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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11...area road crews e plowing the streets following today's snow!we have live team coverage of how roads are at this hour - plus how couples aren't letting a couple of inches of snow stop them from celebrating love.a couple snow showers are on the radar right now...9 first warning meteorologist sherry hughes is tracking the system to see if more will fall by sunrise. 9 on your side at 11... starts now! 9 on your side is spreading out across the tri-state, bringing you up to the hour information on the snow... and morning more drive! good evening - i'm julie o'neill!i know a lot of you are off for presidents' day... but for those of you getting back to the grind... your drive to work in the morning, could be challenging. so... will we see any new snow in the morning?we start our live team coverage with 9 first warning meteorologist
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9 on your side has three reporters on the streets tonight.we turn now to reporter rose-ann aragon who is live in florence. i hit the road-- to see just how bad the snowfall was-- in the thick of it we found michelle class--she was stuck. "we're waiting for us to come tow us right now...going back to fort mitchell. we're just
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to beat the snow but we lost.." she is one of many calling for help in boone florence police department "probably 90-100 accidents. especially around the interstate. when the traffic stops the road re-freezes and then people start sliding."in florence--10-year-old victoria deitsch saw it first hand "there was a car coming in and he was kind of going off the road when we were going out." snow plowbut the stress on the roads may be nothing compared to the stress of clearing it-- "this has be the worst. it's been hectic."joe dudukovich -- has been doing this for 20 years--he says simply making room for them-- is a sigh of relief. "a lot. it's a big headache. i got a bottle of tylenol in my truck. right now in my lunch box. it really is stress you know i try to do my best. and try to get this open for these customers."because it's a labor of love--nats: shovel "just to see people smile.
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situations themselves where they can't do it."nats: road police say slowing down, keeping your car ready---can go along way.."prevent accidents. give yourself enough time. have some patience out here we're doing the best we can. and exactly know what your vehicle can do. especially when you have to hit the breaks rather quickly...but perhaps the best advice--stay home.if you don't need to go out. stay home and we'll take care of the rest. rose-ann, thank you.9 on your side's t-j parker continues our live team coverage from downtown cincinnati.t-j? it was pretty cool seeing all the people who were down here at fountain square- not letting the weather phase them- for their special with their special someone. matthew totin: "42:53 we wouldn't let it stop us for anything"it's a valentines day
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girlfriend, taylor behm, won't soon forget. "42:06 we were going to see a movie and it started snowing, we didn't really know it was going to be that bad, but we got out, and it was like, all the roads were covered."matthew and taylor were in newport- hesitant to come back across the river because of the snow- but are glad they did- after winning a valentines day giveaway. "42:36 we were just ice skating like normal and they're like we're looking for a taylor, taylor behm, we had no idea and here we area." other folks were out enjoying the snow- too- like these girls. maleah koenig: "40:41 you get to make snow angels" and with a day like today- canceling dinner reservations for *this* weather- was out of the question for emma collela and greg nicolasemma: "39:08 happy valentines day (laughs)" crews are hard at work down here- clearing the streets and sidewalks- which we're
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tomorrow. live downtown, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. 9 on your side has this live perspective of just how bad the roads are in parts of the tri-state.reporter ashley zilka is in the 9 first warning live drive - and continues our team coverage
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9 on your side will continue following tonight's snow... so wake up to good morning tri-state beginning early... at 4 a-m for those of you who have to get out!sherry is also updating the forecast right now.she will be back at 11-15 with a look into the week ahead! 11 at 11 continues.and tonight - the body of u-s supreme court justice antonin scalia is being flown to virginia. virginia.justice scalia died of natural causes over the weekend!he was in west texas for a private party.the 79-year-old was last seen at that party, friday appears that he passed away in his sleep.the texas ranch owner who first found him, is now speaking out about some of justice scalia's final moments. 1:52-2:13
