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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 2, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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breaking news ear tracking is major winter storm which will impact you differently depending on are you are and strong winds are already a big problem. check this out. a downed tree with a downed pole. it is blocking the off-ramp from 76 eastbound to girard avenue. a live look from ocean city where the big concern is the drrgs winds and coastal flooding. a live look from our camera in avalon, the jersey sure expecting wind z-bufts up to 70 miles an hour and high tide could send water surging through the streets. in other parts of our area we're tracking the changeover
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from rain to snow. that line will move across the region as the day goes on. if you have an umbrella make sure it is heavy duty. this is a live look at 8th and markets streets where the rains and gusty winds will be a big problem. you will also want to watch for falling branches as the wind picks up throughout the day. you can see it shaking our camera there. live look in 95 in south philadelphia. drivers will need to take it slow today. snow will add problems creating slippery conditions during the evening commute as well. we also have stormforce10 out checking the road conditions right now for us, live in center city. the roads are wet, the windshield wipers are going and we have heard of reports hydroplaeng some this morning. here's a look at the snowfall in the poe conoes. not sticking to anything to well right now. however it is still falling constant enough that there could be a visibility problem.
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it is also snowing at camelback mountain resort. they could get up to 10 inches of snow today, 10 inches! . a live look now at the roads in wilmington from our cameras at the blue rock stadium. you mix in high winds and rain it's very difficult to see. i'm erin coleman. the snow already falling in parts of our area and expect conditions to deteriorate as the day goes on. even the impact its having right now in the philadelphia area. let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> this storm is still intensifying offshore. this is not the worst of the storm but we're seeing the circulation very clearly on the radar right out into the ocean and the low-pressure center just to the east of the jersey shore. what this is doing is driving the colder air down to the south
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and so look at these bands of snow coming this way, coming from north jersey and northeastern pennsylvania down toward allentown, buckingham and bucks county getting some of that and even starting to see it getting into abinnington and parts of philadelphia itself. the western side of this storm not producing nearly as much as precipitation. heavier snow in trenton, virtually nothing in delaware at the moment and rain in south jersey. so quite a variety of conditions across the area. as we go through the afternoon as the storm continues to intensify, the darker blue indicating heavier snow and we have an issue here, especially in new jersey closer to the center of the storm where we could see some bands of heavier snow developing, even in the philadelphia area, expecting some snow, strong gusty winds and then it starts to move out
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by tomorrow morning, but the thing is that the temperatures stay above freezing while all this is happening. look at these wind gusts now 52 miles an hour in wilmington. that is the highest and back to the west in the washington area we've already seen gusts in the 60s and damage in those areas and some of that is coming this way. the winds just going to be getting worse. >> this is really interesting storm we've been tracking this all morning and we'll take a closer look outside right now. doylestown, starting to see the snow coming down and few rain drops. now things are starting to switch over as colder air is moving into the back of this system. if you're close to the lehigh valley on up to the poe coknows. that was the main concern, everyone's dealing with the high
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wind speeds, it's either rain or snow as we get toward the afternoon and you're evening commute. we'll break it down for our p.a. suburbs, reports of heavy snow already. as we go through your lunch hour, wind speed around 36-miles-per-hour and you'll see a lot of this is snow coming down. we'll see our wind speed sustained at 55 miles per hour. wind speed saying extremely strong. damaging winds expected. we'll talk more about what you can expect if you're closer to philadelphia. steven fisher is live in wind gap right now. i can braarely see you. you're already seeing whiteout conditions. >> reporter: we're off of route 33, the only way i can stand out here is with my hood up because
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if i turn to my left, it's just tough to see out here, not only for me but for drivers. and this is actually looking down a hill. let's move to the other side of the street over here, you can see that we have a lot of wind coming down in somewhat of a horizontal fashion which is bringing all this snow and you can see down north broadway here, the visibility is very, very low. we're nearing those whiteout conditions as this car comes up the road here on north broadway. it's tough to see especially if they did not have their lights on. drivers are dealing with a lot of low visibility out here. it is miserable just to stand out here. you can't even look to my left without being pummeled with both this heavily wind coming down. this is the latest here in wind gap, northampton county. you can see it all coming down here. these blustery high winds and this is not just at this point in the day, this has been like
