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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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dog attack...a tri-state couple reunited with its puppy... after *hours* of emergency they're looking for a dog and its owner... the piece of evidence park rangers want to find. remembering icon of the 80s -- nancy reagan's legacy still felt today.the reaction from the tri-state on her death.9 on your side
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"the dog locked on to her face -and she's in the dog's mouth moving back and forth --so it just kept ripping." ripping."after hours of emergency care for that 13-week-old puppy -- the owners are happy to be reunited after a vicious attack at the park. and that montgomery couple says the worst part is the owners of the attacking dog did *nothing* to -- park rangers are trying to find them.
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ann aragon is live from the animal care center in sharonville. that puppy spent more than 5 hours here at the animal hospital--getting stitched up--- the owners say their dog was bleeding ad in pain-- now this couple is left with vet bills, a recovering puppy and absolutely--no answers. "we were just disgusted by the way these people acted. no sympathy. they offered zero help." allison cole and her fiancee brad sweeney were walking their 13 week old puppy moe-- at sharon woods park-- moe is a basset hound shar pei mix-- "these people stopped us and they were like oh my god your dog is so cute what kind is it? so we stopped. so our dog sat and their dog sat and they kind of came toward each other and kind of came toward each other like sniffing and with in seconds the dog attached itself on her mussel." the couple watched in horror-- "the dog locked on to her face--and then as the dog moves she's in his mouth moving. -- so it just kept ripping..this went on for 30 seconds. finally i had to literally punch the dog in it's face bad it finally
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moe's face would bleed--but what shocked them the most wasn't the attack-- it was the other owners' response-- "the husband immediately took the dog back and we said-- the first thing (sweeney) said was we need your contact info. i mean i was sobbing. and they (other owners) said, 'no, you don't. dogs will be dogs. you just need to take her it's just a little scratch. they say the owners didn' cooperate so--they rushed moe to the animal care center--after more than 5 hours she'd be released.--we were there. ""100% recovery. she'll obviously have a battle scar, which saddens us but she'll be strong. but they are still searching for the family that they say walked away. "they wouldn't tell us their name--and we wanted their contact information to make sure their dog was healthy but they refused." now they did say someone took a video of the incident but they don't know who--we spoke with hamilton county park
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the video and anyone else with any other information should give them a call. a sunday night showdown for the democratic candidates vying for the white house.and there was no shortage of clashes between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. a major talking point was the flint water crisis... tonight's debate was *in* flint.both candidates called for the resignation of michigan's governor rick snyder over how he's handled the situation.tonight's debate showed a change of tone for the democrats...frequently interrupting each this exchange about the auto industry bailouts. "hillary clinton: i voted to save the auto industry, he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think that is a pretty big difference. sen. bernie sanders: well if you
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street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy...hillary clinton: you know... sen. bernie sanders: excuse me i'm talking. let him respond" respond"the two also took questions from the audience on gun violence. i don't want to hear anything about tougher laws for mental health or criminal background, because that doesn't work.""i think we have to try everything that works to try to limit the number of people and the kinds of people who are given access to firearms "nobody has a magic solution to this problem, any lunatic tomorrow, any person could walk into a theater and do something horrific" horrific"nine on your side and politifact are working hard tonight to fact-check the'll find our review of some of their statements on w-c-p-o-dot-com. com.and be sure to catch good morning tri-state starting at four-30... for a full recap and reaction of tonight's debate. meanwhile democrats in *maine* picked their choice for president.and they picked bernie sanders.that's sanders
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primary season. and on the republican side, as predicted marco rubio wins puerto rico by a landslide.that victory nets rubio 23 delegates, but he's still far behind his competition, senator ted cruz and donald trump. two candidates are visiting the buckeye state this week. hillary clinton is making a stop in cleveland tuesday.and governor kasich is the keynote speaker at a gathering of republicans in sharonville next weekend. looking at a warm-up to start the's sherry. as we begin the work week, we'll likely see a mix of clouds and sun again. south winds will bring in significantly warmer air. we'll see highs in the mid-60s monday with a slight chance of a stray afternoon shower and partly sunny to mostly cloudy
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it may be nice this week... but it's never too early to prepare your family for severe weather.join us tomorrow night for a nine first warning weather special: "ahead of the storm!" the nine first warning weather team has reports aimed at keeping you and your family save if severe weather strikes. that's tomorrow night at 7-30.... on nine on your side! today's weather made for a great ending to "bockfest".it was the final day of the annual event.and this year -- organizers added a new twist... the "bock-lympics". they say it's a fun and family-
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continuing 11 at at the ronald reagan presidential library...just one of many memorials tonight for nancy reagan. she was active at that library -- trying to keep her husband's legacy strong.and the former first lady left a legacy that few can forget. a-b-c's lauren lyster looks back on the life of nancy reagan. nancy reagan seen smiling here at her 94th birthday party last today being celebrated and mourned for all her years of life well wishers dropping off flowers - nat pop?? loved ones pulling into the la family estate to pay respects - the hearse escorted through town nat pop?? the former actress married ronald reagan in 1952...and as first lady of california and then the nation, is remembered for bringing some hollywood glamour to the white house ...and for her crusade against youth substance abuse sot
