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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this e tree right into this house. it was the rainiest february ever recorded in mels, tennes e tennessee. so thanks for joining us. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. you're in the right place for severe weather coverage. over the next 36 hours, this storm will be changing constantly. so major sure you stay with the fist alert weather team. >> from the jersey shore to the delaware beaches, into center city and up to the lehigh valley, we are helping you get ready. this is not a one-size fits all storm. conditions will continue to deteriorate across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. the nbc 10 first alert weather team of meteorologists has the most accurate weather forecast. steve sosna is is live in south jersey with the only mobile radar and glenn "hurricane" schwartz is breaking down the e details of the storm region by region. >> we begin our coverage with chief meteorologist tammie souza with the timing and the biggest factors impacting this storm. >> the biggest factors impact
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ing this storm is wind will be the umbrella event. everything else is going to be big. it will fall beneath that. we have a first alert for the entire area prp this is for tomorrow morning starting at 5:00 in the morning through saturday morning at 10:00. it may even be extended beyond that. what is this for? 50 to 70 mile an hour wind gusts. you could see 50 mile an hour wind gusts in the lehigh valley. 70 miles an hour completely possible along the jersey shore. very possible es herbally during the high tides. periods of heavy rain tonight through tomorrow morning and then we're going to see a wet snow. heavy snow in the poconos. perhaps a half a foot to a foot there. but across the entire area this could turn to snow with the high winds creating white out conditions for tomorrow evening's commute. the radar just showing light rain starting to move across the area. so this is not the big event. the big event is these two pieces of the storm that are going to merge together and park
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themselves right offshore. you can see the main body. of the storm moving through ohio. let's track what's going to. happen. here comes the storm. look at the timing. the heavy rain moves in tonight through tomorrow morning. 10:30 tonight it's going to be pouring. tomorrow morning the storm system moves over us with heavy ra rain. pulling the cold air in behind. so the snow is going to start tomorrow morning. by tomorrow the highest winds will be in place. we could see white out conditions with some blowing snow. not heavily accumulating snow in philadelphia. could just melt, but it will be blowing around. we see the on shore flooding early on saturday. the winds coming strieaight in along the beaches to the north. here's a look at the timing. the heaviest rain will be tonight and tomorrow morning. the damaging winds really whip into shape tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow night. and the coastal tlooding threat will be saturday when we see high tide through saturday
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night. >> the jersey shore could see wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. high tide tomorrow could send water surging through the streets. for details on the threat at the shore, let's go to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> lay this out for us. >> this is going to be an unusual kind of storm that's going to be the slowest moving storm of the season. and also the most intense. this is the radar with the wind gusts plotted on top of it. this evening not much wind. here's the rain. light to moderate at rl in the evening. and then by tomorrow morning, the winds starting to pick up as you see gusts of 30 to 40 miles an hour. nothing too extreme. but it's in the afternoon that things start to get wild. 60 mile an hour wind gusts. atlantic city, toms river, cape may, 55 in millville.
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this out of one of our computer models. even 58 in mount holly. as we go toward midnight, still 50 to 55 mile an hour wind gusts. and then also a possible change to some wet snow for at least a part of the storm. and then moderate to major coastal flooding saturday morning. the time is 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. is the the most dangerous time. especially the cape may coast and in delaware. it's the wind coming in off of delaware bay that could be very dangerous. in philadelphia, once again, starting off with just rain and moderate winds. it's light in the morning. it gets much heavy iier as we g through the afternoon. 58 mile an hour wind gusts on this computer in philadelphia and in cherry hill. we'll take a look at the rest of the area coming up in just a few minutes. >> in the meantime, let's go
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live to ted greenberg. >> you have gone from county to county today at the shore. people have seen flooding before, but this could be major. >> reporter: it could. the situation here at the jersey shore still relativelier is reen. we have been seeing light rain within the last hour or so. but as you mentioned, people here are definitely on alert for this storm. many not taking any chance cans. they are hoping this wood will help keep high water out of mike's seafood in sea isle city. this the day to prepare for the major coastal storm threatening the jersey shore with significant tidal flooding, high winds and rain. >> this sounds like it's packing a punch. i'm very concerned about this. >> reporter: in harvey cedars, police urging construction workers to secure their job site to make sure their building materials don't become airborne.
