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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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desist order. >> reporter: once it learned it was using well water. water the township felt had been contaminated. this area has been having water issues since wells were cited with years of abuse. warned to use public sewer and water lines. they had gone against the advice and hooked itself back up to the well water. the reason it shut the rink down. both side met today. >> everybody walked out relatively happy. >> reporter: what about serving drinks using ice? washing utensils and hands. >> that presupposes that the water is contaminated and unhealthy for use. >> reporter: the owner did independent water testing and posted the results. the meeting lasted nearly two hours and both are working 0 an deal to keep that ice rink operational. for nbc 10 news. dina, thank you.
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we are ending the week on a pretty rainy note. the scene today along street road in south hampton bucks county. a live look. center city, from the campus camera looks like a deeszacent . the rain let up a bit. tracking for weather on the way. you see it here. nbc 10 first alert radar. all the green. talk with meteorologist prerika martin. >> seeing clouds along the jersey shore, scattered showers and breaks in the showers as we saw over center city. current temperature in philadelphia, 62 degrees. that's the high so far today. mount holly, 57. trenton at 59. warmer, 69 for you in atlantic city, upper 50s, but conditions for today certainly unseasonably chilly. average high 65 degrees in philadelphia. doppler radar, without the
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cloud. we're picking up greens on the screen as keith mentioned. so notice we're seeing light nowers. not very organized moving through parts of the viewing area. looks like chester county may see one or two showers moving through soon enough. some of this not making it to the ground there in lee high valley but a couple of breaks, but more showers on the way. we are not done, not yet. neighborhood highs for tomorrow, we do have some more rain in the forecast. in fact, i have included that initially i had partly to mostly cloudy skies saturday. now going with passing showers. lee high valley, 62 expected high temperature with passing showers and moving across the area from west to east. easton, high 61. phoenixville, 63. seeing temperatures below average this time of year. lots to low to mid-60s. fairmount, 65. and also seeing a couple showers. very light at best as that system continues to push on from west to east. the reason we are seeing those cooler temperatures is because we do have a cold front pushing
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through. this is why these temperatures will be unseasonably chilly for new jersey, and looks like jersey shore sees temperaturing in the upper 50s, low 60s with passing showers as well, and delaware, you will also see some showers. a little hint of sunshine for you. overnight lows will be a little warmer, because we will have a lot of clouds, but still temperatures for tomorrow only topping out in the low 20 mid-60s. the good news is coming up in the ten day on 10:00, a stretch of 80s for you. hang tight. back to you. >> erika, thank you. new details tonight. customs and immigration officials say a philadelphia soccer coach arrested for statutory rape was in the u.s. illegally. he lured one of his players into a sexual relationship and got her pregnant. all volunteers are background check brd allowed to use city facilities.
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>> you're a coach, there's expectation, look out for the kids. violates trust. pretty bad. >> reporter: police say they are unsure how many victims contreras may have had. the city has 485 volunteers cleared to use city facilities. bullet holes, a stark reminder of the terror attack in paris yesterday that left one police officer dead, and two tourists, two officers hurt. today people laid flowers at the site of the shooting and at the champs-elyse champs-elysees. >> the latest developments in the case. >> reporter: things starting to return to normal a day after that deadly attack on the champs-elysees. traffic there, many people, businesses opened as well today. meantime, french police searched the home of the suspected attacker today. he only crossed paths with the
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suspect. didn't really know him and his family lived in the area for a time. neighbors believe the suspect was not religious nor affiliated with isis. but isis has taken responsibility for the attack. also today an american family who saw the whole thing went back to where it happened with nbc's richard engel. john kinney, his wife and three kids from kentucky, feet away from the gunman when he started shooting. >> absolutely. >> you made eye contact? >> in the eye. just like this. like i'm looking at you right now. in kind of a -- a -- we fully expected there would be hundreds of dead bodies out here. >> because of the -- how crow d crowded? >> i'm running down the street like this trying to block him. >> wow. you can hear more of their pennell account plus how this latest attack in paris could have an impact on the u.s.'stonight on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. live in our breaking news
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center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. erin? >> jim, thank you. a shooting overnight in philadelphia left a man in critic many condition. the gunfire missed another man sleeping in a home nearby. the gunfire erupted in the city's opvont neighborhood. police heard the gun shot and saw a car speeding away seeing someone throw two weapons out of the wind. one of the bullets went through a window and lodged in a man's bed. get this, police say someone is throwing nails on the streets. police say they're searching for a man, this guy on the screen we're about to show you. here he is. caught on surveillance video throwing roofing nails. two dozen cars reporting damage. we talked to a man to filealed