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this since we've got here. we've been here for a few hours now. we'll send it back in in a half hour, erin. >> be safe out there for us. let's go to philadelphia now where the destructive winds could push down trees and knock out power. you're looking live at broad street. the rain will changeover to snow here this afternoon turning the sidewalks into a slushy mess, no doubt. let's go back to meteorologist brittney shipp on conditions in south jersey. >> it's something different depending on where you are and depending on the timing. especially the poconos where we're seeing heavy snowfall. maybe at our higher elevations we're seeing snow coming down we just showed you a picture and it's rain by the time it reaches the ground which our temperatures are still above freezing. that's the trend as we go into the rest of tonight and this
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afternoon and evening. for your commute the winds will stay strong and things will mix between rain, wintry mix and snowfall coming down. here's our hour by hour breakdown for the philadelphia area and what we expect to see by 1:00 is our wind speeds at 55 miles per hour, then you'll start to see moderate downpours. where we see the pink and blue, that's more of a wintry mix and also snow. by the time you get ready to head home from work still dealing with those really strong wind speeds, rain, mix of wintry mix and also snowfall it's going to be a mixed bag for you. be really careful but our visibility will stay low. >> slick roads aren't as big of a problem as that windy weather, randy. >> reporter: yeah. the wind is the real problem. take a look. we're here in center city at market and 16th street. the roads are more or less fun, just wet, some puddling here or there. but on market street the real problem is the wind. we're seeing street signs
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blowing around. they're taking flags down from certain flag poles and other street signs. this morning also not a fun time if you were walking to work, market street turned into basically a wind tunnel. gusts approaching 40 miles per hour in the city, umbrellas absolutely useless out there. we saw dozens of them getting dismembered left and right and saw a guy trying to transport some balloons for a party today, not a good day for balloons. take a look. have you lost a balloon? >> yes. >> reporter: too windy. >> yes indeed. some guy caught it and i saw these guys were missing. it's fun. you know, little cold no prob m problem. >> reporter: so that wind really causing problems this morning. later in the day we could see some issues on the roads themselves as we start to get more rain, wintry mix combined with that heavy rain on market street and throughout the city
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today it was just lots of umbrellas turned inside out and lots of people getting blown around on market street. for now we're live in center city, nbc10 news. >> i know the feeling. here's a live look at the cape may marina one of the areas that will get hit pretty hard with strong winds and coastal blooding. let's go back to brittany. >> now closer look down the shore as he get into the afternoon hours. we're still mainly rain falls and heavy at times as well. so by 11:30 we're tracking wind speeds. we'll continue to see rainfall but as that cold air continues to mix in on the backside of the system by 8:00, it is possible that the cold air could make its way all the way down to cape may and we'll see more of a wintry mix, but the important thing to
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remember is regardless if it's rain or wintry mix or wet snow, we are seeing wind speeds sustained or gusting to at least 62 hilmiles per hour. the coastal flooding because a concern tonight and especially into saturday morning. erin. >> also ted greenberg is live at the shore. i see the wind blowing you around there a little bit, ted. >> reporter: erin, right now the wind is the big issue. you can see the back bay just take a look at some of those waves in there. it looks like the ocean the waves are so big and crashing here against the bulk head. we saw flooding earlier this morning here in ocean city. you can see from the barricades set up right down the street from where i am. take a look at video we got earlier in margate as well. this is minor tidal flooding. we're expecting flooding of greater concern tomorrow morning.
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that is the one all eyes are on. the high tide tomorrow morning. the window right now is an issue. you can see behind me the trees blowing and it is causing issues right now. i checked with atlantic city electric right before i came on the air, 3,400 of its customers currently without power. there is some flooding going on right now on long beach, boulevard, in long beach island. police urging people to stay off of that and to avoid that high water and also i checked in with cape may's fire chief a few minutes ago and he said the winds are causing debris to blow on the road. be mindful of that right now during these high winds we're seeing at the jersey shore. live in ocean city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> weather conditions from this storm will be changing throughout the day. when we're not on television, make sure you have the free nbc10 app. he'll send severe weather alerts directly to your smartphone plus you can get the hour-by-hour forecast for your neighborhood.
