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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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breaking news first at four -- lockland police are at a home where the owner has shot and killed a suspected burglar. police were called to the hour ago. ago.9 on your side's evan millward is at the scene with
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two, 12 year old girls are now in custody -- accused of threatening to hurt students in dayton, kentucky. officials took no chances -- cancelling classes for today. the now's t.j. parker has been working this story all day.he joins us *live with what he's learned. police tell us they arrested and charged two 6th grade girls- who attended school here at lincoln elementary- for the threat. police saying- they were trying to get another day off from school. police tell 9 on your side the message was sent from a *fake* account to the school's facebook page. they were able to track down the i-p address- and eventually track down and arrest one of the 12-year olds, this morning. she admitted to writing the note- and also mentioned another friend of hers was involved, as well. both are being charged with first degree terroristic threatening and are at the campbell county juvenile detention center.
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42:56 due to the days and times you just don't know how the threats are coming across i mean we see 12 year olds, we see 11 year olds, we see 13 14 all ages so you have to take it seriously senior night has been cancelled for tonight- but school will be open, tomorrow. live in dayton, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. in boone county -- the search is on for two people accused of abducting and robbing a man on valentine's day. day.take a better look at them. the victim was taken from the quality inn and suites on airport exchange boulevard.the two then drove the victim around the county and forced him to take out money from one point -- the victim's card was seized by the machine.investigators say that's when the two attacked the man and left him. the owners of a controversial club planned for west chester got a big win today.a judge ruled that move made by township trustees to block the *champagne club wasn't allowed. allowed.west chester township
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in november pertaining to quote sexual encounter establishments.that moratorium would have prevented owners from opening their proposed adult nightclub even though a permit had already been issued. the location is near a daycare but champagne's owners promise there would be no impact. we now know the name of the woman who died in an early morning mason house fire.she is romma hunt and was found in a back bedroom by firefighters. the fire happened shortly before 2 am tuesday on olympia drive in mason. the front and sides of the home were heavily damaged by the flames. in 9-1-1 calls obtained by 9 on your side, we learned several neighbors called for help and attempted to get inside. among them, abdallah abdelrahman smoke was simply too overpowering for he and others to help. clip id: 941_0266_01 in: 03:02:29:11out: 03:02:44:25"i opened the window. i see a lot of smoke from the house, a lot of fire. i knocked the door, tried to help the people
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the cause of the fire is still under investigation. this is the second deadly fire in as many days for the tri-state.yesterday -- a springfield township man was found dead inside his home. firefighters struggled to get inside because the entryways were blocked from the inside. they also had trouble with a frozen hydrant.after two hours - fire crews found the man dead inside his kitchen. the final stamp of approval. one northern kentucky county moving forward with its all-new needle exchange program. the nows briana harper explains how this change plans to tackle the threat of infections spreading throughout grant county. (look-live) "a 'yes' vote from first the board of health, then the city of williamstown and most recently the county's approval. grant now becoming just one of two northern kentucky counties who have the green light for needle exchange." the goal--a cut back on infections. the strategy-- better access to clean syringes. dr. lynne
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health, nky health dept. "the problem is the sharing needles and syringes. so when people share each other's drug equipment they're really sharing what's in each other's blood stream." that can include infections like hepatitis c or even hiv. in 2015 a total of more than 1,100 hepatitis c cases were confirmed in grant county. thats nearly a 30 percent increase from the year before. but its not just the drug users at risk. eric specht// nky hates heroin "anyone walking their dogs in these areas are susceptible to needle sticks-- kids, our children." eric specht a member of the group nky hates heroin believes the needle exchange is a community benefit but not everyone agrees. some say the program simply fuels the drug users habit. but health officials argue its all part of the path to recovery. "these programs actually help people by educating them and counseling them by helping them get into treatment programs." grant