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the police report who is glad he found the damage when he did. >> if i didn't catch this, hear it flip-flopping while driving, you know i don't know what would have happened, if i'd have geke driving with it. >> reporter: if you recognize this man, violet police want to hear from you. new information, meantime, about a fire in camden. sky force 1 over the mech miani and lewis streets. see a cloud of smoke. that's about it from this vantage point in the sky. one man taken to the hospital. it took fire crews about an hour and a half to get this out. just about an hour ago, flying over the garden state -- see about a dozen firefighters spraying water on a fire there. it was evacuated, and nearby route 130 shut down for a little while. took about 20 minutes to put the fire out. switching gears now. a philadelphia police athletic facility got upgrades today. >> all part of an international
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day of action. nbc 10 at st. ann's gym in kensington. volunteers with the international union of painters showed off the results of their hard work. they repainted the entire gym and replaced broken windows throughout the center. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was there to show his appreciation. >> i want to thank everybody involved. this is how we bring our kids, keep our kids on track and bring our kids back, and this is a wonderful place to be today and i thank everybody involved. thank you and good luck. >> this is just one of a number of community projects the painters union is participating in throughout the united states and canada. well, we are getting closer and closer to one of the biggest parties on the parkway, wawa america. >> goes down in about two months. exciting news today about who is going to be rockin' the stage this year. ♪ get it going >> the queen of hip-hop and soul
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mary j blige headlining the consers on it's ben franklin parkway. more the lineup we learned today. listen. [ theme to "rocky" ] >> the phil-of-philly band playing top hits and localing performing. ♪ back again >> philly's own boyz ii men performing during the sayceremo at independence hall. nbc 10 broadcast the wawa welcome america july fourth concert and fireworks-from-7:00 to 10:00 p.m. not stopping there either. live streaming watching from any device no matter where you are. in delaware today state leaders toured different place ace cross the state they say are impacting by climate change. the south bridge wetlands project in wilmington one of four spots where the group
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stopped. this area is along the river and experiencing increased flooding because of climate change sea level rise. >> this is what we would set up when we arrived at the site of a disaster. >> this is a look what's called "operation fallout" a full-scale emergency response drill. in the so-called scenario, terrorists hit new jersey with a massive ied. state task force and national guard then practice rescuing victims. inside the jail cell of former football star aaron hernandez. tonight new information on what the convicted killer left behind before taking his own life behind bars this week. that's straight ahead. plus, welcome home. a win on the foreign front for president trump today. and reduced to rubble. a building made famous by a philadelphia classic comes crumbling down. those stories and more ahead on
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nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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new information tonight about the death of former nfl star aaron hernandez. it is officially room add suicide and the daily mail says he planned it for weeks. the article says hernandez left behind three suicide notes and
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covered his floor in soap. so that if he changed his mind he wouldn't be able to save himself. hernandez a former new england pate tris serving a life sentence for murder, he hanged himself wednesday morning. countdown to shutdown. president trump has until the end of next week to get a spending bill through congress in order to avoid a government shutdown. new additions to the budget could slow the already complicated talks. nbc 10 national correspondent blaine zaalexander has more fro washington. >> reporter: today in washington a focus on the bottom line. >> we have taken unprecedented action to bring back our jobs and return power to our citizens. >> reporter: for president trump, the clock is ticking. one week to get a spending bill through congress or face a government shutdown. the budget talks now inkplclude controversial sticking point. the presidential long promised wall. >> we're going to build a wall.
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>> reporter: insisting the plan include billions of dollars for the wall even in pro-wall builder are against that idea. >> get the government funding, keep the lights on and move on to the continuation of the debate when it comes to other riders. >> reporter: for the president, an effort to add another accomplishment before the end of his first 100 days next week. today he tweeted about the deadline calling it a ridiculous standard, saying, no matter how much i accomplish, media will kill. this as the white house is pushing congress to revise health care by the end of next week, and today a major win on the foreign front. >> we are very happy to have aya back home. >> reporter: securing the release of an american aide worker held three years despite previous efforts from president obama. even as president trump faces hi biggest foreign challenge yet, north korea, by all indications preparing for a nuclear test before the end of the weekend.
