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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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less in the way of snow flurries. the temperature is going down. it is go to feel like it is the middle 20s and the wind is dying down. i don't expect the wind to be an issue on new year's eve. going to be dry. the temperatures are a bit above average. the average high is 41 in philadelphia and even in the cold spots. that is really not that bad. we do have big changes next week. rain and snow.
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nbc 10 is the only place to see it live. >> i got a behind the scenes look to see what we can all expect new year's eve. this is the work before the wow that comes on new year's eve in philadelphia. >> that is what we do. convert oohs and aahs. >> the fireworks on the waterfront. while the 12-man crew spends four days making it happen. >> every year we develop new things overseas. we have the manufacturers design shelves just for our liking. this year we have special naught kells, shells that go out into the water. they think wow, the river lit up. >> with 4,000 pounds of
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explosives, crews are setting each one of these off by hand and the entire show is computerized. timed out to the exact fraction of a second when each fire work will go off. >> everything will match and look beautiful. it will will go to the music. it is a labor of love for these guys who come back every year. >> we consider ourselves painters. the paintings do not last long but i feel like we leave an impressi impression. everyone out here has a passion to do this. >> really cool to be behind the scenes today. some of the fireworks you will see go 1,000 feet up into the air. >> they are shooting things that are this big. >> that thing was heavy. >> you can see them if you can't make it out there from your couch thanks to nbc 10. we will broadcast them live at
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6:00. down the show the people are getting set for the first night celebration. the alcohol-free family friendly, marks its 25th anniversary this year. >> this is our first time in ocean city for new year's. we wanted to check it out. >> we have seen a growth in new people. atlantic city is gearing up. many of the casinos will hold lavish parties for their best customers. >> fencing it up in preparation for the mummers new year's parade.
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15th street closed. there is no parking in the area from now until monday. go to nbc 10 for a look at events around the region. >> lawyers for bill cosby filed a motion asking for a change of venue. they don't think he can get a fair trial in montgomery county. a year ago he was charged with drugging and molesting a woman he knew from temple university in 2004. the district attorney said he is not opposed to moving the trial. >> the elderly store owner murdered over a piece of jewelry was laid to rest. family and friends gathered for a funeral mass in south filphil. she was working on christmas eve when she was gunned down.
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maurice greene is accused of shooting and killing buck. buck's grand stole allegedly stole a necklace worth $5,000 to $10,000. green went to the store expecting to see the grandson and he wasn't there and instead they say he shot buck. >> police looking for two women. detectives say they walked in and deliberately threw hot coffee on the cashier there. if you recognize the women, police want to hear from you. >> police identified a man wanted from stealing wallets from offices throughout the state. the man in this video police believe is tyrone thomas, hit the offices of doctors, lawyers and other professionals 15 times. once he had the wallets, he would use the victims' credit cards to make major purchases. >> three companies trying to
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stop an energy company from taking their property. the 300-mile pipeline project. >> we have a follow up to a slow down on columbus avenue in south philadelphia. cars are now moving in both directions. the water main break caused the lane closures on the road. officials tell us that the broken main has been replaced. good news for bicyclists in philadelphia. set to remove the old trolley tracks. you can see they repaved the road. the bicycle coalition says that the change makes major commuting root safer for riders. >> the philadelphia zoo is mourning the loss of a beloved lion.
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the 25-year-old cat was believed to be the oldest african lion in the united states zoo population. born at tzoo and arrived in philadelphia years later. >> workers in the big apple sent the iconic new year's ball up the 130-foot pole atop 1 times square today as part of the final preparation for tomorrow night's massive new year's eve celebration. more than a million visitor are gathering to celebrate the new year. >> it is not too difficult to see why the place is so busy.
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champagne in every aisle. people are stocking up to ring in 2017. >> i brought white wine and red wine. no champagne. >> i have champagne at home. >> carol likes the italian version, champagne. sparkling wine sales are up every year for the last decade. wine experts will tell you real champagne only comes from the region in france. >> i actually do not do it that often. i will taste whatever anyone that's taste. it all tastes delicious. >> i am an easy mark for free giveaways. >> the sample may be free but many are walking out with less money but a bottle or more. for many a little toast at
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midnight. >> others are shop to stock the bar. >> we are going to make champagne jello shots. >> if you are look to figure out the difference between the sparkling wine and the champagne. here they are sampling three types of champagne, all from the champagne region of france under $30. if you hurry you will get a free taste. the liquor store is expecting to be busy again tomorrow. >> got to get that bubbly in. >> from champagne shots, right. what did she is a? >> jello shots. >> yeah. >> now to this news next at 5:00, more praise for putin. new comments from president elect donald trump and joining the parade to take part in trump's inauguration festivities. a popular gym in the area closed
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without warning, leaving customers to wonder where they can fulfill the new years resolutions.
