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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 26, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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meehan reverses course on his re-election bid following allegations of a sexual harassment complaint. eagles fans booted. our rowdy reputation is forcing some fans to come up with new travel plan following backlash in minnesota. eagles fans misbehaving, i don't think so. >> there's just a few that do that. >> you had a nice little pause there. >> craw, yeah, it can happen. >> i'm rosemary conners. >> and i'm vaisi sikahema. >> it's colder this morning. the temperatures in the low 20s and some neighborhoods in the teens. 18 right now in new jersey.
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20 degrees right now in the suburbs. philadelphia, lee high valley, new jersey, everyone's going to be seeing sunshine. a little slower to begin with. by 11:00, we'll see 36 degrees in wilmington. ask the winds that are coming out of the east at 11:00 become southerly this afternoon. that's going to boost all of the temperatures in every neighborhood today. 43 degrees for the suburbs and the lee high valley and up to 44 degrees in delaware. and today begins a warming trend that's going to continue right on through the weekend. a look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. but first katey zachary has your first alert traffic. >> and we're going to start things off on a good note, a green note. all in the green, that indicates no construck that's affecting things, no crashes. average speeds across the board in the low to mid-60s.
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you can't go wrong with that starting the 6:00 hour. route 73 on cedar hill road where throughout the morning there's been pretty light to moderate traffic. if you were to continue on route 73 into pennsylvania, things are looking there as well. this graphic takes a little while to kick in, but i will tell you on septa and it the newark line and trenton line, we're seeing some trains that were canceled and delays. you could be waiting on the trenton line, up to 20 minutes for your train to pass through. congress man pat meehan will not be running for re-election. >> in that interview meehan also denied any romantic involvement with the former staff member who filed the complaint. here's exactly what he told nbc
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10's lauren make on tuesday. >> looking back, was the relationship that you had with her appropriate? >> it was certainly professional. and there wasn't any inappropriate fashion to it. my own struggle with emotions is a complete different thing. >> after the sexual harassment claim surfaced house speaker paul ryan removed meehan from the ethics committee which investigates claims similar to the one filed against meehan and the secret tax funded payments to settle them. in a statement pennsylvania's gop chair says that the congressman quote, made the right decision for the voters of the seventh district and himself. he added this is sad ending to what was an otherwise noete worthy career. the chairman of the national republican committee had tace the say. while i'm disappointed by the circumstances leading to congressman meehan's retirement, i thank him for his dedication
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to his district. we must always hold ourselves to the highest possible standard especially while serving in congress. now to an update on the corruption trial of mayor ed pawlowski. according to the morning call, that firm gave mayor pawlowski money to run for governor. pawlowski is charged with trading campaign contributions for city contracts. we're learning that the trial of the man accused of ambushing a philadelphia police officer in an isis inspired attack will last around two weeks. they entered a not guilty plea for ed archer. instead he told the judge, quote, i don't plead to anyone but allah. as he sat in his patrol car at
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an intersection in west philadelphia. despite his wounds he managed to chase the suspect and fire back. >> absolutely amazed that jessie is even here. we are blessed to have him here. >> hartnet is skpeexpected to testify in this trial next week. demanding for change at the highest level in usa gymnastics. the olympic committee is giving the sports leaders an ultimatum. pamela osborn has more from the fallout. and there's lots of heads rolling because of this situation. >> yeah, come olympic committee demanding all board members resign by next monday. also demanding they complete training. it would lose its status as the national governing body of the
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sport. the ultimatum comes after the victims criticized usa gymnastics for failing to protect them. and also accused michigan state university for ignoring their sexual abuse claims against nassar. he was an msu sports doctor. one of the victims who was a family friend of nassar said he molested her at his lanzing area home. she also said she told a campus counselor about the abuse in 2004. that counselor met with nassar and denied, and a police report was never made. the counselor is retired now and testified in 2016 that he could not remember anything because of a stroke. in 2014 police investigated other assault allegations against nassar but no charges were ever filed. as a result the university told nassar that he needed to have a
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chaperone in the room during certain exams. he was fired in 2016 for failing to do so. nassar was sentenced for up to 175 years in prison. today students at msu are planning to march to protest how the university handled the reports. the board will be meeting to discuss the resignation of the president and her replacement as well. reporting live in the digital operations center, i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. the super bowl is big business for stores all across our region. eagles gear is selling at ab sports here in wilmington. they're also seeing a run on items from former players. eagles vans could be in store for a shock when they try to book super bowl lodging for airbnb. >> reports say people in minneapolis who use the site are being told not to rent out their