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out of this health center in williamstown providing clean needles and syringes in exchange for used ones. briana cincinnati. the official start date for grant county's needle exchange program has not yet been decided. it's still pretty cold outside -- and feeling pretty much like winter. winter. our tuesday forecast is cloudy and chilly. highs are expected in the mid 30s. a quick moving clipper system will pass to our south this evening but it currently looks like any of this rain/snow mix will miss the tri-state. skies will be cloudy again on wednesday along with the chance for a few flurries. temperatures top out around 380f for another below average day. but a warm up is coming! temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday with a high of 430f and partly cloudy skies. winds shift to the south of friday and this will help out high
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50s for a beautiful end to the work week. do you feel like you spend a lot of your life idling on i- 75?it's not all in your head .... a study found that cincinnati has the 'worst' traffic of any city in ohio.'s how the researchers from texas a and m figured that out.they used speed data points set up on almost every mile of major roads and tracked how fast drivers were going every day in 2014. 2014.they found cincinnati's roads were congested 'twenty five percent' of the time ... and drivers dealt with rush hour levels of traffic for more than three hours every day. day.if you commute during those peak hours ... you lost 'forty-one hours' sitting in traffic delays in just one year ... on top of your typical travel time. and traffic jams aren't just
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hurting your wallet. cincinnatians wasted an average 21 gallons of gas in traffic james ... costing each commuter almost a thousand dollars every year. we learned something from this study that can help you 'never be late' because of traffic again!let's head over to the live alert where i'll explain. right now, we're at the 9 on your side newsroom in mount adams.let's say i want to go shopping at kenwood mall right after work. about 20 minutes... but i'll be hitting rush figure out how long that trip will take ... multiply that "perfect" travel time ... 20 minutes ... by 2 point 3.where's 2 point 3 come from?that's what the researchers call cincinnati's "freeway planning time index." so ... 20 minutes ... multiplied by 2 point 3 ... is 46 minutes.that's how long it will take us to get from mount adams to kenwood mall in the
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the new relationship with cuba -- means new flights to and through the united states.but just how big of a deal is it? we answer that -- ahead here on the now! the hundred dollar bill as we know it may go out of circulation...i'm anne mcnamara. i'll
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right now supreme court justice antonin scalia is being honored.scalia died in his sleep saturday in texas. today-- his chair and bench are draped with a black cloth.. there's also a black drape over the doors to the courtroom. it's a tradition that dates back to 18-73. scalia's body will be in the supreme court building on friday. a funeral will be held saturday. when a supreme court justice dies or steps down, the president is tasked with appointing a new justice. justice. but this week-- repulican lawmakers, including senator rob portman of ohio-- have said president obama should leave this decision up to the next president of the
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said he is moving forward with a nominee anyway. it's a hotly contested issue right now-- and one the ladies on the view took up this morning. 11:52:20 obamas going to probably put a moderate in... 12:07:18 12:07:1812:24:10 it's ironic. it is. it's called the turman rule... he has a year left 12:42:10 12:42:10 the president has said he will wait to make the appointment until senators return from recess. the senate must confirm the nominee. the process usually takes about
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former new york governor eliot spitzer is back in the news. police say they are investigating a report that sptizer assaulted a woman at the plaza hotel in new york city. the woman, who 25 and from russia -- called 911 from spitzer's room.originally she said she was having a breakdown. nats - "be advised the edp is in in room 1541 in the plaza hotel. she's having a nervous breakdown." breakdown." then she called again and tried to cancel the first call. but police were on their way. they say she had a cut on her arm. at the hospital, she told them spitzer choked her and shoved her... but she later recanted that statement. she has since returned to russia.police say the two had been in some sort of romantic relationship for two years ... but spitzer has denied that. should the u-s stop printing 100-dollar bills? the former treasury secretary thinks so. the now's anne mcnamara explains why. 15:56 this is a series 1928... for charlie rockney...nats continued15:57 100-hundred
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are like monopoly money.but even those of us who don't collect them...have a pretty good chance of holding one. 7:51 78 percent of our bills circulating make up the 100 dollar bill. 78 percent!!!and now there's an argument to take all those bills out of circulation.the 100-dollar bill is the most common counterfeit bill in the country -- because -- it's easy to fake -- the feds just can't keep up with high-tech criminals. nats - show and tell 9:45 it has a bar strip on the inside it has a watermark on the outside of it it has two tone paper on it...all that is for counterfeiting the hundred wouldn't be the first face cut out -- because of crime. the five hundred dollar bill was, too. 6:44 they said because of drug use, the 500 and 1000 made it much easier to carry and transport billsbut...still saying goodbye is never easy. 12:05 we're not really losing it. it's evolution. things change in life and we have to
