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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and in philadelphia, it's r more of an issue of the fog. anything that is moist on the ground, anything that's wet will turn to ice tonight because temperatures are going way down. it's already dropping pretty significantly. we have two more snow threats over the next week or so. and frigid in minneapolis. this is the latest radar. you can see it's ending from the north. so just about over in the philadelphia area just about over in montgomery and bucks counties. it continues in parts of delaware and south jersey. the darker colors of blue indicating a little heavier. it's enough to accumulate on some grassy surface when is you see those colors and even some down the shore. over the next few hours, this will continue to move out. and the temperatures will continue to move down. that's when it's going to cause those icy u spots. let you know about those chances of snow, coming up. now to breaking news.
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the search for the man in this surveillance video. police tell nbc 10 he's wanted for sexually assaulting a drexel university student. just minutes ago, police released new information. miguel martinez-valle is joining us with more. what have you learned? >> reporter: that's right. the biggest thing is that police are telling us they are asking for the public's help in identifying that man. . you saw in that surveillance video he's wanted for sexual assault that happened in university city over the weekend. >> whien couldn't they get into my house. just know it was that close to campus was eerie. >> reporter: university students on edge after the sexual assault on cam us. police gave us this video of the man who sexually assaulted a woman inside her home. this was taken before the assault. you see the suspect wearing a green hoodie smoking something. the victim says she was woken up by this man inside her apartment
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some time after 3:30 a.m. he sexually assaulted her, long enough for her to call police around 7:00 and he woke up and ran before police could get there. students say they have been getting more alerts about crime lately so they have been more careful locking their doors and when walking around outside. >> i think it's just really important to remain safe and think about where you are at all times. that's not something you want to do, but it's something you have to do. >> reporter: now a few other details that police gave us is is that the suspect is thought to be 25 to 30 years old. also the victim told police that the suspect kept saying the name nicole over and over again that morning. so they are hoping these details are going to lead and surveillance video could lead to the man they are looking for. more on that at 6:00, i'm miguel martinez-valle, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news
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continues with a live look at the site of the super bowl. our eagles settling in now as the buzz surrounding the big game grow. s even louder. >> we are just five days away from the birds battling the patriots in super bowl lii. a game you can only watch here on nbc 10. jacqueline london is heading up our coverage live from minneapolis. >> hello, we are coming to you live from the site of the super bowl. things are coming to life right now. the eagles get their first practice in tomorrow. they will be doing so at the university of minnesota. we begin our live team coverage with nbc sports philadelphia's john clark. we are here in minnesota. but nick foles says, you know what, the super bowl could feel like a game at the link. >> you're right. we may be seeing another eagles invasion even in the biggest game o in the world. ticket searches and flight searches are showing that it could be a 60% to 40% advantage
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for eagles fans. maybe even 65% to 70%. the patriots have had eight super bowls in the last 18 years. this is the birds' first in 13. take a look at this. this is the scene out here at the super bowl. as you know, all season long, eagles fans have taken over the road tame taem's stadiums. . they are hoping for a home-field advantage, even here at the super bowl. listen to nick foles today on how much birds fans have affected their games this year. >> the philadelphia eagles fan base has been amaze iing. each and every time i have played, especially at the link, they have traveled on the road and been out on the road when we played the l.a. chargers earlier in the year. our fans with so loud is and filled the stadium. that helps us so much. and i know going into this game. we'll have a lot. i'm excited. they have had a huge impact this year. >> reporter: that's amazing.
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how often do you hear football players say i love you. coming up at 5:00, we're going to hear from the birds about the genuine love that they have for each other and why it has helped carry them to the super bowl. i'm john clark, live in the mall of america, back over to you. >> it is getting exciting here. fans starting to pour into minneapolis. thank you. the game is is the center piece of the festivities here in minneapolis, but there's a lot more than football being offered up. rudy giuliani is joining us live from the nfl experience. the polar plunge as cold as it is is about to be underway. you're not going in the water, are you? >> reporter: no, absolutely not. can you believe it. some people are. i will tell you i was out there earlier this morning ask it was about zero degrees. right now it's balmy at 22 degrees right now, which is a good thing because in one hour there's going to be a group of
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people going into this water. let's take a look at the frigid cold water. this is part of the polar plunge here at super bowl live on the nicolet mall. people are going to jump in here. of them i have the sheriff of homestead county. what's the plan? >> we're dpoing to get people lined up. some represent businesses. some represent just a good group of friends. they come up and will jump in and go out and get warmed up and it's all dpood stuff. not a big deal to jump in this water at 22 degrees. >> the water is always 32 degrees. >> it's warmer in the water than it is in the air temperature. >> walk me over here. after people jump in the water, they are going to go into this warming tent. >> right in here, that's where they are going to get them heated up real quick. e we don't want the them to get too cold too fast. you said it's like 85 degrees. >> that's balmy in there.
