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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: breaking overnight. a fire rips through a multi-family home. the injuries and the effort to put out the flames. karen: an unprovoked attack on a boston police officer. the video of the ambush and the fight to get the suspect in handcuffs. doug: delivery delays for "the globe." the all-out effort to get the newspaper to your door.
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good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." karen: and also this morning, you can keep dreaming. no one picked the winning combination in last night's powerball drawing. that means the big prize is worth $400 million. good morning. i'm karen anderson in for antoinette. doug: and i'm doug meehan. i think i still got to check those numbers because i could be a millionaire and not know it. whatever. danielle is standing by this morning to let us know that things are going to get a little brisk. danielle: a little brisk, doug and karen. that is the correct answer. you need to grab the winter coat, the scarf, the gloves by tomorrow night and tuesday. it will be downright chilly. as you look at temperatures this morning, these are going to be closer to high temperatures tomorrow. 26 worcester. 31 boston. here is why. we're watching some cold air. you can see right over canada. all of this headed in our direction. now as we go through the next 12 hours in boston we'll see
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it will be a mix of sun and clouds. temperaturewise though warming lunchtime. and through the afternoon. even the mid 40's in some spots. you're also going to feel that wind out of the west at about 10-15 so highs will be at 43 in boston. 37 worcester. you may see upper 40's down along the cape and the islands. as you look right now we have some high, thin clouds out there. we do have some snow showers over northern new england. this cold front. as it gets closer to us, it is going to be dry in nature. so we're not expecting any precipitation from it. but again the coldest air mass all season headed in our direction and then some ocean-effect snow showers for some. we'll talk all about it ahead. karen. karen: thanks, danielle. breaking overnight. one woman rushed to the hospital after a fire tears through her leominster apartment. the fire started right around midnight in the four-family home on cottage street. fire officials say everyone else made it out of the house safely.
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are not life-threatening. the cause of the fire is under investigation. doug: a boston police officer attacked, and it was all caught on camera. this morning, that officer is being praised for showing restraint. it happened just hours into the new year. the eyeopener's frank holland is here with the ambush and the odd message from the suspect. frank? frank: good morning, doug. this morning, the officer is okay, and the suspect is under arrest. police say the veteran officer held his own even as people walking past the attack didn't seem to notice anything was happening. just hours into the new year on friday morning, a violent and bizarre attack on a boston police officer. the attack is difficult to make out in this video released by boston police. but they say an officer was sitting in his cruiser by the city hall plaza garage when a man walked up to him and yelled, "you heard about the war, right?" police say the man punched the officer through the driver's side window. the officer fought back as he radioed for back-up.
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man, identified as 23-year-old andrew bowman of everett, ran into the garage and tried to scale a fence. as police struggled to arrest bowman, he was yelling, "you're all doomed, and you're going to die. they told me to do this." police commissioner william evans commended the officer who was attacked saying, "this officer displayed incredible restraint, defending himself without the use of a baton, pepper spray, or deadly force even though the situation may have warranted it." the suspect now faces several charges at his arraignment. it's worth noting the officer's tactical cruiser was full of weapons for the city's new year's eve security operation. when the officer called for back-up, he made sure to tell the other officers to protect those guns. karen: if you're waking up to a sunday edition of "the globe," know it comes from a special delivery. this is new video of reporters and staffers leaving to personally deliver the very paper they helped create.