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former treasury secretary larry summers cited a study that suggested eliminating big bills across the world... including the 500-euro...the u-k's 50-pound...and the 1- thousand swiss franc. our tuesday forecast is cloudy and chilly. highs are expected in the mid 30s. a quick moving clipper system will pass to our south this evening but it currently looks like any of this rain/snow mix will miss the tri-state. skies will be cloudy again on wednesday
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few flurries. temperatures top out around 380f for another below average day. but a warm up is coming! temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday with a high of 430f and partly cloudy skies. winds shift to the south of friday and this will help out high temperatures jump to the upper
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hopping a commercial flight to cuba from the u-s will soon a reality.starting today u-s airlines can request routes to cuba. that's the first time in 50 years. years.go figure, all the major airlines say they want the flights.there will be more than 1-hundred a day.the flights could start as early as this still can't go to cuba as a tourist.but there are a dozen other reasons that are allowed... from professional meetings to religious activities.with the
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have to check an online box explaining why you've flying to cuba so it's getting a lot easier to get in. this is a really big where does this leave the united states' relationship with cuba?9 on your side's carol willams joins us with a look at that.carol? more than half of americans now see cuba favorably for the first time. that to 1996 when only 10-percent of us had a good opinion of gallup poll numbers out today show that the positive opinion is up 8-percent from last year. and 33 percent since 2006.both democrats and republicans are feeling better about cuba.but among democrats. the poll found the relationship between the cuban and american governments is playing a role in our opinions. along with restoring flights... this week the obama administration approved the first u-s factory in cuba in more than half a century.this
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the first significant u-s business investment in the country since fidel castro took over in 19-59. this has all been in the works since the end of 2014.that's when president obama and raul castro announced they would restore diplomatic relations. "they train their whole lives all for a shot at olympic glory. but will zika keep the very best from traveling to
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live now in mexico -- pope francis drawing tens of thousands of people to his visit in morelia.that town is at the center of mexico's drug war.and this is him there *live at a cathedral.part of his day included a meeting with young people there.during his visit yesterday -- the pope asked for forgiveness from indigenous people who have been cut off from much of society. could genetically modified mosquitoes be the secret to stopping the zika virus?that's
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organization is hoping. hoping.the organization is now recommending countries with zika virus use g-m-o mosquitoes.the sterile male mosquitoes would be released to mate with wild females to wipe them out.a british biotech company has already been testing the mosquitoes in brazil.this is controversial. .. because environmentalists say it's impossible to know the long-term effects of wiping out an entire population of insects. questions surrounding the zika virus are prompting elite athletes around the world to wonder if going for the gold could affect life after the games.the now's andy choi shows us how today's olympic hopefuls are responding to the concern. nat of parallel bars]when windows of opportunity open once every four years, jessica lopez knows setting the bar comes long before the roar of a crowd. 2.10.26jessica "you really have to love the sport and come in every day and determined to fulfill your goals."2.06.00coach "no olympics were ever granted to south america before." for jessica's coach nilson savage,
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a trip back home to brazil, and a third olympic berth for jessica, who represented venezuela in london and beijing.2.29.08[nats of jessica on balance beam]but the biggest balancing act for this year's athletes may have nothing to do with sport, as the zika virus continues to move through south america. the mosquito-borne illness, possibly linked to thousands of birth defects, is now prompting athletes to think twice about traveling for the games.2.17.24 jessica "you think about that. you want to have a family, you want to have kids, and of course you want your kids to be healthy."2.05.03coach "we're going to rely on the people that organize the olympic games, the ioc, the brazilian olympic committee to decide it's safe to go."2.51.35 choi "the summer games are still six months away. but jessica's first trip to rio will be in april for a qualifier. and zika will not be putting the brakes on that trip."2.05.45coach "this is a dream of a lot of athletes.