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>> this is all for special olympics. we raise around $5 million for special olympics here in minnesota. >> thank you. stay warm. don't stay in the water too long. this is happening in about an hour. we're going to try to bring it to you live. the polar plunge here at super bowl live on nicolet mall. i can tell you it's freezing out here. for now, we're live on nicolet mall, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> it's hard to believe anyone would do that. it's a mild day considering what it's going to be like in a couple days, but still. >> unbelievable. >> back in philadelphia, an enormous mural honoring the eagles is e getting an upgrade. the artist who created the project in 2015 broke out their paint brushes today to add the title nfc championship. the mural runs the length of the buildings along daron street.
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hopefully they will be back out on monday to give the painting another upgrade. it wasn't your typical school day for students in west brandy wine township. they have the eagles to thank for that. it was electric inside the regional elementary school. this year students were allowed to wear eagles jerseys in support of the team making it to the super bowl. but most surprising, the school principal is a pats fan. is is. >> do you feel like you're in hot water being new and a patriots fan? >> i think it's friendly rivalry. they understand and think it's really fun. they like to give me a hard time about it. >> she explains that her love for the patriots stems from her
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husband. he's from boston. the couple's son's middle name is brady. ♪ fly eagles fly >> it looks like u the pope is pulling for the birds. kids at our lady of good counsel in morris town sent their rendition. it's a card board cutout. he's even wearing an eagles hat. we want to hear the very best fight song renditions. . we are looking for versions with the most people, the most creativity or the most unusual instruments. so make yours right now on the nbc 10 app. if you need more eagles, we have you covered. tune in to nbc 10 tonight and every night this week tr our special eagles coverage. nbc 10 championship we want it.
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then on sunday, we're expecting it is so big we need two channels to cover it. you can catch "this is us" after the big game. and then flip over to our cozi channel. you can watch nbc 10 this is philly for nonstop coverage of super bowl lii. and the spell ccelebrations in philadelphia. verizon 460 and over the air 10.2. >> we are bringing you complete coverage from minnesota leading up to the super bowl on sunday. our coverage continues at 4:30. and meet one of the oldest professional football players in the country. he played for the eagles in 1941 at the age of 99 he's still a huge fan. that's ahead at 4:30.
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that's a story you don't want to miss. i want to tell you about the backdrop. i hope you can see how pretty it is. we're sit iting on the mississippi. it is gorgeous here. we are actually at the guthrie theater. we are going to tell you more about the theater a little later in the week. we are just two ploks from u.s. bank stadium, which is enormous. that is where super bowl lii is going to take place. it looks like a vikings ship. but more phils fan to spread the eagles green here in minneapolis. it's a gorgeous backdrop on the mississippi. >> that's an innovative stadium. i was reading about it yesterday. also the backdrop behind you one good thing is you're inside this afternoon and not outside. it is beautiful though. >> that's true. >> we'll see you later. >> outside tonight at 11:00. >> we'll check back in a few minutes.