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that major storm pounding us right now and conditions, of course, will deteriorate as the day goes on. we'll tell you when and wear to expect the worst of it just ahead.
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. we have a first alert this morning as we are tracking a major storm, rain, snow, flooding and dangerous winds will impact different parts of our area and it will effect travel in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware.
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a live picture from wind gap. look at this shot. the wind is blowing the snow sideways making for dangerous whiteout conditions there. steven fisher is on the ground. we'll check back in with him in just a few minutes. now a live look at philadelphia international airport. there have been 160 flight cancellations so far this morning. the airport is urging travelers check the status of your flight with your airline. announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. i would not want to be flying in or out of any part of the northeast during the day today. it is going to be rough at best. power outages, some property damage, coastal roads flooded. dangerous travel in the snow. you just saw that picture of wind gap. that's not the only place that's going to see that. evening whiteout conditions. whiteout means all you see is
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white. you can't even see the cars in front of you and planes and trains delayed or even canceled. now, you can see the circulation here. you'll also see all the rain. it's kind of disappearing. the colder air is coming around and coming down from new england and that's changing the rain to snow. now just separated the most intense echos here. we've got some in toms river, some coming in to the poconos and in bethlehem and approaching the philadelphia area. you can see that on the radar when we put the snow in. here's that band around bethlehem. here's that band around toms river and we watch for some narrow bands to set up here where you can see much more snow in some places and less in others. you can see where it's not doing anything but that is moving --
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the snow is moving toward the west also. just because the precipitation is stopped where you are that doesn't mean that's the end of the storm. here's a closer look at the poconos and down toward the lehigh valley, allentown getting pretty heavy snow right now and toms river, ocean county is really getting hammered, parts of mercer county getting hammered, burlington county and this is just going to continue to spread to the south. so these areas like atlantic city and egg harbor township getting rain now that's going to change to sfoe as well as we go into the afternoon. the visibility tells us how heavy the snow is and a quarter mile in quaker town that is heavy snow. allentown, a half mile is heavy, doylestown, a half mile is heavy. reading in coatesville, no problem at all. trenton, half mile which is heavy. we're starting to see
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visibilities go down and northeast philly, mt. holly and in wrightstown but we still don't have issues across far south jersey. now the good thing is the temperatures above freezing everywhere except for the poconos. this snowmelting on the roads but when you have 50 mile an hour wind gusts and snow that heavy, you can't see so it's dangerous travel any way. 38 in philadelphia. these numbers are going down slowly during the day and the current wind gusts, we're seeing some pretty impressive gusts now. 52 miles an hour in wilmington, 47 in coatesville. we've seen gusts over 50 down toward parts of the jersey shore and the gusts as we go into the afternoon, 55 to 60 miles an hour in parts of the area, 7:00, similar story. that is the heart of the storm. 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. when the winds
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will be the strongest, still strong at midnight and tomorrow morning when the precipitation's over, it's still kind of gusty but it won't be as dangerous a wind as we're seeing this afternoon and by saturday afternoon it's just a windy afternoon but at least its dry. life still hasn't returned to normal for some restaurants, businesses and residents in old city. this fire nearly two weeks ago has had a especially devastating effect on the little lion.
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the investigation continues into what caused this major fire along chestnut street in old city president's day weekend. restaurants and businesses near the apartment that caught fire are struggling to bounce back. it has been especially tough for the little lion, the restaurant and bar is expected to be closed at least two months. a devastating impact to the 80
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employees who worked there, but this sunday, you can help out the workers of the little lion. chris young is one of the owners here. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> let's be clear. your restaurant was not on fire but it was damaged by all of this. talk about what happened. >> sopy got a call early that morning and rushed over there and 239 was on fire. 400 firefighters there and just tons and tons of water being poured all around and the water and the smoke is what really got us. >> what is the issue now with the building as far as you know? >> it changes every day. but right now we're not allowed in because there's structural stability control. the atf is not bringing down 239 which it needs to happen before we'll be allowed back in the building. >> you've got a lot of employees now out of a job. >> yeah. >> other restaurants, other businesses are coming together to help you guys you don't. talk about that. >> korea.
