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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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today he turned himself in to investigators. he is charged with multiple counts of crimes against children, including pornography charges as well as sexual abuse charges. police say once they got a chance to look at his computers they found 500 images depicting children as young as infants being sexually abused by adults, men and women, as well as animals. they say in one image one child was handcuffed. just a little while ago we spoke to the delaware county district attorney about the case. >> it's outrageous. it's offensive. it's -- most people it just -- it just -- you know, you just shudder with anguish when you look and you hear about that. >> reporter: the district attorney says he was surprised when police showed up at his home early in the morning on the september day they issued the search warrant. they say at first he was
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evasive, not answering their questions and later he said he admitted he knew what he was doing was illegal. the d.a. says there is no motivation behind the crime but their evidence shows it has been going on at least since 2013. he also says the case is not over yet, that investigators are still continuing to look at files on his computer including a spreadsheet with information leading them to websites. 1,000 websites they say he tried to uncover, discover or keep the information from being uncovered by encrypting the file. there are calls for him to resign. so far it has not happened. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc10 news. developing now, an historic decision from the boy scouts of america. girls will now be allowed to join the boy scouts. the younger cub scouts will be
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in single gender dense a and th older program for coed kids. we're getting reaction new on nbc10 news at 5:00. to breaking news. a crash that caused traffic headaches this morning is still a problem for the drive home. sky force 10 over the tanker truck in route one in smyrna. it's closed in both directions and could be for the next hour. police tell nbc10 good samaritans pulled the driver to safety and he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. to the first alert forecast. parts of the area saw a few rain drops this afternoon. is more rain on the way is the question. a live look at cape may. tammie souza told us yesterday we could expect this rain. >> the showers are to the north
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and west. up toward reading in brooks county, lehigh valley, you're seeing steadier rain. especially toward reading. we'll watch it gravitate to the east. so, in maiden creek, greenwich, headed toward district is where we'll be looking at heavier showers. all of this is going to wind up moving through the pennsylvania suburbs and through philadelphia as the evening wears on. here is the bigger picture. clouds are in place. you can see that we have the leading edge of a storm system. behind it, more showers on the way. carry the umbrella if you're out and about tonight. now, temperatures are about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. gray skies are in place. 76 in philadelphia. visibility is at ten miles with winds out of the east at ten miles an hour. the east winds keeping us a little bit cooler today. tonight, 57 in allentown. 60 in wilmington. 57 for mount holly, stone harbor. 62. philadelphia, 61. east winds, 10 to 15 miles an
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hour with periods of rain. when i come back in a few minutes we will discuss how long the rain will last. it's never too early to look at the weekend, right? that's where we're going in a few minutes. this afternoon we get the first look at all the destruction caused by wildfires burning in northern california. this is video taken by a drone. you see that mail truck there driving through what was a neighborhood. that is now nothing but ashes. just incredible scenes. nbc10's ted greenberg joins us live. >> the fires are stretching firefighters to their limits. >> reporter: the flames are spreading too fast for firefighters to keep up. look at this video from inside a deputy sheriff's car in sonoma county. he was driving down a twisting road that looks like a tunnel of fire. you can see embers floating above the squad car. more than 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed by these wildfires. 21 people have died and more than 100 are being treated at
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hospitals. authorities are still evacuating people from their homes as the fires spread. meantime, homeowners are mourning what they lost. >> our house is gone, guys. oh my god! our house is gone! it's gone! >> one woman recorded this emotional video as her family returned to their fire ravaged neighborhood. investigators say just about anything could have started these fires. i also checked to see if members of the new jersey forest fire service will be helping to battle the california wildfires. a spokesman tells me they haven't gotten any requests from california but says the service stands ready to surge forward to assist as it has done previously. live in the breaking news center, ted greenberg, nbc10 news. our coverage of the wildfires continues online. if you want to help the relief effort, go to the nbc10 app now to find out what you could do for the wildfire victims. happening now, president trump is on his way to pennsylvania.
