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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a downtown building crumbles... right now -- workers trying to keep it and everyone around it safe.we're live at the scene. tragedy on a hike...a kenton county native killed after falling off a cliff.the effort rescue teams made to save the college student. and ...foiled again??? it appears it *might* be the same 2 would be robbers...who struck another marathan gas station last night...only to get duped by another quick thinking clerk.nine on your side at six starts now! part of an over-the-rhine building crumbles -- and comes
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one was near it or inside that building.but now crews are having to tread carefully to make sure the area is safe. safe.nine on your side's rose- ann aragon is live with that part of the story.rose-ann? julie-- take a look at this-- this could have been a very bad situation you can see through the inside--the cracked brick broken structure-- the road is blocked at 13th and walnut -crews still out right now--and will be for a while. nearby neighbors couldn't help but stop and stare-- "it does look bad. seeing it down and there's still quite a bit of crumbling going down. who know what's going to happen over the course of the time." the corner of this building near 13th and walnut-- in shambles. crews say they got the call around 2 this afternoon--police say no one was hurt and the building was vacant. mario tremblay lives down the street. "im not surprised these buildings are a 130 years old. they need some help." he says it's
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building-- "it collapsed about 6 months ago. 3 of the floors collapsed right next door. it shook our building." christine douglass owned an ice cream shop there for 8 years. luckily they moved out. "i know the building very's a blessing to be out here and be able to speak on it." crews say for now it's stable. these neighbors say-- otr is still a place they'd love to see grow. "structure wise in this building, hopefilly they figure out what happened." "hopefully that'll be a part of the dedevelopment and beautifying our neighborhood." crews right now are working on killing a nearby gas line but they don't want to use a jack hammer because they say they don't want any excessive vibration to provoke another collapse. they say it's just an extra precaution. reporting live ra 9 oys. tonight -- a northern kentucky family is mourning the death
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after falling off a cliff at a popular lexington overlook. overlook.rescue crews say 22-year-old katie stewart fell at least 35 feet from a cliff at raven run nature sanctuary yesterday afternoon. firefighters had to rappel down that cliff -- it took an hour to get to stewart.she attended transylvania university -- and is from kenton county.tonight -- her friends are holding a vigil in lexington. the sun came out for us on this first day of spring...and our meteorologist sheri hughes has a first check of a gradual
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he showed up to serve a search warrant...and tonight this indiana sheriff's deputy is dead.27-year-old carl koontz and another deputy shot by a suspect inside a home overnight. this happened in russiaville indiana -- north of indianapolis.they knocked on the door of that home around 12-30 this morning.there was no answer but they managed to get inside.when they did -- they were confronted by gunfire.the person inside the home was found dead a couple hours later.deputy koontz served on the howard county sheriff's department for nearly three years.he leaves
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might we have a new trend beginning in successfully stopping armed robbers?look at these surveillance pictures police in williamstown shared with us from a robbery attempt last night. you see the clerk just standing behind the counter watching as two men with hoods over their heads approach the glass door of the marathon gas station on highway 36. the men can't get in...because the clerk apparently locked the door. police want your help in finding these men... making an arrest *might* mean a two-fer. i took a moment tonight to look up the surveillance pictures from an eerily similar attempted armed robbery...right up the interstate in corinth...a few weeks ago that i covered. another marathon station that sits right off the interstate. same scenario-- the clerk locked up the would be armed robbers, so they ran away empty-handed. now let's put the surveillance pictures side by
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the same...and it even looks like the two men may be wearing *the same plaid shirts*. i spoke with the grant county sheriff about this comparison and he promises to get back to me. xavier is hoping for success on the hardwood tonight -- vying for a bid to the sweet 16.and that hardwood -- like the kind used for dayton's tournament games... isn't just any old flooring.ask a cincinnati company -- they *make* the flooring xavier plays on at the cintas center. center.chris riva is live with the team in saint louis -- with more on the hidden part of the muskies' success. julie, it's not just the muskies, but nearly half of all the teams in this year's n- c-a-a tournament use a cincinnati company to get them started on the ground level. riva track: it's probably something baskeball fans pay little attention to when they go to a game the floor! "we are proud to say that 40% of the teams in the tournament
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games on robbins floors. " a cincinnati based company, sitting quietly along eastern avenue. "we are a niche business making most of the game floors you see for the nba and college teams since the 1950's. "not a lot of companies do what we do." and they take pride when local teams play well on them. there is a lot of science and technology that goes into making the floor healthy for the athletes that play on it. we know when a team like xavier plays in the tournament like right now. we know we have played a role in sustaining that team during the season to get them this far." when you watch xavier play tonight - know a cincinnati based company played a small part in the teams success. "we have xavier, dayton, butler, indiana and kentucky. so many of the teams in this region that are in the ncaa tournament. we are proud their floors are made here in cincinnati, ohio." i speak of fans/tease popolive
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nine on your side. a new clue found in the deadly plane crash in russia...what this damaged piece of equipment means to
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a new challenge in trying to figure out what caused a "fly-dubai" jet to crash in russia... russia...russia' interstate aviation committee released these photos... of the so- called "black boxes"... as you can see they took a lot of
