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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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(sot)"to me i think it was an execution not just a murde r." murder charges in the case of a middletown mother killed with her child next to her...her father's reaction.a cincinnati cop investigated... (sot)"you were scaring me - i don't know why you're following me."the reaction from police unlikely move...(sot)"jesus spent his time with the people that the rest of the society didn't love." the new location one church plans to move to that will raise your eyebrows. a big change that'll put a smile on your face. the climbing temperatures in your 9 first warning forecast.9 on your side starts...after the
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right now on 11 at 11-a small sense of relief for a family searching for answers. the father of brittany russell -- she's the woman found shot and killed in her car with her daughter in the backseat -- is speaking out after an arrest in her death. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live in middletown
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billy russell tells me he feels good that someone is finally being held accountable in his daughter's deathbut at the same time - he believes there are others out there who need to be looked at after weeks of waiting-01:02:20 "this is like an up and down roller coaster - don't know whether to throw your hands up or grab your stomach" montgomery county prosecutors now charging 37-year-old 'curtis burdette' with murder- a man who- they say - is responsible for middletown mother brittany russell's death 01:01:28"i'm not fully satisfied but at least there's progress with one of them being charged"brittany's dad billy russell believes there are others who need to be held responsible 01:01:41 "i'd like to see the next one get charged and if there's anybody else involved - them get caught too and prosecuted - that way we can move on and finish mourning, cause sleepless nights. its been on me since the day of her murder" last month apartment building--brittany was found shot to death inside her car. her 6-month-old daughter
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"to me i think it was an execution not just a murder." at the time - based on items at the scene - police said they didn't think robbery was a motive. billy says - before brittany's death - he never heard curtis' name"really right now i got nothing to say to him - i want to see what they're gonna do in court - and hopefully justice will be served. id rather see him live his life out in prison." billy was told curtis is expected to appear in court early next week. he says he will not stop pressing police and prosecutors until he has all the answers his family deserves.john genovese 9oys new on 11 at 11.... a laptop sale ends with shots fired. newport police tell us three men planned to sell a laptop to someone they contacted through facebook. when the sellers showed up.. the buyer grabbed the laptop and ran. one of the sellers.... who has a concealed carry permit.. fired a warning shot... chased the man.. and fired four more shots. the man wasn't hit and
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decided yet about charges. nine is on your side with how to stay safe when meeting for on-line sales. meet in a public place... preferably where police will be present.. like outside a police station. and try to learn as much about the other party before hand as possible. new at 11 - this video has many of you talking tonight on the 9 on your side facebook page. it also launched a police internal investigation which caught our attention. tonight - the fraternal order of police in cincinnati reacts as the man in the video claims he was followed - harrassed - and ultimately had his constitutional rights taken away by the officer. (nats) chris harrell walks along recording himself with his phone in one hand - walking with a coffee in his other hand. he claims the bike officer has followed him.sot: this is what we have to deal with in cincinnati - harrassment eventually officer baron osterman asks harrell to stop - pointing out he walked into the intersection when the sign read don't walk - something even captured in his own video. while harrell received a citation for jay walking. he
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possession of marijuana. however, it's how the situation was handled in the first place chris harrell is making a case.sot: you were scaring me - i don't know why you're following me. officer osterman asks harrell to set his stuff down - as harrell reaches for his i-d the officer appears to grab harrell's armsot: 0101-05 why are you touching me i can get my id out of my poicket i'm not asking you to reach for anything. within seconds the officer orders harrell to put his stuff on the ground again...and the back and forth continues.sot: 0116-24 put the stuff on the ground now - you are violating my constitutional rights....put your hands behind your back - you are violating my constitutional rights -- put your hands behind your back. the officer then moves harrell up against the side of a building where his phone drops the ground and continues to record as he's placed in handcuffs. the cincinnati fraternal order of police president sergeant dan hils tells 9 on your side - "i didn't see anything that the officer did that was wrong." chris harrell posted on his facebook page that he didn't do anything wrong. if you'd like to see the video in full and read more about the background of both the officer and chris harrell - we have the story posted on
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two more teens are charged tonight in connection with the shooting at madison high school this week. butler county sheriff richard jones says the teens knew that austin hancock had a gun on monday but didn't say anything. the two teens are charged with failure to report a crime. police say hancock shot two classmates on monday.. and two others were also hurt. hancock is now charged with attempted murder. two months into 2016 and violent crime is up in cincinnati."9 on your side" went straight to police to see what they're doing to keep you safe. safe. our ashley zilka is live at district 1 headquarters with a look at the department's newest plan. as of today- 49 people have been shot this year in that to 42 in 2015....for this same time period.police say they have a new plan that will get a handle on specific violent locations. police call them hot spots for violent crime. places like westwood that are seeing more shooting victims than the average neighborhood. from 15
