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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a terrifying phone call... (sot)"m y son was one of the students injured."this mother's son injured after gunfire... the moment she found out and her son's efforts to stop the gunman. cold air and snow creeping into the tri-state... the timeline is just moments away. 9 on your side...starts now three big stories breaking on 11 at 11... big wins tonight for hillary clinton and donald trump as the votes are counted in the super tuesday contests. students get their first look at madison high school since the shootings.. and we're learning about one student who is being called a hero. but first... fierce winds leave nearly five - thousand duke energy customers are without power. at one point less an hour ago.. that figure was nearly seven- thousand. for what the weather will do next... we turn to nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh. steve. we'll see temps in the mid to low 30s on their way to the mid to upper 20s by good morning tri-state. it's all
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now moving east of the area. behind the front, we are looking at much colder air as we see a chance for snow flurries into wednesday morning as well. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. it'll be seasonally cold, with lows in the upper 20s. our other top story tonight... classes resume tomorrow for
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district. that after a shooting left four students injured yesterday. nine on your side has team coverage at 11 on all tonight's developments.. including a look at one injured student who is being called a hero. we begin with ashley zilka.. and what the district is doing tomorrow to ease the difficult return to school. ashley it was an emotional reunion for students and their teachers when they walked back inside madison high school. while it was painful for many, families say this was a way to move forward. one by onecars full of families made their way back to madison high school.51:19 when i first walked in, i was really emotional. i was kind of scared. 22students and parents walked through the halls for the the first time since monday's chaotic shooting in the cafeteria. 05:19 the kids are going to have to do this tomorrow on their own so they get to walk through again with their parents in a safe and secure environment and then tomorrow hopefully it will be a little easier on them. 31teachers and administration all there to show their support.05:11 tears just come to your eyes when you just want to thank them for the job they did. 1552:35 they were kind. they were hugging all of us even if they
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support dogs. 42this walk- through... the first step to getting things back to normal. 05:52 she has come to grips with it and i think everything is going to be fine. 5453:19 it will probably be really sad and we will all be a little scared but we will get through it. 22 tomorrow- counselors will be here to support students. they will also have additional staff members in the cafeteria where the shootings took place. reporting live ashley zilka 9 on your side. the suspected shooter, james austin hancock, today denied the charges against him. he's in juvenile court. 'denied' is the same as pleading not guilty . those charges include attempted murder and felonious assault. today we also learned that hancock told officials he got the weapon saturday from a member of his family. depending on what officials determine.. that could lead to other charges. investigators also say he had extra ammunition when he was caught. and... there is surveillance video of the shooting that will not be released. one of the students injured yesterday is being called a hero tonight. nine on your
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murray's story. john. 14-year-old 'brant murray' was hit by shrapnel. he was sitting next to lunch table where this all began-and in the heat of the moment - some parents say he pulled their kids to safety amid chaos and confusion"i was actually scrubbed in because i work in surgery and they came and got me and said there was a shooting"ginger weaver has four kids attending madison junior-senior high. hearing the words no parent wants while still rushing to the campus "almost all the way up here in traffic - and they called me, the principal did, on his cell phone to let me know my son was one of the students injured"14-year-old brant murray - hit in the calves and thighs by shrapnel "theres still pieces - he has to see a surgeon about a possible surgery to remove them" she says he was sitting at the lunch table with the boys who were shot. the table next to 14-year-old 'austin hancock' - where this all allegedly began "said he got up and just turned around and pointed the gun and just opened fire on the table" amid the unthinkable-ginger says she's been hearing from
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"their children said that brant actually knocked them to the ground to get them out of the way when the gunfire actually started going off" near-tragedy unfolding in this tight-knit town. her son - perhaps - preventing a life lost too soon "this is nothing that you can ever prepare for so you just do the best off what you can" as this was all unfolding - brant was rushed to atrium medical center. again - he and all the victims in this shooting are expected to pull through. john genovese 9oys as for the other three victims... at least one.. kathrine douchette.. who says she was grazed by a bullet.. says on facebook she will be at school tomorrow. you heard from brant murray's mother a few moments ago. the two students who were shot... cameron smith and cooper caffery.. were both expected to recover. now the small community begins to heal.*only nine on your side's evan millward shows off one parent's idea for showing spirit - and raising money for victims.