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right now, a live look at the u.s. capital in washington. president trump poised to deliver his first state of the union address tonight. we're less than fife hours five hours away from his address. president trump will focus on the economy, immigration and national security. nbc 10's george spencer has been in washington all day. he's joining us live now. you have been talking with lawmakers from our area about what they expect to hear. what are they telling you? >> reporter: local leaders from our area tell us they have come to expect the unexpected over the past year during washington, d.c. but as we move into president trump's first state of the union speech tonight, we are expecting to hear bipartisan themes. even they address the most hot button issues of our time. on capitol hill, preparations are underway for what may be the trump presidency's most high
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profile speech. even after a year of high profile news. big picture what are you expecting to hear tonight b? >> i think we're going to hear a lot about economic growth. hopefully about workforce train ing and skills gap. >> i'm sure the president will focus on the economy, but what i think the american people need to hear is what is his strategy and his plan to create jobs. >> reporter: senator bob casey says slow wage growth continues to be a major problem. casey is bringing pennsylvania mother anna corr bin as his guest tonight. she's the mother of two medicaid recipients with overwhelming medical costs. in attendance to push back against republicans working for entitlement reform and spending reductions. especially after recent tax cuts. >> when a family is faced with paying medical bills or buying thing thas need for their
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family, they are going to need to pay the bills to keep their children alive. having medicaid is a lifeline for us. >> reporter: trump will discuss immigration and a proposal for investment in national infrastructure. they are hoping to hear economic. populism. >> if you're living off a trust fund to help take care of your family, you're doing pretty good. if you're like the thousands of people in my district, you're struggling paycheck to paycheck. >> the president will bring several guests of his own, including to highlight restrictive u immigration rules. we have been asking about what president trump will be saying about american cities including philadelphia. we're putting that part of the story together for you coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. for now we are live in washington, d.c., george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> be watching.
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you can watch president trump's first state of the union address live here on nbc 10. it starts at 9:00 tonight. now to new information about the murders of a mother and daughter in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. police have a man in custody. both women were found shot death last night inside their home. one of the victims was 66 years old. the other was 44. wub woman was found on the first floor of the home. the man in custody lived in the home. a standoff between police is now over. it started early this morning when someone started shooting a gun inside a home. police used speakers to talk to a man barricaded inside. after several hours, the man was taken into custody. no one was hurt. turning to our weather.
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cold and snowy day across much of the area. people dressed for the weather as they headed out. the snow was falling, but you can see not a lot was sticking to the sidewalk there. >> it's been b just too mild for it to stick on the ground. some snow there to see. it was a little wintery out there. not a major storm by any means. >> that's right. and that temperature in the 50s we have over the weekend and the mild weather yesterday help ed that snow melt on many of those surfaces. now the snow is is pretty much over in philadelphia. the visibility is improving. even the fog is breaking up. further to the south, there's a pretty nasty u shot. the radar over the last couple hours shows the general trend toward the ocean ending back to the west. the temperatures are. dropping. it has a better.
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chance of sticking on the grassy surfaces in the next couple hours. it's moved out of philadelphia into camden agloucester countie right now. new castle county, even wilmington down to pensville getting some decent snow at this hour. and further south in delaware, it's kind of patchy. and very light. the futurecast showing a quick end to this. and this evening we are clear. we had 30 degrees at philly international. light snow reported at the top of the area. much of the area not reporting snow. but are reporting temperatures below 32. you can see the lehigh valley, the snow on grassy surfaces not on the roads. but it's getting gusty here. it's gusting to 31 in will mi
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wilmington. 23 in philadelphia. the wind and the dry air coming in going to help dry out the roads a lot. so it's not going to be widespread ice, but anything with standing water is going to freeze. it's feeling like the teens right now across much of the area. and that is going down as well. the temperature itself is 25. 27 in leonardville. 27 in merge town. 26 in flooetwood. it's well below freezing. so as soon as it gets dark, ice is going to start forming. now as we go into the next couple days. we're going to find the next system. we have a series of systems affecting us. thursday we're into the 40s. we have clouds inkrecrease. and then some rain. as you can see, temperatures still well above freezing. but as the colder air comes in,
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by friday morning's rush hour, we could see a changeover to some snow. that's not a major system. but could be an inconvenience for the morning rush. we have another system of perhaps a stronger one that's going to affect super bowl sunday. that's increasing into. accumulating know. we'll talk more about that threat and we'll have minneapolis forecast coming up. >> a live picture from minneapolis and the site of super bowl lii. temperatures inside the stadium are not a concern. the temperature on sunday should be the lowest ever recorded in a host city on the day of the
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super bowl. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is joining us now with the minneapolis outlook. i think it's 21 degrees right now. and from what i'm hearing in a cup can l days, i'll be wishing for 21 is degrees. >> it's not fire. the 20s are the best numbers over the next several days. i hope you brought a lot of layers. let's take a look at the travel outlook out there across the region. we're going to go through the next few mornings. this is tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. this is a pretty good travel day. rl on some light snow in minneapolis. but as you can see, the path from driving or flying is is good to go the rest of the day. by thursday particularly as we get into the afternoon, a front is going to enter. that means we may see rain approaching. could this lead to delays, possibly, but driving is where the issues may be. look at minneapolis on thursday. 2 degrees at 1:30 in the afternoon.
