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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 9, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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juli: lessons from the maratho bombing that may have saved his leg. harvey: the wet and windy weather i'm tracking for the weekend. phil: a local clerk's daring move -- forcing a would-be robber to run off! j.c.: use those home exercise videos? the new discovery that may have you thinking twice before you hit play. j.c.: an ice tragedy in the aftermath of the women's winter classic. we've learned hockey player denna laing has suffered a severe spinal injury. j.c.: good evening. i'm j.c. monahan. phil: and i'm phil lipof. denna was injured when she crashed into the boards at gillette stadium. john? john: and phil, denna started playing here when she was nine years old m. a lot of them people who practice here know the family very well. tonight, they are praying for her recovery. as young women practice, the hockey rink where denna laing learned to mast are the court,
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whose parents say suffered a severe spinal cord injury when she hit the bards during the first ever women's winter classic at gillette stadium. >> the best way to tee scribe it, it is hard to breath. >> carl gray owns the rink and watched denna develop the skills that earned her a spot playing. she was ex attic to make history playing at gillette as she was chasing a down a loose puck and goes headfirst to the board. we paused the video just before the violent clicks. she was taken by stretcher off the ice and now after a week in the hospital, her parents say, she still has no feeling in her legs ap has limited movement in her arms. >> well, i just hope she is going to be able to pk up the pieces. >> those who helped shap the 24 year old know her strength and knows she has the will to overcom the many obstacles that lie ahead. denna is strong enough, sha the
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adversities of wanting to quit. john: in terms of den's long-term prognosis, the family says this are more questions than answers now. live in concord, tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: right now, a boston police officer is behind bars. our juli mcdonald is live. juli, was certain lay close call. juli: that is right, phil. that police officer still here recovering tonight, although, he is expected to be ok. wcvb newscenter 5 could see he was alert, sitting upright when he arrived here this morning at boston medical center according to the own resourcefulness and officers. >> i am 33 terrace. >> ok, sir. help is on the way. help is on the way. juli: a camp but urgent call. officers at the mattapan drug
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over the 27-year-old man who police knew was driving wut a license. >> got out of his vehicle, began to fire unpro voked at the officer. the officer quickly exchanged gunfire. juli: a suspected drug dealer accused shooting the 9 year veteran in the leg. commissioner evans praise the officers for safely tackling hedly, recovering the gun, simultaneously controlling the bleeding of the officer who had been shot. >> he tried to do his initially because it is habit then a fellow uniform officer who is nearby heard the call and he tide it off. juli: evan said the turn if i qith saved the officer's leg, if not the life. boston police issued tourniquets to all officers over the last three to six upons, a decision made following the marathon attacks when emergency responders and bystanders used
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bleeding and saved hundreds of lives. boston police still have not released the name of the police officer. we do know, though, his wife was able to be with him almost immediately. the department said they were initially concerned about upsetting his mother if word got out who he was. she underwent major surgery herself. live in boston, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. sky with. j.c.: the father is talking about the cripple and having trouble understanding what the son could have been thinking. pretty sad nurs what happened. i don't know what happened today. but you foe, if he dy it, look i said, i don't know what he did. what he was thinking. j.c.: 5 investigating is digging into the past as karen anderson report, he is no stranger to police. reporter: sources tell 5 investigate, grant hedly was known gang member a lengthy
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decade and he had just been released from prison after serving a five-year sentence on gun charges. sources tell 5 investigates, 27-year-old grant headley has had 40 criminal arraignments in the city of boston. his lengthy record dates back to at least 2005 when he was just 16 years old. the youth violence strike force caught him he'll lie le carrying a gun and pleaded guilty and served one year behind bars. four years later in 2009, another weapons charge. police say he had gun, ammunition, and a large capacity magazine. also, that year, hadley was twice charged with drug possession with intent to distribute. the arrest near a public playground. and hedly was also arrested for motor vehicle violation. and police found him with several ebt cards belonging to other people. he told officers, he had bought the cards on the streets. some of those prior arrests were in the same neighborhood as today's shootingp one just a three minutes talk about the
