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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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one of the tightest races was in ohio.this is a look at the delegate map.and the winner of
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governor -- john kasich... soundly defeating donald trump and ted cruz.marco rubio suspended his campaign after news he lost his home state of florida badly to trump. in the democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders... the former secretary of state - won big in ohio.that race was called minutes after the polls closed. clinton also swept every other state. as we said - ohio governor john kasich wins the state. essentially extending the primary.many believed had trump won ohio... the rest of the primary season would have just been a formality. but kasich's win makes trump's chances of getting the delegates needed to win the nomination more difficult.nine on your side's evan millward spent most of the evening at kasich's watch party and has reaciton to last night's win. 3-16 gmts kasich 1trt = 1:08 governor kasich now heads to back on the campaign trail already.- positioning himself now as the anti-donald trump.
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got democrats to vote for him. and he told hundreds gathered here at baldwin wallace university his campaign wasn't about him - not about democrats or republicans - but about john kasich/(r) - ohiowe put one foot in front of the other and i want to remind you again tonight, that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land.//lt. gov. mary taylor/(r) - ohiomany of us have been on the campaign trail in ohio and outside the state and you could sense it, feel it, but when you actually physically hear it, it's really exciting.that was lieutenant governor mary taylor - who also told me tonight she thinks kasich won the buckeye state because he has run against for a republican convention here - in downtown this summer. with the campaign in berea ohio, em, 9oys.
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ohio but it was far from a bad night for him in other states. the billionaire business man took florida, north carolina, and illinois.missouri is still too close to call this morning. this increases his already large lead over his rivals. trump is promising his win it. big night for hillary clinton too.the former secretary of state took in three primary victories .clinton won ohio, florida, and north carolina -- serving a big blow to bernie sanders.these wins strengthened her lead over the end of the evening -- she has about two-thirds of the delegates to clinch the nomination. not so much for marco rubio who called it quits after getting trounced by trump in his home state. state.ending up trailing trump by nearly 19 percentage points. rubio says its clear that republicans want something different this time around. 6.04.00 we also need a new political establishment in our
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on anyone outside of d.c. not one that tells the young they have to wait their turn or in line. and not one only interested in winning elections and not solving problems or standing by principals. 6.22.23 6.22.23rubio leaves the race with 163 delegates, now making them free agents during the republican convention in cleveland later this spring. because he suspended his campaign though - rubio could jump back in the race if convention becomes contested. a federal judge decides to keep polls open for an extra hour ... but the poll workers never got the message.doors were locked at the polling location in symmes township around eight o-clock.nine on your side has team coverage on how the last minute message didn't get through...starting this morning with with jason law. this is video we shot at 8:15 inside the polling place inside cincinnati's downtown
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closed down and actually turned one voter away while we were there. i asked the polling manager if he knew anything about the judge's order. jason heckman, voting location manager, downtown library jason: "so you guys-you guys don't know about the federal order do you? from the judge? heckman: "never heard anything. never heard anything." jason: "we're with channel 9 so the-" heckman: "the board of elections would have called me as did happen in november when we were staying open 'till 9 o'clock. that's all i can tell you is we never got that call." we'll have more on super tuesday three coming up.we'll talk about who it looks like will fill john boehner's
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jennifer will call for graphic full traffic police say they located the car pushed off the combs hehl
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yesterday.crews were out overnight searching the river where it went under as the desperate search stretched
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after searching for hours overnight for evidence, this morning boone county rescue crews are preparing to recover a car that plunged into the ohio river after a 12 car accident on the combs hehl bridge. bridge.the chain reaction crash shut down the eastbound lanes of i-275 the entire
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stranded for hours. right now- police are not ready to discuss whether anyone was still inside the car that went off the bridge. multiple police agencies and first responders were on the scene for hours. police say a few people were injured on the bridge but they are all expected to be okay. we are told there was a total of 4 individual collisions. chief craig sorrell:campbell county police department11:52 all the cars were driving to navigate through and slow down, reduce speeds at various contact points and at some point in that, one vehicle did go over the side of the bridge into the river. 05 05 the car that went off the bridge was fully submerged but rescue crews were able to locate it in just hours. police say the car is close to the bridge which is surprising because of the high water and rapid current. u-c responding to the arrest of a professor on child porn charges!holt parker was taken
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clifton home early yesterday morning.u-c responded -- saying that parker has been suspended... and is barred from university property.. it could be a game changer in the ongoing struggle against heroin addiction in the tri-state. the grant county health department is launching a needle exchange program, the first in northern kentucky.9 on your side's jason law has more on how you or your loved ones can get the medical attention-and clean needles- they need. jtrack: it's no secret heroin addicts share needles with other heroin addicts. and when they share needles, they're more likely to share diseases. {0 4:01 "we knew the younger population that we were encountering that was hepatitis c positive was because of heroin."{jtrack: jennifer hunter works with the northern kentucky health department. several years ago health officials were startled when they discovered hepatitis c cases in northern kentucky were 19 times the national rate. < jennifer hunter, director of clinical services:> {04:08 "they had actually told us, 'i am sharing needles with other