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>> russian president vladimir putin condemned a new round of sanctions. president obama ordered the actions for russian hackers
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meddling in the u.s. election. russian president, vladimir putin, condemned a new round of u.s. sankszs but won't excel american diplomats after president obama ordered 35 russian diplomats out of the u.s. as punishment for the election. president elect trump praised putin for not retaliating. great move on delay by v. putin. i always knew he ewas very smar. >> he is doing a victory lap. he does not have to do sanctions on us. putin won across the board. >> mr. trump will be briefed on russian hacking next week. putin hopes trump will reverse president obama's orders but analysts say the president elect needs to be careful. >> donald trump will face the issue. it will be his government they
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are trying to hack. >> next thursday they will investigate the foreign cyber threat. democrats and republican lawmakers want stronger actions against russia. >> i don't think they are weak. but i do not think they are going to be enough. i would like to see congress stepping up to oppose broader sanctions. >> the 35 diplomats in washington, d.c. and san francisco have until sunday to leave. >> putin is inviting u.s. diplomats and their children to a new year's party at the kremlin. >> a member of the famed tabernacle choir posted her resignation on facebook saying appearing would be endorsing tyranny and the performance is
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not based on support of the party or politics. some of the famous radio city rockettes reacted. one posted on instagram after finding out the news fellow performers went on the stage with tears in their eyes and heavy hearts. the company now says any performer can choose to skip the inauguration. >> a local group will march to the inaugural parade following the swearing in of president elect trump. nbc 10 at the center city headquarters of first troop philadelphia city cavalry. >> it is not a matter of what the matter or the president. we are very, very enthusiastic. loyal. patriotic for our country and are thrilled to be a part of the inauguration. >> in addition, the marching
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band near pittsburgh is also scheduled to be in the parade. president obama will head to capitol hill to strategize with lawmaker busy how to prevent republicans from destroying his affordable care act. >> with the new year approaching gyms and fitness studios will be packed but there will be one less option to choose from. life method studios has shut down to close its doors. the lithe method combines cheerleadering, cardio and dance. the studios will be closed now for the foreseeable future. >> it is like a relation, you know. they are in there. they love it. i wish that we were open right
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now. i know that they need it. >> the owner tells nbc 10 she hopes to owner in the new year, under a different name. >> a band of winter weather did not let up over northern pennsylvania. plows were out in force overnight. this is a live look, take a look. all of the skiers and snowboarders enjoying it. >> let's get a closer look now at the forecast. >> yeah. >> it was even cold enough for snow flurries in parts of the areas but the skies have cleared. the wind is diminishing as well. the weekend overall will be dry with a slight warming trend. we do have rain in the forecast monday and in to tuesday.
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we also have snow next friday and saturday. philadelphia at the airport, it is 39. got a lot of 39s out there. now you can see the flow here. we had snow flurries coming down. made it there all the way to the jersey shore. did not amount to anything. it does when you are closer to the great lakes, ohio and western new york state. tomorrow the wind direction
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changes. up to 45. 43 in redding. 25 degrees for a low tomorrow morning. yeah. it is going to be cold to start the weekend. it won't be as cold sunday as it is tomorrow. 46, not bad for this time of the year. you can see your own at the bottom of the screen. we had no flurries in western pennsylvania. sunday, good-bye. the wind direction is different. now we look to the south to see the moisture coming up. but it is not going to come up until late sunday night and it looks like it will be light
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going into monday morning. that is just the beginning of the wet weather. i think tuesday will be wetter than monday will be. temperatures a bit above average at this time of the year. not a whole lot of wind either. cold in spots. 37 at 6:00 and 33 at midnight. mummers getting lucky again. temperatures not bad. not a whole lot of wind. and dry. for the eagles' game, looks like it is going to be dry as well. a good bit of sunshine as we start the game and not a lot of
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wind. as we head towards the end of the week. the pattern is becoming more and more favorable for snow. after decades, the carnagie deli calling it quits. the rush to get one last sandwich before the kitchen closes for good. >> we are looking back at an historic year of change in politics and looking forward to what is ahead for the new administration. the credit card bills will soon need to be paid. expert advice how to knock down your debt before more is tacked on. and learning strategies to using your time more wisely in the new year.
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after 80 years of serving up meat new york's carnagie deli will be carving up its last sandwiches today. >> the restaurant is set to close at midnight.
