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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  June 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the deeght toll rises from historic floods. we're on the ground in west virginia where the desperate search for survivors is under way. also tonight, a deadly california wildfire roars out of control. more aftershocks from great britain's decision to leave the european union. donald trump throws his two >> we are orlando! >> ninan: and at day pride events around the world, the weekend to remember the victimses of the orlando nightclub shooting. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. at least 23 people are dead and untold number are missing after historic floods washed through west virginia. nearly 10 inches of rain poured down thursday night, sending
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across roads and through homes. late today, president obama signed a disaster declaration, making federal funding available for flood victims in three counties. >> reporter: search-and-rescue teams, some on foot, some by boat go door to door in rainelle, west virginia, looking for survivors from thursday's historic flood. >> it looks like a war zone. >> reporter: state trooper c.s. hartman worries among the destruction will be more bodies. >> that's theas to do but we're prepared for it. >> reporter: the once-a-century flood left the small town of clendonin nearly under water. counties were inundated. the national guard and fema have been called in to help. thousands are without power. at least 100 homes suffered significant damage or were destroyed. >> everybody lost everything. >> reporter: becky mcclung struggled to take in the destruction as she waded back to
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left. >> we never thought it would be this bad. >> reporter: once the first responders check a house, they put that orange "x" on a window. in this one they label it "vacant." no one was inside. steve lamontagne was last here thursday, using a boat to rescue his elderly aunt, but her dog, this very scared little guy, was left behind. it took a little team work to get him out from under the bed, into his cage-- >> i'm glad you guys were here. i never would have inside. >> reporter: and out of the wrecked house. what do you think this will mean to your aunt? >> everything. the dog was the main thing she was worried about. >> reporter: the weather has finally cleared, and while there is still a lot of waters in parts of rainelle and other portions of west virginia, those water levels are quickly coming down. the same cannot be said for the recovery effort, the cleanup, the rebuilding-- that will take considerably longer. reena. >> ninan: kris van cleave in west virginia. thank you. more than 4,000 firefighters are
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california. the largest roaring out of control nearly bakersfield. it started thursday and quickly destroyed more than 35,000 acres. at least two people have died. brian marshall is there. >> reporter: this afternoon, while flames continue to rage on the mountaintops, in the communities below, the devastation is almost unfathomable. home after home after home burned to the ground. when the flames swept through the community of south lake, there was little warning. >> ther >> reporter: curtis randazzo had only moments to escape. now his family's home is gone. looking at you now, this is all you own in the world. >> that and the vehicles. >> reporter: pete due and his family got a first look at what's left of their home this morning. what's it like to come back and see this? >> it's devastating. heartbreaking. >> reporter: this is everything you worked for. >> it's everything i have. >> reporter: insurance? >> no.
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>> reporter: so far, only a hand full of people have even been able to return to see if their home survived. sheriff donnie youngblood. >> the problem is that this fire keeps shifting. and as you know, we allow people to go back their homes, we can't make them leave. if that fire shifts we're going to have more casualties. >> reporter: the fire killed at least two people. they were overcome by smoke. investigators now plan to use cadaver dogs to go through the but for the survivors the hard work hasn't even begun. >> you don't know where to start. nobody knows. you're left in the dark. nobody tell you exg. anything. >> reporter: you're on your own. >> you're on your own. >> reporter: this perspective really gives you an idea of the scope of destruction. this particular community was pretty much wiped out. so far at least 150 homes just like this one have been destroyed, and the weather is expected to get worse tomorrow. that's bad news for firefighters, reena, because it
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>> ninan: that certainly is pad news. brian marshall, thank you. the terror group al-shabaab claimed responsibility for an attack in a hotel today in the capital city of mogadishu. authorities say at least 14 people were killed. a hostage standoff ended when security forces fought their way into the building and killed the attackers. tonight uncertainty rules the united kingdom. britain's vote to leave the european union has set off a wave of aftershocks. jonathan vigliotti is monitoring the fallout from l announcing he'll step down, prime minister david cameron put on a brave face, appearing at a military parade outside of london. but across the nation, brits who voted to remain weren't as stoic. >> i wake up this morning, and i didn't want to believe it. like, it felt like waking up into a nightmare. >> reporter: today boris johnson, a key ladder of the leave campaign, appeared unfazed in the aftermath.
