty and the maple leafs take advantage, 4-3 the final there.
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the road against the knicks. isaiah thomas leading the way with 20 points and eight assists in new york. 97-89 the final. they've won 6-7 games and host the pistons tonight at 7:30. randy: heartwarming pictures for the dog care center in canada. this is maggie outside the cage of two new foster puppies. and the employees here say that maggie sneaks out of her kennel at night to be right here in front of the cables of the puppies. trying to comfort them. the care center says maggie always has comforted new dogs and tend to stay outside their kennels all night long. emily: sounds like she recently had puppies all adopted. this is her being nurturing. cindy: if you're a snow lover you've not been loving this winter so far because we haven't had much of any snow. just 10.4 inches to date.
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year as we've had a couple storms at this point last year. 53.4 inches of snow at this point last year and much more came after that. on a typical winter we've had two feet of snow by now. it's been so warm to start the month of february. mid 30's is an average high this time of year. monday on the february 1, we're 65. yesterday we touched 50 and we'll be back in the 50's here the next couple days. in fact, temperatures are going to climb. we may see our highs come this evening as the cold front gets close to us. 59 is the record high temperature today set back in 1991. there's a shot we get close to that in boston and in worcester the record high is 57 and we'll get closer to it heading into the evening. the warm air is sitting in the deep south and as the storm system pushes to canada this frontal boundary swings through and out ahead of it a strong southerly wind will bring in the temperatures. all the wintry weather is on the northwestern side, still dealing with winter storm
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lakes. there might be touch of
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