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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the tri-state... a mother and ac dent. the new information we're learning as police investigate.a new discovery... the research that suggests a common household medication could help fight colon cancer. more snow showers still ahead... the possible the possible dilemma for your morning drive... in your 9 first warning forecast. a 28-thousand dollar diamond... gone! gone!"i looked down and my diamond was gone. i flipped!" the way this woman's wedding ring was stolen right off her
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breaking on 11 at 11.. a mother and her daughter are killed in a horrific crash in cold spring. a car crossed the center line. the driver in the other car.. now hospitalized. nine on your sides ashley is there on alexandria pike near the double-a highway. ashley.. what is the latest on the investigation. investigators have been on the scene for hours. they are are trying to determine what caused this fatal crash. a crash that killed two people and injured another. when first responders responded to alexandria pike they discovered a mother and
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"it's horrifying. it's probably the worst thing that you can see in law enforcement. 11cold spring police chief brian messer says the mother and her daughter were going north on us 27 when another car going south crossed over to their lane. that car hit them head-on. the female driver is now at u-c hospital with unknown injuries. messer says this area is not prone to accidents. the campbell county accident reconstruction team will determine the cause of the crash.04:54 we have officers over at uc trying to investigate with the other person that was in the car and determine what information they can provide for us. 02 according to the campbell county dispatchers, drugs are believed to be a factor when i asked chief messer, he said it's too soon to tell. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. another crash tonight sent a car flying off river road in lower price hill. police say the car driver tried to avoid a semi going the wrong way near state.. and ended up in a
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expected to be okay. now on 11 at 11 - a 77 year old woman carjacked at gunpoint... forced to hand over her car keys. nine on your side now has her 9-1-1 call for help. our evan millward - live now in fort mitchell with that call.. and the car police are looking for. evan. this car in a picture provided by police -- snatched from the handicapped parking spot right outside this remke yesterday at older woman - a victim doing what we all do - walking in to get groceries. 911 call 0011 dispatcher: kenton county 911, what is your emergency?caller: i would like to report a carjacking.a woman rushes into this remke market.targeted just outside these doors.911 call 0217 victim: he pulled his shirt up and he had a gun!the 77-year- old on this call - sitting in her car.911 call 0225 victim: it was just a black gun, he had it in his, you know, stuck down in his pants.dispatcher: did he harm you in any way? did he strike you? knock you
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touch me.a young guy - claiming to need this car - takes off toward orphanage road.police are still looking for it -- notice the missing hubcap - and a dent in the back.take down that license plate - kentucky 736-t-h-v. megan valley/covington 095024 i forwarded the facebook message to her this morning, as soon as i woke up i seen it, we were both in shock. megan valley's young cousin lives around the corner.valley 095045 that's why i'm to the store and she's not.nats - door closea couple doors down - sumra naz/top quality cleaners 095235 yeah it's unbelievable what i seen a couple days ago. - business owner sumra naz is astonished.naz 095544 it's very disappointing and i would hope they would not hit somebody who's an elderly lady or like that you know. customers now taking caution - valley 095110 make sure nobody's around you when you get out. make sure your key with your panic alarm is in your hand. take a look at that car one more time -- if you see this in the northern kentucky or greater cincinnati area - call police or crimestoppers in fort
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a cincinnati mother is due in court tomorrow.. accused of lying to police about her 18 day old baby being in a stolen car. police say that claim by nacole benton sent them on a wild goose chase for hours... looking for her newborn. police say the car was stolen.. and was wrecked in westwood. two teens are now under arrest. nine on your side's john genovese spoke to members of benton's family tonight. he joins us live from the hamilton county jail. john. benton is facing three different charges... two of them felonies. her family tells me they're still trying to sort all of this out -- and tonight her kids are in their care. leading police on a frantic search for her newborn child. the whole time -- investigators say -- 'nacole benton' knew exactly where her 18-day-old baby was21:58"the fact of the car was stolen was true -- the fact that was
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was in the car was determined to be false and fabricated"the 28-year-old 'west end' mother is facing charges for obstructing official business... inducing panic... and making false alarms "it comes as a surprise -- its really shocking"for hours -- officers were canvassing the city. quickly issuing an 'amber alert' and even calling in help from the f-b-i"i don't know what was going through her head -- i guess she just wanted her car back"benton's 'red ford focus' was eventually found crashed into a tree near 'western hills high'-- but as officers were still working to track it down--22:01"she left her home - - she actually snuck out the back -- jumped into a cab with the child"after her arrest.... benton's siblings returned to her 'hopkins street' home. her brother -- too shaken up to speak with us on camera. he says he's trying to figure out why she would do this--and -- for now, at least -- he's taking care of that baby and her two other kids22:05"she was not cooperative as far as letting officers come into the home initially which kind of leads to our understanding of
