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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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shot dead by police.people driving home from work - coming across the deadly police encounter -- capturing the drama on their cell phones from at least three different angles. that all played out 24 hours ago.tonight police call it "justified." "justified."it happened near cincinnati's border with cheviot ... ...that's where nine on your side's tom mckee is live with new information. three cincinnati police officers fired nine shots here on harrison avenue when they say paul gaston ignored repeated orders and tried to pull a weapon from his waistband. people on thieir way home from work were stopped in their tracks by the encounter andmany pushed record on the cell phone cameras. wednesday afternoon. incredible cell phone images from a stunned citizen witnessing specialist scott mcmanis, officer zachary sterbling and officer eric kohler confront paul gaston on harrison avenue. avenue.
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to determine, our officers responded appropriately according to their training." training." police say it begins with a 911 call from gaston's girlfriend claiming he's acting oddly. "there's a man out there waving a gun and there's kids there." there." minutes later, a security camera captures gaston crashing his truck into a utility pole at harrison and boudinot avenues. gaston staggers up harrison avenue toward cheviot and he's armed. armed. "he exited the car, stumbled out, dropped a gun and then picked up the gun and then took off." off." police confront gaston just inside cheviot and the driver holding this phone hears officers order him to his knees -- then to lie flat on the ground and reacts. reacts. "please do what you're asked. please. back up. do what they say. back up." up." that didn't happen. happen. "as he initially starts to go to the ground, he raises up, with his right hand reaches to
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reasion of the officers, they fire multiple rounds striking the individual." individual." one person caught in the middle pulled out a cell phones and recorded what they saw. another individual captured the intensity of the situation from another vantage point. a third person got this view just before the three officers fired nine shots at gaston. "we have the weapon recovered. down." the weapon turns out to be an airsoft pellet gun. all three officers are on administrative leave pending the completion of the full investigation into what happened here. tom mckee, nine on your side, live in cheviot. 9 on your side dug into gaston's past.we've learned gaston does have a history of domestic violence.the hamilton county prosecutor's office says he threatened to shoot his ex and her children. we're told he had to be taken out of his vehicle at gunpoint. this happened in october. breaking now in brown county - a husband and wife attacked by their own dog.both suffering
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arms.9 on your side's jason law is live outside the animal shelter, where that dog is quarantined, jason? one of the pit bulls will remain here at the brown county animal shelter to be tested, the other pit bull is staying with the family. the dog warden told us this afternoon the two dogs were fighting inside the house. the husband and wife tried to break up the fight when one turned on them. we're told the wife suffered bad cuts and bites to her face and head. the husband suffered cuts on his arm. the attack happened *inside* their home on new harmony salem road. we talked to a neighbor who has seen these dogs many times, he says they've always been friendly to him. "one's about that big, white
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one's about, oh, that big. he's kind of grayish looking. nice looking dogs. they're friendly. they bark at me." the woman's injuries were so bad she had to be flown to the hospital. we don't know what condition she's or her husband are in. their dog will undergo tests here at the brown county animal shelter. more breaking news at five - a man being questioned in the death of a middletown mother is *not* facing charges in connection to her death. death.police were questioning a man described as a "person of interest" in the murder of brittany russell. she was found shot to death in her car with her baby in the backseat. we just learned that man is only facing drug this point - he is no longer a person of interest in russell's death.the investigation is ongoing. a mother of two - drove on the wrong side of the highway
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help police piece together a suspect's route - before she crashed into another driver - killing him on i-71. police say 22-year old taryn chin was driving north in the southbound lanes before crashing into jose arenas. we're learning many more drivers could have come in her path. 9 on your side's t.j. parker is live in chopper 9 tonight - with an exclusive perspective on this deadly crash - t-j? 9-1-1 calls are giving a lot of insight on the timeline of that crash. police are using those calls to piece together a more clear picture of what exactly happened- along *this* five mile stretch of i-71. "this is sean mcintosh driving a semi. minivan just got on exit 12 rolling southbound in the northbound lane on 71." frantic calls from drivers on i-71- who are witnessing a driver- heading right toward them.
