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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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doesn't happen again.a look at this years changes. residents in phillipsburg are cleaning up this morning. that's just 50 miles northwest of downtown cincinnati.a look at the damage and what residents say the twister did to buildings in the area. good morning i'm chris riva. riva.i'm julie oneil...ohio taking to the polls today.lets get right over to meteorologist jason adams for what you cdan expect should you have to wait in line. expect a mix of clouds and sun today. more clouds during the morning, more sun during the afternoon. highs will reach the low 70s. tonight, a cold front is heading our way. it'll bring a few showers overnight and possibly a storm or two. the severe threat is low with this front. lows will
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we are less than two hours away, ohio heads to the polls on this primary tuesday.. weeks of campaigning... millions of dollars spent... and some races too close to call. all this at a pivotal time in the presidential campaign season ohio is again at the forefront. but this morning the gop race couldn't be closer here inthe buckeye state.a new quinnipiac poll has governor john kasich and donald trump tied at 38 percent.ted cruz and marco rubio are far behind. on the democratic side.. hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders... 51 percent to 46 percent. since the margin of error is more than four percent.. that poll suggests the race could be closer than it appears. as we mentioned... the g-o-p race in ohio is very close.. everything the candidates do can mean the difference between victory and defeat. it was in that environment that nine on your side anchor craig mc-kee sat down for a one-on- one interview with
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5040-49 1300 plus filled this gymnasium- on this stage a former presidential hopeful showing his support for gov john kasich.1318-21 all of america is watching - watching what ohio does one time choice for republicans to take the white house was joined on stage by senator rob portman..1046-50 we need him to go to washington dc and pick up the pieces after 8 years of barack obama.the rally at westerville high school brought in a majority of kasich supporters - 4359 - validated what i thought 0412 he doesn't just tow the party line. kim allen a teacher says she still hasn't fully made up her mind.4432-49 on the fence what other candidates cruz- or kasich 4223-25 presidents don't yell and scream governor kasich for a few minutes after the rally. he says he's kept his campaign the same despite calls to bring more fire to the stage - like some of his opponents. 4214-23 people are starting to
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a yeller screamer or a divider. 3342-56 i watched the campaign rally w people slugging one another and i thought to myself this is not how we fix america.the governor reaffirms he has no plan to change his stance on gun control or abortion. 4139-34 you don't change your positions cause you got to get votes. craig mckee reporting.governor kasich says he plans to vote right around 1o oclock at the genoa township community hall. he's also planning a watch party tonight in westerville. he'll be in florida today, but gop front runner donald trump spwnt much of yesterday here in ohio.speaking to supporters in youngtown trump took shots at governor kasich.adding he would heavily tax compnies that send jobs out of the country.
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hard in illinois yesterday.. with events in glen ellyn outside chicago... peoria.. and springfield. he is telling republicans there that donald trump has a history of backing chicago democrats... and that at the end of the day the race for the g-o-p nomination will be much different. it will be absolutely clear to everyone that this is a two man race. i think after tomorrow it will be officially a two man race. rubio disagrees saying he's staying in the race no matter how the vote goes... and that he'll be campaigning in utah tomorrowhe spent his day concentrating efforts in florida where he says he has a better vhance of beating trump than anyone else.but with that trump was still leading in the lastest polls. polls. on the democratic... many polls have hillary clinton ahead in the land of lincoln.. although some show sanders gaining strength fast. both had town hall mettings yesterday and of course took time to blast donald trump. for many of the candidates.. who wins will come down to getting their supporters to
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campaigns were burning up the phone lines last night. nine on your sides evan milward has more on that this morning. nats - dialingnats 014521 i'm with rob portman for us senate, can i ask you two quick questions today?these republican volunteers in terrace park are spending hours on the phone -nats 015036 which issue is most important to you in this campaign?- or knocking on doors.evan (off cam) 020322 is it critical or is it a waste? michael peppel/ portman for us senate field representative - there's a lot of studies that show that going out and actually talking to a voter give a human face to the campaign process.democrats are working hard tonight, too. - we found this volunteer canvassing in evanston.caleb profitt/pg sittenfeld for us senate volunteer 022321 the most important thing right before the election is just talking to as many voters as possible,you might expect - that personal touch doesn't always work -nats - hang up nats - hang upnats - hang upat hillary clinton's phone bank near lockland -nats 024741 hello? - they also get a few not-so-nice reactions.phyllis banks/ hillary for president volunteer 024044 no they're
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nasty at times, yes, *laughs* you can't take it personally - they say - it's politics. nine on your side will cover the voting all day for you. we'll bring you voting results on-air and on wcpo dot com plus our mobile app as they come in. we will have a live chat on our facebook page from ten to 10-30 for a look at what the numbers mean. and join us for live coverage of
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expect a mix of clouds and sun today. more clouds during the morning, more sun during the afternoon. highs will reach the low 70s. tonight, a cold front is heading our way. it'll bring a few showers overnight and possibly a storm or two. the severe threat is low with this front. lows will fall into the low 50s.
