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wanted ... the driver charged in a hit and run that took down a young girl .. didn't show up for court. the latest in the search.. and what the 11 year old victim is telling us now. 49:17 they're trying to out smart us we have to continue to get better money for drugs... the new way addicts are finding cash to support their habits... and how police are hoping to shut it down. family drama... a butler county inmate gives birth.. and the man who thought he was the father.. is not. what officials say comes next for
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tonight we are hearning from the 11-year-old girl who suffered serious injuries in a hit and run last night. this as police say the driver charged in the crime... has seeminlgy disappeared -- and didn't show up for court.9 on your side's tom mckee reports on the search for that driver. "imagine stepping off a curb into a crosswalk on glenway avenue here in price hill expecting traffic to stop, but it doesn't. that's what exactly what happened to london smith here and she talked about it for the first time today." today." it was scary." scary." an emotional london smith recovered at home friday from injuries to her face, hands and leg. they're the result of being hit by a car thursday as she crossed glenway avenue with her brother and sister. sister. i don't remember when i got hit by the car. only i remember when i got in the ambulance." ambulance." a security camera caught images of london, her brother and sister in a marked crosswalk. in the top right of the screen and you see a white car approach, hit london and then keep right on going.her mother was stunned. stunned. when i seen her laying there without no shoes on, i thought
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was dead and i just started screaming." screaming." cincinnati police identified the driver as ruby estepp, who listed this as her mount washington address. she was arrested at an apartment building next door watching. we see three police officers over there banging on the window trying to get somebody out." somehow, estepp was released from jail and a no-show for a scheduled court appearance. that didn't sit well with smith's family. family. i don't understand how she ever could have fhi[just kept going like she was like a piece of trash that she rolled over in the street. she reallty needs to wake up, get back to the justice center and turn herself in." in." "there's been a call in the city for a review of crosswalks to see which ones are the most dangerous and see if they should be upgraded. tom mckee, nine on your side, price hill." tonight a mount healthy man who was run over by his own car says he won't rest until police find the man who stole his car. car. aaron burmeister has two
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knee.weeks ago... burmeister was warming up his car before leaving work at the speedway gas station. he turned it on and went back inside. 03:17 i saw the guy running towards my car, i tried to stop him but when that car goes into gear the doors lock and i couldn't open the door and he backed up and that's when he hit me. the attack has taken an emotional toll on him too. burmeister now lives at his grandfather's house because it's handicap accessible. he says he hasn't seen his two kids since he left the hospital.police still haven't found the suspect-- or the car. breaking news at seven... pendleton county's sheriff is asking for your help finding a missing woman in falmouth. 31-year-old tara turner was last seen on was believed she was headed toward the california or wilder areas. if you have any information about he whereabouts contact the sheriff at 859-654-3300. shoplifting. police say it's
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and they say the people doing it are turning around and selling those stolen items for drug money. 9 on your side's t.j. parker spoke with officers who're working to curb the trend. t.j.: "police say they're seeing a growing trend of thieves going into retail shops across the area stealing items like these and then selling them and using that money to buy drugs" samuel vogelsang//resident: "59:09 doesn't surprise me one bit" folks in monroe- not shocked- to find out thieves are selling stolen consumer items- for pennies on the dollar- to fund their drug addictions. gregg myers//monroe police: "33:17 we basically have an epidemic of organized retail crime" monroe police detective, gregg myers, has worked cases like this for years- but he's concerned- it's getting out of hand. gregg: "34:19 the number of people that do this, it's basically overwhelming for the retailers" gregg investigates hundreds of theft cases each year. he says odds are high- those thefts are related to drugs. david fornshell: "10:45 the thefts are going on everywhere: the thefts aren't only happening in monroe.
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david fornshell- says it's happening across the country- and thieves are targeting every day items. david: "4:36 these are things that each of us have to purchase everytime we go to the grocery store" both david and gregg say this is a tricky crime to work- but- as these criminals continue to up their game- they say- so will they. gregg: "49:17 they're trying to out smart us we have to continue to get better and try to be smarter than they are or beat them at their game" in warren county- t.j. parker- 9 on your side. a mother accused of using heroin while her daughter was sleeping in the car - won't be allowed to see her kids until completing a drug program. 25-year-old crystal hall was in court today.police say they found heroin and a needle in the car - which was parked in the price hill kroger parking lot.another woman was also in the vehicle. each is being held on a ten-thousand dollar bond. hall's children are with their grandparents. warren county is taking a different approach to stopping
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put up this billboard along state route 48 in union township.the sheriff is offering cash rewards for tips that help stop heroin trafficking.tipsters can remain anonymous. the father of a two-year-old killed just months ago... is not the father of the mother's second child born this week from jail. jail.rebecca kinner's attorney says she believes a man named jason is the father.scott senft believed dna tests would show he is the father and planned to take custody this week,that test was negative. now butler county is testing jason-- and kinner's family is trying to come to an arrangment so they can be in the baby's life. at this point point butler county children's services has the baby in foster care right now while it tries to identify his father.