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overnight. they're trying to make things up to frustrated readers, some of whom had missed home delivery for a week. >> i've been working at "the globe" for 32 years, and i just want to do my part to help out because even one subscriber lost is heartbreak for us. >> we see "the globe" as a family, and the family is in distress right now. and we've been asked to help out so we're here. karen: "globe" executives say they are transitioning to a new delivery company that has many routes to learn. they put out a statement overnight saying this morning's deliveries are a way to thank customers for their patience. doug: commitment 2016. presidential candidate bernie sanders making a campaign swing through massachusetts. the vermont senator rallying supporters at umass amherst and in worcester. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich with the candidate's pitch to voters. sanders: the top one tenth of
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one tenth of one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. todd: saturday night inside the gym at north high school in worcester, democratic presidential candidate and vermont senator bernie sanders spoke to a crowd of voters about who he sees as not yet a political but also a moral issue-- income and wealth inequality in america. >> all over this country, millions of people beginning to stand up and they say, you know what? we are a great nation. but something is fundamentally wrong when so few have so much and so many have so little. todd: the issues sanders is so passionate about seemed to resonate with this crowd of voters. >> i owe more in student loans than i do in my mortgage. todd: earlier in the day at a rally at u-mass amherst, sanders was heckled by a donald trump supporter. saturday night it was sanders himself who brought up trump's name.
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allow donald trump and these todd: sanders says he's mounting more than just a campaign. he's mounting a political revolution which includes new england. sanders: on march 1 massachusetts has its primary. don't tell anybody. we're going to win here in massachusetts. todd: also saturday, the sanders campaign released its fund-raising report for the fourth quarter of 2015. bernie sanders pulled in $33 million over the past three months. that's just $4 million less than the amount raised by democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: thank you, todd. a sad ending this morning to the search for a missing northeastern university student. 21-year-old dennis njoroge was found dead on new year's eve according to the university president. there's no further details right now on where njorge was found or how he died. he'd been missing since late november. counseling will be available at northeastern. karen: a disturbing discovery in
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stadium. a sword and a stun gun-- all part of a stash of weapons found by police. the suspect was arrested just hours before the winter classic hockey game between the bruins and canadiens. the eye's sera congi has the story from foxboro. sera: a stun gun, a sword, a slingshot-- this is the stash of weapons allegedly found in matthew bromson's car. the 48-year-old connecticut man now facing several charges. foxborough police say they were called to an off-site parking lot for gillette stadium employees. security guards there reported a man acting suspiciously. police say bromson was intoxicated and threatened three witnesses with an object who feared for their safety. the incident happened just a few hours before the opening face-off of the winter classic yesterday. announcer: score! sera: foxborough police say the incident is not connected to gillette and bromson is not an employee. just two days ago on new year's eve police escorted bromson out
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asked him to leave. the property is right across from the gillette employee parking lot. bromson is no stranger to law enforcement with arrests in granby, connecticut, as recently as november. also in 2014 he reportedly held connecticut police at bay in a nine-hour stand-off. bromson will be arraigned on monday in wrentham court for several charges including three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. in foxborough, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: right now a boy is being treated for injuries after falling from a chairlift at ragged mountain. that's a ski resort in danbury, new hampshire. the resort tells us a father and two sons were about halfway up the mountain when one of the boys fell off. he was taken to the hospital. it's not clear how badly he was hurt. karen: the mbta's planned green line extension is among the agency's most costly rail projects ever. at an estimated $3 billion. it also tops similar plans around the country. a "globe" analysis found extensions of the orange and red lines were at least 20 percent
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inflation. part of the cost could be due to a new contracting process. officials are now considering scaling back the project or scrapping it all together. doug: i've got bad news for you or good news depending on how you look at it. dreams of hitting the jackpot are still alive this morning. there was no powerball winner last night. that means the jackpot now stands at $400 million. that's about $245 million after taxes. the winning numbers were 5-6-15-29-42-and 10. those numbers are drawn every wednesday and saturday night. karen: a group of militamen are staging an occupation in oregon. the demands they are making this morning. doug: the president declares parts of missouri a disaster area. the growing concerns over a massive winter flood right now. danielle: prepare for those temperatures to drop. just how long the cold weather
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right when you feel a cold sore,
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in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. karen: clean-up underway after the deadly flooding that killed more than two dozen people in the midwest. frank's back with a look at the help on the way. frank: missouri is now an official disaster area.