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indorchester, karen anderson, 5 investigates. phil: a live look over boston. clear now. it is 41 now in needham. nice and comfortable this time of year. stormteam 5's harvey leonard is here. basically some concerns about gez freezing drizzle tonight. meteorologist: yeah, a borderline situation. we always want people to be aware because you may look out and look wet. you could be icy in a few spots. that is the message for you tonight. as you check out temperatures now, we're ok at the time being. even the coldest spots. worcester airport, 1,000 feet up. 33. a little above freezing. up a degree from earlier this evening. even the cold spots are above freezing f. there is a possibility. it is not department of. it could drop a couple of degrees overnight. that would make all the difference in the world. 40 or higher though for boston, the coastline, water temperatures, 46 and winds off the with aer. don't have to worry about icing or anywhere nar the immediate coastline. but the early winds which brought in the clouds eventually will create enough low level
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will start to come trin the ocean. that's the dam situation into tomorrow. not heavy rain. once gain, along north and west of 495 just wap you to be aware. there could be spots to get below freezing for a few hours late tonight into tomorrow morning and so not going to be widespread, but could be a few pockets that have icy areas that are slap ry going there. by the way, i am back. see what with is developing and texas, louisiana, going to play big role, a big impact for us sunday. details straight ahead. j.c.? j.c.: right now, one of the world's most wanted men is back behind bars tonight. you can see mexican drug lord el chapo, his head covered, being loaded into a truck. he was caught after a shoot-out with mexican marines, after six months on the run. el chapo has previously escaped from prison, twice. most recently, he tunneled his way out of a maximum security prison in july. american prosecutors want him to face charges here related to his drug empire.
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philadelphia police officer ambushed, underfire and fighting back, the gunman who says he pledged allegiance to isis, firing point plank over and over again. tonight that officer is alive and being called a hero! he charges right toward the officer's police car. his muscle flashing's fires off a dozen shot and reaches inside of the car with the gun that runs away. officer hart had shot several times incredibly imagines to radio in. >> standby. we have an officer shot. >> this is absolutely one of the seen. main, this guy tried to execute ja. ed: but watch as the officer amazingly gets out of the car, the wound left arm dangling, fires pack, hits the attacker at least three times. >> he is hit. the brif ry he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable.
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the will to live undoubtedly saved his life. phil: police say the suspect, 30-year-old man, told them he pledged allegiance to the islamic state. >> is it your working assume on this was deranged gunman or an act of ter rim. >> i don't know. he doesn't come off as someone deranged necessarily. someone calculated. >> i could be wrong about that. we're exploring all the angles. today, investigators with the fbi and philadelphia p.d. executed search warren are as at two address associated with archer take away boxes of evidence. >> tonight, investigators are combing through that evidence, obviously, to determine the gunman had any direct ties to isis. officer hart net is listed in fair condition expected to make a full recovery. j.c.: commitment 2016. a new poll out of new hampshire with the state's primary on the horizon. the fox news poll finds bernie sanders with come mapping lead over hillary clinton, 50 to 37%. clinton hopes some star power will help build that support in
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the actors campaigned for the former secretary of state in today. on the republican side, the fox you intos poll finds donald trump still far ahead with 33%. florida senator is second with 15%. and texas senator ted cruz matched with 12% by the way the new hampshire primary one month from tomorrow. phil: cruise cleared the scene of a chemical explosion that left four workers critically injured. the state police bomb squad removed the container that ignited at the north end yesterday. control of that building has now been returned to the company. the state fire investigators have begun trying to figure out what happened. >> the further investigation will depend upon the timing that have interviews with the severely injured and hopefully they will recover and will be able to shed some additional light and information on it. phil: the names of those four
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j.c.: more legal trouble for chipotle. the restaurant sued tonight by investors. they accused the mexican food chain of misleading them about food safety controls. chipotle's stock has plunged since the restaurant's recent link to several food-borne illnesses. no comment from chipotle. j.c.: pool is expected to reopen. it was closed to stop the spread. a fifth of students called in sick this week with flu-like symptoms. several teachers also went home sick yesterday. phil: roman is being held on $150,000 bail tonight after pleading not guilty today. police say he got a fight with another driver near granite street in braintree on thursday. the argument quickly escalated when roman allegedly pulled the victim out of the car and stabbed him several times before taking off. tonight, 911 tapes have been
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>> there was fight out here by barnes & noble. i don't know the couple. he was pleading. i don't know if he had once or one on the highway. phil: the victims hospitalized after having surgery. he is pecked to survive. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: phil: a would-be robber scared away. meteorologist: they have to start the weekend but bigtime rains and wind and warmth before the weekend is over. j.c.: those workout video mace not be all they are cracked up to be in. why they may be doing more harm than good. don't let this number foolefall you.
