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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that is the water temperature right now. 40 degrees. at present across the region it is beautiful. 72 degrees in central park. overnight tonight we'll see those clouds increasing but as you can imagine, it is going to be a very mild forecast. we'll tell you how long the record warmth will last coming up. back to you. >> thank you. with eye-popping numbers everybody seems to be soaking spring. in new rochelle. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, with the sun shining, a little bit of breeze coming off the water, this is where anyone would want to be. these beautiful temperatures giving us a great day. everyone can agree with that. when you're 4 and the it's the hottest day of the year thus far things can be tough. >> it's so hot! i need ice cream.
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new rochelle kids are frolicking without being held back. >> yeah. no coat. it's really hot. i'm sweating. in my shirt. >> no shoes i see. > no shoes. no. i guess i'm about there. >> reporter: over in glen island park, kids of all ages are soaking in the sights. >> we'll be back in the park tomorrow because we are retired! that's the best part. and the weather adds to it. >> reporter: if you are not already sold that today is the perfect day, here's advice from a 6-year-old. >> enjoy the breeze and the sun. >> reporter: at the metropolitan museum of art this afternoon, the higher temperatures mean more tourists sitting on the museum steps basking in the sun. walking down fifth avenue with jackets in hand. >> we're going to walk around the city and have so much fun, right, guys? >> yeah! >> reporter: for vendors, more opportunity. >> i seen bad weather, good
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i prefer the hot, warm weather is always better. everybody happy. >> i bet if you go inside the park you will see people in bikinis today. that's just what new yorkers do. >> reporter: back here in glen island park i have not seen any bikinis quite yet but we do see some people here just in their lawn chairs enjoying this beautiful evening. maurice and kristine, it can't get any better than this. magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> looks so peaceful, magdalena. thank you. we'll let them rest. meantime, interests a developing story right now. a water warning at more than two dozen public schools in newark. authority have found elevated levels of lead in drinking water! cbs 2's meg baker reports on what schools are doing to protect the children. >> reporter: signs like this were placed near water fountains in newark vocational school as well as 29 other public schools where elevated levels of lead were found in the drinking water.
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>> most of these were only relatively -- not all but were relatively minimally above that threshold. none of them was even completely in the zone of, um, of flint. >> i understand in the flint environment, that any, um, sight of elevation is going to haywire. but here, um, the water, um, it's still drinkable. >> reporter: the mayor says the lead is coming from within each school, not from the public works water source. officials say they first realized there was an issue here at spencer elementary school where there were reports of discolored water. that was last thursday. >> how long ago was this report done? how long did newark public schools sit on this information is. >> monday was when i got briefed on this. >> reporter: but parents were not told until wednesday afternoon. >> the children need water to stay hydrated during the day.
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parent not knowing even more alarming. >> reporter: why the delay? >> we needed to put a plan in place. this was not the high level emergency. >> reporter: they are working with the epa to retest all 65 schools next week. >> a lot of these are older schools with older lead piping that we need to address long term. >> reporter: it is now safe for children to wash their hands with the water, just not to drink it. in newark, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> the mayor is asking for donations of bottled water as they work to clean up the issues. in westchester county, new rochelle high school was evacuated this morning because of a gas leak. chopper 2 was overhead as students and stared gathered on the football field. the football field. the odor was found in one wing of the school. the fire department gave the "all clear" and students were allowed back inside.
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the cause of the leak. new at 5:00 a woman in jersey city viciously attacked and sexually assaulted in her own home. investigators say the suspect canvassed the area searching for a victim. cbs 2's ilana gold live at the scene with more. >> reporter: they say the victim was attacked inside the apartment building on this road and they say the attacker was going door to door at homes trying to get in. this is the man police call the person of interest. he is wearing a black jacket, sweatshirt and gloves. it happened monday at 3 a.m. it was in the victim's apartment after newark avenue. she was bruised and screaming for help and was scared and she has moved out. detectives found surveillance
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man who fit that description walk in and out of her building. they watched him put gloves ongoing door to door reaching for handling trying to get inside. women who live in the area are alarmed. >> scary to even go out, you know? i'm glad she's okay. but i heard she's bruised and she's scared. >> reporter: you're concerned when you heard about this how are you feeling about this? and have you changed anything since finding out about this? >> i just found out today. by you guys being here. so i guess now i'm going to be on the lookout and lock my doors. >> reporter: and that is exactly what police are advising. they want everyone to be on the lookout and lock their doors. police want to find this man and question him in connection with this crime. if you have any information, they want to you come forward. ilana gold, cbs 2 news, jersey city.