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he is expected to arrive shortly in harrisburg where he will be pushing his tax plan. nbc10's lauren mayk joins us live in harrisburg. >> reporter: they'll hear about the president's tax plan here. we are on the harrisburg air national guard base, and we are in a sort of hallway, a vestibule area, that's being used as a holding area for press and also a security screening area. there is a lot of security when the president comes to town. as we came in, we could see people waiting to get in to hear the president, waiting in the rain. he is about to -- he is expected to speak to about 1,000 people today. keep in mind, the plan he will be talking about is not final. it is not officially a bill yet. it is just a framework. on our way here today to the harrisburg area, we stopped along the way to ask people what they'd like to see.
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on the road to harrisburg we found a westchester grandfather thinks about her when he thinks about tax reform. >> i don't want her to have to pay for all the deficit spending that's going on in congress today. >> reporter: this retiree wants whatever tax plan passes not to increase the deficit. do you like what you've heard so far? >> i think the problem is the devil is in the details. we have to see what the tax brackets shake out at. >> reporter: there are a lot of unknowns to the plan president trump is coming to pennsylvania today to pitch. the white house is planning to increase the standard deduction and promising to cut taxes for hard-working middle class families. >> we could use a break. maybe the upper-class could foot the bill for a couple extra things. >> reporter: matt is pretty confident that break will happen, but his colleague is a little skeptical and worries about things like infrastructure. >> i do want a break in my taxes but what does that mean for us ultimately? >> reporter: headed toward
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harrisburg we saw truckers working on the turnpike. president trump will say tonight his plan will benefit them. >> are they going to pass it down to the working class men who is making them where they're at? that's what we all want, a fair shake on everything. >> reporter: now, taxes, they are the main event here. the big topic for the night. but it is, of course, possible that the president will talk about other things. just a few minutes ago he tweeted about money that is going to be apparently sent to las vegas to help police with overtime after the shooting there. a senior administration official told us it is possible he will talk about the las vegas shooting or about hurricane relief at the top of his speech tonight. for now, live in middletown, lauren mayk. nbc10 news. before his trip to harrisburg. the president and first lady gave a warm welcome to canadian
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prime minister justin trudeau and his wife at the white house. the two leaders discussed the north american free trade agreement. canada and the u.s. have been at odds over it, president trump threatening to withdraw, calling it unfair to american workers. new audio recordings obtained exclusively by nbc news captured the first shots fired at the mandalay bay hotel in las vegas. >> call the police. someone is firing a gun up here. someone is firing a rifle on the 32nd floor, down the hallway. it's at the end of the hallway. i can't tell you what room. he looked like he fired down the hallway when i got close to the door. >> that call was placed by a hotel engineer to his superiors. and during the call you here stephen paddock shoot a security guard at the hotel. this happened several minutes before he began shooting at the concert crowd bow. the engineer talked about how he tried to save the injured
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security guard. >> the rounds started coming down the hallway. i could feel them pass behind my head. i tried to think how i could get to jesus because i could see he was shot in the leg. i told myself, wait for him. he has to stop shooting sometime. >> the sheriff says paddock shot and wounded the hotel security guard outside his room before shooting at the concert crowd below. last week investigators thought the guard was wounded after the rampage began. new information tonight about the mold crisis plaguing a south jersey school district. air quality test results are not back for five schools tested this week. still, contractors were working at williamstown middle and high schools today. crews off-loaded dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. schools will close for the week. the public township library is trying to keep the kids busy. they hold a power hour of legos
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and will offer movies each day at noon. >> they should be able to come in, borrow books, get educated. it doesn't stop just because the schools are closed. >> a local pediatrician's office is sending parents home with information about mold. cydney long talked to a mom after she took her daughter to the doctor with a cough and headache. we'll tell you what to be aware of with regard to mold and allergies. lindsay lohan says she feels bad for actor harvey weinstein. she says he never harmed here. she also called on weinstein's wife to stand by her husband. her post has since been deleted. some big names from the big screen are condemning weinstein. the "new york times" detailed accounts of his alleged harassment from stars such as angelina jolie and rose mcgowan. some who worked with the producer have been accused of knowing about has harassment
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allegations and trying to cover them up. >> prosecutors rested their case against new jersey senator bob menendez and now the judge will make a crucial ruling on whether to let the trial continue or dismiss the charges. menendez is charged with opening bribes from a florida doctor in exchange for pressuring government officials to help out the doctor's business. before the trial started, menendez argued that the charges should be dropped. new castle county police are investigating what they believe is a murder-suicide an vincent lane. when they got to the home, the front door was unlocked and a man and wim woman were found dead in the bedroom. there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer of a south jersey house-sitter. shawneeq carr was murdered inside a home last month.