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crews in north wild wood finishing up this emergency bulk head installed along a vulnerable area from 4th to 6th avenues where previous storms left hardly any buffer between the ocean and the street. >> look at it thousand. >> we saw the beach front deteriorating over the last year, we knew we had to do something. we're lucky we got this in just ahead of the storm. >> reporter: because of the flooding and high winds that we are expecting, the bridge which connects sea isle city and avalon will be closing at 5:00 this evening and jackie it will stay closed until some time on sunday. back to you. >> we'll be watching this closely over the next 36 hours. ted greenberg live for us. >> now closer to philadelphia, look live at i-95 in south philadelphia where our eagles nest camera. it's kind of gray out there
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right now as we prepare for the rain that's headed our way. let's go back to glenn "hurricane" schwartz for the impact on philadelphia and south jers jersey. could the city get snow by tomorrow night? >> yes, absolutely. now the temperature is is not going to be very low at the ground. but still forms up there and it's going to be cold enough up there and all the way down close to the ground. so it could be 36 degrees and snowing hard and the other thing is is the wind is going to be blowing hard at the same time. first, we have to deal with the rain. the darker greens indicate the heavier rain and we're not seeing a lot of wind tonight. but periods of heavy rain coming in. not much wind tomorrow morning. and then in the afternoon, that is the snow. this is the mixed precipitation. maybe some sleet in philadelphia and the surrounding jersey suburbs. that story in the afternoon rush with winds gusting to 50 to 60 miles an hour. then you have snow blowing on top of that. that is white out conditions.
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that makes it very dangerous for driving. and it's not going to be until later friday night where the snow starts to move out. the winds don't diminish until saturday morning. we'll talk more about areas to the north and west and also in delaware coming up in just a few minutes. >> taking a live look at month yak from our camera at the presidential city apartments. it's kind of a gray day out there. temperatures not too bad right now in the mid-50s. so this is definitely the calm before the storm. and miguel martinez-valle is live at broad and walnut in center city. >> an area that's busy and full of people especially during the week. >> a lot of those people commuters that come into the city for work or to run errands. they definitely don't want to be caught in the rain, caught soaked. it's just some light sprinkles here in center city on and off. but i have been. seeing some jackets and umbrellas. people had to plan ahead.
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he has been making sales in center city for 15 years. >> fragrances, essential oils. >> but on days like today, there's one thing really making it rain. >> most people on a day like this are not prepared. business is booming. >> reporter: his brumbrella business. >> unprepared commuters, betty keeps up with nbc 10 to headache sure she's not caught off guard. >> i listen to you every day. >> reporter: expecting rain and heavy winds this afternoon, she planned her day and wardrobe accordingly. she's not the only one. >> i'm trying to do everything i can now so i don't have to come back out now. >> traveling into the city you have to be prepared. it could be one way in the morning and different going home. >> and as you have been saying apart from the rain, the wind is the big story for the next few days. so city officials are urging construction managers to take extra precaution to be be
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careful. i'm miguel martinez-valle in center city, nbc 10 news. >> good to see betty doing the right thing listening to nbc 10 is our team of meteorologists. thanks. >> weather conditions are tr this storm will be changing rapidly throughout the next 36 hours. when we are not on tv, make sure you you have the free nbc 10 app. we will sent alerts to your smart phone. plus you can get the hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a 10-year-old boy accused of sending threatening e-mails. >> they prompted schools in three districts to actually close today. also touched off panic among parents and students. a teacher in the franklin township school district got an e-mail containing words like bullets and guns. nbc 10's reporter cydney long tells us how police found the young suspect is. >> hiding behind a computer e keyboard using a fake male address saying it was a 10-year-old male student that e
