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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this reagan. former first lady with a legacy of her own. the tributes pouring in overnight. debate clash. hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring and talking over each other. >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> the democratic nominees turning up the attacks one day before the next big contest. severe storms pounding the west coast right now. mudslides and flood risks. we're tracking it all.
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a big cat caught in a trap the risky rescue. good monday morning. we begin with new tributes this morning to nancy reagan. a woman who leaves behind a remarkable legacy of good. >> nancy reagan was right there with president ronald reagan loyally and somewhat and sometimes controversially throughout his mritd call career. in her honor the flags over the u.s. capitol have been lower to half-staff we begin with brandi hitt live at the reagan library in front of the plane once used by the reagans so many times. >> good morning. condolences and prayers continue to pour in for nancy reagan's family. here at the presidential library, mourners are paying respects to a woman who paid a
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theirs was a love story spanning more than 50 years. from hollywood all of the way to the white house, nancy reagan never left ronald reagan's side. the former first lady died at her home sunday morning. outside the ronald reagan presidential library, families are leaving flowers. as reaction pours in from across the nation. the president and michelle obama tweeting this photo, saying, our if former first lady redefined the role in her time here. >> she was one of the greatest first ladies. >> reporter: nancy reagan famously launched the just say no drug. >> what should do when someone offers you drugs? >> just say no. >> reporter: she was once her
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two years after ronald reagan revealed he had alzheimer's she spoke at the 1996 republican convention. >> each day brings another reminder of this long good-bye. >> reporter: seen her hugging the casket once last time. flags have been lowered to half-staff in her honor. a large funeral service is now being planned here for nancy reagan. former presidents and other heads of staff will be invited. she'll be laid to rest right next to her husband here. >> ronald reagan, brandi, passed away more than a decade ago, but mrs. reagan remain politically active even after his death. >> she did, kendis. especially with stem cell research.
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she believed that it held hope and science for cure. so no other family would have to deal with alzheimer's. the last ten years of ronald reagan's life, sometimes wasn't very pleasant because he was slowly losing his memory. she doesn't want any other family members to suffer that same pain. >> she believed in him and in that cause. brandi, thank you so much. >> as brandi mentioned in her story, their marriage was a loving partnership. >> barbara waters spoke to nancy and ronald flum rous times. during one of those interviews, they talked about the secret to a successful marriage. >> one of you thought that it had to be everything had to be your way. or 50/50.
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>> what is it? >> sometimes it's 90/10 and you have to be willing to give the 90. or he has to be willing to give the 90. but it's something that you want to do. >> clark gable had a line once, i thought was very eloquent. there's nothing more wonderful for a man than to his approach his own doorstep knowing that someone on the other side of the door is listening for the sound of his footsteps. >> politics played a huge role in their relationship. she gave him key advice on staffing and strategy. he was president of the screen actors guild. all of the presidents have offered their condolences. overnight tensions flaired once again as democrats went head to head in flint, michigan. >> hillary clinton with a
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sanders. they clashed on a string of issues. we get the latest now from abc's lana zak in washington. >> reporter: good morning, coming off this weekend's election results where bernie sanders won more states but hillary clinton won more delegates. each was eager to have their megs saj stand out. hillary clinton drew a clear distinction between the two democrats. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you're talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> reporter: clinton holds a 17-point lead in michigan. the water of flint has been poisoned with led. for his role in that crisis,
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for the resignation of the republican governor. >> his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. he should resigned. >> the two united in reproaching the ramires. >> compare the substance of this debate with what you saw on the republican stage -- >> we are if elected president going to invest a lot of money into mental health. >> reporter: they disagreed on the effectses of the first clinton presidency. >> i was on a picket line in the early 1990s against that. >> at the end of the 1990s, after two terms of my husband's presidency, the unemployment rate in michigan was 4.4%. let's talk about 23 million jobs, incomes went up for everybody. >> michigan is really the prize tomorrow with 147 democratic delegates at stake. that's nearly as many as of the
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>> all right, so it's a big day ahead for them. lana zak reporting live for us this morning. now the republicans and donald trump still soaring in the polls despite a blistering assault by the gop establishment. trump is ahead 41%. rubio trailing at 13%. trump and cruz each won two states over the weekend. >> look at this, marco rubio picked up a win in pure erto rico along with two dozen delegates. he's vowing to beat donald trump in his home state of florida next week. but trump is calling on rubio to drop out. the west coast is bracing for a round of powerful storms. widespread damage knocking down trees and power lines, turning roads into raging rivers and dumping up half a foot of rain in some places.
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line of powerful storms slowly marching east ward. still ahead -- creeping back up. gas prices rising yet again. >> and new details breaking overnight about a pastor being shot. plus, anning ary cougar trapped.
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this was a scene at the nuclear power plant in south carolina. black smoke could be seen above the nuclear station after a transformer fire, there were no evacuations and no nuclear release.
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to blame. overseas, north korea sounding off again with a new threat toward the u.s. and south korea. the north warned of an indiscriminant strike of justice, its words. the threat was delivered in reaction to the start of huge u.s./south korean military drills which the north says is invasion rehearsals. good news in jimmy carter's battle in cancer, he said doctors told him he doesn't need more treatments. he had four small cancerous leez sons on his brain church members in idaho are praying for the recovery of their pastor, he was hit six times including in the head and the lung. the attack happened one day after he parade with presidential hopeful ted cruz at a al rally.