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and the white house scheduled a briefing for senators next week on north korea but this is somewhat unprecedented. usually held at the u.s. capitol. instead planning to bus all 100 senators 2to the white house fo that meeting. for nbc 10, washington. these cuts hurt. that was the message today from a group of local residents to lawmakers including u.s. senator bob casey of pennsylvania. they took part in a panel discussion in university city about the cuts to federal programs proposed to the white house's budget. some got emotional talking about issues ranging from health care to affordable housing and even home heat. the community is coming together to keep this local treasurer ship shape. >> volunteer work around and on the battleship "new jersey" part of comcast cares program. hundreds gathered to make change happen. [ cheers ]
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more than 400 volunteers with comcast and nbc universal, our parent company, are here pumping in to help restore the ship which, by the way, is nearly the size of three football fields. you can imagine there's plenty of work to be done. there were people out cleaning up on the deck. volunteers were also getting that helicopter nice and clean and then getting rid of old ropes. the volunteers we spoke to were more than happy to help. >> going from painting the ship to cleaning it, to doing maintenance on the ship. and then just making the whole place look you know -- a little more beautiful. >> reporter: even something for the little ones to do as well. this is just one of the many volunteer projects going on. 900 total are planned nationwide, and this year comcast expects more than 100,000 employees to participate. now, tomorrow is the big day. so for more information on how you can get involved, it's
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really important. you do not have to be an em ploes employee of comcast or nbc universal to get involved here. head to the website, and get a look what's happening in your community and we hope to see you there tomorrow. reporting in camden, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. switching to this now. severe flooding creating dangerous conditions across central oklahoma. look at this. a semitruck overturned near derry after driving into high water. the truck was carries oil drilling chemicals and it's unknown to those chemicals spilled into the water. dealing with hail, high winds reported rain totals up to six inches. being inundated. video is -- >> incredible. >> nothing like that around here, thankfully. we have some rain in the forecast. >> how about a little sunshine, erika martin? >> we need it. second half of the weekend. promise. right now dealing with a couple
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showers moving through. a live look outside. you can see the clouds thick and soupy. current temperature 62 and winds easterly. why those clouds are pretty stubborn. in and around philadelphia seeing lots of 60s. a little climb there. fox chase 52 degrees. chestnut hill 63 and west mont area temperature for you, 61 degrees. for the lee high valley, upper 50s and low 60s, currently 62. bethlehem 57 and white hall, two degrees warmer at 59 degrees. at least it's getting a little warmer. still unseasonably chilly. here is why. notice the direction of the win. the marine layer not bumping, why these clouds have been sticking around all day long preventing any daytime heating which is why temperatures for today were a little chillier. tracking, added an overlay. satellite and radar. light showers moving through the
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region west to east. reading you may see a scattered showers moving through by approximately 5:56 p.m. pottstown and limerick, 6:28 for you. delaware, dover, could see a passing shower isolated perhaps around 6:30 p.m. and millville just under 7:00 p.m. not very active. still, we have showers and isolated th isolated thunderstorms jut to the west of us. why i'm tracking them for you. starting at 5:00 p.m. picking up clouds. a little break here for the jersey shore. for the most part those showers are definitely moving across from west to east. the good news, not very organized. wass at 6:00 p.m. seeing pockets of oranges and some yellows. so we may see one or two pockets of downpours moving through parts of the pa suburbs. the good news, everything clears off quickly but we're not done yet. we do have another disturbance,
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energy moving through the atmosphere. showers moving in on saturday. i did have to add rain to the forecast on saturday. but the good news is it does clear by sunday. so the ten day on 10 brings us temperatures unseasonably chilly for saturday and sunday. notice sunday partly to mostly cloudy skies here. highs topping out in the low 60s. monday, one or two passing showers. i wanted to keep it cloudy here on tuesday even though we may see a break. low 60s. the chilliest day of the week. after that question go above average. 73 in is the expected high temperature. just one second and then i'll get out of your way. there it is. 80. look at that! 80s from then on out. sunshine there, too. mostly clear sky there's. 80 expected high temperature. also we have 81 on friday. 82 saturday. football, right over here.