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i just come down the ramp just as i went by and he went southbound in the northbound side at exit 12. 9-1-1 calls are giving new details on where 22-year old taryn chin may have started her wrong way drive. according to the calls- drivers noticed her driving south on the northbound ramp starting at montgomery road. : "i'm coming down 71 right past exit 11 going northbound and there's a car driving south in this direction on 71 northbound."dispatcher: i think we have that that it's probably about exit 10 now. scary moment for drivers- as they say she continues her drive south. "hi, i'm just calling to let you know i was passing stewart road on 71 going northbound, there's somebody in the fast lane going southbound in the northbound area."9 on your side talked with cincinnati police- who say these 9-1-1 calls help explain her route -
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lanes- and at some point- crossing over into the southbound lanes- heading north- when she hit jose arenas- between dana and taft. you can see traffic-moving along here on i-71- police thankful this crash didn't happen during rush hour. police are still waiting for the results of chin's drug test- as they continue their investigation. live above i-71 in chopper 9, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. taryn chin was in court today for the first time. she is facing aggravated vehicular homicide charges and is being held on a 300-thousand dollar bond. in court 9 on your side also learned chin is the mother of two young children. police say she had four or five drinks before getting on the highway. a chemical scare! scare!hundreds forced to stay indoors.we're on your side you're still in danger. a woman answers to a judge - decades after shoplifting!how
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long.and why these old charges
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people in roughly eight- hundred homes, businesses and one school all told not to go outside. this all comes after a spill at a middletown chemical company.chopper 9 was over the scene earlier today - 9 on your side is the only
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dedicated to butler and warren counties. our jay warren says that danger is now over. he tells what happened. middletown fire along with hazmat crews from hamilton west chester and fairfield township were all on scene here at pilot chemical on yankee road in middletownonce the spill happened a plume did go up in the air which caused middletown to order places like amanda elementary school to shelter in place((chief paul lolli/middletown fire department))"there's schools businesses and some homes that we sent a reverse 911 call to have those individuals to shelter in place and stay home."neighbors like harvey wells weren't immediately sure what had happened((harvey wells/mcgill's auto service)) "we didn't smell nothing at all just a bunch of people stopped by and kept saying and said something was going on down there thought it might be an explosion but another lady came in and said it was just a gas leak."a source close to the investigation told me this afternoon that a faulty valve on the tanker truck may have been the cause of the leak a quick look at the company's safety record on osha's website showed that in the last ten years there was only one complaint from an employee
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wasn't credible--((sot))"all of the chem was contained into a spill pit the main concern was that a plume was created." at this point pilot chemical has not responded to our request for comment--but osha does have an investigation this point we know there were no injuries and the technician was wearing the proper protective clothing. next at five - getting away with a crime - for decades! decades!why this woman is answering to charges for shoplifting back in the 70's! alerts sent to your boss when you becoming pregnant!we're on your side with how this is possible.and why companies are seeking out your health information in the first place.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 breaking news at 5. brand new video to show you of a news helicopter crashing into the ocean near pearl harbor! amazingly - all five people on board survived!it went down around 10 o-clock this morning, local time... off the hawaiian coast of oahu!there is no word on what caused it to go down! a decades old shoplifting case
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store finally gets before a judge. judge.but as our scott wegener tells us, the witnesses are long gone, even if the attorney isn't. rochelle cooper found out the long arm of the law can sometimes have a long memory.the sixty year old woman got into trouble earlier this month in indiana--charged with shoplifting.authorities found she had an outstanding warrant for the same kind of crime--dating back to 1979!she had been charged back then with stealing leather coats from pogues department store, which has long since gone out of business.but her attorney hasn't."i'm still here."peter rosenwald represented cooper on that original charge."i was a relative rookie, with four years and change under my belt."the judge saw rosenwald's name on the documents, and brought him back onto the case."it's kinda weird that something would pop up that long ago."but while the law might not forget, lawyers and defendants can be
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with miss cooper in the justice center, to see if she remembered me, which she didn't. and i can't say i remember her either."rosenwald says somebody must not have been paying attention for that warrant to be out all those years."she was arrested in kentucky, and did time in kentucky in one of their prisons, that for whatever reason, someone didn't run her name, fingerprints, what have you, to see if there was a warrant. so it just sat for thirty-seven years, almost." and it seems *that* has worked out in cooper's favor."the decision was made to dismiss it because the odds were against them finding the witnesses." as for the merchandise..."i suspect those leather coats were sold a long time scott wegener, nine on your side, cincinnati. because of the value of the merchandise, the 1979 charges were felonies.but the case is so old that now they are only misdemeanors- because of inflation.
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your boss tracking your pregnancies. the alarming report about how your company is getting its hands on your health data - and what it's really using it for. a chemical used to kill weeds - in your food!who is stepping in to conduct widespread testing.and which foods have traces of it. new at 5:30...consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with a warning about crooks rolling back odometers on used cars.and at 6...dont miss his special report on d-i-y home security systems
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tonight in healthy living - sending waves through the workplace. workplace.there are reports that your boss can track if you're are pregnant - or are planning to become pregnant. the website vox reports companies are using data collecting companies to get information about their employees' one
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alerted when a female worker stops using birth control. according to vox - companies do use third-party firms to help them reduce health care costs. but the good news - they cannot trace the information to a specific employee. still - the story continues to raise concerns about employees' privacy. get ready to put down the fork. fork.the food and drug administration will begin testing food for *gly-phosate.* it's a widely used weed killer that some cancer experts call a human carcinogen. carcinogen.private companies and consumer groups claim their own testing has found *gly-phosate* in foods like milk, cereal, soy sauce, infant formula and honey. this will be the first wide- spread testing for the chemical in history. much more to come on 9 on your side at's tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. craig - a 50 thousand dollar ring is stolen! stolen!the alleged thief answers to a judge.but what
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issue.">a local teen who tried ending his own life - is speaking out!the message he is trying to get across to those battling depression - all new
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now at 5-30... wedding ring ripped off.a cleves man hired to help a woman - now accused of stealing a nearly 50- thousand dollar ring. ring.but what happens in court - no one expects. 9 on your side reporter evan millward is live tonight with this story.evan? anthony pilot is out of jail now -- his reaction in court - enough to for a judge to let him go without paying bond -- a fraction the amount of the ring he's accused of stealing. nats 085654 face the judge...a hired hand -- accused of walking off with a prized possession.nats 085706 he cooperated with the investigating officer, it's a non-violent offense, and he's a cancer patient.*that might help us understand this
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set a bond last night at five thousand dollars attorney: he can't make that, no.*pilot breaks down*anthony pilot - charged with theft.police say he nabbed a 49-thousand dollar wedding ring from the home he was hired to work in.then took it to a cash america to pawn it.and he got 25-hundred bucks. raph tincher/ ted's pawn shop president 135005 you'd have to be really stupid to bring something stolen to a pawn shop.and yet it happens.raph tincher at ted's pawn shop says he's seen it before - as recently as this week.three guys from florida wanting to sell *really high-end watches. tincher 135626 when he came in, then he got arrested. something like that is rare - tincher 135413 career criminals, the people that break in places and steal, break into your cars, they don't things to places where they gotta show this pawn shop - they i-d, take a full description of each item - and send that to police - and hold them for 15 days.nats 085744 thank you, your honor. why anthony pilot might have done it - he feels about was clear as crystal. anthony pilot has no relevant


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