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as we get to 8:00 a.m., we are looking at that rain/snow mix on your friday. if you have a friday morning flight, that may be impacted in philadelphia. the rest of the way looks pretty good if you're driving. that's your saturday look. saturday does appear. we'll see some snow in minneapolis. and then that snow heads our direction by super bowl sunday. so let's go through that three-day outlook for friday, saturday and sunday. friday is going to be brutally cold in the morning with the below zero temperatures. a chance of snow showers and super bowl sunday below zero in the morning. a frigid forecast. that 6 degree high will not be that warm by the time we get to kickoff. we're talking close to zero. >> i talked to a lot of people who are coming here to minneapolis from philadelphia and a lot of them are leaving friday. you say there could be some flight delays friday morning.
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so they are going to have to pay attention. >> going to have to watch that one. >> bundle up. thank you. our coverage from the site of super bowl lii continues. an eagles who has seen it all. he's 99 and one of the oldest living professional football players. nbc 10 was there today as he received a super bowl surprise. also ahead at 4:00, must-see video, who makes a get away and thinking but clean. and tooled by a fast food mascot. it's who came out of the costume was the surprise of a lifetime for one woman. first here's a look at today's closing numbers on wall street. the dow lost more than 360 points. stocks close postinged the biggest drop since august.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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check out this thief. slipping and talling as she tries to run off with the pa packages she stole from a porch at washington state. and she apierce to have a serious leg injury and she can't get up. an accomplice carried her to a get away car and came back for the boxes. the injured thief has been identified now. i'm jacqueline london. coming to you live from minneapolis. our coverage from super bowl central continues straugt ahead. we meet one eagle you won't see on the field this sunday. he's nearly a century old. plus our tim furlong out on the town. >> in philly we had the cheese steak and minneapolis they have the juice you lucy. i'll exlain, coming up. here's a teaser. hot cheese explosion.
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right now at 4:30, snow still falling in our area. those first flakes started coming down. let's take a live look at i-76 where the weather kind of mess ing with the evening commute. a lot of traffic out there at this time any way. the roads are wet. so try to be careful out there. it looks like the fog has lifted a little bit. >> looks better than we saw earlier. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us. >> how long can we expect the snow to keep coming down? >> it's ending in pennsylvania counties. it will be another hour or two in parts of south jersey and delaware and at the shore, it may take a few hours before it's over. e yes, indeed, the fog is
4:31 pm
lifting. the skyline looks almost normal and traffic looks almost normal. the roads are droiing out because of the wind and the lower humidity coming in. but a couple snow flakes in parts of the area. icy spots tonight. any standing water is going to freeze. two more snow chances coming up over the next week. and we have frigid weather in minneapolis. you can see on the radar in the last few hours still plenty of snow in new jersey. not a whole lot in pennsylvania. this is very light in parts of chester county and montgomery county. nothing much in philadelphia. but there he is. snow covering the northern half of delaware. although it's weakening and lightning up, but patches of d moderate snow in parts of south jersey and temperatures are going down. they are in the upper 20s to
4:32 pm
near 30. and with darkness, that means that the water will freeze. more about how cold it's going to get tonight and when that snow is coming, coming up. >> here's a live look at u.s. bank stadium. where in five days the eagles and patriots will battle it out for the lombardi trophy and the title of super bowl champion. tom brady and nick foles are sure to garner much of the spotlight on subd. and while tom brady will be gunning for his sixth ring, it's nick foles that enters sunday as the top rated passer in the playoffs. he has a lot of respect for brady. >> different roads, different paths a lot younger in my
4:33 pm
career. he's done a lot of great things that a lot of young players as myself watched him growing up. but then you take your own path and once again i'm really excited to play super bowl sunday is against em you cannot pressure. now to the story of one of the oldest professional football players in the country. he called philadelphia home. he played for the eagles back in 1941. and at the age of 99, he is still a big-time fan. pamela ost born has the story from nor >> eagles pride is on full in have a former player. the eagles spirit is soaring higher than ever before. >> i never expected this. i thought it was going to be low key.