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from there on out seeing 70s but unseasonably warm by the end of next week. something to look forward to, guys. back to you. >> erika, thank you. a far cry from fast food. next, the drive-thru like you've never seen before and you better not expect to get a burger here. for nbc 10 "at issue." >> once more! >> democrats hoped a surge of anti-trump protests would sweep their candidates into office. that hasn't happened. sunday we discuss why they're falling short in recent special elections and what those races tell us and who has the edge going into 2018. >> the so-called resistance movement didn't do the democratic party much. >> >> donald trump yurgsed his term, make america great again, and i've heard a lot of people say, i haven't seen any greatness. >> coming up snd morning at 11:30 following me ing "meet th press," only on nbc 10.
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you're watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 with keith jones and erin coleman. a colorado company taking marijuana seams to a whole new level. >> as further a drive-thru dispensary opened yesterday. parachute, three hours outside denver off i-70. an old drive-thru restaurant.
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you pull in, without getting out of your car, you can buy your choice of marijuana. >> it's a stand-alone building that you drive your car into. the doors close behind you, so you're technically inside the dispensary, inside your automobile. >> on the menu, lemon diesel, mile high mint chocolate and peanut butter buddha. it recreational smoking is legal in colorado it is illegal to get high while driving. no one under 21 eve ain ln allo on the property. not even in a customer's car. >> wow. >> and turning to weather. hoping things clear up. >> second half the weekend. chilly temperatures, accurate forecast, i am tracking 80s next week. plus, for two years we've never heard from convicted man eric graen but th
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eric green. but that's about to change. figuring a strategy to keep him alive.
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you really needed umbrellas this morning. nbc 10 along university avenue in university city today as the rain came down steadily. and a live look down the jersey shore right now. a mixed day down there. not too bad right now. looking over cape may. a little gray out there, but the sun is peeking through.
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checking out first alert radar, tracking more wet weather on the waynbc 10 first alert meteorologist erika martin is with us now. >> i just took a look behind me. very gray. will it improve this weekend? >> a little gloomy now, guys, but better by the second half of the weekend. at least sunshine for your sunday but a soggy saturday in store. a live look outside. we are seeing winds pick up just a little. 10 miles per hour coming out of the east and, yes, the cloud stick around for now. we'll see a little bit of a break, but for the most part soggy. at least for the rest of today into tomorrow. but breaking by sunday. doppler radar picking up on some showers. just approaching parts of the pa suburbs and the lee high valley. 2340e69 just to the south and west of us we are seeing damage reports here including hail, downed trees and lightning that may make it over into delaware. of course, i'll be tracking you
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and updating you often. follow us on social media. seeing lots of 60s tomorrow and showers in the frarorecast. we'll see scattered showers moving through from west to east as the cold front sweeps through. notice how chilly the temperatures are. below average. because that cold front will pretty much be in place. that's going to be the story. back for the second half of the weekend as well. hour-by-hour forecast starting at 5:30 p.m. here we start to see oranges and reds telling me we may get one or two pockets of heavy downpours but very unorganized at best. good news everything will clear, push offshore. notice cloud still stick around for tonight. light fog maybe, not a big issue for tonight, and by tomorrow i did have to add the showers in the forecast. even though this model in particular, this north american model, picking up the showers farther south i really think for
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the most part the entire viewing area will see scattered showers. not any heavy downpours 0 a washout. just soggy for your saturday. those clouds stick around and then the great news, they're start to clear. push offshore. we'll see clearing by late saturday and some sunshine, sneaking on through by sunday. it will be chilly still. steve and erin, back to you. >> erika, thank you. an emotional day of testimony at the trial of eric frein. the mother of the pennsylvania state trooper who frein killed took the stand. frein's lawyers are trying to keep their client off of death row following his conviction. >> until now jurors have yet to hear from frein, as nbc 10 reports that could change next week. >> reporter: this jury will have to decide between life in prison or execution, and for the first time this trial, eric frein's defense team began calling witnesses and hinted that eric frein himself could take the
5:33 pm
stand to save his own life. >> could he testify? >> he could, if he wanted. >> reporter: a surprise answer from the attorney indicating the convicted cop killer facing possible execution could address this jury face-to-face. >> it's his decision to make. but it's his call based on our advice. >> reporter: all while the prosecution is seeking to put him on death row. bryan dixon's mother darla spoke of forgiveness telling the jury, i do not hate eric frein, but that does not mean we don't hold him accountable. >> as she mentioned, she forgives him. doesn't hate themmhim but wants justice. >> first-degree murder, penalty is life in prison. it's over. a done deal. we're talking about life and death. >> reporter: but in a rare cross-examination the district attorney harshly criticized that expert and the notion that life in prison can be considered full
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justice. pennsylvania does currently have a moratorium on the death penalty. nobody executed since 1999. in pike county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 will be in court every step of sentencing until eric frein learns his fate. download the nbc 10 toop get breaking news as soon as they happen. some of the stories making headline. county by county across our region today -- burlington county one of new jersey's most dangerous roads is getting a road diet. the idea of the road diet is to slow down the traffic flow. reducing the numbers of lanes from route 30 from three lanes to two. larger speet limit sign and additional no turn on red signs in some intersections. >> cumberland county police want to know who shot man outside the violet garden apartments early this morning. nbc 10 was on the scene as police searched for clues. investigators tell us the victim had a gunshot wound to the face.