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monday -nats - news coverage she was lucky - she knew her son was safe.but he took it hard.marla davis/madison parent 0423 he came home kind of like, i'm ok. he took a nap, woke up and the shock hit could say madison is in her is a t-shirt business.marla 0318 people were all sharing with each other i saw one that said mohawk strong and i thought, we gotta do somehting with it is - the design davis has been building.nats 0804 we're strong, we stick togetheralready - one day in - she's got nearly 200 orders. seven bucks each.randy davis/madison alumnus 0733 we had a girl from georgia buy one, girls from eaton high school have messaged me, franklin, they've really come together on this.davis isn't making money on these - she says she'll donate to the school or the families.marla 0455 that is my hope, i want everyone in the community to be wearing one of madison township -(covered) marla 0350 i'll take 'em as
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nine on your side will stay on top of all the developments in this story for you. and.. good morning tri-state will be in resume. breaking now on 11 at 11... the results are coming in in the super tuesday presidential race. as expected, the big winners are hillary clinton and donald trump. now some pundits believe the stage is set for a clinton - trump showdown in november. here's a look at the latest projected winners. for the g-o-p.. donald trump wins virginia.. alabama.. massachuetts.. tennessee and georga. ted cruz picked up his home state of texas and oklahoma. in the democratic race... hillary clinton wins texas.. alabama.. arkansas... tennessee... virginia and georgia.bernie sanders takes his home state of vermont.. and oklahoma.. a-b-c marci gonzalez is covering all the races for us. she has the latest on the numbers.. and what they mean for the nomination. tonight- declaring victory-abc news projecting major wins -in a majority of states for front-
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hillary clinton?sot - hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate"the stakes in this election have never been higher - and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never lower."sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate"i am a unifer. once we get all of this finished... i'm gonna go after one person - that's hillary clinton"among the states projected to be taken by clinton - texas..the powerhouse state with the most delegates- also giving ted cruz - a crucial win - at home. sot - sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate"so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remans more likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans."a home-state celebration tonight for bernie sanders too-the projected winner in vermont- saying he is undeterred by clinton's overall success tonight- sot - sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate"it is not winner take all. // by the end of tonight, we are going
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delegates. (cheers)"and senator marco rubio vowing to stay in despite not winning any state so far.sot - sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate"i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states."this presidential race- clearly firing up voters-with potential record turnout today- in many of the super tuesday states?the candidates now looking ahead to the next big primaries in michigan, ohio and florida.marci gonzalez, abc news, austin, texas. the first presidential contest in the tri-state is this saturday in kentucky. republicans will hold caucus just for the presidential race. no other contests will be decided. there is one caucus site per county in northern kentucky. the voting will be from ten a-m until four p-m. we have information on the caucus locations for you right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app. indiana's governor loses a high- profile case in federal court. a judge today ruled
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agencies from helping settle syrian refugees in indiana. i simply believe in these very uncertain times in which we live, we should error on the side of caution. and we're going to use every legal means at our disposal to continue to suspend this program." program." pence issued the order in november.. after the terror attack in paris. a refugee aid group sued almost immediately. the judge ruled today that pence's decision to withhold federal grant money does not increase the security of indiana residents. the fourth cincinnati streetcar arrives tomorrow.. and some streets will be closed so it can be moved to the maintenance facility in over the rhine.the streetcar is scheduled to arrive around noon. henry street will be closed between elm and race for the move. two lanes of columbia parkway will be closed tomorrow morning so crews can remove dirt that's likely to cause a mudslide. its been a frequent problem during the past few
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traffic pattern between william howard taft kemper lane after nine o-clock. sexual abuse by priests. the new revelations tonight.. that a grand jury says began decades ago and involved dozens of church leaders. reducing your risk of an i-r-s audit. john matarese has the red flags the i-r-s tracks... so you don't waste your money. back to earth.after a year in orbit.. scott kelly is about to return to fresh air... home cookng... and gravity. the latest on his flight. how your job affects your heart.the discovery about various occupations and the risk factors they create. you're watching nine on your
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breaking now in the super tuesday contests... a-b-c news projects bernie sanders will win the colorado democratic caucuses. now at 11.. stunning new allegations tonight regarding the abuse of children by catholic priests. pennsylvania's attorney general says two bishops in the diocese of altoona - johnstown hid hundreds of case of abuse over 40 years. a grand jury report says at least 50 church leaders were involved in the abuse. the report's recommendations include ending the statue of limitations on sex offenses against minors. could it be the site of a downtown kroger store? store?that is what many people are asking tonight after the company bought a lot at the corner of ninth and elm streets in over the rhine. people who live downtown have been clamoring for a major grocery store for years. in january.. wcpo dot com broke the news for you about a possible grocery store on central parkway.the developer of that project has built other stores for kroger.