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e-mailed a teacher saying there would be a shooting at the school today. >> at this time, there's no noun threats to any of our schools. the individual in custody had no access to weapons. >> you shouldn't have access to being able to do that. you should avoid that. >> parents understandably upset. robo calls woke them to news of the threat and the district would cancel classes. police say the remarkable this teacher happened to be awake at 1:30 in the morning and notice the e-mail come through on her cell phone. it gave district officials and law enforcement very little time to react canceling classes and locking the doors. >> he is being charged with making terroristic threats and also causing false public alarm. we are seeking psychology help for him. >> the family is cooperating. it's the second threat in just a
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week's time. the other, not credible. >> i want it to be known we will not stand for this type of behavior. >> you don't think it would happen to you this close to home. >> please, please pay close attention to what your children are doing online. >> reporter: districts will address staff and resume a normal day friday. cydney long, nbc 10 news. an update to a story we brought you as breaking news this morning. police tell nbc 10 the threat at a hospital in vineland prompted a lockdown at the college. students were warned at 9:30. it was listed an hour and a half later. this was a closed door meeting with president trump and law enforcement. the discussion focused on gun-related violence in schools and communities ask families touch by the school sheeting as well as the texas church shooting, the virginia tech shooting and sandy hook were all
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there. if you own a home in philadelphia, your property taxes could go up 6%. that's if the mayor gets his way. today the mayor unveiled his budget proposal . the proposal to raise taxes is to increase money given to philadelphia's public schools. the goal is to improve the district's programs and pay tr a looming $900 million deficit. we have to make this a reality. these are our kids. they are no one else's kids. and no one else is coming to their rescue. not from harrisburg and not from washington, d.c. >> the plan is already getting pushback from council members. we'll have their reaction coming up at 5:00. no verdict yet in the corruption trial of allentown's mayor ed papawlowski. he was charge d with lying to te fbi. he took the stand in his own defense and denied the charges. police surrounded a house
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today after a sheriff tried to serve a warrant but the suspect refused to leave the house. police ordered neighbors to shelter in place. the man came out and was taken into custody. opponents of a proposed football stadium in north philadelphia say they are not backing down. a group including members of the philadelphia black clergy and naacp is fighting the proposed football stadium at broad and norris. they will hold a town hall tonight at 6:00. the university will host its own informational meeting tuesday night. nearly 6,000 young people in philadelphia live in foster care and there is a constant need tr loving foster families for these children. >> we have been hearing from many who have opened their hearts and home this is week. they say that being a foster family is easier than you think. it's also one of most rewarding ways to make a difference in a young person's life.
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rosemary connors is live in our city avenue studio now. we have experts ready to talk to you about becoming a foster family. >> that's k35k9ly right. volunteers are standing by ready to take your phone calls. maybe questions if you want to know what's the commitment. what do i need to do on my part. call that number. they are stand iing by to take your calls. one of our volunteers in studio is on the call with us. >> i am talking to vanessa and carissa and they are on the phone. just a shout out to them. people are calling in because they are watching the program and want to know how they can foster. >> reporter: you have met many foster children. especially through our wednesday's child segment during the week. and every time you feature those children they say all i'm looking for is a loving home. >> there's so many kids out there who need a loving home. but this is different because fostering is temporary.
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these are kids who may need a home, a bed for a night, a weekend, a couple weeks, a couple months until their home life is more stable. so that's why there's such a need for that. we're trying to get individuals and family who is have a bed, a room, an inflatable mattress that they can house one or two kids. >> we'll let you get back on the line. thank you so much. you heard him say it. it's children who are obviously under the age of 18, but even children who have aged out of the system need a place to go. maybe if they are in college on their winter breaks during the holidays. if that may fit your family, give us a call. back to you. >> there's such a need. call if you want. >> we're here with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. our first alert weather team is tracking this major coastal storm as we have been telling you. it's not just a storm that's going to hit the coast.