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he was in ever since relaxed."> relaxed."> president obama is praising scalia for being a brilliant legal mind who influenced generations.he plans to nominate a successor to fill the open vacancy, though republicans have already said the next president should name the new justice.justice scalia was nominated to the u-s supreme court in 1986 by president ronald reagan. in the morning - investigators will be back at the iconic rabbit hash general store - trying to figure out how it caught on fire! it's still hard to believe the northern kentucky landmark was destroyed last night. firefighters from across boone county raced to rabbit hash as soon as the fire was first reported.but it was just too late. the entire building was on fire... the flames so powerful... that they could be seen from across the river in
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state landmark since 18-31. again.">investigators don't suspect arson... it took three hours to put out the flames. tonight - 30-thousand dollars has already been donated on a go fund me account.the organizer is hoping to raise 250-thousand can donate, by going to the link that i've just tweeted out! 9 on your side will be gathering more information tomorrow on an officer involved shooting.cincinnati police are not releasing the name of the officer or the man that officer was aiming at following a short chase early this morning.police say
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on linwood avenue in mount lookout around 2 a-m.during the chase... police say the man hit a car... then got out of his car and ran.police say an officer fired his gun towards the man - but missed. officers did take the man into custody. custody.police are now investigating what led up to the officer firing his weapon. also in the morning - the man charged in a deadly shooting will make his first appearance in court. court.donta williams is being charged with murdering derrick johnson. johnson.the shooting happened saturday morning around 9 on tulsa court in westwood. johnson's body was discovered inside a car.he was pronounced dead when officials got to the scene. tomorrow is presidents day. reminder there's no mail being delivered tomorrow. tomorrow.also-your trash pick-up could be delayed due to the holiday.the city of cincinnati will delay pick-up by one day this week.if you are not in the city-be sure to check out your city's pick-up dates online. who knew so much good could
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battling brain cancer? cancer?take a look at the latest delivery of toys to children's hospital from the group, "cheer-4-savannah." 1500 toys brought to kids stuck in the hospital getting some love...on valentine's day. savannah is a cheerleader from virginia who started a toy campaign after she recovered from brain cancer...and the toys keep coming....12- thousand-five-hundred donated over the past three years. way.">and the toys are just the start. the ben-gal cheerleaders presented this check for over seven-thousand dollar's for "cheer-4- savannah's" next big project-- renovating the playground at the hospital. next at 11. 11.we continue tracking the conditions of tri-state
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goshen - where the 9 first warning live drive is right now.sherry also has your updated monday morning forecast. and you would expect prices to be down on oil products... but they aren't. john matarese looks at why gas is the only thing we're getting a good deal on. 9 on your side at 11 continues
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 the 9 first warning live drive is now in clermont county's miami township.this is a look at roads on state route 131.we have school closings and delays running at the bottom of your screen... and on wcpo dot com.good morning tri-state starts early at 4 a-m tomorrow. gas is cheap! i don't think anyone is complaining about filling up the tank!but why haven't prices dropped on things made with oil?consumer
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with the reason! oil prices have collapsed in recent months....plunging from a high around 100 dollars a barrel down to 30 dollars! that's great news for us at the gas pump.but have you noticed? prices haven't dropped on many products made with oil.-------------with the price of gas well below 2 dollars, a fillup costs almost half of what it did a fewyears ago.airlines are also enjoying cheaper fillups of their big jets.but airfares haven't fallen. hmm.tire manufactueres blamed high oil prices for their recent price hikes...sending an average tire well over 100 dollars.but tire prices havent fallen. hmm.and the price of motor oil in the auto parts store jumped to 6 and 76 dollars a quart the past few years.crude oil is down....but motor oil is not. hmm again.-------------- 2 secs separator-----------and from the doesn't that stink file, the those annoying fuel surcharges from shipping
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we understood them 2 years ago. most people don't anymore....which may have you saying doesn't that stink. service providers say they keep them in case gas prices spike again....and say they are lower than they've been in years.again, hmmm. hmmm.bottom line: when oil prices spike, tprices you and i pay rises quickly.but as prices takes much longer for the benfits to trickle down.and that stinks!. as always, dont waste your money. we turn back to the weather! these are just some of the videos we've been getting in from our crews across the tri-state this evening.we love seening them - just post them
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and wake up with good morning tri-state for your most up to date 9 first warning weather forecast and a instant updates on area school and business closings the monment they come in on the bottom of