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they've already begun downloading information.55 passengers and *seven* crew members died in that crash. officials say the pilot tried to land during bad weather -- but have *not* determined the cause of the crash. it's a historic trip... meant to end decades of frigid relations with a communist country.president obama touching down in havana cuba within the last hour. he'll only be there for about 48 hours -- meeting with cuban president raul castro and focusing on potential trade and business opportunities for american companies. obama is the first u-s president in nearly 90 years to visit that island nation.our media parnter w-b-n-s in columbus has a crew in cuba... we'll have updates from that two-day trip here on nine on your side. coming up, ken broo is in tonight with the latest in sports. including a surprise guest visit from a hockey team's lucky charm. and he's the president of the united
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a cold night with subfreezing temperatures may produce light frost for some areas as lows bottom out around 29 degrees. monday will bring a start to our spring warm up as temperatures reach near 50 degrees. while it's still below average, milder air from the south should take us over the top by tuesday and into the 60s. the next rainmaker will approach the ohio valley from the west late wednesday with rain that overspreads the tri-state during the day
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three days after st. patrick's day, the luck of the irish was still with notre dame today. stephen f. austin's thomas walk up was just terrific in this game. look at the switch...and the basket.walk up had 21.the lumberjacks led by one, under ten seconds to go. notre dame's demetrius jackson drives, misses, zack august miss the tip in . but rex flueger, put in the game for defensive purposes, winds up tipping it home.the lumberjacks with a desperation try at the horn to win it.but it's notre dame that plays on to the sweet 16, a 76-75 winner. tonight, xavier will play for the right to meet the irish in's a tale of two teams....the fast break
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plodding and pounding badgers of wisconsin.our john popovich is with the musketeers in st. louis. last sunday xavier wanted to be one of the elite 68 basketball teams in the country. tonight they want to be one of the eliite 16. they have a good chance but they have to take care of business in st louis tonight. tonight.the musketeers sent home weber state on friday's wisconsin on the card tonight. it should be a tougher task for the muskies......wisconsin played for the national championship a year ago...the badgers are just off a challenging season in the big ten. -and there's a lot of red badger fans here in st louis....chris mack was asked if this might feel like a road game tonight for his
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this is familiar territory for both these programs. xavier is trying for its sixth sweet sixteen in nine years. wisconsin has been to the sweet sixteen four of the last five. john popovich, nine on your side with the musketeers in st louis. ((take vo))and the daily newspaper in las vegas is reporting that mick cronin is a candidate for the vacant unlv coach's job.apparently the running rebels have gone soft and the school is intrigued by cronin's ability to coach toughness into far it's just smoke, but since there's an opening and uc's season is over, fire could quickly ensue.
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the reds run their opening day line up our for an exhibition game....and a surprise from one of the presidents of the united states. when nine on your side continues in just a moment. for a limited time, you can get a great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening\ now! get a $1,250 volkswagen reward card and 0%
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out in arizona, the reds are playing the arizona
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very well be their opening day line up is on the field. devin mesoraco is catching. zack cozart at short...about the only position in play is left field. cory schebler got the start today.projected opening day starting pitcher, anthony desclafani didn't pitch. brandon finnegan started.the diamondbacks lead the reds, ___to___ in the ___ joey votto is in the line up today, hitting third. he's had a solid spring, hitting .385 and getting on base more than 50-percent of the time. that's in 34 plate appearances so far this spring. obviously, he's on the the top hitters in the game. he knows you, me and just about everyone thinks this is going to be a very long and not so good season. but it's 162-games he says...and the only game you can worry about is the next one. trt the world series((votto: the season hasn't started and hasn't finished. you're gonna have to take it from us every
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season that it's set in stone that we'll be in last place or won't make the playoffs or have a chance to win the world series. )) the florida panthers are in the middle of a hot streak. and their good luck charm is actor kevin spacey. the players wear his spacey in space hoodies. saturday was spacey facey night at the panthers game against detroit. the man who plays president underwood was rumored to be at the spacey facey game...and low and behold, there he the flesh. he home though. the red wings beat the panthers, 5-3. something fun going on this
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"scary" at the sharonville convention's "horror- hound weekend"... where thousands of horror fans met celebrities in the genre -- and dressed up in some crazy costumes.if you missed the convention -- we have a gallery of pictures on w- c-p-o-dot-com. that's 9 on your side at six for this sunday.we're always on with breaking news and weather updates on wcpo-dot-com.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." making history in cuba. president obama just touching down here. the first time in nearly 90 years an american president has set foot in havana. but the visit not without controversy. will there be new opportunity for american business here? how soon will american tourists be allowed in? the famous hotel chain announcing new plans tonight. as we take you into havana. the young families. the vintage american cars. as we get set for our exclusive interview with the president. also breaking this sunday night, the eruption of protests against donald trump from new york to arizona. a trump supporter arrested for assaulting a protester.


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