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someone offers you drugs...just say no." president obama and michelle obama tweeting this photo today, releasing a statement saying -quote- "our former first lady redefined the role in her time here." she was also known for being protective of her husband, accused at times of controlling him nats - nancy 8- 1-84 "we are doing everything we can." ronnie: "we are doing everything we can." when president reagan revealed he was suffering from alzheimer's disease...nancy became his caretaker...and an advocate for alzheimer's research. nancy was known for the great love she and ronald reagan shared over more than five decades of marriage. nats singing to him"oh my dear our love is here to stay" that love persisting in life and death. president reagan died in 2004... at his gravesite this iconic image was taken of mrs reagan kissing the coffin. and now... [wnt gutman elements from here down] sot arnold schwarzenegger / former governor of california "i know-- she would join him now in heaven, and this love affair between the two of them will start all over again." nancy's son michael reagan tweeting today that his mother "is where she has always wanted to be with her ronnie" tag -- and that is where her body will be physically laid
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library alongside her beloved late husband. ll abc news simi valley the reagan family had close ties with former ohio congressman bob mcewan.he remembers nancy and ronald as an inspiration "we saw the example of the restoration of the values of a strong marriage, of a strong family,..their example of what we could be and what america is" president obama and the first lady remember nancy for her advocacy of alzheimer's illness president reagan suffered from later in life. life.and kentucky senator mitch mcconnell remembers their perseverance through that difficult time in their lives. his name you *won't* recognize... but tonight the tech industry is remembering the man who created e-mail.ray tomlinson died today -- he was 74. 74.tomlinson came up with the idea of e-mail in the *1970s*...but of course that didn't take off until p-cs became popular in the 90s.he's
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creating the "at sign". new at 11...police say she shot a man in the face with a b-b gun... and now she's going to face a judge.lata-wanda short is charged with felonious assault for that's not clear what led to the scene that injured the man.she's scheduled to appear in hamilton county court tomorrow. a week after a dayton pastor is shot and killed in church... parishoners returned to that disturbing scene.'s a look at services this morning at saint peter's missionary baptist church.that's where reverend william schooler was shot and killed last week... police have charged his brother in the shooting. it's a grueling race -- nearly *a thousand* miles long through the wilderness of alaska...and today the iditarod race is underway. underway.85 "mushers" -- as they're called -- signed up for this year's event. this is video from the ceremonial start of the race yesterday. strangely enough -- parts of alaska didn't have enough *snow* this winter... so organizers had to haul in snow
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destructive driving caught on tape...a minivan driver hitting everything in their way.there's a lot of irony behind the recording of this video. we'll explain after the break. it's a smartphone slump!those popular devices are not-so- popular to buy anymore.the reason why... and the strategy of one company to make you spend your money on a new
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 a teen says he'll consider it a lesson in how *not* to drive...after he catches a minivan crashing into a restaurant! restaurant!that boy started recording the scene after the initial crash.the driver tries to back out -- hitting the building twice -- and knocking down a pole.the teen watching
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a driving class!police say the driver of that minivan was drunk. nowadays pretty much everyone has a smartphone. the devices are everywhere... and that's one of the reasons smartphones sales are down for the first consumer reporter john matarese shows us what phone makers are doing now to get *you* to buy one. if you are like a growing number of people, your smartphone is probably starting to get old!for the first time since smartphones were invented, sales are down sharply this year.there's a reason for it... but manufacturers are now hoping to bring you back. -----------------remember the frenzy each fall when a new iphone came out? out?the crowds have been smaller the past two years....and smartphone sales the last quarter are down 6% nationwide.two reasons according to cnn: one: most of us have smartphones now...and two: carriers no longer offer subsidized new phones for $199.but apple hopes to restoke the excitement this septmeber....when it releases
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it will have wireless earbuds, and you'll also have the option to buy a mini iphone, the size of the old iphone 4. ---------------2 secs separator -------------but from the doesnt that stink file...the fact you cannot yet buy a cheap smartphone in the us. doesnt that stink?customers in india, china, and other devloping countries now have the option of basic smartphones for 25 dollars or less!the best we can do are low end android phones for around 100 dollars. dollars.without subsidized smartphones.... customers are learning they are really carrying a miniature laptop computer with take good care of yours, so you dont waste your 9 on your side. those smartphones are fueling the popularity over a new way to catch a ride...but folks in cincinnati are finding "ubers" seem to be disappearing. disappearing. a spokesperson for the rideshare company says they're growing in cincinnati...but some tri- state uber drivers disagree. many say it's because they're making less... another says some drivers only pick up
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and a shortage of drivers can mean *riders* end up paying more.w-c-p-o insiders can read why that is -- and what other rideshare companies are doing to get business. south winds will bring in significantly warmer air. we'll see highs in the mid-60s monday with a slight chance of a stray afternoon shower and partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky conditions.temperatures get even warm heading into tuesday, with highs in the lower to mid 70s! showers and storms return late wednesday, and will hang around through the end of the week. rain will be heavy at times thursday and with our warmth, isolated spring-time thunderstorms are
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coming up, ken broo is in tonight with the latest in sports. mick cronin states his team's case for making the ncaa tournament. tournament.and the surprise local college basketball team that looked like championship calibre today in bloomington.