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>> the deli has been mary harper's second home. the deli opened in 1937. her father bought it 40 years ago. >> barry manilow came in in 1978. the manager told him i was one of his biggest fans. he came to pay his check in person. >> a favorite for celebrities, politicians and loyal customers known for its enormous meaty sandwiches. >> i am go to try the roast beef for the first time today. >> the line stretches out the door. >> from here you are at least an hour. >> the long wait. the carnagie deli is closing. fans were thrilled when it reopened in february after a gas leak forced a ten-month closure. >> it is sad. it has been here for so long.
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>> i am devastated they are closing. >> somebody said to me yesterday i will give you a massage, cook, clean for you and mow your lawn. i will do anything you want to keep the carnagie deli open. >> marian tells me it is time to move on. >> it has been rough for me. very long hours. early morning. late nights. now it is time to step back a little bit and take it in another direction. >> the direction, merchandising and distribution. the brand. the buttery folds of pastrami and the memories are here to stay. but for this deli, time is running out. >> i want to enjoy a piece of history before it is gone. >> makes you hungry. >> oh. >> from the gas station to the paycheck, you might notice changes with your money in the new year. we will show you what to look
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for in 2017. >> and how one local artist is encouraging people to be better neighbors.
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>> the new year comes a lot of new laws. >> we have been tracking down the changes that you need to know about. george, some of the new laws are going to have a real impact. >> yeah. a personal impact on the pocket book from pennsylvania to new
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jersey. among the biggest changes that drivers across the delaware valley will notice in tolls on a turnpike. >> olivia thomas is willing to accept the adjustment. climbing 6%, the ninth annual increase in a row. pennsylvania's gas tax is the highest in the nation and also climbing eight cents. proceeds going to transit improvements and road projects. >> a lot of things they don't do with the money that they should. we have way too many potholes and cracks. they have a lot of things that are not done. >> across the road in new jersey, financial planning will change, sales tax for all
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consumers will drop modestly. the estate tax exemption climbed to $2 million before it is phased out the following year and the minimum wage climbs from $8.38 to $8.44 an hour. >> there are a lot of people struggling and they need a little boost. >> down in wdelaware, 2017 is a year for marijuana debate. one state senator will bring up legislation to legalize marijuana for anyone 21 or older. nbc 10 news. >> still ahead, we will look at new jersey's new law on adoption records. starting next year they will be unsealed. what it means for birth mothers and their children coming up at 5:45.
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>> we are in the final countdown of 2017. if you are planning celebrate away from home, there will be a way to get there. patco offering free rides. you can take the south jersey rail service at no cost on new year's day. septa is not offering free rides but regional rail is offering special late night service. uber says brace yourself for surge pricing between midnight to 3:00 a.m. rates are far more expensive than usual. uber expected to get three times more rides than last year. >> a ride over to the blue cross river rink for new year's eve. the perfect spot to watch the show from sugar house casino. if you can't make it, nbc 10 will be broadcasting the early show live right here.
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see it here starting at 6:00. in newark, you can celebrate the new year with free parking. no charge on january 1 and 2. the goal is to encourage visitors to shop and dine. one philadelphia artist has an idea for a new year's resolution, be a better neighbor. >> some of the artists street art. a local artist designed the signs, encouraging people to be good neighbors by cleaning up their trash, cleaning up after their dog and keeping the noise levels down. >> all right. let's see how the weather is shaping up for the new year. i think you are going to like it. >> we have been saying more than a week it was looking pretty decent for new year's weekend. the temperatures rebounded pretty nicely. they were clearing out after
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snow flurries that came through the area earlier. hardly anything there on the radar right now. we still have flurries back there in central pennsylvania. about you with the wind diminishing, not making it over the mountains anymore. down to 39 in philadelphia. 37 in trenton. most of the places are going to be down in the 20s by morning. we are already seeing the wind diminishing. not 20 mile per hour. we had gusts to 40 earlier. look at that. only a three mile per hour wind right now. the wind will not be a factor for new year's eve either. i expect dry weather. the temperatures above average. first fireworks at 6:00. 38 at midnight for the main fireworks. you can see just about everybody is dry. as we go through the entire
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weekend. we are cold right now but we will moderate into early next week allowing the rain to move up. but the artic air will return. it is go to cover much of the country late next week setting us up for no chances. more on that with the ten day coming up. >> the last winter storm of 2016 arrived with the nor'easter dumping snow. brgiower to more than 100,000 homes and businesses. the national weather service received snow falling at a rate of six inches per hour. southern and western maine turned out to be the bull's eye but pummelled some communities and others miles away were drenched with rain. snow and snow drifts are making travel treacherous on roads in
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central new york. winter warnings remain in effect through the morning. the worst areas can see up to two inches of snow per hour. >> an update to a story we brought you at the top of the hour. police arrested two women who walked into the 69th street store and threw hot coffee on a cashier and got an overwhelming response from the public after releasing these surveillance photos of those suspects. if you don't like the cold weather, the last thing you want to do is to get sick as well. we have new details on the flu season and the effectiveness of the vaccine. a familiar face that could be back on the field against the eagles on sunday.