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declaration, clearing the way for federal help throughout the recovery. more than 10 inches of rain fell in just three days sending the mississippi river to historic levels. as the waters recede, people in missouri and illinois are being evacuated. >> when you talk about a 50-foot crest here, that's nobody has ever seen. >> living on the river, you expect floods. you never expect to have this though. frank: the flood threat will hang over the region for weeks. communities are far south as louisiana are checking their levees. karen: so hard to see what they're going through. fortunately nothing like this here. doug and danielle. doug: this is true. however, clouds are due. danielle: you know how we know that. doug: how do we know that? danielle: if we look at the pru tower, you can see this. the flashing blue. am i right about that? doug: and there are the clouds. danielle: there are the clouds. a pretty nice shot.
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more clouds moving on in. we are going to see some clouds threw the day today. it's a mix of sun and clouds but there will be chances for snow entering in the forecast as we head towards tomorrow. now this isn't a storm system coming at us. it's really ocean-effect snow showers generated because we have a really warm ocean water with really cold air moving across it so it begins on monday especially for the east coast of massachusetts, i think cape ann and especially plymouth county and the cape and the islands. it ramps up monday night especially for the plymouth county and the cape and the islands and then by tuesday morning it's winding down on the cape. now boston so far this season only seeing .9 inches of snow. last year so far we were at 2.9 inches of snow. and the normal is actually 10.7 inches of snow. you do remember last year we still had 110.6 inches. it just came after january 23. a whooping 105.1 inches of snow. so it can be done just so you know.
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pressure. this cold front bringing in arctic air. this will happen later on today. so by tomorrow morning, we're talking temperatures in the 20's and maybe a few even teens out there on the map. we do have clouds around this morning. snow showers up through northern new england for you skiers and snow borders. temperatures starting in the 20's, 30's, and even 40's on nantucket. so it's a mild start for you folks down there. one of the reasons why is we have a southwest wind anywhere from 10 to about 20 miles an hour sustained right now on nantucket. and that's a warming wind for us so for today, it's a pretty mild day on tap in terms of january standards. we should be running around 37 degrees this time of year. in boston we're warming up to 43 but look at the cape and the islands warming up into the upper 40's. you folks in worcester though in the merrimack valley only staying in the 30's. then tonight we drop back into the teens through the merrimack valley. 20's in worcester. 20's in boston.
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and then tomorrow we're only going to warm up into the low to mid 20's in most spots. and the snow showers begin to start. so let me show you this on the future cast. here come more clouds later on tonight. and then watch those winds turn out of the north-northeast. that's how we start to get the ocean-effect snow showers going especially through monday afternoon, monday night and then continuing into early tuesday but by tuesday afternoon, this is winding down. when all is said and done, we're expecting anywhere from a coating to one, maybe around cape ann down around plymouth county and then down along the cape basically after the cape cod canal to nantucket anywhere from 1-3 and maybe even above three inches in some of those really heavy snow bands that come on through. but for everybody else that may be seeing a lot of sunshine actually on monday and tuesday, you're actually going to be dealing with the record cold. not necessarily record but close to record cold.