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police say for two hours dispatchers were told to make finding that car their top priority. they say -- so far... benton has not said why she apparently lied about where her baby was. john genovese 9oys as we mentioned... two teens are under arrest tonight in connection with that stolen car. but only one of them is charged with stealing the car. one teen was arrested on hopkins street. the other was caught on prosperity.. near the crash. we saw lots of snow today.. quickly. nine first warning meterologist sherry hughes is here with what you can expect overnight. sherry. friday will be a break from the active weather, with partly cloudy skies and highs in the 40s.heading into the weekend, there a slight chance for another mix of snow and rain on saturday. with temperatures climbing into the upper 40s, it will limit our snow window and this should mainly be rain.sunday looks better with partly cloudy skies and highs in the low 50s. and the extended forecast is trending well above normal for next week. highs will increase into the 60s for
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"i have never tried to go and get into these scrums we see on the stage and people say everywhere we go you seem to be the adult on the stage." ohio governor john kasich still standing as the number of g-o-p presidential hopefuls dwindles to four on stage during the latest debate. a debate where moderators and those on stage targetted donald trump on issues and specific plans. what are your views on the klu klux klan and white supremecist....i totally disavow david duke. you see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy asked him about the economy and the first thing he does is launch an attack on a little guy thing.
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donald trump in 2008 wrote four checks to elect hillary clintonas president....which will have some people asking on your immigration polciy you're just playing to people's fantasises....which is a tactic you praised in your book the art of the deal. i'm not playing to anyone's fantasies. fantasies. moderators called out donald trump on the numbers he projects his plans would save the country. senator ted cruz and marco rubio spent the majority of their time hammering trump and at times moderators couldn't get control of the conversation. when the candidates did stop slinging mud and starting talking policy, did they go too far with their claims?nine on your side is working with politifact.. one of the most respected fact-checkers for political campaigns.. to make sure you're getting the truth. it took less than ten minutes for tonight's republican debate in michigan to turn nasty.. with insults.. name calling.. even sexual references.. but ted cruz and john kasich tried to rise above it.. as we just saw... kasich called himself the "adult on the stage".. and said he was in the best position to beat the leading
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.. i beat hillary clinton more than anybody, more than 11 points pointspolitifact act put kasich's claim to a truth check. they found polling averages that show .... kasich *does* beat clinton by more than anyone else in the race.. but the polls average out to a 7-point lead. and only *once* did he beat clinton by 11-points. that is why politifact rules kasich's claim as mostly true. politifact will be working overnight checking statements for you. we'll have their "truth ratings" for you on good morning tri-state starting at four-30.. and on wcpo-dot-com... and our 9 on your side mobile app. the ring is worth a fortune. what it represents is priceless. how a thief managed to slip it right off one woman's finger. the sockhat bandit gets his sentence. how his crime spree across the tri-state finally came to an end. a little hollywood in cincinnati. how the oscars will help hundreds of people right here. a new discovery about cancer and aspirin. the tumors which that ordinary medication may
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you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 take a look at that ring. it's worth nearly 28- thousand dollars. and.. it was stolen right off a woman's finger. making matters even worse... victim says that in 56 years of marriage.. she had worn it every day. anne schilling and her husband were celebrating thier granddaughter's engagement at a restaurant in downtown naples, florida when it happened. she says a woman.. a complete stranger at the table next to theres gave her big hug to congratulate the family on its happy news. it wasn't until schilling got home that she realized it was missing. and i took my watch off and i looked at down and my diamond was gone i flipped. said that
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unnatural.ann says she never thought she'd be the victim of a con artist in naples. but she hopes somebody steps up and helps her get her ring back. the serial bank robber nicknamed "the sockhat bandit" is ordered to spend ten years in prison. brian parnell got the nickname because of the hat he wore during the hold-ups. police say he robbed nine banks across the tri-state.. before he was arrested in june. that followed a high speed chase where he hit at least two other cars.. and crashed into a tree. parnell was also ordered to pay restitution. the president of the springboro school board has resigned. ron malone says he is stepping down because of the physical and emotional demands of the job. malone says he has agonized over every decision during the past two years. but.. he says the district has made progress since he was elected. an oil spill more than 300 miles away on the mississippi river could affect river traffic here in cincinnati. the u-s coast guard tonight