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>> the bald eagle hatch watch is in the homestretch. take a look at the video from an
5:39 pm
hour ago. the egg inside the eagle's nest started to crack. we are still waiting for the eagles to hatch. all happening in florida. a real estate company hosting a live eagle camera over the nest of the female bald eagle harriet and her mate, m-15. >> here is a live look from the camera. harriet is keeping the egg covered. still awaiting the arrival. we are watching this feed. i have got it on my phone. we are going to know when they come out. >> you are loving this. >> i am. >> a college basketball -- >> auburn was trailing georgia in the second half. auburn decided to drop in on georgia's huddle. nobody noticed. >> the team's assistant coach, he saw. he did not learn too much in the
5:40 pm
huddle. georgia went on to win the game. >> that would never happen to the number one school in the country, villanova, by the way. >> yeah. the eagles will play their final game of the season sunday against the cowboys, and that has rookie quarterback, carson wentz, reflecting on his first year in the nfl. >> just eight days before the season started, wentz didn't know he would be the starter. but he made a got first impression on the fans. >> he has him. touchdown. touchdown. after the win against the browns wentz and the eagles went 3-0 and fans' hopes were high. but the team only got three more wins. we asked if he is feeling more comfortable there with his new teammates. >> yeah. i think we have already developed quite a bit of that. the off-season will be huge for us. last off-season i did not get a full off-season with the guys, you know, taking the 13 reps and those sorts of things.
5:41 pm
we were all learning a new playbook. some of it will be huge for us to be on the same page and get together to spend the extra time. >> tony romo is expected to make his debut sunday against the eagles. it is not clear how much of the game romo might play. much more of our conversation with wentz. join us for eagles gameday kickoff sunday morning only on nbc 10, your official eagles station. we are go to talk about an issue that could divide families across new jersey. starting next year, adoption records will be unsealed. by peggy lee playing ]
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this is nbc 10 news. >> more tests will determine how singer george michael died. the results of an initial autopsy are inconclusive. his death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious. it will be weeks before the other tests are complete. >> new data shows it is a relatively quiet flu season but the cases have been increasing. the researchers say there is positive news that all of the flu strains so far are included in the year's vaccine and the peak time is now through march. county is offering walk-in clinics every day until january. >> pennsylvania leads the nation
5:45 pm
when it comes to the number of cases of reported lyme disease. more than 12,000 cases of tick born disease reported this year alone. for perspective, triple the amount of cases in new york. they have the second highest total with 4,000. >> former mummers got an early start on new year's fun performing for patients and employees at cancer treatments of america. they colunteared their time to share their musical entertainment and spread joy to those currently undergoing treatment. >> there is a clock ticking for hundreds of thousands of new jersey parents who gave up a child for adoption. >> soon the state will allow adults access to their adoption information. parents have until tomorrow to find out if they want to remain
5:46 pm
anonymous. >> kim is one of many that comed the new laws opening the basement birth certificate files to adoptees wanting to know where they came from. >> people will be able to have a better sense of their full story. i think that is critically important to identity development. >> carroll, by luck and perseverance did find out who her mother was ten years after she committed suicide. her search, driven by a genetic heart defect that her son, jonathan, barely survived. rights of adoptees she is as have been ignored too long. >> we arrived on the planet and from the minute we came here all the decisions were made for us. >> unlike new jersey, pennsylvania's law is changing as well. but advocates say that it gives
5:47 pm
parents a little more protection going forward in keeping their names private if they so desire. >> pretty nice weekend ahead. it was windy. it was cold. we had snow flurries. look at the flags. the wind is quickly diminishing. the temperature still above freezing across virtually the entire area. let's check out the coldest area. 32 degrees. fleetwood 32. a lot of these places are about to go below freezing, but they are going to be going into the
5:48 pm
20s with very little wind. we have a few snow flurries headed towards the county. but with the wind diminishing. that pushes -- that does not push the moisture across the mountains as efficiently t lly did earlier. the temperature going down into the 20s very soon. allen town. quaker town. redding. even by 9:00 tonight it will be in the 20s. not dropping a whole lot more as we head towards morning. the atmosphere overall is trying to warm up. that is fighting the cooling trying to happen at night. and then tomorrow with the sunshine, the temperatures are getting higher than today. 43 in atlantic city. 42 in trenton. philly. wilmington. that is right around average for this time of the year.