11:25 am
we put out a post on facebook to get some people a placed temporarily and it's been pretty astonishing how many restaurants have reached out. over 50 have reached out to offer temporary employment to my staff until we can figure out what's going on with this and figure out how we use people. >> how are you helping your staff move forward because this is got to be a difficult time? >> sure. we're just trying to pass information openly and honestly and quickly as we possibly can and let them know what to expect moving forward. we're hosting this benefit on sunday at 1:00 and hopefully we can raise some money to at least get them through until we can figure out what's going on with when we can open back up. >> fill the gap a little bit. maybe two months. but are you guys hearing anything else? >> i have not shortened my estimate since it's only grown pretty much every day it grows.
11:26 am
not exponentially. we're looking more in the three, four month period now. >> good luck to you and good luck with that benefit. thanks for being here. >> thank you. the little lion employee benefit is happening this sunday, march 4th from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at mad rachl restaurant and virtual reality lounge in fishtown. for more information just tap on the nbc10 app. we're tracking a major storm that is slamming our area today and what you'll see depends on where you live. a live look at radar shows where the snow and rain is falling right now. dangerous winds, downed power lines and flooding a major concern from this storm. here's a live look right now at the wind turbines at lincoln financial field. they are moving today. live team coverage continues just ahead. announcer: this portion of nbc10 news is sponsored by --
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announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. live look right now from wind gap. the wind blowing the snow sideways here making for dangerous whiteout conditions in parts of the lehigh valley. now to ocean city. this is a live look at the boardwalk. we have seen it raining here all morning longs and the winds starting to pick up. those strong winds will cause coastal flooding at the jersey shore during this storm. we're tracking the yore storm as it changes from rain to snow in some areas and as it moves across our region. wind speeds will keep increasing no matter where you live, there will be a risk of downed trees and power outages. we have stormforce10 out checking the road conditions for us. it's live at 30th street station. you can see the roads are slick, the rain drops hitting the windshield. mostly rain but a few snowflakes have fallen. a live look at vine street, i-95, whoa. that's i-95. take it slow there. ponding could be an issue as the
11:31 am
day goes on. very little visibility there. it's the same in dear. the live look at the roads in wilmington at the blue rock stadium. clearer there. expect to see ponding on the highways now. this afternoon, high winds combined with the snow and rain making it hard for drivers to see. we have the entire area covered as we keep you and your family safe from the effects of this major storm. live team coverage continues now with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we're seeing the storm transform itself and it's becoming more and more organized. you can see the precipitation in central pennsylvania kind of breaking apart and also in delaware but it's getting more concentrated closer to the center, the circulation of this is huge and the low-pressure center itself developing offshore and that is pushing the
11:32 am
precipitation back toward our area and also bringing the colder air in which changes the rain over to snow. the z-arkdarker blues indicate heavier snow and you can see how those bands are moving from northeast to southwest. you can see it was rain in buckingham but now it's all snow and that trend is coming down toward the philadelphia area. we're starting to see a little bit heavier snow in abington up toward hilltown. allentown is getting heavy snow, trenton and ft. dix getting heavy snow as well and there's quite a difference between the darker blue and the lighter colors as far as the snow intensity and the most intense is in ocean county right now near toms river just south of toms river out toward long beach island. the northern part of long beach island and as we go through the afternoon that trend continues of the snow moving down to the
11:33 am
south. there's -- looking like there's going to be less snow to the wet, berks county, chester county and into delaware than there will be in central new jersey for example. mercer county, burlington county, bucks county, northampton countys, those are the ones getting clobbered the most and the winds continue to increase and brittney shipp will look more at that. >> the wind does continue to increase so regardless if you're seeing rain or wet snow or more of a wintry mix, we are definitely going to be dealing with rough conditions. here's a closer look at allentown. we've been bringing it down for you. we'll switch you over now and show you our satellite radar shot. if you're closer to atlantic city you're seeing rain, philadelphia seeing more of a wintry mix. allentown the poconos all seeing a steady heavy snowfall at this time and it's really blowing around because our wind speeds are over 40 miles per hour. let's break it down hour by hour
11:34 am
for you. at 12:30 we're seeing wind gusts closer to 44 miles per hour, 41 miles per hour. those balloon up to about 55 miles per hour as we push in the early afternoon and for your evening commute. you want to be really careful especially if you're closer to the lehigh valley and the poconos where a lot of this snow is starting to stick to the ground. but if you're closer to parts of philadelphia or pottstown, it looks like right now we'll see the roads just a little too warm for this to accumulate, but regardless still going to be a rough messy commute for you just based on our wind speeds alone. we'll talk more about philadelphia and the shore. >> one of the areas seeing the most impact so far from this storm is in northampton county and that is where steven fisher is live for us. you've been seeing the blowing snow causing whiteout conditions. we can see you more clearer now than we could a half hour ago. >> reporter: yeah, erin.