5:35 pm
that victim is now in critical condition. >> and north camden county say a threat to shoot hospital guards and any police that came after him. he was angry after being told to leave the property. the patient was creating a disturbance. omps were able to take him into custody. no one hurt. to the goal of west chester university of pennsylvania. >> to the goal of west chester university of pennsylvania. >> taking the oath of office this morning before more than 1,000 faculty, students and alumni. fiorentino is the school's 15th president. controlling computers from your brain. up next, based on a bold, new plan. how it wants to let you type without ever lifting a finger. and life saver. how a change in your commute could dramatically cut down on your cancer risk. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care.
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you're watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 with keith jones and erin coleman. six philadelphia fire dispatchers joining the ranks after graduating today. honored this afternoon at engine 38, in 2016 dispatchers processed more nan 312,000 emergency calls. graduates are state certified public samplt safety communica
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in hard-hats, students and staff from the overbrook school for the blind celebrated plans for a new horticulture and education center. right flnow butter lettuce growing. when it's built, a greenhouse for therapeutic activities. volkswagen slapped with a fine $2.8 billion in the wake of the emissions cheating scandal. the ruling comes six weeks after volkswagen pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and conspiracy charges. the company admitted more 23457b a half million cars are programmed to turn on their emissions controls when being tested. then cut them off when back on the highway. v swchlt paying $1.5 billion in a civil case brought by the government. the tennessee teacher arrested for kidnapping one of his students is in federal custody tonight. 50-year-old tad cummins faces a federal charge of taking a minor across state lines to have sex. today the 15-year-old was
5:40 pm
returned home. cummins surrendered to deputies yesterday in a remote area of northern california after a nationwide manhunt. an attorney for the teenager's family says right now their main focus is on the teen's well-being. >> they'll be secluded today. for the next several days. she definitely secluded for a long time. >> cummins also faces state charges in tennessee, aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor. more than 90 people in san francisco now are without power. a massive power outage this morning left the city's downtown area in the dark. at least one train station has been shut down and dozens of traffic lights are out. still no word on what caused the outage or when service will be restored. let's imagine this. sitting down at your computer and write things without using your fingers to type? that could be the future. facebook is already working on it. this week facebook announced its working on ways to type using
5:41 pm
your thoughts. erin, your thoughts. the company already has 60 engineers working on the systems including something called a brain mouse. facebook says it could allow the deaf and blind to communicate easier and allow everyone else to type five times faster than on a smartphone. >> incredible. >> yes. amazing. and a new study shows riding your bike to work could cut your rate of cancer by 45%. researchers at the university of glasgow found cycling to work was linked to a 46% lower risk of heart d.c. the study followed more than 260,000 peek from the uk over a five-year period. the countdown to the nfl draft in philadelphia is nearing the home stretch. even the phillies are getting into the action. take a live look down no south friday at citizen's bank park. up next, how to benefit. a hint. depends on what you wear. >> isn't that always the case?
