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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 starts now. the three big stories you need to know. road rage murder. we dig deeper into the suspect's past and investigation. plus new jersey government shutdown drags into a third day. tons of fun for wawa welcome america.
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the event happening tonight that you do not want to miss. >> we begin with latest developments in the road rage murder investigation. david desper is behind bars right now after turning himself in. today police told us as many as 1,000 tips came into them. authorities say desper shot and killed 18-year-old bianca roberson last week during a confrontation along route 100. they are now trying to figure out if he had any help before turning himself in. >> we don't know. that is certainly information we are looking into and welcome any tips. >> desper's family posted this hand written note on the front door and says our hearts go out to the roberson family. we will have no further comments. new at 5:30 we talk to people who know the suspects. governor christie is facing the heat and blistering remarks after enjoying exclusive access
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to a beach he closed. pictures showing christie soebing up the sun at the governor's residence this weekend. beach is actually closed because of the government shutdown in new jersey. christie's top deputy lieutenant governor is criticizing him for using a beach that is closed to the public. >> at a park that was closed. it is insensitive to the people who can't use it. >> all state parks, motor vehicle commission agencies and courts are shutdown. some 30,000 nonessential employees are furloughed until further notice. you know what that music means. wawa welcome america has a lot of events to enjoy tonight all part of celebrations for america's birthday. here is a live look at ben franklin parkway where most action will take place.
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one big event to check out tonight the philly pops concert and it is free. >> that is right. come on down independence mall the place to be tonight. >> absolutely. we are less than two hours away fraum philly pops concert. there is another free concert that you can see, as well. partnering with wawa welcome america for a free broadway concert. it will give us a sneak peek of this season's broadway philadelphia. this is a big production and it takes a lot of work to get it done. crews have been working around the clock to make sure everything runs smoothly. earlier today they worked on stages for the performing arts. >> the concert started moments ago. tim furlong joins us live from independence mall not too far from where we are. >> reporter: if you have ever
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hung out outside my bathroom while taking a shower you will know i enjoy the show tonight especially. this is a song from stomp. it is a great night to be down here on independence mall. take a look. the freedom stage has been busy all day. now it is time for special guests. >> it will be one for the books for sure. it is definitely a special time to be here. >> reporter: the female lead in finding neverland. she and lots of other actors are here to preview the upcoming broadway season and take advantage of the huge audience already here for the wawa welcome america block party. >> i am trying to get in line for the liberty bell. >> reporter: she wishes she had a week here to explore. she will take in the new museum of the american revolution. singing in front of independence hall that is bucket list
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material. >> being able to see all of the foundations of our country on the celebration of the foundation of our country is pretty exciting. >> reporter: this is stomp. i have with me here a special guest. this is the genie from aladdin. is this fair to say performing out here is a whole new world? >> absolutely. >> you like that? >> that sounds good. >> reporter: how great is it to be performing out here? in this location here? >> it is so fun. i have never been here. so it has been so great to explore. such a vital piece of our history as a nation and then to get to perform in front of all of these people on independence mall is so great. >> reporter: where have you been? >> new york city. >> you are excited to have --
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free concert to bring it to a lot of people who may not be able to afford to see a show. >> exactly. and just sort of show that it is a show for everybody. come out and have fun with us. >> i got to hear it. just a little bit of taste. ♪ oh my >> reporter: better than i could have done. thank you. we appreciate you for being here for wawa welcome america. we will be replaying that throughout the newscast. >> yeah. let's go to the weather. we are track ag few showers in the area tonight. you are looking live at the ben franklin parkway. we hope the weather holds up for the fireworks for the concert tomorrow for wawa welcome america. we are hoping for our sake here,
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too. here is a view from the blue cross river rink just a beautiful day. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn schwartz joins us. blee skies. clouds right now. >> a breeze which is really nice. >> the breeze helps and it's pretty good weather especially for the morning, especially for the parade. later on during the day there is a slight chance of some showers popping out. there isn't any kind of major system coming in. no guarantee of any kind of rain. but we can't say that the chance of rain is zero for tomorrow late in the day and in the evening. tomorrow for the parade the chance is pretty close to zero. temperatures in the 80s. pretty nice. >> that's what we want to hear. >> now if you are going out tonight there could be the isolated shower. we have team coverage on the
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holiday forecast. krystal klei is tracking hour by hour forecast tonight and tam e tammiesouza tracking conditions. >> we start with tonight. it is hot out there. 90 degrees in philadelphia. 89 in northeast philly. that's the plan if you are going out today shade until the sun sets. 90 in wilmington. we are going to start seeing temperatures float back into the 80s. radar and satellite showing we have very spotty showers and clouds climbing in. we pull this out more. there is the cold front kind of sloping down. follow the arrows and brings it to philadelphia. most of the showers are very isolated in nature and kind of weak. we are not looking at a big potential for storms. take a look at this future model. you saw the little rain drop here or there. this is very isolated and starts to move out as we go through 8
