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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  November 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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christie are now saying all aboard. >> the it's going to happen. >> reporter: welcomed words for amtrak and new jersey transit users who have endured long delays and constant uncertainty. the two tunnels that now run under the hudson are badly damaged by hurricane sandy. help is on the way. it's good news right? >> it's not good news, it's great news. >> reporter: a deal brokered biers in from new york and new jersey with federal official, amtrak and the new york and new jersey governors will set up a corporation to build the tunnels and rehabilitate the two existing tunnels. the gateway development corporation will work with the port authority to build two new tunnel, expected to cost $20 billion and be completed by 2030. and it will include two new tracks between new york and newark for a total of four. amtrak and the feteds will half. the senator said it was a long struggling, we will scour every part of the federal government
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to get our 50% and we know the states will do the same. the move marks a sharp about face for chris christie who 2010. >> it's about time. been waiting for years. chris christie blew it when he didn't do it six years ago. >> reporter: but they're thrilled that it seems to be moving ahead. >> i think that's awesome. the situation right now is really, really difficult. if a wire goes down in the tunnel, it disrupts traffic in both directions. >> reporter: new york and new jersey are expected to come up with their share of the funds by selling bonds and applying for low-interest loans. the man accused of stealing a greyhound bus is going on a joyride is expected in court today. andrea grymes has the story. >> all i could do is laugh and say this is crazy. >> reporter: new yorkers
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could not believe serial transit thief 50-year-old daughter us mccollum allegedly struck again. he stayed maximum about the latest allegations against him. >> dariuss, did you tell police plane next? >> reporter: as the nypd let him out of the station house in park slope last night. he was arrested yesterday accused of stealing an empty greyhound bus. police say a supervisor noticed it missing around 1:30 yesterday afternoon and notified headquarters in texas which pinged it to brooklyn. a greyhound spokesperson said, quote, because all of our coaches are equipped with tracking mechanism, the bus was recovered quickly. cops say they caught up with mccollum driving the bus on 3 you are the street near union street and he showed -- 3rd street near union street and he showed them a counterfit counterterrorism id. he has plenty of experience with crimes like this one.
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this is video from one just one prior arrest. he has more than two dozen of them including in 2004 for attemped theft of a lirr lirr train, in 2008 -- of a lirr train, in 2008 impersonating a transit worker. >> why is he out in the street? if he has a rap sheet that long, he should not be on the street. >> reporter: mccollum was paroled in 2013 and ordered to undergo cognitive behavior therapy as part of a plea deal. and we expect to hear from his attorney on the latest case when he is arraigned at the courthouse later today. he faces numerous charges including grand larceny and impersonating a police officer. in downtown brooklyn, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> the bus was not taken from the port authority. greyhound says they're cooperating with authorities in the investigation. police in newark are search
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as police officers and shooting an off-duty postal worker. >> reporter: detectives fanned out across 18th avenue in newark this morning, a manhunt for two men accused of pulling over an off-due thety postal police officer and opening fire. >> all i heard was a gunshot. >> there was the altercation and he received the gunshot wound to the hand. >> reporter: this car's passenger window shattered during the shooting. the windshield of this suv pierced by a single bullet while in a nearby driveway. karen chapman's daughter is the owner. >> couldn't go to work on time. she had to call a cohmm worker to pick her up -- co-worker to pick her up. this is a quiet block. i was surprised to come outside and see. that. >> reporter: investigators say it happened around 5:00 this morning. the postal inspector says it's not clear if his officer was armed or whether he was the chosen victim. >> as far as i know, it seems like a random the act.
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never happens for their law enforcement division. >> this is a rarity for our police officers. >> reporter: an unsettling morning for his colleagues and those who live here. >> people concerned about what's going on right now. it's crazy. >> reporter: investigators say the two suspects were last seen running from the shooting scene here. they have been going door to door canvassing the neighborhood to see if anyone may have spotted the two men. reporting from newark, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. an arrest in this week's deadly midtown shooting. he was wanted in the shooting outside the mcdonald's near penn station monday. investigators say he went to the hospital seeking treatment. the hospital employee recognized him and called police. charges are pending. a new jersey gas station hold-up leads to a police- involved shooting. police say they interrupted a robbery in progress at the sunoco station overnight. officers shot and wounded one suspect. and he was taken to university
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hospital for treatment. another suspect is in custody. powerful storms barreled through the midwest and are headed our way. rain pounded the area around des moines, iowa yesterday. now the national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down in the area. it's believed that the tripped over a tractor-trailer on interstate 80. luckily the driver was not seriously hurt. the high winds were strong enough to knock down trees in the neighborhood. and the trees brought down power lines. the front is now headed in our direction. let's go to john elliott and the weather center for an update on how things could get here. >> well, good afternoon. prefrontal showers in the area right now. now we have more rain throughputtal, westchester into fair -- rain in putnam, westchester and into fairfield. you get a sense of that.