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weather always dictates that. for this weekend, carry a couple of jackets and umbrellas. you'll need them. actually talking scattered showers, perhaps one or two isolated thunderstorms moving from west to east. i have your accurate forecast coming up in a bit. coming up, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, bracing for terror. how crews and canines are preparing for an attack in new jersey. for nbc 10 at issue -- democrats hoped a surge of anti-trump protests would sweep their candidates into office. that hasn't happened. sunday we discuss why they're falling short in reerchlt special elections and what those races tell us and who has the edge going into 2018. >> the so-called resistance movement didn't do the democratic party much good. >> donald trump used his term, make america great again and i've heard a lot of people say, i haven't seen any greatness. coming up sunday morning at
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11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc 10. closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by --
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every single day the parkway is transformed more and more into an nfl festival. a live look right now. we are inside of one week from the nfl draft. you can't even see the steps. >> nope. >> of the art museum. >> covered up. >> for the eagles, a chance to add more weapons for carson wentz. >> an exclusive conversation with the man setting the eagles draft board. >> doing it for the first time with the eagles. joe douglas running his first draft. eagles vice president of player personnel set his draft board and it's his job to make the recommendation on who to pick and vp howie roseman makes the final call.
5:46 pm
the birds first pick at 14, you know. we had the opportunity to spend time with joe at the eagles novacare complex. sat down with him for a one-on-one conversation. nbc 10 your official eagles station. before joe came to the eagles he worked for the bears last year and before that the ravens. you see his impact already in free agency. the eagles signed former bear alshon jeffery and tory smith and traded for raven timmy jernigan. eagles of confident they got their quarterback for the future in the draft last year in carson wentz. >> it's definitely a relief to know we have a young quarterback with the caliber of carson wentz and having him back in the building now with otas starting back up and seeing his fire, seeing his passion, how he's working with these guys, you know, our -- we're not going to let carson down. we are going to build this team around carson and find the best players to help him. whether it's offense or defense.
5:47 pm
>> you like to hear that. not going to let carson wentz down. just some of our conversation with joe douglas. more for you on draft night in our eagles draft day special next thursday at 7:00. more in about a half hour. >> thanks for that. just a sampling of what we've got in store for you beginning next week. next wednesday, the day before the action starts, keith and i live with our nbc 10 draft preview on the parkway special. thursday is the show mentioned. eagles draft day. sunday, it's eagles blueprint as we recap every move the eagles made in the 2017 nfl draft. usually you wouldn't wear your eagles gear to a phillies gear. not that there's anything wrong with it. next week, if you do, you're in for a treat. in honor of the nfl draft coming to town, phillies offering those wearing jerseyss 14 $14 tickets. why? eagles have the 14th pick.
5:48 pm
tuesday and wednesday and the afternoon game thursday. >> i like that phillies back in town. just won a series for the first time in a while. they could use nice weather, too. >> we could all use nicer weather. how about it? >> working on that around here. especially for sunday. for today seeing clouds sticking around and one or two scattered showers moving from west to east. a live look outside from the battleship "new jersey," perspective, seeing clouds thick and soupy. now not breaking much because of an onshore influence. satellite now. all we're looking at are clouds. still on the monitor here. they will start to clear eventually. also tracking showers moving into our area. current winds are mainly easterly but we're seeing some northeasterlies now even though the winds of light. 9 for philadelphia. 3 for millville and 10 for wildwood. still the easterly direction keeps the clouds right around our area. neighborhoods right now for
5:49 pm
delaware seeing low to mid-60s. marshalton, glasgow, 65. and this area, 54 for you. satellite and radar image now, picking up on showers possibly making it through here soon enough. so dover, you may see a passing shower. perhaps rumbling at approximately 6:51 p.m. around 7:00 for you. easterly wind will cut off a lot of the energy but i want to track those because i do think some will make it into delaware. go ahead and focus on your neighborhood in the pa suburbs. yo unionville, plenty of 60s for the pa suburbs. this area, bedminster, 56 for you and currently here 59 degrees. what about your storm tracking? seeing one or two scattered showers moving into perhaps
5:50 pm
parts of chestary and burks countery. and map see a passing shower. 6:46 for you and east nottingham, may see showers moving through at approximately 6:30. they're not very organized, but i want to mention that, of course, keep those umbrellas handy. we don't have a completely dry night in our viewing area. clouds breaking just a little right around midnight, but we do have them redeveloping by early tomorrow morning because of more rain in the works. pa suburbs, dipping into the 50s by early tomorrow morning. by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, another chilly day on tap. that's the story at least for this weekend, but the good news is, by sunday, starting to see a break. a little bit of sunshine. going with mostly cloudy for the second half of the weekend. the jersey shore by midnight, 56 degrees. a pair of 5s and 4:00 a.m. and ten day on 10 looking nice. even though temperatures for the next couple days will be unseasonably chilly, lots of 60s
5:51 pm
until wednesday. by wednesday, we top out at 73 degrees, and then a very nice summerlike stretch here. on thursday, friday and saturday, and possibly even sunday. i left this at 79, but we very well could hit 80. a very nice treat in store. back to you. >> no question about that. erika, thank you. to this now. playing a big part in one of philadelphia's most beloved films. >> but tonight the local landmark has been leveled. up next, what plenty of local film buffs are familiar with this. coming ip, all new on nbc 10 at 6:00, stripping his security. how pennsylvania's governor is coming down on its own number two, tonight. he's hiding a card!