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p.m. as we go into tonight things are looking all right. for the philly pops things are looking all right, as well. tomorrow we have storms. let's go to chief meteorologist. >> glen was concerned because pops concert won't be popping tonight if we have pops of rain because they can't have instruments outside. things could be much quieter. tomorrow i think we will be fine for the parade. we may see an isolated shower in the lehigh valley and upper pennsylvania suburbs. other than that i think things are going to be pretty quiet out there. maybe a little bit of clouds out there. we get into the afternoon. this is the showers that we are talking about. we will be in the mid 80s comes through probably between 2:00 and 5:00 and lays down right across the city. this is summer showers. look at this. 7:00 they are out of here. maybe a few clouds and look at that. by the time we get to 9:30 could
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be looking at showers and thunderstorms moving into northern delaware and south jersey. i think we are going to dodge a very big bullet out there. here is what we are looking at. our timing at this point is dry in the morning for the parade. we could see a shower or storm in the afternoon. we should be fine for the concert and it is looking much, much better for the fireworks. erin, keith and glen out there. you guys are so lucky. it looks so nice out there. >> it's very nice. free pass to dozens of events to celebrate independence day starting at 7:00 tonight. the philly pops hit the stage here on independence mall. don't forget about the celebration of freedom and independence day parade tomorrow it runs from 10:00 a.m. to noon at npindependence hall. >> wawa welcome america's fireworks show is tuesday night. mary j.blige and boys ii men
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headline. the prizes a get away from apple vacation. wawa coffee for a year. a patio set and a trip to watch a taping of america's got talent live in l.a. a pair of two day passes from live nation, budweiser made in america. several ways to win and enter the prize. head to our website or download our free nbc 10 app. we will announce winners during concert tomorrow night. >> back to you guys. we'll check in with you again and we are hoping for good weather tonight for that co concert. fingers crossed. breaking news, holiday travel mess. here is a look at the scene. you can see overturned
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tractor-trailer causing headaches. with more breaking news a car engulfed in flames on the ac expressway happened just after 3:30 in the eastbound lanes near exit 2 in atlantic city. the flames were just too much. we saw an ambulance right there. we are working to find out if anyone was hurt in this car fire. the expressway mostly smooth sailing right now. mitch is taking a look at the traffic now. >> reporter: looks pretty good if you are going to the shore right here on the express away. you can see traffic looking pretty good. >> coming up next on nbc 10 at 5:00 a plane engine bursts into flames with dozens of people on
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board. the video passengers shot feet away from this burning scene. coming up at 5:30 road rage murder. the man hunt is over. who is the suspect tonight digging into david desper's past to try to find out what happened here. and president trump turns his attention to a trip overseas after a twitter tirade critical of the news media. the latest from washington.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> tonight president trump returns to the white house after spending a few days with family. over the weekend his new twitter tirade against cnn sparked criticism. >> reporter: president trump looks forward to his g-20 summit trip later this week. as president his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. white house officials say the president has no specific agenda for the putin meeting. experts agree the russian president knows exactly what he wants. >> he is going to try as much as he can to gain influence over the united states. >> reporter: the former defense official goes on to say the symbol of the president stopping in poland is a strong signal of support. today more conversation with world leaders ahead of this
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week's trip calling germany, france and italy while focussed on the summit. president trump facing growing protests across the country. >> a lot of patients to take care of. it's an unhealthy presidency. we need someone to make it better. >> reporter: mr. trump firing back blaming the media saying they will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, strong economy, success with isis, the border wall and so much else. >> the problem is the president doesn't seem to be interested in the policies that are making their way through capitol hill and more interested in the public image. >> still some republicans worry the president isn't focussed enough on fixing health care. nbc news washington. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> starting with a live view outside easton, pennsylvania where about an hour ago we had
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dark clouds overhead. looks better now. blue skies and scattered clouds instead of looking at them to the north. now is to the south because they are rolling down into the suburbs and parts of philadelphia now. so our live camera view over center city got a blink at clouds. no rain we are tracking. this frontal boundary slipping in is not providing us with much in terms of showers. you can just spot to the north everyone else still a mix of clouds and sun. there is a second boundary to the south. you see the thicker deck of clouds. these are squishing in over philadelphia right now. if we look farther north this is not providing much. one spot of rain may start to drop a light shower over redding. that is about it at our 5:00 hour. tonight good news is it is looking so weak that i don't think the philly pops concert is affected.
