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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news. a delaware mother is facing murder charges. for the death of two children. the war on rats. we go under and on the streets to see how philadelphia is getting rid of the slithering droents. medal for mccain. long time senator accepts an award in philadelphia and calls out the country's leadership. right now at 11 a mother charged with murder tonight. nbc10 learned the woman was arrested tonight for the deaths of two children in wilmington. denise nakano is following the breaking muse for us. live outside the police department. what have you learned? >> the mother is held here at
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the police headquarters charged with murder. police say she was caring for both boys. al show she was the mother of only one. police are on the way to notify the father. >> we ask you to touch the city. touch us in a mighty way. >> reporter: members of the community drawn to a home. they mourn for wo young brothers. found dead in a bathtub. one whom wasn't even old enough to crawl. the mother called police around 8:30 a.m. to say that two boys a babe but only a few months old a five year-old were dead. the detectives crime scene investigators spent hours at the house leaving with bags of evidence. >> it's painful. this is one. >> reporter: former city counsel woman was among the children, parents and community leaders trying to make sense of what happened. for a stop the violence group
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this became a lesson. >> there's more to life than what they see here. >> reporter: as it got dark, neighbors brought out candles and toys. >> they should go in the house and that be it. >> reporter: the woman at the house with two children now charged with their murder. >> it's hurtful. i couldn't imagine. >> police believe both boys died from downing. they won't be sure until an autopsy is released. new at 11 a mother and son are both in the hospital after they were shot outside their apartment. nbc10 on the scene near fourth street and roosevelt boulevard. police say the gunman fired at least nine shots at victims before driving off. so far, no arrests. turning now to the first alert weather. finally starting to foal like fall. hoods were up for these students on the campus of st. joe.
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tammie souza live outside the nbc10 studio. on this chilly evening. we could even get frost in parts of the area tonight. >> frost on the pumpkin. this is the coldest night of the season so far. not so bad in the city. we're in the low 50s. i have my gloves and heavy coat on. if you're in the out lying areaing you'll need more. let's look at which neighborhoods are under the gun for the frost. parts of south jersey away from the ocean. and the upper pennsylvania suburbs. lee high valley. this is the frost advisory mainly from 4:00 tomorrow morning until 9:00 tomorrow morning. some of the areas could deep as low as 32 degrees. if you have delicate plants that you care about, go ahead you have a chance to still cover them up. where the temperatures should be going by time you wake up tomorrow morning. 40 philadelphia. 40 dover. 44 ocean city.
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39 in and it looks like a 39 in trenten. with. i'll be back in a few minutes to go hour by hour. and tell you about a big and i mean a big warm up on the way. new at 11. philadelphia honors john mccain. senator was here tonight to accept the liberty medal. while this honor focussed on his past, he also wanted to speak about our country's future. >> on this chilly fall night, a warm tribute. >> john understands what it means to sacrifice. for what you believe in. >> reporter: honoring mccains military and political service. and personal role. like a role model to his friend joe biden's children. >> they took the measure of the man. and got to learn from it. they cared about you, john.
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>> how did it feel to be up there with your friend? >> wonderfulful he's one of the loveliest men i have known in my life. >> reporter: questions loom. in washington. >> do you think you'll have a by partisan deal on taxes? >> i hope so. >> on healthcare? >> always hope. >> east on the other side of the aisle. he wants to make the institution work. >> reporter: he balanced levity. with characteristic fight calling into question a new world view. for the country. >> to fear the world we have organized and led the three quarters of a century to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligation of international leadership, and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth, for the sake of some half baked nationalism, cooked up by people, who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.
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>> reporter: he had to stop for the cheers before declaring it unpatriotic. >> update now on a story you first saw on nbc10. all bright college says three students have been offered reinstatement to the football team. the players were kicked off over a dispute about kneeling before and during the national anthem. the president of all bright says this incident brought larger issues of social and racial injustice into the spotlight and must be addressed. she was wrong plis place at the wrong time. family members saying about a 17 year-old girl killed over the weekend by a stray bullet. live outside the police department and aaron, that shooter is on the streets tonight. >> that shooter is nowhere to be found. like you said. he remains on the run.
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saturday night he ran up on a crowd firing shots killing that 17 year-old. tonight police and her family need your help. >> i hope we find justice for her. she didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: standing together on bermuda circle. they uttered the same thing. not her, not india. her family says the 17 year-old wanted to be a nurse and save lives. her life was taken over the weekend. >> a rotten person. no good person. a person who has no respect for life. >> i don't know how i'm going to live. i lost my baby now. >> reporter: india's mother demanded those with answers speak up. her family tells nbc10 she was innocently shot on this street while hanging out with friends on saturday night. she died a day later. investigators say the gunman fired into a crowd, also
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wounding another man. >> she was my masterpiece. i lost it. over somebody else stupidity. >> reporter: at times it was overwhelming for many trying to hold back tears. india's grandfather wondering why her. >> for some reason i cannot understand. always kill the innocent. and the good ones. >> another man was shot during the shooting on saturday night. he was shot in the back. but had since been leased. a nights of healing for students, faculty and staff at temple university. after the death of another student. people gathered at the student center tonight to comfort one another and show unity and compassion. three temple students have died this yore. murdered last month. one man is facing charges in her case. richard died when he fell from a dorm window earlier this month. and she was shot in killed by police in miami.