5:49 pm
we head towards the midnight hour, there will not be a lot of wind, either. we are showing you here the amount of rain. this is european model, the world's best. not a whole lot. by monday at 7:00 p.m. watch what happens tuesday. that is the rainy day. the really wet day with over an inch of rain in some spots by tuesday evening. we definitely have rain on the way. later on during the week, you are going to make snow and get natural snow. here is the weekend forecast. saturday, dry. sunday is dry. a little bit milder. and then monday, look how nasty that is. the heavier rain in the jersey shore and delaware as you can see and the wind coming off of
5:50 pm
the ocean keeping the temperatures down. new year's eve, you don't have to worry about that stuff. 44 degrees at 6:00 for the fireworks. 38 at midnight. everybody looks like it will be dry. we are not going to have any issues with wind. the mummers are not going to worry about wind or rain. the eagles are also going to be playing there in pretty good weather. the temperature is above average. not a lot of wind. next week the things will change big time. >> glenn, thank you. a lot of people will start the new year with resolutions to get healthy. parks across the country are offering free guided hikes. the tours are led by park staff and experienced volunteers to enjoy exercise and take in inspiring views as well. last year 55,000 people started the year hiking more than
5:51 pm
133,000 miles on new year's day. >> the big apple will drop the ball. the new year would not be complete without a giant peep. bethlehem will drop a 200-pound peeps chick. the peep drop begins at 5:15 followed by a fireworks show. find more ways to ring in the new year. most of us will watch it on tv. hundreds of thousands will be in new york city to celebrate the new year. >> we will go to times square to countdown the final hours of 2016 next. with the xfinity tv app,
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>> tomorrow night the eyes of the world will be in new york city. you are looking at times square. it will look a little different in 24 hours. >> more than a million expected to be gathered there to watch the ball drop. crowds like that raise concern busy terrorism. how police plan to keep everyone safe. >> we are already hearing the rehearsals beginning and the snow is falling in times square. the electricity is amping up. as all of this goes on, the nypd is starting to stake out the position for what may be the
5:55 pm
most complex new year's security assignment in the world. >> new year. new time. new time to live life. >> you don't need to look at the calendar to know that it is the eve of new year's eve. new yorkers can tell by the flood of tourists that walk slower than the rest of us while we get ready to party. but it is no time for complacency. >> few times during the year. 4th of july. new year's eve. the tree lighting. this is when everyone has to be on their toes. >> much of the security is routine, this year police brass learned from the terror truck attacks across the atlantic. heavy sanitation trucks to form barriers. >> even though there is a heavy police presence, i do not feel like i am in a police state. >> metal barricades are going
5:56 pm
up. tomorrow police will use them to create a grid of so-called binnings. there will be cops in plain clothes trained to spot unusual behavior. the mayor says every reveller should keep their eyes peeled for danger. >> if you think something is happening that makes you worried, go and tell an officer. >> the first new year's eve when jimmy o'neal will be at the hem. he said there will be no commanders having the night off tomorrow. times square is where all of the attention is, there will be a lot of other parties in new york where the nypd will be on hand with the blocker vehicles trying to separate pedestrians from traffic. >> next at 6:00 we get you set
5:57 pm
for a look at celebrations planned from philadelphia to the shore. get a look at the barge where the philadelphia fireworks will be shot off from. just 32 hours away from the start of 2017. it is the weather that a lot of people are concerned about, glenn. >> the weekend got off to a windy start but the winds are dying down. a look at what to expect from your holiday celebrations. >> all new, keep the change. the unusual tip one server ended up with at an area casino and why it landed one man in hot water.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
sending 2016 out with a bang. crews loaded up the fireworks that will light up the sky on new year's eve on the delaware waterfront. the mummers are getting set for their annual new year's strut down broad street. they were full of color today as various groups geared up for the long running philadelphia tradition. and the big apple is ready for the famous ball to drop. about this time tomorrow, new york's times square will be a
6:00 pm
wash in a sea of people. with a live look there at the scene. more than 1 million are expected to pack the square welcoming in 2017. it is the weather that everyone is keeping a close eye on as they prepare to celebrate. the start of the weekend has been a windy one as we take a live look at the flags. of course the beauty of live tv, it never corresponds with what you say. i promise it is windy. the scene in ocean city, the winds whipped around snoi. a lot of people ask what the weather will be bringing. also a look at new year's eve festivities. glenn, i am upon not lying. it is windy. >>


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