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it's time for you and your boys to get out of town. (laughing) left foot. right foot. left foot. stop.
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2ur7bing to nbc 10 response. one viewer scammed out of more nan $1,000 amp depositing a fake check. >> how to avoid falling for the same thing. >> reporter: nancy sells makeup for a living. she recently received a check from what she thought was a new customer but the amount was about $1,000 more than the cost of the makeup. >> we think it was strange? >> yes. >> reporter: still she want the sale. the customer asked if that extra money could be mailed back at a walmart money order to pay for a family emergency. the next day she did just that.
5:55 pm
but it wasn't until two days later when her bank told her the check was fake. >> i was really upset. >> reporter: she was on the hook for the money. >> how long does it take you to work in order to pay back all of this money? >> maybe one month. because now my bills are behind. >> reporter: a take away from this. just because you can access money after depositing a check doesn't mean the money clearedkeep that in mind. if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call, fill out the form on nbc.10, we will respond. coming up on monday a man gets collection notices for a bill he doesn't owe. how nbc 10 responds, finally gets the letters to stop, and how he cleared his name. that's monday on nbc 10 news at 5:00. want to tell you now about a kensington storefront featured in several "rocky" movies. now it's no more.
5:56 pm
been demolished. crews tore down the building. it's been vacant for years. sylvester stallone filmed it, it served as a fictional pet store where adrian worked. take a look. this is what it looked like in the original "rocky" movie in 1976. a lot of history there. >> wow. >> the store here in seven "rocky" movies in all. >> wow. >> no more. all right. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rosenfield. up next at 6:00 a threat from the white house direct to philadelphia's mayor. how rhetoric is turning into reality tonight with millions hanging in the balance. alities all new at 6:00, ready for terrorists. how these dogs are testing new jersey's ability to deal with a terror attack. also new at 6:00, pennsylvania's governor coming down on his own second in command? the new move set to protect state many employees. >> tracking a soggy saturday in the forecast. the good news a sneak peek at the sunshine on sunday. details coming up in your most accurate forecast.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
sgrshgs right now at 6:00, threatening letter from the trump administration. the ultimatum facing the city tonight. coach in kufrtty. a philadelphia volunteer accused of getting a teen pregnant is an undocumented immigrant. tonight we ask, did the city check his background? preparing for terror. new at 6:00. new jersey crews and say 9:00s deal with an explosion scenario.
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, a sanctuary city threat delivered directly to philadelphia's mayor today. the trump administration sent a letter ordering the city to prove its following federal immigration laws. if it does not, the city could lose millions of dollars. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. the mayor, jim kenney, saying philadelphia will stay a sanctuary city. enforcing the laws but not act as immigration agents. joining us live in city hall, the white house has been threatening philadelphia for a while, but today they're turning talk to action. >> reporter: right. and the mayor's office actually has been expecting this since last year. after receiving this letter, still, they say no policies will change and do not expect to lose funding either. a letter sent to philadelphia's mayor from the department of justice comes as no surprise to city leaders. the letter specifically targets
6:00 pm
nine sanctuary cities requiring the local government prove they're sharing information with immigration enforcement agencies or else the city could lose millions in federal grant money for local law enforcement. state representative martina white introduced a policy in that stripping funding from sanctuary cities. >> do we need this money? it's up to these mayors to reverse their sanctuary city policies and comply with the federal law and all that the letter is asking. >> reporter: in a statement the city says it does comply with federal laws and believes there's nothing in its policy to put its funding in jeopardy. still, philadelphia will remain a sanctuary city and police will not ask the immigration status of those they come in contact with. >> for a local official to you know, be able to pick and choose which federal laws they'd like to comply with and which they don't really is not a good thing. >> reporter: mayor kenney's administration again says it remains in compliance and changi


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