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she was watching her sister-in-law's house with the children inside at the time of her death. the police department and the prosecutor's office teamed up for the award. the ex boyfriend of a murdered university of pittsburgh student is behind bars. police tracked matthew bar ddar south carolina. her parents found her dead sunday morning. she filed a protection from abuse order against darby last month. he was arrested but released. imagine moving your family into a center city church just so you could stay in the country. >> that's what javier flores garcia did. today his life changed and nbc10 was there to witness it. he walked out of the church and reunited with his family. he has lived in philadelphia since 1997 and has been deported twice. shortly after donald trump was elected president, he moved into the church so it wouldn't happen again. the human rights organization
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helped javier get littegal stat. when he spoke today, he said, after the storm comes the calm. >> this is a day to celebrate freedom. freedom for javier. freedom for the family to be able to take him home. it also means freedom for every community member who is afraid of this moment. it is when we resist that we win. >> they asked him what was the first thing he was going to do once he got home. he said he was looking forward to running and playing with his kids. today an historic marker was dedicated at einstein medical center in philadelphia commemorating the hospital which has been in the city since 1865. it originally opened as a jewish hospital in west philadelphia. a few years later it moved to its current location in north philadelphia. the permanent marker will stand as a symbol of einstein's history and contribution to the city. a sea of pink in philadelphia. dozens of residents and workers
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at the allegheny school walked to bring awareness to breast cancer. the facility which treats people with intellectual or developmental disabilities raised $1,000 for the cause. celebration of hispanic culture in center city today. nbc10 was at the union league on south broad street for the hispanic heritage luncheon and awards program, the annual event honors the contributions made by latino americans right here in our community. today, a call from delaware to help hurricane victims in puerto rico. john carney joined senator chris coons, members of the national guard and latin american community to announce a new website accepting donations. linda colon is a liaison to the hispanic community in delaware and spoke about visiting the island after the storm. >> the conditions, even through day ten, in all 32 towns, was devastation by sight and with
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zero relief efforts. >> if you can donate goods, you can drop them off at any delaware state police location. to make a donation through the website, head to for the link there. so much work still needs to be done. >> i know yesterday chief meteorologist tammie souza was saying she has never seen a season like this, so active. one after the other and headphone season is still far from over. >> tammie joins us now. >> we have a storm about to become a hurricane in the atlantic. it will head towards spain and the british isles. it won't bother us but it's still a very active season. it's sort of a blah day for us. dank. that's my mom's favorite word. dank. gray, damp. we'll see scattered showers and rain developing tonight. 76 in philadelphia right now. winds ouf tt of the east at 8 ms
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an hour. we'll be about ten degrees cooler than this tomorrow. in wilmington. 73 right now with south winds to 9 miles an hour. lucky you to have the south winds. they won't last much longer. on the doppler radar. we don't have much in the way of shower activity in philadelphia. we have a few sprinkles out along the jersey shore. all the activity is in brooks county and the lehigh valley. if we go out to maiden creek and district, reading, headed towards pottstown and through potsville, we are looking at the showers as they start to make their march to the east and toward the rest of the area. we'll be keeping an eye on this as the evening progresses. we have this as the first batch of rain with more behind that. this is the system driving all of it. you can see the lines of showers that still have to make their way through the area tonight. looks like on and off tomorrow and possibly early into friday morning. hour by hour, east winds, much cooler out there along the
