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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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what's more unsettling is how hold the city's pipes are and how surprising it is that incidents like we witnessed today haven't happened more often. witnesses say it was a haunting sight as an intimidating white cloud rolled down 58th between 6th and seventh. >> it was pretty scary. >> when i got here, i saw a little steam coming out already. it was a small amount around 7th and then got bigger. >> reporter: the department of environmental protection said that a water main leaked, flooding basements and setting off a reaction. towering plumes of steam shot into the air and into joel reed's apartment. >> the bedroom was full ofs steam. when i went down to the lobby,
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>> we are dealing with steam and just water that might surrender -- surround the pipe and not compromise it would cause an extreme steam condition which it did. >> i started getting like a waxy substance on my glasses and clothes. >> reporter: their gear carefully removed and bagged for testing. they have not determined the exact location of the leak and what caused it. the city has 6785 miles of water mains and about a thousand miles are over 100 years old which makes it no surprise there were at least 400 water main breaks every year but one since 1998. there were 562 in 2015.
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>> i watched all the steam come out and so high it almost reached the top of that building. that's all i saw. >> reporter: it was scary? >> well, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: so you can see there where 58th street buckled after the leak and steam still escaping at this hour. so 58th between 6th and seventh avenues remains closed for repairs and so that the dep can isolate that leak. there were no evacuations due to the leak and luckily, there were no injuries. hazel sanchez, cbs 2news. >> thank you, hazel. police are calling this a miracle. the pilot and apparently in last night's long island fiery plane crash are expected to make a full recovery. but the doctor said it might not have been the case if not for the bravery of neighbors. >> reporter: a crash-landing
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this is what the walsh family saw on their block on sunday evening during a family barbecue. >> my kids were on the front lawn playing soccer and said there was a plane crash. >> reporter: joe walsh is a retired firefighter and his brother, pete s a new york city firefighter. they wasted no time. >> didn't even have shoes on. i ran down in my socks. you know, we were working on unbuckling seat belts, and the one, his leg was stuck, and basically, we just had to yank them because of the fire, pulled him out and handed him to me. >> reporter: when one of the firefighters saw the flames, he grabbed this water hose and started spraying but said it was years fighting fires to make the call that the wires aren't live. >> they were not jumping around on the ground like they were live. it's a chance you take but if we didn't take the chance, the
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get out of the plane report report from they hadn't made that call and they were burned, the chance of survival would have been worse. >> their mortality would have significantly increased. >> reporter: the pilot, scott clifford is in serious condition with broken ribs and thigh bone, and mike rome is in good condition with a concussion and bruised lung. the family is deeply move smood thraimpg its -- moved. >> it's thanks to all those people who helped him. >> both the pilot and the passenger should be released this week. we have new information on another plane crash on long island. a body found on the beach was identified as gerson salmon- negron. the plane he was in made an emergency landing in the water.
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the plane had engine trouble. a suspect under arrest in a slashing attack last week against an israeli tourist. police say the man is 24-year- old marvin taylor. according to police, he slashed the volume his neck and hands on fried morning. a tip led them to taylor who is homeless. mayor deblasio unveils a new comprehensive plan to help the city's homeless. after a 90-day review, the mayor said that efforts will be more efficient and effective for finding safe and affordable housing. 15,000 new housing units will be created over 15 years with a renewed effort to identify those living on the street and improve shelter services. but the real goal is prevention. >> we're trying to stop the problem before it happens to
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>> i am so thankful for this program and for mayor deblasio for his commitment. >> the mayor said there will be increased security at hotel that is house homeless families. the mayor said this will save the city millions. goldman sachs has agreed to a settlement of $2.5 billion in civil penaltys and $1.8 billion to borrowers. >> it's really another major step for the families under the reckless regulation and abusive practices when a relatively small number of financial firms
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his knee ms. 2008. >> several other banks have reached lawyer deals in recent years. hillary clinton attacking the kink queens. >> she was in the borough where donald trump was born. >> reporter: we can tell that you the candidates were all over the state and hillary clinton was criticizing queens's native son, donald trump. >> i am deeply concerned about the incitement of hatred. >> reporter: she also took her campaign to long island meeting with families affected by gun violence and said schee is looking forward to her debate on thursday from bernie sanders. >> i think it will be lively and noticed under the bright spotlight and scrutiny in new york senator sanders has had
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>> reporter: a monmouth poll shows clinton leading sanders in new york state but sanders feels he is closing if all over the country. >> when it began, we were 65, 70 points behind senator clinton. and last week, two polls had us ahead of her. >> reporter: donald trump retweeted a video of a voter burning his gop registration. >>i will never be in the republican party again. >> you are going to have a big problem, folks, because there are people that don't like what's going on. >> reporter: ted cruz said there will be a fight at the convention. >> it will be a battle in cleveland to see who can earn the majority of delegates. >> the cruz campaign tried to strong arm and bully people and they lost everything. and we did extremely well.
