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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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people are coping with the places in heat. >> we're going to see several more days in the 90s. it's going to linger through tonight and tomorrow night. we have issued a first alert for this dangerous heat. this is for the entire area. pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, city of philadelphia. >> it could be between 110 at times. in parts of delaware, heat exhaustion and heatstroke are the main concerns and tough pace yourself because there's an accumulative effect. it builds up day after day. right now 94 in philadelphia. 89 in vineland. 93 in dover. 94 in trenton. we're down to 94 in atlantic city. let me show you what it feels
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like out there. it's still ridiculously hot. the feels like in dover 113. that's when you factor in the moisture in the air and that's a combination of the heat and moisture. it does not let you sweat and get relief. it feels like 102 in. vineland. if you're going to the beach for relief, it feels like 100 degrees in atlantic city. when i come back, i'm going to talk about when we're going to get a break from the heat. we have one other thing we have to talk about as well. where we're going. we're going to break down the breaking point. >> plenty of people in our area. don't have access to adequate air-conditioning. one place where they can beat the heat is the senior center in the kensing on to neighborhood. >> we're at the lutheran settlement house. they have a number of activities for seniors all yearlong
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including this community garden. but as you can see, it's empty. it's been that way all day. it will be that way tomorrow. instead the seniors are opting for the ac inside. >> it's going to be hotter tomorrow. >> staying cool is the name of the game at this senior center. that and bingo. for jim kelly, this is the best way to spend a scorching summer day. getting here is the hardest and hottest part. >> the heat kills you. >> it's hard if you have to wait for a bus. >> the dangers of extreme heat she collapsed earlier in the week. >> they said i was dehoi drated. >> did they tell you to drink more fluids during the hot days? >> a lot of fluids and try to stay in the house. >> do you talk to the senior when is they leave?
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>> we try to talk with all of the members and give them the resources whether it be for fans or air-conditioning. >> their ac will be cranking. they come here for relief and to give their wallets a break. >> to get out of the heat, i'll have a lower bill with the air conditioner. >> many seniors we spoke to tell us that they do have air-conditioning at home. more on that at 6:00. they are extend iing their hour like they it did today. >> reporting live, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. remember you can download
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our free nbc 10 app to track this heat. it will also alert you to any summer storms that may develop in neighborhood. >> the bucks county farm where four members were killed have been cleared of a crime scene. police packed up equipment and tools they used to search the 0 90-acre farm. throughout the search, residents and businesses dropped off food, water and other items to help crews in the search. >> this is not the norm for this area at all. they were looking for closure and reasons why. i really couldn't give them any of that. >> 20-year-old cosmo dinardo confessed to killing four men on the farm which belonged to his family. his cousin is charged in three of the murders. he bowed his head, breathed a sigh of relief and said thank you. those were o.j. simpson's
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actions moments after grant. ed parole. >> mr. sitson, i do vote to grant parole. >> the nevada state parole board voted unanimously to give the former football star his freedom. he served almost nine years of the prison sentence for his role in a las vegas robbery. the hall of famer apologized and said he served his time for the crime. his oldest daughter and one of the victims of the robbery talked on his behalf. said o.j. should go home. simpson closed comments with what had been a a highly anticipated apology. >> i am sorry that things turned out the way they did. i had no intent to commit a crime. i have not complained for nine years. i have done was try to be helpful and encouraged the guys around me. do your time. >> simpson will have to wait a few more months behind bars to be released in october.
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one woman made everyone in the courtroom chuckle. one parole board member was a little off when it came to age. take a listen. >> and we have that you are currently well very recently turned 90 years old. i'm sorry about that. >> i feel like it though. >> you look great for 90. how about we take two decades off and call you 70? >> one of the los angeles prosecutors that played a key role in his murder trial is sharing his reaction to today's decision. hear from him on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt at 6:30 here on nbc 10. new at 5:00, sentence iing for a man who shot a local police officer seven times during a drug arrest. that it officer survive the rampage. randy gyllenhaal is in delaware county where the officers spoke out saying the punishment isn't enough.