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tornado caught on camera.. just 50 miles from downtown cincinnati. the victims whose homes were badly damaged by the storm. 7 cars derailed, 5 ending up on their side.32 people injured this morning n-t-s-b officials say they have an idea on what
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yesterday's tornado.were talking about phillipsburg... about 15 miles northwest of dayton.the twister damaging several homes and barns. a local news crew saw the tornado as it was moving across the area. surivors say it picked up buildings and dropped them like a pile of sticks. one barn that was destroyed had been used by one family for 100 years. new this morning... officials are blaming the tracks as the reason a train derailed in kansas early monday morning that train was on it's way to chicago from los angeles. 7 cars derailed, five of those ended up on their side.145 people wer on board.more than two dozen taken to the hosptital.all are expected to be o-k, suffering non-life threatening injuries.officials think a seperate car accident may have caused the derailment. the n-t-s-b says the investigation is expected to take several weeks to complete. expect a mix of clouds and sun
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morning, more sun during the afternoon. highs will reach the low 70s. tonight, a cold front is heading our way. it'll bring a few showers overnight and possibly a storm or two. the severe threat is low with this front. lows will fall into the low 50s. in a surprise move russian president vladimir putin says russia will begin withdrawing troops from syria.the reason he give for the sudden change. making sure voters aren't hit with the same issues while trying to vote as last year, hamilton county officials have made some changes.we'll tell you what to watchout for as you head to the poll this
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" as ohio heads to the polls, its gong to be more than the campaigns that are tested'll recall there were a lot of problems in hamilton
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election. since then.. the board of elections has been working to make sure it doesn't happen ag nine on your sides ashley zilka was at the board as it made final preparations last night. phones ringing off the hook. (nats) questions being answers. (nats)poll workers spread all throughout hamilton county monday night at 361 locations. if they had any concerns- they called this group of people at the board of elections. ((((sherry poland:director of hamilton county board of elections))) 17:07:46 if they have any questions or any problems, we have a call center set up here at our downtown office so we have people on standby to help them out. 54each poll worker had to take a mandatory 4 hour class before the ohio primary- on top of tonight's two hour meeting.17:07:47 they are going through all their supplies, making sure that they have everything the need for tomorrow, setting up the location, posting all the operate notices, that sort of
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presidential primary results is likely to be a nail-biter. 17:11:01 we are predicting a 40 to 45 percent turnout so that's pretty high for a presidential primary. it's much higher than what we saw in 2012. 08az, 9oys. 9 is on your side seeing how things run this time around. we'll have a crew at a hamilton county polling station were wokers are sure to have their hands full. waters in several parts of louisiana are still rising this much so, people are using airboats instead of cars to get around.'ve seen the pictures by now.entire neighbohoods flooded. thousands of homes are damaged. the national guard has rescued more than four- thousand people so far. guardsman have also distributed more than 71- thousand bottles of water. but.. schools will be able to
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being changed so drivers can get kids to school. in washington state it's high winds that caused havoc. clocked between 50 and 60 miles per hours, knocking this semi over as it tried to cross the "tacoma narrows bridge". and on the puget sound...winds blowing so much water onto the deck of this ferry, several car alarms were set off. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. wednesday, we'll see partly cloudy skies with highs in the low to mid-60s. thursday, another front is expected to
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with a slight shower chance. highs will reach the upper 50s. cooler weather moves in friday through the weekend, as highs hover around 50 friday, and only in the mid to upper 40s saturday & sunday. there's a slight shower chance over the weekend. lows will fall into the 30s!tuesdaymorning cloudspartly sunny pmhigh: 72 tuesday nighta few showers isolated severe stormlow: 51 wednesday partly cloudya little coolerhigh: 63wednesday
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no traffic issues,
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the screen drive times new this morning the obama administration confirms a top isis commander is dead following u-s airstrikes in syria. omar al-shishani -- better known as "omar the chechen" -- was on the administration's most wanted militant list.a five-million dollar reward on his head.the u-s believed he was hurt in those airstrike
