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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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travel and flight delays across the mid-west.a frigid start to the day for ohio travellers.where you'll run into problems. arrest in a tri-state mother's murder.our first look at the suspect... and the message this morning from the victim's family. win for the ages...xavier pulls off the upset in decisive style...what local basketball fans are looking forward to this morning. good morning tri-state... you're waking up to some snow... and big winds. winds.9 first warning meterologist jennifer ketchmark with a look at your day ahead. scattered snow showers for our thursday forecast with very gusty winds from the northwest. roads should be mainly wet today as much of
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up to 1" of snow possible by later this afternoon, mainly on elevated surfaces. we're dealing with some light snow here in the tri-state... but the same storm is pounding the mid-west further north.
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indiana... where dozens of drivers got stuck on frozen highways.the ohio turnpike is closed right now to big trucks and trailers between toledo and the indiana state line... because of snow and high winds. there are also long flight delays out of several midwest airports... including o'hare in chicago.we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you updates through-out good morning tri-state. we're getting our first look at the man... accused of gunning down a middletown mother with her child in the back seat.this is video of brandon carr... following his arrest yesterday in dayton. he's charged with killing brittany russell. nine on your side's evan millward has reaction from russell's family. evan 0244 wow. so you actually have talked to him.chris edwards - oh yeah.evan - no indication it was him?chris - not at the time.amid dozens of calls on the morning of february tenth - chris edwards made one to a man who may have
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six month old daughter. edwards 0222 he was like 'what do you want? i got a missed call from this number.' i said where's brittany at? where's my kid? i said i know you know that she's up there because she came to talk to your brother. i said, where's my kid at? and he's like 'ah i don't even know brittany, leave my name out of your mouth.' and he hung up. detective is standing right there next to me.the guy who hung up was this man - brandon carr.arrested at his dayton home wednesday.edwards 0356 *sigh* i'm just glad they got him off the streets, he can't hurt anybody else now. they arrested carr at his dayton, ohio home wednesday. edwards 0127 "i'm happy they. caught the guy but in the same sense it ain't going to stop what happened, it ain't going to bring her back. my kid's not going to have her mom.that baby - whose' infectious smile shined through a dark day - is doing just fine edwards 0421 i was worried the shot might have busted her ear drums so i took her up there had them check her ears, check her eyes, check her respiratory,
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notch.edwards - vowing to be at every court hearing.edwards 0323 i hope you rot in hell, that's all i can say. the white house is now paying attention to a 9 on your side and scripps washington bureau joint investigation into problems at the cincinnati v-a. v-a.the president's press secretary announced the white house is aware of the allegations raised in our reports. dozens of whistleblowers told us about how *they say* hospital leaders intentionally cut key services for veterans... dirty surgical instruments left in circulation... and alleged ethical misconduct by senior
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expressed faith in v-a secretary bob mcdonald to make sure cincinnati area veterans are treated in the manner they deserve. "certainly, secretary mcdonald takes that seriously. i can assure you that the commander-in-chief takes that seriously. and we're going to continue to watch these situations, moving forward" forward"for more on our ongoing investigation... log on to, where you can find all of our exclusive reports. this morning... it's being called a big win with national implications...and it's also *one of the biggest wins in cincinnati history. history.xavier took down the number one college basketball team in the nation. nation.the musketeers jumped out in front of villanova in the first half... leading by three at the break.they opened it up in the second half with a series of drives and jams and well-placed passes.six muskies ended the night in double figures... as xavier
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the cintas center was standing room only... with thousands of students and fans packed inside to watch the high-intensity were celebrating before the final buzzer went off.leaving the game... we heard several of them muttering the words "final four." whether you like coneys... three ways... five way or just by itself... today is a day dedicated to your favorite treat. is national chili day... and cincinnati's biggest chains are both celebrating. gold star chili's c-e-o will serve lunch today at the city gospel mission.they'll also make a donation to the mission. meanwhile... skyline is visiting tri-state hospitals with a special bib for newborns... and a complementar y dinner for mom.and coming up on good morning tri-state... we'll be on the chili trail witn 9 on your side's jordan
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scattered snow showers for our thursday forecast with very gusty winds from the northwest. roads should be mainly wet today as much of our snow that falls will melt. up to 1" of snow possible by later this afternoon, mainly on elevated surfaces.
