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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 1, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tomorrow, heavy snow could be falling there. there's a live look in allentown. information on this storm:con substantiately being updated. it's important to stay with the most accurate weather team in our region. >> nbc 10 has tools no other station has and more reporters hitting the streets. we sent seven reporters across pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. and our first alert team of meteorologists has been tracking this storm for days. >> let's begin with meteorologist tammie souza. it's raining now but the severe weather is still on its way. >> i want to say these are not severe storms, but this is severe weather. we're going to see the high winds as this storm system revs up. we're going to see heavy snow in the poconos and snow elsewhere and also going to see some very heavy rain that could lead to flooding. so again, this is for the entire area. because we're all going to be affected. especially noon tomorrow through midnight. we're going to be affected. the first alert is for tomorrow
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morning through saturday morning. what we're looking at is 50 to 70 mile an hour wind gusts. that's going to bring downpour lines, trees, build boards, bad roofs. it can do a lot of property damage periods of heavy rain. and we're going to get the wet snow. but with those high winds tomorrow afternoon t could create whiteout conditions and dangerous driving damages. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, that is the time to be home and let this blow over. the winds are going to reek halve ak we have a steadier rain reading. the rain is spreading across south jersey. you're quiet right now. easton picking up some showers. and headed toward allentown. we're looking at shower activity. if we back it out, you can see snow on the backside of this
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system. you can see the heavier rainmaking its way toward the area. so let's go ahead and walk you through kind of the time line of this giant storm system. here it comes. heavy rain tonight. our futurecast. the storm crosses the area. we still have rain tomorrow morning. snow in the poconos. the storm parks offshore and that's when the high winds come in tomorrow afternoon. >> to this now. people at the jersey shore already listened to our first alert and are preparing for the major storm. >> ted greenberg is joining us live. you have seen how people there are prepare iing today. >> reporter: that's right, people here along the shore are taking the storm very seriously. getting ready for those high winds and the possibility of moderate to even major coastal flooding. after getting swamped multiple times in recent years, the owner of mike's seafood doesn't take
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chances with high water. >> this sounds like it's packing a punch today is landmark business being sealed up ahead of the major storm threatening the jersey shore with significant tidal flooding. >> you move your car, move it again. >> police urging construction workers to secure their job sites to make sure their building materials don't become airborne in extremely high winds. crews in north wildwood racing against the clock to finish an emergency kit between 4th and 6th avenues where there's hardly any buffer between the street and the ocean. >> as we saw the breach front deteriorating over the last year or sorks we knew we had to do something. we're luky we got this in just ahead of the storm. >> reporter: because of the flood threat, all atlantic city
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residents can park their cars for free at the garage at mississippi and fairmont avenues now through 8:00 monday morning. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 has you covered across the devlaware valley. this is a live look at the calm before the storm. e meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a look at specific areas and what to expect. >> there's going to be quite a variation of types of weather from snow to the coastal flooding. but everyone is going to be seeing dangerous winds. not so much tonight. this is the rain b and the wind gusts plotting on top of it. we're going to the jersey shore first. and it's by tomorrow morning that winds picking up a little bit. look at the wind direction. that's an offshore wind. it's not as bad as if it was on
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shore. the flooding would be much worse. in the afternoon, gusts. up to 60 in atlantic city. 62 at toms river. this area of pink is a wintery mix. we could be seeing rain changing over during the afternoon rush hour. look at that gust up to 62 in cape may. and the wind direction again, the bayside is perhaps the most vulnerable here in cape may county. and in the other barrier islands because of the wind direction of this particular storm. unusual for these coastal storms because. developing right on top of us. here's friday evening. it could be changing over to snow in parts of the area. what are do we expect? the highest tide 8 to 11:00 a.m. saturday. and that's when most of the roads would be flooded. now as we take a look into delaware, we have the same issue with the wind direction. not so much the delaware beaches. the ocean beaches that are going
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to be affected. watch what happens into the morning hours. it's a northwest wind becomes a little more northerly later in the day and that's why i'm more concerned with lewis delaware and the flooding there than the atlantic side. things change hour by hour around here. we'll keep an eye on it. let's see how the city of philadelphia is gearing up for tomorrow's storm. >> miguel martinez-valle joins us live from center city where the rain is coming down. >> reporter: that's right. what started off as a light drizzle is picking up. people are walking around center city today telling me they were preed. >> i mean, traveling into the city, to be prepared. it would be one way in the morning and different going home. city commuters will reward it if they plan ahead for the weather. cloudy skies gave way to light rain during the afternoon commute, which is good news for this guy. >> the rain doesn't really play
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a factor. i just cover in plastic and tarp it up. >> reporter: it's days like today when the rain starts later he makes more money on people who didn't plan ahead. city officials are planning for another type of weather. there's a high wind warning for tomorrow. they want crews working around the city to be extra careful securing equipment. watching you tell us what's going on out here. back to you guys. >> the rain starting to come down here. make sure you download the to get the latest 24 hours a day on this major storm. >> the nbc 10 app will send you weather alerts for your neighborhood where you work or your current location.