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>> crowds of cops, friends and onlookers wait and watch. all eyes on the officer as he heads in it to hear the sentencing. he was shot seven times during a a drug arrest last year. he spent months in surgery and recovery. >> he has to live with that every single day. the fact that he was shot. the officer with his parents speaking publicly after the hearing agreed. >> i think he should have been put away for a lot longer. >> there's been a clear spike in assaults and shootings against police and a stronger message needs to be sent. >> i think i'm fortunate i'm here and able to speak today and see donte get this sentence that
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he did. police officers are a target. there needs to be stricter laws. >> randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. right now, police are look ing for a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend and her mom. police responded to a call on daily terrace on south philadelphia around 2:00 this morning. the mother died. police say before passing away, she pointed the finger at her daughter's. the daughter is still in the hospital. homicide investigators want to know what led to the shooting death of a man in southwest philadelphia. the 28-year-old was face down on the side of gibson drive. someone shot him multiple times with a rifle. right now there's no suspect or motive in the case. hazmat crews on the scene of the pepsi plant in north philadelphia. an ammonia leak was detected in a tank inside the building. all 65 employees were forced to leave. no one was injured.
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president trump is taking heat for comment he is made in an interview with "the new york times." among them a warning to special counsellor robert. mueller not to probe president trump's finances. he also voiced displeasure with jeff sessions for recusing himself from the probe into russian meddling in the election. >> e he should have never e recused himself. if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me and i would have picked somebody else. >> the kras say the comments prove the president want thes to control the investigation. despite criticism, the attorney general says he's not going anywhere. jeff sessions addressing the press today reaffirming he's totally confident he can run the department of justice. meanwhile lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are uniting in support of arizona senator john mccain amid-a a difficult cancer diagnosis. >> senator mccain, as we all
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know, has never shied away from a fight. and i assure you he didn't going to back down now. >> mitch mcconnell showing his support for mccain on the senate floor. he revealed his brain kacancer diagnosis last night. today the senator shared this message on twitter. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon. so standby. mccain is scheduled to visit philadelphia this october when former vice president joe biden will present him with the liberty medal. biden's son beau lost his bat wl the same time of brain cancer that the senator is facing. outrage after a pregnant woman is kicked off a bus. the error that led to it all. and all new at 5:00, it was anything but an ordinary school day for one toddler. the special surprise that was months in the making. look at all those excited faces. these teens are making a
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positive in our community. the gaming prize that's helping them pay it forward. that's next at 5:00.
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nbc 10 and citizens bank and the media network are once again joining forces to recognize champions in action in our
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community. >> a group of young people making a big difference in philadelphia's inner cities got a big surprise and big honor for their efforts to prevent violence. >> unexpected good news today for a program that helps raise awareness about teen dating violence. the lutheran settlement was named a 2017 champion in action in the category of violence prevention. the award includes a big check. >> i'm happy to a $35,000 check to the settlement. >> it provides free programs for everyone. it will use the money to support the efforts of the star program. >> i'll bet you have never had a star meeting like this. >> star stands for students talking about relationships. >> i just want to raise awareness. this is a good topic that not just women but men deal with abuse. >> the young people who take part in star program say it's truly made a difference in their lives. >> i realize the relationships i
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have had with others. >> we learn that we never knew was actually signs. we took stuff -- >> the champions in action award is a partnership among citizens bank, nbc 10 and telemundo 62 along with the inquirer, daily news and >> this organization is deserving because of the great work with all the young mpeople you see here. >> great students coming out and spending time learning about these important social issues. >> i am overwhelmed. it's so nice to see that somebody cares about teens. >> since 2002 the champions in action program is awarded nearly $9 million in contributions. not to mention promotional support to 31 different nonprofits. >> so well deserved and you can
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tap the mobile. app for a link to more informationen on all of the free programs offered by the lutheran settlement house. they were so excited. >> a live picture now from inside our nbc 10 telemundo 62 studios. check that out. 20 lawyers are here right now answering your questions about immigration concerns. 8 7-6222-9228. this is the third phone bank they have held this year. the lines are open now until 6:30. look at this. everybody on the phone. let's talk about some hot jobs. wilmington firefighters braved the heat this afternoon going door to door handing out fire prevention pack e ets. let's take a live look from camel beach. lit hitting that slide, one of the only ways to really beat the heat tonight because you have the pool in the background.
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>> from heat to storms, there's a a lot to monitor. >> there's a lot to monitor. a tornado was reported and there are pictures of that tornado in buffalo. a piece of that storm system is coming our ya. i'll get to that in a moment. right now we're going to deal with the heat because we don't have the storms here yet. we have a first alert in effect.