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it's different anywhere you live. >> everybody is going to be affected by this. some areas will have different kinds of problems like there's going to be a lot of heavy, wet snow in the poconos. that's going to weigh down the trees and cause power outages there. and other parts of the area are going to just have plain wind to knock down trees and power outages. this is a live look at downtown ocean city. one of the areas that's going to get strong winds. . but at the beaches, you may get a little less wind than you get on the bayside. you have to watch out for the bayside with this storm. a little bit different than your typical coastal storm. the entire area under the first alert friday at 5:00 a.m. to saturday at 10:00 a.m. we have 50 to 70 mile an hour wind gust. the coastal flooding is saturday morning is the worst tide. and it also makes the ground soft and is easier to knock over trees. and the wet snow at the peak of
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this in some parts of the area cause wide white out conditions, which means dangerous driving. and we do have downed trees and power lines. localized flooding and the dangerous travel and the snow and it could be a during a art of the afternoon rush tomorrow. here's the first batch of rain. it's generally on the lighter said side. the heavier rain back to the west. you can see more and more of the area is being affected by it. so the roads are kind of wet to start off and will be wet tomorrow morning too. this is moving offshore. that's an impressive u storm in itself. but we have it combining with something offshore to create something even bigger. >> right now the temperatures are very mild in the 50s. way above normal. it's going to be snowing at this time tomorrow. but it could happen. even towards south jersey during
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a period of time. there's the rain. it gets heavier coming in from the west. temperatures start going down. it's still not that cold at 10:30 tonight or tomorrow morning. the morning rush is is not going to be snowy, but it's going to start getting a little windier after the morning rush. then we're going to see the changeover to snow in the poconos. hea heavy, wet snow. snow flakes, plus we're talking about the 50 to 70 mile an hour winds. so that you just can't travel in weather like that. as we go through the morning, the wind is increasing. and the temperatures are decreasing and the rain and snow line comes to the south and toward the afternoon. some of that snow could be falling even in the philadelphia area. parts of south jersey, but look at the temperatures. above the freezing mark. so we're not talking about accumulation out of this thing. it's the snow blowing that is
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going to cause the problems, the dangerous travel when you have conditions like that. and we don't get conditions like that very often. and here we are by saturday things start to quiet down and precipitation moves out. it's a windy day saturday, but not quite as windy as tomorrow. >> the weekend is not too bad. >> the main thing will be the wind. coastal flooding that will be the main problem saturday morning. but we'll be able to travel saturday. tomorrow late afternoon and into tonight, all kinds of travel will be affected by this. airline travel might just be shut down for a number of hours. >> and danger ares downed trees and power lines during rush hour on the roads. >> there's going to be some of that and the power outages make things worse. . when you combine 70 mile an hour
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winds after you have gotten the rain to soften up the ground and so much rain we have had this past month that's not a good combination. >> it's important to keep it here on nbc 10 to have the app. thank you for that update. >> we're just getting started with our nbc 10 team coverage of this storm. >> a live look from our cape may camera at you heard, that's all changing soon. our weather team is getting new information ready for you. also this. worst than first thought. more customer information compromised in the major data breach. what you need to know next. and a live look now at our foster care phone bank. there's a constant need for foster families. help by calling the number for more information. call now if you can. and here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. if you look at the numbers, down across the board today. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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welcome back. taking a live look from society hill. these are our cameras at the wells fargo center looking at gray skies out there as we await the arrival of the major coastal storm that's on our doorstep right now. the chances that criminals have your personal information increased today. . . equifax announced 2.5 million more americans than previously reported were part of last year's cyber attack. that means about 148 million people have some of their identification stolen. the breach included partial driver's license numbers. they will directly notify the people involved and offer protection at no cost. nbc 10 responds is helping
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erase some of the medical debt that's build. ing against more than a million people in our area. nbc yub universal stations are donating $150,000 to a nonprofit that buy. s and forgives unpaid medical debt. that includes $2 million of debt here in our area. many of you have also stepped up to help. this week alone, nbc 10 viewers have donated enough money to forgive more than half a million dollars of medical debt across our region. it's easy to give and every dollar counts. a $10 donation can erase $1,000 of debt. head to or tap the free nbc tap 10 to learn more. back to our first alert weather. damaging winds, coastal flooding and e snow for some of our neighborhoods. >> we are tracking this major storm. >> this storm is going to be very different depending on where you live. >> absolutely. that's why nbc 10 has the most
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accurate weather forecast for your neighborhood. we're taking you through the timing and the change in conditions region by region, next at 4:00. nbc 10 is help iing to find good homes for foster children across philadelphia. right now we have a phone bank set up. help us by calling 877-622-9228 for more information.
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nbc 10 first alert weather tracking one of the biggest storms to hit our area this season, taking a live look from one of our cameras on top of the comcast center. we're starting to see light rain. it's a taste of what's to come. let's get a live look at atlantic city.