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a suspect who police say was part of a drug sale that ended with an nypd detective shot. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is live in bushwick, brooklyn, with the latest. hazel. >> reporter: kristine, we all know how dangerous a police officer's job is. so thankfully, detective john glad stone is recovering well after apparently being accidentally shot by one of his own. they were trying to break up a drug sale at this deli. this surveillance video at wilson avenue and troutman street shows the suspect vehicle at the top of the screen as undercover police on foot try to stop it. the vehicle crashes. officers make the arrest. this man was working in the deli. >> gunshots. >> reporter: you ran for safety? >> yes. >> reporter: this exclusive photo shows nypd detective john gladstone lying on the ground moments after being shot in the shoulder. investigators believe that
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fired by his partner as they were trying to bust the heroin sale. >> at that moment, both the sergeant who was standing on the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective where he was, they fired their weapons. so the detective was hit in the shoulder apparently by the shot that came from his colleague. >> reporter: two suspects were taken into custody. one of them seen on cell phone video as officers made the arrest. a massive manhunt for a third suspect followed on the ground and by air. today police created a frozen zone around the crime scene continuing to collect evidence. meanwhile, police officers have been visiting 11-year veteran detective gladstone still recovering. one witness who asked not to be identified said she saw the injured detective outside her front window shortly after being shot. she says the neighborhood is on edge knowing there's still one suspect on the loose. >> i'm hoping they catch that guy because like if they don't it's going to be really
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actually come out at night. >> reporter: police say the suspects in custody are 51 and 45 years old. the 45-year-old was shot in the leg and wrist but is expected to be okay. as for detective gladstone, he was transferred from elmhurst home to the hospital for special surgery in manhattan to have the bullet removed from his shoulder. he also broke his arm. live in bushwick, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. a surge of violence in the mideast brings stern criticism from vice president joe biden! this morning, police say two palestinians opened fire on a bus near jerusalem injuring one person. this came after an attempted stabbing in the west bank earlier in the day and a day after a deadly stabbing spree in jaffa. an american student was killed in the string of attacks. alongside israeli preliminary benjamin netanyahu bidened off his condolences to all of the victims' families.
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statement from palestinian president mahmoud abbas' political party praising the stabber. >> the united states of america condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts. this cannot be viewed by civilized leaders as an appropriate way in which to behave. >> attacks in the region over the past five months have claimed the lives of more than 180 palestinians and at least 28 israelis. thousands of people are expected to say their good- byes this week to nancy reagan. her casket now lying in repose at the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. as cbs 2's danielle nottingham reports, today begins three days of mourning for the former first lady. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan paused at nancy reagan's casket as ronald reagan presidential library to pay his last respects to the former first lady. thousands of mourners also packed the library to honor her. >> i just wanted to pay
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you know, did a lot for our community and for the united states. >> when a person that you love and admire actually passes, it takes a lot of the wind out of you and, um, i -- i had to say every person here is deeply sad. >> reporter: nancy reagan's body, her children close behind, arrived hours earlier after a procession escorted the late first lady across los angeles to her final resting place at the library. inside, mrs. reagan's family held a private service before the doors were opened to the public. crowds are being shuttled here to the reagan library to view nancy reagan's casket. they lined up for hours before the public viewing to make sure they didn't miss a moment in history. >> so you want to be there when you can to see it for yourself. >> many say nancy reagan's greatest legacy is her devotion to former president reagan. >> they just had a wonderful love affair. >> even on the screen you could city this love that they had for each other. >> reporter: as in life, she
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husband's side. she will be buried just inches from him on friday. danielle nottingham, cbs 2 news. >> and president obama reportedly will not go to the funeral on friday. he is going to speak at the south by southwest conference in austin, texas instead. the white house says first lady michelle obama will attend mrs. reagan's funeral. coming up, a disturbing discovery that put a neighborhood on lockdown. what a woman found in her trunk that brought the bomb squad and investigators in. >> new endorsements from former candidates and new nervousness for at least one front-runner. >> a famous rapper has some explaining to do. why he was called to court over these social media photos. >> plus, kids with concussion could be in for a longer recovery than they realize.