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homes to birds fans for this game. well, those reports could be linked to the rowdy reputation eagles fans have sunday night after the birds won the nfc title and a number of vikings fans weren't happy with the way they were treated in philadelphia. and now those fans are taking action. the post referred to violence and vandalism following the eagles-vikings game. philadelphia police reported just six arrests following the game. also consumer watchdog group released a report detailing extreme price gouging for airbnb representales during super bowl weekend. a three night stay in minneapolis would normally cost aeranter an average of $311. well, the same three night stay
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next weekend will likely cost more than $15,000. nbc 10 has an entire team going to minnesota to cover your team. we'll give you inside access to the super bowl next week. nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles and the only place where you can watch the birds playing on super bowl sunday unless you're in the stadium. so this may be a familiar site for you vai and the rest of our team headed out to minneapolis -- snow. here's a live look at the resort up in the poconos mountains where they're making snow because it is certainly cold enough. interestingly enough right now minneapolis is warmer. 33 degrees in minneapolis, and we've got the coldest morning of the entire week. so grab your winter coat. a live look at camden where you're seeing temperatures that
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have fallen into the teens. but it's going to be sunny day today. today we will warm into the 40s. and with clear skies it will be chilly this evening, just not as cold as we saw last night. lee high valley, suburb, delaware, 22 and 24 in philadelphia. and in south jersey the temperatures have been coming down with very little wind. that's the good news. so the temperatures have dropped into the teens. piny hollow, 18. mount laurel as 18 degrees. very cold morning, but sunny skies and temperatures will warm up. but not going to be much warmer at 8:00 this morning. the bus stop wait, it's going to be a bundle up kind of day. sunshine, yes, but temperatures in the 20s for allentown, quaker town. trenton also 22 degrees, so a cold morning. look how clear it is. reading, philadelphia, wilmington, not a cloud in the
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sky. we'll see brill i want sunshine today. the sunshine will fade over the weekend. today it'll send our temperatures through the 30s today in philadelphia. lee high valley, 21 degrees at 8:00. 41 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. much less wind in delaware and south jersey. so you'll see that warmup through the 30s and into the low 40s this afternoon. it's thoshore that's going to be a little bit chillier today. 50s on tap for saturday and sunday. enjoy it over the weekend because look what comes back next week. we're back into the lower 30s and a chance we'll see some snowflakes next week as well. a look at that with the weekend forecast when i come back in ten minutes. nothing for drives to contend with in terms of wet weather. >> yes, let's check in with katey zachary with mass transit.
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>> and noi major issues right now to contend with, so let's hope it stays that way. your drive time is still pretty good. 18 minutes as you go eastbound between arm and hammer boulevard and 76. that's on 422. let's take a look at mass transit. new jersey transit, papco, amtrak, none of them are reporting any issues. but we do have an issue on septa. earlier this morning they had to cancel a couple of trains on those lines. on the delaware memorial bridge you'll find the left lane is closed. thank you, katey. too much love? the dedication to the eagles could lead to problems at work. coming up at 6:30, the risk of being overspirited on the job.
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and i'm matt delucia live at the philadelphia convention center. it might be a bit more expensive for you guys, but a $17 million collection of super cars here at the convention center this year. we're going to give you a closer look after the break.
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lam lamborghini, just a few the hot cars that will burning up some rubber in philadelphia this weekend at the auto show. nbc 10's matt delucia giving us a look at the latest and greatest you can drive at the convention center.
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what do you got? >> reporter: i'm inside the exotic car collection. and i wanted to get inside one of these cars, but they said no way. this is $17 million auto show this year. this is an impressive collection you have this year. it >> it's the biggest in the world right now. it is the biggest in the country right now. >> reporter: tell me about some of these cars you have. you have a couple of bugotty right here. >> that car i just found out today it's 260 miles per hour, and then you can get another key to make it 280 miles an hour. so you can do two keys. how fast you can go in the car is just amazing.
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this white one held the fastest record for a car at one point. for a $5 donation you can get inside the lambor guinea, which is great. unfortunately, not any of the other cars. >> if you're in the market for a new car, maybe you got a few million dollars, come on down. >> matt, you have to have the $5 to get into the car. speaking of cars, let's find out how your morning commute is this morning. katey zachary. and something tells me no one's driving 200 miles an hour. that was my follow up question.
