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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 15, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EDT

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now on 11 at 11... primary eve in ohio. weeks of campaigning... millions of dollars spent... and some races too close to call right now. all this at a pivotal time in the presidential campaign season. right now.. the gop race couldn't be closer in ohio.a new quinnipiac poll has governor john kasich and donald trump tied at 38 percent.ted cruz and marco rubio are far behind. on the democratic side.. hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders... 51 percent to 46 percent. since the margin of error is more than four percent.. that poll suggests the race could be closer than it appears. we will have much more on the presidential race in a moment. but since weather can be critical on an election day... we want to check with nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh. steve. a few isolated showers and a chance for a storm is still overnight. this clearing could bring some patchy dense fog to form so watch out in the morning. temperatures will be very mild. rain decreases late dayscattered showers will move
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the afternoon and become more spotty late in the evening. as we mentioned... the g-o-p race in ohio is very close.. everything the candidates do can mean the difference between victory and defeat. it was in that environment
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craig mc-kee sat down for a one-on- one interview tonight with governor john kasich. 5040-49 1300 plus filled this gymnasium- on this stage a former presidential hopeful showing his support for gov john kasich.1318-21 all of america is watching - watching what ohio does one time choice for republicans to take the white house was joined on stage by senator rob portman..1046-50 we need him to go to washington dc and pick up the pieces after 8 years of barack obama.the rally at westerville high school brought in a majority of kasich supporters - 4359 - validated what i thought 0412 he doesn't just tow the party line. kim allen a teacher says she still hasn't fully made up her mind.4432-49 on the fence what other candidates cruz- or kasich 4223-25 presidents don't yell and scream governor kasich for a few minutes after the rally. he says he's kept his campaign the same despite calls to bring more fire to the stage -
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4214-23 people are starting to hear me aand people don't want a yeller screamer or a divider. 3342-56 i watched the campaign rally w people slugging one another and i thought to myself this is not how we fix america.the governor reaffirms he has no plan to change his stance on gun control or abortion. 4139-34 you don't change your positions cause you got to get votes. tag: 5153-05 gov kasich plans to wake up in the morning and vote right around 1o oclock at the genoa township community hall. he's also planning a watch party for tomorrow night. in westerville, craig mckee 9 on your side. donald trump spent much of tonight in ohio.... speaking to his supporters in youngstown. his jet pulled up to a hanger at the youngstown -- warren regional airport shortly after
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officers were on scene to provide security. trump took shots at governor kasich... and said what he would tell companies such as carrier air conditioning.. which is moving jobs to mexico. "good luck with your employee, the 1400 people who were fired now the're workign part time jobs because you can't get good jobs in this country. the good jobs are all gone by the way, so good luck to you. i just want to tell you one thing every air conditioning unit that's sall by carrier that cross out now every secure border is going to be taxed at the rate of 35 percent per unit." unit."this trip to ohio was a late add to trump's schedule. he had planned to spend more time today campaigning in florida. senator ted cruz campaigned hard in illinois today.. with events in glen ellyn outside chicago... peoria.. and springfield. he is telling republicans there that donald trump has a history of backing
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after tomorrow the race for the g-o-p nomination will be much different. it will be absolutely clear to everyone that this is a two man race. i think after tomorrow it will be officially a two man race. senator marco rubio concentrated his efforts today on his home state of florida... where he says he stands a better chance of beating donald trump than anyone else. but.. polls show trump is ahead in florida. so.. rubio was on the offensive today. leadership is not about going to angry and frustrated people and saying you should be even angrier and more frustrated and you should be angry and frustrated at each other and if i can get enough of you to be angry and frustrated at the other people you are going to vote for me and i am going to win. that is not leadership. (cheers) (cheers) rubio says florida is not his last stand.. no matter how the vote goes... and that hel'll be campaigning in utah on wednesday among democrats.. hillary clinton focused her efforts today in illinois. as we mentioned... many polls have
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lincoln.. although some show sanders gaining strength fast. despite that.. clinton at times sounded more like a general election candidate... going after the g-o-p leader. "we have to have a big vote tomorrow that can send a strong message that "love trumps hate. (cheers)" bernie sanders spent time in youngstown and akron today. he told voters that the job of the next president will be to restore economic fairness for the middle class. "in ohio alone, from 1994 throught 2013 this state lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs. 31% of its factory jobs." jobs."a total of five states are holding primaries tomorrow... ohio.. florida..