11:35 am
it seems as though the snow has let up just a tad. the wind is still blowing. the wind is blowing in different directions. we're getting that snow globe effect because the snow is going everywhere. sometimes it's coming downsideways, other times it's coming straight down and then the wind will pick up and these big gusts will try and knock you over. this is north broadway in wind gap, cars moving very cautiously down north broadway. you can see there's already a lot of accumulation here in the lehigh valley. we're hearing the same thing up in through the poconos area. if you want to know what type of snow we're dealing with here, we got a lot of thick snow. good for snowballs but not good for driving, not good for standing in at all. it just breaks up in your hand. you can form it however you really please. very thick, heavy and wet snow. you can see again drivers having a tough time here on north broadway trying to navigate to really wherever they're trying to go. we do have some school closings
11:36 am
that are in the area. you'll want to monitor your kids school board. a lot of them are being let out early because of these heavy winds. the hill here north broadway, couple cars making it up here okay. we have seen plenty of cars spinning their tires. some cars not even trying to make it up. they come about halfway, turn around and go back down. slight decrease in the snow that is falling here in wind gap, but the wind is still very much a live. let's give you a look at the skyline in center city philadelphia. you can see the rain drops there hitting the lens. thousands of people in our area are being told already lost power from the damaging winds that are out there. thousands of people. for a closer look at conditions in philadelphia, let's go back to brittney shipp. >> we are definitely seeing a mixed bag out here.
11:37 am
if you are closer to atlantic city, you're seeing light rain. most of delaware right now is actually dry. if you were closer to our suburbed, lehigh valley, poconos, you're seeing steady snow coming down with strong wind speeds. different neighborhoods will see different things at different times and that's why we've been breaking it down for you region by region. now we'll head over to philadelphia, parts of south jersey. by 1:30 we're tracking wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour over philadelphia and cherry hill. gloucester, 55 miles per hour wind speeds and according to this model it looks like we'll see rain. where you start to see the pink here and the blue, the pink is more of a wintry mix, the blue is snow. we'll continue to see a lot of shifting. we could see rain coming down then switch back to wintry mix. and back and forth. one thing that's going to remain steady is our dangerously strong wind speeds which will continue as we go into the rest of the afternoon and evening. at 7:30 during the commute time we're still dealing with these
11:38 am
really strong wind speeds. right now the latest model looks like things are switching over to more snowfall. you just want to be careful driving around until you get home tonight because our visibilities going to be decreased. it doesn't matter if it's rain, wintry mix or wet snow. we'll quickly start to clear out as we get into our overnight hours. tomorrow will be dryer but we'll be dealing with wind speeds. closer to the jersey shore will see more rain. so we'll still be dealing with those strong wind speeds up to 62 miles per hour by this evening and eventually closer to 8:30 it looks like we'll start to see wintry mix over atlantic city, possibility of wet snow over cape may. erin. >> randy, you are on the road, 76 heading westbound. how's it looking out there. >> reporter: as brittany was saying that wintry mix has more or less arrived in philadelphia.
11:39 am
i'll show you a live look 76 westbound. you'll get ten minutes of nonstop rain, real heavy and just for about 30 seconds or so you'll see that mix. and then it goes right back to rain. that mix, that changeover is already beginning to happen here in the philadelphia area. as you can see the roads are a mess right now. people taking it pretty slow here on the schuylkill expressway. the wind is what was causing problems this morning. show you video from market street that we shot. people trying to get to work with their umbrellas in the rain but the wind was just blowing, turning market street into basically a wind tunnel. dismembering umbrellas as we saw. countless umbrellas getting torn apart. the wind was the story earlier in the day. take a listen to some people who had to walk through it. >> really rainy and i only have to go three blocks, but so very long three blocks today. >> reporter: umbrellas not helping out i'm guessing.
