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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  November 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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see behind me, the massive damage. firefighters still on the scene of this explosion, going through the rubble. more than a dozen people were pulled from the rubble and right now, they're trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> come outside and the building fell down. >> reporter: a scene of destruction on magnolia avenue in elizabeth, new jersey. >> like a tornado hit it. just fell down. >> reporter: the explosion sending the second floor of this house onto the first, trapping people inside. >> the explosion pancaked the second floor onto the first floor and the people rode that down. >> there were people evacuating from the other surrounding properties but there does not seem to be any injuries to people in the surrounding houses. >> reporter: one person dead and 13 others pulled from the wreckage, two of them seriously hurt. investigators blame this on a gas explosion. they say residents are lucky there wasn't a massive fire. >> everybody did a tremendous
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they went in and got the people out. lucky we didn't have a fire with this. >> they were thrown off the coach. >> reporter: wayne shepherd says his family was thrown by the blast. his wife and son had just gone into the living room. >> she had just taken him out of the bedroom. >> reporter: he says he has house was demolished. >> i came from the back of the house. it's bad. it's -- we probably lost everything. except each other. >> reporter: firefighters still on the scene, going through the rubble. they don't believe anyone else is inside the house but right now, again, they're trying to figure out exactly what caused this explosion. we're live in elizabeth, new jersey, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. the murder mystery continues in a northern westchester community where an elderly socialite was found beaten to death in had his home. janelle burrell has the report
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>> reporter: it's a crime that has left this upscale rural westchester community baffled. >> very sad. i don't know who could do that to an 83-year-old woman, it's horrible. >> reporter: state police have no suspect, no weapon and no motive in the murder of 83-year- old lois colley, the grandmother found many her home on this 300-acre property where there was little activity seen from the street this morning. >> she was found the n the round ring leader room which is just inside the garage. and lying on the floor. >> reporter: police revealing tuesday that the body was found by a property care taker in the evening. she was heard from around 3:00 this afternoon. there was no sign of forced entry and so far, they have said that only one item, the missing from the home. >> we do believe that a fire extinguisher was removed from
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the property. and we have not located that. >> reporter: colley was the wife of eugene colley. a man who earned his wealth as the owner of 100 mcdonald's franchises. police are now questioning >> very rare. usually it's a safe area. but i don't know, just terrible news. >> reporter: police at this point are simply asking people in the community to remain vigilant as they work to determine who would have wanted to kilo with us cool -- kill lois colley and why. >> police say they have questioned eugene colley as part of the investigation and they are not considering him a suspect. >> reporter: the top republican presidential candidates were back on the road and back to attacking opponents hours after
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>> jeb is a big common core person. i don't even like to bring up his name because honestly -- >> yeah, i'm not happy about that. >> reporter: donald trump took questions from the crowd in new hampshire over breakfast. >> i want to thank you for energizing the nomination process on the republican side. >> reporter: dr. ben carson was in virginia speaking to students at liberty university. >> we must be willing to stand up for what we believe in. >> reporter: the debate itself was more tame than previous event, especially the cnbc debate two weeks ago which was widely criticized by the candidates. >> we talked deeply about issues and we really enjoyed that. i hope all the other ones will be like that. >> reporter: and immigration was the issue that brought out the sharpest divide. >> for the 11 million people, come on, we know you captain pick them up and ship them across, back across the border. it's a silly argument. >> eisenhower, you don't get nicer, you don't get
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million people out. we have no choice. >> even having this conversation sends a powerful signal, they're doing high- fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> reporter: that part is true. a clinton spokesman tweeted, we are doing high-fives right now. cbs 2 news, washington. >> immigration is likely to stay at the forefront of the presidential race. the white house is pushing for the supreme court to take up the issue of deporting immigrants whose children are american citizens. two daily fantasy sports companies are firing back after new york's attorney general ordered them to stop taking wagers in new york state. the attorney general sent letters to the companies yesterday. he says the contests are promoted like a lottery and are games of chance, not skill. and he accused the companies of being leaders of a billionaire scheme intended to evade the law and fleece sports fans across the country. >> your operations are illegal gambling under the constitution and the laws of the state of
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new york and you have to the stop taking bets from new york residentses. >> both companies insist their games are legal and based on skill and they say they are now reviewing their legal options. today is veterans day. we are remembering the nation's heroes. >> there are events going on across the country. president barack obama placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national semitour honoring those who made the ultimate -- national cemetery honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: we are here at the 96th annual new york city veterans day parade. the energy is amazing and it's such an honor to be here. and this year, the parade marks the 70th anniversary of world war ii and the 25th anniversary of desert shield. we are told to keep an eye out for the history float and the purple heart float. meanwhile, we are here right
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now on 26th and 5th avenue now on 26th and 5th avenue waiting for the parade to get started. you can see the fdny is here, nypd is here. a lot of people coming out to say thank you to all the men and women that have served our country. and every year the parade also features and spotlights one branch of the military. this year it will be the navy. so we will see a lot of navy themed floats. but many other branches are here of course and they were out in full force for the opening ceremony. >> let's make sure that the veterans of today who see the same support that we received -- >> reporter: the grand marshall started things off with a straightforward request as he kicked off the veterans day festive tis. the world war ii and district attorney shared life lessons he learned in battle. >> for the best, another was to never trust an expert.