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{04:13{jtrack: if hunter can't help people get clean, she says can at least help them be more safe. hunter is helping launch the first needle exchange program in northern kentucky. the program begins wednesday afternoon in williamstown in the grant county health department . to participate you don't have to be from grant county or even kentucky. you also don't have to give your name to get fresh needles. nurses will be on hand to offer treatment. the challenge hunter says, will be getting addicts to try something new. < jennifer hunter, director of clinical services, northern kentucky health department:>{07:35 "what everybody tells us is it takes some time for them [the addicts] to build trust. maybe the firs tor second week nobody will show up." {07:43{07:55 "we're ready for that. it might not happen. we might not get anyone tomorrow, but we'll just keep offering it week after week." {jtrack: the program will be available every wednesday from 1 to 4. participants are encouraged to come back every week with their dirty needles in these red or black containers. < jennifer hunter, director of clinical services, northern kentucky health department:>{11:15 "this is really needed. it's not going to solve the heroin problem in northern kentucky, and we don't tout it to be [a solution]. what the main goal is to prevent disease and those that are positive for disease, get them into treatment." {11:27{jtrack: grant county is the first location but hunter says
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in kenton, campbell and boone county. jason law 9 on your side. it was a tough contest for a local young politician in his u-s senate race.we'll see how cincinnati councilman p-g sittenfeld did, when we come back! a middletown woman has been missing for monthsthe new distinction police have given
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" there was more at risk yesterday than who should run for president. president.a couple of senate seats up for grabs including seat. the republican race for u-s
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portman against don elijah eckhart. portman, as expected, beating eckhart badly. portman will now defend his seat against former ohio governor ted strickland. strickland had two other challengers in this primary cincinnati city councilmember p-g sittenfeld.. and keli prather. strickland won it easily. things didn't fare to well for p-g sittenfieldbut he says he knew he couldn't beat ted strickland due to his statewide name regognition.... at the age of 27 -- sittenfeld was the youngest person ever to win a seat on cincinnati council.and sittenfeld says he sees the loss as a beginning -- not an ending. ""i learned a lot about the people of ohio. they have hopes and dreams and aspirations and concerns that deserve meaningful leadership. i think i learned a lot about myself, including that i think there is a resilience there
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"sittenfeld says he reached out to strickland to congratulate him on his victory. an all but guaranteed trip to washington.warren davidson won yesterday's special primary for ohio's 8th congressional seatthat's john boehner's old seat.nine on your side's butler warren reporter.. jay warren.. was in troy and got a chance to speak to the winner. through that door a triumphant warren davidson who has just won this special election besting fourteen other republicans he just walked in to greet his supporters and we want to show you that right now ((warren davidson/wins special primary)) :11-18 7 seconds of nat((warren davidson/8th district primary winner)) :18-36"it's just amazing to be where we're at today knowing that we gathered signatures on dec. 14 and filed paper work on dec. 16th and right at 90 days later we're getting ready to go forward to the next step of this race.------jay look live----- :36-50and while davidson says he's not taking anything for granted this win in a very heavily conservative
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his trip to washington--jay warren 9 on your side troy ohio as many as five tornados are confirmed to have touched down across four ohio counties yesterday. of those tornados was an e-f blew through phillisburg tearing the roof off a home and damaging several nearby barns.winds were clocked as high as 105 miles per injuries were reported. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather.
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no traffic issues, minute-by-minute updates on and at the bottom of
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an illinois officer is being hailed a hero after his action onthe side of an interstate those actiona saved the life of a little girl. microsoft decides to play nice with sony.why the move could
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she's been missing for months -- this morning a middletown woman's disappearance is a homicide. police recently searched a field on cincinnati-dayton road for the body of lindsay bogan -- but didn't find anything.she was reported missing six months ago -- her boyfriend has been charged *in relation* to the case. tense moment caught on camera in illinois! two police officers - saving a 19-month old girl who was choking on the side of the road. the toddler and her grandmother were driving to chicago a few days ago when the girl stopped breathing. her grandmother called 9-1-1. take a look - moments later, officers arrived and did the heimlich maneuver and c-p-r the child began breathing almost immediately and regained consciousness. michigan governor rick snyder will be in washington d-c tomorrow to testify on the ongoing flint water crisis.the
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and government reform has been holding hearings since yesterdayleaders tied to the crisis have been testifying on their roles.they all resigned after an e-p-a expert raised concerns about lead in flint water. that recent e-coli outbreak is cutting into chipotle's bottom line.the restaurant chain says it will likely record its first quarterly loss ever for the first three months of this year.chipotle hasn't posted a loss since it first started trading on wall street a decade ago.but the eatery faces growing legal expenses linked to a federal criminal investigation into the e-coli scare which may lead them to raising prices. this could be a game changer...literally. announced it has opened its network which allows xbox owners to play with sony's palystation owners. now sony would still need to make playstation compatibile with xbox to allow the cross network game of this morning sony has yet to comment on the proposal. big problems at the polls
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rehash of last years issues. the reason for the mix up and why it ws related to a multi
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breaking news...otto warmbier of cincinnati....arrested in north korea... has been sentenced.we'll tell you how many years he'll be behind bars. and divers swarm the ohio river looking inside a car that plunged off the combs- hehl bridge.what officials are saying about the accident this morning. good morning tri-state.i'm chris riva...and here with 9 first warning meterologist, jennifer ketchmark.welcome looks like there's some chances for rain and maybe even thunderstorms in the that right?
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before sunrise, the rest of our wednesday forecast will be mostly sunny, windy and cooler. highs will top out in the mid 60s. temperatures will be cooler as well tonight, dropping into the mid 40s with partly cloudy skies. breaking in the live alert center...the american student from cincinnati arrested in north korea is now sentenced to *15 years of hard labor in prison. this is video of otto warmbier publicly apologizing last month.north korea is accusing the 21-year-old of trying to


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