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carolina. both ohio and florida are winner take all states. with so much at stake.. some are calling tomorrow "super tuesday three." for many of the candidates.. who wins will come down to getting their supporters to the polls tomorrow. so the campaigns were burning up the phone lines tonight. nine on your sides evan milward joins us with that evan. let's face it - at this point - most people are already sick of see the signs on the side of the road -- and then you get calls at home -- a knock on your door -- all worth it - campaigns say - because that's the most effective form of getting out the vote. nats - dialingnats 014521 i'm with rob portman for us senate, can i ask you two quick questions today?these republican volunteers in terrace park are spending hours on the phone -nats 015036 which issue is most important to you in this campaign?- or knocking on doors.evan (off cam) 020322 is it critical or is it a waste? michael peppel/ portman for us senate field representative - there's a lot of studies that show that going out and actually talking to a voter
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campaign process.democrats are working hard tonight, too. - we found this volunteer canvassing in evanston.caleb profitt/pg sittenfeld for us most important thing right talking to as many voters as possible,you might expect - that personal touch doesn't always work -nats - hang up nats - hang upnats - hang upat hillary clinton's phone bank near lockland -nats 024741 hello? - they also get a few not-so-nice reactions.phyllis banks/ hillary for president volunteer 024044 no they're not *laughs* they're very you can't take it personally - they say - it's politics. something most campaigns today told me was that these grassroots efforts are driven in large part by young people - even high schoolers.and i asked this too - most campaigns stopped calling around eight or nine tonight out of courtesy.reporting
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evan mentioned senator rob portman in his piece. his opponent in the republican primary is don elijah eckhart. his facebook page says he is first and foremost a christian and secondly a family man. the polls will be open tomorrow in ohio from six-30 a-m until seven-30 p-m. you'll need to bring i-d.. such as a drivers license or state i-d card... a current utility bill with your address... a bank statement with your address.. or a pay check that has your name and address on it. nine on your side will cover the voting all day for you beginning with good morning tri-state at four-30. we will bring you voting results on-air and on wcpo dot com plus our mobile app as they come in. we will have a live chat on our facebook page from ten to 10-30 for a look at what the numbers mean. and join us for live coverage of the candidates on nine on your side at 11pm. tornado caught on camera.. just 50 miles from downtown cincinnati. the victims whose
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are your brackets ready? john matarese has some things to keep in mind before the big dance... so you don't waste your money. digital assistants can be handy when you need directions.. or a good restaurant. but what about a real crisis. the troubling discovery coming up. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 it isn't only the campaigns that will be tested tomorrow on primary day. you'll recall
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in hamilton county during the november election. since then.. the board of elections it doesn't happen again. nine on your sides ashley zilka was at the board as it made final preparations tonight. ashley. if any poll workers had questions... tonight was the time to get them answered. 2700 people spent hours at their polling locations preparing for the big day. phones ringing off the hook. (nats) questions being answers. (nats)poll workers spread all throughout hamilton county monday night at 361 locations. if they had any concerns- they called this group of people at the board of elections. ((((sherry poland:director of hamilton county board of elections))) 17:07:46 if they have any questions or any problems, we have a call center set up here at our downtown office so we have people on standby to help them out. 54each poll worker had to take a mandatory 4 hour class before the ohio primary- on top of tonight's two hour meeting.17:07:47 they are going through all their supplies, making sure that
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for tomorrow, setting up the location, posting all the operate notices, that sort of thing. 45the wait for ohio's presidential primary results is likely to be a nail-biter. 17:11:01 we are predicting a 40 to 45 percent turnout so that's pretty high for a presidential primary. it's much higher than what we saw in 2012. 08 if you plan to vote tomorrow- make sure you know your correct polling location and have your i-d. polls open at 6:30 in the morning. as for the poll workers- they get here at 5:30. reporting live ashley zilka 9 on your side. bracketology is part art.. part science.. and part luck this time of year. john matarese has some things to keep in mind.. so you don't waste your money. so you are filling out your ncaa bracket....and you'd really like the win the office pool this year.well, we have some tips from the pros so you don't waste your money choosing your teams. ----------------the website savings advice dot analyzed past winners and say many people blow their bracket by using their heart, not their says this is not a time to vote for the little guy.that 15th or 16th seed you
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savings advice says a 16th seed has never beaten a number one seed.and 15 seeds rarely win. improve your odds, the report says choose teams from big conferences...they typically win at tourney time. also, a #1 seeded team wins it all 52% of the thats your best odds.and it warns the last cinderealla winer was unlv in 1990...a quarter century ago. while it is fun to root for a cindereall team that makes an upset or two...the odds say they wont go all the are almost always big schools from big conrerences with a recent winning streak.of course i will probably be wrong...but as always dont waste you rmoney. john matarese 9 on your side. a tornado touched down uncomfortably close to the tri-state this afternoon... in phillipsburg, ohio.. about 15 miles northwest of dayton. the twister damaged several homes and barns. "it's hard to take it all in