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couldn't stop him from playing cricket. most of the 17 million people who voted to leave are thrilled, but this week's sold brexit vote has been met with what some are calling bregret, and that includes some people who wanted out of the e.u. >>y i didn't think it was going to matter too much because i thought we were going to remain. >> reporter: others said they felt misled by the leave campaign, who were promised it would free up to be spent on health care in the u.k. but after the vote nigel farage admitted the leave campaign made a mistake. >> the 350 million pounds a week we sent to the e.u., which we will no longer send to the e.update, can you guarantee that will go to the n.h.s.? >> no, i can't, and i would never have made that claim. it's one of the mistakes, i believe, the leave campaign made. >> reporter: cameron says the
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terms with moving out of the e.u. in berlin today, foreign ministers of the six founding members of the european union said there's no time to wait. the european union commissioners will meet on monday to discuss what could be a very lengthy and bitter divorce. reena, they must also present a unified front. there have already been called for a frexit in france. >> ninan: the u.k.'s decision to pull out of the european unis campaign issue here in the u.s. >> the united states has real, real problems, and a brexit is not their problem. >> reporter: donald trump took a spin around his scotland golf course today with media mogul rupert murdov and took a swing at president obama's handling of the brexit debate, specifically, this comment made in april on what would happen if it passed. . >> it's not going to happen any time soon because our focus is
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the european union, to get a trade agreement done. and u.k. is going to be in the back of the queue. >> he thought that would never happen and he said if it does happen, that the u.k. has to get to the back of the line. that was a very bad signal to send to the u.k. >> reporter: after th the "e" u. pullout. >> while the u.' with the e.u. will change, one thing that will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. that will endure. >> reporter: in a statement, the presumptive democratic nominee, hillary clinton, says she respects the decision but wants to "make sure that the economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working families here in america." and, reena, in a veiled swipe at trump, clinton also says this is
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>> ninan: thank you, errol. well, two weeks after the orlando nightclub massacre, 10 victims remain in the hospital, three in critical condition. two of the 49 people killed were laid to rest today in florida. manuel bojorquez is in orlando. >> reporter: it was an emotional farewell today for eddie justice, the 30-year-old accountant who texted his mother from inside the pulse nightclub during the shooting. "mommy, i love you." was so overwhelmed, she collapsed at his casket and had to be helped to her seat. her daughter, lekeithra justice, spoke for the family. >> i think this is probably the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life which is make arrangements for my brother. it's really hard to see my mom like this. i have never seen her like this. >> reporter: in sarasota,
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edward sotomayor. he was 34. in the time since the the shooting, there have been memorials almost daily, including this one friday, hosted by the orlando chamber of commerce. several survivors of the boston marathon bombing came to show solidarity. >> you kind of think that things aren't ever going to get back to normal but it's everybody's new normal. >> reporter: orlando's mayor has announced the city plans t victims of the attack, and that notes and signs left at public memorials like this one will be collected and preserved. reena. >> ninan: manuel bojorquez in orlando. manuel, thank you. in the aftermath of the orlando massacre, there's increased security at l.g.b.t. pride events around the world this weekend. there were parades from london to the philippines, all the way to since 98, ohio. demarco morgan shows us how new york city is gearing up for one of the world's biggest pride
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flowers lined the outside of new york's historic stonewall inn where people rioted after police raided the bar back in 1969. the newly designated national monument to gay rights, now includes a memorial to the 49 people who were killed at a gay nightclub in orlando. >> they're going to be in the march with us. >> reporter: danny ochoa works for the latino commission on aids. his organization is building a float for new york city's pride march. it will be covered with 4 the orlando victims. >> it is an opportunity to show our faces. this is the opportunity to say, "hey, we are here." >> we are orlando! >> reporter: friday night, the owner of orlando's pulse nightclub, spoke at a rally. >> i want you to know that orlando and the world's day community are strong and united. we will not allow evil to prevail. >> reporter: in his weekly address, president obama said there is more work to be done for l.g.b.t. rights.