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but you know, you gotta go out and hunt delegates. >> reporter: trump lost two votes in his own family, his children eric and ivanka. he said it's no big deal but they feel badly and he will cut off their allowance. but he was joking. i'm sure they can handle it. >> they are okay. >> reporter: they do okay without dad but you never know. >> all right, dick. thank you. in other news here, a rutgers' university student is shot and killed at his off- campus apartment in newark, and raegan medgie tells us why. >> reporter: this is now a murder scene involving a rutgers' student. >> he was very nice. >> reporter: shani patel was shot and killed last night. his roommate also shot but in
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>> i am only 1 or 2 away from him and seeing the prospective has an affect on me. >> i don't know what to say. >> reporter: patel and his 23- year-old roommate were shot in their apartment on central avenue in downtown newark. police found a handgun a block away on bleecker street. rutgers sent out an e-mail alerting students about what had happened, and then another e-mail, alerting students that police are shill still investigating and it was not a random act. >> this is real and not an e- mail anymore. a guy that i knew and had a good memory of him 72 it's disheartening. even though we don't know him, it was a classmate and someone
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i feel for his friends and family. >> reporter: police don't know why the two were shot. raegan medgie, cbs 2news. the debate over transgender rights heads to local high schools and who can use which bathrooms. the answer is tricky for local districts. >> doing damage or preparing your kids for a digital world? why doctors could be changing advice regarding screen time. >> an attack in the lobby could have you looking over your shoulder. >> and umbrellas and why you may only need them for a portion of the day tomorrow coming up. x. you want world-class medical care without having to travel for it. you have it in montefiore. with a history of firsts, we're nationally recognized for medical excellence, and with our albert einstein college of medicine, academic and research excellence.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. an unlocked door appears to have become an invitation for crime over the weekend. scott rapoport obtained security video that shows how a man followed a woman into her brooklyn building and then attacked. >> reporter: sources tell us
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shows a 24-year-old woman talking to the lobby of this building on president street in crown heights on saturday might and into a world of danger. behind her outside is a man following her and makes his way in the door. there he is close up and pulls up his hood covering his face and continues into the building. what happens next is shocking. police say that the man approached the woman from behind, wrapped his arm around her neck and threatened to murder her if she wasn't quiet. >> that's despicable. >> it's crazy. we have cameras. >> reporter: police say there was a struggle and the woman dropped her cell phone. the man picked up the phone and took $5 and ran into the night. the woman is physically okay but shaken over the attack. >> it's scary. it could have been me, anybody out there. maybe one of your children.
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the attacker got in the building because the door is left uplocked on the sabbath when jews who live in the building don't use electronics. we tried asking the super about it but he wasn't in when he knocked. residents say more security is needed in the area. >> there needs to be more of a police presence to maintain the safety of the people in the community. >> reporter: tonight, the attacker in the video is still out there. scott rapoport, cbs 2news. the man accused of killing former new orleans saints player was in front of a judge today. cardell theys is they -- hayes is accused of shooting the super bowl winner. hayes said he believed that smith was going for a gun. his attorney insists that hayes was the victim.
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pursue that vehicle in aest to get a license plate number and report an accident. as he was attempting to close in on this vehicle, a 3-car accident occurs involving smith's vehicle. >> smith's wife was shot in the leg and she is expected to be okay. the more doctors learn about zika, the more concerned they become. that was the word from the national institute of health. they are saying it's much more destructive to fetal brains than originally thought, miscarnals, eye problems, and other problems throughout presenting neaps. they are asking congress for $1.9 million for mosquito control and to develop vaccine and treatment. all parents know this intuitively. kids are drawn to tablets and cell phones like magnets.