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7:00 start time. 87 degrees. still out there. 90s. winds will be like believe that chance of small shower. 83 at 8:00. 9:00 p.m. 79 degrees. scattered clouds. very nice conditions we have been seeing. this will continue into tomorrow. let's start looking at the future model that we are just talking about. it's not looking very likely we will see much in philadelphia along the i-95 corridor. this model is giving us too much at the 5:00 hour. through 7:00 p.m. look how quickly it skirts the area. by start time for philly pops this model taking everything out of here. spot showers over burlington county and that starts to roll out by 8 p.m. scattered clouds overnight. then we roll overnight and may see spotty showers to the north. otherwise your july 4th plans looking pretty good in morning hours. clouds over philadelphia through about 2:30. this is when particularly to the
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south we see the area trying to fire off these storms. not a lot of action. we go through 5:00 p.m. showers and isolated storm possible. 5:00 that is right over philadelphia. we go through to 8:30 and notice pretty much everything dropped to the south or far to the west. could be a thunderstorm with our latest model update. otherwise for all the events going on throughout the evening hours things look pretty good. this is much better forecast than it could have been if we had a line of storms roll through. it will just be spot chances. if you are going to the wawa welcome america festivities looking at scattered clouds. then we look forward to the concert. 7:00 and same deal. we are 82. some clouds taking over and just spot chance of storm developing. you saw in the future model trying to keep everything west and south where we will most likely see a storm develop.
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fireworks we are dry. scattered clouds. 78 degrees very nice evening for all the festivities. we will see highs around mid to upper 80s. about 87 the forecast high. in the suburbs looking at mid 80s. spot storm possible. i don't think much is likely over suburbs or the lehigh valley at 82 degrees. by 9:00 evening fireworks 74 degrees. delaware 86 at 3:00. this is the best chance of spot storm although it does include new jersey, as well. 84 at 3 p.m. morning low to mid 70s for jersey shore. we won't warm up much. just to upper 70s for forecast highs. we will take a look at the ten day coming up in the next half hour. cracking down on a popular swimming hole. why neighbors and police are going after devil's pool. also, still ahead office chairs aren't just for your desk
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this is nbc 10 news. on this holiday weekend a
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lot of road construction projects on hold to accommodate holiday traffic. delaware's department of transportation says all express lanes will remain open. crews will get back to work on the road projects on thursday. about 44 million people expected to travel this holiday thanks to lower gas prices and air fares according to aaa. going to take a live look along i-76 in the vine. here it is. 95 right here. traffic is looking light on this beautiful afternoon. this the lowest gas prices we have seen in 12 years according to aaa. the national average $2.24 a gallon. that is 14 cents cheaper than just a month ago. three deer were rescued oma car thanks to sheriff's deputies. deputies in florida found the animals in a car stopped for a broken tail light. deputies checked out the deer and released two back into the
5:26 pm
wild. one has an injured leg. two men inside that car face animal cruelty charges. it is one thing to sit in an office chair. how about doing this in an office chair? people lining the streets for the world's championship office chair race. participants wore safety helmets. the winner walked away with a
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 5:30, road rage murder suspect. a multistate man hunt is over. the investigation is just getting over. right now david desper is
5:30 pm
sitting in a chester county jail after turning himself in yesterday. >> while police try to figure out why and how desper murdered bianca roberson nbc 10 is working to figure out who this man is. desper facing several charges. criminal homicide and reckless endangerment. lauren, what are you learning tonight? >> reporter: this neighborhood is pretty quiet right now. i tell you it was quite a different scene when we pulled up here this afternoon, quite an unusual scene. we were the only cameras here to see this. let me show you what was happening here at david desper's house. neighbors tell me he has been working on this house. today there were trucks parked outside this home. they brought out equipment. they brought out car parts. at one point a whole car bumper
5:31 pm
and shoes were brought out. i asked one of them whether they are friends of david desper's. he says they were hired help. i asked who hired them. he said he didn't know. it is unclear whether some items belonged to other people. we know desper worked on cars. we saw a silver sports car that had been outside this house yesterday. a friend told me that david desper had been working on that car. this friend has known david desper for about ten years. they got to know each other in the auto industry. he tells me that he was very talented working on cars, building cars and that it is hard to come to terms now with the friend that he knows and the man accused of murder. did you ever see him with a temper or get angry? >> not at all.
