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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the baby is safe now, back with her mother, but the man who jumped into that running car right outside this subway shop, well, police are still very much actively searching for him. 8 a.m. witnesses say a woman walked into this bay shore subway shop to pick up, she said, a sandwich for her 9-year-old's field trip. within seconds her car was gone. she had left it running and unlocked with her infact niece in a car seat. a carjacker took off with the baby inside. >> i feel really bad for the situation, what happened. but it's the customer's mistake. >> they had the helicopters, the dogs, everything out. >> reporter: police descended on bay shore searching for the car and baby, which was quickly found blocks away on cherry street. the baby girl inside unharmed. >> fortunately, some guys were around. they came and they, you know, they ran after the car. somebody called 911. and the guy ditched the car right here. >> reporter: the store clerk tells cbs she immediately called
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911 while the aunt ran after the car screaming and crying. police responded quickly. the baby's mother summoned from work and her medical scrubs reunited with her daughter. customers like this bay shore mom relieved the child is safe, but stunned over how it happened. >> you should not leave your kids in the car. even for a second. you take them in. >> reporter: police tell us they believe three people have may been involved in addition to the man who got into the car here. they believe he exited on union boulevard and picked up two other people before they ditched the car and fled. so the search is on for three suspects. reporting live bay shore, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs2 news. >> thank you. grief counselors are helping students at a nassau county school ever a classmate was
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a stray bullet killed dejah joyner inside on friday. cbs2's ilana gold drives us live from hempstead middle school with the details. >> reporter: mary, it's been such an emotional day at the school. the students are back here for the first time since their classmate was killed. we have seen a number of them break down in tears. they are in absolute shock over her death. when students arrived at hempstead middle school this morning they felt a sense of reluctance walking in the building. how difficult is it to come here today? >> it is hard. >> reporter: the seventh graders without their classmate, 12-year-old dejah joyner. she was killed standing in her living room when a stray bullet pierced through her home on dartmouth street 5:00 saturday night. what are you going through in. >> pain. >> reporter: dejah's best friend khloe taylor had four classes with her and they sat together during math. >> nobody wants to come to school today. nothing will be the same without dejah. >> reporter: she and her father
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had just seen dejah hours before the shooting. police say this child was not the intended target and this likely happened during an argument between gangs or a drive-by shooting. >> it's disgusting to think that there are so many guns out here and anybody can get killed at the drop of a dime. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: the crime a lot for parents, students, teachers and staff to comprehend. today a crisis team has been at the middle school helping the community cope with the tragedy. >> some of the students who lived close to her, live near the street. that could have been me. >> i have comforted a couple of her. a student that says, mr. rios, you know, she told me she will be back and i was waiting for a soccer practice. >> reporter: many of the students expressing their emotions and feelings about dejah on this mural during the first day back without her. >> right now, the best thing we can do is be there for them, give them the hugs that they
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their pain. >> reporter: so a difficult time today. we are told that counselors will be here for the next few days to help everyone deal with this tragedy. live in hempstead, ilana gold. an overnight fire destroy some business inside mount vernon. janelle burrell has are more on what fire officials say is the main concern this afternoon. >> reporter: one of the busiest blocks of mount vernon now a charred gutted shell. a heap of smoldering debris. >> it's been quite a while. after the flames began piles still burning intensely. inside of these businesses decades old main stays in this heartrily park. as far as a collapse is concerned. from the front and the back and we
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to the scene at one this morning to find flames raging out of control. they believe the fire started in the basement of sal's deli and spread to three floors of apartments above us king the apartments call to collapse. the fire then traveled across, destroying a laundromat, a pizza shop, and a dry cleaning business notice path. >> it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: darrell strickland was one of four people who lived above the deli forced to evacuate just before the floors caved in. >> the police came by and told us to come out of the house >> reporter: the smoky conditions and interference with caused mount vernon officials to cancel classes at nearby mandela high school. >> it's just that dangerous back there. >> reporter: because of the possibility of those exterior walls collapsing the chief says it's not clear when the fire marshal will be able to go inside to pinpoint what ignited those flames.