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2015. "we know that there are repeated, chronic locations." lieutenant colonel paul neudigate says the city's new pivot strategy will crack down on specific locations like westwood.17:51:35 "identify those responsible for a large percentage of the violence. a large percentage of the shootings. impact them however we can through criminal charges, disrupt that current gang structure and then move on to the next neighborhood." 51so far in 2016 violent crimes like homicide, rape and aggravated assault are up slightly from this time last year.neudigate says gang or group-involved crimes account for 50 to 60 percent of the city's shootings. that's what the police department will focus on. on. "i would say where we could have done a better job is in helping some of those communities with some of their long term maintenance strategies so that we're not right back there six months later after two months, robberies are down slightly, non-violent
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also seen a decrease.reporting live, ashley zilka 9 on your side. heading into the weekend we might get a little snow overnight. overnight.nine first warning meteorlogist sherry hughes is here with what you can expect. there is a slight chance of snow showers prior to daybreak saturday. as a fast-moving clipper moves our way and taps into our cold air mass, there is a brief window in the morning between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. that we could see some snow showers and rain mixing over the tri-state. no accumulation is expected, as
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tonight in democracy 20-16.... doctor ben carson has officially ended his presidential campaign. after the super tuesday primaries... carson said he did not see any way forward for him to win the nomination. but.. carson says he will continue to work to encourage evangelicals to vote . donald trump cancelled his appearance at a major event for conservatives. trump was scheduled to speak at the conservative political action conference -- c-pac -- in maryland tomorrow.trump's campaign says he will go to rallies in kansas and florida instead. ted cruz, senator marco rubio, and john kasich will all speak at the conference. its against that background that the kentucky g-o-p presidential caucuses will be held tomorrow. and although only four candidates are in the running.. you will see 11 names on the ballot.that is because those seven candidates petitioned to be part of the caucus before dropping out of the race. there is also an option to
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unlike a regular election.. there is only one caucus location per county in our area. voting will be held from ten a-m until four p-m. you'll need to bring an i-d.. or personally know one of the poll workers. we have information on the caucus locations and process for you right now on wcpo dot com. the g-o-p says it will start releasing results shortly after seven p-m. nine on your side will have those numbers for you on-air.. wcpo dot com.. and our mobile app.and we'll look at how well the caucus process worked in a state that hansn't held one in decades. vice president joe biden will be in cincinnati this month. he's raising money for former ohio governor ted strickland's senate campaign. details of the vice- president's visit on march 22-nd haven't been released yet. strickland is running against cincinnati city council member p-g sittenfeld for the democratic nomination. the winner of that race will likely face incumbant republican senator rob portman.
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crash. where police say three teens stole the car they took for a very long joyride. unusual neighbors.. the church and the strip club. why they expect to get along just fine. was it the missing clue? the new discovery in the o-j murder case that has police looking at that case all over again. energy drink warning. the price you may pay for that extra jolt of "get up and go." you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 three teenagers are in custody tonight after a police chase that exceeded 100 miles per hour and stretched for dozens of miles. police say the teens stole a car from columbus and took it to wilmington. police say they
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they noticed a 17 year old driving recklessly. police say the suspects kept running away until they crashed into an apartment building-- taking out a front bedroom. 23:17 i wasn't sure if the woman that lived there you know that's her bedroom that he went through, so i wanted to make sure she was still alive, thank god she wasn't there. 25 police say the driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. the two other suspects are 16 and 14 years old. the teens are facing several charges including driving under the influence and receiving stolen property. a new investigation tonight in the decades-old o-j simpson murder case. this after a knife connected to the investigation turns up after all these years. it was supposedly buried at simpson's home... and was found by a construction worker.. and gave it to a now retired police officer. simpson was found not guilty of stabbing his wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman to death in
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never found. simpson is now in prison for armed robbery. he is eligible for parole next year. an indiana church is moving to a place some might consider unlikely... right next to a strip club. the pastor says some members of the layfatette communty church are a little nervous about the move next to filly's.. which has been there for decades. the building the church is renovating used to house an unemployment office. it has the room needed for the church's 230 members. the pastor jeff mikels believes jesus would approve of its new home. jesus hung out with the prostitutes, the tax collectors and even the people with leporacy, jesus spent his time with the people that the rest of the society didn't love. the owners of filly's say they wish the church well. its first service in its new home is set for april third. ohio police are fighting a move to change the laws
