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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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eye on the storm. rain already falling in parts of the area. winds will ramp up overnight. lonnie quinn is tracking it all along with a chance of snow later this week. first, a mother in mourning leaving the hospital the day after her daughter died in her arms. now we're learning more about the couple accused of trying to cover up this heinous crime. i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. valerie castro is life from the scene in west new york. valerie? >> reporter: less than 24 hours after this crime, police had two suspects in custody. that comes as a relief to the community but brings little solace to the girl's family. there daughter's death has brought a lot of people to the street corner to pay their respects. a mother still in shock from
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daughter sheila, killed when the two were hit by an suv as they walked to school. in obvious pain as she left the hospital tuesday night after being admitted a second time for injuries caused by the collision. the accident happened monday morning. the surveillance video caught the driver getting out of the car after the impact looking at what he did and then leaving the scene. police announced the arrest of fabian rodriguez calles and his girlfriend joanna rosas- alvarez earlier today. >> we were able to impound the car. we had enough evidence to place them under arrest. >> reporter: not long after, alvarez reported her car stolen but police believe it was a cover-up and found the car around midnight. near the home the couple shares. javier pichardo spoke out about the arrest, breaking down into tears several times. >> i'm heartbroken i lost my daughter. >> reporter: his message to
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>> for the man that did this, i do not wish him any harm. god bless him. i hold no anger toward him. >> reporter: the memorial site at the street quarter where the accident happened has more than doubled in size and the tragedy will be felt in this community for quite some time. >> they took somebody's life. and a little girl. >> reporter: the people arrested are set to appear in front of a judge tomorrow. several charges including leaving the scene of a fatal accident. live in west new york, new jersey, valerie castro, cbs2 news. we are keeping our eye on the storm tonight. lonnie quinn tracking a change that's already begun. >> starting to see leading showers make their way through the area, the rain is moving in, not into the city yet. but it's out there, 50 degrees on the thermometer. here's what we see, east end of long island, decent showers,
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twin forks dealing with lighter rain, western fringe of new jersey, light rain starting to move in. this is all the precursor to the actual widespread rain. this will be moving while you sleep. on your hour by hour, 11:00 p.m. right now, 50 degrees. spotty showers kicking him. 1:00 a.m., what weather at 52 degrees. 3:00 a.m., thunderstorm and 56. and that's it, as the rain starts to taper off, colder air. 49 degrees, wet weather lingering around the east end. pretty bright looking sky will probably get a fair amount of sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures are dropping, 39 at 2 pm. let's go over to you. >> okay. police feel 911 calls -- field 911 calls after a mysterious loud noise at islip. they reported a noise just after 6:00 tonight.
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was no explosion but it remains unclear what exactly that noise was. powerful loud noises were heard on long island and in new jersey back in january. turned out to be a series of sonic booms from a military flight test. a former nypd officer is killed in a shootout with a suspect in a suburb of dallas. david hoefer worked with the nypd for five years before moving to texas. investigators say he was responded to a call of shots fired when the suspect opened fire, striking him. officer hofer died during surgery. the suspect was killed by officers. police in paterson are searching for the gunman who left a seven-year-old boy with a bullet wound to his shoulder. jaden dehli own -- de leon was sitting in his home. today, the boy clutched the medal for bravery given to him by police. jaden called 911 after getting shot.
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call out. he told i'll call them myself. be culled, gave them the address. he was very brave. >> the family has been touched by gun violence before. genesys rincon was shot and killed in 2014 while she was riding her scooter. a manhattan woman accused of raiding the retirement savings of elderly men to support her taste for lingerie and luxury cars. she looked like a friend but the da says she was a fortune hunter. cbs2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: the da says it happened in washington heights. older men approached in restaurants and coffee shops by a charming woman. before long she gained their friendship and eventually their money. >> there's a lot of people trying to scam older people these days. >> reporter: very sad. >> it is. they worked hard for their money. >> reporter: mary evans seen in the surveillance picture is
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men, a 77-year-old retiree and an 81-year-old retired church vision and a 71-year-old college professor. she played on their good- natured with false stories of an abusive husband and children who died young. evans took in $400,000 and spent some of it on sprees at victoria's secret and a mercedes convertible. we learned mary evans has a long history of involvement with much older men. more than 10 years ago when she was in her early 30s, she married a man in his 80s. his name was nathan sparrow. he died in 2006. evans still lives in his rent- controlled apartment, paying 300 a month. one neighbor reacted off-camera to the charges. >> i'm not terribly surprised. it seems to be the nature of who she is. >> reporter: now she's in jail. the da says her victims paid a
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tony aiello, cbs2 news. with a looming strike, less than two weeks away, new jersey transit says it is ready to keep its riders moving. agencies has in the event of a strike, it will have a plan in place to accommodate commuters. sticking points in that negotiation include wage increases and worker contributions to healthcare. without a deal, unions have authorized a walk out just after midnight on march 13. campaign 2016, for all the candidates, super tuesday was a day of reckoning, an opportunity for hillary clinton to show her strength. >> and for donald trump to show the appeal of his antiestablishment message. voters in 12 states went to the polls today, cbs2 political reporter marcia kramer here now with more on all of this. marsha? >> hillary clinton won the day on the democratic side. so far clinton has walked away with victories in georgia, virginia, alabama, tennessee, arkansas and texas. bernie sanders won vermont and
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on the republican side, donald trump won georgia, alabama, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia and arkansas. ted cruz won texas and oklahoma. if you think the fighting and squabbling is over, well, you can forget about it. >> in the lead up to super tuesday, marco rubio tried to bring the fight for the soul of the republican party to donald trump. even though the brash billionaire scored as he would put it a huge victory tonight, rubio is not letting up. >> five days ago, we began to unmask the true nature of the front-runner in this race. the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> reporter: trump wanted to take the high road, sort of, using chris christie to send his message. >> tonight is the beginning of donald trump bringing the republican party together. >> reporter: he couldn't resist a shot at rubio. >> he is a lightweight as i've
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>> reporter: texas senator ted cruz solidified his continued candidacy. >> after tonight, we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat, and that will beat donald trump. >> reporter: as for the democrats, the results made it clear that despite a shaky start, hillary clinton has the big momentum. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. >> reporter: instead of going after bernie sanders, she shifted to the right to a face- off with donald trump. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> reporter: after winning vermont, sanders says he's in end. >> at the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted, 35 states remain.