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reporting were mount vernon, janelle burrell, cbs2 news. red cross volunteers are helping several of the residents who lost their homes. the weekend cold snapped spilled over to today. the temperatures were more like december than october. people in columbus circle bundled up. john elliott is in the weather center. john. >> i had my gloves on this morning. a hat on, too. look at these numbers. it was 19 in monticello this morning. 25 newburgh. 29 your morning low in islip. a new one for the books. 30 in bridgeport. tied the record low of 30 this morning. this afternoon only 52. so, yeah, it's like we are auditioning for december. 52 is the normal high for the 20th of november, and we have got our work cut out for us to even hit that. overnight tonight we are looking at numbers not as harsh, but as we work our way through the evening to thursday morning,
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many areas in the 30s again. but the good news is there is a nice warm-up in the works for the middle part of the week. we will have that and weather watchers in a bit. right now sending it back to chris. >> john, thank you. the mob trial of the crime behind the movie "goodfellas" is underway in u.s. district court in brooklyn. at stake some of the mystery surrounding one of the biggest cash heists in american history 37 years ago. >> these are the guys that jimmy putting together for what turned out to be the biggest heist in american history. the lufthanza heist. >> robert de niro played james bird. he was the suspected ringleader. a 64-minute caper in which six armed robbers wreck into the lufthanza facility and got off with six million dollars in cash. in real life, prosecutors claim one of the robberies key figures was 80-year-old vincent asar owe. a reputed member of the crime family. they allege he received
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$750,000 as his cut of the proceeds. >> he didn't do it. had nothing to do with it. pretty much all the people that did it got murdered by jimmy burke, so i read. so the fact that my client didn't get murdered suggests that he didn't have anything to do with it. >> reporter: prosecutors are expected to introduce wire taps and something that used to be unusual. testimony from some of those who were close to him. that's expected to include his cousin and former family boss. >> i think the fear from the mob has abated. it's never going to be again. >> reporter: sal polici broke the code when he testified against the late mob boss john gatti. he claims he was asked to take part in the lufthanza heist, but he turned it down. >> where is the money? no one has managed to find any of the money. >> reporter: and to this day that remains one of the biggest mysteries. where is the none? just one of the answers prosecutors will be looking
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for. israeli security forces on alert for more attacks after a deadly shooting rampage in southern israel on sunday. the attack comes at a time with increasing violence between israelis and palestinians. >> reporter: israel is placing new security posts in palestinian neighborhoods of east jerusalem after another deadly weekend. the chaos as an arab israeli opened fire killing an israeli soldier. surveillance footage shows people running for cover. first say they shot and killed the attacker, who had snapped the soldier's gun. other amateur video shows an angry mob kicking a man thought to be a second attacker. but israeli officials say he turned out to be a migrant from north africa. >> private security guard, shot him thinking he was a terrorist. >> reporter: security at bus stations like this in jerusalem,
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police are allowed to search people. it's unclear if that will prevent an attack like the one sunday. >> the government does nothing to solve the things with the it. >> reporter: the unrest erupted a month ago after speculation over the mosque. secretary of state john kerry says israel needs to clear on who controls the hilltop site sacred to jews and muslims. >> we want to see calm restored and the violence stop. >> reporter: kerry will meet with israeli and palestinian wieters later this week. jonathan vigliotti. >> militants have launched a campaign on social media calling on palestinians to continue the tax against israeli soldiers and civilians. still much more ahead. a controversial ad in a penny saver. a job posting for a nurse, but
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mets fan. >> coming out of the woodwork now that the amazings are on a winning streak. miss new jersey heads to she
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that story coming up. outrage over a help wanted ad listed in a local penny saver.