11:40 am
>> not at all. luckily i have a rain jacket. >> reporter: not a fun time out there. back here live on the schuylkill you can see that heavy rain also falling down. as the rush hour commute gets closer for 5:00 tonight, we could start to see these roads getting to a much worse condition when you combine all the traffic as well as the wintry mix we expect plus all that crazy wind just blowing everything around but for now live on the schuylkill, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. to stay on top of this major storm that will be changing throughout the day download the nbc10 app. if you want to send us pictures and videos of what's happening outside your window you can. l.l. bean is joining the list of major retailer that are changing their gun sale policies following the parkland shooting. they will no longer sale about guns or ammunition to anyone under the age of 21. live look at the stock market. check this out.
11:41 am
you can see the dow jones is taking a skid for a second day, all three major indices finished down yesterday after president trump released his proposal for high tariffs on imported aluminum and steel. down almost 300 points. olympic gold medalist aly raisman is suing the u.s. olympic committee over how it handled allegations. raceman said the organization knew or should have known that nassar was molesting her and other young athletes under the guise of medical treatment. the ucoc forced the board of gymnastics to resign and it launched a third party investigation. the funeral services for billy graham is expected to begin at noon. this is a live look from charlotte, north carolina, where the reverend will be remembered. he chose the songs and the scripture that will be part of the funeral service.
11:42 am
today's service and burial culminates a week of events where followers mourned him. it was moved to the capitol rotunda. president and mrs. trump are attending graham's funeral. the first couple flew out from dulles international. they will part of an invitation only crowd of 2,300 people. though he was sometimes known for controversial stances he preached to 200 million people. he died last week at the age of 99. it's going from bad to worse in many parts of our area. i'll update the latest track of this major storm. and what to expect for the weekend ahead.
11:43 am
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the problem that tears apart families, wipes out life savings and leads to criminal behavior in some cases, march is problem gambling awareness month and we're taking a look at the resources available to help people who struggle with gambling problems. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> we're seeing more and more casinos pop up in our area, is that leading to an increase in gambling addiction, gambling problems that you guys are seeing? >> absolutely. in pennsylvania we have approximately 300,000 people who are experiencing issues related to problem gambling and with
11:46 am
more and more ways to gamble it's become a more accessible for people to engage in gambling kifrts. >> what do you need to look out for? are there signs that your loved one or yourself may have a problem? >> yes, we have to remember that problem gambling is a hidden addiction so it's a disease in the mind. the sense is not nothing you can usually see or smell, like with alcohol or with narcotics. some of the warning signs would be all of a sudden unaccounted for cash advances, cash materials, changes in their mood swings like depression, anxiety, irtaability or even losses. you may lose money which is unfortunately unable to pay for your bills. people are losing their jobs and filing for bankruptcy. >> are there resources available? talk about some of those. >> yes. here in philadelphia we have member services through the department of behavioral health.
11:47 am
they can dial 1-888-545-2600. they can dial the gambling hotline. it's confidential, free and anonymous. >> thank you so much for being here. >> no problem. if you or someone you know has a gambling problem, one of those numbers to call 1-800-gambler 1-800-gambler. you can just search on the app. this storm is changing by the hour and some parts of the area are seeing worse weather, others are seeing improvement. the moisture coming straight in from the ocean, the snow area coming from new york state and spreading toward the southwest, so eventually some of this snow will be making it into delaware
11:48 am
which doesn't are any precipitation yet. separated the heaviest precipitation from the lighter one because it's a little hard sometimes to see that snow on the radar and show just where the most intense is. we've just seen it go into norristown, pottstown just about to get heavier snow, charlestown about to get heavier snow. easton is in the heavy snow. trenton is in the heavy snow right now. you can see chester brook right on the edge. you'll get it in a matter of minutes. radnor starting to see the snow pick up right now. norristown is right in it and we're even seeing some of this moderate to heavy snow coming through philadelphia. not quite into center city yet but across the river in cherry hill, it's definitely increased. you can see the darker blues as a result of that and more and more of that green is changing to blue.