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year. this is not a world championship, this is not a state championship. you're talking about the olympic games."2.13.33jessica "of course, it's something that worries you. and you keep that in the back of your mind. but at the same time, this is not like a year of training. i've been training my whole life for this."so for now, it's all about landing that dismount. 2.35.34[nats of dimount]long before the games land in rio. 2.35.38"get a look at the beam, that layout was the best layout right now, the u-s olympic committee says its working with the international olympic committee and the world health organization to make sure athletes are aware of the most current c-d-c guidelines. the race for president is now coast to coast.. the republicans duking it out in south carolina... the democrats here in nevada.. and there are no guarantees for
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... gas prices are still really good -- but they're up slightly this week.ohio's average is at about $1.55 up about seven that though to the national average of $1.70! we have been loving record-low gas prices what could a freeze on oil production mean? mean?9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese has some answers. john? john?it's the big headline today... ...with four oil producing countries saying they want to keep production at january levels which would still be really high.they're trying to
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down even more.those prices hit 12-year lows last month. it's a big concern... a new report out today from audit firm "deloitte" says about a third of the world's oil companies are at risk of going bankrupt this year.saudi arabia, russia, venezuela and qatar are pushing for the freeze.but the deal won't happen unless other oil producers including iran and iraq get on board. we checked with triple-a about what a pproduction freeze would mean for gas prices. already, we are are starting to see some cincinnati area stations rise from 1.59 to 1.79 today as a result of this! triple a expects price should go up a little within a week. but the bottom line on this is there's still a lot of oil
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back at 5:30 to show you tri staters filling up at kroger today for 50 cents a gallon...and how big those discounts are getting. and remember - you can find the cheapest gas prices wherever you are in the tri- state.just click on the traffic tab at the top of wcpo dot com and you'll find a link there. a hamilton county sheriff's deputy managed to escape a crash unharmed today ...but his cruiser was pretty damaged. can see how its door was nearly ripped off in the crash ...that happened this morning just before 6 on beechmont ave ... on the levee between mount washington and lindwood.the deputy had pulled over another car for a traffic stop when the other driver hit his cruiser. that driver was cited for failing to move over. just a reminder that you 'are' required by law to 'change lanes away from any stopped car with flashing lights -- whether that's police, fire, or construction crews.if it's not 'safe' for you to move lanes because of traffic ... then you should slow down as
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it's still cloudy and chilly today-- but as steve's been telling us, a warm up is on the way. our tuesday forecast is cloudy and chilly. highs are expected in the mid 30s. a quick moving clipper system will pass to our south this evening but it currently looks like any of this rain/snow mix will miss the tri-state. skies will be cloudy again on wednesday along with the chance for a few flurries. temperatures top out around 380f for another below average day. but a warm up is coming! temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday with a high of 430f and partly cloudy skies. winds shift to the south of friday and this will help out high temperatures jump to the upper 50s for a beautiful end to the
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a treacherous mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is causing major travel delays along the east coast. from the carolinas to new england.... thousands of crashes are being blamed on slick roads..officials say there were over two thousand wrecks in 24 hours across 17 states...and at least three deaths.and it was miserable at airports as well where hundreds of flights were canceled. tom schneider, stranded: "two cancelled flights and now a third cancelled flight out of charlotte to laguardia.."// you got to live with it." "but whatever, it's an adventure, keeping it positive." positive."federal agencies in washington, d.c. opened three hours late after freezing rain coated the nation's capital in ice..and they are cleaning up in florida today where the storm spawned tornadoes, leaving a trail of damage.and it's not over yet ... forecasters are predicting