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who spoke at this year's opening ceremony in madison square park. the festivities ended with a wreath ceremony to remember the end of world world war i. >> it's a little bit of joy because i get to have a celebration for my brothers and sadness because you remember all the people that you have served with and over the years, we've all lost friends or family members. so it's a mixed emotion day. but it means a lot to a lot of people. >> reporter: and many of the people march up 5th avenue from 26th to 52nd street. this year the parade features more than 250 groups including veterans from all conflicts since world war ii. >> 30, 40 below. up in the hills in codegree. why right now, it's 40 degrees out. i'm wearing long underwear. >> reporter: were you tougher back then? >> oh, well -- >> reporter: you still look tough for me.
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>> not too bad for going on 85. >> we are on our last day serving our nation in uniform. but when you hang around the young men and women who are coming in, you know that our military is going to be in great hands. >> reporter: and it's all those rich personalty, different characters and the stories that come with them, talking to our veteran, that's what today is all about. that's what makes it so special. and all the people coming out the say thank you. and here behind me, we have a float of the men and women who have served us. and thanking not only the veterans but also teaching the young people who come out for the parade so that they know how important their service really is. live in the flatiron district, diane macedo, cbs 2 news. >> thank you so much. there is much more ahead here on cbs 2 news at noon. driver danger, a suspected car jacker goes on a wild ride in rush hour traffic. the video you won't see anywhere else. and a sneak peek at the
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you can find us at weaving in and out of traffic during a wild chase. drivers in danger in brooklyn. and it's all caught on dash cam video that you will only see here. here's the exclusive video. >> you don't see this every day. this is insane. >> reporter: that's a daring driver who does not want us to identify him but he is sharing with us this wild dash cam video from his car. on the brooklyn queens expressway this morning, it shows about every twist and turn of a police chase after a car jacking. officers in pursuit of a honda pilot with dealer plates on it. >> i see a honda pilot coming all the way from the right lane, merging tall way to the left with a police car behind them. and i pulled in and started following him. >> reporter: say the suspect walked into this car dealership got a test drive and stole a vehicle. but traffic and -- but traffic
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stolen vehicle hitting the car. >> he hit the bmw and kept on driving. and i got hit from the white car, the white suburban and like, okay, this guy is crazy. he's really going to hit anything in his way. i merge behind him. and the cop got stuck behind a tractor-trailer. >> reporter: he flies off the 39th street exit ramp on to 4th avenue and right here, he jumps the curb, hitting the sidewalk hard. >> that basically took out the front right control arm or axle or something. and it disabled him. she shattered his window -- they shattered his window and pulled him out. >> reporter: the now damaged honda was towed back to the dealership. we have all experienced those annoyances in life that can drive you crazy. a friend flirting with your wife at dinner, the taxi driver wreaks of body odor, the neighbor holds a party that gets out of hand. the question is, how do you handle it?
