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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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students in butler county the latest victims of a school shooting two. students were shot, 14-year-old austin hancock, also a student is in custody charged with attemped murder, felonious assault, inducing panic and making terroristic threats. this is video from earlier today as parents hurried to pick their students up. their children up from school. >> we know four students in total were injured two. were shot. two injured by wrap fell or trying to get away. and we know this all happened in the district's school cafeteria. good evening everyone. 9 on your side is bringing you every new development as it comes into the newsroom. >> information from the school, from police, parents and students and we know a vigil will begin in about one hour at middletown high school. and we have a crew on the way there. and we have a team gathering all the information for you from the high school, the sheriff's department and the hospital in dayton, ohio.
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outside madison high tonight. >> reporter: good evening to you. let's set the scene. behind me, you can see the school now dwindling down the number of vehicles. about 30 minutes ago, the parking lot had about eight to 10 deputy, k-9, a number of investigators' vehicles here as well as the investigation continuing into the shooting today. and we do want to let you know, the victim's names in this shooting. take a look here. , cameron smith and cooper caffrey, two of the victims. here are the names of the other students injured, not shot though, katherine doucette and brant murray. those are the victims today. again, two hit by wrap fell cafeteria. over the scene. you saw the video a short time ago. parents that came today and the everyone just trying to get in and get their children, many so to do that.
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perspective. but first, we want to go over investigation. >> reporter: we just learned identified as 14-year-old james sheriff jones says the suspect ran out of the build, threw his and that's where he surrendered the first call came in at 11:15 for reports of an active shooter. detectives are working to figure out a motive. we do know a school resource officer was in the cafeteria moments before the shootings happened. when he heard the gunshot, we ran back in and that's when he attended to the victims. hancock is facing a list of charges including two counts of atempedded murder, two counts of felonious assault, and inducing pan and i can making terroristic threats. and now all are felon charges. it's not -- are felony charges. the sheriff met with teachers and administration this afternoon. he says it will be up to them on how they work with the
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teaches and students who witnessed the shootings. >> it's a traumatic experience. imagine being in a cafeteria when you were growing up and in school and you're eating lunch and then all of a sudden, there's an active shooter. everything you have seen in school railroad on the news, you prepare for it, sometimes it goes out the window when the first shots fire. >> reporter: the weapon was recovered. he is in custody at the juvenile detention center. all four victims remain in stable condition. sheriff jones says he should have an update later this evening. reporting live, 9 on your side. >> thank you very much for the latest there. and we just want to let you know information just coming in, madison local schools will be closed tomorrow. again, madison local schools closed tomorrow as the situation continues.
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exclusive warren and butler county reporter, he was one of the first onscene, giving the first images and updates as to what was going on here. he has been following the investigation and getting new information from parents all day long. jay, what do you know? >> reporter: well, craig, as soon as word got out there that there was a shoot -- out that the there was a shooting at the high school, they we want on immediate lockdown. and a spoke person came to explain what they did next. this was the scene as parents were waiting at the nearby gas station next to the high school. before police allowed them to pick up their kids. they were terrified and in shock. a school district spokeswoman explained what the district did. >> we immediately went into our traditional lockdown. we do these drills quite often so we were immediately able to lockdown all the classrooms, doors are locked, our texier your doors always locked and we then the communicated to elementary as well.
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any students outside that we needed to get inside. and everyone stayed in place until we received the all clear from butler county. >> i know that butler county sheriffs were here immediately. our sro we have on campus immediately sprang into action. and we immediately came together and made this happen to get everything under control as quickly as possible. >> reporter: for parents waiting to get their kids, it was a terrible experience. and for people in the district not knowing what was happening caused a lot of anxiety. >> it was chaotic. i actually had a student in my office at the time. and everything was just get to where you can be safe and stay where you can be safe. so he stayed with me until we released at the high school. >> reporter: sadly, this is something school districts all around the country are practicing and here at madison local schools, they say they performed admirably.
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the way the drills go when they practiced it. >> jay, thank you. for those unfamiliar with the district, we want to lay out details in what you need to know. the district has about 1600 students total. 7th through the 12th graders take classes in the school behind me. younger students attend the elementary school not too far away. both schools are on the same campus. they share a common cafetiere. why and you know parents were connected at first when this all happened, contacted through the phone tree. it's great. we get notifications from the schools on school closings and different events. the school immediately sent out the notifications and then took to social media. facebook and twitter, their own website to push the information out. and we have the latest on the reaction on what is obviously an emotional day.