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taxes this year is april 18-th -- not the 15th as usual.but before you send in your return.. john materese takes a look at what could trigger an audit... so you don't waste your money. april will be here before you know it....which means of us are working on our taxes right now.the good news: the irs has fewer inspectors than in years past....which means less chance of an audit.but it's still possible if you mess up. -----------------the recent admission by presidential hopefuls donald trump and ben carson that they were audited shows anyone can become a target.the top reds flags, according to cnn money. unusually high charitable contributions for you income. above average deductions, again based on your deduct for a home use schedule c....for self employed income.--------------- 2 secs separator-------------- and from the doesn't that stink file, some things that you might think would be tax deductible, but are not.the
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warns that you cannot deduct: -legal fees, in most cases. -pet care expenses, even if its expensive surgery. -commuting costs.-and health club dues.many people who are trying to lose weight would probably say doesn't that stink?you need to a specific prescribed plan from a doctor for a gym or exercise plan to be tax deductible. deductible. make sure you have the documents to back up all your deductions, and you should be ok.even though audits will be down in 2016, you dont want to risk you don't waste your money "jobs ohio" says it brought more than 23- thousand jobs to the state last year... a new record. those jobs pay an average of 46-thousand-600 dollars a year. cincinnat ranked second in the state for new jobs with nearly 75- hundred. state officials also say jobs ohio kept another 54- thousandjobs from leaving the state. jobs ohio uses revenue from state
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after spending a year in space.. astronaut scott kelly is coming home. he left the international space station just a few hours ago. kelly spent 340 days in space.. a new american record. kelly and a russian cosmonaut are scheduled to land in about ten minutes in kazakhastan. kelly's twin brother... mark... is also an astronaut... the perfect combination to learn more about how living in space
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weather summary: we'll see temps in the mid to low 30s on their way to the mid to upper 20s by good morning tri-state. it's all due to a cold front that is now moving east of the area. behind the front, we are looking at much colder air as we see a chance for snow flurries into wednesday morning as well. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. it'll be seasonally cold, with lows in the upper 20s.high pressure will nose into the area, bringing some clearing through the afternoon. however, it'll still be mostly cloudy with below-average highs in the upper 30s.thursday will bring yet another chance of light snow, but it will change over quickly to rain here in the tri-state. light snow could be around during the morning rush, so keep it here as we get closer.friday looks fine,
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tonight in healthy living... the kind of job you have affects your risk factor for heart disease. a new study by the centers for disease control found management and finance professionals tend to have a healthy weight. but nearly three in four reported an unhealthy diet. police officers... among the worst when it came to high blood pressure. and nearly seven in ten people working in sales had unhealthy cholesterol
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for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. kentucky was trying rebound from that loss at vandy..we'll have the highlights... highlights...and the fight for left field starts for the reds....who are these guys. sports is coming up,
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good evening everyone. it's the final week of the regular season in college's the last move as the tournament approaches. approaches.the kentucky wildcats spent their tuesday night in gainesville.cats up early, but then it was game.....they lost the ball and their focus...the gators got close.-but not in the second half when u-kay started to shoot the ball..tyler ulis with the three....-kentucky hit 7 three pointers after the break..they win by nine.
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primed to make some noise in the mac tournament. tonight they won their third straight, beating buffalo on the road. in the big ten...yogi farrell hit a clutch three in the final minute as indiana beat iowa in iowa city....the hoosiers are the outright big ten champions. dayton won by a point over richmond, louisville in a close victory over georgia tech. division three districts in dayton brian neal of roger bacon-his spartans in a tough match with dayton northridge, they work the ball to alex pfriem who turns and scores.... -the bacon sealed a 47 to 42 victory from the free throw line..they move on. also in tournament action...summit country day was a winner in ohio.....batesville and switzerland county won in indiana. for the girls...holmes beat newport in region nine. scott schebler is on the players that came over from the dodgers in the todd frazier.....the first time he came to the plate as a cincinnati red, he hit a home run as the reds opened the cactus league season against
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threatening with two on and bases loadedin the 8th....robbie grossman hit a long drive to left and schbler went up and got it. great victory. it's the reds and indians again tomorrow. robert stephenson gets the start. i wonder if they put this on the annual calendar of events at st x high school each's a celebration of a state swimming championship. it's the 8th year in a row for the acquacomers...17th in the last 18 years..and 37th all time. it didn't matter to this year's crew finally...another impresive and inspiring night the 49th annual scholar athlete awards...-this night honors the athletics, the academics and the community involvement of area high school players.-
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ohio went to johnny noyen of chca....-the "that's my boy" award in northern kentucky went to brent slusher from beechwood...-prince sammons of chca...-and tommy kramer of elder were the winner of the anthony munoz lineman of the year awards. nine on your side returns
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that's 9 on your side at 11 on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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it's " jimmy kimmel live" ! tonight, will forte! from "the walking dead," ross marquand! and music from miike snow! with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel!


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