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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 22, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EDT

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now on 11 at 11.... unchecked overtime.a new audit also shows some officers getting paid time and a half - while on paid time off. off.the department - already making changes. changes.nine on your side's evan millward went looking for answers and accountability tonight. he's live outside police headquarters. we're talking about nearly six and a half million dollars in overtime. much of the blame for overtime spending seems to be placed on former police chief jeffrey blackwell.the audit - and a response from the department - acknowledge lax oversight of approval - and little review. from july 20-14 to september 20-15 - as some crime spiked - cincinnati police had overtime expenses that eclipsed the *entire budgets of other city departments internal audit finds almost a dozen officers making between
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extra in overtime. and some officers taking off their duty hours - to work overtime - but getting paid for both.evan millward/evan.millw
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the city and the department declined interviews on this story tonight.but both the city manager and police chief go before the rules and audits committee tomorrow morning. live west end em 9oys. if you want to read all the audit findings... we have it for you right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app. city council will also look at the audit tomorrow.. and nine on you. new on 11 at 11... proposed state budget cuts in kentucky would likely send 17- thousand defendants from state prisons back to county jail. that's according to the state's chief justice... john minton. he told lawmakers today the move would be necessary because there wouldn't be enough officers to supervise the inmates. minton says the proposed cuts would cost 600 jobs. governor matt bevin says he wants to cut the overall state budget by nine percent
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it now appears it will be a few more days before divers can retrieve the car that went flying off off the comb- helh bridge an into the ohio river. river.tomorrow will be one week since the accident. high water and a strong current have kept crews from trying to recover the car. police tell us they have an idea about who might be in that car.. based on a conversation with a local family about a missing person. collapsing in the middle of the day. a section of a building dating back before the civil war came tumbling down in over the rhine. tonight we're learning more about what may have caused it. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live with those new details. john. still tonight - this section of walnut is blocked off by barricades. there's a notice posted out front and the property next door is littered with debris. but despite what happened he has big plans for this place moving forward.
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heart of over-the-rhine "we heard some commotion outside sounded like 2 by 4s smacking together" in an instant - bricks and supports came crashing down-exposing the inside of this vacant building "like how did that even happen - like i don't even know what's going on" 27:35"about a block away i said - oh my god this is more serious than i thought" built in 18-60 - the property dates back before the civil war 27:42"met with the building inspector - walked over - and couldn't believe my eyes"doctor norman miller's owned it since the late 90s17:52"nobody really came up with an answer as to what might of caused it - we're speculating that there was some wooded sills - lentils - under the windows that one may have given away and then chain reaction" in a matter of weeks.. he was planning to begin renovating the apartments inside. 24:02 "its well worth the investment of putting in some new kitchen and baths and finishing floors"
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but norman says he's committed to keeping this slice of history still standing 29:25 "we're gonna proceed expeditiously to bring it back" norman says a contractor will begin cleaning things up by the end of the week. he says he's hoping to salvage as many of the bricks in that pile as he can to use in the repairs. john genovese 9oys get ready for a chilly start to the day. nine first warning meteorologist jason adams is here with what to expect. jason. winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with
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a long procession tonight for an indiana deputy killed in the line of duty. people lined the streets today to honor carl koontz.. who was killed sunday while serving a warrant. there was an errie quiet as the procession proceeded from howard county to indianapolis. police say when koontz and sergeant jordan buckley arrived at the home.. no one answered.. so they went in. that's when they say someone opened fire... hitting both men. police now say evan doresy then shot himself in the head. buckley is in the hospital tonight. police say is is recovering.. but add they don't know when he'll be