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wind chill values below zero in a lot of spots by 8:00 at night on monday. look at this on tuesday morning when you wake up, folks. you're going to be below zero pretty much everywhere when it comes to that wind chill value. that's what you dress for. you're going to need to really layer up especially for those kids heading back to school at the bus stop. make sure they have the gloves and the scar f and the hat on. it's just a short period of cold. we warm back up into the 40's by the end of the week. doug and karen. doug: danielle, thank you. top stories we're following right now. 10 people are dead in an attack at an air base in india. karen: the gun battle near the border with pakistan lasted 15 hours. it comes a week after india's prime minister tried to revive talks between the neighbors. it's not clear who was behind the attack. the white house is condemning the violence and says it will work with the indian government to fight terrorism. doug: a candlelight vigil for lives lost in israel. the tribute for two people shot in a bar on friday comes amid the search for the gunman. police do have a suspect in mind
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an israeli prison. police in that country are on heightened alert this morning. karen: a group of militiamen say they will not leave the headquarters of a national wildlife refuge in oregon. they occupied the building in support of two men expected to report to prison tomorrow on arson charges. those men were convicted of setting fires on public land in effort to protect their property from wildfires. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: really, dolphins? you couldn't wait one more day. on the eve of the final game of their season, the dolphins fired the general manager so the dolphins will host the patriots today with an interim head coach and no g.m. maybe the patriots will be able to take advantage of the "dolphins in turmoil," but winning in miami is is never easy. brady is 6-7 there. belichick 7-8 with the patriots. they both lost their last two in
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in purely inside football terms, today's game is no "slam dunk." brady: i think this game is really important for us because, you know, it's a great goal for us to be the number-one seed. a lot goes into that. the off-season work with the players and the coaches and the whole organization. only one team gets the number-one seed. it's great if you're that team because it means you've done things better than anybody else over the course of the season. bob: celtics home against the nets. first game of the new year. bradley rings it in with a hip contusion. he left the game and did not return. that didn't help the celtics. isiah thomas leading the way. 24 points and 6 assists. his pass to david lee. lee's only bucket of the game. frustration boiling over year. jared sullinger pulls down brook lopez. a little argument ensues primarily with jae crowder and jarrett jack. they go back to sullinger and give him the flagrant foul. fourth quarter everyone turner with a j to tie it at 83 with 8.5 to play.
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a big play. the celtics need three to tie. they got the shot. a wide open one for jonas jerebko but he misses, and the celtics lose 100-97 the c's and nets tomorrow in brooklyn. a complete rundown of the pats and dolphins tonight on newscenter 5 at 5:00 and 6:00. that's sports. have a great day. doug: bob, thank you. a warning this morning about a man pretending to be a police officer. karen: the item he allegedly confiscated from a driver and his passengers. but first this week's "a plus." we'll meet the teen who won't let anything stop her from following her musical dreams. doug: we're in cambridge looking across the charles heading toward the beautiful city of boston. look how lovely that is. a little cloud out there. a little break. danielle standing by with your sunday forecast and the workweek ahead.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. this morning we're starting out in the 30's and 20's and even 40's in some spots on nantucket. so it is a mild start out there. as we head through the afternoon , we'll be in the lower 40's in boston, upper 30's worcester. and upper 40's on nantucket. but, hey, the pats are taking on the miami dolphins in miami. it looks really warm. 80 degrees at kick-off at 1:00. go, pats! doug and karen. karen: thanks, danielle. singing, dancing, playing instruments, and writing original music. doug: this week's "a plus" is accomplishing all of this despite being born blind.
6:22 am
to precious perez of chelsea high school. precious perez: a lot of people have misconceptions about my blindness and what i'm able to do. antoinette: and what precious perez is able to do seems limitless. from dancing on stage-- a that is who is underestimated a antoinette: --writing original music and singing-- a antoinette: --even in italian. and did we mention the chelsea high school senior also plays a few different instruments. never once considering her
6:23 am
precious: a lot of people see it fixed or as something that's an obstacle. but i see it as something that i think that i'm here the way i i can make a difference this way. antoinette: her music teacher said he expected challenges having a visually impaired student but, boy, was he wrong. music teacher: she's totally self-reliant, is able to do everything and keep up the pace. the classroom, a leader in her section. antoinette: not letting her blindness define her. one of many reasons precious a antoinette: --deserves this a-plus. a antoinette antonio, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: great kid. awesome. precious has applied to nine schools. she wants to be a professional performer or a music teacher in the public school system. karen: know an exceptional student worthy of an a-plus? submit a nomination right now at just click "as seen on." doug: a new effort to protect cyclists on the roads.
6:24 am
lawmakers on beacon hill and how you can weigh in. also this morning-- trump: hillary clinton created isis with obama. karen -- donald trump on the attack. rannouncer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: a cold start to your sunday. just how much warmer it will get before the temperature takes a plunge. karen: breaking overnight. a fire rips through a multi-family home in leominster. the woman hurt in that fire. doug: and donald trump on the attack. his answer to a terror group using his words to recruit new members. karen: and new proposals on beacon hill to keep cyclists safe on the roads. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." karen: good sunday morning, everyone.