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okay, shifting gears, no pun intended. in upper providence township at lo longford road, it might be cause yugoslavia to tap the brakes a bit. we're seeing traffic has picked up a bit both going into philadelphia and leaving the city. it's going to take about 13 minutes to go from the vine to the blue route. moving into new jersey now, the 42 freeway, that's about a four minutes ride and the same going in the opposite direction. rosemary? here, we go, it's a cold start this morning, that's a live view of allentown. 24 degrees right now in philadelphia. but there are some colder neighborhoods around. in fact, many suburbs have dropped into the teens this morning. a very cold bundle up sort of
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morning. teens for allentown and pottstown. look at mount holly at 18 degrees. poconos mountains down to 18 degrees this morning. we'll see very little wind, but it will be developing during the day. so a bit of breeze will actually help to boost the temperature, but it'll make it feel like it's 39 degrees this afternoon. tracking some showers for the weekend. you can see the very beginning of them in eastern oklahoma. they've got a way to go. but they're on track to rain and showers in northwestern pennsylvania by 1:00 saturday afternoon. we'll be clear, sunshine and it's going to be warmer, a nice warmup that will continue on sunday in spite of this. umbrellas will be going up. look at the rain for allentown and wilmington spreading to the shore by 9:00 in the morning and in the afternoon. all right, let's go through the end of the week and the weekend.
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look at that warmup. a breezy one for saturday. and it's in the afternoon and then the warmer air, that's out starting monday. and gets even colder on tuesday. a dusting to an inch or two is possible, but done by wednesday. 39 degrees wednesday afternoon. into the 50s thursday. another warmup late next week, rain on friday and turns colder next weekend. 33 degrees on saturday and a chance of rain and snow showers next sunday. coming up a new jersey university is turning down funding for anti-smoking research. straight ahead why the school is passing on the money meant to help people stop smoking. and what a philadelphia father did just to project his young son.
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6:24 right now.
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president donald trump has offered another immigration plan that would allow almost 2 million young immigrants living in the u.s. illegally to stay in the u.s. the president said he would back a plan that protects 1.8 million draelers. but in return he's asking for $25 billion for a border wall and another $5 billion for border security. the white house also wants to end the visa lottery system and e limit family based immigration. >> the united states is always welcoming the entire family, so i hope in this negotiation we at least keep together the sapnctiy of the nuclear fammy, so if i'm allowed to come i'm allowed to bring my parents and my spouse and my children. 6:25 right now on this friday. new this morning, seen through
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the possible smoke and mirrors. more than a dozen colleges say they will not take research money from a new anti-smoking group funded by rutgers university. rutgers university is among 17 schools. the deans at the colleges say the group is too closely tied to an industry that sells deadly products to millions of people. it's a cold but clear morning. look at this live view in cape may. we're starting in the teens and heading to 40s this afternoon. i've got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. in the next week it'll be tough to pay attention to anything but the birds. coming up next, how offices and workplaces are handling the straction and the disputes between eagles and patriots fans.
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father attacked. a robber pulls a gun on a philadelphia man as he puts his baby in his car. the decision the victim made to protect mhis son. >> new this morning president donald trump is responding to reports that say he tried to fire robert mueller, the man investigating the alleged russian connection. super bowl stress. the eagles hype is fun, but is your love for your team affecting your job? how passion could equal problems at work. there should be no stress on the job. we're happy. we're in. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm rosemary conners. bill henley is tracking the wrap up to our week.
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>> we have improving weather for today, but right now the temperatures have fallen. look at the teens in new jersey, very low 20s in the suburb and 24 in philadelphia. we will see sunshine. the thetures will be coming up, but slow to start with. look at that, up to 28 by lunchtime and climbing. everyone will see the warmup. 44 endelaware, 43 in the lee high valley. just a bit cooler at the shore. the wind will be coming off the ocean and little bit chillier at the shore today. but pretty nice all around. i'll break it down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. but first katey zachary is watching your first alert traffic. we have a vehicle break down at black rock road and longford road. it's been out there for about 15 minutes now. new jersey transit, amtrak, papco everything is looking
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good. unfortunately, though, septa we are finding on the trenton line there are continuing delays that started early this morning. your drive times, though, when you saw you ten minutes ago everything was in the green. but we are seeing delays, though, that are really indicative of volume building. we're seeing really moderate traffic on the schuylkill expressway headed in and out of center city philadelphia. back to you guys. well, we're counting down the days. just nine more to go until the super bowl showdown between the eagles and the patriots. the birds will lead philly for minneapolis on sunday. they'll get their day before the patriots arrive. and super bowl festivities in minneapolis will get under way today. the celebration features free live music.