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granite city, illinois.a ship passing through the lock there broke a fuel tank.the tank holds up to 20- thousand gallons of fuel... but no one is sure right now how much spilled. until the spill is cleaned-up... the coast guard is keeping the lock closed. its a big day for the u-c blue ash campus. a ground breaking celebration was held today for it new 16- thousand square foot building. the event was held inside today because of the weather. it will be used for both classrooms and offices. school officials say space is now at a premium at u-c blue ash. the school was designed for 35- hundred students.. and it now has five-thousand. "our spaces are so cramped and we have retrofitted so man spaces that this new building will absolutly transform the use of our college and campus." campus."when the new building opens in july of 20-17... renovation work will begin on the oldest building on the u-c blue ash campus.. muntz hall. that project will take place in several phases. we have a school closing for
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programs in williamstown will be closed tomorrow because of illness among the staff and bus drivers.other williamstown schools are not affected. new at 11... 160-thousand dollars.that's how much was raised at p-w-c's oscar party sunday night. night.people working cooperatively will use the majority of that money to help elderly, disabled and low income families make critical home repairs to stay in their homes.9 on your side is a proud sponsor of the event. we want to thank everyone who
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weather summary: friday will be a break from the active weather, with partly cloudy skies and highs in the 40s.heading into the weekend, there a slight chance for another mix of snow and rain on saturday. with temperatures climbing into the upper 40s, it will limit our snow window and this should mainly be rain.sunday looks better with partly cloudy skies and highs in the low 50s. and the extended forecast is trending well above normal for next week. highs will increase into the 60s for
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tonight in healthy living... aspirin is among the most common of medications. but doctors are still learning about what it can do. a new study led by researchers at massachusetts general hospital finds that regular use could cut the risk of colon cancer.looking at data on 120 thousand adults across the country the researchers found that aspirin use was tied to a 19 percent lower risk of developing colon cancer.of course, taking aspirin on a regular basis - whether daily or just once a week - is not without risks, including a small but definite risk of dangerous bleeding. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the uc bearc ats in a must-win situation...seems like every game is that nowadays. nowadays.and how well do you know your bobbleheads? there's a place to find out....sports is coming up
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good evening everyone. it was a bad time to stumble. ...ten days before selection sunday. uc was out of synch in that first half....houston by 13 at the half....devante pollard kept it going in the second half.-uc had one run in them...this is troy caupain firing from the side...the bearcats cut the deficit down to nine points.-but that's the best they were able to do. houston floats past the bearcats tonight 69 to 56. the bearcats are back home sunday to complete the regular season. it's the first time to the n-c- double a tournament for the mount st joseph lions it's a big deal for 3 seniors who came to play here when the mount was struggling. femi
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the lions begin play friday night against hope college. a rare friday night game in oxford. it's miami against rival ohio u at millett hall. nku womens basketball tonight...the norse by four at the half....then check out this stroke by courtney roush...swish.-youngstown state kept it close as long by taking the ball inside.-but then, .courtney roush the lob to her sister christine..they combined for 25 points in nku's 17th win. the thomas more women begin defense of their division three title at home friday night. the undefeated saints play laroche college at 7. the fifth annual skyline chili reds futures high school showcase is going to be a blockbuster. it's the largest field in the history of the event with 92 teams. opening
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the reds clobbered the indians today in goodyear. re-named adam doovel had a two run single...philip ervin with a couple of hits. and's a brand new exhibit at the reds hall of fame and museum. it's the world of bobblehead this isn't just a couple of bobbleheads...this is 680 of them on display.-old bobbles... -new bobbles...-political bobbles...-religious bobbles... -headfirst bobbles..-bengal bobbles....-marge and schottzie bobbles.-marty and joe bobbles.-bobbleheads go back to the 60's. they were bigger and fragile. they went away for about 30 years.-the reds newly introduced bobbleheads in 2001 with a barry larkin, a danny graves and a pete harnish-since then..the reds have had 59 such giveaways, flooding the market with more than one- point six million bobblheads.- the bobblehead display is open to the public starting friday morning. 9 on your side continues in a moment and now beacon's
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this thursday. we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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" jimmy kimmel live" ! tonight, jason bateman -- from " how to get away with murder" , aja naomi king. this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from ceelo green with cleto and the cletones.


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