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look all the the l temperature now. 94 in philadelphia. 94 in new jersey. it's 92 in the lehigh valley. and in delaware, 93 degrees. it's just as hot at the beach. many of the beaches reporting roigt around 90 degrees. so let's take a look at what it feels like in philadelphia. some of the neighborhoods feel like 99. but if you're in park side it feels like 100. chestnut hill at 94. if we go over here to port richmond, we're at 102. you feel like 104. how about we go to new jersey. look at all these feels like temperatures. it feels at mount laurel like 108. you feel like 92. a little further to the north, feeling like 100 degrees.
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how about the at the shore? the water is 79 degrees. the feels like is 103. it feels inwood bien like 102. cape may one of the most refreshing places. the feels like is 88 degrees this hour. this is lit up. now the. doppler radar, we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 that encompasses montgomery county, lehigh, poconos, philadelphia, we're included in that. and all the way to south jersey. this does not include delaware at this point. let me go ahead and zoom in closer. this watch is until 10:00 tonight. it's because of this line of strong storms that's making its way in our direction. you can see this is already moving across pennsylvania. this is the same line that came out of buff bringing them the damage video that you just saw. the subaru being lifted by the winds and a tornado was reported. are we expecting a tornado? no, we are expecting to see
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possibly damaging winds and maybe even some large hail with this entire system. so let's go ahead and take you hour by hour as to what's going to go on. we see it coming down. some of this may just clip perhaps the northwestern part of the area before it moves out. we're going to wait and see if it stays together and if it gets lucky. tomorrow we're looking at plenty of heat in here again. mid-90s, we have theed a voiz ris in effect. we go into saturday. this is the day that concerns me the most. we're going to be in the 90s. this is 6:00 at night. overnight, we are going to get possibly a very strong storm system. we have a risk of severe weather. this is an incredible image. this could happen at 2:00 or 3:00 on sond sunday. this could be a very serious situation. on sunday morning, your
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three-day outlook, we're in the 90s philadelphia. we're going to see the big storms saturday late and into sunday. we go to the pennsylvania suburbs. 90s, but drop into the 80s with the thunderstorm its cooling us a bit over the weekend. lehigh value e lee, same thing from the 90s yesterday into the 80s. new jersey, you're in the 90s. the see shore drop its into the 80s for the weekend. and delaware you're in the 9d 90s as well. the city is helping you cool off during this heat wave. admission fees are reduced for city residents. the price cut varied on the pool that you attend. they will be in effect a heat advisory is issues. now to breaking news on i-95 near the delaware and pennsylvania state line. two lanes of traffic are closed. this is on the northbound side after a truck fire. you can see not much left to the cab of the truck. firefighters, you can see them on the scene working to make
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sure that the fire is completely out. no one is hurt for all this, but it is slowing down traffic. check that out as sky force 10 pulling os out and traffic is at a standstill. be patient and take your time. a design to save you money at restaurants is now available in wilmington. it's called the spotluck. it's free to download and works by spinning a wheel to win you one discount at a participating restaurant. per day. just show your app to your server to get the discount. it is a simple way to keep someone alive after a drug overdose. >> campers and half that many staff. it's a well-oild machine. >> we talk about what if it's a super hot day. >> how the camps incorporate safety and fun in dangerous weather conditions.
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mysterious disappearance, a team of students visiting the u.s. from africa vanishes in washington, d.c. the race to find them, next a at 5:00. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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a 5,000 reward is offered for information leading to the
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person who shot at firefighters while they treated a gunshot victim last week. it happened in atlantic city. the man who was shot died. no firefighters were hurt. six members of a robotics team from africa disappeared in our nation's capital. the teens went to washington for an international robotics competition. they vanished tuesday about the same time as those final matches. the teen's monitor says they traveled to d.c. for the competition and have a one-year visa. it is official. we now know for sure the identity of a couple found frozen on a glacier in switzerland. the parents of seven children had gone to feed their cattle back in 1942. their bodies were then found on a glacier last week. expert says it was much bigger and they fell into a snow-covered hole.