5:32 pm
i couldn't say not one bit and i mean that from the bottom of my heart. he was just a humble dude. he really was. i don't know what happened. i wasn't there. i feel really bad for the person that this happened to. i couldn't see him doing this. i couldn't. >> reporter: that friend knew him from the auto industry and said he had a small shop. this is something he had been involved in for years and was able to make money doing it. as we have been talking to people trying to learn more about david desper i talked to another childhood friend who said they used to ride dirt bikes together and they also attend attended votech together both specializing in auto mechanics. >> nbc 10 has been covering every angle on this road rage murder from the beginning. stay with us on air and online as we get new details.
5:33 pm
still no deal at this hour that would end the new jersey government shutdown. here is what we know at this point. it has been a war of words between governor chris christie. the biggest issue restructuring the state's health insurance provider. both the governor and speaker playing the blame game here. christie says createo says he is the reason behind the shutdown. this shutdown is definitely putting a dent in holiday plans for some people. right now more than 50 state parks are closed. state courts were ordered to close last night. and for what is still open state police, hospitals, prisons and new jersey transit is operating. brian thompson is joining us live from the state house there. >> reporter: still no deal but we are this close to a deal.
5:34 pm
we are this close to a deal right now. i can tell you by 9:00 tonight we are expecting the assembly and the senate to be voting on a new budget with a watered down version of what governor christie was originally asking for in his action against horizon blue cross blue shield. take a look. it is assembly speaker who has to thread the needle. refusing to pass a budget unless they hand it governor what he calls a win with the promise he won't veto spending priorities and insurance giant caught in the governor's cross hairs. the governor insisting on more control. suggesting he is looking at ways to save his company's autonomy but still somehow compromised. >> i express my concerns.
5:35 pm
they listen. they appreciated my inicate and we will see. >> the governor's beach day sunday at the state park he ordered shut down, island beach state park that drew nationwide headlines. he admitted his family would be at the state owned beachhouse in advance but pictures caught him there, as well though he told reporters later he didn't get any sun. the reaction. >> it's horrible. >> the kids are excited now. we have to go back home. >> he is happy and we are all unhappy. >> reporter: so if this goes through which everybody expects right now will have the budget votes tonight and that means that island beach state park and all the other parks will be open tomorrow. live in trenton, nbc 10 news.
5:36 pm
your first alert weather now. fourth of july celebrations in full gear. live look at the beaches down in ocean city. it is a packed weekend on the shore. long weekend there and more of the same today. just beautiful. >> sunny and hot. that is the theme right now in center city as we check out the view. temperatures hitting the 90s today. >> we have live team coverage. your hour by hour forecast for tomorrow. let's begin with meteorologist krystal klei with what you can expect tonight. >> the forecast is looking pretty good for the rest of the evening. it is warm. we are at 90 degrees. this is the live view in philadelphia. winds out of the west 8 miles per hour keeping us nice and toasty. if you are heading out the door do plan to dress in light clothing. it would not be a chill in the air through the rest of tonight. radar and satellite. i want to show you two things. everyone at the shore enjoying
5:37 pm
themselves. a sea breeze picking up on radar returns. we have the frontal boundary to the north slipping to the south. still clouds across the area. really not bringing a lot of rain. just a spot storm moving in to burke county here. this shower indicating a brief rain moving through cooks town. not much else to track right now. hour by hour this model is going too aggressively with the rain. it does indicate a spot shower is possible through the corridor by 6:00 and then otherwise everything is out by 8:00. 9:00 scattered clouds. overnight may see a spot shower. independence hall temperature at 87 degrees at 7:00. otherwise it is dry and cooling down. overnight we could see a spot shower but people want to know about fourth of july. >> the friends, the parade, the whole bit. we will break it down right now. and it does look a lot better. we have been in agreement on that. correct? >> looks way better.