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tonight in democracy 2016.. donald trump meets with the elite of the republican party. this as a growing movement within the g-o-p aims at finding some way to keep trump from winning the party's nomination. trump says if the g-o-p is smart.. it needs to embrace his momement. trump then addressed the american israel public affairs committee. many people there decided not to stay for his speech. he has been criticized in some circles for saying he would be "neutral" on the issue of israel. trump spoke using a teleprompter.. which is unusual for him. when i become president, the days of treating israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one oneinterestingly.. bernie sanders.. who is jewish.. decided not to address the conference. but today in utah.. he promised he would be friendly towards both israelis and palestinians if he is elected president. tomorrow is another primary day. elections are being held
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nine on your side will let you know who wins in those contests. president barack obama tonight is calling this a "new day" in u-s cuban relations. the president met with cuban president raul castro today.. and says he raised serious concerns about democracy and human rights on the island. obama says he believes congress will lift the u-s embargo on cuba. and that will be good for both cuba.. and u-s companies. "i'm here today that to say america wants to be your partner. around this visit, american companies are moving ahead with new commercial deals. ge is going to sell more products here from aviation to energy technology. the presidents met for two hours today. president obama returns to the united states tomorrow after meeting with baseball game. vice- president joe biden will be in cincinnati tomorrow morning for a fund-raiser for ted strickland's senate campaign. its being held at the westin downtown. ticket prices for the event started at 500- dollars. you can expect road closures when the
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moves through town. the west clermont school board tonight approved a plan to replace or renovate nearly every school in the district. the plan will consolidate amelia and glen este high schools into one building. later.. the middle schools will also be consolidated. the district says it won't need a new levy to support the project because of funds from a special tax district and the state of ohio. we're going to be able to do this without having to go back to taxpayers. cartaintly our communit will appreciate that that we're able to bering that kind of money and thokse kind of facility int our district without having to burden them with additional tax dollars. dollars.the work will cost 150- million dollars to complete. the project will be done in three phases. the new high school should be ready by the start of the 2017- 2018 school year. sentence for an inferno. one of the people who started a fire that damaged or destroyed 80 indiana homes learns his sentence. what the victims' families are now saying. kroger want to help you eat
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be rolled out across the country. is mick cronin leavining cincinnati? nine on your side looks at the reports.. the be heading. an i-phone for people on a budget. the price.. and how its features compare larger phones. you're watching nine on your
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at 11 you may remember this explosion.. it leveled an
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now.. one of those responsible is going to prison.. and will likely never get out. bob leonard was sentenced to two life sentences plus 70 years today. the inferno on the south side of indianapolis left two people dead... and damaged 80 homes. investigators say it was set to get insurance money. the victms families are grateful.. but know their ordeal isn't over. we've got three more trials to go, two more trials to go and sentencing, none of which are going to be easy, but we'll get through it. it. leonard says he will appeal the sentence. what's good for you versus what tastes good. its the dilemma faced every day in the grocery store. now.. kroger is doing more to help you make the best choice. the company is putting nutrition experts in stores to encourage you to make healthier choices. you can now make appointments with those dietians at ten stores in this area. the concept is also being tested in columbus..
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right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app... how you can make an appointment.. and how much that advice will cost you. many people love their i- phones. but they can be pricey. today... apple tried to solve that problem. john matarese has its solution.. so you don't waste your money. the next iphone is coming early this just another week, instead of september.and there's a reason for the early release: apple is trying to jump start its slowing phone sales. --------------so it has just unveiled a new phone that it thinks will rekindle the spark. it's the iphone se....or iphone mini as some are calling's essentially the older 5s, in a small 4 inch case....for those who would like a smaller phone to fit in their pocket.but theres a bigger benefit for you and i... a substantially lower price. price.most iphones range from 500 too 650 dollars these days. the new se will be just $399.
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major carriers plan to offer it on installment plans for just $17 a month, much less than other iphones. iphones.with subsidized 199 dollar iphones a thing of the past, phone sales have slowed dramatically the past year. apple is hoping to reverse that with this new phone and the upcoming iphone always, dont waste your money.