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to take our fight. to every one of those states. >> reporter: no matter what the final delegate count tonight, all the main candidates are vowing to continue -- to continue. hillary clinton will be in new york city tomorrow for a rally. the next really big day is march 15 with five delegate rich states including florida, ohio and illinois up for grabs. we'll have more and more and more in the weeks to come. >> florida, key for rubio on that day. the new hampshire newspaper that backed chris christie now has endorsement remorse. today the publisher of the union leader wrote this. saying watching christie kiss the donald's rain this weekend and make excuses for the man christie himself said was unfit, demonstrated how wrong we were. next at 11, a toddler in traffic. he rolls out of a van and onto a busy road. the driver has an explanation
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she -- will she always live in fear? paranoid -- erin andrews
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a possible case of animal cruelty caught on security video in brooklyn after dozens of birds, squirrels and cats were found dead over the past year. residence in bay ridge say they believe the animals were poisoned. brian baglioni put up a camera outside his apartment after noticing strange substances and white powder mixed in with bird and cat food. after reviewing the footage, he spotted a man taking a bird feeder down from a tree and pouring a bottle of anti-freeze on the ground. >> on the sidewalk and on the ground. any dog can lick it, any kid
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it's a danger to everybody. >> the nypd says the animal cruelty squad is investigating. a second day of shedding tears on the stand for erin andrews. the sportscaster is suing a stalker and a tendency hotel. she was secretly videotaped naked through a peephole and the stalker posted the video online. it's been seen more than 17 million times. andrews testified she is paranoid every time she checks into a hotel. >> instantly cover the people. and then i do check the room. i look everywhere. i look for lights, red lights, to see if there's cameras. i checked the bed, check the alarm clock, i checked the phones. i booby-trap my room. >> the nashville marriott should have notified her when the man asked for a room next to hers, she says. hotel lawyers asked andrews about her professional success since the video came out. >> you have done very well in your career since 2009?
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>> andrews is suing for $75 million. amazing video of a toddler caught in the path of oncoming traffic. watch this. a boy falls out the back of a minivan as his grandfather was driving down a highway in china. the little guy starts to run. the driver pulled over and helps the boy. the grandfather didn't even realize the child had fallen out. he says his van had been recently rear-ended. the door was loose from the impact. >> that is very scary. new tonight now, a doctor, a cop, a senator, how could teenagers pose as professionals? no degrees, no licenses, some have not graduated high school. they are treating and protecting the public's? >> dick brennan investigates teen imposters. >> reporter: training to be a doctor can take years. but not for malachi love robinson. >> i want to thank everyone.
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preset -- pretended to be a physician. he posted licenses online and offered medical expertise, all shades of the character in the movie catch me if you can. >> dr. harris, do you concur? >> i concur. >> reporter: when found out, love robinson was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license. >> please pray for us in this time. >> reporter: bizarrely, he isn't the only teen to pose as a professional says neuropsychologist helping you. >> no one ever pretends to be a drummer. it's always someone in a position of authority. >> reporter: take isaiah akins, he posed as a senator, but guest spoke at this high school for 45 minutes on the importance of advocacy. >> had a local dealership give him a car to show for him. >> reporter: he lied.
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diligent and verifying who people are. >> reporter: many other cases. one teen posed as an fbi agent and at 14 years old, this teenager claimed to be a cop, spending several hours patrolling in a police cruiser. >> there's a similarity. all somewhat bright. >> reporter: and a bit narcissistic. >> a little bit of a sense of breaking behavior. let's see what happens if i do this. can i get caught? >> reporter: is this catch me if you can behavior that not only get them caught but could land them in jail. potentially ruining their future chances of really fulfilling their dreams. >> my attorneys will do the best they can to handle it. they will be thorough and they will do what is right. >> reporter: people don't like to question authority even if that authority looks too young to be true. further helping imposters carry out there con.