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clearly we just showed you the proof. it's a powerful system. it's an area of low pressure. and it is going to be tapping into some gusty winds. winds right now close to the center of this storm, 50 to over 60 miles per hour. warnings and advisories have been posted. as it migrates our way, weakens somewhat but we're looking at wind gusts tomorrow 30, 35, 40- plus. yeah, going to bring down a lot of leaves. and possibly other small limbs too. watch out for that. we will take a look at the cool weekend forecast in a bit. right now though, back to mary. >> thank you. u.s. war planes are backing kurdish troops in a new offensive to recapture a strategic in northern iraq. we have the report from sinjar. >> reporter: some of what you see is smoke rising from the late nest a series of air strikes targeting isis militants inside around the city of -- inside and around
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we have lost count of the number of air strikes this morning and overnight that have been launched in the vicinity. and they have been firing artillery into the city. and this is all part of a major offensive to retake sinjar. we understand 7,500 kurdish forces are closing in on three sides of the city, trying to push isis out. and one of the reasons it sits between the two isis strong iraq. it's not going to be easy. kurdish forces said they fear snipers. now the city may be life with booby trap, homemade bombs beneath the roads and inside the buildings. and there's also the concern of suicide bombers either on foot or in vehicles packed with exemployees is. cbs news -- with explosives.
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>> and kurdish forces have cut off a supply line that run us this the town. -- runs through the town. they are hoping to cut off the militants. still much more to come here on cbs 2 news at noon. charges of police brutality after officers go after a suspect who tried to escape and then tazer him repeatedly. plus this -- >> yo. >> oy. >> new yorkers caught in a byne, what do you see?
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newly released videos are sparking allegations of police brutality in virginia. they show officers using a tazer multiple times on a man in may of 2013. the man died shortly after. >> how the victim's family is responding to the videos. >> reporter: violent confrontation was caught on police cruiser in hospital surveillance cameras in south boston, virginia. police say they picked up the 46-year-old for causing a disturbance at a motel. the officers brought him to the hospital for medical evaluation but when they arrived at the hospital, he kicked out the window of the squad car and bolted toward the emergency room doors. three officers responded by tazing him multiple times and
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>> they're saying it's justified because they have no other answer to why they used so much force with a man who was already restrained. >> while on the ground, he was repeatedly tazed again. >> reporter: he was then placed under arrest, charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property. >> and instead of being brought into the emergency room, they put him back into the police cruiser. >> reporter: an officer tazed him again as he sat in the backseat of the police car and warned that he wasn't done. >> sit up or i'm going to taze you again. >> he was under obvious respiratory disstress and breathing heavily. >> he ain't moved since we left. >> reporter: an ambulance then transported him from the jail back to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. an autopsy said the cause of death was acute cocaine intoxication. his sister has filed a $25
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million civil lawsuit against the officer, the chief of police, the deputy chief of police and the town of south boston. cbs news, washington. >> police have denied the allegations and say his behavior required the use of force. the official investigation into the incident remains open. a new sculpture installation has a lot of people talking. does it say yo or oy? it's all your point of sue. and john has a chill in the forecast. >> forecast might have you saying oy. yeah, big changes headed your way.
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more than a hundred women say faulty birth control packaging led to unwanted pregnancies and they are now suing. the lawsuit claims pills were incorrectly packaged causing women to take pills with less protection on the wrong day. the company says it won't comment on the lawsuit. in 2011, the fda recalled 3 million of the birth control pills. plaintiffs want compensation to cover the cost of raising their children. two letters of the alphabet bring two distinctly new york
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expressions in a park. a sculpture has people talking. >> reporter: from manhattan, this art spells -- >> yo. >> yo. >> yo. >> reporter: as in -- >> yo, what you doing? >> reporter: but from brooklyn it spells -- >> oy. >> oy. >> reporter: as in? >> an expression of exasperation. >> reporter: the artist says he was inspired to put her twist on the 1962 painting of the word oof. >> it came to me, oy. it was up in my gallery. and a friend of mine said, i passed by and i saw the painting. the reflection said yo. and i said, i think i should paint that. >> reporter: and she did. and she wanted to see them together and in 3d so she created the sculpture. she was commissioned to create this aluminum version. it was put up on monday and it's already a hit.