5:27 pm
a bum pi ride to work. the reason a woman seven months pregnant was kicked off a bus. . all new at 5:00, a fishing trip turns deadly in new jersey. the new information we just learned about two bodies pulled from a lake. and coming up at 6:00, sp d spider scare for sepp a ta riders. where you should really watch your back at night.
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we are dealing with dangerously hot temperatures. oppressive conditions across the deval lee. let's take a look now at the blue cross river rink. it's the longest heat wave this summer. >> and sweating it out in center city. some people found time to get in a workout in this 90 degree weather. this is from 23rd and market streets earlier today. a lot of community pools were packed today. the kids had a great time in the water. our weather team has issued a first alert today and tomorrow. right now there's an excessive heat warning. >> because it feels like triple digits in some spots across the region. team coverage of the heat wave starts right now from the coast
5:31 pm
to center city and how you can stay safe in the heat. we are tracking the hot, hot, hot temperatures. >> that's right. you cannot say hot enough. dangerously hot conditions right now for the entire viewing area. and that's because we do have temperatures climbing into the 90s and those feels like temperatures in the triple digits. when this is in effect until 11:00 p.m. conditions will be uncomfortable and stifling. we are concerned with heat exhaustion and heatstrokes. current temperatures right now seeing lots of 90s. 94 in philadelphia. 94 for mount holly and dover at 93 degrees. when we take into consideration the dew points, feels like temperatures, 99 degrees in philadelphia. it feels like 112 degrees in dover. conditions right now are very dangerous for everybody. and as keith and erin mentioned,
5:32 pm
this is the longest heat wave so far. conditions are going to be very hot through sunday. finally cooling down by monday. and here i'm going to toss this over to our chief meteorologist tammie souza who has information on some storms headed our way. >> we're going to cool down faster in some areas. we have a severe thunderstorm watch that's just been issue d. that includes parts of new jersey and that includes montgomery, bucks county, lehigh valley, all the way up to the southern poconos. we have this line of storms you see starting to come in from the north and west across pennsylvania. i'll scoot down here. williamsport is already experiencing these storms. that watch goes until 10:00 tonight. we have a warning knocking on the door of the southern poconos. the same line of storms produced a tornado. and buffalo earlier. if they diminish some, that's good news. just bringing us some rain. we could be in for damaging winds and also some hail and
5:33 pm
intense lightning. you can see that line as it heads our way. this is not weakening. the storms off to the west of it are weakening. that's why they issued the severe thunderstorm watch. the blue shade is hail. you can see the intense lightning. so you have time to make sure you got the kids and the pets and everybody in the house so we're not going to see anybody stuck in the middle of this. we'll keep this up to date with what's going on with the storm system. you can get our free nbc 10 app. you can see your neighborhood weather, but tonight you can see that radar and where that storm is relative to your neighborhood. >> this heat wave is baking the region. >> just imagine trying to keep hundreds of kids cool at summer camp. cydney long continues our team coverage live in methdford lake. >> i can tell you with oppress
5:34 pm
i-as it is outside, it means everyone wants to spend every moment in theest place to be and that is in the lake or the poll. on top of the danger of heat for families at this lake beach, campers it's important that plenty of extra eyes are on the water. >> with the sun beating down, swimmers and campers are diving in, sliding in, staying under and barely coming up for air. it's carnival day at the camps at medford with skyrocketing temperatures. there was a clear directive to camp staff from the top down. number one, all eyes on the lake and pool. kyle is one of 90 lifeguards to keep eyes on 1300 kids through the day. >> the kids are having fun that most of the time they don't
5:35 pm
notice. >> number two, keep hydrated. kids and counsellorsen don't look far for coolers and the guards aren't just on the sidelines. they jump right in. >> lifeguards in the water today, we have the inflatables. we're making sure they get all the inflatables up. >> even the staff took a moment to take a dip or jump refreshing during a a hard days work. >> drinking water, jumping in the skpool that's it. >>. the camp just a couple miles downstream here added numerous watering stations. they also where the lifeguards could jump into the pool. they could jump into a golf cart
5:36 pm
to respond to anything that might have amounted to an emergency. we're live in medford lake, cydney long, nbc 10 news. you can stay up to date on the latest weather conditions with the nbc 10 app. get the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. you can even get alerts sent directly to your phone. >>. keep you updated on breaking news. we have been following. firefighters on the scene of a box truck. you can see not much left of that. cab of that truck, sky force 10 over the scene. this is on i-95 northbound. it's happening near the delaware state line. you can see two northbound lanes are blocked. and as sky force 10 zooms out with the camera, you can see how far the traffic is backed up.