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>> her last name is grubman. just for any women that keeps an eye on their men's facebook page but we're going to call her grab-man. >> i'm tuning in just to see what that's about. the growing trend of calling people out online. what's behind the popularity and how you could be on someone's list and not know it. and coming up on cbs 2 news at noon, pick up some deck straiting tips and donate to a good cause at the same time. we are checking out the holiday house. plus, john elliott has the
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wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio interior designers are unvailing their best work today at the annual holiday house on the upper east side. >> alex denis takes us on a tour before the doors open to the public. >> reporter: inside the home on east 63rd street, you will find different styles but all full of excellence. founded by a breast cancer survivor, the holiday house gathers top designers to transform more than 20 spaces from ceiling to floor. at the heart of the four-story mansion lies the naked truth behind the event. >> i decided to combine my two
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and my passion to eradicate this horrible disease. >> reporter: and now eight years later and with nearly $1 million donated to breast cancer research, designers long to participate in the showcase. >> cancer is ugly and it's one thing to do, make this pretty. >> reporter: besides admiring the flawless rooms including the items like this $250,000 chandelier designers will be onhand to dish the latest trends. >> clients are asking for ping- pong tables, air hockey, it's a thing. >> reporter: the newest technology to hit the market is also featured like this stain- proof material, spills and marker stains literally wipe away clean with soap and water. want to make a bold change but afraid to commit? consider vinyl tiles. it's a custom print with a sticky back. all you do is adhere to the floor and it easily peels right off. and if you see something you like, ask, it may be for sell. >> well the showcase is open
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december 2nd. the tickets cost $35. >> i did like the indoor tent there. a little glamping. bathroom nearby. >> i need the material that you can clean off just like that. forecast. >> absolutely. old school. make a fort with the cushions from the couch. indoor plumbing, you're good. >> happy veterans day to all the veterans out there. we are going to see some changes underway during your day. i love the guy. love the guy say, yeah, i'm tough for 85. i agree. to the west, seeing more in the way of brighter skies. that's why we have reading, 59 to 61 the exemption. long island, in the city, it's still cool. and like this comment from ralph in plainview, the wind bringing down some leaves and in fact, i can show you that picture.
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these are the pictures that came down at ralph's place. and more of that. in the city, lots of leaves up. and this comment from doug, he's got 53 right here in manhattan. i like this too. it's my mom's birthday. and she is watching right now. happy birthday, mom, we appreciate you letting doug be a weather watcher. and love this too. air and space museum. their veterans day program, 3:30 this afternoon, open to the public and i'll tell you what, some very inspirational speeches and also a tour of that great facility as well. and here we go, 53, winds variable 579 miles per hour. and relative humidity at 77%. cool in the city and warmer to the west. and more in the way of some sun. and across the board, it's cooler than it was yesterday. and that's why we've dialed it down a bit, 58. a little closer to the normal of 56. still above normal but with the breeze and the moisture, it feels cool. sunsets at 44:00 2 . some sun.
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maybe every now and then, a little hint of the sun but still light rain and drizzle as you focus to west. and to the east, it's hitting the ground. we will see this wrap up as this area of low pressure heads out. and then a break before the next one rolls in. and not a lot of sun between now and sunset time. relatively quiet overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning, commute should be okay. but by lunchtime, this time tomorrow, showers back in the and more throughout the afternoon. and then watch what happens. gets colder, a little bit of the "s" word flirting with us north and west. that's got people excited. but it's a northwest wind. so what happens is, it dries out the atmosphere. so it's not conducive to snow but it will be cooler. coldest day of the next few, saturday, 52. but windy friday into saturday. and you will feel that chill before we warm up again well above normal next week. >> doesn't bother me.
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>> yeah, it bothers me. >> sorry about that. >> thanks, john. when we come back, why a man is teaching to swim the length of the mississippi river. -- is attemping to swim the
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river. coming up on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00, a lot more people are turning to carbonated water to clinch their thirst but are there hidden health risks? what you need to know. plus, using high-tech helmets to tackle the problem of concussions. the new equipment at a long island high school. well, a veteran is honoring his fallen comrades by going on an extreme mission of his own. the navy combat veteran chris ring is swimming the entire length of the mississippi river to honor fallen service members and their families. the 28-year-old former navy seal would become the first american to do so. but it's secondary to his larger goal. >> i served my country for 10 years and i don't want to put service behind me. i couldn't imagine a better thing than raise awareness and honor these fallen heroes. >> he began the 2500-mile
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journey in minnesota in june. he plans to reach the gulf of mexico at some point next month. >> wow. >> i will say this -- >> 2500 miles. >> if there was someone who could do it, the it would the navy seal. the it's incredible that training. >> we wish him well. >> exactly. that's it for us at noon. for john elliott and the entire cbs 2 news team, thank you for joining us i am h, i'm mary calvi. >> and i am chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. until then v a great afternoon. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk.
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