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the modern e-mail system, the man of the system died. despite creating he said that he doesn't check his e-mail very often. tomlinson also chose the at symbol to connect your user name with. the national average is now up $1.81, up 6 cents over the past week, boosting the average fillup by nearly a dollar. analysts blame growing demand and crude oil prices. compared to this last year, gas is still 70 cents a gallon cheaper. when we come back -- floating to safety, a pilot's quick thinking during an emergency landing. and botched.
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this is a race against time. and nature. near san francisco, california. heavy rain and rough surf are battering against this wall holding up this partially demolished apartment building. now for a look at your morning road conditions. up and down the west coast, rain and mountain snow will make
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flooding rains will stretch from texas up into the great lakes and roads will be wet in the upper plains. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in san francisco, los angeles and dallas. one family's brush with death. their small plane falling from the sky in new york. >> the father and daughter heading home from a college tour, were about 2,000 feet up when it lost power. the plane dropped slowly to the ground, the plane landed in an industrial park in long island. >> coming back home. coming back from the university of rhode island. looked at colleges. the engine died. i pulled the parachute. >> they both managed to walk away from the crash. next to a frightening look at a rescue of a cougar in the pine valley mountains in utah. this intense video shows the
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figure out how to release the enraged animal from the trap without getting hurt themselves. they came close a couple of times. eventually he was set free with paw. look at that video, he's expected to be fine, i should say. >> good to know it all worked out in the end. how about sports now. now. >> all the details from our man at espn. >> some information on peyton manning's retirement news conference. but first, what an upset it was in the nba yesterday. on abc television. warriors/lakers. steph curry, this is an easy one. a gimme hopefully besting the bulls for best record in nba history. my goodness, curry made his first three of the game then
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the warriors combined to go 4 for 330 behind the arc. meanwhile, the lakers stunned the warriors, 112-95. an end of an era in the national football league. entered the league in 1998 as the first pick in the draft with the colts he'll go out with a super bowl championship. he'll announce his retirement. watch the live ceremony at 1:00 eastern time on espn. also streaming live on the watch espn and the espn app. peyton manning announcing his retirement, as he rides off into the sunset as a champion in denver. hey, good morning, america, make it a great monday. i'm john buccigross. >> thank you, john. one more highlight and one more low light for that matter.
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first the good. >> this is memphis grizzlies fans. half-court shot from midcourt. he had an unusual two over the head shooting style. boom, it goes in. he won an audi. >> and enjoy the taxes on that car. >> then there was this epic fail that took place at a miami heat game, it goes to the team mascot, clearing a line of other kus tomb characters. laying on the floor. burnie tried to make it look successful, we all know it wasn't. just ask the characters who were landed on. >> i hope that poor guy got a day off today. up next n the pulse, remember remembering nancy reagan. ened high-speed chase. an ostrich on pursuit, after some cycles. p i even accept i have a higher
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time now to check the pulse. we'll start with the passing of nancy reagan. >> those close to her said she was spry and stylish until the end. she died at her home yesterday. >> her life was filled with memorable quotes and images like this one. taken from the early '08s. president reagan's dressed as santa with nancy on his lap. >> and nancy reagan also invited mr. t. to play santa at the white house when this picture was taken. >> those who knew her said she was mentally 100% there. >> amazing. next, a fond farewell to a
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>> no one, not even the show's producers never thought a period drama on pbs would turn into ratings gold. but after six seasons, downton abbey aired its final episode in the u.s. last night. >> the finale is a quote, grand british story, with an american finish. in other words, a truly happy ending. >> okay. >> is it safe to say, no one died? and finally, a bike ride that a couple guys can't ever forget. this really happened in south africa. >> this was kind of cool. they were out warming up for a long bike race when that ostrich decided to join their pat lon. he was chasing them for a good,
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the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. good morning tri-state, i'm chris riva. riva.and i'm kathrine nero. let's get straight to the top stories this morning. breaking overnight...the coast guard is suspending its search for a cruise ship passenger who reportedly fell 100-feet into the water.crews say david mossman fell off royal caribbean's navigator of the seas friday night.they still spent the weekend searching more than 25-hundred miles of water south of key largo... florida.but there's no trace of him. it's an airline that thousands of tri-state passengers take every day.but this morning... the mechanic's union for allegiant airlines could go public with new safety concerns.the memo is reportedly addressed to members of congress and the's alleging the
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repeated safety violations. tuesday night, lows will fall only into the low 50s. wednesday, expect another warm day with highs in the low 70s. some spots may be warmer. winds will gust over 20 mph. an isolated shower or storm is possible. better rain chances arrive thursday as a cold front pushes towards the tri- state. highs will cool into the 60s, but still stay well above average for this time of year. traffic good morning tri-state at 4:30
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a puppy... getting hours of emergency surgery after an attack in a tri-state park.the answers its owners are demanding this morning. a sunday night showdown for the democratic candidates vying for the white house.the clashes between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. remembering an american icon. the tributes pouring in for nancy the first family and local leaders are honoring her life. good morning...the rain is gone... and a warm-up is on the way to the tri-state. tri-state.9 first warning meterologist jason adams joins us with the sunny forecast. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will
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a 13 week old puppy is now recovering after her owners say she was attacked by another dog and those owners park rangers are trying to find them.nine on your side's rose-ann aragon with details on this vicious attack. "we were just disgusted by the way these people acted. no sympathy. they offered zero help." allison cole and her fiancee brad sweeney were walking their 13 week old


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