4:34 pm
>> it's all for her special guy. >> former eagles football player in 1941. you can remember i did that. >> at 99 years old, he's the third oldest living professional football player. retired, but my have things changed since then. >> players are bigger, better, faster. >> he played for tulane university and the eagles before joining the navy in 1942. back then they wore leather helmets and -- >> we lost a lot of games. >> but winning feels good and the birds have done a lot of that this season. they are hoping they aren't done yet. >> we have all of our staff that's very excited about the whole prospect of the super
4:35 pm
bowl. our first super bowl. >> jenna helped organize today's pep rally and really what's a pep rally without cheerleaders. the eagles cheerleaders came with a special jersey just for gloeden who will not no doubt be wearing it come sunday. >> i'm going to sit in the first row and hope we win by six points. >> in the northeast, pamela ost born, nbc 10 news. >> don't forget to tune in tonight and all week long at 7:00 p.m. for our special eagles coverage. we'll have interviews with the the players and stories of fans that you can only see on the official station of the eagles. then on sunday we're expecting the biggest night in philadelphia tv hus ri. it's so big we need two channels
4:36 pm
to cover it. cozi is channel 248. we are bringing you complete coverage from minnesota leading up to the super bowl on sunday. our coverage continues at 4:45. and we're going to tell you about a house divided. meet a philadelphia family rooting for the eagles with the exception of a 10-year-old boy with a very distinctive name. you'll hear all about that. for now, back to jim and erin in the studio. and i am representing carson wentz with my attire today. even though he's not playing on sunday, his jersey, especially the one with the super bowl patch on it s so hard to come yi
4:37 pm
in the stores. i'm representing him today. and if you'll recall, the live like lucas bracelet, that's a little boy who carson wentz was very fond of and the little boy loved the eagles and carson wentz. he passed away tr a rare form of caster lance year and he wore this bracelet on the field when he was playing. but carson wentz not playing on the teeld this sunday, but still very popular. >> maybe he's doing the zip loin. i have been looking all over social media. for you on the zip line, i haven't seen it. >> tim furlong did it. the powers at the station said tim furlong did it. nobody else needs to. that was the e e-mail i read.
4:38 pm
>> maybe you can do it when you get here. >> one person does the zip line. thank you. coming up next, facebook fears. >> why child safety experts want the social media site to take something down.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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take it down. that's the message to facebook from more than 100 child ed a o advocates. they want the new messenger app aimed at kids under 13 years old deleted. the group says kids don't understand the complexities of ob line relationships or how to protect their privacy. the app gives parents control and does not collect marketing data. i'm jacqueline london. coming to you live from minneapolis. our coverage from the super bowl city continues u up next. a family in philadelphia knows what it means to be a house
4:42 pm
divided. they are rooting for the birds, but there's one exception, the 10-year-old boy. the name was given, it all makes sense.
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sglrchl a pregnant military thought she was getting a picture taken with the chick-fil-a cow. >> imagine when the cow was really the woman's husband. he aarrived home early from deployment overseas and it was his idea and asked restaurant workers to help him out with that surprise. it definitely worked. nicely done. >> we're waiting for the snow to move out of our area. nothing major, but kind of a nuisance. >> here's meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it would be a bigger nuisance
4:46 pm
if the ground was cold before this happened. we had some snow all day. there would be a lot of problems around. as it is, the snow is moving out. it's not moving out fast, but it is moving out. it's tapered off quite a bit in philadelphia and chester county, montgomery county. but it's still coming down in parts of south jersey and in delaware. as you can see, they are getting some heavier snow. you can see how much lighter it is in newark and western portions of delaware. a sign of things to come. drier air gradually moves in. not much in southern delaware right now or in cape may. the trend is just going to continue with the end of the snow coming in atlantic city. then it might take a couple hours for that. the temperature now bele freezing in most of the area, the snow is officially. stopped in philadelphia at 30
4:47 pm
degrees right now. the visibility is better. the atmosphere is is trying out. we're in the upper 20s to near 30 across can much of the rest of the area. it's 31 in will ming top. and that make it is feel like the teens. and in new jersey, we continue to see the snow. look at these temperatures. it was like 35 at around the middle of the day. so it is really dropped. 27 in pitman and washington township. 28 in sha mono. so as the sun goes down and you get moisture around, it's going to freeze. princeton at 30. as we go through the evening, it's going to feel colder and colder. some single digits by midnight. in areas north and west.