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various local and state laws require clerks to record customer information and put it into a database. police can then use the information to look for stolen goods and criminals. the bill would have police log the transactions instead.police say they just don't have the personnel to do that.the bill would also remove a ban on pawn shops buying items from people who are intoxicated.. or are known.. or believed to be a criminal or receivers of stolen property. astronaut scott kelly is talking about the year he spent on the international space station. his 340 days in orbit is an american record. kelly says although he was very busy.. he was surprised how long it took the year to pass. he also says adjusting to space was easier than adjusting to earth when he returned this week. and.. he expects the culture shock of returning to earth.. where he has so many choices.. as opposed to the restrants of days. nasa is also working on a big
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a quiter supersonic passenger jet. nasa says its " quiet s-s-t" would also be "leaner and greener" than current commerical jets. engineers say the trick to getting rid of the sonic boom is to change the way air flows around the plane so it doesn't create shockwaves. nasa says its design could wisk you anywhere in the world in just six hours. nasa hasn't said when
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weather summary: there is a slight chance of snow showers prior to daybreak saturday. as a fast-moving clipper moves our way and taps into our cold air mass, there is a brief window in the morning between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. that we could see some snow showers and rain mixing over the tri-state. no accumulation is expected, as temps will be rising quickly. we'll keep a chance of rain in the forecast saturday through 8 p.m. it won't be a washout, but the chance for light showers is there. highs will top out near 50.clouds stick around saturday night into sunday but will scour away by mid-morning sunday, and sunshine returns to the tri-state as highs break the 50 degree mark. the normal high is 48, so we're on tap
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tonight in healthy living. ... more health concerns for people who rely on energy drinks to get through the day. a new study finds guzzling energy drinks raises your risk of increased blood pressure and an abnormal heart rhythm. doctors at university of the pacific and david grant medical center say people with heart problems need to be especially careful. this was a small study... looking at 27 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 40. it's time for the highest energy sports director in the tri-state - here's nine on your side's john popovich. it's a frantic weekend of high schoola and college basketball. tonight there was
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nine..and the thomas saints had a big crowd as they began defense of their national title. sports is coming up
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good evening everyone. the field in region nine has been chopped in half....let's go to b-b- and t arena...newcath against cooper tonight-ben weyer and luke moeves helped the thoroughbreds get off to a quick start-weyer gets the ball on the block....miosses his first shot...gets the rebound....he's able to drop the second one in.-he's mister inside...moeves was mister outside...moeves with a three pointer. he had eleven points.- weyer led the way with 16 points...newcath advances.- the second game featured the indians of holy cross against the colonels of dixie heights- holy cross won the regular season meeting by eleven...hamilton scott was trying to make that happen again-a lot of heart and a lot of hustle involved in this game. holy cross misses...they get the rebound...they try again....they miss again...but they get it back again..and will volpenhein get it done. holy cross is a winner,. in ohio, there are boys
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and sunday....mason and lakota west girls play for a trip to state tomorrow night. opening round of the womens division 3 tournament at thomas more.-saints off the opening moss to nickie kiernan...this was just the start.-next time down...again to kiernan...this time she hits a cutting madison temple .-sydney moss led all scores with 23. .here's three from long range.- they just kept coming...abby owings on the break to temple..saints will play guilford in round two tmorrow. a brief trip to the n-c-double a division three tournament for mount st joseph. the lions lost a shootout 98 to 87 to hope college tonight. a typical ohio u, miami game...they get rough-the bobcats led through the second half...but when eric washington nailed this was was tied twice down the stretch -then jo-rod simmons of ohio sneaked down the lane...the bobcats won tonight by two.
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regular seasons at home. for the musketeers, it's saturday against creighton..for the s-m-u. the bengals started on their long list of free agents today. they signed wide receiver and kick returner brandon tate to a new deal. free agency starts next week. 3 headlines in sports tonight. mike battaglia is hanging up his mic...he's been calling races at turfway park since 1973...that will end in a week. lawrenceburg's nick goepper tweets that he broke his collarbone while skiing in switzerland...and bud collins has died..probably the greatest ambassador tennis has ever seen. dan the man carroll in chopper nine got this shot of nippert stadium shaved down to its skin today. a new articifial turf surface will replace it....for the bearcats to play football..but also for f-c cincinnati to play soccer there. f-c cincinnati is financing the turf project. baseball in goodyear this afternoon, the reds fell to the giants four to three. a solid two innings of work for michael lorenzen.
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on the road 6-2. have a great week....nine on your side is
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this friday. friday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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what did you think of j-law's dress? which white people did you go after, bro? >> chris, over here, talk to us! >> jimmy, jimmy kimmel, what are you doing out here? >> jimmy: my mom got me this camera, i figured i'd get a few shots. >> don't you have the "after the oscars" special tonight? >> jimmy: yeah, but -- did you get a gift basket? can i get some of that


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