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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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steve headline a 56 year old man is accused of groping two patients at good samaritan. but the hospital won't comment. hear what police say happened inside their rooms. child found... a two year old found wandering without socks or shoes... the message the family has for officers who found him... and the charges the mother is facing tonight. a live look at the 9 first
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storms headed our way tonight. right now we're seeing a little rain in the tri-state... but you're going to want to pay attention to the forecast overnight. cheif meteorologist has your first warning at 7. steve? just along the cold front, a line of storms could develop sometime around 8 p.m. that could produce damaging winds and minor flooding. the storm prediction center has most of the tri-state under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. this line of storms brings with it the threat of severe storms. rain and storms will
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a man accused of sexually assaulting two women as they lie in their hospital beds... faced a judge today.. nine on your side's ashley zilka is live outside the hospital with how people are reacting to the news of the attack. mark rivers was arraigned in court this afternoon. police say he groped both women back on january 4th inside this hospital. when i called the spokesperson for good samaritan, he declined to comment. two women violated- and police say mark rivers is to blame. according to court documents, rivers groped both patients at good samaritan hospital-one of them not even aware of the situation until she woke up. the hospital's spokesperson declined to say if rivers was an employee, patient or even visitor. karen neukam is
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wants answers. sot: karen neukam: visiting her grandchild 03:06 shock. how did he get in and why wasn't the security a little tighter? 11 according to court documents- mark rivers came into the first patient's room while she was taking a nap. when the victim woke up- rivers was lying next to her groping her breasts. the woman says rivers told her to be quiet- but she jumped up and ran over to pull the nurse alert alarm. while the first victim called for help- court documents show rivers approached a second patient in her hospital bed and began groping her legs- inching his way toward her pubic area. before he could get any closer- police say he ran out of the room. rivers admitted to an officer what he had done. people we spoke to say they just don't understand how this happened. sot: karen neukam 03:18 since i have been here either you have to have a code number or something to get in.
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sot: frank watkins: patient (was at the hospital for a test) 05:22 it concerns me because evidently somebody is not doing their homework with people who are associated with the hospital whether they are an employee or a guest, i think they need to look into that further. 32 people, like neukam, now anxious for their loved ones who have to stay at the hospital. 03:44 i want her out of here. 45 at this time, police are not releasing any additional information. rivers pleaded not guilty- he is being held on a 20,000 dollar bond. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. tonight- two cincinnati police officers are being praised for going above a beyond to help a 2 year old in need. officers found the toddler early this morning- wandering around by himself- not wearing any shoes or socks. t.j. parker spoke with those officers today who say they were just doing their job. t.j.: "residents who live hear at stathem cove apartments say a two year old walked out of this door, early this morning. that's when they called police and they took action." officers jamie landrum and
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doing what any cincinnati police officer would do. officer landrum responded to the call- this morning- and found the two year old- outside in the cold. she quickly picked him up- bought him clothes with her own money- and brought him back to district three. that's where officer nastold met the two year old- and they quickly bonded. nastold: " 58:18 i did what i enjoy most when i se little children, i got in there and i just started playing and grabbing toys" the child's grandmother- tonya caldwell- tells 9 on your side- she's thankful for the officers kindness. tonya: "43:49 they didn't have to do that you know they said my grandson was outside with no socks, no shoes, and no clothes and for them to go into their pockets, that says a lot for them, themselves" t.j. "tanesha caldwell is expected to be in court tomorrow at 12:20. in westwood i'm t.j. parker, 9 on your side." a high speed police chase through three states lands three men in jail.offciers attempted to pull the car over in sharonville, but the driver took off... down i-75 through
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and back to ohio.. reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour. the car finally stopped in harrison.police say two of the suspects have gang ties.the initial stop was connected to drug activity. police found marijuana and a handgun in the car. all three now face charges.. police say no one was hurt. that was not the case in mounty airy-- where five people were hurt and power was knocked out after a crash around noon. noon. one driver told police that someone in black honda tried to race him on colerain avenue. he refused and slowed his s-u-v down to back away from the car. suddenly, a small truck pulled out in front of him and he couldn't avoid a crash. "i got out instantly and tried to jerk their door open so we had to get the window open and drag them out of the window. the girl -- she was bleeding from her nose a little bit, but her husband looked like he got the steering wheel and the guy in the back he looked ok." ok."
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pole. the driver of the truck was cited for making an improper turn. turn. a car went up in flames on i- 75 this was part of a six car pile-up near towne street.police say it was actually three chain reaction crashes... one after the other. a driver was cited in this crash. this afternoon-- we took drivers concerns to experts asking what to do in a situation like this. 102211 - go into that emergency lane. get out on the passenger side and away from traffic because sometimes crashes happen after the initial crash just because people are trying to see what's going on and you have a chain reaction. reaction.firefighters say they have three crews on standby in the case of a serious interstate accident.. including medical, heavy rescue as well as a crew to guide traffic. a mother charged in her toddler's death gives birth to another baby while in jail. next.. the man who believes he's the father is taking action. what he wants done.
