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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 4, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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you will see those closings scrolling along the bottom of your screen. and you can see on the radar it's moving. it's not just snow that's the problem too. we're also seeing strong winds in some areas and that combination means dangerous conditions for your morning commute. we have you covered with everything you need to know. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 munews today. >> a lot has happened outside. we're bringing you live team coverage of the storm this morning from the jersey shore to south jersey to new castle county in delaware, from the impact on your ride to work to how much snow has fallen already and what's more to come. we start with bill henley. a lot to talk about. >> indeed. snow and wind. it has arrived. the snow is moving in. that's why we've issued a first alert for the entire area through the day today until 7:00 this evening. we're seeing accumulating snow right now. we're still in for the steadier,
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heavier snowfall during the morning hours. that's going to make for a treacherous morning commute and even this afternoon getting around is going to be difficult. we're already seeing gusty winds and this afternoon, winds of 30 to 50 miles per hour are possible, so even after the snow stops falling from the sky, blowing and drifting snow is going to limit visibility. you mention the winds. look at the view. that's from center city. that's the lowe's hotel camera. those flags are getting a workout this morning. hundreds of miles offshore. it's a big storm system and so this one even though it's going to be riding up offshore and stay away from us, it's close enough to do this, spreading heavy snowfall. the bands of heavier snowfall have been crossing into not only new jersey but also southern delaware and parts of southern delaware. already have five inches of snow on the ground and there is more on the way. we'll break it down hour by hour and when the snow will come to an end coming up in just a few minutes. but first your first alert
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traffic. >> we're starting on 95. we're not too bad at least on the surface of the actual road. you can see the snow is gathering into the center medians as well. so there will be some slippery spots too. there's additionally an accident on the southbound side right near 420. so a little further north than this. traffic is getting by because there's not tons of it right now. there's a tractor trailer fire on 295 southbound side, so right now route 48 which is exit 4, traffic moving southbound trying to get into delaware right now. they're going to divert you around. 130 is an option for you. so is the new jersey turnpike. here is route 47 just around tyler road. not a lot of cars out here, but you can see a little further south in new jersey what some of the roads do look like because of that snowfall. back to you. along the jersey shore we've already gotten reports of more
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than two inches of snow. let's take a look at ocean city, new jersey. the snow has been falling there for the last several hours. >> we're about ten miles down the shoreline in atlantic city. what's it like there right now? >> reporter: well, good morning. we're definitely in a snow covered atlantic city. i want you to take a look right now as we speak, this convoy of plows that's moving past us. we're at the corner of arctic and atlantic and it definitely feels like an arctic scene here down the shore, completely covered in white. we are dealing with what is really a very wet and light fluoroly but of course it's been snowing since about 2:00 this morning. i just cleared this grass like 30 seconds ago. there's easily two and a half, three inches coating the grass here on the ground as we speak. and the winds are whipping down here. the flag is blowing out here in atlantic city. we've also seen some of the
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small sidewalk plows working to clear this area. i'm not sure anyone will be out here shopping today in these conditions. i want to take you to some video. this was about an hour ago. you could see the giant snowplows working to get ahead of this storm and to clear some of the snow at farley plaza earlier this morning. the road conditions are poor at best. it took us -- it felt like we were driving on cobblestone. very few cars. we did see police, a couple of transit buses. we also saw a couple of cars spun out. so there have already been accidents this morning. difficult to maneuver. you're definitely going to want to allow yourself some extra time. with the kids not being in school today i'm sure some parents will have to take --
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we're not necessarily feeling those blizzard conditions just yet but it is uncomfortable. the sideways blowing snow blowing in your face. we'll be in touch with atlantic city's oem as well as police to find out if anyone's dealing with any problems down here just yet. back to you guys. thanks for that. so from the jersey shore lets's show you conditions in new castle county. we just got an update from del dot. about 400 crews out trying to keep the roads passable and clear. matt, what's happening in new castle right now? >> reporter: right. you heard from that del dot spokes person a little while ago talking about how busy those crews will be overnight treating the roads, making sure that they are safe for the drivers. first i'll show you what it looks like here on the ground. the official total accumulation thus far for new castle is about half an inch. we have seen a snow totals, official totals thus far in delaware ranging from .1 inches