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the storm has a monster flood threat hanging over towns at jersey shore with hurricane force winds off the coast. first alert weather team has been telling you about the storm for days now. they have the most accurate weather forecast. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is breaking down the different conditions region by region. let's bring you up to e speed on the latest track with tammie souza. >> this may be one of our biggest storms of the year but they are talking boston, this could be the granddaddy of all times. right now we're seeing light rain across the area. nothing heavy. the steadiest of the light rain is falling tr philadelphia to wilmington. you can see the darker shades of green towards washington. that's about it. we're not looking at heavy rain across the area. this is the first of the bands to move in. the storm is split into two parts. you have the northern part where the energy is. you have the southern part with the moisture. they are going to come together right off the coast. that's when the storm will
4:32 pm
intensify. the center of low pressure is going to drop very quickly. so it's going to be like a bomb cyclone. it's going to be explosive as far as the winds that pick up by tomorrow. so here we go. here comes the storm system. tonight at 11:00, we have heavy rain in the entire area including the polk knows. by tomorrow morning, it is snow moving into the poconos. that's where the winter storm warnings. we will see a mix across the lehigh valley. rain continuing, but look at the winds beginning to pick up on this thing. now the winds turn more to the north. that's when we're going to see the beaches affected. tomorrow afternoon they are screaming to our area. 50 to 70 mile an hour wind gusts is what we're going to expect. we could see the wintery mix. perhaps some snow moving through the suburbs and philadelphia. with those winds, we could see whiteout conditions. that's a big concern. not much in accumulation, just whiteout conditions. as we kbo into saturday morning, we face the coastal flooding threat. all of that is incorporated into
4:33 pm
our first alert for the entire area. this is for tomorrow morning through saturday morning. again. 50 to 70 mile an hour winds, coastal flooding, heavy rain and perhaps whiteout conditions from that wet snow. >> our camera in wilmington is part of this storm watch. you can see how dark it is there. the winds will really pick up tomorrow and you'll feel that difference and see it as well. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is taking a closer look at the impact on delaware and the delaware beaches. >> same kind of concerns about tides at the beaches there as well? >> yes, but especially some of the delaware bay areas like lewis is the most vulnerable of all of the delaware beaches. we have all of this rain that is coming through the area. and not a whole lot of wind tonight. the rain is in the green. not a lot of wind this evening.
4:34 pm
wake up tomorrow morning and you might think there's not much of a storm. start ing ing to get cranked up. 41 at lewis. these are gusts. even in the morning. that may be the strongest wind in our entire area at that time. and then toward lunchtime, 50 miles an hour gusts in wilmington and in georgetown. that's not the highest. it gets higher. 60 by 6:00 tomorrow in wilmington. and this computer model has it changing over to snow while you have a 60 mile an hour wind gust. just picture that. big, wet snow flakes flying at 60 miles an hour. that reduces the visibility during the afternoon rush. it's still raining across the rest of delaware. but still very, very windy. gusts up near 60. as we go through friday night
4:35 pm
and into saturday morning, it's still very windy, but those gusts will be diminishing as we go through saturday morning. but with that northwest wind, that's why lewis, delaware, is is more vulnerable than places like rehoboth. >> you heard about the strong winds and chance of snow. coverage continues with reporter tim furlong live in delaware city. you have been talking with folks in the area about how they are getting ready for all this. what are you finding out? >> reporter: i just listened in my ear to what glenn "hurricane" schwartz was saying. i don't think i heard any of it. it doesn't sound good. they always say they start preparing for the next storm the day after the last one. in delaware city they have to do it differently. you can see this park is along the delaware river. it's a little higher than it usually is at this point, but they put up the storm barriers. the most visible signs are these big orange pumps. >> delaware city is a charming
4:36 pm
river town. but the weather won't be so charming over the next couple days. >> we're always concerned when you're next to sea level and you have a combination of a full moon, high tides and then gusty winds that are protection. >> reporter: the town put up storm surge barriers and they have the pumps ready as well. there are extra low lying spots that don't fair well in storms like this. neighbors know to make sure their sump pumps are working. >> we stay dry. >> reporter: they are keeping an eye on the forecast and on the new indoor area they just built. this will be the first storm to test the panels they put up. the bar is a few steps above the sidewalk. business could be slow for. the next couple days. if you come over, it's a neat spot to watch the weather. at least it's not a weekend they typically have a huge crowd outside on the deck. >> it's better than july or some time when it's really nice. >> reporter: not too bad out here.