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are already under flood watches. developing right now... the surgeon general is in flint, michigan today... meeting with the people who live there. there.he also met with doctors to make sure children exposed to lead contamination in the water get vitamin c, iron, and calcium to help lessen any impact.he wants to make sure moving forward that public health is considered when the government makes decisions in any number of areas. runs=:06dr. vivek murthy | u.s. surgeon general: "the policies we enact when it comes to water, or transportation, or housing can have a profound impact on health." health."people in flint are still using bottled water every released by the state of michigan shows levels of lead still testing above the federal limit n the tap water.the naacp is calling for civil disobedience if the governor doesn't present a plan in the next 30 days ith a deadline to replace the city's water pipes. happening right now the coast guard is trying to get answers about why this cargo ship sank. the "el faro" went down off the coast of the bahamas
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fall.all 33 people on board the coast guard began hearings in florida to investigate if there was any misconduct or neglegence.the hearings will last for ten days.and in april crews will again try to recover the ship's data recorder which is still at the bottom of the ocean. the war of words continues between the republicans on the east coast as they try to break out from the pack in the south carolina primary this weekend.but now attention is also turning back to the democracts.they have a caucus on saturday in nevada and what was first thought to be an easy win for hillary clinton may not shape up that way. the now's todd walker is live in las vegas... todd... this is a completely different game from new hampshire or iowa. that's right.. nevada has a significant hispanic population.. especially here in las vegas.hillary clinton was supposed to have a lock on the minority vote.. but she is now fighting hard to keep their support.. and bernie sanders is trying to prove he can win among a group other
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nevada now can't be overlooked. the battle for the democratic nomination has moved west..the candidates have been in nevada for days.. and the barbs they're trading just keep getting sharper..(hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "i'm not a single-issue candidate. i am not a single issue candidate. i am not a single-issue candidate."(bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "we are the only nation, major nation on earth, that doesn't guarantee healthcare for all people...we have to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. it's not one issue."the nevada democratic caucus doesn't happen until saturday.. but both are campaigning like it's tomorrow..nevada is a different field.. the rules are different.. voters can register the same day.. and casino workers can caucus anywhere.. instead of having to go to their home caucus site after work..and the campaigns have both hit snarls in reaching potential voters.. especially latinos in nevada.. the foreclosure hit las vegas the hardest in the country.. meaning much of the campaign's
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nevada has a caucus much like iowa.. and in iowa several ties were determined by a coin toss.. this is nevada.. so of course that won't do.. ties here are settled by a card draw.. high card wins.. if it's the same number.. then it goes to the suit.the nevada caucus is this coming saturday. live in las vegas, todd walker for the now. the car of your dreams -- finally affordable!but are you too big to drive it? it?the plans to put more
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the radio flyer red wagon is part of is the add in... a tesla? that's right..."radio flyer" just unveiled this mini-tesla model "s" car... for's a one-seater designed for children ages three to eight... complete with working goes up to six miles per hour... and you can order it in customized paint
4:42 pm'll set you back about five-hundred-bucks... nothing like the real thing for adults...makes you wish they made a bigger version for grown-ups to play in. a california man stumbled upon a 50-thousand dollar check at a fedex store this weekend.. and still can't find the owner. the man says he was using a copy machine.. and when he lifted the lid.. he saw the cashiers check sitting there.he says he didn't feel comfortable leaving that amount of money at the store, so he grabbed it and took it to the local police station only to find it was closed. it could be somebody's savings. it could be someone's down payment for a home," and i thought if this was my situation, it would certainly be considered an emergency so i called 911. dispatchers told him to come back to the station when it re- opened this week. but he didn't want to wait. he tried contacting the back-- and was connected to a call center in taiwan. he says he's going to keep trying to track down the owner.. until he finds him. right now-- on my facebook
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would do next?should he keep the money? turn it in and call it a day? have you ever found a large sum of money? share your input right now and join the conversation. finding the person of your dreams is getting even easier. easier.the boom that means you don't even have to go on a first date to know if you have
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... a lot of people find love on the internet these sites have made it easier than ever people with the same religion, hobbies or even political views. views. and if you are a pet lover-- there are sites for you too! megan knight with tips for pet lovers looking *fur love. 1o-13 emily garcia/loves her cats46-56 dr. karen prager/university of texas emily garcia has lived with animals all her life. , her two cats gus and lola are more than just pets, they're like family. ,"it's so nice to come home after a long day of work to 2 little furry faces.", and so, when it comes to dating, emily says her partner better like cats. , "i mean, it's kinda a dealbreaker because i'm not gonna get rid of my cats for anybody.", that's why