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make sure those alerts are on. breaking news. a guilty verdict in just minutes ago in the corruption trial of ed pawlowskpawlowski. the jury began deliberating yesterday morning. steven fisher just came out of the courtroom and has been following this trial. he's join iing us live with thi verdict. >> we did just get out of the courtroom a few minutes ago. the jury made their decision. they came to the judge with a verdict saying 47 out of the 54 counts that he was facing they did find him guilty. there are people coming down now. there's all kinds of stuff going on in the courtroom. we want to talk a little bit about a fact this is a six-week trial. deliberations started yesterday with that jury. they pretty much made this decision to return a verdict of guilty for 47 of the 54 counts
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he was facing in just over 24 hours. we're going to be out here all night to try to talk to some of the people for some time because there's been a gag order the entire time. so 47 and 54 counts found guilty. back in. more on this throughout the evening. found guilty of 47 of the 54 counts. >> steven fisher live. we'll continue to follow it. now the latest on the coastal storm. >> we're tracking the powerful nor'easter one piece developing near cleveland. the main one will intensify offshore. we'll tell you about the problems no matter which neighborhood you live in, coming right up. erasing medical debt. one local man fought for years to help patients get help paying their bills. tonight he's on the other end.
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how nbc 10 is help iing to clea people's debts across the delaware valley. it's time to open up your home and heart. make a difference in a foster child's life by calling our phone bank right now. nbc 10 and telemundo are working together to recruit foster parents. of local kids need a home. you can help and learn more by calling 87 -622-9228 right now.
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all eyes are on the radar as a major storm barrels into our region. this storm will bring just about everything. depending on where you live. the full forecast with glenn "hurricane" schwartz in just minu minutes. >> tonight nbc 10 responds continues its work erasing medical debt and looking for a cure to the problem of burdensome bills. view verse donate the enough money to forgive well over half a million dollars in medical debt. all tr patients right here in our region. >> tonight nbc 10's george spencer is look inging a the hoe medical debt problem can be
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fixed. >> the common theme for every patient is simple. health care costs are almost unbelievably high. experts tell us a couple basic changes could make a big impact. >> walking near his home in west philly, viewers may recognize mike for his advocacy work and as a contributor to this report about medical debt malpractice. but suddenly he too is a medical debtor. >> i'm pretty -- i u don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: doctors discovered blood clots in his legs and abdomen and then found other serious complications. he's been on medical leave ever since and now big bills are rolling in. >> i'm collecting tea ining the and realizing that they were pretty pricey. >> reporter: too many patients are in the dark not knowing how much their medical care costs until it's too late. >> it's a terrible problem. and it's a hard problem to
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solve. >> reporter: the executive director of the policy institute says price transparency could be a major first step towards reducing our medical debt crisis. that would allow you to compare the price of routine services from one hospital to the next. although like comparing the price of the same car at different dealerships. >> if they wanted to make a conscious decision about it, finding that information is difficult. >> the hospital industry group in pennsylvania says it's taking steps towards that transparency with this new online comparison tool. the other big fix might be even more. streamlining the system to reduce the costly overhead that drives up pricing. >> it's so complicated that a lot of expenses aren't really the time you're with the doctor, but just the administration. >> this initiative started with
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our parent company. it's wooiping out millions of dollars in medical detonation wide. but our viewers cannot sign up their debt e erased. e we partnered with the nonprofit to make this donation. and as we said, their process is entirely random and anonymous. so only you will know if your debt has been paid. if you get one of the yellow envelopes in the mail at your house. >> e we know viewers have been adding to that impact and erasing more debt. one viewer sent a $1500 schchec. really generous. >> and that donation alone cancels $150,000 of debt. so the impact is really multiplied. we're still trying to grow it though visit and click on the story. you'll find a link to donate. and if you receive one of the envelopes in the mail, contact us and let us know. >> it will be your lucky day. any amount you want to donate. >> even a small amount helps a lot. now back to our top story
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tonight. we're tracking the major coastal storm. what can you expect over the next 24 hours. we have you covered. it's so busy in the weather center we will have a meteorologist here around the clock for the next 24 hours. >> and right now, we have meteorologist ggs glenn "hurricane" schwartz here to tell us what we can expect. >> we have the first alert out. we issued it yesterday for the storm starting at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow until 10:00 a.m. saturday. we're expecting downed trees and power lines, coastal roads flooded. and then dangerous travel in snow. wind-driven snow by tomorrow afternoon. the afternoon rush is going to be just a mess look at all o the rain on the radar. light around the philadelphia area, but heavier in western pennsylvania. and that's what's coming in this evening. storm ranger 10 out in south jersey and what we can do here is get more details than
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conventional radar because we can travel to where the storm s is. so for example, we can see the details here on where the actual heaviest rain is is where the radar would just shoot right over and into the clouds. that's not where it's raining on you. the closer you are to the rain, the more accurate the radar is going to be. here we are with that rain in western pennsylvania coming in. that's just one part of this giant system. and it hasn't even hit the coast yet. today's high, it got up to 60 in al lentown. snowing like crazy tomorrow afternoon. 58 in philadelphia. for the high. down to 50 now. so there's still a threat of snow or ice by tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon we have problems. heavier rain later this evening from western pennsylvania. temperatures don't drop overnight, but here's the rain and snow line.