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j.c.: new at 11:00, a rhode island thief picked the wrong convenience store to rob. you can see the man entering the cranston store this morning with a gun drawn. suddenly, he turns and runs, chased out by the clerk, who had a weapon of his own, an aluminum
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the clerk says he spent nine years in the army, some of the time as a body guard and doesn't fear much. police are looking for the would-be robber. phil: a frightening incident aboard a united airlines flight bound for chicago. a rowdy passenger forced by police to make an emergency landing in detroit last night. she's accused of attacking flight attendants and demanding to get off the plane. when the flight attendant said no, the woman began to hit her, scratching her lip and tugging on her necklace. at one point, she began to attack another woman. that's when other passengers stepped in. phil:ththat woman is charged with assaulting a crewmember. j.c.: the powerball jackpot. j.c.: don't miss the drawing for this record $800 million jackpot. you can see the powerball drawing live right here on wcvb newscenter 5 tomorrow night right at 11:00.
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needham, hopefully, mary, you buying a me a ticket. mary: pack your bags, j.c., we're going somewhere. lottery officials actualsly changed the odds of winning the powerball to make it harder to win and in turn, make the jackpots a lot bigger. it is the biggest jackpot ever anywhere in any lottery. that has people lining up and paying up. >> you do nine yeah what is the first thing you do? >> probably scream lake little girl. [scream] >> i get my share. yep. mary. it is you against the other want to be millionaires. what are the chances in the odds you will win something, one in 25 but the odds of winning big are only one in 292 million. that is not stopping any of us from trying. >> our brains are not wired to think about proct. we understand the chances are not that good but we just root
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chance as anyone. >> while $800 million, don't you be fooled. if you take the lump sum, the total drop to $496 million. after taxes. that is only $347 million. still i would take it. >> chicken dinner. mary. of course, ticket sales saturday could drive the record jackpot up to $1 billion. since we're crunching numbers, i will leave with you the numbers drawn frequently in the past four years. 8, 54, 14, 39, traditionally unlucky 13. and a word though wise, you may have bought that ticket but not officially yours until you signed the name on the back. pack your bags, j.c., i got a good feeling. j.c.: all right. i am ready to go. anywhere. it is right there. don't miss the drawing. j.c.: don't miss the drawing for this record $800 million jackpot. you can see the powerball drawing live right here on wcvb newscenter 5 tomorrow night right at 11:00. phil: by now, new year's res
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if your goal is to exercise more. you may want to stay away are the workout fid videos. even more, they cause viewers to want to workout less t. that is because one in seven motivational statements they say are actually demote vating. phrases like you better be sweating. should be guying now, create a negative association with work out. i just say those things to myself at the gym. i don't need anyone to say them. heather. it is so true. if they are yelling at me. yeah. okay. i am done. phil: put it on pause. j.c.: usually pause, eject, it doesn't go back in. yao then you don't work out. that's the point, right. listen. i think some of you may want to put the weather on pause or reject it. there is nasty stuff coming. for most of us. not really a within try type. now yes, there is potty drizzle developing overnight into tomorrow. well north and west of boston. there could be a few icy spots far little while. otherwise, look whatp that ens
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sunday. a lot of wind. a lot of warmth. a lot of rain. then much colder weather takes over for all of next week. here is boston tonight. 40. winds right in off the water. straight east. 14 miles per hour. water temperatures 46. hard to get cold when you have the wind off the water and ocean that is warm. 33 in worcester. 33 in key, new ham smir. it takes a drop of a degree or so and be borderline in those places which is roughly outside of 495 for little bit of iciness in some spots. notice for the most part, temperatures then bounce up tomorrow afternoon reasonably nicely inland and don't get cold tomorrow night then the real warmth is going to be held out for the end of the day or late sunday into sunday evening where temperatures could sore through the 50's to may challenge tie or break records for the date. aced by a lot of wind and rain. here is the early wind. we have the clouds. we get the early wind long enough.