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ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? campaign 2016 being
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efforts to destroy donald trump. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is trying to recover from a burn wound. dick brennan here now with more. dick. >> reporter: could be a serious burn wound, guys. hillary clinton was expecting to win in michigan. so the sanders win has shaken the campaign! in the meantime a former republican candidate is throwing her support behind ted cruz. it's time to unite behind ted cruz! >> reporter: carly fiorina says cruz is the only one who can beat donald trump and hillary clinton and now cruz wants a two-man race. >> head to head, donald trump loses and loses badly. >> whoo! >> reporter: but last night trump won michigan, mississippi and hawaii and the front-runner took time to promote and display various trump products that mitt romney claimed were history. >> there's the water company. i mean, we sell water. and we have trump wine. he mentioned trump vodka. he said trump magazine is out.
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i thought i read one two days ago. >> reporter: now the stop trump group may stop next week. >> remember the bank shot that has to work here to slow him. marco rubio would have to win in florida. kasich in ohio. two different wins, two different candidates. it's always been a long shot. it still is. >> reporter: on the democratic side bernie sanders did a trump imitation. let's show the world that democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turnout! human being! >> huge! >> huge! >> reporter: bernie sanders stunned hillary clinton in michigan but clinton still ended up with more delegates yesterday after her win in mississippi. >> we have our differences. those differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: now, clinton has been leading in the polls in florida and ohio. clinton and sanders are debating tonight. the republicans tomorrow. oh, by the way, trump says he thinks the debate will be
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you can count on it. >> yes. >> maybe. >> it will be "huge" in some ways! [ laughter ] we can expect to hear more about hillary clinton's email scandal as the election approaches. today the republican national committee filed two lawsuits seeking every, single email sent and received on clinton's server when she was secretary of state. as of last week, the state department had released 52,000 clinton emails. but it had planned to stop there. a bankruptcy battle heats up for rapper 50 cent. the performers whose real name is curtis jackson arrived at a courthouse in hartford, connecticut this morning. he was ordered to appear after he posted instagram photos including one of him next to piles of cash arranged to spell the word "broke." today he told a judge the stacks of cash are not real. and that he is not hiding any assets. the rapper filed for bankruptcy last year after a jury ordered him to pay $7 million to a woman who said he posted her sex tape online.
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soaking parts of the south bringing on dangerous flooding conditions. dozens of homes in northern louisiana were no match for the deluge. ending up submerged up to their roof lines, some victims were rescued by boats. roads were wash out. oklahoma, texas and arkansas were impacted by the storm. very dangerous situation there. >> in the meantime no problems here though, right? >> nothing of the kind. >> hope you enjoyed this. vanessa murdoch was on the roof. was it good? >> it felt incredible! they said come back in and i thought, really? you couldn't keep me up interest a little long? this is what i got to see firsthand out there. beautiful blue skies, temperatures in the searches. it is gorgeous right now. south winds at 8 miles per hour. this a critical part of the forecast in helping to heat things up. in fact, today's high of 77 is 30 degrees above the norm. and well above the previous
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so record setting warmth for so many of us today because of that big push of wind out of the southwest that just helped to usher in warmer air but you know what? 77 feels so much like florida! you didn't have to go there today! but 77 is the normal high for orlando on this day. right now temperatures are coming down a bit. we saw 80s out there earlier. 72 central park. 51 in the hamptons. note the 20-degree difference with those winds in off the water. the winds are coming over water temperatures in the 40s so seriously knocking down these coastal temperatures today but as we make our way through tomorrow, we have another chance to heat things up because we will see some 70s again tomorrow. overnight partly cloudy and 58. very mild. coming up in my full forecast, we'll talk some wet weather and cooler weather, as well. kristine, back to you. >> thank you. look at this. an incredible sight in the sky this morning!
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a total solar eclipse. many cheered as they watched morning return to night. a rare phenomenon happens when the move crosses in front of the sun casting a shadow on the ground. some travelers got to see it and witness it on a flight from alaska to hawaii. i heard that the flight crew actually changed their flight plans just so that the passengers could catch a glimpse of that. it was pretty exciting. >> extremely cool. >> i have never seen one. have you? >> me neither. imagine waking up on a flight to see that? >> cool. >> very cool. >> i would pay extra for that i think. >> i don't know about that. [ laughter ] anyway, coming up next, fix now, pay later? a new program let's some people borrow money to rehab their homes and they don't have to pay it until they move out. >> never ending winnings. the new proposal to get rid of
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swcho tt.swcho os coming up at 6:00 cars and crates take up a city block. people on the west side of manhattan say this homeless hoarder is a fixture in their neighborhood. >> does the city bother you? >> no. me, nobody bother me never.