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devoted solely to pet lovers a try., i thought, 'ok, i could meet someone potentially that we automatically have a love for animals in common, and that would be a great thing from sites like "pet people meet dot com" and "date my pet dot com"... hyper-focused dating websites are now available to singles., dr. karen prager//counseling psychologist school of behavioral & brain sciences; the university of texas @ dallas "instead of having this huge mass of people to look at, where you don't know where to begin, the niche websites allow you to narrow down your search to people who share a very important value." psychologist karen prager has studied relationships for years., she says she sees the value in these sites, since many people consider their pet a companion., "our pets have warm blood and beating hearts and emotions, and they attach
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nationally acclaimed matchmaker julie spira, has been helping singles find love online for almost 20 years. , she has seen first hand how online dating has changed and is a big proponent of the "pet themed" sites.., julie spira//cyber dating expert when we're looking at blending a family, guess what, you're blending your pets as well" spira also thinks a "pet- themed" date is a great way to break the ice.., i love having dates at dog parks. i think it's just a very relaxing way to get to know someone without any pressure, it's like the coffee date, only you're bringing your pet." dating experts caution it's important to stay realistic and remember that just because someone is a pet lover doesn't mean they're your romantic match, "i think that you could definitely use a dating website as a place to meet friends as well. emily says her cats will continue to be a priority in her dating life?& no matter what kind of dating site she uses uses like traditional dating websites, pet-themed sites range from free, to a sliding cost scale based on which
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a warning for i-phone users.. users..take a look at this message that's making the rounds... it looks real enough. it says you should set the date on your i-phone... to january 1-st, 1970... to get quote, a "wild ride" as a way to celebrate when apple first introduced computers.but when you do... it stops your phone from also impacts some i-pads and i-pod touches. apple has just announced it is working on a fix for this problem in a future software update. john matarese is all over this too. check out his report now on speaking of the iphone.. january sales were just about even with december's sales. that means sales were the best since 2008.this is huge because january iphone sales have fallen every year for the past nine years. the man who helped pay to restore the washington monument is doing the same for the lincoln memorial. philanthropist david rubenstein just donated
4:49 pm
to start repairs on the memorial.the money will pay to clean the iconic statue, repair marble panels and the roof, and improve elevator access.the lincoln memorial first opened in 19-22 and is the most-visited tourist attraction on the national mall. our tuesday forecast is cloudy and chilly. highs are expected in the mid 30s. a quick moving clipper system will pass to our south this evening but it currently looks like any of this rain/snow mix will miss the tri-state. skies will be cloudy again on wednesday along with the chance for a few flurries. temperatures top out around 380f for another below average day. but a warm
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return to seasonal levels on thursday with a high of 430f and partly cloudy skies. winds shift to the south of friday and this will help out high temperatures jump to the upper 50s for a beautiful end to the
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a lot of highlights from last night's grammy awards.the most talked about performances today.. today..are lady gaga's tribute to the late david bowie. most fans approved.. but bowie's son did not. he tweeted.. also-- adele getting high praise for singing through a technical disaster. turns out the mic on the piano broke and collapsed onto the strings mid- performance. finally--- taylor swift's acceptance speech for album of the year had social media in a firestorm.. as she subtly took a jab back at kanye west.. who
4:52 pm
responsible for her fame. (taylor swift/artist) "to all the young women out there, some day when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there." there." we checked kanyes twitter page to see if the artist has responded. no word yet on taylor.. but he is tweeting up a storm about himself. craig mckee is here now with a huge warning for anyone using facebook. tanya we're talking about a facebook highjacking! we sit down with a man who is watching his online world get taken over. his account now controlled by someone else who is posting lewd messages and responses. why it appears hopeless to regain control and the one step facebook may take to