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but says haitians need not apply. members of the hatian-american association of rockland county say their jaws dropped when they say it. >> why the haitian nurses? i started to think, what could possibly trigger such a mean, disgusting, really, thing from anyone? any professional? >> it's very distasteful, hurtful for this day and age to have this, you know. it's unacceptable? the listing is from a staffing agency called interim healthcare. cbs2 reached out to penny saver. the company says they are sorry and plan to issue a statement later today. no one from interim healthcare has returned our requests for comments. okay. now to the amazings and their championship chase. two down. two to go to make it the world series. >> excitement is building among die-hard fans an new ones as well. meg baker joins us live from
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penn station with reaction to all of this. good afternoon. >> reporter: chris and mary, for a cold monday, let me say that commuters here were quite chipper to talk about the new york mets outside penn station. now, we met a lot of old fans, and surprisingly we met a lot of new fans, as well. >> let's go mets! woo! >> let's go mets! >> reporter: the die-hard fans are easy to spot. you're wearing this for a reason? >> number one. >> reporter: palm says her love of the amazings has never faultered. she wishes she could make it to chicago. >> i will be there every night watching it until midnight, one, whatever it takes. >> in the words of my man tug mcgraw, you got to believe. >> everybody is all of a sudden mets fan. >> reporter: up two games against the cubbies, the fair weather fans are back in full force. >> i haven't watched since the '80s. it's nice to see them streaking again. >> reporter: and how about them yankees? >> i am a yankee fan. >> reporter: chris robins
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didn't want to admit it at first, but he has been wearing some orange. >> i am not like, oh, i hate the mets. they are in new york. i would rather see the yankees. >> reporter: here is why this yankee fan converted for the time being. >> i am rooting for the hometown team. >> well, they may feel sympathy for the mets fans or giving them some support in that sense. i don't know if they ever really convert. if you're a yankee fan, you're a yankee fan. if you're a met fan, you're a met fan. >> reporter: a great way to start the week. i talked to a gentleman who said his girlfriend has rubbing the mets' record in his face all season long. now he has given up and is chanting ag long with her. so let's go mets. >> thanks. i love the one fan. i haven't watched since the
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when we come back how the federal government is moving forward to regulate drones. and john elliott has a warm-up on the way. >> absolutely. it will be warmer for the mets tomorrow in chicago. it will be warmer here tomorrow. and i tell you what. midweek maybe we're playing golf. we've got weather coming up. this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwise be struggling to care for themselves won't have to. because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home.
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continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180
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> more people are saying it's too early for this. only two records this morning. it has happened before. good afternoon, mary, and chris and good afternoon to you. we appreciate you stopping by. weather watchers busy. 44, 44, 43, hotspot there at 54. that's the rare exception.
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low 40s north and west. from adele 43. she says, yeah, i tell you what, the birth baths were frozen this morning and this kind of sad picture. i like it because it's so poignant. it's the last rose. all the other roses killed by the frost. so thanks for that, adele. i tell you what. it is just the beginning, though. i like this. there is lori's picture. merry christmas from holbrooke and this is just beautiful. i appreciate this, too, lori. beautiful reflection on an autumn day. love that. we are going to see more and more color. you head up state, if you don't see snow, you see brilliant color. how about that in upstate new york? six inches. mexico, new york, six inches. 47 and sunny in the city. i know we have our work cut out for us. not as windy as it was over the weekend. yesterday you had the wind, instability clouds and brief flurries. none of that. 46 in edison. these numbers compared to
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it's maybe a degree warmer. so we will try to get you into the low 50s. still you are over 10 degrees below normal for the day. yeah, in the ballpark. the ballpark in chicago tomorrow night for the mets. warming trend. in fact, 72 on wednesday. 77 is the normal high -- 72 is of september. back to the tail end of summer by midweek. and no summer pollen. pollen numbers staying low today. up a bit over the next few days. we are nice and bright right now. we are dry. we could certainly use the rain. there is a front off to the north and west that pushes through, and as it does we see a little bit of compression tomorrow and that wind out of the southwest will get us into the 60s and then it's wednesday where you see probably the pick of the week. low 70s on wednesday.
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another front brings in some clouds, maybe some light rain or drizzle and then a 10-degree drop from thursday to more seasonal numbers friday into saturday. >> thank you very much. and coming up, an invitation
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stranger. blue blood star bridgette moynahan gave fans a double
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surprise over the weekend. she posted this photo of her in a wedding gown on instagram writing, oh, by the way, guess what i just did? people magazine is reporting that they got married in a their engagement. it comes almost a decade after calling it quits with patriots quarterback tom brady with whom she has a son. at 5:00 we have a taste cold is coming. we will show you three things you should check around your house to make sure you're safe. >> and then at six new information in a frightening assault in union square. a woman attacked in a bathroom stall and the suspect is on the loose. those stories and much more beginning at five. a teenager battling cancer had a dream date for the homecoming dance. marcus invited miss jersey to go with him. she was touched by his story and his bravery.
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josie also said some of his pals were just a little jealous. jealousy. excited for me. me. i have a great date. >> he has been battling few look at that. that's it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs2 us. >> i am mary calvi. >> i am chris wragge. cbs2 news is back at 5:00. we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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