4:37 pm
the pumps are ready to go. they take a lot of the ground water from the canal. they come through the big huge fire hose things and launch the water back. it seems counterproductive to think about the water coming in here. you're firing it back into the delaware river. they say if these things don't stay on in this area does get flooded. they are in big trouble. they are hoping that did you want happen. back to you. >> time lapse imaging from now until 24 hours from now would being? to see. thank you for that. >> during severe weather we count ob our nbc 10 viewers to show us what the storm looks like in your neighborhood. . send us your weather pictures and video through the see it share it feature on the nbc 10 app. >> happening right now, you can help make a difference in a foster child's life by calling our phone bank. nbc 10 and tel money do are working together to recruit foster parents.
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you can help by called 877-622-9228. they'll answer any of your questions about fostering.
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another tumultuous day in washington. president trump possibly waiting to a trade war with china while russia touts its nuclear arsenal. >> vladimir putin rolled out new information about what he calls russia's nuclear arsenal. it can invade defenses. president trump u.n. vailed a plan as well. he announced harsh tariffs on alum numb and steel. also today more turmoil as president trump traded more tough krit susm of his attorney general calling jeff sessions mr. ma goo. >> we're starting to see a major storm move into our area. >> it's going to stick around for awhile with us. taking a live look at the boardwalk down the shore.
4:42 pm
begin ining to see some rain drs on the lens. the worst of the storm is yet to come. our team coverage continues next. and if you're just joining us, nbc 10 and tel money do are working together to find good homes for foster children. we need your help. we have a phone bank set up so you can learn more about foster children. the number is 1-877-622-9228.
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a live look at the expressway at city avenue. strong rain, winds and whiteout conditions. t trying to avoid being on the roa
4:46 pm
roads. >> reporter: that's right. and so what we do while everybody tries to avoid the storm and stay home, we we like to get the best readings of the storm. we are here just south that's a radar in the sky. >> it's very high resolution. >> we are catching the first rain drops with this truck, but we'll be here all night long because the rain will intensify. what we'll do is compare this radar with the weather service rad
4:47 pm
radar. and show you why we use this one and why we use those and the combination of those work out the best for us here at the nbc 10 first alert weather team. we'll be here all night long. we have all this technology on board. i'll be showing you some of this at 5:00 tonight. back over to you. >> valuable tools to have at the ready when we have a storm like this bearing down on us. >> it's absolutely valuable. we can really look into the storm and find some of the little tiny details that make a huge difference for your neighborhood rather than sort of just a big overview. now the big overview of what the storm is going to do is going to bring down ed trees and power lines in the afternoon and evening. that could be potentially across the entire area. not just the jersey shore. we could be seeing this in the lehigh valley and philadelphia and delaware as well. we're going to see coastal roads flooded. this is mainly going to be probable on saturday morning during the high tide and possibly saturday evening as
4:48 pm
well. there could be property damage associated with that. and the local flooding on the roadways with 1 to 2 inches of rain in tomorrow morning. traveling is going to be dangerous. i think it's obvious we will have some flights delayed with the high winds in the afternoon and evening. this had could potentially affect the trains and your car travel. this is going to be across the board a really bad day. especially tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night to be out and about. as we look at the impacts of this storm, high winds. this is where we're expecting the high winds. it's pretty much the entire area for those 50 to 70 mile an hour winds. the coastal flooding we are looking at it along all the beaches of delaware and new jersey. we're not expecting to see the flooding come up the delaware river because at no time do the winds really push in that direction. they push the water out. but we could see some of that inner bay flooding especially cape may county and all along that south jersey shoreline at times. as far as the heavy rain and the snow, the heaviest rain looks
4:49 pm
like it's going to be the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, philadelphia into south jersey. where you see the pink, that's where we have the winter storm warnings into effect with the high winds. this click over to a blizzard warning. we could see 6 to 12 inches of snow. we have stuff going on depending on where you live. light rain across the area. allentown we're seeing steadier rain. thot going to rule out a thunderstorm with all of this. you can see the main body of the storm system moving into pennsylvania. this is going to move quickly across the atlantic and park right offshore. it will combine with the storm system you see to the southing through norfolk. this is the track that we're watching. as it moves out, we're dpoing to be in the 50s. we're going to be comfortable, but watch the rain. heavy rain tonight. look at the pattern of the winds coming in across the bay and the southern beaches in new jersey. not really pushing up the delaware river.