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screen time difficult even though it's recommended. what do you do? kenneth craig has more. >> reporter: just 2 years old but already with her own ipad and giving her to give it up to be a challenge. the american academy of pediatrics said that kids 2 and over should be limited to just 2 hours a day in front of screens, and it should be avoided for children under 2 completely. but that's difficult in today's high-tech world. when did you start noticing that she was really into the ipad. >> before she was 1 years old. and i thought if i limit her completely, she will be behind in school. everyone is on i i -- ipads and computers. >> reporter: 1 in every 3 parents give kids their own tablet by age of 5 and 8% buy
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>> it's a challenge to navigate the digital age. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics realizes the challenges and is updating and those changes will come this fall. but it's important for kids to unplug. >> tech-free zones that might be mealtime and definitely the bedroom. >> reporter: this mother follows the current guidelines as much as she can and will gradually increase screen time. >> pediatricians say that studies have shown that excessive use can lead to attention problems and sleep disorders and obesity. >> and on and on and on. >> what do you think, dad? >> they're like zombies. on play dates, they are all in the same room and looking at difference screens. what's the point? you can't fully take it away
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end great -- great carrot at the end of the stick. lonnie knows what i am talking about. >> lonnie was saying they have a hard time negotiating withliy. >> okay. you get 15 minutes and she calls the ipad the p-pad. okay. so you get 15 minutes and that's it. it's tough out there but this is not tough. a great shot over the park, sunshine in the city and 60 degrees currently and here is the vortex satellite and radar, yes, rain from, say, morris to duchess counties. pretty light and if you zoom in tight, this blue scrl not making it down to the ground. look at the flash of yellow and dark green, yeah, showers out there, nothing too big. anything that you're watching tonight is just break away activity to the front itself that will come through more
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that will be the toughest weather. tonight, a late shower chance, 53. tomorrow, leave with the umbrella but we were talking how you don't need it all day, a better looking sky in the afternoon and i don't see the rain sticking around all day. now, back to you at the desk. >> lonnie, thank you. let me put my ipad down. [laughter] it's a common sight around one town and the battle to save the life of one cow. >> plus, his hunger was criminal.
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every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. coming up at 6:00, a mysterious bank heist in brookline, $280,000 in cash vanishes? what did it and when? and a cabdriver has a medical emergency on the job. accidents are on the rise so why aren't cabdrivers required to go for annual checkups? we'll look into that.
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campaign to save a cow from slaughter. >> but her owners say this is what farmers do. >> reporter: roosters and chicken and sheep and goats part of benner's farm. >> we are the seventh family that has lived here. >> reporter: bob and his wife, jean, have owned the farm since 1977 but of all the animals, it's minnie the cow in the spotlight. she was bought in ohio shortly after she was born. >> we brought her back because she's a meat cow, and there are not many you can find. >> reporter: freeway are going to slaughter minnie to provide food for the family and now there is an outrage. >> they call minnie a member of their family and you don't slaughter members of your family.
5:26 pm
in a sanctuary someplace with no reason for being? her reason for being is to be a meat animal. that's what she was made to be. >> reporter: supporters have offered to buy the cow. >> she is pelfing and thinking like a dog or cat. >> reporter: bob benner said with her sharp horns there is nothing cute or meaningful about minnie. >> i would have to do it for every chicken? >> reporter: they said they will demonstrate until minnie is spared. >> about 20 protesters ticketed this weekend and they will protest again this weekend. now, the thing is they named her; right? how do you name her and then go and eat her?
5:27 pm
>> tough call is right. of this has the controversy that has the likes of bruce springsteen taking sides. hits local school bathrooms. >> you realize it's a crime? >> they call it a crime. i call it saving lives. >> going rogue on red light cameras. what this crusader said she has done. >> and unloved, how a photographer is flipping the
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the so-called red light robin hood is confessing to the crime. >> welcome back. he admits to breaking the law but said it's to make a point. >> we have more on this exclusive story. >> reporter: she unapologetically at it again. >> i cut the cable wires making it useless. >> reporter: you turned the camera off? >> i made it dysfunctional like the whole program.