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doug: and i'm doug meehan. danielle, look what we've got behind us here. danielle: i just want to stand and look at that. that looks pretty. when you don't have windows in the studio, it's nice to look outside and make it look like it. doug: get the control room to punch it up for you. danielle: we're going to warm up into the 40's today. it will be relatively warm for this time of year. we should be running around 37 degrees. you can see boston this morning starting at 31 degrees. it is 27 in jaffrey and orange. and the merrimack valley as we go through the next 12 hours, you folks up there should warm into the upper 30's, maybe pushing 40 degrees through the afternoon. but one spot that is really going to warm up is down along the cape, the islands and the south coast. in fact, your temperatures through the day warming up into the upper 40's, maybe even pushing 50 degrees on nantucket. it is a mild day overall. one of the reasons why those winds are persistent out of the
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warming wind through the day today. so here are your high temperatures. it will be a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. more clouds coming in later on this evening. and we do have a a lot around this morning. snow showers up through northern new england. they're associated with this area of low pressure and this krontd. but this cold front is going to bring in the coldest air we've seen thus far this season. and also with it it's going to turn the winds to the north and east so we could see some ocean-effect snow showers that are going to start up tomorrow. so we'll talk about who could see some snow and how much to expect where you live ahead. doug. doug: danielle, thank you. breaking overnight. one woman rushed to the hospital after a fire tears through her leominster apartment. the fire started right around midnight in the four-family home on cottage street, fire officials say everyone else made it out of the house safely. the woman is suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. the cause of the fire is under
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is being praised for showing restraint during an attack that it happened friday morning outside of city hall. police say the suspect attacked the officer without warning, 23-year-old andrew bowman now faces several charges in the case. doug: globe staffers-- personally delivering the paper! more than 200 employees volunteered to wake up early and get the paper to subscribers. the paper trying to make up for a week of misdeliveries for some readers. globe executives say they're transitioning to a new delivery company and want to thank readers for their patience. trump: hillary clinton created isis with obama. donald trump pointing fingers in mississippi. the republican is blaming democrats for isis and facing questions about inspiring the terrorists himself. frank is back with more. frank: trump says he will not change his message despite being
6:29 am
online by another terror group, al shabaab. it includes a clip of trump calling for a ban on muslims entering the united states. cbs news asked trump about the video and how it might change his campaign. this is how the businessman responded. trump: look. it's a problem. i bring it up. other people have called me and say you have guts to bring it up because frankly it's true but nobody wants to get involved. now people are getting involved. people that are on different persuasions than me right now, john, are saying, you know, maybe trump isn't wrong. we want to examine it. frank: he made no mention of the video at his campaign stop in mississippi yesterday. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton recently suggested trump's comments on muslims would be used against the unites states. that set off a war of words between the candidates. karen? karen: two republicans are stumping in new hampshire today. new jersey governor chris christie will open his salem marco rubio is also making
6:30 am
on the democratic side bernie sanders has three events today as does hillary clinton. doug: this is video from a "black lives matter" activist. the group rallied at north station and the td-garden yesterday. the protest was in response to the fatal shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice in cleveland. a grand jury recently decided not to indict the police officer who shot the boy. right now police in warwick, rhode island, are looking for the driver who may have intentionally hit an officer. it happened saturday morning at dave's marketplace. that's a grocery store on airport road. police say the officer involved was on a detail and was trying to stop the car at the time. that officer ended up with an injured arm. karen: a stabbing in mansfield has one person facing charges this morning. police say the suspect is a juvenile. police say he stabbed a 29-year-old man on warren avenue last night. the victim has serious injuries. the suspect was found in a
