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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the essence of the ohio anderson wnship attorney edwin vardiman, junior. case one. 2013. warren county juvenile court. hardimian admits forging a mother's name to a shared- parenting plan and two other documents in a custody case asked why he did it, hardiman honor." case two 2013. hamilton county. hardiman admits to signing his name as a witness to a client's will and power-of- attorney. at hardiman's disciplinary hearing, his treating clinical psychologist attributed much of his conduct to attention deficit disorder from an "inborn neurological problem." the recommendati on was for a one-year suspension with six months stayed. stayed. i reached out to vardiman who told me, "i gave full disclosure to the board and will do what the board wants me to do. i will serve the six month suspension and look forward to getting back to the practice of law." attorney mike foley handled the disciplinary case for the cincinnati bar association and called the outcome good for hardiman and good for his clients. tom mckee, nine on your side, live
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alarming new information on 9 on your side at five - links alcohol to a deadly bus crash. alcohol is suspected in the crash that killed 21-year-old taylor dickey thursday morning in union township - north of dayton. police say dickey crossed the center line - hitting the school bus on ohio 55.she was ejected from the car. nine children on the bus were treated for minor injuries. police did say they recovered beer cans in the car dickey was driving - but did not indicate if she was drinking. police say dickey was driving 101 miles per hour - and was accelerating when her car hit the bus. the autopsy results should be completed in six to eight weeks. following northern kentucky news now.... now....police say a homeowner shot two intruders breaking into their home.the break-in and shooting happened at this covington home on warren street.police say the suspects are being treated for their injuries.covington police are
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a westwood mother was in court for the first time- after police found her two year old wandering outside- by himself- overnight.her son was at the center of this viral picture - of officers going above and beyond to help him. 9 on your side's t.j. parker was in court- today- with reaction from this family ... tj? caldwell's family posted bond this afternoon- she's expected to walk out of jail anytime, now. i spoke with family member's today- who say despite everything- she's a good mom. tonya caldwell//mother//in fault it could of happened to anybody" family of tanisha caldwell- defending her in court- after she was charged police found her two year old son- roaming around stathem cove apartments, early yesterday morning. they say the child wasn't wearing any shoes or socks. today- a judge set caldwell's bond at 100- dollars. after court- family
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leniency. tonya: "34:40 i was scared you know for me but for her also because i thought she was really just done there was no way she would walk out of here" caldwell's mother- tonya- says her daughter is a good mother- in an unfortunate situation. tonya: "34:56 i'm glad it was the outcome like it was and i appreciate the judge being lenient and gave her the benefit of the doubt because it could've been worst than it is" caldwell's cousin- carla dixon- tells us- hopefully this is a lesson for her cousin. dixon: "36:44 somebody could've took him or anything so it just a wake up call" and her mother- also hopeful- her daughter will get the help she needs. tonya: "35:56 i just hope she get out and do the right thing i hope that was a wake up call for her and that she does the right thing" in court today- the judge said while the case is pending she can't have any contact with her son. she was also ordered to come up with a safety plan. live downtown, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. new developments in that 55
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tri-state - police say the driver is also wanted for a shooting in dayton, ohio.9 on your side showed you this video yesterday.police say the suspects recorded themselves during the pursuit. today the suspected driver was all alone in court - anthony knight is being held on a 750- thousand dollar bond. he's also being questioned by police in kentucky. kentucky.two other suspects - chucky foley and jewaun booker are being held on warrants out of montgomery county. they have not been charged in yesterday's chase. and here's a reminder of how that chase went down yesterday. it started with a traffic stop in sharonvill.ethat chase eventually ended in a skyline chili parking lot in harrison. in democracy 2016 - kentucky senator rand paul quit his g- o-p presidential race -- saying he'll turn his full attention to his re-election bid in the senate. paul came in fifth place in the iowa caucuses. paul - who
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libertarian backing couldn't gain enough support. he today. 1:37 - 1:44"i will continue to fight on for liberty ... cc for justice in the united states senate." senate."in light of paul's decision - 9 on your side reached out to the kentucky g-o-p.a kentucky caucus is still planned for march 5th. and the kentucky g-o-p executive director says paul raised all the money he promised - to help pay for the caucus. and republican rick santorum is also suspending his presidential run according to several reports. santorum finished with just one percent of the vote in the iowa caucus. hundreds of student-athletes in the tri-state making their commitment to college teams on this day known as signing day. here's sports director john popovich with some of the stand-out decisions - john? on the's the day that high school athletes make a commitment to the college of their choice. but under the surface, there are many
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one today at cincinnati hills christian academy. involves prince sammons...who stands out in a crowd....he should...he's six foot eight and 280 pounds...but his stature is only part of the story.-he came here from nigeria when he was 15...he wanted to play basketball...but football became his focus.-his mom and dad in nigeria had died...and he was adopted by brandon and betsy sammons who had to be awfully proud today.-prince had decided to play football at the very highest the sec....he's going to auburn. prince didn't even know what football was when he came to america. it was suggested he give it a try...he thought they were talking about soccer. it's been quite a journey..and today he took another step.