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jersey shore. gone are the 80s from yesterday. we'll be looking at temperatures falling through the 70s. the showers move in. it may be later tonight, between 10:00 and 12:00. we could get pockets of very heavy rain. the models paint that into the pennsylvania suburbs. doylestown and stretching back into reading. steady rain through tomorrow morning. maybe scattered showers for your morning commute. tapering off to clouds and only the low to mid 60s tomorrow afternoon. into friday, looking at the upper 60s with a few scattered showers. the model wants to put this in for saturday. i think it's out of here by saturday but we'll watch it closely and update this as the evening wears on. how much rain? could see .8 inches in the poconos. maybe .3 in dover and .2 inches in philadelphia. some places like reading, if you are under a thunderstorm, you could see quite a bit more rain. download our app to see your
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neighborhood weather and the radar anytime you need it. we're looking at 61 tonight in philadelphia. 48 in the lehigh valley and 45 along the jersey shore with clouds and, yes, a chance of showers and the rain developing. tomorrow, 66 in philadelphia, 63 in the lehigh valley, and 65 along the jersey shore. with showers on and off, especially in the morning. and perhaps again at night and into friday morning. 68 on friday. 78 on saturday. a mix of sun and clouds for the temple game. look at this. on sunday, if you are upset that the 80s are going away, well, just wait a second because they're coming back on sunday. on monday a chance of rain, and then we cool down again. it's the seesaw that we call fall. guys. happening right now, president donald trump has arrived in harrisburg where he'll pitch his tax plan to truckers as he brings his tax tour to pennsylvania. the president will be speaking in front of an audience of roughly 1,000 against a backdrop of big rigs at a local airplane
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hangar. la lauren mayk is in harrisburg and will bring us more coverage later. it's one thing to get lost in a corn maze, right? this is something entirely different. >> something apparently got left behind at one family's spot for fall fun, and it took 12 hours to figure it out. the corn maze mistake, up next. plus, caught on camera. what one deputy did to a biker that caused this video to go viral. also ahead. >> i was going to go home from the dinner break because i wanted to talk to greg and we were going to get the results. i didn't come back. >> sharing her story. our tammie souza opens up about her family's ordeal, the warning signs that could save your child's life next. here is a look at the closing bell on wall street. an up day across the board.
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a sheriff's deputy in new mexico is under investigation for pulling a gun on two motorcyclists. this is cellphone video of the incident. the police cruiser pulled up to the rider on the left of your screen, and the officer on the passenger side points what appears to be a gun at the rider. the rider took off as you saw and no shots were fired. authorities in utah are trying to figure out how a 3-year-old boy was left in a corn maze overnight and wasn't reported missing for nearly 12 hours. it wasn't until the next morning when a woman called police and said she couldn't find her little boy. police in child family services are investigating whether this was an accident or if charges are warranted. sometimes life can change in an instant. it happened recently to our own tammie souza.
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>> it resets your life, what is really important. what do you really need. >> sharing her story, to keep your family safe. tammie souza talks about her son's medical crisis. plus -- >> ♪ we better give obama props because what we've got now is a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust ♪ ♪ >> eminem's message to the president sparking major controversy. a serial robber on the run in upper darby. the weapon he is using to attack his victims and where he was last spotted. meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise
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your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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we continue. at this hour, the president of the radnor township board of
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commissioners is charged with child pornography. detectives found graphic sexual abuse images involving babies and toddlers on his computer. phillip ahr surrendered to police this morning. the town manager is expected to hold a news conference shortly. we'll update you on what he says on nbc10 news. a short time ago president trump arrived in harrisburg aboard air force one. a live look here at air force one as the president emerges on the stairway. he will speak at the harrisburg air national guard base in middletown. the president in p.a. to push his tax reform bill. he is expected to begin his remarks in a little more than an hour to a group of truckers there. the northbound lanes of route one in smyrna are about to reopen. the lanes have been closed due to this overturned tanker truck that spilled gasoline everywhere. the southbound lanes of route