5:37 pm
very slow going. o.j. simpson will soon be a free man. he served nearly 9 years of the 33-year sentence for armed robbery at a casino. the hall of famer and movie star thanked the board for their decision. earlier he apologized and said he served his time for his crime and was a model citizen behinds. he plans to move to florida to spend time with family and trends. he will be set free in october. here's a look at the stories making headlines county by county across the region today. in kent county, the life-saving drug narcan will be available without a prescription in delaware. a new bill signed today by the governor allows pharmacists to dispense the ant dote. so far it's been used nearly 900 times to save overdose vick
5:38 pm
ticks. according to delaware state police, he's followed residents at the assisted living communities in wilmington. credit cards, jewelry and other keepsakes from unlocked and unoccupied rooms. police think this is his car. he's even posed as a flower delivery man. >> atlantic city police want to talk to them about the deaths of four cats. the animal rights group offered $5,000 for information that leads to an animal cruelty conviction in the case. you know how to save someone's life and perform cpr if you had to. today septa riders got a free. the cpr awareness coalition held the pop up training event. the program designed to increase the number of people qualified to perform cpr in case of an
5:39 pm
emergency. we are following the latest developments in the case of two bodies pulled from a lake. ted greenberg has new information he has uncovered coming up. and one man is saying better late than never. the years it took for him to receive a poster he ordered.
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break news. philadelphia has a new district attorney. the court of common pleas named kelly hodge as interim da. she works at a private law firm. she replaces seth williams who pled guilty to one corruption charge last month. check it out. last week this poster arrived in the mail for dave of. . he ordered it 14 years ago. he said he had no idea what it was when he arrived. >> it took me a second to realize what had happened. the date on the bottom was a dead giveaway. october of 2003. then it all clicked. >> ups is looking into what took so long. oh my goodness. that's what you call a gender reveal fail.
5:43 pm
gender reveals are when you're finding out the sex of your baby. in this case the ball was supposed to burst revealing either blue or pink chalk. instead it hit her face. the ball stays intact. the guy walks over to the ball first. come on, man got to check on the wife. for what it's worth, it could have been blue. the couple is expecting a baby boy in december. and we want to make sure we mention this too. mom is doing okay. >> he like nails her. >> it's amazing it didn't. they won't forget it. that's for sure. it wasn't what he was expecting. the school surprise that brought smile s s to a toddler's face. and dangerous heat continues, but now storms are on the way. i'm going to talk to you about all of that in minutes. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the quickest ride of your life. the new underground plan to get
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she tweeted the driver renewsed to let her on the bus after she had $3 instead of $4.50. they asked her where this happened. the company said later it was totally unacceptable. the driver is being retrained. a welcome surprise for two local preschoolers. this video shows kyle woods this morning as he. dropped in on his kids at the school in gilbertsville.