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after she hit an officer while trying to drive away from a crash scene. t minus four days until proposals to land amazon second headquarters are due. and rox imty to highways and other big cities. more videos will showcase the cities work force, talent and best locations for the building. new jersey governor says the state will back new wark to lure amazon. offering $7 billion in tax breaks. cam den officials say they are still pressing forward. >> we have tremendous people who live and work in cam den right now. amazon would fit right in. >> cam den and philadelphia are kmeet competing with a dozen decisions. a decision is expected early next year. the fourth annual charity tonight in center city.
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jacqueline london emceed the event. the money from tonight will go to the mown dags steam program and academic day camp for elementary and middle school students. science, technology, engineering, art, athletic sp math. coming up from the suers to the streets. rats. they are a big problem in if i feel philadelphia. and can pop up anyway. underneath the under ground highway. plus what the city says you can do fight the war on rats. is this boy being punished for his father's crimes? why his life saving transplant is on hold. the cost of healthcare. why pennsylvania blames president trump for a 30% increase. drugs are debate. why the president nominee to fight the opioid epidemic is called the wolf in the hen house.
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paulsboro's a very proud community. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community.
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if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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it's our region wide problem. your nbc10 investigators tracking philadelphia's ongoing war with rats. >> there's at least a dozen in this area. right now. >> why the city is having so much trouble stopping them. >> what are you doing to get rid of rats? >> they destroy our property and deliver disease to our doorstep. that's why the department of health has a mission to get rid of rats. as nbc10 investigator reporter saw, it's a job that might never been finished. >> reporter: in china town back alleys, it doesn't take long to see why rats call this home. >> i smell rats. >> reporter: exterminator spent the night with us. showing us how rats thrive while we sleep. eating from dumpsters. >> the dominant come out and get their choice of food.
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>> reporter: making their homes tho throughout the city. he digs through the brush. exposing burros. we discovered dozens of holes no bigger than a half dollar. under ground cameras reveal out of sight, rats swarm the suers using the them like a rat highway. the city gets about ten rat complaints every day. and hundreds of those complaint come from here in the heart of center city. you can see evidence of rats everywhere. they even chew through the concrete. and burro into the street. they rarely e mernl merge in the daylight. when they pour poison into the rat holes. >> we're here to make sure the public doesn't get injured or sick. >> reporter: jason is in the park responding to a complaint. city wide, 22 people like him wage war on rats. >> the city will never be
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completely out of rats. >> reporter: the general. in charge of vector control. >> we'll respond to any complaint. we will bait any rat burro we come across. >> reporter: there's no way to know if it's making a difference. the city tracks complaints. rats breed too fast to track their population. according to to the census, 18% of our region says it's seen rats in their homes. the highest in the country. stats loik that have given marty a 30 year career. and he's not going out of business any time soon. >> city has a rat complaint hot line. that number is on the web page. right now. tonight montgomery county figuring out to deal with racism and hateful language. this meeting gave students sp parents constructive tools to deal with the issues. after students from the quaker town school district threw rocks
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and yelled racial slurs at student during a friday night football game. two middle schoolboys were suspended. a pennsylvania congressman and president trump pick for the top drug czar is under fire. 60 minutes washington post investigation found a 2016 law sponsored by the congressman weakened the dea authority. some democrats are calling on the trump administration to pull his nomination. >> confirming the representative as the nations drug czar is like putting the wolf in charge of the hen house. >> he was a early supporter of mine. great state of pennsylvania. a great guy. i did see the report. woel look into that. >> the report says the drug industry spent ten of billions lobbying to curb the dea authority. congressman hasn't commented yet. tonight sharing stories of addiction and how to fix the opioid crisis.
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nbc10 here in delaware county at a forum. every day at least ten people die from drug over doses in pennsylvania. pennsylvania insurance commissioner is blaming president trump for increasing the cost of healthcare. the commissioner says premiums for next year would have gone up 7.6%. but now will increase an average of 30.6%. the state blames this on president trumps decision to end subsidies for certain healthcare plans. states working with insurers to offer plans off the ek change which are not impacted by the rate increase. a life saving transplant surgery is on old for a two year-old georgia boy. the child was born without kidneys. his father is a perfect match and was scheduled to donate. that plan was put on hold when he was arrested for violating probation. the mother says red tape could delay the surgery until january.