6:31 am
away. the search continues for a sex assault suspect in dorchester. police say a 29-year-old woman was attacked around 6:30 a.m. on she was walking alone down a busy, well-lit stretch of columbia road. authorities say a man grabbed her from behind near annabel weapon, and assaulted her before anyone with information is asked to call police. following a house fire on martha's vineyard. 52-year-old jeri-lyn dube was airlifted to mass general where she was in critical condition as of last night. the fire broke out early saturday morning in the kitchen of her home on pennsylvania avenue in oak bluffs. another person was home at the time but was not hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. another investigation at a home in new hampshire this morning. the first time it was for homicide-- now for possible arson. the fire on fowler river road in alexandria broke out around 8:30 friday night. firefighters say that fire is suspicious and may have started on the first floor. that's despite the fact that
6:32 am
was empty and had been for at least a month. it's the same home where 11-month-old shawn sylvester was critically injured in november. he later died, and his death was ruled a homicide. >> we treat any fire that we get called to the same. we'll do a very thorough investigation. regardless of any circumstances. that surround where we're at or any other incident. in the baby's death. however, a man who had been living in the home at the time is charged with child porn possession. police in rochester, new hampshire, say someone is pretending to be an officer. they tell us someone in a crown victoria with flashing lights pulled up to young people on hanson street. he told them it was illegal to carry a baseball bat and took it from them. that man was wearing a uniform with an arm patch and badge. anyone with information should call police. karen: bills to protect bicyclists will be the focus of a public hearing at the statehouse this week. one of the bills would require
6:33 am
large vehicles. activists say more than half of bicyclists killed by trucks hit the side of it before they're swept underneath. sideguards could keep cyclists from getting pulled under the wheels. you can weigh in at the hearing on wednesday. a kinder morgan subsidary is rejecting alternate routes for its natural gas pipeline. federal regulators asked tennessee gas pipeline company to look at the routes. they included following the mass pike through the berkshires, a course along route 2, and another that would first hit massachusetts in agawam. they were turned down for environmental and other reasons. the current plan is for the pipeline to cut across parts of western massachusetts. doug: a gas explosion rocks an oklahoma city neighborhood. the blast that knocked the sleeping homeowner right out of his house. frank? frank: the so-called "affluenza teen" putting up a legal fight to stay in mexico. what his lawyer is saying about the teenager's right after being caught on the run. danielle? danielle: get ready for winter.
6:34 am
feel like it's below zero. karen: and the first family is wrapping up their hawaiian vacation. their last day trip before heading back to washington. you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful
6:35 am
in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
6:36 am
karen: investigators want to know what sparked a gas explosion in oklahoma city. it happened early friday morning. a house caught fire, then exploded, leaving only a heap of burning debris. amazingly the one person inside the home asleep in his bed was blown out of the house. he survived with only minor burns. >> windows were busted out. brick walls leaning in. karen: just before it happened, utility workers were in the backyard of a home next door checking a gas leak. doug: to mexico and the so-called "affluenza teen." texas fugitive ethan couch awaiting deportation. the eye's frank holland is tracking new developments in the case. frank? frank: couch now has a high-profile attorney. south of the border. his return to the u.s. could be delayed for weeks, if not months. the mexican lawyer for ethan couch is firing back at authorities for swooping in and arresting the texas teen and his mother in puerto vallarta monday.