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story.. months after a
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the woman charged in the death of her two-year-old has given birth to another child. child.rebecca kinner is back behind bars tonight.she gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. she and her boyfriend are charged in the death of her daughter kinsley.kinsley's father believes he is the father of the baby boy... and plans for file for custody following a paternity test. he
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have the baby by the end of the week.rebecca kinner's attorney says she plans to push for her family to have custody. a woman rescued from a house fire in corryville has died nearly nine months after the fire.the coroner attributed 81- year-old josephine payne's death to the fire back in may. her son tried to get upstaris to rescue his mother and sister but the roof caved in... firefighters eventually got them out. heads up... duke energy is beginning mandatory gas meter and line inspections in area homes and small businesses. it's part of federal and state regulations.door to door inspections will continue through august. be on the lookout-- you should get a letter about 10 days before the inspection... and a phone call the week of. duke employees will always carry a photo id. they will not ask for money at the door. if you want to vote in the ohio primary, the registration deadline is nearing. voters must be resgistered to vote by february 16th.the primary will
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register at the county board of elections or public can check your voter status at my- ohio-vote-dot-com. a major gift today from the head of scripps that will make a big difference for one local university. stolen guns... how a man was allowed to steal guns from a local store not once... but three times in a row! looking out skycam 9... we are watching potentially strong storms headed for the tri-state tonight... 9 first warning chief meteorologist
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! tonight we are watching as the potential for strong storms moves into the tri-state. we're seeing some rain now... but 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raliegh will join us in a few minutes with a better look at whats to come. tonight police are trying to catch a man who stole guns from a west chester cabela's. and as 9 on your side's jay warren reports... he did it three days in a row. jay------:00-16how could a man walk out of this cabela's on three consecutive days with three long guns including a shotgun a bolt action rifle and an assault rifle it's not something to bellows is talking about but in the meantime west chester police want your help to try to find this guy ------vo--------this is a shot of the man police believe stole the guns and these are the kinds of guns they say he walked right out of the store
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of taken a springfield armory m1 a similar to this one a beretta 28 gauge shotgun similar to this and a black rain fall out assault rifle ((officer michelle berling/west chester police)) :39-47"we had a white male looks to be about 20s go in steel each day one weapon from the store conceal it and walk out the door he left in a maroon pickup truck we're not sure what kind of truck it was and we're just looking for any help to see if anyone can identify this person"------- jay look live------- :57-1:13i called cabela's two times today to try to get an answer about what happened i did not get a call back or an email west chester police though wants your help to try to identify this guy if you know who he is call crimestoppers 5133523040jay warren and nine on your side west chester students who are the first in their family to go to college have a new opportunity at northern kentucky university... thanks to a
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williams talked with rich boehne about the difference n-k-u made in his life. rich boehne is the president and ceo of 9 on your side's parent company, e.w. scripps. he has lived the american dream, and wants to give a new generation the same opportunity he had. had. "my father worked in a factory in norwood. my mother worked in a school district."in 1974, rich boehne enrolled at northern kentucky university, the first member of his family to go to college. college. "students here do not walk onto this campus with a sense of entitlement. they bring their dreams to this campus." boehne has succeeded beyond his president and ceo of scripps, he and the scripps-howard foundation have donated one-million dollars for scholarships for first generation students. students. "what it meant for me was just opening up of a world of choices that i could have never considered without a bachelor's degree." some 5o percent of nku students are first generation. boehne knows
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"it took you awhile//it took me a while. took me about 8 yrs." yrs." "the first part of my college career, here on this campus, i was a very bad student." "nku was smart enough to suggest maybe i needed a little break a couple of times." boehne says when he grew up a little, he re-focused on journalism and graduated in 1981. along the way, he met his future wife, lisa, also a first-generation student. student. "what was your greatest aspiration back then? my greatest aspiration was to carry a reporter's notebook in my back pocket, and to write stories people would read." that notebook is gone now, but boehne still recognizes a good story, even when it's his own. own. "i come from a partially immigrant family, partially kentucky dirt farmer family and to think in one generation, thanks to a college education, i can be chairman and ceo of a large public company, that's pretty incredible." ....he also had good advice for students: he said as fast as the world is changing now, you have to become a lifelong
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evolve.carol williams 9 on your side. just along the cold front, a line of storms could develop sometime around 8 p.m. that could produce damaging winds and minor flooding. the storm prediction center has most of the tri-state under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. this line of storms brings with it the threat of severe storms. rain and storms will
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coming up... reason to dance... the celebration today
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class after winning some
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a group of local girls returned to class today celebrating a year's worth of hard work that paid off on a national stage. we told you last night, seton high school's dance team placed third in two categories at a national competition in orlando.the girls say when the pressure was on they delivered. caroline berning/sophomore"we do it together and we love what we do and we spend all of our time doing it."sara monahan/senior"it feels awesome it's like all of our hard work paid off, i mean we practice multiple days a week for 50 out of 52 weeks a year." year." the girls have about two weeks off before tryouts, and
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this tuesday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11..."the list" is next... introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99.
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and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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