11:49 am
heavier snow from easton on up to the poconos. they're getting very heavy snow up there and the rain/snow line in new jersey, not making a lot of progress but it's moving down a little bit, down toward the lower portion of long beach island. so we have quite a variety of condition. visibility is just dropped in pottstown. that's proof that the snow has intensified. quakertown still very heavy, doylestown, mt. poconos and blue bell has seen the intensity go up. trenton is getting heavier snow right now. northeast philly is seeing a significant reduction in visibility indicating heavier snow there. still not much at the jersey shore or extreme southern delaware yet. temperatures remain above freezing, but it's getting closer. blue bell 34, allentown 35, trenton 34. it melts on the roads but when
11:50 am
it's snowing real hard and you have wind gusts to 60 miles an hour, you can't see and so it's still dangerous even if the roads are not snow covered. gusts of 53 miles an hour in dover right now. 44 in atlantic city, 43 in philadelphia and in allentown. that is pretty nasty and as we go through the afternoon we see areas of that heavier snow spreading to the south. some of it getting into delaware but delaware will get hit is least compared to other parts of our area. you also notice the temperature not going below freezing. so as soon as the snowfall lightens up you'll see more and more of it melt and then the visibility gets better but it's still windy out there so any snow is going to be blowing around all night and into the morning, not cooling down that much. so we're not going to see
11:51 am
everything ice over and the snow is going to be melting wherever it's piling up because temperatures will be in the 40s tomorrow. it's going to be windy. we have wind gusts, 35 to 40 miles an hour during the day tomorrow, especially in the morning. sunday, nice day, but a little bit on the breezy side not as windy as tomorrow. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
we are finally starting to see a lot of the rainfall switch over to wet snow and snow is coming down near easton. katie sent this in and enjoying the nor'easter. i was beginning to doubt whether it actually snowed here but she's definitely getting snow. take a look at this. the snow is coming in horizontally because our wind speeds are anywhere between 40 and 60 miles an hour. jean says it's snowing and we don't have any bread with a smiley face. it's like a snow globe out there with these big giant snowflakes. go play, laugh, heal and reskruf nature. so not a bad advice on a day like today. you definitely want to stay inside and be careful. dangerous conditions expected for the at least the next 12 hours. >> hopefully you did get that
11:55 am
bread and milk. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with another check on the forecast. a lot to talk about. >> yeah. we had the rain first. and that wets the ground and so the ground is kind of soft and then you get these 60 mile an hour went gusts and that can knock trees over which then knocks out power. so that's why there might be a lot of power outages as we go through the rest of the day and into the tonight. you can see the whole western half of the storm has fallen apart as it gets more and more concentrated which means more trouble for new jersey, especially central new jersey and less for delaware and let's say cape may counties. now we've separated out the lighter snow, so these pinkish colors just the heavy stuff, the green is the absolute heaviest that you can see in new jersey headed through ocean county.
11:56 am
we can go almost neighborhood by neighborhood to show you where this heavier snow is. we just had a burst come through norristown and about to hit pottstown and charlestown and look how close it is. if we told you about it going into chester brook. it's in chester brook now. it is in radnor. phoenixville right on the edge of it. it's going to be increasing there as well. trenton, that is moved to the south. so trenton is improved slightly but levittown getting into heavier snow. you can see how hit and miss it is. >> weather conditions from the storm will be changing throughout the day. we'll have live updates from our team of meteorologists all day long. so when we're not on television, really, make sure you have got that free nbc10 app. we'll send severe weather alerts directly to your smartphone plus you can get the hour-by-hour forecast for your neighborhood. thanks for watching nbc10 news
11:57 am
at 11:00. have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00. peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> tripp: hey, are either one of these wedding shirts? >> ciara: um, that one. [softly] wow. >> tripp: hmm. how are you doing with that photo montage, miss scorsese? the wedding is almost upon us. >> ciara: i just want everything to be perfect, you know? the video is good, but i pretty much hate the song that i picked for it. hey, claire was working on a song for the wedding, right? maybe that could work. [door closes] >> eric: [chuckles] >> jennifer: well, you didn't have to get so dressed up for me. >> eric: sorry, i just got hung up at the center. just about to hop in the shower. >> jennifer: you seem to be making a habit of this. >> eric: running late? >> jennifer: let


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