5:47 pm
he's been deployed for the last six months. what a great reunion. >> you can help fupd the teacher's classroom project. when you go online, you'll find her page. she teaches pre-k at the family school in camden. and needs help buying stem kits. the tools will bring classic fairy tales to life where students can learn concepts of science, technology, engineering and math. lessons that she hopes the kids take into their community. >> the products that i'm trying to bring to my children will help get them a step up. >> we need your help for proj t projects like this one and two dozen others. you can log on to our website or
5:48 pm
the nbc 10 app and go to the supporting our school story. it's right there on the home page. such a good cause. just choose a project. we're facing two things tonight. the dangerous heat, which we are continuing to face. that will be through tomorrow with the warnings and advisories and a heat emergency in the city of philadelphia. 94 in atlantic city. severe storms are already moving sba some portions of the area and may cross philadelphia. feels like is 1 is 12 in dover. we're going to continue to have these oppressive temperatures. i want to get to these storms because these are eminent. what we're look at is a ve veer thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. you see the brighter shades of gold we have storms across
5:49 pm
pennsylvania and scranton. these same storms produced tornadoes. thunderstorm warnings from hazel on to right on through the poconos as these are headed our way at 30 miles per hour. the severe thunderstorm roigt here for the poconos until 6:30 this evening. but if these storms stay intact, we'll see warningsen continue on into the philadelphia area. and into the philadelphia area. so let's take a look at what we're dealing with. this is the 3-d image. you can see the most intense part of the storms is where you see that 3-d elevation with the storms. we had a a bright blue right here. right now the storms look lie they probably have been dumping hail. so i would surmise this is a little lighter shade, more of a
5:50 pm
red. so perhaps some hail has been dumped. this is moving towards hazell on to and the lehigh valley soon. here's the hail tracks. it's coming right through scranton. this is going to be headed right into the lehigh valley. this is headed into the pennsylvania suburbs. so be on guard. here are the damage reports. they correlate with the path. a lot of this is wind reports. we'll have video of that koling up for you at 6:00. you can see some of it is reintensifying with all the moisture and heat in the atmosphere. this is going to continue right on through perhaps parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. certainly new jersey and not for you in delaware. not for you in the southernmost portion of jersey or the jersey shore. you can see this little line and behind that, there are more showers and storms. some of these are beginning to
5:51 pm
weak b. we're going to see several rounds of these over the next couple days. the strongest is going to come through saturday night and into sunday morning. the forecast models have a set risk. keep track of what's going on. there's neighborhood weather. the radar to track the storms tonight. that's really imperative to do. you can e download our. app. you can follow those storms right along. your 3-day outlook. 90s in philadelphia. all the way into sunday with strong storms saturday night into sunday. we're going to be looking the pennsylvania suburbs dropping from the 90s to the 80s. strong storms everywhere on saturday. new jersey, you stay in the 90s. engineer e see shore drops into the 80s and delaware is going to stay in the 90s right on through saturday and into sunday as well. >> guys, back over to you. a fisherman spots two bodies in a lake. >> tonight we have just learned new information about the vi victims. a swim on a steamy night
5:52 pm
ends with two brothers losing their lives in south jersey. i'm ted greenberg. why this spot is es especially dangerous. >> coming up at 6:00, a creepy crawly problem. why you're waiting for the train. why this heat wave is terrible if you're scared of spiders.
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we now know those twho men were brothers. one decided to go swimming and things took a turn. one brother wanted to go for a swim but had trouble. but the other to help and nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg spoke to the victims friends. he came to the lake this is afternoon where 30-year-old and his 27-year-old brother broet drown on a steamy evening. >> i'm heartbroken. around 7:30 last night. members of the township fire rescue dive team pulled out
5:56 pm
their bodies from about ten feet of water. >> first time we can remember we had more than one due to the same situation at the same time. police suspect one of the victims started struggling in the water while swimming. then when the other man tried to save him, he, too, found himself in trouble. >> they were really close. >> swimming is not allowed at this lake. one of many former quash ris across south jersey. they are filled with unexpected drops and sudden changes in water temperature. >> you may be in a foot of water and one of two steps, it's very dangerous. they are not a safe place to swim. >> authorities believe the brother hs also been fishing at the lake. something friends say they loved to do. >> at least 30 or 40 from the summer. >> he planned to go fishing here toods but decided to find a place that's painful. >> it would be too hard.
5:57 pm
>> ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here is jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> john mccain says he's down but certainly not out after a cancer diagnosis. during his presidential run talks to us about his resilience. >> a boost in police activity at the scene of a bucks county killing stree. spree. we'll explain at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
parole approved, the key testimony that helped set o.j. free. a stolen cab that kept picking up passengers new video shows the moments they tricked a taxi is driver and took off in his car. right now at 6:00, the dangerous heat doesn't back down. everyone is scrambling to stay cool. >> i might even take a dip in here. is there any sign of relief. >> good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. the alert is in effect until tomorrow. >> they are seeing a number of people feeling sick from that heat today. >> the struggle to stay cool isn't getting easier any time
6:00 pm
soon. students search iing for shade a photography camp. kids spending the whole day swimming in lower make field. cyclists needing extra breaks in philadelphia. and firefighters braving the heat to give out spoke alarms in wilmington. >> people want to get to the shore for a beachy way to cool down. and the pools and slides are another popular way to deal with that heat. you're looking live at camel beach water park. people are enjoying a summertime oasis along the ben franklin parkway. a steamy opening day out there. we're bringing you live coverage of the dangerous heat. >> miserable out there.


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