4:48 pm
by tomorrow morning, most of the area is between 10 and 15 degrees for the feels like temperature. it's a cold day tomorrow. by thursday we're starting to get more of a southwest wind. we get into the 40s. but then here comes some rain. late thursday, thursday night, rain. but colder air comes in. changes it over to a wintery mix. then eventually to some snow. and then there's another system coming later in the weekend. this could be in time for the super bowl where sunday morning they could be getting some snow in the area. if a storm intensifies to our south, it could end being accumulating snow. we'll have the milder weather on thursday and then changing to snow for early on friday. you can see how cold it is across the area by friday. so thursday is about the only
4:49 pm
day that is reasonably mild. but compared to this, super bowl temperatures near zero. i am jacqueline london. we are live in minneapolis. our coverage from the site of the super bowl continues next. we sample minnesota's answer to the cheese steak. and who pert for the job than our own tim furlong. that's straight ahead.
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five days to go eagles fans. and here's where we'll all go
4:53 pm
down. u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis and nbc 0 is the only place to see it without a ticket. i'm jacqueline london. coming to you live from minnesota. just because you live in philadelphia doesn't mean you're an eagles fan. check out how one family is is trying to keep the peace in their house despite a football rivalry. >> 10-year-old brady loved the patriots. he said he had so much fun watch ing the patriots and he's hoping no matter how many feathers he ruffles. >> he has to be for the patriots. if the eagles lose, you don't know that.
4:54 pm
this block will go crazy. >> they will destroy brady. put it that way. they will destroy brady. our neighbors will be all over him. >> luckily, brady has a lot of loving family members to try to keep his love for the pats in check. minnesotans having some interesting food tastes. let's talk about that. we heard about one sand we think you'll like. you be the judge. tim furlong says the fun for us. >> in philly we have our cheese staex. this has been known for its own meaty piece of perfection. >> it's hot cheese. it's great. >> you hear the sizzle and see the beef, but inside is is a volcano of cheese. it's called a juicy lucy and this bar sells 700 of them on a normal weekday. it began in the 50s when a dude
4:55 pm
asked for cheese pinched in his burger. >> it's a beautiful e rups of hot american cheese. >> it's pretty fantastic. but it can be dangerous the first hot cheese blast can burn your mouth. >> it does hurt a little bit. >> it's so worth it? >> give everybody a warning as we drop the food off. be careful. >> just like that there's another spot that makes the juicy lucy. theirs is is the first and best. they use other kinds of cheeses and it's american only. the regulars love their lucy. there's room in the world for both our sandwiches. but 7:50 is a deliciously good deal. tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
4:56 pm
>> what do you think about that hot cheese explosion? no way better than a cheese steak. tim did not let that slow him down at all. he's actually getting a tour inside the super bowl stadium today. that tour includes a look at the food that will be available. what he uncovered, that's tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. nbc 10 is your home of the philadelphia eagles and our coverage of the birds in the super bowl continue at 5:00. i'm randy gyllenhaal. you heard just how cold it is here in minneapolis. right now, hovering around 20 degrees. not stopping people from doing a polar plunge at the super bowl. take a look the crowds lining up to watch people freeze their butts off and jump into this frigid water. we'll have that for you coming up next. we're going to e see some icy roads here to be the. the cold air arrived behind the snow that's been falling.
4:57 pm
we'll talk about that and have a a look at the weekend ahead and what the super bowl forecast is right here in philadelphia. plus a woman in a wheelchair found shot in the face. her daughter's body found nea y nearby. new at 5:00, what we have learned about the man police are interviewing right now.
4:58 pm
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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a mother and daughter found dead. who misare questioning right now about the murders and how we tried to pin the crime on someone else.
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messy situation. success is happening off the field. a live look at the stadium in minneapolis. it is just five day was. here's a live look at the nfl experience in minneapolis. they are gathering right here for a polar plunge. that's just minutes away. thanks for joining us. your official home of the philadelphia eagles. i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. let's get right to nbc 10's jk ja jack. she's holding it down for us li


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