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which means the spotty drizzle. also some steady rain out around a pennsylvania. even a light mix. a touch of that will go through. we are going to have this spotty mix. this is just developing now. the big rain maker on sunday is just showing up here down the gulf coast. that is the moisture that is going to move north and east and give us the big soaker. so again, you see almosts of drizzle coming in off ap on. overnight, tomorrow, for tomorrow night, then, sunday, starting early, well to the west and southwest of us. we get into the rain area. say it right there. coming out of new york city. southwest connecticut at 5:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. the rains are here. heavy been as. very heavy. that move through the region during the afternoon. very heavy downpours in the red you see could be embed thunderstorm. some gusty winds with those downpours as well. by sunday night or later, it is a done deal. rainfall amounts could be one two inches across the region from the very heavy downpours that will be accompanying that storm sunday.
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well sunday. look what could ap pen in the afternoon. we could see 40 to 50 miles-per-hour gusts especially where it gets quite warm from boston southward. that is high gusts and this could be wind damage but not surprised if wind advisories are issued for sunday. still windy monday f. that is a west wind bringing in the colder air. all right. also check it out over the next seven days. a few icy spots possible early tomorrow. otherwise, a damp, raw, breezy day with off and on mists t. that heavy rain on sunday. between it show one more time. it comes from southwest to northeast. right on during the course of the day then exits during the course of the night. then inch plus of rain. those strong south southeast winds 40 to 50 miles per hour. we could be nar the record high of 56s about ton. 53 in the record high in worcester. both of them could be challenge or broken then on the other side of the jet stream. the cold weather next week. now in the stud u tuesday afternoon. tuesday night early wednesday time period.
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or flurries but looks like that storm threat doesn't get us back fully together bee ron the area then he the this he cold air reinforced allle over again after that. we will go to a cold but mostly dre pattern next week it remains to be seen whether whether or not it becomes cold and snowy or just cold. ta tuned. >> than, harv. five words i never thought i would say on tv. tom braid yea underwear for sale. j.c.: coming up, what is going on here. and a program reminder, starting on monday, wcvb newscenter 5 launches two new newscasts.
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j.c.: would you bay pair of tom brady's underwear if you could this the boston short and t-shirt worn by brady in the movie ted 2 going up for auction next week. the pats' quarterback woken up by mark wahlberg who is thrown out over the billion connie by brady. the bids will start at $2,500 for each garment. the auctioneers think both will go for more than $5,000. underwear $5,000. phil: what do you do with it? do you put in a frame over the fireplace. j.c.: i don't want to know. i don't wanted to know. meteorologist: know what will do next. bob: it has been a long time. they do it against the devils.
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bob: with seven injured players and several guys called up from the minors, the new jersey devils were more like the devil's advocates and they were no match for the bruins who win their 3,000th game. ryan snapped the wrist shot three blue linen the general direction of the net and goes in. the ninth of the year. you get to seize someone grohl the devil because it is bobby and north andover and led to one. still in the second period of. skating ob the power play and the ninth of the year them brau withins were up 3-1 and finally we get see the 100 plus slap out of miller. that biscuit was burning. feel free to use this and pass long to friends. that biscuit was burning. pending.
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bob: last year bill belichick's week surprise was a trip to the movies to see "american sniper." the year before? "lone survivor." this year? he surprised his team by taking them bowling. instead of lifting, they were picking up spares. a mental break after a long season. the patriots have already lost one executive to the open job market. director of pro scouting bob quinn is headed to detroit to become the lions' new gm. quinn, a norwood native, has been with the pats since 2000, having a hand in all of the teams' super bowl once. he was promoted to head of pro scouting in 2012. >> they are both selected to the all pro first team. it is the fourth time in six years that rob gronkowski has been voted the league's best tight end and he earned it with
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gostkowski had his ninth straight year of being perfect on extra points and he led the z league in points scored for the fifth time, which only gino cappelletti and don hutson have ever done. linebacker jamie collins was named to the second team. quarterback andy dalton has been ruled out for saturday's wildcard game against the steelers. dalton fractured the thumb on his throwing hand in week 14 against? the steelers. the bengals, who haven't won a playoff game in 25 years, turn to a.j. mccarron, making his first postseason start. >> they are getting ready for an historically cold game in minnesota on sunday. the projected high temperature game? one degree, fans are being asked to bring their college diplomas in there. kidding. but it is forecast to be one of the top six coldest playoff
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