5:25 pm
>> never they bothered me, never. >> so see what else she told marcia kramer about life on the street. >> and new credit card chip technologies creating problems with gift cards. we'll show you how the rules are changing straight ahead at 6:00. it's being labeled as virtually free money for seniors who can't afford to fix up their aging home. interest-free loans that don't have to be paid back until the seniors sell or transfer their estates. cindy hsu has the story from hempstead, long island. >> reporter: handshakes all around as town officials celebrated the makeover of tom and joyce fox's home that's nearly 100 years old. >> the house was built in 1926. and it was the original cedar shakes that were on the house with holes in them all over. now it's beautiful. looks like a brand-new house. >> reporter: this old picture shows the faded shingles before the repairs. but now there's all new siding, new gutters, and downstairs a new furnace converted from heating oil to natural gas. all done with an $18,000
5:26 pm
they have no immediate plans to pay back. >> it doesn't have to be repaid until the house is sold or -- >> or we die. >> in many respects, it's a part of virtually free money that is out there for seniors to make repairs on their homes. >> reporter: hempstead's supervisor anthony santino says the towners received a $700,000 grant from a little known federal program aimed at keeping seniors on fixed incomes from selling their homes and moving away. the interest-free loans must only be repaired if the seniors sell or by whoever inherits the home. neighbors are also thrilled by the home's new look saying it's a good deal for them, as well. >> of course, the house is more salable now and everything and my property values go up, too,. >> reporter: town officials say they have enough federal money to grant interest-free loans to as many as 50 seniors. meanwhile, the foxes say their home has become quite popular. >> our friends and family that come for barbecues and everything, they pass the
5:27 pm
>> reporter: eligible homeowners can apply to hempstead for the loans. money the foxes expect will be quickly gobbled up. in hempstead, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> homeowners must be at least 62679 the loans are limited to seniors making less than $61,000 a year. homeowners must be at least 62. seniors with large families could make as much as 116,000 and still be eligible. it's a charge few people have been convicted of. a man sentenced for causing a crash that killed an officer. why his attorney says another driver should be paying the price for this deadly crash, as well. >> also, was it a bomb? the dangerous device a woman found in her trunk as investigators try to figure out where it came from. >> plus, how a retired couple
5:28 pm
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or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. residence on edge in yonkers after a suspicious package forces some from their homes. a woman called 911 after opening the trunk of her car to find a bomb! cbs 2's lou young has the story from yonkers. >> reporter: the device is
5:31 pm
from chopper 2. we saw the county bomb squad's remote- controlled robot remove it from the trunk of a car separating it from a crude detonator. the car's driver a 3-year-old co-op owner at 2 0 north broadway called police when she discovered the device about 7:0 a.m. as she getting ready to drive out of the building's parking lot, the 23-year-old co-op owner. >> it appears to be some type of rudimentary explosive device. she actually was in the vehicle and moved the vehicle and heard something rattling in the back and examined it and called police. >> reporter: the woman with the bomb in her car lives in a fifth floor unit here. cops disarmed the device, closed off the area for blocks around, put a local school on lockdown, evacuated several apartments and then headed up to search the place and question their husband. this is their unit under police guard when they saw it shortly after streets were reopened to traffic. it was purchased in december and renovated.
5:32 pm
explosive device existed. >> jealousy, envy, you never know. >> reporter: what about terrorism? >> um, no. not in this area. jealous boyfriend if anything. >> reporter: you think so? >> yeah. >> reporter: yonkers cops called in the feds to question the couple looking for other possibilities. many here wonder what would have happened if the woman hadn't stopped to investigate the noise in her trunk. >> thank goodness somebody found it and were taking steps to make sure nothing is wrong. >> scary? >> it is! and on a nice day like today, it could hit a lot of people. >> reporter: the bomb squad searched the couple's second vehicle as well but found nothing there. so far, no charges have been filed. we're in yonkers. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> yonkers police are consulting with both the fbi and the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives. now to the new jersey transit strike threat. face-to-face talks between union leaders and njt resume tomorrow after the two sides talked today by phone.