5:31 pm
with a how-to to disable the red light camera. so you cut these wires? >> yes, i did, in order to save lives. >> reporter: damaging he claims dozens. >> as many as i could do. i don't know how many but 20 to 30 cameras. >> reporter: he claims he is crusading with a money grab. >> we are not going to put up with a short yellow light trickery. people are getting killed. >> reporter: this just as there is a suspension of the program. new data shows at about half of the intersections with red light cameras, accidents with injuries are up and at 1 intersection, accidents doubled. >> how can they say it's safety when their own reports shows the increase? >> reporter: but the reports show that the total number of
5:32 pm
intersections went down 4%. officials say it proves it's saving lives. >> you will often see a pickup in rear-end accidents but the trade off is that decrease in the right angle accidents. those are the ones sending people to the morgue. >> reporter: but he is claiming legal flaws in the program. you realize what you are doing is a crime. >> they call it a crime. i call it saving lives. i am only trying to save lives. >> reporter: we asked police and they acknowledge vandalism at a number of locations over the weekend. the crimes are under investigation. >> the only time i will have a fair say is in front of a jury of my peers. >> reporter: this fairytale robin hood did not live happily ever after, and this robin hood plans to turn himself in.
5:33 pm
>> and the official we spoke with, jon schneider, said he is appalled with the actions. just pups is a pet store shut down last week after 57 puppies were found crammed in cages had a cold van found behind the building. the store's owner claims that the dogs were never in danger and is planning to sue. disappointed bruce springsteen fans lined up to get refunds for the rocker's canceled north carolina concert in protest of the controversial new law of transgenders people. 15,000 tickets were sold with an estimated loss of $100,000 for the boss. concert promoters said that those who bought online should have received their refund already. and a new jersey school
5:34 pm
controversial bathroom, the story new at 5:30. >> reporter: at two high schools in bergen county, a boy's room and a girls' room and who should use them. a new policy will accommodate transgender students. >> if you want to be called by a newly identified gender name, we will allow you the opportunity to do so and use of the restroom and locker room is the final stage. >> reporter: the restrooms won't change. even the signs willy will -- will remain the same. >> biological males in a female locker room, i know i couldn't be comfortable with that. >> reporter: the district said that restrooms and changing areas provide for privacy and no one will be allowed to be casualty about declaring a
5:35 pm
>> a student has to show consistent evidence and the administrator has to truly understand this is part of the student's core identity. >> reporter: a neared based group, liberty council, has weighed in opposing it. >> men or boys have policies to enter into women's private areas for reasons of voyeurism or worse. >> reporter: students tell me that they are more comfortable with accommodating transgender classmates than listen to grown ups fighting about it. >>i think they are thinking in a closed-minded way. >> i understand how people might feel odd but times have changed. >> reporter: in a student body of 2000, 5 to 7 students identify with the sex other than on their birth certificate. lou young, cbs 2news. >> the policy expected to be adopted tonight is similar to the one already pass inside a dozen other new jersey school
5:36 pm
he has survived war, amputation and avalanches and has not stopped this veteran from climbing to historic heights. plus, a treatment developed for women that can help women with problems with their prostate. >> and today in history, apollo 13 launched with a mission of landing on the moon but it was caught short when an oxygen
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landing. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. curing a massive reduction nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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a former marine who lost part of his leg in afghanistan is setting his sights on a new and dangerous challenge hoping to be the first combat amputee to reach the summit of mount everett. >> and he is doing it with the help from a special veteran's group. >> i was looking for something to completely change myself and
5:40 pm
created from war. >> reporter: charlie lamdeau wants to complete the highest peak of all. >> can't get higher than everett. there is nothing else. >> be careful what you say to me. >> reporter: at his side is a former hell's angel. tim suffered life-threatening injuries in a motorcycle crash and has summited mount everest. he established a foundation to help war veterans to climb the world's tallest mountain. he climbed the tallest peak in australia. >> you have to find the right mountain for the right injured veteran, and everest is the big one. >> reporter: she chose charlie for the challenge. the former marine was a member of a bomb disposal unit in
5:41 pm
stepped on a buried explosive and suffered a traumatic brain injury and an amputated finger and foot. >> every day was just pain and painkillers. i made the decision to have it amputated below the knee. >> reporter: this will not be the men's first attempted effort. in 2014, they climbed the south side from nepal and were training for four weeks when ice the size of an apartment building crashed down skilling 16 nepalese assistants. and then another try. >> all hell broke list. a 7 magnitude quake hit. >> reporter: the earthquake killed nearly 9000 people and
5:42 pm
camp that killed more than 20. instead of climbing, the two men pitch immediate on relief efforts. >> it was a difficult time coming home last summer like, did i do this again? at the end of the day we have to do this mission and be successful. >> it's a whole movement that has become bigger than tim and charlie. and you turn on the tv and here is a guy with one leg climbing everett. if that doesn't get you off your butt and take back your life, i don't know what is. >> they are scheduled to arrive at base camp on friday and will do training climbs to help adjust to elevation, and did you see the smile on charlie's face?