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oficials say the bearded shishani died from his injuries, along with a dozen other isis fighters. russian forces are set to begin withdrawing from syira this morning.president vladimir putin making the stunning announcment yesterday. yesterday.russia began airstrikes months ago in suport of the assad regime.the same regime accused of using chemical weapons on its own people. the u-s has long maintained russia's support has both inflamed the situation and hampered peace talks.putin, says his military has achieved it goal. (vladimir putin, russian president) "i believe that the goal set out to the ministry of defense and the armed forces has overall been fulfilled and that's why i order the minister of defense as of tomorrow to start the pullout of the main part of our military grouping from the syrian arab republic." republic."putin also says despite the military withdrawal his diplomatic forces remain dedicated to helping with peace talks in syria. those smartphones sure do come
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too handy.why sometimes convienence can be can end up being a littel too costly. are your brackets ready? john matarese has some things to keep in mind before the big dance... so you don't waste
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expect a mix of clouds and sun today. more clouds during the morning, more sun during the afternoon. highs will reach the low 70s. tonight, a cold front is heading our way. it'll bring a few showers overnight and possibly a storm low with this front. lows will fall into the low 50s. we use our phones for everything these days.more and more of use use them to make all kinds of purchases.but if you're not careful, you may just be making it easy for hackers to steal your personal information. usually you use an app.either from a bank, credit card or thirf party like paypal.but according to the consumer
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apps store information about you. things like your name, home and email adresses.they record texts and in some cases phone calls.and some even record your contacts calendar and the websites you visit. but there are things you can do to protect ourself too.lock your phone when you're not using it.always read and apps privacy policy and make sure you know who they share information with.and one of the most careful when using public wi- fi. bracketology is part art.. part science.. and part luck this time of year. john matarese has some things to keep in mind.. so you don't waste your money. so you are filling out your ncaa bracket....and you'd really like the win the office pool this year.well, we have some tips from the pros so you don't waste your money choosing your teams. ----------------the website
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past winners and say many people blow their bracket by using their heart, not their says this is not a time to vote for the little guy.that 15th or 16th seed you have fallen in love with? savings advice says a 16th seed has never beaten a number one seed.and 15 seeds rarely win. improve your odds, the report says choose teams from big conferences...they typically win at tourney time. also, a #1 seeded team wins it all 52% of the thats your best odds.and it warns the last cinderealla winer was unlv in 1990...a quarter century ago. while it is fun to root for a cindereall team that makes an upset or two...the odds say they wont go all the are almost always big schools from big conrerences with a recent winning streak.of course i will probably be wrong...but as always dont waste you rmoney. john matarese 9 on your side. super tuesday three...if you vote in hamilton county you probably remember all the problems last november.the
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officials have made so it
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good morning tri-state.i'm chris riva.. riva..and i'm julie o'neill in for kathrine's time to get out to the polls this morning. 9 is on your side with all the information you need to know...but before we get to that-lets get your morning forecast. forecast.9 on your side meterologist jason adams is in this morning for jennifer ketchmark. expect a mix of clouds and sun today. more clouds during the morning, more sun during the afternoon. highs will reach the low 70s. tonight, a cold front is heading our way. it'll bring a few showers overnight and possibly a storm or two. the severe threat is low with this front. lows will
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five states are holding primaries today, including ohio.governor john kasich and donald trump spent their last- minute campaigning in ohio, while ted cruz was in illinois, and marco rubio was in his home state of florida. 4214-23 kasich people are starting to hear me and people don't want a yeller screamer or a divider.trump: "there's no violence. there's a love fest. these are love fests.." cruz today: "one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. " rubio: "let's make sure that everyone votes tomorrow!" the democrats had one more town hall meeting last night. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders took the opportunity to criticize trump. sot sanders: " ? what he really essentially saying is go, go, go do it, supporters, go beat up people ..." sot clinton: " ? someone who is vying to be president of the


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