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tolerance, but the arcs some of our history is clear. it's an arc of progress, and a lot of that progress can be traced pack to stonewall the president, of course, designated the stonewall inn as the first gay national monument. what does that mean? >> this is a tremendous mark. it places the bisexual, and transgender movement in the panton of america's civil rights. >> reporter: the n.y.p.d. has heightened security. organizers are expected nearly two million people this year. >> ninan: demarco morgan, thank you. coming up next, is the government getting in the way of protecting children from lead
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>> ninan: cbs has done a great deal of reporting about lead in the water of flint, michigan, and other cities. tonight, dean reynolds is looking at a greater danger to children-- lead paint-- used in homes for decades. >> no, please. >> reporter: over the course six-year-old mikhail mcmullen has had his blood tested more than 30 times. and it's never been easy. it's been a routine ever since elevated levels of lead were found in mikhail's blood. when did he start having health problems? >> he started having health problems around 16 months. what will we play, simon says? >> yeah. >> reporter: nowadays, mikhail
6:47 pm
impediment and attention disorders. tolanda, is his mother. do you feel betrayed? >> i feel betrayed. i feel robbed. >> reporter: because almost everywhere she's lived in chicago it's been in subsidized housing where lead-paint is a threat. hud regulations say a child must actually be lead poisoned before any repairs are required more than 2.5 million hud-subsidized homes have hazardous levels of lead, but hud's measurement of the danger is four times higher than what's recommended by the centers for disease control. hud, which declined our request for an on-camera interview, has proposed to bring its standard into line with the tougher c.d.c. position, but regulatory review takes a long time. >> deteriorating. >> reporter: when we visited the mcmullens, chipping and
6:48 pm
threshold. emily benford, is a law professor at loyola university and the mcmullens' attorney. >> in federally assisted housing, families are being forced to choose between lead poisoning and the brain damage it causes or homelessness and life on the street. >> up to the take that with you. >> reporter: a few weeks ago tolanda mcmullen chose homelessness. she and mikhail moved to a shelter june 3 and are now hoping hud can find dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> ninan: the cbs weekend news
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be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara?. >> ninan: it's been a tough month for the police department in oakland, california. the city, with the nation's third highele rate, lost three police chiefs in little more than a week. john blackstone is following this. >> reporter: celeste guap says starting at 17 she had sex with at least a dozen oakland police officers. she claims they gave her advance notice of raids on sex workers. >> well, you know, these men in uniform, you know, giving me protection. >> reporter: her accusations launched a cascade of dismissals, resignations and revelations of other misdeeds.
6:52 pm
police chiefs in just nine days. >> i am here to run a pliment, to the a frat house. >> reporter: for now, mayor libby schaaf has assigned a civilian administrator to run the department. >> to root out what is clearly a toxic macho culture. >> reporter: demonstrators at police headquarters have called for sweeping changes at a department that has a history of brutality and racial profiling. in a city that has been battling sex trafficking, celeste guap, now 18, says she was a the police. >> you gotta hold them accountable, too,un. >> she's essentially a sexually exploited minor. >> reporter: christopher watson leads an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking in oakland. >> we essentially ask them to trust in law enforcement and so by doing than tha dismen law enforcement, you know, violates their trust like this, it's really hit the community really hard. >> reporter: here at oakland's police headquarters the chief's office could be empty for a while as the city conducts a nationwide search. the mayor says the new chief
6:53 pm
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snapped this iconic pulitzer prize-winning photo, but he didn't have time to get the names of the men in it. that was left to the marines. as david martin reports, they didn't quite get it right. >> reporter: it happened on the fifth day of the battle for iwo jima. the marines had taken the high grounds, and the photographer captured the essence of world war ii in one split second. >> the key element to me-- and i think to most marines -- is that-- and here's the irony-- you can't see who it >> reporter: but, says retired marine colonel mary reinwald, the marine corps did identify the men. one of them, john bradley, a navy corpsman who fault alongside the marines, was believed to be this man. but nearly 70 years later, amateur historian aaron corelli started asking questions. >> this is an important iconic moment in american history, and to get it right, i think, is essential for, you know, all americans to kind of say, "this is the truth, and these really
6:57 pm
>> reporter: bradley was there. that's him. but compare that to the figure in the photo. >> these tworp completely inconsistent with respect to their clothing, the articles of equipment they were carrying. >> reporter: forensic specialist michael plaxton, who analyzed the photos for a documentary on the smithsonian channel, saw bradley was wearing pouches to hold his medical equipment, while the marine in the photo wore standard infantryman's gear, and his brad earn rolled up. >> so you can see the difference between the two. >> reporter: if bradley is not in the photo, who is the sixth marine? a freeze frame taken of the flag raising provide the first clue. >> the first thing i noted about this man was his helmet liner strap is hanging down beside his face. >> reporter: there was only one marine there with a strap like that. >> so here's harold schultz, and there's that loose liner strap. >> reporter: schultz survived
6:58 pm
in the picture. >> harold schultz never made any claims, which is incredible in today's world. >> reporter: but don't think lesof bradly, who was wounded, received the navy cross, and has since passed away. >> nothing can change kind of the sacrifice and what those marines on iwo jima went through and how they served their country and saved our nation. >> reporter: no matter the names, the image remains as powerful as the moment it was taken seven decades ago. david martin, cbs news, quantico, >> ninan: and that's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. later, "48 hours, followed by boxing returning to cbs after 40 years. a special presentation of showtime boxing. thurman defends husband welterweight crown against challenger sean poart right here on cbs. i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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