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up to about 5 inches in sussex county. so sussex county is getting hit a little bit harder here. but if you look at the roads here right along route 13 you can see that the roads are not looking too bad. we have seen the vehicles making their way through with relative ease at this point. and it's also a good point to mention that right now we really haven't seen too much in the way of snow reason the last 10 to 15 minutes. we are expecting more as the day goes on. take a look at some video from a little while ago, the conditions out here haven't changed that much. there has been just that snow on the ground, a little breeze in the air and it has been a little difficult to deal with. people brushing the snow off the cars and heading out to the roads. but we'll come back out here live right now. again, we have seen a lot of the salt trucks making their way through the roads here. route 13, route 1, but we have
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seen some slick spots as well. this is what we've seen on side streets as well so that is one thing to keep in mind. nbc 10 news. >> we want you to show us how the snow is affecting you and your neighborhood. see it and share it by sending pictures and video through the nbc 10 app. you can also monitor the latest weather updates on your phone with the app, tracking the snow and dangerous cold right down to your neighborhood. >> and now to the other stories we're following with you today. the war of words between president trump and the man he considered a close ally. an attorney is accusing steve bannon for breaching his nondisclosure agreement. he asked bannon to stop making disparaging comments about the president. he ripped into the president's son and jared kushner in a new book. he also said the probe into possible russian collusion would likely focus on money
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laundering. the president released a statement saying steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. >> it's 5:08 and we're just a few hours away from one of the most anticipated sales of the week. at 10:00 a.m., eagles playoff tickets go on sale to the public. they go on sale at 10:00 a.m. general ticket prices range from 105 to 185. there is a four ticket limit per household and all tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis and ticket master online is the only place you'll be able to get tickets. and nbc 10 is your official eagles station and the only place where you can watch the first playoff game. kickoff at 4:35 january 13th. birds will face off either the panthers, the saints or the falcons. look for nbc coverage inside the eagles that you won't see anywhere else.
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i'm bill henley. 25 degrees at 5:08. this is the view from the adventure aquarium looking across the delaware. you can still see buildings across the delaware which means the visibility isn't too bad. the snow isn't too heavy just yet in philadelphia, but it is on the way. during the day today, the temperatures are going to be stuck right in the middle 20s and the winds will be kicking in. we're looking at winds at 21 miles an hour right now. those winds will get stronger during the afternoon and even after the snow ends those winds will still be blowing, so cold all day long. the heavier snow is just offshore. this is an ocean storm, so the heaviest precipitation is going to be offshore and those areas closest to it are going to see the most snowfall. we've seen that so far in new jersey and in delaware. more than two inches on the ground in some spots in new jersey. inland though, much lighter snow has been moving through philadelphia. we'll get some bands of moderate
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snow during the day and a possibility of heavier show. we saw a band of heavier snow move through the suburbs earlier this morning but right now the suburbs are getting off kind of easy and it looks like they will get off during the afternoon as well. as far as snow totals, not everyone is going to see the huge impact that the shore and southern delaware will get. so this neighborhood by neighborhood with a closer look at the suburbs, crystal has that. >> so like you said, this is a neighborhood to neighborhood forecast. very different from one spot to the other. this is the camera view right now. visibility is down. i just checked and visibility mostly around half a mile to a mile at this point, so those aren't blizzard like conditions yet, but they are limiting. now let's talk about areas that aren't going to be quite as hard still seeing some action here. this is our future model. this gives a little break over
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parts of the he lightnilehigh. temperatures are still bitterly cold around the low 20s consistently throughout your morning. this is at 9:00 a.m. snow has spread across the board so we're all getting some but it's not as heavy as it will be farther south. this will continue through your lunchtime. still a lighter snow to steady snow falling and check that out, by 5:00 really starting to weaken and move out. so by 7:00 or so, everything is out of here. now we're down to that horrible cold that we're next worried about over the next several days. wind gusts, a huge factor here. from this morning look at these gusts picking up. 35 to 45-mile-per-hour gusts but we could see gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour further south and this lasts into the afternoon which does mean blowing snow certainly a possibility. we'll talk more about this with your future model across all of our regions coming up in a bit.