5:33 pm
will not walk away from negotiations. the strike deadline is 12:01 sunday. they could strike if an agreement isn't reached. officials have a plan to shut that happens. a tearful apology but a vow to to appeal from a convicted drunk driver held responsible for setting off a chain of crashes that killed a nassau county police officer. it's only the fourth such conviction in new york state. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports >> reporter: through tears james ryan spoke in court for the first time to the family of nassau police officer joseph olivieri. words cannot express how deeply sorry i am for your loss. officer olivieri was a great man. i deeply regret he lost his life that night. ryan also touched on lessons learned. >> if you have anything to drink, you should not get behind the wheel of a car. you can't just make up for it by -- by a couple of tears at the end of the trial.
5:34 pm
packed the courtroom and the heartbroken children, siblings and father of the officer, ryan's tears were unmoving. >> the laws were changed just for an incident such as this. >> reporter: an instance say prosecutors of a drunk driver setting off a tragic chain of events after 7 drinks barreling down the l.i.e. ryan crashed then stopped on the highway. responding officer olivieri coming to ryan's aid was struck by another driver who rubbernecked. the unusual case based on a relatively new charge, aggravated criminally negligent homicide. 28-year-old ryan found responsible for the officer's death because he made an initial criminal choice. >> he got on the road. he was drunk. and everything that flowed from that is entirely his responsibility under the law! >> reporter: ryan's father a retired cop himself and mother in tears as the judge spared their is on the 20-year maximum. he will serve a combined 4 to 8 years. his attorney says his client
5:35 pm
the system let him down because the drive who hit and immunity. >> james feels responsible for the accident but doesn't feel criminally responsible ultimately for the death of officer olivieri. >> reporter: but the prosecutor tailed the judge the case is like planting land mines and plank the person who steps on them. drunk driving is a crime. today tragedy says the d.a. may prevent tomorrow's. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> ryan plans to appeal and his attorney also request he be freed until the appeal can be heard. a battle in connecticut over the state's lottery and its expiration dates. lawmakers are debating whether to get rid of the six-month expiration dates for winning tickets. but lottery officials are against the idea. they say having no expiration dates would make connecticut ineligible for powerball or mega millions. >> this is a very well meaning bill but unfortunately, it has
5:36 pm
consequences. one important one, it will cost the state of connecticut millions of dollars at a time when the lottery's revenues increasing and supporting the state. >> connecticut's lottery reportedly is a $1 billion a year business. last year players won more than 700 million and 300 million went to the state. new concussion concerns for kids. instead of lasting days or weeks, it could langer for longer. the -- it could linger for longer. the warning signs being look at. >> remembering a legendary music producer who changed music history. [ music ] >> i forgotten what -- >> sing it to me now!
5:37 pm
>> love it when you sing it. >> in 1989, reo speedwagon hit the top of the charts with can't fight this feeling. [ music ] >> can't fight this feeling
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
i started fighting for governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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legendary british producer and composer sir george martin died at the age of 90 known for his work with the beatles and some say if it wasn't for him, the fab 4 might have never been. "cbs this morning" anchor charlie rose has a look back at his life and work. [ music ] >> reporter: when a little known band named the beatles were struggling to sell british rock and roll, it was george martin, a jazz and comedy producer, who signed the group their first recording contract in 1962. [ music ] >> reporter: and helped launch a revolution. >> i knew their repertoire and
5:41 pm
and i said, let record every song you got. come down to the studios. and we just whistled through them in a day. >> eleanor rigby >> reporter: martin was behind 30 of the beatles' number one singles. >> yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away >> that score was for string quartet. well, when we did it paul scribbled on it by paul mccartney, john lennon and decision and mozart. >> from the beatles to james bond. >> gold finger >> elton john's 1997 rework of candle in the wind honoring princess diana. >> he had the beatles on his
5:42 pm
after that but he continued to work with everyone from dire straits, celine dion. >> reporter: george martin produced more than 700 records you but it was his work with the baitles that beatles. >> he was the first producer i worked with, with the beatles and working now he is -- it's very easy for me. not very flattering to him but i keep saying he is like an old shoe. >> yeah. >> it's an old pair of shoes. i just like him. plus, of course, he is a very, very good producer. >> sure. >> he is one of the best in the world. >> really good pair of sure, by the way. sir martin was behind 30 of the beatles number one singles and then produced song for many other artists including elton john, celine dion and sting and the list goes on and on and on. behind every group, there's a great producer like that. >> imagine trying to maintain those creative minds of the four, the four bait the, right and then taking the best of all of them and then putting it together.