6:33 am
they've got ice sculptures. meanwhile back here at home the eagles will be at practice here again today as they sharpen up their team. there's the own, jeffrey lorry, he was there. wasn't dancing, though. probably won't see that until they win, and maybe not that if we're lucky. >> for some the excitement might make focusing on life's other priorities a little bit more difficult. randy, management experts say games like this can actually bring a little bit of stress into the office. tell us about it. >> reporter: you know, it's tough to pay attention to almost anything else this week as many of you know here in the city of philadelphia, many of the office buildings around town are lit up in the color green. but some concern that offices could also see some workers slack in the next week ahead of the big game, focused on eagles
6:34 am
and just a few patriots fans who bicker all day long. so we wanted to know how much workpla workplace productivity is lost when your team is in the super bowl. also what is your office going to do when you've got a handful of patriots fans? we spoke to an expert who said, one, don't let things get personal. instead let the birds performance on the field do had talking. >> but you do have to keep it in perspective. even if your team is losing to somebody, to your friends team or something like that, it should be, you know, a friendly competition. >> it's going to be a hard fight for tom brady. >> any patriots fans where you're at? >> a couple of them. >> what are you guys doing to them? >> nothing because he cook my
6:35 am
food, so i got to be nice to him. >> yeah, that guys works at a nursing home. he says the cook there is a patriots fan. you don't want to make your cook mad. meanwhile officers already planning for pep rallies. and the philadelphia police department will allow its firefighters to wear eagles hats in the coming weeks. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> you don't want to mess with the guy who's preparing your food. never send an order back because they might mess with it. >> nbc 10 is giving you exclusive access to the super bowl. nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we are the only place where you can watch the birds play in super bowl 52. now to other stories making headlines this morning. a surveillance camera captured the moments a person who looked like a postal work whipped out a pistol at a father buckling his son into his car seat.
6:36 am
just as the victim shuts the car door, three other men showed up to help the gunman. the victim says he couldn't run because he had to protect his baby. >> i couldn't make a run because of my son. the guy was like if you don't tell me where the money is -- it was like a couple thousand. i want my son life. it's only one son i have. >> police are trying to determine if the suspect was or still is a postal worker. 6:36 right now. the cousins accused of killing four young men in bucks county last summer will not go on trial until summer, and both men facing charges. according to prosecutors denardo has already claimed involvement ipthree of the killings of the confession helped him reach a deal with the district attorney
6:37 am
to avoid the death penalty. also watching had retrialf bill cosby. lawyers for the comedian have filed two motions hoping to get the sexual assault case dismissed. one claims the statute of limitations has passed am, according to the defense attorney told detectives that constand had not been sexually salted. h his retile is set for april. and out of breaking news we're following out of south korea where a hospital fire has become the country's deadliest blaze in ten years. at least 37 people are dead and some may have been saved if the hospital simply had a working sprinkler system. the fire started in the emergency room. the flames raced to other parts
6:38 am
of the building. the cause of this deadly blaze is still under investigation. today president trump will address the world economic forum in davos, switzerland. and here he is arriving at the forum a couple hours ago. later he'll speak the world leaders at this forum telling them america is open for business. also today in davos the president denied new reports that he ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller last summer. a source with first-hand knowledge told nbc news the president ordered the firing last june, but backed off when his white house counsel threatened to quit. 6:38 right now on this friday morning. as we give you a live look at the city from center city philadelphia. still lit up. >> eagles green. go eagles.