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one will remain closed for at least another hour. every year 2,000 children develop a brain tumor, the second most common childhood cancer behind leukemia. >> depending on the type of tumor, the prognosis can swing from grim to hopeful. it's an experience that hits close to home for a member of our nbc10 family. tammie souza. >> how are you guys doing? >> we're doing pretty good, considering. >> pretty good considering tammie and her husband greg very nearly lost their only child, caleb. >> reporter: the last time you and i were together was on the set at the end of the 6:00 p.m. news cast. jackie and i asked you how caleb was feeling. you said he had had headaches. >> right. >> reporter: you told us he was in the er. >> he was getting an mri and i was going to go home for the dinner break because i wanted to talk to greg and we were going to get the results. i didn't come back. >> reporter: instead, tammie raced to philly international to
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fly to chicago where they were in the midst of packing up for a move to the new house in philadelphia. >> you had to tell her what? >> caleb had a brain tumor. i kind of said it just like that. tammie just kind of said, i knew it! >> you can see it is taking up almost the whole half of the region of the skull where the cerebellum is supposed to be. >> reporter: delicate neurosurgery was planned to take place been 36 hours in chicago. had the tumor was the size of a lemon and growing. not necessarily cancerous but if it wasn't removed he wouldn't survive. >> he went through nine hours of having headaches every 45 minutes. >> reporter: nurses called for a team to resuscitate caleb. >> they rushed him into surgery. >> reporter: i have never seen
4:32 pm
something go so fast. if it was not for his neurosurgeon coming up and grabbing us and hugging us and telling us to trust her, that she had to do this and this is a good plan, i don't know that i could have let him go. >> caleb! >> how are you? good to see you, buddy. >> reporter: a mere five weeks later, fantastic results. >> take a quick peek at the back here where we did our work. >> reporter: after enduring seven hours of surgery and weeks of rehab and rest. what's his prognosis at this point? >> caleb's prognosis is excellent. >> reporter: caleb knows he is one lucky boy. symptom-free and back at play and school. >> life is good? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: awesome. >> he is my hero. he is a miracle. i have learned that miracles happen. i watched a miracle happen that night. >> reporter: how many steps do you have? a miracle that's prompted tammie
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and her family to take up a new cause. how fortunate is to to have someone like tammie souza shining the light on the need for research. this doctor does research into childhood brain tumor, a leading cause of cancer deaths in children yet she says most federal dollars focus on understanding adult tumors. >> there is a disconnect and the gap needs to be addressed. children are our most precious thing. we have them because we want joy, we want to bring a good person into this world. so why not invest in that. so that's our new platform now. it resets your life. what is really important. what do you really need. every day, every day is the best day because he is here. >> what a precious, precious
4:34 pm
little boy. i can't imagine the nightmare. how is he feeling? >> oh, he just continues to i a ma amaze us. he does so well. his next mri is in a week and a half. we are on pins and needles as parents because there is a chance of a regrowth and we want everything to go well for him. he is in great hands. he'll transfer here and be in great hands here and be part of this great program and he'll be checked for lifetime. >> his case will essentially come here to philadelphia. some people have asked me what happens when you take a tumor the size of a lemon out of a children's brain. >> we saw an mri the day after. like a sponge his brain had moved right back into place and you could barely see where the tumor had been. it was phenomenal. >> he is doing so well. and it was just such a pleasure to meet him. he is such a charmer. he.
4:35 pm
>> he has a great attitude. he schooled us all on how to be polite. he says please and thank you. his new mantra is no matter what goes wrong -- we had a pipe break at our house and he said, at least it's not a brain tumor. he is right. >> read about it at my personal blog, we go into part three, which is exactly what happened during the two weeks. i'll upload that tonight. parts one and two are there. >> your family has been through a lot and you have been really strong. >> we are blessed. >> so glad he is doing okay. a miracle. >> yes. thank you. moving on to this now. a look at other stories we are following at 4:00. atlantic city, a judge ruled there the state can cut the number of firefighters in the department. the superior court judge ruled today 15 firefighters will lose their jobs in order to save money. the city argued this could make the city less safe.