5:43 pm
>> like a great coach. >> yeah. i guess. okay. let's turn to our weather now. -- well, it is still nice outside but i'm going to talk about our angels. the victoria's secret angels frolicking in great weather. the swim special on cbs tonight. cameras following 13 women going to st. bartz for one of the hottest swim catalogs groups. >> a behind-the-scenes look at our swim catalog shoots. it's just really cool and you get to see this like inside view of what it's like to be a victoria's secret angel. >> they are part of the spring catalog. you can see the "show" tonight at 9:00 on cbs 2. >> going to heat up. [ laughter ] >> it will be warm. [ laughter ] a pantry staple may be
5:44 pm
why you could be paying more now for olive oil. >> also, new information about the first american to get a uterus transplant. what doctors had to announce late today however. >> and then at 6:00 a daring rescue from a marshy creek. a man trapped in virtual quicksand the race against time to save him from being buried alive. >> and studying metabolism in babies.
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information on the first uterus transplant in the u.s. the organ was we moved from the patient because of a sudden complication. the woman spoke publicly about the operation monday. she has uterine factor infertility which prevents her from having children. she is doing well and she is recovering. doctors say they plan to continue their study now on other patients. each year emergency departments across the u.s. treat about 750,000 children with concussion. most of them will get better
5:48 pm
will have lasting symptoms. as cbs 2's dr. max gomez reports, there's a new test on who will have prolonged symptoms. >> reporter: not only are persistent concussion symptoms troubling for kids wanting to get back to school and sports, the temptation to ignore the signs when they have been around for a while can be dangerous. go back before the brain is healed and you risk serious damage. johnny is back on the ice after concussion. >> there was a really bad headache just really bad. >> i knew that the severity of the concussion was much greater than that five days or seven days of rest would fix. >> reporter: more than half of children treated at emergency departments end up with headaches of a concussion. >> parents usually ask, how long is my son or daughter going to have symptoms? and what's going to go on after that? and what do i have to do? there's no good way to actually predict those with persistent symptoms. >> reporter: new research is
5:49 pm
children are at higher risk for developing persistent symptoms after concussion. thousands of patients were studied. 30% ended up with persistent post-concussion symptoms at 28 days. the study in the journal of the american medical association looked at 46 possible signs for concussion. >> after they evaluated those 46 variables, they came up with nine variables that were barely predetective particular of post concussive symptoms. >> follow my finger with your eyes. >> reporter: the clinical variables were used in a 12 point risk score including things like age, sex, history of migraines or depression, prior history of concussion and problems with balance. >> variable compiled. >> reporter: the headaches are gone. >> while this new score system is available now, researchers say further research is needed to show how good it really is at predicting lasting concussion symptoms.
5:50 pm
treatment for concussion is total brain rest. no tv, no sports, videogames and even no school or homework, believe it or not. >> wow. >> until those symptoms all go away. >> yes. >> brain rest. >> thank you, dr. max. olive oil is getting more expensive because of a shortage. prices spiked 20% last year after global production dropped by a third. industry experts expect a similar increase this year. spain, which produces 40% of the world's olive oil experienced hot, dry summers for the past two years. and millions of olive trees in italy which produces 20% of the world's olive oil have been attacked by a deadly disease. >> use sparingly. >> yes. i didn't mean to disrespect victoria's secret angels earlier. i wanted to give them their due time but i also want to get to the forecast. >> no disrespect taken. i'm speaking out for 'em. >> thank you. vanessa is in for lonnie and wow! a day like everyone promised. >> yes.
5:51 pm
good. good. not quite as warm, more clouds but still another beauty tomorrow. let's take you live outside show you just how stunning this picture is note sun setting in the far left hand corner of your screen. officially the sun goes down at 5:57. beautiful right now. 7 degrees south wind at 8 miles per hour. those winds have been cranking those numbers up so high today that records were shattered almost everywhere with the exception of jfk. winds there in off the water kept the temperatures a bit cooler but nonetheless, a steamy one today and it will still be warm tomorrow. a shower chance accompanies that warmer weather. mainly north of the city during daylight hours and overnight thursday into early friday showers possible for all. the setup today is this very off the coast. winds around pumping in the warm air from the southwest. this thing really keeping the wet weather at bay. hours.