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but typical of life, what your perspective is. >> i think it's a good conservation piece. >> reporter: she says it doesn't matter which side you see the sculpture from, she just hopes people identify with they are artwork. >> that's what we want out of our culture and what we want out of art and what we want out of the world around us, to see ourselves. >> reporter: the sculpture will be on display at brooklyn bridge park through august. cbs 2 news. >> love that. i say oy. >> i'm a yo guy. let's get over to you john. >> i'll tell you, the weather amazing knight have you doing yoga. the wind is going to blow. we're going to turn things around too. make sure you're ready for it. we want to give you the the heads up. weather watchers reporting. and still readings in the 40s. and reading in the 50s. and upper 50s in and around the city. like this comment from mike. he says heavy looking skies.
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but just some light drizzle at the moment. they had heavier rain earlier. and i just wanted to show this contrast. this is nancy, she sent the picture in. still some green in the maple. and this is our buddy daniel north and west, not much left there. tell you what, the wind that's going the to come in, yeah, you're going to be on raking duty sunday, monday, tuesday. you may want to just wait a while because the wind is really going to whip. and obviously still dealing with coverage here in the parks. and speak of the report out of central park, 57 degrees. boy, we're been at for two hours -- at 57 for two hours. around the area, 55 in sparta. sparta. 55 in greenwich. 53 in white plains. and the 57 is in city is warmer than it was this time and we're above normal. we will try to shoot for 59.
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76 and 26 the records. sunsets at 4:41. 10 of the first 1 days of november have been above normal. on average, eight degrees above normal. and turn that around into the weekend. light showers, mike is talking about it. heavier rain through ocean. and now through brooklyn and queens and nassau county. the rain just enough to slow you down. and then things break up a bit to the west. that's the big low. futurecast brings in a if you more showers. time this out into the afternoon commute. after school still a little wet. and more of the commute dry. and stray shower possible tonight. and then, yeah, cold air. cold enough for a few flakes to flirt with the area north and west. and then just windy on your saturday, 3530, 40 miles per hour plus. 53 game time temperature tonight. and you can watch it right here. and if you love 2 like i know you do, watch those great shows on wlny. and saturday, still blustery.
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and 51 if you're lucky. a lot of folks with see highs in the 40s on saturday. so that big dip. and the big winds. those winds are going to be causing potential problems. just be smart friday and saturday. nice break right back above normal next week. >> okay. thank you. on the menu for lunch. >> stephanie tantillo and tony tantillo. >> red grape still in season. >> great mixture of colors and texture. >> i love the look. how did you get that? >> we made it. whysic really, really fast. and stir occasionally with a wooden spoon. and very important. >> exactly. and towards the end, we added raisins. >> the raisins and the grapes. >> yes. with the grape, i'm going to plate this right now because it's ready. it takes about half an hour in
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the pot. and then go ahead and put this nice bowl and as i'm doing this, go ahead and lay we are the grapes which halved and then heated up with melted but ther and a touch of sugar. >> the grapes. >> yes. that's it. and put it right on top. >> on top. >> that's good. what do you think? that's good for one portion. red grapes, touch of butter -- >> and a little bit of sugar. >> that is absolutely beautiful. and i love the contrast with the raisins and the grapes. >> yes. it's fresh but the raisins have sugar but it's a lot of textures too which is cool. >> everything you do, you teach us, you educate me also, thank you. i love it. and everything tastes so good. thank you. >> thanks, dad. when we come back, police nab unusual ban dids. that story coming up next.
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at 5:00. police in oregon dealt with the break-in of a few furry bandits. they investigated reports of suspicious activity last night. when police officers arrived, they caught four raccoons red handed. police snapped photos. after a brief chase, they were captured. and sent back out into their habitat. >> hard to recognize them with the mask. >> incredible. that's it for us at noon, for john elliott and the entire cbs 2 news team, thank you for joining u i'm mary calvi. >> and i am chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 4:00.
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