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so, is it good enough to get in? after the bearcats beat smu this afternoon, it's what you probably want to know. did that win guarantee that uc will make the ncaa tournament. there's a compelling reason to say the answer to that question is 'yes'. but you and i aren't on the tournament selection committee. senior day at fifth third arena. uc president santa ono led another celebration: presenting oscar robertson with a present day bearcats jersey.then it was time to get down to business against smu. just over a minute to go in the first half, uc up six. watch coreonte deberry finish the play to put uc up seven at the half.the bearcats shot just 29-and a half percent from the field in this game. second half, uc up eight. gary clark to troy caupain. caupain finished with 14a red flag going forward: uc made
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outside the arc. but they got to the line 30-times and made 24-of those free throws.smu turned the ball over 17 times....and uc had just enough to win, 61-54 final. mick cronin said after the game, his team's inclusion into the ncaa tournament shouldn't be in question. trt :18outcue:...if that answers your question((cronin: we hve the same record as duke. memphis is really good and houston may go to the tournament. how we can be in a league with that many good teams is mind boggling to me. if that answers you question )) so next up, is the american conference tournament. that starts this week in orlando. uc has a friday afternoon game against connecticut. that's a team the bearcats have beaten twice before this seasonxavier plays thursday at seven, in their opening round of the big east tournament. the musketeers play the winner of the marquette-st. john's game and just today, xavier
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bluiett was named first team, all big east. indiana is the outright big ten champ.....and today against maryland, it was all piling on. look at yogi ferrell, whip the ball back to nick zeisloff. with that, ferrell becomes indiana's all time leader in assists.indiana simply ran maryland out of the gym. this is troy williams who gets the ball, the bucket and the whistle. williams finished the day with 23and then check this out. zeisloff tries to save the ball from going out of bounds, he simply heaves the ball over his head, downcourt, when juwan morgan gathers it in and converts. indiana in a walk today, 80-62 is the final. the hoosiers are 25-6 out west, the rockies beat the reds today in exhibition baseball, 9-3. jon moscot started for the reds and gave up four runs in three innings. on the pga tour, the stop this week was in florida, at doral and for the second week in a row, adam scott takes home the winner's check. on this, the par four 14th, scott's second
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runs it up within three feet of the pin. he birdied.and despite two double bogies in his first five holes today, adam scott wins the world golf championship at doral, by one, over bubba watson. peyton manning made his mind up late last night. he's retiring from the nfl. the broncos will hold a news conference tomorrow to allow manning to make his decision official. the five time nfl most valuable player will save the broncos about 19-million dollars in cap space this season. two time super bowl winner, super bowl most valuable player, 14-trips to the pro bowl and in 14-of his 18-seasons in the nfl, peyton manning threw for at least four thousand yards. and this was one of the biggest upsets of the nba season. the lakers, who had won just 12 games before today, beat the warriors, who had lost just the fourth quarter, the lakers led by 16 when they won this jump ball. marcelo huertas will throw the lob to larry nance junior.and the lakers win for just the 13th time this season. 112-95 was the final. the holmes girls basketball
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regiontournament today. holmes beat ryle, 45-42. and holmes advances to the sweet 16 and newcath and cov cath will play tomorrow night in the boys 9th region final. both of them were winners today. nasty day in vegas. nothing to do with black jack or the slots...the weather was not good. rain and 43 mile an hour winds....for sundays sprint cup race.six laps to go. heading down the backstretch, we're riding along with brad keselowski. he powers to the inside and blows by kyle busch. and brad keselowski wins today's kobalt 400. joey logano finished
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that's 9 on your side at 11
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on with breaking news and
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coming up tonight on meijer spormeijer sports of all sorts....have the uc bearcats stated their case well enough. and regardless of what happens at their conference tournament, are the bearcats in the ncaa tournament....xavier has a pathway to a number two seed. but in their last two games, the musketeers have allowed their opponents at least 90- points. is it a red flag?the warriors lost today. and caught up in the hype of their season, have we lost track of the one team that could derail them on their way to another nba championship? we shall discussand the reds motto seems to be patience. but how patient will you be, with a team that is young,


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