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"oh my god. oh my god." god."coming up we're there as one woman discovers her mother's home was hit... what police are saying about the shootings that targeted several homes. louisville ban... what coach rick pitino says the players did when he told them they won't be playing in the post season this year. as we head to break... we are used to hearing butler county sheriff richard jones talk about controversial subjects like illegal immigration.but the sheriff is showing his lighter side on his facebook page... you can see him whip and nae's all part of the campaign to remind people to have fun on super bowl sunday but be responsible and
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covington police say no charges will be filed in the shooting of two people in what was first described as a home invasion.police say one of the men was breaking into the home to get his property after being evicted.officers say the homeowner feared for herself and her husband when she shot the two men.prosecutors decided not to charge her citing castle doctrine.the two men are also not being charged the case. middletown police are trying to figure out who shot up at least two homes overnight. happened on yankee road... two homes left
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tonight.police say people were playing cards in one home when it was shot. another home was hit down the street .9 on your side was there as another woman realized her mother's home was hit too. "oh my god. oh my god.""where did the bullet end up? it went through!""there was a shooting on yankee road last night and my mother's house has a bullet hole going through the window of the room she sleeps in because of her health downstairs." downstairs."as of right now police have not said whether anyone has been arrested or if they have suspects in the case. if you know anything call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040 the university of louisville has imposed a one year post season ban on it's own men's basketball all stems from a scandal in which an escort says she was paid by a former staffer to have sex with players and recruits.head
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hardest part was telling the seniors on the team. team.:40-:47 as they criedthis might not be the only punishment... the ncaa could decide to increase the penalty... even though pitino called it the harshest penalty he's ever seen. puppies delivered right to your door... the special campaign today... and the message that came with it. it.missing money... *who a local school says is responsible for taking thousands of dollars meant for kids. the weekend is here... 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh breaks down the weather we can expect... and a
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! it was money meant for students-- but police say a parent volunteer at a taylor mills school stole thousands of dollars of concession stand funds. funds.'parents of the scott high school eagles club'-- a parent booster program-- noticed that money was missing. the police investigation showed that dana tucker-- charged more than two thousand dollars on the club credit card--to buy personal items. she's also is accused of withdrawing 18-hundred dollars in cash and not deposting up to ten thousand dollars. that money was supposed to be used athletic uniforms. 06;0734;22(chastity-boyd- eagles club president)"for the students. it's definitely discouraging, nad i'm a parent and i have two boys at scott
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discouraging"school officials say tucker is no longer a member of the boosters. if convicted she could spend one to five years in prison people hoping to spruce up price hill say there is a problem that needs to be fixed. fixed.and that is.... the smell.the area is plauged with a persistent smell from the wastewater treatment plant.the smell hits the area that is the focus of revitalization projects ... including the the incline. can read all about what community leaders want done and how it could affect plans for the neighborhood on you've heard of casual friday... but today became puppy friday. friday.that's because uber teamed up with the league for animal welfare to spread a little joy.instead of the car service... people could use the app to order 15 minutes of play time with a puppy. :23 casey verkamp/uber cincinnati gm "normally you can push a button and get a ride. today you can push a button and get a puppy!" puppy!"it cost 30- dollars and the money went to the league
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puppies that made their way through cincinnati are
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sunday... the local players you should be watching on on the field. field.and puppy bowl... it's not the big game... but a local dog has a chance to win on a national stage sunday...
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as excitement builds for super bowl sunday - so does security in san francisco. francisco.on and off the field - security teams are working around the clock to ensure a safe game ... from trained swat teams - to the coast guard in the san francisco bay. and eight aircraft watching from above.the intense operation took two years to plan.machines will be scanning every truck delivery and sensors are posted at train stops. one biggy from security officials - they do *not* want to see any drones
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there are lots of local players to watch in the super bowl.linebacker luke kuechley from saint x and offensive guard andrew norwell of anderson are both starting for carolina.defensive end derek wolfe who once played for u-c starts for denver.he'll be backed up by vance walker... who was born in cincinnati. good luck to all of them sunday. while the bengals won't be playing in the super bowl... the tri-state has a chance to take home a different championship. championship.this sunday is the puppy bowl... it's playing out on the cable channel animal a seven month old mixed terrier... is from the butler county animal friends humane society.he travelled up to new york city for the taping of the show.the woman who owns him now doesn't know if rugby won... but says lineup. sot up full 1/17 19:14:52-- 19:14:57((barker: what their criteria was, i'm not exactly sure. i think cuteness was a factor)) factor))you can meet "rugby" and get your picture taken with him tomorrow, between 11 am and 2 pm at the animal friends humane society. that's on princeton road in hamilton.
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person day... and on wcpo- dot-com... we have the top 9 things you didn't know about steve raliegh.including where he proposed to his wife... that is 9 on your side at 7 for this friday.updates on all
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now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11... "the list" is next... have a
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