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weather summary: winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with partly cloudy skies.warm air continues to surge into the tri-state on wednesday with a few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid 60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only 20%.showers and storms will finally move in on thursday and our chance looks likely at this point. while the amount of rain still needs to be fine tuned, it looks like we'll have a decent chance for rain throughout the day. highs top out at 630f before cooling back to the 50 degree mark on
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adele is the newest victim of an alleged photo hack. hack.the leak includes extremely personal photographs taken during her pregnancy. there is an ultrasound scan and newborn photos of her now three year old son..she 's not
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currently targeting.over the weekend vacation photos of harry styles and kendall jenner were being passed around online. tonight in healthy concerns about children and accidential poisoning. a new report finds 59- thousand children in the u-s end up in the e-r every year for that reason. the most common cause... kids accidently taking medicine. researchers say the threat may be growing. about 60 percent of u-s adults now take at least one prescription medication. and nearly half the time... the children took prescriptions that belonged to their grandparents. the best advice.. keep medications where children.. especially toddlers.. can't find them. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports anchor ken broo. coming up, two weeks until opening day and some good news for the reds. reds.and the mick cronin rumors are swirling tonight...could it be viva las vega for the uc coach?bright
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the mick cronin to unlv rumors are in full swirl tonight.he
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of minutes ago saying he's honored to be the coach at uc..and quote...i have not met with any other always i have no comment on any other coaching jobs....that's within the last ten minutes.reports out of vegas say cronin is definitely on unlv's short list. but there's strong lobbying out there from former unlv players for the school to hire another of its ex stars: stacy augman. augmon has been an assistant coach at unlv since 2011, an nba assistant for five years before that.cronin did not attend his final radio show of the year tonight.and friday night, the unlv school president was reportedly in the stands friday night when uc lost to st. joe's in the ncaa tournament.and then, there was this tweet tonight from uc school president, doctor santa ono. quote...great conversationwith mick cronin today. made it clear he is a key member of
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two weeks from today is opening day.tonight, the reds are on the field out in arizona taking on the padres. its 4-2 padres in the fifth. joey votto has homered.cody reed, ran into trouble in the fourth. terrific through three. but allowed four earned run in the fourth and homer bailey has taken another step in his return to major league baseball.tonight, bailey threw live batting practice. that's a first for him this spring, as he battles back from tommy john surgery. target date for bailey's return remains early may. the nfl owners and coaches, strolling into day one of their annual meeting in florida jerry jones and his cowboy contingent were early arrivals was the man in desperate need of a quarterback, cleveland coach hue jackson.marvin is there too. he told a national radio show tonight the bengals are not going to trade quarterback a.j. mccarron. there are a number of rule changes up for disucssion: including two unsportsmanlike
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committee has already discussed the rule change. a player would be eject for twice throwing a punch, forarme or kick at an opponent, using abusive an opponent. wcpo-dot-com's mike dyer checking in tonight with this piece of news: princeton high school has a new head football coach. pat mclaughlin is leaving reading high school to take over the vikings. mclaughlin has been reading's head coach the past two
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this monday.
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for future, for her whole future. this is a 6-year-old child. she has been with them since she was 2. >> reporter: she spent time in two other foster homes before the foster parents rusty and summer took her to live with them four years ago. they want to adopt her but the girl is 1.5% choctaw. because of that, the case falls under the indian child welfare act. it's a federal law soed spoke promote stability of tribal families. los angeles county department of
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plans to send her to her family in utah. rusty page came out a few minutes after she was taken away. >> she said don't let them take me. i'm scared. don't let me go. i have to because the county of l.a. said i had to. bring back my daughter. do not let the world go unnoticed with this, please. please, bring back. this is not right for lexi more than anyone. >> reporter: carlos grenade reporting for abc news. meanwhile, a florida jury awarded hulk hogan more money in his suit against gawker. the latest award $25 million is meant to punish gawker core posting a video of hogan having sex with the wife of his best friend. that brings hogan's total from the trial to $140 million. it the former wrestler says he's been overwhelmed by the support he's gotten from fans. >> a wild story from the west


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