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story of survival from a louisiana fedex driver. security video shows a powerful tornado bearing down on the hardware store last week. kyrie johnson had just dropped off a package. employees locked themselves inside and in the left corner you can see johnson trapped outside with winds swirling 140 miles an hour and debris flying all over. >> i had never seen the sky swirling so pretty. i braced myself right here between the coke machine. it wasn't even holding on. just to brace myself. >> johnston says divine intervention saved her life. >> absolutely amazing. let's get a look at our forecast. lonnie quinn has some changes for us. >> not going to be as nice. we're going to continue to look down the slope and then a nice turnaround. just be patient. weather watch is right now, temperatures all around the
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out there, 51 around brunswick, 46 right next door in milltown, new jersey. this is david, welcome to the show. haven't had a chance to check out your data before. but david tells me he loves this crazy weather. it's going to get crazier. wait until you see how this week ends up. rain moving close to new york city, 50 degrees as of right now, high temp 52, seven above average. well, headlines, seven above the average, for your day tomorrow, much colder for wednesday. but the almanac is not going to reflect, 50 degrees right now and we're approaching midnight. well, the afternoon temperature is going to be in the 30s. high temperature on the almanac tomorrow, 50 degrees, maybe 53. then he drops once you get to the afternoon. a few of those showers around the east end, heavier stuff over the east end of long island.
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making their way in, western communities in new jersey, but very light rain. bigger picture shows you your actual front, more widespread rain, not going to miss us. it's going to move over the area, pick up some rain out of the whole thing. 2:30 in the morning, draped right over some of our areas and then you get to 5:00 a.m. right on top of us getting ready for the morning commute. starting to push off to the east. some spots drive for the morning commute. still dealing with what weather, most people to be picking up anywhere from 0.2 to 0.5 inches of rain. again, right now temperatures going up. that's when the temperatures will fall. we'll watch more rain moving to the cold air and watch how this is going to progress. thursday night, into friday and watch for a chance for some snow to be developing. how much snow? anywhere from a coating to a couple of inches or so.
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somewhat snow out there. so 53 wednesday, that's again not indicative of what today is going to be like. 30s in the afternoon, 20s to maybe 30 degrees with wind chill, blustery as well. 39 on thursday and then you make your way into the weekend. and 10 days from now, i think i see a 70 out there. >> wow. thank you. craving chocolate, pizza or chips after a stressful day? enough sleep. a link between a lack of sleep and increased appetite. they studied the habits of 14 young adults. findings may lead to a better understanding of how sleep deprivation leads to weight gain.
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otis is here now and let's get the latest on chapman with the yankees. >> mlb cracking down. aroldis chapman gets a 30 day
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the league alluded to directly to his use of a firearm as being inappropriate. chapman will not appeal the suspension. he can still participate in spring training. in a statement he said, i did not in any way harm my girlfriend that evening. i should have exercised better judgment with respect to certain actions, and for that i am sorry. chapman's first regular-season action will come on may 9 at home against the royals. during his suspension the yankees will play 15 games against al east opponents. the knicks hoping to put february in their rearview mirror. they only won two of 11. the blazers who have an angry player running the show, damian lillard not an all-star this year, taking it out on the rest of the league. 24 in the first half, knicks down eight. the blazers have third-highest scoring back court in the league. cj mccollum, that's pretty.
11:27 pm
13 in the third. carmelo anthony trying to keep the knicks in it. off the glass, left-hand, melo with a double double. but the blazers did not let up. lillard drains the three. knicks lose by 19. the nets are playing the
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welcome back, everyone. the jets slapped the franchise tag on muhammad wilkerson. wilkerson can negotiate with other teams if he agrees to a deal with someone other than the jets, the jets have five days to match the deal and keep him. if they choose not to, the jets received two first-round picks from the team that signs him. the islanders with a late start tonight, deflected off the defender and into the goal. islanders up 1-0. then tying it at one, in the second period. game tied late in the third, carolina's nordstrom
11:31 pm
schneider. they win 3-1. finally tonight, may not be a good idea to sit courtside if you are afraid of the ball. in tonight's knicks game, watch him throw his beer in the air. trying to avoid the ball. trying to block the ball. that's funny for that guy but not so funny for the guy sitting behind. look at this guy. >> even better in slow motion, though. >> thank you. energy efficient, insulating your home in warm weather and cold. right now, take 25% off hundreds of styles and colors just in time for winter!
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have a good night. >> jon: stephen colbert! yeah! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! thanks, everybody! thanks so much! welcome to "the late show." nice to see you. what's going on? ( cheers and applause ) thanks, everybody. thanks, so much. welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen colbert. ladies and gentlemen, i don't


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