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and the parents thankful for the work the district did quickly getting information out. but this is a tight knit community. they were learning about this almost as it happened through word of mouth. the worst part though was texting or calling their student to make sure they were okay and then waiting. >> i asked her, are you okay? and she sent me back, yeah, that's all she sent me. >> reporter: what followed was nearly 45 minutes of silence for scott. >> that was probably the worst feeling that i parent could ever have, hearing there's a shooting and text your kid and 30 or 40 minutes go by and nothing. every bad thought that you could imagine goes through your head. >> reporter: he was among dozens who raced to the scene held here outside a gas station far away. >> you kind of go numb, blank. just getting here was the priority. >> reporter: mandy was quickly able to collect her eight and 10-year-old. >> i don't know what to think right now. i'm just happy that i have my kids and i feel horrible for the people whose kids aren't
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>> reporter: a line of cars grows. another painful wait for parents picking up their students. the relief when it come, is so sweet. >> better than hitting the lottery. you know, you go from thinking the worst things ever and when you finally hear that your kid is okay and safe -- >> reporter: that is then followed by another fear for the parents who aren't as lucky. this is a small town. tight knit. >> hasn't even sunk in yet what all went on. >> reporter: yeah, roller coaster of emotions for parents but i got to tell you, one thing every parent i talked to in this aftermath told me, they wanted to thank police, sheriff's deputies and the school demonstration because they say in their eyes, they handle this as best as anyone could ask for. >> so many people thankful for so many reasons.
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and investigators believe the shooter fired a .380 caliber firearm. this is not the exact gun, just a photo of what the gun may look like, the type. and the suspect shooter tried to run away from the scene. he was captured. that's when he threw the gun to the side and then he was captured by deputies on the scene here. and we have been digging into know about this 14-year-old gunman. here he is with what we have discovered. hearing the name all day long and students. but it wasn't officially confirmed until a few minutes after 4:00 when butler county sheriff richard jones identified the shooter as 14- year-old james austin hancock. and now why did a shooter decide to open fire around 11:15 inside madison junior senior school? we don't know. the sheriff did address the question of motive. he says they're still working
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weapon was a .380 caliber weapon. they said it appears to be a .380 and they are working on the registration of that gun and how the 14-year-old student could have gotten his hands on it. here's what sheriff jones said moments ago. >> as far as the motive goes, we are hearing a lot of rumors and we will have more information. >> reporter: a question was asked to sheriff jones on if the two students that were shot by the suspected shooter were targeted. sheriff jones did not have an answer. he could not say whether or not the suspected shooter, again 14- year-old james austin hancock, intentionally opened fire trying to hit those students or just random students just trying to hit as many people as possible. we simply do not know at this hour. >> everyone obviously wants to know what about the two taken
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to miami valley hospital in dayton. >> reporter: the word here from miami valley hospital is very encouraging. the director of trauma here, dr. peter ekeh spoke to reporters a while ago and says both gunshot victims who he saw himself are in stable condition right now and should be be able to leave within a couple of days. one of those teenagers was shot just one time. the other teen was shot two or three times. but night he says will require surgery unless there's some sort overget immediatic surgery down the road. -- sort of orthopedic surgery down the road. this is very encouraging. you can imagine the parents with the teens in the hospital right now are very shaken up at this point. he did not speak to how they are doing emotionally recovering from the trauma but just that both are in stable condition right now in the
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reporting live, we will send it back to you. thank you very much. tonight everyone is invited to a prayer vigil for the victims and the families. we have a crew headed that way. look for the live report at 6:00 and 9 on your side at 7:00. and we want to go back. she has been on several different sides of this story today. this grandson actually knows the alleged shooter in this case. and -- >> reporter: a student says he knows both the shooter and one of the victims. he says they are on the madison wrestling team. they were all inside the building at the time of the shootings. 9 on your side also spoke to his grandmother who says she lab to the school to pick them
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he says he had headphones on so he didn't hear anything but he saw everyone run into the locker room. the doors locked and once inside, he found his friend and teammate 14-year-old cooper caffrey was shot and james hancock the alleged shooter is also a teammate on the wrestling team. >> it was his first year and we are actually pretty good friends. didn't the seem like anything was wrong. he got along with everyone. and i was shocked when i heard it was him. >> i'm thankful to god that he watched over him. >> reporter: sheriff jones says they are trying to figure out a motive. for victim, all four are in stable condition. >> thank you. and this entire community of course coming together today and members across the country reaching out to the community just to make sure that everyone is all right. this is a very tight knit community. he knows this community. and we are all dealing with this together and we are on
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your side with all the information throughout the night. our coverage will continue tall through the night on 9 on your side, both online on, on the air and on our mobile app which is free to download at any time. and now besides our coverage, we do have push alerts that will be going out. and at 7:00, we have a special half-hour special devoted to school safety throughout the tri-state. we have discovered a number of us and a number of things that you as parents may be thinking about today in light of what took place behind us and we hope to answer some of those concerns at 7:00. >> greg, it looks so quiet there right now. >> yeah. next at 5:00, we walk you through the timing of what happened today. >> when the police, parents and the public learned about the shooting and how police reacted.