5:52 pm
this. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll start to see some showers sinking to the south to areas north of the city could see a little bit of wet weather but that front comes through tomorrow night into early friday and that's when we all have a chance for a little bit of wet weather so here's what it looks like hour by hour tonight. partly cloudy, more clouds building as we head towards the the early-morning hours. dry commute a very mild commute. and then as we get into the afternoon, note where the wet weather is well north of the city. so chance of showers mainly north of the city in the afternoon. sunshine some clouds very mild again tomorrow in the 70s possibly more records broken then overnight thursday into friday that front sweeps on through bringing us a chance for what looks like to be just some showers at this point in time. but skies are clearing friday and it's still going to be above normal. tonight, 58 degrees and partly cloudy. the normal daytime high is 47. so 74 tomorrow would tie the record. we are calling it mostly cloudy tomorrow with that shower chance north.
5:53 pm
friday, chance of showers for all then friday afternoon, another beauty. 64 degrees. clearing skies a little breeze. saturday and sunday, a high of 60. increasing clouds on saturday. we have to turn those clocks ahead saturday night into sunday. then sunday a high of 60 with showers. looks to be a little soggy on monday with a high of 57. 59 on tuesday. still some showers wednesday. 63. well above seasonable for this stretch. >> love it. thank you. coming up next, they're off and rolling! meet the couple who dedicated their retirement to getting dogs on their feet. >> homeless hoarder taking up
5:54 pm
coming up. attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a story now about necessity being the mother of invention. a dog's disability led to a mom and pop shop that's now helping thousands of pets every year. cbs 2's jamie yuccas has the story. >> reporter: sam's dachshund can't move her back legs. >> look at you go. >> good girl. she just looks at me with these little sad puppy eyes and i just -- i can't stand it!
5:57 pm
eddie's wheels in sherburn falls, massachusetts, so pepper could get measured and fitted for new wheels. >> look at you go! look at the baby, oh, my! >> reporter: eddie was a mechanical engineer who decided to design wheels for his doberman 27 years ago which he could no longer use -- when she could no longer use her back legs. it took off and he started his own business with his wife leslie. >> took out more mortgages and we believe it's possible and the bankers all had dogs and loved you see. >> reporter: the couple has a 5,000-square-foot workshop and 17 employees. >> this was supposed to be a retirement hobby. so -- >> how's that working out for you? >> i consider it a failure as a hobby. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there are many reasons dogs lose mobility. that's why eddie's wheels looks at each dogs and custom makes carts for nearly 2,000 animals a year. >> it's gratifying to see a dog drag in sad and depressed and put it in a cart, smiles, wags its tail and runs off.
5:58 pm
also adopt disabled dogs like webster born without front puppy. they are motivators for dogs >> this is amazing! >> reporter: who get back up and enjoy rolling in a whole new way. >> look at you go! 2 news. >> that's fantastic. the business is expanding. and alpaca. >> prize go from $400 to $1,200 depending on the size of the animal and they ship nationwide and they sure do bring a lot of joy. >> good-bye to vacations and their retirement. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. [ music ] captions by: caption colorado >> reporter: a water crisis in new jersey dozens of schools ordered to stop using the water bass of high lead levels. >> in here, got canned food if
5:59 pm
>> carts, crates, bags of cans, it's a caravan that you have to see to believe. can anything be done for this homeless hoarder? >> a rescue of a man trapped in quicksand. but first -- >> it's so hot. i need ice cream. >> how sweet it is. records shattered as temperatures soar around here into the 70s and beyond. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. dana tyler is off tonight. it is still technically winter. but today a taste of spring for sure and no one's complaining. >> mid-70s outside one town in new jersey even hitting 82. vanessa murdoch in for lonnie quinn with more. >> reporter: i'm thinking about ice cream for dessert! that little girl had a point. listen, today it was record warmth everywhere. newark 82. central park 77. the old record 69.
6:00 pm
we were so far above the mark, it felt fabulous! as we look down the list, islip set a new record of 6 degrees. jfk no new record 62 the high there. winds in off the water meant such cooler temperatures at the coastline. quite a contrast. 69 right now in central park. 49 in the hamptons all of this because of winds across water temperatures in the 40s. coming up in my full forecast, we'll talk about whether or tomorrow. >> thank you. anxious for the start of sun today. >> the park is the place to be and that's where we find rochelle. >> reporter: the sun has just about set over this park so you do need a light jacket now


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