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surprising pick...there's a front runner for the vacant supreme court seat.why it's a candidate the president and republicans may actually agree on... reaching across the aisle... the surprise for a group of airline passengers... and the catch standing in the way of a
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we're learning that president obama may have a nominee in mind to fill antonin scalia's empty spot on the supreme court.and it's a *republican.* *republican.*sources say nevada governor brian sandoval is one of the president's top's seen as a compromise... to get senate republicans to vote on his pick.sandoval is a former federal judge who supports abortion rights. the fight inside the republican party continues to heat up... after former presidential candidate mitt romney's tough words for donald trump. romney says there's a -quote- "bombshell" in trumps's unreleased tax returns... suggesting he has something to hide.this morning... trump said romney's own tax returns - quote- "made him look like a fool" in 2012... and he's now - quote- "playing tough guy." we're getting our look this morning at an election season "social experiment"... and the message to voters from jetblue
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the airline surprised travelers on this plane with a free round trip ticket to anywhere they wanted to go.the catch... the *entire plane* had to agree on a single place. it came down to two destinations... costa rica or *turks and caicos.*after an hour and a half of arguing... pleading and reaching across the aisle... all 150 people settled on their destination... costa rica. scattered snow showers for our thursday forecast with very gusty winds from the northwest. roads should be mainly wet today as much of our snow that falls will melt. up to 1" of snow possible by later this afternoon, mainly on elevated surfaces. attacked inside his own home.a tri-state man... telling nine
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alive.the weapon they used to attack him... and the surprising item they were after. caught by's just another day inside this mini- mart...what happened in the next few seconds that landed a
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" we just checked... and four people accused of robbing and tying up a middletown man with his own oxygen tank cord are still behind bars this morning. morning.65-year-old david caldwell says one of the suspects hit him in the head with a fake gun while three others took his television... prescription drugs and a *pepsi.*he says he knows one of the suspects... 45 year old kimberly moland.she would come to his home often with one of his friends. 01:27 "she takes my tube and starts to yank it all the way through there. i am strangling. alright, i can't breathe." 33 33the defendants are facing robbery, burglary and
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been set at 150-thousand dollars each. happening today... a tri-state man will answer to felony charges after prosecutors say he had sex with a nine-year old girl. girl.cincinnati police officers filed rape charges yesterday against this man... 26-year old rolando brooks. they say brooks attacked the victim in august of 2015... at an apartment in mt.'s still not known how he knew the victim. in just a few hours... this woman will appear before a local judge.brandi ross is charged with trying to bring a gun into the hamilton courty courthouse... hidden in her bra.a metal detector went off... and ross was arrested by nearby deputies. you'll want to check out this next story.a kentucky man is recovering this morning... after he says an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket.and the entire thing was caught on camera. camera.this is the surveillance video from the shell gas station in owensboro. watch the man on your right. you can see his pants suddenly explode in flames.... startling a nearby worker. "i was shocked! i was like
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in your pocket? i was like that! you carry your bomb in your pocket? i was totally shocked and just like this my hands were on my head." head." employees and customers yanked the man's burning pants off... and then doused him with a fire extinguisher.he suffered second-degree burns on his leg... but he's still able to walk. giveaway on 9 on your side. watch good morning tri-state from 6 t0 7a for your chance to win a 100-dollar pre-paid
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watch for the weather word of the day and enter it at wcpo dot com slash win. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. light snow showers continue to fall this morning but very little of this is sticking as it falls. our roadways are mainly wet. the bigger story this morning will be the colder air and gusty winds. temperatures start near the freezing mark and we'll see winds from the northwest at 15 to 25, gusting to 40 mph. you are going to notice that push on your vehicle today! spotty snow showers continue for most of our thursday forecast with a slightly better chance this afternoon as an upper level feature swings through the ohio valley. it will still be difficult for this to stick because air temperatures are in the mid-30s and pavement temperatures are still warm. i'd mainly look for any light snow on elevated surfaces. however, visibility could be reduced at times because of the gusty winds and scattered snow showers that will last all day. winds will gust to 40mph. highs will be in the mid to lower 30s. friday's highs only hit the mid-30s with mostly cloudy skies and the potential for flurries during the day. temperatures rise quickly this weekend to the upper 40s on saturday and
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days will be dry and on the breezy side. rain chances return late sunday night into monday morning as a cold front moves through the ohio valley. morning rushsnow showerswet pavement and very windylow: 32 thursdaylight, wet snow showers very windyhigh: 36thursday nightsnow chances endmostly cloudylow: 26fridaymostly cloudyflurries possiblehigh: 35
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traffic happy cities...and it's not in the tri-state...the sunny destinations where you can find america's happiest people. it's worth more than gold... the banquet in store for the oscars winners *and* losers.. and the celebrity chef putting
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scattered snow showers for our thursday forecast with very gusty winds from the northwest. roads should be mainly wet today as much of our snow that falls will melt. up to 1" of snow possible by later this afternoon, mainly on elevated surfaces. your personal "well-being" might have something to do with where you live. live.
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its list of the happiest and healthiest cities in the u- s... and two places in florida are near the top. healthways says naples, florida has the highest well-being in the country. salinas, california ranks second on the list... and florida's sarasota metro area ranked number three.fort collins, colorado and barnstable town, massachusetts round out the top five.the report measured well-being on several factors... including whether people liked where they lived and where they worked... and whether they felt financially secure. as we know... it can be hard for little kids to sit still. but now... researchers in the netherlands are finding ways to use that energy... to help them learn.they spiced up their lesson plans with exercise. teachers say kids in
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tested better in math and spelling than kids in regular classes. but reading scores were not affected. the academy awards are just a few days away...and we're learning this morning what's on the menu for celebrities after the big show. show.2016 is chef wolfgang puck's 22nd year crafting the food for the post-oscars governors ball. this year, the menu is focused on small plates.the team of chefs will create 12-thousand dishes in one and a half hours. celebs will have 30 options to choose from... including sushi, smoked salmon oscars, kobe beef, and alaskan king crab. and don't forget to mark your calandars...the oscars are sunday night... right here on 9 on your side.coverage starts at seven.and we'll have a look at all of the winners and big moments that following monday... on good morning
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forget about the bourbon trail. cincinnati... rolling out its own way to celebrate a special menu choice.the places you'll need to visit this national chili day. doing a body's the best way to start your day... but not for some.why millennials are going without their daily breakfast. introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks.
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our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger
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a live look outside right now. "this" is what you will be driving in this morning.we're on your side with the latest forecast and traffic conditions. 9:29"they knew they could come out and get it done and they did - they really did" xavier fans erupt after the team rocks the hardwood last night! good morning...the switch between and rain and snow started here a few hours ago. ago.and it's already causing some slick spots on the roads.


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