5:43 pm
if that doesn't get us up our butt exactly. coming up, the latest on the mayor's fundraising scandal. >> why are transportation
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conversations? to health news now, a condition that is likely to happen to most men as they age, their prostate enlarging. it's common and it can be a qualify of life issue. >> about there is a new way to treat it that's borrowed from women. >> reporter: that's right. for years, women have been able to shrink fibroids by having the blood supply blocked off, and now, there is's benign enlargement of the prostate that will make some men's lives a lot more comfortable. if men live long enough, their prostate gland will enlarge and cause symptoms familiar to many. >> waking up soft, even when i
5:47 pm
you can't cons -- concentrate on anything because you spend most of the day or night in the bathroom. >> reporter: it can be treated with medication or surgery to laser the prostate. but there are limitations. >> it can affect fertility and there are upper size limits to the minimally invasive therapies. >> reporter: there are patients who have medical conditions that make them poor surgical risks. and a new study shows it's possible to safely shrink the prostate by blocking its blood flow. the doctor showed me the very thin catheters to do it. >> we are blocking off the prostate artery here. >> reporter: it reaches the blood vessel that feeds the blood vessel and then it will block that artery. this is what it looks like and
5:48 pm
>> the prostate will shrink overtime report some men even get immediate relief. >> when i wake up to go to the bathroom, it's morning. >> reporter: now, this prostate emboization isn't the 50 line, but doctors are working on make this procedure easier. it's an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia and is applicable to men who were sick and couldn't have regular surgery. >> and very good for him. >> reporter: sure is. he can sleep through the night again. you can call this guy a real-life hamburglar. this is a fast food joint in washington from last month. he was hungry and threw a
5:49 pm
on the grill while chatting on the phone. he broke in after a delivery person left. after cooking up his burger, police say that the man stole a bolts of water and then walked out. >> if you're hungry, you're hungry. as long as he cleaned up, i guess. [laughter] >> put some cheese on there. get it just right. lonnie quinn is here with the exclusive cbs 2 forecast. it's cold out there. when we will turn the corner, lonnie? we will have bonafide spring temps, and your the guy had a game? >> yeah in a parka and long johns. it was like a football game. glad the little man had the game. and this is different than what we were talking about at the top of the newscast, raindrops. count them, 8 to 10 on the lens
5:50 pm
out there, and that means that they are ahead of the main event. 60degrees is the current temperature and 65 was the high today. look at that, the trifecta of ones, the morning low of 43, exactly where we expect to be. for the morning commute, rain is likely. for the afternoon commute, it will be dry out there, and once you get through the rain event tomorrow, 5, 6 days of worry- free weather. how much rain did we pick up? the models say no one will pick up an inch. 3 quarters of an inch or less. and we can see the breakaway showers making their way through and the blue is not making its way down to the green and the green is a light shower. where you see the specks of yellow, few and far between, but, again, that's where there is a moderate shower.