6:39 am
go birds. >> everybody is lit up in green. it looks great. >> old school. >> let's check in with first alert meteorologist bill henley speaking of old school. >> it is nice to see, isn't it? hey, we've got a bit of orange, too. we'll see bright sunshine today. just checking our nbc 10 app, and you can see right now reporting 24 degrees in camden with just a little bit of a breeze. but check that out. you get the hour by hour forecast with temperatures warming during the day. a nice southerly breeze is going to develop. not a strong wind but just enough to boost temperatures today. late morning, 24 degrees to start with. by late morning we'll see that southerly wind and into the 40s this afternoon. that's philadelphia. the suburbs a cold morning at 23 degrees. clear skies right now, so we're
6:40 am
cleared for sunshine. the sunshine and that southerly breeze kicking in with warm temperatures. and the lee high valley we'll see it, too, at 19 degrees. it's going to be a cold bundle up morning but pretty nice this afternoon. new jersey, you'll see sunshine from the get go. we saw how clear it was from camden. 37 degrees at noontime. that's a big improvement over the 27 degrees we have. up to 20 by then and continuing to warm up into the low 40s this afternoon. the shore will be a bit cooler. you see that same southerly wind but that's coming off a chillier ocean. 20s at the shore. and cold in delaware, too. 20s, low 20s to start with. upper 30s by lunchtime, and that southerly wind, 9 miles an hour. and at 4:00, 40 degrees. and goes even warmer tomorrow. your weekend forecast looking really nice on saturday.
6:41 am
sunshine and 57 in philadelphia. delaware up to 57 degrees. even those cooler neighborhoods at the shore, 51 degrees and seeing some sunshine. rain is due in sunday morning with temperatures staying in the 50s. so it's only going to be rain on sunday. there is some colder air coming in next week, and that's when we have a shot of some snow. i'll show you when to expect that and a look at how much, too, when i back with the ten day on ten. it's that time of morning where we start to see things crop up on the road. >> we have a couple of new crashes. one of them i learned about on the vine street expressway on philadelphia is westbound around 22nd street involves several different vehicles. so when i see you in less than ten minutes i'll have some video of that or at least the aftermath if this has been cleared in the next few minutes. and another crash accident. and also we're still following this disabled vehicle in upper
6:42 am
providence township located at black rock road and longford road. they're still working on clearing that. just a few minutes ago only issue we had was i-95 was volume. southbound between wood haven and the vine street expressway it's about an 18 minute drive. experts say psychology is a big part of preparing for a big game. like, say, the super bowl. up next how the state of mind can be a big factor when it comes to who wins and who loses. plus blueprint for the future. our next major transportation edition is rolling forward. up next the compromise that's making septa's rail extension the king of prussia closer to creation.
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thanks to the plans to connect king of prussia to center city by rail septa approved this new route that breaks off the norris town high sped line in the king of prugtsa. it moves the elevated train away from residential neighborhoods and across the pennsylvania turnpike. here's an idea of what that elevated train could look like when it's done. the line will leave from the norris town center and stops at the king of prussia mall and end at the valley forge casino. and septa says a lot of commuters could cut their commute times by more than two hours. >> in the meantime a group called the no kop rail is concerned this train will have a negative impact on upper marion township.
6:47 am
ouv, the group also admits the train emphasis new route away from neighborhoods is a small victory. septa has one more environmental study to complete before construction can begin. state higher education officials plan to offer six new degrees. they include bachelors degrees and plus a masters degree in communications. the new programs will begin in the fall at five of the 14 state run universities. the goal is to address work force needs and to increase enrollme enrollment. new this morning, a popular philadelphia restaurant destroyed by fire is hinting that a rebuild is in the works. it was destroyed by flames this past october. this morning we saw this tweet that shows what appears to be plans to rebuild the eatery along with the message stay tuned. we'll be watching.
6:48 am
al. the eagles fever all around. people are catching it. fans waited in a long line at the oxford valley mall in la langhorn last night. eagles nation, they can't wait for super bowl sunday. >> everybody p's excited for th super bowl. >> this team has really rallied a lot of people. >> the excitement was so great a lot of people started lining up for this autograph event more than five hours before. jalen mills will be in northeast philadelphia, and abbot. >> eagles fans, well, they're
6:49 am
relishing what they've seen on the field this season. >> but to find out what makes the eagles tick, you have to delve into their minds. he has a degree in sports psychology. he knows about the trends that can lead to success or failure. he tells us the eagles can win the super bowl if they do three things. stick with their routine, avoid distractions and stay focused on that ultimate goal. >> mike told me once you reach a level where you're happy to be there, where you're thrilled, that's where you lose. so that drive that new england patriots are famous for not being just happy to be there would be the next thing. >> he adds the positive relationship between carson wentz and nick foles is big for the team. >> they need to score one more point than the opponent.