6:37 am
eye. that's human nature, but the reality is, he has not committed a crime in mexico. frank: high-powered mexican attorney fernando benitez argues the mother and son unlawfully detained. lawyer: there is no formal extradition request by the u.s. state department filed. frank: the couches vanishing for more than two weeks after ethan failed to check in with his probation officer. he was sentenced to 10 years probation for killing four people while driving drunk. ethan's legal team invoking the now-infamous affluenza defense claiming the teen was too spoiled to know right from this exclusive video showing the family's life on the run. that's tonya there shopping at a local butcher shop. days later ethan is spotted there too buying food. he even waves to the butcher as he leaves. just two hours later, he was under arrest. his lawyer telling abc news couch was being whisked to the airport-- u.s. bound-- when his team intercepted the van
6:38 am
papers to keep him in mexico for now. tonya couch is now back in the u.s. facing charges. as for couch, he's expected to meet with his lawyer on tuesday at a detention center in mexico where he could remain for months. frank holland, wcvb, newscenter >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. danielle: check it out. flashing blue. that means clouds are due. you can see that on that sunrise. wow! there's some great colors in the sky reflecting off those buildings there. then there is a layer of clouds over top. if you have a chance, tweet or facebook me your pictures of the sunrise this morning. i'm sure it's beautiful no matter where you live. today we're going for a temperature of 43 degrees so we're actually going to be on the mild side. we should be running around 37 degrees this time of year. take a look at monday and tuesday.
6:39 am
this is the coldest air we've seen thus far this season. we're back up to 40 degrees by wednesday so it's a very short blast of cold air. the cold air coming from the north in canada. you can see those pinks and whites on the maps. boston. and it's all due to this area of see. it's going to bring down this cold air later on today through overnight. now this morning, it's triggering some clouds for us and some snow showers up through northern new england and especially through parts of northern maine. for ski country it's looking really really nice. as far as the temperatures go in the 20's, 30's and even 40's on the map on nantucket, so it is a mild start out there. obviously when you're starting in the 40's, you're warming up into the upper 40's, maybe even 50 degrees on nantucket today. in the 40's in boston. upper 30's in worcester. as well as through the merrimack valley. it will be a mix of sun and clouds. one thing you're going to notice
6:40 am
out of the west at about 10-15 miles an hour. now tonight look at these temperatures dropping back into the teens through the merrimack valley. the 20's pretty much everywhere else. it will be partly cloudy and breezy out there. and tomorrow more of the same. highs only climbing into the low to mid 20's in most spots and notice there's the threat for some snow showers for some locations. let me show you how this all translates. on the future cast this cold front coming through later this evening bring inning that really cold air overnight. into first thing monday. then on monday morning, the winds turn to the north-northeast as those cold temperatures run over that very warm eesh and water. yes, some ocean-effect snow showers begin for our coastline. that includes cape ann down along plymouth county down to the cape and islands. and this continues through monday afternoon and evening and even into early tuesday. but by tuesday afternoon, this is winding down. notice everybody else is seeing
6:41 am
is still very cold outside. when all is said and done, cape ann down along parts of plymouth county seeing anywhere from a coating to about one inch i think. but the cape from cape cod canal over down to nantucket could see anywhere from 1-3 inches. depending on where those heavier bands set up, maybe even three inches and then some in addition. monday and tuesday morning, the big plunge is the wind making it feel colder outside. the wind chill values will be below zero in a lot of spots on monday afternoon and evening. in fact, let me show you this. monday at 5:00 we're running around three degrees what it feels like outside with the winds. by 8:00, it's two below zero in worcester. look at this. when you wake up on tuesday morning, pretty much everywhere is below zero. wind chill readings. so just to be aware of that. bundle up if you're headed out to work or to school on tuesday morning. the good news is we start to really moderate as we head through midweek. as we head toward next weekend,
6:42 am
for some wintery precipitation. doug? doug danielle, thank you. will the patriots be able to take advantage of the "dolphins in turmoil"? they're going to have to because winning in miami is never easy. must be the humidity. brady's 6-and-7 there and belichick is 7-and-8 there with the patriots. and they've both lost their last two in miami. so this afternoon's game could be tricky. brady: i think this game is really important for us because, you know, it's a great goal for us to be the number-one seed. a lot goes into that in the coaches and the organization to get this done. there's only one team that gets the number-one seed. it's great if you're that team because it means you've done things better than anybody else over the course of the season. doug: missing the action-- a long list of patriot players including rob ninkovich because of a sore shin. the c's started the new year with a game against the nets and an injury. avery bradley left the game with
6:43 am
back. jared sullinger got a flagrant foul after this. he pulled down brook lopez, and a little argument ensued with jae crowder and jarrett jack. fourth quarter, down three in the final seconds, marcus smart steals the ball. the celtics need three to tie, but jonas jerebko misses. the celtics lose 100-97. karen: no more injuries, celtics or patriots. doug: that's right. done. karen: you could have hidden treasure in your home and not even know it. doug: "chronicle" takes us inside antiques appraisals at reporter: ever wanted to put a price on this picture of your great aunt? see what that victorian fireplace screen could fetch? or get bucks back for that bronze horse you found. is there a fortune just waiting to be claimed? now you can find out.