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he had the gun and ran out of the school and everybody was like, go to the opposite direction. so we had to run out the building. >> now that is an actual firsthand account of what happened inside the school cafeteria today. four students were hurt. one student is in custody as a result of that. that is eighth grader shelby kinnen. this school has spoken about this a lot today, active shooter training. it's become part of the
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and the school says the active shooter scenarios that they the practice and play out, it worked today. everything worked like clock work. but as we walk through what happened, it appears there may have been some gaps in the system. >> reporter: it happened about 11:20 during lunch. the cafeteria shared by madison junior and senior high school students. >> a couple gunshots and everybody stopped talking. >> reporter: the suspect, 14 years old. >> he pulled his weapon out. shot two kids in the cafeteria. >> reporter: the campus went into lockdown with the nearby elementary school secured moments later. bree mar heard the gunfire. >> she said be quiet. >> we were immediately able to lockdown all the classrooms. doors are locked. our exterior doors are always locked. >> reporter: the doors locked against entry, not exit.
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>> the kid shooting, like he had the gun and he ran out of the school. >> he ran from the school. >> reporter: the frightened students in the cafeteria also ran outside to get away. >> everybody was like, go to the opposite direction. so we had to run out the building. >> reporter: sheriff's department along with the middletown police caught the shooter. two students, 15-year-old cameron smith and 14-year-old cooper caffrey were shot. two others brant murray and katherine doucette both injured in the melee. parents were alerted via phone and social media, first waiting nearby for the all-clear and then clogging an entrance road to pick up their children. 9 on your side, cincinnati. >> again, a much different scene out here right now. very calm, very quiet. only a couple deputy vehicles remaining. some investigators still here but a different the scene than
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hours ago earlier this morning. >> and thank goodness for that, craig. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> and it is beautiful out there. it is gorgeous outside. a little cooler than yesterday for sure, but steve, fantastic. >> yeah, overall, a nice day around here, guys. we have some changes as we head forward in the forecast. you can start to see the middle of the nation. that area of cloudiness is going to be a cold front and that's going to go through the tri-state. temperatures mostly in the 40s overnight and then we see the changes tomorrow. sunshine first thing in the morning. 7:00, notice the clear skies, wind out of the souths for a mild forecast. and then we see the rain queuing up. out here by illinois, it starts marchs toward us. and we could see some rain as soon as late morning. and we will certainly see the
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rain and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon for tomorrow. and you will notice that we've got some high rates of return on the future radar meaning that as we head through about 1:00, 2:00 tomorrow, across greater cincinnati and then the afternoon, we are looking at heavy rain at times. and then the cold front that will move through is going to unlock colder air and notice by late tomorrow night and into wednesday, winds out of the northwest and that's going to give us the possibility of flurries or maybe even a snow shower into the first part of wednesday. and a couple other systems come in through the week here. and also for thursday and saturday, coming up in the seven-day, it's going to keep things active. i don't expect any accumulation right now the way things look from the little bit of snow we may see. pleasant outside, temperatures in thes but the cold air locked up to the north and that's changing the forecast. 55 in the airport. but it's 56 degrees downtown. and as we look at the story for tonight, dropping into the
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upper 40s during the evening. and we will just drop into the lower 40s toward later tonight. and then looks like 30s in the morning. upper 30s at that. and 38 degrees at 8:00. we will move to about 57, 58 degrees. and that temperature will likely come early in the day before things start falling off with the rain. and the isolated storms for tomorrow. and i guess the biggest thing outside of talking about some flurries is going to be the big temperature drop. we get to the 58 tomorrow. and temperature on wednesday just 38 degrees. so a huge drop. thursday, another one little system coming in herement it's a possibility -- notice the temperature, i have them below freezing or at freezing mostly. well when the systems come in and the morning and the nighttime hours, we have a possibility of maybe a few flurries mixing in with some rain. so kind of an active weather week ahead and more seasonal in the next few days. >> all right. first few days of march coming up. thanks. next at 5:00, appreciation from parents. >> hear from one mother who
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>> insight from an 11th grader. four student injured in a school shooting today. that student shocked that the suspect is just 14 years old. and we spoke with many parents today concerned over what happened here. and one mother we spoke to, she wanted to take the time to thank the police and first responders. >> i'm glad i'm a praying momma. praying over all these kids. and very proud of her. i'm proud of all these kids. and i want to thank you law enforcement and demonstrators, you're doing an awesome job and your life is on the line and i appreciate it. >> when the tragic incidents happening, the law enforcement are on the front lines running towards the danger and we appreciate their service here today. back to you.
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>> all right. thank you, craig. and coming up next at 5:30, we are following a shooting at a butler county high school. >> we have reaction from parent, students and the plans underway to support the victims. plus, the questions about safety. the school shootings can have us worried more. how you can reassure your
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heard a gunshot. >> we had a shooter in the school. he was 14 years-old. he pulled his weapon out. shot two kids in the cafeteria. >> everything. everything.
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>> this is an eye opener. >> a 14-year-old butler county boy now charged with attempted murder after a school shooting at the school behind me here. 911 calls were just released. take a listen. >> hello. >> he started shooting people. >> how many people did he shoot? >> what. >> how many people did he shoot? >> i am not sure. he just pulled out a gun and started shooting. >> no classes tomorrow. >> district canceled school. 14 years-old james hancock is charged with two counts of attempted murder.


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