4:50 pm
not seeing the flooding on the jersey shore yet. now we go into our friday morning. that's when we see the winds starting to turn around. they are offshore before seeing the high wind gusts. snow in the poconos all day tomorrow. we see the transition to snow across the philadelphia area. not really sticking here. but those high winds really kick in. then ripping down the shoreline tomorrow night anywhere from 50 to 70. saturday morning we're going to see all of this piling up. these could be highly damaging. look at this. 62 mile an hour wind gust. s possible in avalon. 60 in pottstown. that's what we're concerned about. this could blow roofs off. we're not saying everybody is going to get hit by this, but we're going to see pockets of major damage when we have wind gusts like that. >> everyone will feel this to some degree in the region. >> everybody to neighborhood by
4:51 pm
neighborhood. the timing over the next 36 hours is going to be changing rapidly. your conditions might go from rain to snow to high winds to no winds to flooding all within a 12-hour period. >> tammie souza, thank you for that update. we have some breaking news right now. a teenage girl. found guilty in the death of a classmate just learned her conviction has been overturned now. the 17-year-old hit a girl in a bathroom two years ago. an autopsy found the victim died from a rare undetected heart condition that was aggravated by the attack. the judge sentenced attacker to six months in a juvenile facility, but today delaware's supreme court ruled the girl could not be blamed for the death. and it overturned the conviction. we'll be right back.
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nbc 10 and telemundo are partnering with the department of human services in philadelphia bringing attention to the need for foster parents. the need is big. there are 6,000 children in foster care who need homes. nbc 10's rosemary connors is back now with how you can help. >> we love to hear the phones ringing. if you have always had a desire and questions about becoming a fo foster parent yourself, we are here to answer those questions for you. the number to call is 877-622-9228. one of our volunteers is taking calls. how is it going? >> i have a dozen sheets here with people who have have called in. it's gone really well. i have somebody on the tone now. >> i'm joined by commissioner cynthia figroa. earlier this week i had the chance to meet a family who are
4:56 pm
fostering a teenager. and we were talking about this earlier. we're looking for parents of all different backgrounds. >> all shapes and sizes, all religion, single, married, sex couples, we want people who are going to welcome children into their home. >> the commitment is what you're look iing for. >> we are looking for people who are committed and believe they can get back. you might have your own kids and want the to extepid your family or share the love you have with other kids in the system who need support. >> appreciate you coming out here. appreciate you organizing this. we'll send it back to you. >> we are keeping a very close eye that powerful nor'easter that's baring down on the area tonight. the first alert weather team is ep keeping you prepared one step ahead of the storm. we're back after this.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
march roars in like a lion. a live look at ocean city as we brace for a two-day assault at the hands of a major storm. here at the shore, flooding is one of the big concerns. along with soaking rains, this storm will also deliver dangerously high winds. a live picture from center city. the flags atop the building, we don't see them down, the wind is is going to be so strong.
5:00 pm
>> snow will be the story in the poconos. we have a live look at the scene on camelback mountain. not a soul out there on the slopes. before it's said and done, other parts of the area could see snow as well. the tomorrow system is already leavings i marge in alabama. crews are working to clear rods after rain and winds toppled trees and power lines. you can see the massive storm on first alert radar. it will slam the area for the next 36 hours. but what you see will depend on where you live. good evening, i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm jacqueline london. from the shore to center city from the poconos to south jersey, our reporters are stationed throughout the region tonight to help you prepare for what's to come. we begin with our first alert team weather coverage. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is breaking down the expected impact of this storm region by region. >> tammie souza is looking at the big picture including the timing. conditions will worse b as this all goes on. >> we're headed


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