4:36 pm
the cuts cannot be made before february 1st. to new castle county. some people enjoying a conversation with a cop during morning coffee. the people engaged with the police officers at the local mcdonald's. the police officers say it's a great way to communicate one on one with members of the community. delaware county. middle school kids showed off soccer skills in front of players from the union. they participated in a clinic at energy stadium. they were chosen because they succeeded in goals to raise awareness about financial literacy in their schools. the union is philadelphia's professional soccer team. amazon prime for college students? the online giant's plans for college campuses across the country. hockey and your heart. something to think about the next time you think about to watch the flyers. what new research reveals. president trump is pitching
4:37 pm
his plan for taxes in pennsylvania. we are at the harrisburg national guard base. paulsboro's a very proud community. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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we all probably know the dangers of playing hockey. researchers in canada say the same danger is being passed on to fans. a study by the montreal heart institute says the emotional stress of watching your favorite team can trigger adverse cardiovascular events. on average, fans they studied showed an increase in heart rate by 92%. calm yourselves down! >> right. well, amazon is making it easier for college students to afford prime membership. the company introduced a pay by the month option for college students. they pay only $5.49 a month only for as long as they need it. students need to supply e-mail address. it's the video taking the
4:41 pm
internet by storm. >> eminem has a message for our commander in chief, next on nbc10 news at 4:00. a wet stretch. that's what we'll be dealing with. scattered showers on and off. when will they come to an end in your neighborhood so that you can get on with your beautiful fall plans? i'll let you know coming up. aggressive arrest. the new information we learned today about an officer who refused to let a nurse draw blood from a patient. that's coming up on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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rap artist eminem getting back into politics after laying lou for a year. he resurfaced last year with a message for president trump. >> been talk in puerto rico, gun reform for nevada. cause a twitter storm with the
4:45 pm
packers. >> this video aired as part of the b.e.t. hip-hop awards last night. for four minutes eminem unleashed on president trump's ongoing campaign against the nfl national anthem protests and his plan to build a wall across the border with mexico. the white house has not responded to the video. gun staring back at you. >> another knockout. rocky fans rejoice. sylvester stallone steps out of the ring to direct and produce "creed 2." the original came out in 2015. stallone posted on instagram that they'll start shooting next year. rain on the rocky steps. >> the skies are dark. do we have rain coming this way, tammie. >> very, we do. different than yesterday. we were at 84, right, yesterday? not so much today. 76 in philadelphia, cloudy
4:46 pm
skies. 70 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 71 in new jersey. in the lehigh valley. 72, 71 in delaware. we have some showers towards brooks county, and also toward the lehigh valley. you can see them making their way into the pennsylvania suburbs. these will make their way through philadelphia. doppler radar is picking them up nicely. from reading back through maiden creek toward allentown and richland is where we are seeing the heavier showers. they're headed to the east. clouds are in place. it's been a dreary, gray day out there. this is the first of several lines of showers. we have a whole bunch of miniature lines that are actually sort of developing and filling in that will be headed our way. the main body of the storm system is way to the west of us. it will be probably friday before it passes us. we'll have cool air that's pulled in the entire time. now let's talk tropics. it's pretty quiet here. this is ophelia. we talked about her yesterday.
4:47 pm
it is a category 1 hurricane. it's not going to bother us, though, moving to the east. yesterday it looked like it would be a problem for portugal and spain. nope. it will go right for the british isles as a remnant low. that will happen perhaps by the time that we get into the second half of the weekend or perhaps early next week. the tropics are fairly quiet for us. here at home, we are having to deal with rain. we will be watching the winds out of the east keeping us cooler coming off of the atlantic. only looking at the 60s, dropping into the 50s overnight. look at the heavier rain coming in tomorrow night. pennsylvania suburbs. from brooks county, lehigh valley. 1 to 1.5 inches possible. tomorrow we'll only make it into the mid 60s. that's 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. a little bit chillier out there. friday, maybe scattered showers. upper 60s. the model wants to bring rain in on saturday. i don't want to spoil the weekend yet. i think maybe it's out of here
4:48 pm
by then. we make it into the mid and upper 70s by the weekend. the first half of the weekend. the second half of the weekend, are you jonesing for the 80s could come back? 66 tomorrow in philadelphia. 65 on the shore with a chance of rain. friday, mainly cloudy. 68 in philadelphia. isolated shower. 78 on saturday in philadelphia. 73 along the shore. a mix of sun and clouds. look at that, 82 in philadelphia sunday. 76 on the shore. rain returns for both areas next monday. guys. back over to you. >> all right, tammie. well, the eagles have landed. our first place birds touch down in charlotte. >> keith jones is there as the team prepares for tomorrow night's clash in carolina. they walked behind me 15, 20 minutes ago. some of them are milling about the lobby right now. coming up, you'll hear from them. how they feel they can do tomorrow night on a very short
4:49 pm
week. are they confident? that's coming up next. also, island in crisis. how one chef is helping to make sure people from puerto rico get food. plus, the latest on aid pouring in from our area.