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making things better for tri-state veterans. weeks of investigating by wcpo-dot- com and the scripps national team prompted a national investigation into the v-a system here in cincinnati. tonight at 6 - where things stand now as wcpo continues to hold those in charge accountable. tanya -- ad lib wrap growing your money is a lot like growing plants - it takes patience! coming up, the secret to turning "25-bucks a week" into
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we hear it all the time -- we're not saving enough for retirement if we're saving anything at all. all.but even if you are saving money -- chances are good you don't know how it's being invested. invested.the now's anne state is asking questions... and finding out the secret to saving... can be fairly simple. otjennifer: "you have to make a decision"mic q(video: plants in a nursery) growing your money... is kind of like growing plants.. you need patience.sot "do you work forever? do you just save ? put it in savings? (video: woman shops in nursery) where *do* you put your retirement money? for jennifer ("gladdish") gladish and so many others..(video: prickly plants, thorns) it's a prickly, thorny dilemma. whether you have 401-k or an i-r-a... sotmike stanphill: "well, you just don't really know what to do with it."----white flash or dissolve to disguise jump cut----mike again@00:38 "most do nothing or the bare minimum"(video: pretty flowers) how do you get that money to grow and bloom like the flowers here at the "north park nursery?"sotdennis brewster: "i think sometimes the mistake you'll see, somebody young being too conservative." financial adviser dennis
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workers -- with decades to go until retirement -- you might consider an index fund -- such as one that tracks the s&p 500, the biggest companies in the u-s.sot"it's going to be tough to beat this over a long period of time."(dennis showing us spreadsheets) dennis tracked the performance of the s&p since the late 1920's. if you invested 100-bucks a month -- for 30 years -- a total of 36-thousand dollars... that money would have grown anywhere from 155- thousand dollars to well over 600-thousand dollars. pretty good for just 25-bucks a week!sotdennis: "it's money you wouldn't have noticed was gone."cash register nats "thank you" (guy loading up on plants)[video: guy loading up on plants] but before you load up on stocks -- as this guy is doing with plants -- ask, "what's my time frame?[video: bee in flower] if you're retiring soon... you don't want to get "stung" by the ups and down's of markets.. [2-shot me and dennis here] dennis says "target date retirement" funds have become popular because they automatically move your money into something less risky.. the closer you get to retirement.sotdennis: it's
4:58 pm
decision making process and put it on auto pilot for you" (video: buddha statue in the garden) the bottom line, according to our expert? you need to be "at peace" with your investment mix.. and the risk you can handle. jennifer has a friend grappling with that now...sot"but she's always looking at it. 'oh my gosh, it's down what do i do? i don't know how i'm coaching her... just ride it out" (laughs)"for the now, i'm anne state. state. a "target date retirement" fund is based on *when* you think you'll retire.but our expert says you also have to consider how long you may live *after* you quit working. working.and on that note: make sure your beneficiaries are up to date on your i-r-a or 401-k. that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. breaking now - a homeowner shoots and kills a suspected robber. robber.we have new developments live from the scene. scene.and a radio host facing drug charges!lisa wells suspected of using drugs while driving.her response to 9 on
4:59 pm
a valentine's day abduction!a man robbed - after inviting a woman back to his hotel room. why police say this man was being set up! 6th graders arrested for an online bomb threat.a school district completely shut down. how police traced the threat to a pair of twelve-year-olds girls. 9 on your side at five starts now! breaking now - a deadly moment of self-defense.police say a lockland man fired a deadly shot at a suspected robber. it happened just hours ago.9 on your side's evan millward is live with breaking details about what led to this shooting - evan? this was called out as a possible robbery - - when they got here they found a man shot in the chest, dead laying on the floor just behind that front door.'s what the scene looked like when we first got
5:00 pm
- picking through this house. the man who fired the shot is cooperating with this investigation.he's described by neighbors as a guy who welcomed everyone but would defend himself.and in this case - timing is everything. chief james toles/lockland police department"i was downtown at the federal building doing anti-gun violence with a positive cooperation between all the agencies working together to take gun violence off the street. unfortunately i have to come back to the first homicide in lockland in 2016." // dwayne palmore/neighbor"if they guy knew him personally, this wouldn't have happened because he wasn't the type of guy who would...he's a defender, he defends his community, he defends himself, quite naturally - what would you do if someone came in your home." i'm told four people pulled up


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