6:44 am
monthly appraisal nights at ramble market in waltham. john ames owns the store. >> we decided to have an appraisal night which we're going to run maybe once a month on a wednesday night. reporter: when ames advertised the first appraisal night, people came carrying their prized possessions. >> i would say the values are anywhere from $10 to i think the most expensive thing that we appraised last time was about $10,000. pretty good range. >> beautifully expressive. reporter: liz sherry came in with a water color painting. doug stinson's job to appraise it. >> i got it as an estate sale in newton. i bought it because i just thought it was pretty nice. >> you bought for $10. is that right? you've brought along a wonderful painting by an artist named henry webster rice. and he was active in the 19th century from maine originally and we've done some
6:45 am
information about 75 past auction sales results that exist for the artist. they range anywhere from $100 up to about $080. reporter: this couple purchased this glove box on charles street more than 30 years ago. >> marked tiffany's studios new york. great, great box and a very desirable thing. i would say in today's marketplace it's probably, oh, $1,000 to $1500. >> that's good. that's a profit. i'm going to keep it. >> how much did you pay for it? >> $300. >> $300. and that bronze is spot-on beautiful. doug: tomorrow on "chronicle," one house has too many angles. another, none at all. and sounding the bells in a steeple-topped home. plus animal house-- times two and three. living in unusual houses, tomorrow at 7:30 on "chronicle." you only need a couple of
6:46 am
karen: you can still dream because no one won last night's powerball jackpot. just how big that prize is now. and snow in vermont. you can't call it a jackpot exactly, but ski areas are just happy to see a jump start to a
6:47 am
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news this morning. tore through her leominster apartment. in the four-family home on cottage street, fire officials say everyone else made it out of the house safely. the woman is suffering from the cause of the fire is under investigation. karen: also right now. a boston police officer is being praised for showing restraint during an attack caught on it happened friday morning outside of city hall. police say the suspect attacked the officer without warning, hitting him in the face. 23-year-old andrew bowman now faces several charges in the case. doug: republican presidential candidate donald trump says he will not change his message on muslims. those comments come after terror group al-shabaab posted a recruitment video online showing a clip of trump. in it, trump says he'd ban muslims from coming to the u.s.
6:49 am
stumping in new hampshire today. yesterday the vermont senator was in worcester. he spoke to a crowd of supporters about wealth inequality in america. doug: a connecticut man faces charges in connection to this stash of weapons. foxborough police say officials assigned to the winter classic were notified of a suspicious man in a parking lot near gillette stadium. they say they found the weapons after searching matthew bromson's car. karen: the first family's hawaiian vacation is over. this was one of their last stops. they visited the honolulu zoo for about an hour and checked out some elephants and monkeys. the first family then had dinner at a steakhouse before heading back to washington, d.c. doug: dreams of hitting the jackpot are still alive this morning. there was no powerball winner last night. that means the jackpot now stands at $400 million. that's about $245 million after taxes. the next drawing is on wednesday. what you're telling me is is
6:50 am
frank: i think $245 large is $245,000. doug: million large. the temperatures though getting very small. danielle: very, very small. we'll be dropping into the 20's but with wind chill values below zero on tuesday morning, the other thing is ocean-effect snow showers could see 1-3 inches on the cape. doug: prepare. get ready. thank you for much for joining us. we appreciate it. karen: we will see y i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue
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