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a live look at lincoln financial field. the eagles' nest is empty because the first place birds -- did you hear that in first place. they've flown south for the next challenge. keith jones is live in charlotte where the eagles take on the panthers tomorrow night. >> any birds' fans there yet, keith? >> reporter: a ton, actually. on the flight, there was at least a dozen of them wearing
4:53 pm
their green proudly because the eagles, boy, oh boy, 4-1 heading into tomorrow night's matchup. they just arrived here a few minutes ago. let's show you the video. not to steal the thunder of carson wentz. number 11 arriving. many people are whispering these days, elite. wondering if with a win tomorrow he joins the ranks of the very best of the nfl under center. we spotted fletcher cox as well. he is listed as questionable for the game. the eagles are fresh off the win against arizona looking for their fourth straight and also to grab the top spot in the nfc. this is a huge game tomorrow night on a short week. brendan graham doesn't think it will be a big issue. >> it's tough, but it's tough for both parties. it's about who can prepare the quickest. i think we -- i think we got a good shot. >> reporter: i think they'll be just fine too. as you know, nbc10 is your
4:54 pm
official television station of your philadelphia eagles. as i mentioned before, we flew here this afternoon. there were about a dozen people on our flight wearing black and green, fired up. in fact, we got a couple to do the chant right there at baggage claim. you don't want to miss that. that's coming up in the next hour. for now, live in charlotte, keith jones. nbc10 news. >> so keith, since the eagles are in first place, do you think that will give them the confidence they need for tomorrow night? >> reporter: i think it's momentum they haven't been used to since 2013, the wild card matchup against the new orleans saints at the link, which they lost, unfortunately. i think this time around they are a much different team. they are much more confident. i think coach doug pederson has his head on straight as far asening mias managing the team. i think they'll put up a great showing against a pretty good
4:55 pm
panther squad tomorrow night. >> carson against cam. we will be watching! >> see you at 5:00, keith. as you mentioned, keith, nbc10 is your official home of the philadelphia eagles. keith, john clark ain charlotte to get you ready for the game. the pregame show and eagles game day kickoff starts 7:00. followed by eagles game plan at 7:30. all right here on nbc10. we want to take you to breaking news from sky force 10. this is in northeast philadelphia. police right here on the scene of a shooting. no one has been arrested and we don't know the motive for the shooting. there you see an officer talking to people on the street. other squad cars there as well. we will continue to keep an eye on this situation. in the meantime, working on several other stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. >> here is erin coleman.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: an historic change for the boy scouts. girls are now allowed in. looking into the reason behind the change, and we'll hear from local boy scouts on what they think about it. rainy stretch. that's what we'll be facing. how long will it last and will it affect our weekend? i'll answer all of that right up after the break. without any concrete air quality test results for the other five schools here in r monroe township. we'll show you which one opened its doors today to large, industrial cleaning equipment. next.
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4:59 pm
historic shift. late this afternoon the boy scouts announced it's now letting in girls. the reason for the rule change now. death and destruction. fast-moving wildfires burning across california. the local teams on standby ready to help. and mold concerns. nbc10 is there as crews arrive to remove mold that canceled class for an entire district this week. we begin with a first for the boy scouts. in the past few hours the organization announced it is now allowing girls to join. the change is set to take place next year. tonight there is a lot of reaction about the decision. >> nbc10's tim furlong spoke to a local leader of the boy scouts and joins us live in chester county with reaction this afternoon, all new at 5:00. tim. >> reporter: i'm sure tonight
5:00 pm
there will be plenty of girl scout meetings, boy scout meetings, all over the area and the scouts and parent leaders will definitely be talking about today es today's announcement. the head of the boy scouts pretty excited girls will be part of the organization soon. >> this will allow us to serve all youth in schools. >> reporter: despite a recent public feud with the girl scouts whose national leadership accused the boy scouts of trying to steal away their girls, chary rogers says this is about letting young families have kids of both genders in the same organization, meeting at the same times. >> families are busier than ever. more and more single-parent families. and convenience is one of their key decisions on deciding what programs to participate in. >> reporter: charlie says he doesn't think the boy scouts programs for girls will steal current girl scouts in


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