5:51 pm
we could see heavy activity during the morning as we watch the line makes its way through and let me show you how that will work out. 6:00 in the morning, gearing up for the morning commute with the front around the areas north and west of the city, 50 at that hour. and watch what will happen. there's 6:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m., the front with the heavy rain on top of the city, a skinny line in a couple of different stages with heavy rain and then light rain and heavy rain again and here we are at 9:00, clearing north and west and at 12:30, you are seeing clearing north and west and 51 in the city. and the cold air will set up for wednesday morning and thursday morning. still chill out there, and i am talking about below freezing and then we'll turn the corner. for tonight, a late shower chance, 53 degrees and more likely for the morning commute. a better afternoon at 58 and across the board, 56 on wednesday, and 60 on thursday and 61 on friday and i told you
5:52 pm
on saturday and 69 on sunday and 69 on monday. sunday and monday are hinting at being some lower 70 readings. i think next week is the week that we turn the corner. >> we'll hold you to it. >> yeah, and it looks better. >> thank you, lonnie. this next story sounds like the star of a bad joke but it's not. a goat walks into a california starbucks. the employees tried to give her a banana but she walked in and started chew on a cardboard box. millie was taken into custody and then her owners came and took her home. i word if they -- wonder if they got her name on the cup right. mine, they don't. >> i don't know, but the box? pit bulls stuck in local shelters are getting new help
5:53 pm
all it takes is a creative photo shot. that's at 6:00. kidnapped? no. and that's when we realized it was a scam. >> and actually knew his wife's location. a new twist on the kidnapping phone scam. what they are doing to seem more credible. (vo) you were born. you live in westchester. you live in the hudson valley. you live in the bronx. you're more than one person. you're many people. you're a community. you know what you want when it comes to medical care. you want the care of a top manhattan hospital without having to travel for it. you have it in montefiore.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at today is national pet day and we asked you to share your pictures of your best friend. joan sent us this picture of her fashionable dog, buddy. mary said her cat checking up on the fish in the tank there and how cute is this? the love birds are pichacu smith and log smith. and pit bulls are getting an image makeover. >> pickle, sit. good boy.
5:57 pm
why someone would go to the trouble of trying to put a crown of flowers on a pit bull and then asking if it sit still for a photo session. >> his expression is awesome in this one. >> reporter: photographer sophie german said she is on the mission to save the lives of pit pulls wasting away in shelters by showing their inner beauty. >> the more power series is challenging the perception. >> reporter: that is based on a series of highly publicized incidents, most involving pit bulls trained by people to be violent. >> come on, chopper. >> reporter: even she was uneasy around them but that was before she discovered what they were like when they were treated with kindness. what do you think of them now? >> they are so loving, so gentle. it's kind of crazy to think the
5:58 pm
the kind of dog they are. >> reporter: today, their bad reputation results in the euthanization of pit bulls every year, more than any other breed. >> there are so many good, loyal, affectionate pit bulls. >> reporter: 70% of the dogs here is pit bulls or pit bull mixes. >> she is trying to give them a softer edge, and it's working. >> reporter: many of the dogs have been adopted. after two years in the shelter, there was little hope for brownie but someone saw this picture and gave him a happy home. soon after we visited, this put bill was adopted, too. who could say no to that face? clip reid, cbs news. and today is national pet
5:59 pm
you can share your pictures with us, #petday. the news at 6:00 starts right now. a mysterious bank heist in brooklyn, robbers literally dropped in and took off with more than a quarter million in cash. panicked phone calls, screaming in the background, a man pays ransom, convince that does someone kidnapped his wife. and commuters, be careful what you say. some surveillance systems not only record video but riders' conversations. good evening once again. i'm maurice dubois. dana tiler is off tonight. we begin at 6:00 with a stung vow of silence from mayor deblasio saying he will no longer talk about a widening federal corruption investigation. more now on the nypd scandal.
6:00 pm
sealed and not with a kiss but akin to a kiss off. >> i will not speak on this after today. >> reporter: the mayor talking a vow of silence about the corruption probe that has forced the police commissioner to take action against five cops, four of them top commanders and is looking at how team deblasio raised funds. it's a drip, drip, drip to the story. i wonder if there was something you would lake to say to new yorkers? >> i hold myself and my administration to the highest standards of integrity. we are very, very careful about doing things in a legal and appropriate manner and very careful about disclosing the support that we get. we disclose it and welcome questions about it.


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