5:38 pm
>> here we go. let's take it. take a look at this. we are looking at perhaps at 8:00 tomorrow morning maybe showers in lehigh valley stretching into upper trenton and then take a look at this. we will go ahead and watch them disappear. much of the day will be dry. i think the parade is fine. another line of showers comes through about mid afternoon. models are gone. these are going to be spotty summer showers. sprinkle or light shower hang on it will be gone in just minutes. 7:00 the concert looks dry and we get into the fireworks hour at 9:30. that looks like primarily south of the city. we will say that glass is more than half full. 10:00 tomorrow morning looking at mix of sun and clouds for the concert. we are looking at 82. chance of isolated shower before the concert and then looking at 78 degrees by the time that we get into the fireworks. back over to you.
5:39 pm
a live like above independence hall where the crowds are starting to gather for the wawa welcome america festivities including the philly pops live performance. >> all coming together. live look at the ben franklin parkway where stage and street are being set up for the wawa welcome america celebrations. >> the hot spot is independence mall. there is a block party going on right now. a lot of free food, free music and swag. you can enjoy a great vibe of fun and freedom. >> this is a highly concentrated tourist area and there is a lot always happening. people should take advantage of it. >> the block party runs until 7:00 tonight. >> nbc 10 has you completely covered. don't miss nbc 10 presents wawa welcome america with the philly pops. next on nbc 10 news,
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imaginen landing at an airport only to find out that your plane just burst into flames. that is what dozens of passengers witnessed. the temperatures in the 90s. the philadelphia swimming hole is as popular as ever. see why officials and neighbors are cracking down on devil's pool. your chance to win big during wawa welcome america festivities. free wawa coffee for a year, a patio set. a trip to watch taping of america's got tale pfs gaut ta' there are a lot of ways to enter to win a prize. head to our website.
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there is a crack down on one of the area's more dangerous swimming holes. philadelphia police sell us they have more officers in the area of devil's pool. a lot of people swimming here this afternoon. jumping off the rocks at devil's pool has been an illegal tradition for years, a tradition that has injured and killed swimmers. police have beefed up patrols in that area after hearing from concerned residents who live nearby. a dream wedding turns into a nightmare after a local couple cannot get their hands on their professional wedding photos. that is until the nbc 10 responds team got involved.
5:44 pm
see how they got their money and memories back. and summer showers out there right now and the potential for more. we are breaking it down neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. patriotism in the streets of philadelphia. coming up at 6:00, team coverage from independence hall where the philadelphia pops are getting ready for tonight's concert. keep it here for your all access pass.
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this is nbc 10 news. not the type of fireworks anyone wanted to see. this plane burst into flames. that fire forced everyone on board to evacuate.
5:47 pm
thankfully none of the 59 passengers and crew were hurt. investigators trying to figure out what went wrong. fireworks may be the big attraction but it is safety that officials want towarn everyone about. >> a fire protection association says june and july is peak season for summer grill fires. here are a few tips to help you stay safe before you fire up. keep your grill at least ten feet away from any structures. never leave a burning grill unattended and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. so if you feel like an appetizer before tomorrow's nathan's hot dog eating contest we have the beef for you. >> molly skyler put down 21 burgers. she won the competition three years in a row and takes home $1,500 and cash and a lot of indigestion. philadelphia native took home seventh place after he scarfed
5:48 pm
down 18 burgers. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> so attractive to watch them eat that. celebrating the fourth. a live look from camel beach mountain water park. see people having fun and splashing around and enjoying water in the sunshine. warm temperatures. >> more celebrations down the shore. a live look from cameras. a perfect day to hit the waves and lay on the beach. krystal klei has your most accurate holiday forecast. so many events happening. >> so many events going into the rest of this evening and tomorrow. let's break it down for you. warm out there. still in the 90s all over the place. philadelphia, wilmington. atlantaic city 94 degrees. look at the marina. 80 degrees thanks to on shore breeze. big difference there and mid 80s
5:49 pm
over areas like allentown. we have warm conditions out there trying to fire off a few showers but not getting much out there. frontal boundary a little cold front brought us a few clouds. not much in terms of rain. spot shower moving over burkes county will clip into parts of the county, as well. otherwise not a big concern for us to see spotty showers today. here is a future model. this model is a little too aggressive with the rain showing more across the area already than there is. spot chances will linger from about 5:30 this evening through 7:30 as it slips to the south. could see a shower over the shore. otherwise moves off and we are left with scattered clouds. overnight plans if maybe you have tonight off and tomorrow off then you should be good outside. we go into your fourth of july forecast. it's the early morning hours that look driest with just