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car that went into a building on mchenry avenue in east westwood.this is a picture from a viewer.we have a crew on the way to the scene on the ground right now. infants ... sexual contact ... and now blood. blood.the new concern for travelers possibly exposed to the zika virus.and how scientists are doing some damage control. a death scene in a play goes terribly wrong.we'll tell you what landed this actor in a coma after a scene misfires. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in
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the zika virus is raising new concerns today about blood donations. donations.the american red cross ... and the n-h-s... which is a health services organization in the u-k... banned all blood donations from those who traveled to infected countries. travelers will have to wait 28 days
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vaccine for the mosquito-borne virus - that has drug companies around the world racing... "well, a typical vaccine can take 10 or more years, but there is a great sense of urgency within our organization. the who has declared an emergency so we need to move as quickly as possible." possible."this follows yesterday's announcement - that the virus can be sexually transmitted. and today florida's governor issued health emergencies in three counties due to the virus. an italian actor is in a coma after a hanging scene goes terribly wrong. wrong.27-year-old *raphael schumacher* was performing when an audience member noticed the rope around his neck was so tight it was killing him. police are procedures were in place. it says a lot when people are begging to work a fund raiser. that is just one sign of how much people care about a local
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cancer. the event tonight to help him and his family. warning signs - weeks before. we're on your side with four symptoms of a heart attack - you may experience days or weeks before an attack. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 anyone with kids can appreciate this. the liberty township community is
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who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer. cancer.nine on your side's tony mirones tells us a fundraiser happening right now - keeps one family's focus on their son. nats keeping up with demandnats employees at the la roses in liberty township have orders waiting to be preparedbrian sullivan restaurant manager"it just really hits home with me because i have a two-year-old at home and it makes me emotional." brian sullivan manages the larosa's here in liberty counsel tonight they're holding a fundraiser for kyler bradley. the 10-year-olds battling dipg.jason grubb/customer "anytime of that there's any type of goodwill shown by a business then absolutely it makes me want to spend my money into the business with that business."melissa proffitt/customer"we came to support kyler bradley and his family just because of all the going through and it's really hard time for them." a grandmother of 13 put her money down to buy two's t-shirts at $15 apiece sharon/customeri don't know this child but i do know that children do have to have extra
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for their life."tova murray/family spokesperson "it's expensive to have cancer it's bad enough that they have to deal with their son having a terminal disease been to also have to worry about the money issue that was something we were hoping to relieve it for them." that relief from the community mounting more than $100,000 on line and then events like here at larosa'sbrian sullivan/store manager"it's not every wednesday that you have your whole staff asking and begging to work they want to work they want to be a part of it they want to help and they want to do everything they can to help tyler and his family." the bradleys plan on showing up here tonight around 6tony mirones 9 on your side liberty township if you're still making dinner plans - there's still time to help kyler and his family. family.visit or order from the liberty township larosa's on hamilton-middletown road. the fundraiser continues until 11.
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proceeds goes to the bradleys. the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the tri-state.chopper 9 just arriving at the scene of a car into a building - let's get to dan carroll in chopper 9. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in
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we'll be in the low 50s to upper 40s by the evening rush, which is still mild for the 3rd day of february. temperatures drop to 29 tonight for a colder low in cincinnati. high pressure builds in thursday to give us mainly dry conditions, but there could be a few flurries along and north of i-70. highs will only hit the mid 30s on thursday. temperatures rise into the 40s by friday and
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knowing a heart attack is just weeks away. away. next in healthy living - you can get help before it's too late.we're on your side with the four warning signs attack. catching depression before it starts.the new research identifying those with a higher risk for the disorder. new at 5:30...a new facebook post claims a chance to win free delta airlines tickets!
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reporter john matarese is on your side with how to tell if any facebook contest is real
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tonight in healthy living -
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of a heart attack weeks before it happens. that's according to the wall street says cardiac arrest isn't as sudden as we think.the secret is knowing the signs so you can get help before it's too late. late.we're on your side with these early warning signs: chest pain, shortness of breath ... being lightheaded, and heart palpitations. more than half of heart attack patients experienced these symptoms, up to four weeks before the attack. it turns out the latest brain scans can catch depression before it starts. starts.reseachers at m-i-t are using scans to identify children with a higher risk of depression before the disorder sets in.the researchers say there are big differences in certain areas of the brain between those who are depressed and those who are not. a local detective doesn't like getting hung up on - when he's trying to solve a crime.anchor tanya o'rourke is in the at 5-30.
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her then-boyfriend's car... and wouldn't bring it back. what it took for her to leave the car in one piece, coming up next. plus... brand new information just in at this hour about an indiana man accused of stealing 100-hundred thousand dollars worth of goods from his employer.9 on your side at
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9 on your side at 5-30 starts with breaking news in east westwood. westwood.a car smashed into an apartment building on mc-henry avenue.dan carroll is live in chopper 9 - the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first.
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