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we'll see you shortly. let's take a look at i-95 where there was a crash reported not long ago. >> jessica, what do you have? >> a budge of things. we do have a camera on 95. we have a tractor trailer fire on the southbound side. trying to get to delaware from the new jersey spot, well, you're not going to be able to do that right now on the southbound side. they are blocking off all lanes of traffic right now, so 130 is an option for you and so is the new jersey turnpike. 95, i'm not sure if we can get it yet. maybe in a second. 42 northbound to the walt whitman bridge, average speeds there into the 50s. southbound not doing too bad either so a little snow starting to accumulate on the side. and new jersey as well. route 50 right around route 49, clearly snow covering all of the roads there. we're not even seeing where the
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roads are into the grassy parts and moving through the intersection. back to you. one, two punch. after this winter storm passes another brutal blast of arctic air and the best way to protect your home heating systems as they work overtime. that's coming up. >> and good morning, guys. we've gone from zero to 60. as you can see the snow is falling here in englishtown, new jersey, one of the spots with a blizzard warning. i'll be back with storm ranger 10 and show you neighborhood by neighborhood the snow bands that are occurring.
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it is 5:16 and we are tracking a winter storm right now. here's a live look at cape may. parts of cape may county have already seen more than three inches of snow and there's much more ahead. the area is under a blizzard warning this morning. >> steve is out with storm
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ranger 10 this morning, one of the many tools we have to give you the most accurate forecast. what are you seeing in monmouth county. >> reporter: we have really seen the conditions go downhill rapidly. as our camera man looks at the light you can see the snow coming down at a very good clip. an hour ago nothing was happening. let's pan to the ground. you can see this dusting that has quickly formed and i think that's why everybody wanted to take the precautions and not have people out on the roads because conditions can go downhill this quickly. we've been seeing wind gusts at the truck at about 30 miles per hour and blizzard conditions is continuous gusts above 35. so we're getting close to that already. the visibility still not too bad, but this is storm ranger 10 and we have this out here in central new jersey this morning and the reason why, this is not your ordinary weather vehicle here. that black dome that you see there, that's an actual radar. it's sending out pulses up to 75
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miles out from the truck and those pulses are heading out and looking for snow flakes and then those pulses return back to our truck and the result is this. we actually have full control of this radar as i get here in the truck and you can see with these settings i can manipulate and this is real time data. so when we take a look and as we pop that up on your screen you'll be able to see the red sweep there. so getting down to each neighborhood, seeing the intensity, the bands, remember on saturday when we had that band over philadelphia and the schuylkill expressway was such a mess, this is the kind of tool we can use to better show that. collectively, when we use this with the nws radars, the national weather service we get a good big picture so really it's working together and nbc universal has given us this opportunity to work together to show the technology. so i actually have this up on my
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computer on the app and you can have it on the app as well. the nbc 10 app and zoom down to your skreettreets. conditions are going downhill very quickly here in englishtown. >> and another good reminder that today is a great day to get that app on your phone so you see what's coming to your neighborhood. >> all right. bill henley and the most accurate first alert forecast, what can you tell us about conditions currently? >> they don't look too bad in philadelphia. we have snow and it is cold and the banners are blowing in the wind. the wind will be increasing this morning and this is the snow that's already fallen but there is steadier snow on the way for philadelphia. look at the cape may camera. this is the view from the cape may marina. we've seen strong gusty winds and some bands of heavy snow have moved through. more than two inches of snow in parts of atlantic county. the visibility, that's an