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>> what does it have to do with the mistake i made? nothing. >> he doesn't deserve this. we have been waiting so long. we were right at the front door. >> he suffered a stroke two months ago and needs constant care. the family says their only option is get on the kidney transplant list. now to your first alert weather. how about a sunset down the shore. look at this. the cameras rolling as the sun and ocean melted there. off the coast. a beautiful evening. after the sun went down, we saw a big drop in temperature tonight. first alert chief meteorologist tammie souza has warmed back up. >> it is going to be the coldest night of season so far. you can see the lights trin kling. it's dry and cold. 71 was the high today. did it feel like 71? of course not. it happened after midnight. much ot day was in the upper 50s. we picked up six one-hundredths
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of an inch of rain today. highest wind gust 27 miles per hour. it was a chilly day. we were about ten degrees below where we should be. this time of the year. we should be around 67 degrees. now the chilly air settled in. to the eastern half of the united states. pittsburg down to 42. let's go out west. rapid city 55 degrees. are you kidding? . denver 56 degrees. right now 51 philadelphia. 45 wilmington. 48 vine land. allen town 47. and 45 in wild wood and atlantic city. we have a very cold night ahead. grab the extra blanket. couple of things you immediate to know, we have a frost advisory. first of the season. and that's for the out lying areaing. lee high valley, and the inland parts of south jersey. from 4:00 tomorrow morning until
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9:00 tomorrow morning. right before you get up. you have time to cover the delicate plants if you want to. we'll have low humidity this week. a very dry week ahead. and we are going to be looking at a warm up. back to the 70s and pushing upper 70s maybe flirting with 80. next weekend. so this is just another one of the short lived cold spells. nothing on the doppler radar. it's quiet. here are the clouds associated with the cold front. clearing this out and bringing us cold weather. look at how clear it is. over the re. let's go hour by hour. we have the north wind bringing in the cold air. here's where you top out or bottom out. 41 dover. and toms river 43. any of the areas in the 30s, fair game for frost tonight. tomorrow we are make it up to 60 philadelphia. upper 50s around the area. and lock at wednesday. we wake up to 45.
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and wa la, 70 for a high on wednesday. tomorrow 61 south philadelphia. with the breeze is feels like 58. easten 61. you'll feel like the 50s. you get the idea. everybody will be chilly for one more day. we bounce 7 o wednesday. 72 thursday. 74 friday. look at the sunshine. mix of sun and clouds for the weekend. 78 by sunday. unfortunately mother nature wants to bring showers for monday night football. and the eagles game. we'll be back right after this.
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science of sleep. tomorrow morning on nbc10 news today. the one thing you can do every day to ensure you sleep better. and wake up more rested and ready for the day. that plus we have you covered
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with breaking news and your weather and traffic. tuesday morning from 4 to 7:00 a.m. don't turn in just yet, john clark is here with sports. i appreciate you hanging in there. we'll catch up with mall come tonight. why he won't be with the eagles tomorrow. would he sign a petition from eagles fans? plus. joel embiid. how does he feel about being on a minutes restrix again in the season opening? that's next. again in the season opening? that's next. s again in the season opening? that's next. t again in the season opening? that's next. r again in the season opening? that's next. i again in the season opening? that's next. c again in the season opening? that's next. t again in the season opening? that's next. i again in the season opening? that's next. o again in the season opening? that's next. n again in the season opening? that's next.
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here we go again. the sixers says joel embiid will be on a minutes restriction in the season opener wednesday in washington. here's joel at practice today. he says it's disappointing the
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sixers will have hymn on a minutes limit. he would like to play up to 20 minutes. joel wants to play more. the sixers once again are being cautious. >> there will be some minutes restriction. it's a judgment of how is the game being played. not just looking at a rogue number. >> i played 14 minutes in the first half. but, my body is better shape. and i feel great. >> the eagles get back to the complex tomorrow. mall come is going to new york. meeting with the commissioner. owners approximate players to discuss a solution to the anthem protest. he has seen the reports that referees crew had a historical disparity in penalties against the eagles thursday. so as you can see eagles fans started a petition. asking the nfl to ban him from
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reffing eagles games. over 50,000 fans have signed it. i asked would you sign it? >> i would sign that. if it came across my desk. it's a long season. and although we're feeling great about where we are, obviously the fan base is riled up. we didn't come into the season with the goal of only winning five games. we're nowhere near where we want to get to. it's a great start. >> they are still hungry. i'm john clark. we're right back. oh, you brought butch.
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chill is on. >> got your jacket? extra blanket for bed? it is going to be a cold one. wake up to the coldest morning of the season so far. 40 philadelphia. but the low to mid-30s with frost. it will feel like 50s torp with a breeze. midand upper 70s by the weekend. >> a lot of sun on the forecast. i like that. thanks so much for watching. the "tonight show" is up next. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- demi lovato, john cleese,


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