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perhaps the most celebrated story of saint valentine is that he was martyred for secretly marrying couples. couples. forward.">kenton county magistrate stephen l.j. hoffman must like the story because he's been marrying couples like kenneth lynn and latasha fultz of brooksville, kentucky since 1989. this couple one of fourteen married here on this valentine's day...the same day as her parents' anniversary. and for their honeymoon? we were thinking about taking a helicopter ride...that's true...around cincinnati...i'm terrified of heights. (laugh) (laugh)kenny already grasping the great secret to marriage: a happy wife is a happy life. we wish them many happy years. next in sports... the reds say good bye to a legend..... legend.....and in toronto, kobe bryant was part of a record breaking night.ken broo
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side, bernie stowe's side of town, friends, family, former and current cincinnati reds made their way to elder high school today. they were there to say good bye to a reds legend. he was a witness to so much of reds history...first as a bat boy, and later as the reds clubhouse manager. legend would be a good way to describe stowe, who died last week at the age of 80. among those paying their respects today, former cincinnati reds bronson arroyo and scott williamson. williamson: he had a tendency to hide in places. came out of bathroom once, under the table, from my locker. that's the kind of guy he was. he was a lot of fun. arroyo: guys would come in and it was a trap door box, and this rodent would pop out. he would bring it in and tell guys to check it out. the trap door would fall out and this thing would land on them ...
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that bernie stowe loved. spring training begins this week. reds pitchers and catcher will report on thursday. the full squad will be in camp one week from this arizona. in toronto tonight, oscar robertson honored with the nba's lifetime achievement award. that was a major storyline for the nba on its all star too, was kobe bryant's final all star game, in his final season in the nbaand then, everybody checked their defense at the door. the lob ahead to lebron...who had a rather quiet 13 points on the night. and then kobe, with the spin move....and the shot that does its own spinarama at the rim. kobe was just four of eleven and had ten points. for the west, stephon curry led the way with 26 pointsand then the dunks kept flying. chris paul, flip they the ally oop to anthony davisand then it's george paul, who finished with 41 to davis again.369 points total in this game. the west beat the east, 196-173. kobe
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toronto crowd after the game. rusell westbrook, for the second year in a row, the game's mvp. in east lansing, the indiana hoosiers had michigan state on the ropes. yogi ferrell, to og ahn-you-no-bee. indiana was down just one to number four michigan state at the breaksecond half, michigan state by one again. matt costello finishing up for the spartans here. costello had 22 in this game.and dezel valentine, on valentine's day was eleven-of-19 and delivered 30,as michigan state races off after that....88-69 final, spartans. the daytona 500 is one week from today. today, nascar started its 2016 season by racing for the pole for that race. and it was chase elliott, driving jeff gordon's old ride, who won it. and at 20, elliott becomes the youngest to win the pole, for the daytona 500 at the at&t pebble beach pro am vaughn taylor was a shot off the lead on number 15 when he did this. his approach
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he hits his playing partner's ball, and vaughn set himself up for birdie and a share of the lead with three holes to play.and then on 16, taylor will sink this long birdie putt, all 40-feet of it to take the lead outright at 17- under par.had phil mickelson made this on 18, he and vaughn would have headed for a playoff. but it lips out.and vaughn taylor wins the pebble beach pro am, his first tour win in eleven years. and he qualifies for this year's
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ah, smell that air. yeah. smells good. really good. oh, hold on. i gotta stop. why? i gotta get home and wait for the cable company. k, but we just left your house. oh my gosh, great workout. no, this is your house! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to get out of your morning run. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. now you can choose a one-hour arrival window, and our new tech tracker feature will alert you with a text or email with your technician's name and photo
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this sunday!sports of all sorts is next.have a great
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coming up tonight on meijer sports of all sorts....we are one month away from selection sunday. and xavier is flirting with a number one seed. one opposing coach says xavier is every bit a final four team. but is it?uc was a bubble team last week. but that was before it beat east carolina saturday and before five top 25 teams lost on saturday. did any of that affect uc's tournament status? and could kentucky ride two players, jamal murray and tyler ulis deep into the ncaa tournament? we'll discuss.and reds pitchers and catchers report to arizona this coming thursday. espn says the reds are the worst team in major league baseball. the worst? come on. the show is meijer sports of
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