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the time but never think it will happen to you and here we are. luckily, our pets, no one was home except for our pets and they're all safe and accounted for . .a news crew saw the tornado as it was moving across the area. surivors say it picked up buildings and dropped them like a pile of sticks. one barn that was destroyed had been used by one family for
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weather summary: a few isolated showers and a chance for a storm is still around before clearing overnight. this clearing could bring some patchy dense fog to form so watch out in the morning. temperatures will be very mild. rain decreases late day scattered showers will move through the tri-state through the afternoon and become more spotty late in the evening.scattered showers will move through the tri-state through the afternoon and become more spotty late in the evening. rain may be heavy at times and isolated thunderstorms are possible but should not be severe. expect gusty winds and heavy downpour within thunderstorms. expect .25" to .50" rainfall in areas
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tonight in healthly living... millions of americans use smartphone assistants such as apple's siri or google now every day. but what happens personal crisis? crisis?a new report from sanford university found they can't be relied upon. when a woman told siri she had been raped.. both siri and google now said they didn't understand. most digital assistants didn't recognize the statement.. i am having a heart attack. when asked about suicide another assistant responded by asking if the weather is getting you down. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the nfl is always making news. but sometimes as a bengals fan you have to scratch your head.
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out here that uc, and xavier and kentucky have to play in the tournament. we'll provide a glimpse in,
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good evening everyone. it's the reason this time of the year in college basketball is so much fun...and to coaches often frightening.. you get to play somebody else...but you never know how good that somebody else might be. can't sleep on anyone. weber state will play xavier friday night..the wildcats are the champs of the big sky. their coach randy rahe says his defense is playing really really well..and he thinks that's what it takes to win in march. that game will be played at the scottrade center in st louis...the second game of the's expected to start around 9:20. phil martelli of st joe's says he'll scout uc on their games with temple. the owls were a winner twice over the bearcats this season...but temple lost to st joe's in overtime, that was way back in december. this game will be played at the spokane arena...and tipoff is expected somewhere around ten o'clock friday night. the n-c-double a had this matchup in mind when it sent indiana and kentucky to des moines. they played a couple
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2011-2012 season. then with anthony davis, kentucky has another player of the year candidate in tyler ulis....he was named the s-e-c player of the year today.-that's nice..but john calipari is unhappy with kentucky's fourth seed..but he says the committee has never done him favors. he doesn't want it easy..but it shouldn't start too hard. the wildcats have stony brook in round one thursday an nfl official has acknowledtged a link between football and the brain disease c-t-e for the first time. it happened at a congressional committee's round table
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that i think we expected. this we didn't. remember mike munchak, the steelers coach who pulled reggie nelson's hair in the january playoff game. he was fined 10- thousand dollars a few days later. munchak says the league rescinded his fine after watching the video. the reds are on a bad streak..they've lost six of their last eight out in the desert. bottom of the 5th..john giavotella takes jumbo diaz to the wall in left center...the angels went on to win the game 10-2 nine on your side returns
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breaking now in chicago... reports at least three police officers have been shot.. and a fourth person has been killed. no information on the officers' condition has been released. we'll watch this for you overnight.. and will bring you new information on good morning tri-state. that's 9 on your side at 11 for this monday.we're always on with breaking news,
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he's been ordered to undergo a mental competency exam. a virginia man is being held in iraq while fighting for isis. commanders of a kurdish group say the 26-year-old was seen in this video acknowledges he had become lost and that he was an american citizen. is he identified as mohamad khweis of alexandria virginia. it's not clear if he'll be turned over to the u.s. authorities. president obama has spoken to russian president putin over
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syria. the conversation came after putin ordered almost all russian troops out of syria. the military had conducted a five-month long air campaign to strengthen the assad presidency. syrian peace talks have just gotten under way in geneva. >> many residents of the south will be cleaning up today after a storm system launched torrential rain, tornadoes, flooding in spartanburg last evening. hail, that is actually hail, not snow. it's the largest hail to hit the area in more than 30 years. more on the extreme weather from abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: from extreme flooding to dangerous tornadoes, the south is getting rocked by severe weather. across texas, streets and ohios have turned into rivers. hundreds of homes underwater for miles. the floodwaters here are expected to break records as they continue to rise. >> this is going to slow it all up. >> reporter: familied packed up what they could. those who refused to leave are


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