6:50 am
it's brilliant. >> that one little tidbit. >> yeah, make sure the game ends with that additional point. you do have worry about the cold air we're starting with this morning. they're making snow. it is the coldest morning of the week, so you'll have to bundle. but the warming trend that starts today continues for the weekend. however, i'm tracking rain for the weekend and some snow next week. right now teens for allentown and pottstown. cold in millville and new jersey. and single digits for the mountains, 8 degrees right now. but we will see a lot of sunshine today. it will be cold wait at the bus stop. 22 in trenton and low 20s in philadelphia and wilmington. we'll see a considerable warmup today. in fact warmer than a got
6:51 am
yesterday with very light winds. what little wind does develop will make it feel like it's 39 degrees at 3:00 but with bright sunshine to balance that out. and that southerly wind that develops, that's going to help boost our temperatures today. allentown, philadelphia, wilmington nice and clear. look to west and you'll see the wet weather in store for us this weekend. it doesn't look like much right now, but it is going to come together and come our way saturday. you can see the rain in northwestern pennsylvania. look how clear it is for us. we'll see sunshine. it'll be a warm day and gorgeous day on saturday. sunday morning, 6:00 in the morning, here comes the rain swinging right through the area. those clouds will be linger during the day. no sign of anything other than rain this weekend. but come monday night and into tuesday, look at the snow forecast. this is 11:00 monday night. tama sousa will be tracking
6:52 am
those showers at that time. it continues into the afternoon and out of here in the evening hours. one to two inches but some spots may end up with a light dusting. 46 decrease this afternoon. 50s for saturday. a beautiful day and still in the 50s with rain. sunday morning clearing out in the afternoon. sunshine is back on monday, but the temperatures start to slide. that'll give a chance of some light snow on tuesday. then sunshine continues with a warmup on thursday. rain likely on friday and colder next weekend. a chance of snow showers. about 25 degrees warmer than it'll be in minneapolis, so we'll take that. plus we get to stay inside and watch the game, right? >> and i notice most of the models on your radar mostly green and white.
6:53 am
so very nice. >> we're onboard in the weather department. in the meanwhile let's find out with zachary onboard with the traffic this morning. >> things are looking better. when i last saw you there's a crash that happened on the vine and it is clear. so that is good news. traffic both east and west on the vine is running pretty smoothly. it's only going to take you a few minutes east or westbound on the schuylkill expressway. there's a crash between egypt road and route 23. that's new into our system. i just checked our cameras. it is causing some back up. also in pottstown we're falling a crash high street at burkes street. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles
6:54 am
>> she's spelling already. there she is rooting on her team. good job, ariana. it is time to get fired up, birds fans. use unusual instruments. >> within reason. >> you got to be smart about this, right? we don't want anybody to get hurt. you can up load your nbc fight song on the nbc 10 app. the hoar unique the better your chances of making television. we'll be right back.
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6:57 right now. topping our headlines this
6:58 am
morning congressman pat meehan will not run for re-election. the decision comes just after a few days after the pennsylvania republican told nbc 10 that he would run for another term. the montgomery county sheriff is expected to testify in the corruption trial of allentown mayor ed pawlowski. the sheriff used to have ties to a firm that gave pawlowski money to run for governor. events for the philadelphia auto show kick off tonight with a black tie katailgate. and the eagles will continuing practicing for the super bowl. the team will leave sunday for minneapolis, a day before the patriots arrive. a quick check of your traffic. we are following a crash that just happened 422 eastbound near trooper road. this is our camera shot of it. it's actually a car fire, ask you can see emergency vehicles are out there. traffic eastbound is getting by,
6:59 am
though slowly. take a look at your drive time. it's about 22 minutes as you go eastbound between route 29 and the schuylkill expressway. i'm meteorologist bill henley. the coldest morn oing of the we. 20 in philadelphia. we're starting to see this sky glow a little bit. what we won't see is a ton of wind. what wind we will get is just enough to boost our temperatures into the 40s with sunny skies today. a late southerly breeze developing. 46 for new jersey and up to 44 in delaware. >> looks minneapolis like already. we'll have local updates throughout the morning, and you can always get realtime news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for being with us this morning. and before we 11 you we want to leave you a bit of inspiration.
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♪ fly eagles fly good morning. breaking overnight, sources confirming to nbc news president trump ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller last summer but eventually backed down. a top democrat calling the news deeply frightening. the president himself denying the report, even as trump friendly news outlets confirm it. >> fake news, folks. fake news. >> what impact could it have on the ongoing russia investigation? resign or else. the u.s. olympic committee demands the entire board of usa gymnastics disbanned within six days in the wake of that egregious sex abuse scandal. what happens if board members refuse? deadly


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