5:50 pm
clouds in place and maybe a spot shower along the northern edge. this is 8:30 in the morning. we go from 8:30 into early afternoon. summer showers we are talking about. this is the good thing. it rolls by quick. if you see a drizzle or light rain it will roll by and move to the next location. this model continues to give us rain near philadelphia through about 5:30. this might be heavy, as well. otherwise good news is that these stronger storm potentials is most lae going to stay south and west. at 9:00 for many fireworks shows most clear. a spot storm possible on this model. i think that is a possibility more so farther south. we continue into the overnight and it is scattered clouds going into our wednesday. we will talk high temperatures for your fourth of july. it will still be warm out there. 87 degrees in philadelphia. mid 80s throughout most of our neighborhoods. there is a shower including in south jersey, the shore and delaware. we are looking at being very
5:51 pm
spotty in nature. as for the parade tomorrow independence mall 80 degrees at 10:00 a.m. mid 80s at noon. clouds starting to build in quicker. and for our wawa welcome america events in the evening. if you are getting there early 6:00 it is 85 degrees. 7:00 p.m. it is 84 with chance shower moving by and 9:30 you see we are at 78 degrees for the fireworks. it is looking dry. >> i like hearing that. next on nbc 10 responds paying up thousands for wedding photos only to get zippo in return. >> a local couple reaches out to nbc 10 responds. no apologies. new jersey governor chris christie says he is not sorry. how he is defending his family outing at 6:00.
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a viewer says her wedding day was perfect, one to remember. >> getting her photos of the special moments would be more difficult than expected. that is why she called nbc 10 responds. >> a special day like that and you don't have the photos that you want. this bride says she could hardly
5:55 pm
wait to see photos that captured her moments of marital bliss. nearly two years later she would give birth to children before ever seeing those photos. >> where are you going? >> reporter: since they got married in february of 2015 the couple gaive birth to two bundles of joy, twins a boy and a girl. the kids are 8 months and growing just fine but the parents say they are growing concerned over their wedding photos stresses out mom and dad. they hired studio three photography for the special day. >> we paid him $6,445. >> reporter: she says owner photographer told her he would be in touch in a few months to go over photos with her. that never happened. >> i would try to set up times to meet with him and i would never get responses back. he wouldn't return phone calls.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: she tells us after two years went by she feared she would never see her photos. >> i was getting nowhere. i thought who else can help me. >> reporter: she called nbc 10 responds. we went through the contract she signed and then we contacted him. 24 hours after we got involved she got her wedding photos. he says he moved to vermont and computer problems prevented him from sending the photos electronicically. >> thank you everyone. if it weren't for you we wouldn't have received them. he also apologized and insists he always was working on getting her photos. >> two years later they get to look back on that special day. >> with weddings a lot of times
5:57 pm
you have to cut corners but usually the photos you are willing to pay as much money as necessary. >> i know my wife spent all of our money on it. all of my money on it i should say. >> you are getting yourself in trouble. >> your wife is on the line. >> i have no money. >> just talk about the recovery. >> 707,7$707,754 money we got b for you our viewers. give us a call and we will respond to you. road rage murder. a man is behind bars accused of shooting a teenager while they were both behind the wheel. police say this investigation is far from over. also defending his day on the beach. new jersey governor chris christie taking heat for hitting the shore. why he is not apologizing for his r&r. philly pops about to play for a crowd outside independence
5:58 pm
hall as the wawa welcome america celebration continues. we have your all access pass. and will we be dodging pops for the pops concert? we'll talk about all of that and what it means for your neighborhood when i come back.
5:59 pm
patriotism ringing through philly streets. crowds of people gathering for the wawa welcome america celebration.
6:00 pm
nbc 10 has your only live all access pass. burned over beach day while new jersey state parks are off limits to the public the governor says he is keeping a promise by lounging on the shore. road rage, this man behind bars accused of shooting a teenager while behind the wheel. what police are still trying to figure out tonight. nbc 10 news starts now. >> tonight new questions about an accused killer. right now police are looking for answers about the man they say shot a teenager in a bout of road rage. police want to know more about who this person is and why he may have done it. this is all happening about 36 hours after david desper turned himself into police. >> duraneanna durante has the lt on the investigation and some unanswered questions for investigators. >> reporter:ic


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