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and watch it come down as the storm intensifies offshore. the temperatures may not get below freezing, but you can still get heavy, wet snow out of this. and remember we're talking about 50 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts at the same time. a whiteout condition. you can't travel in that. so we may have some dangerous tomorrow afternoon. and look at the potential for that snow. it could go down to south jersey. the temperatures again above freezing is critical. e we could see a foot of snow in the poconos, merscer county, those are the places that have the best chance of seeing several inches of bursts of snow. and then tomorrow evening, we have more snow around. and then it finally moves out as we go into saturday morning. but because that monster storm is still going to be sitting out in the ocean, we're going to have windy conditions. all day saturday. sunday is going to be kind of
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breezy, but at least it's mostly dry. and as bad as it's going to be around here, new england is going to get a stark storm out of this. >> the worst flooding ever in the boston area and cape cod. you'll be seeing amazing pi pictures about that. because it's developing right on top of us, that limits the flood threat a little bit because most of the wind is blowing offshore when it's the strongest here and on shore up in new england. >> thankful for small favors relatively speaking in our area. >> what an impact it will be here. >> just imagine if the storm hadded a little farther south. we'd be getting what boston is going to be getting. as it is hour by hour, different changes and snow bursts tomorrow afternoon. got to pay attention to the weather here because it can be really dangerous tomorrow. >> download the app if. you don't have it. follow us all night on facebook and twitter and then tonight at 11:00, we'll have the
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latest information and updates on the storm. >> as we go to break, a remienlder our phone bank still happening. 5 to 6,000 kids need families. the phone number to ask questions is 8 7-622-9228. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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now to a growing need in the philadelphia area. finding foster families for thousands of children. >> all week long we have been profiling children looking for a home. there are about 6,000 children hoping to be adopted and that's why nbc 10 and telemundo are holding a phone bank right now. rosemary connors is joining us
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live. experts there answering all types of questions. >> yeah, we want those questions. we have a few more minutes until 6:30. if you have questions about being a foster parent, call. you mentioned experts here with us. she works with the department of human services. you're a youth advocate. you bring a unique perspective because this is near ask dear to your heart. tell us about it. >> just me personally being in the system since i was 13 and now working in the system, i can't emphasize enough the lack of normalcy i had in my life and for the lives that the youth that i serve. so because of this, this is the need for so much more foster parents to serve these kids in the philadelphia area. things like going to school, joining a club, hanging out with your friends at the school, those are things that our youth can't experience. and by opening up our hearts and our homes, you're pretty much giving those kids normal
6:26 pm
experiences. so that the after care, they will lead normal, healthy lives, like you. >> they would be able to transition into adulthood without any extra problems. having family is something that's so important to us. that's why we need more foster parents. >> we really appreciate the work you're doing. appreciate your perspective. thank you for joining us. 877-622-9228. back to you in the studio. >> so much great information coming from the experts. that phone bank going until 6:30. we are kicking our weather coverage into overdrive. tonight at 11:00, as the storm gets closer to slamming our a a area, we're live across the region and timing out the impact on your neighborhood. join us for the most accurate forecast tonight at 11:00.
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intensities offshore it really builds up and we're gusting close to 60 in the afternoon. >> you'll being and updating us all evening long. we'll see you at 11:00. tonight, vladimir putin's chilling warning to the world. boasting that russia has a new nuclear missile so invincible it can evade detection and strike anywhere. demonstrating his firepower with a simulated attack on the u.s. tonight we have putin one on one in an exclusive interview. stocks plunge after predent trump triggers fears of a trade war at a time when his administration is consumed by infighting and chaos. our exclusive report. another key adviser may be headed for the exit. the powerful nor'easter taking aim at the east coast while millions in the west brace for the strongest storm of the year. we're tracking the threats. new warning that equifax cyber attack was even bigger than first revealed. we'll show you a better way to protect allr


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