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indication of snow intensity. so for mount pocono, pottstown, that's excellent visibility. very little to no snowfall right now. the visibility has come down in philadelphia to 2 miles but the heavier snow is produce lower visibilities for wildwood, atlantic city, millville and dover. just as expected, this is where we're going to see the heaviest snowfall during the day today and then even into this afternoon, though we'll see the steadiest snowfall this morning. cape may is getting heavier snowfall along with atlantic city. that's why the visibility is lower there. but move inland and the snow is taking a break in parts of burks county and the lehigh valley, even some of the suburbs are getting a break right now. that's temporary. the snow will be filling back in. it's a massive storm system and it's going to be with us through the morning and well into the afternoon. breaking it down hour by hour to show you when it's finally going to taper off, crystal? >> and we've been talking about several days now, neighborhood
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to neighborhood we're going to see different things so this is a live camera view from the poconos and i think this is a mix of snow that is being made and snow that is falling but this is one of the areas that see some of the lowest amounts of accumulation. it's the shore and delaware beaches that's going to get that really good hit. i'll show you across the entire region what we are expecting throughout the rest of the day. if we tighten you up to our neck of the woods this is through 7:00 a.m. the deeper blues that extend through south jersey and to some extent the i-95 corridor, plus the outer blues and whites that you see, the lehigh valley, burks county, these are the areas where it's a lighter snow. there's a blizzard warning in place over the jersey shore and our delaware beaches. so we go through your lunchtime here, temperatures are brewing and we're talking low, mid-20s as at best. as we go from lunchtime to 3:00
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p.m., now that snow intensity has weakened along the i-95 corridor. but a pretty good clip over to the north. so from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. this is really starting to weaken and we will be left with little to no snow by this evening but on the ground it will have accumulated. none of it's melting so it can still blow around. it's why we're leaving that first alert in effect through 7:00 tonight which includes your evening commute. philly falls in between that 2 to 4 and 4 to 6 inch range but look at the shore in delaware beaches. 8 to 12 inches our forecast. >> let's get a check on the roads now. jessica boyington is standing by. >> so we have been watching a bunch of our cameras in the area. right now watching 95. so here's 95 moving through south philly. around the stadium area, even difficult to see. but the camera shaking around, you can see snow blowing back
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and forth and you can see the roads are a little bit wet and shiny there. again it's only 5:30 so we haven't seen much of a rush yet and that's because we're ahead of schedule for that but we are watching slippery spots. accidents there as well. we're also watching a closure over in new jersey. looks like my camera might have frozen there but now we're back to new jersey. penns grove a tractor trailer fire. exit 4 they're diverting traffic off right now because of the tractor trailer fire. watch for some speed restrictions there, and i'll end here with a check on mass transit. we're seeing some small delays because of slippery conditions as well. watch for delays for dart and amtrak is on a modified schedule. double trouble once the snowfall ends, another brutal cold blast moves into our
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region. how to protect your heating system as it works overtime.
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5:27. a live look at the camden skyline. you can't see it very well as we remain on a first alert due to the winter storm blanketing our area with snow. philadelphia experiencing greater snow but it will intensify during the morning hours and then we have colder air moving in. >> this extends deep freeze is wreaking havoc on home heating systems because of high usage. crews tell us they've been working overtime to repair and replace stressed out heating systems. so to help your heating system working efficiently, you should keep your thermostat at one temperature over time. >> i'm bill henley, we're tracking a winter storm that is going to impact our area all day today and even into the evening
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hours, but the heaviest snowfall, that's due in this morning and look at the snow and the wind. that's a live view from avalon this morning. right now, 25 degrees at 5:28. we'll break it down hour by hour just ahead.
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