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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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any precipitation that moves through will fall as rain. it will be a breezy to windy morning, 17-mile-per-hour winds in philadelphia, dover up to 22 miles per hour. gusts are a little higher. and as the front passes we'll see some changes with clearing conditions in the afternoon. we'll track your entire day out in a few minutes. but right now to jessica boyington we're going to start on the vine street expressway. around 20th street we're open in both directions. we're not dealing with the construction project. no big problems or delays but there's an accident in upper bub lynn out in dreschertown. and we're dealing with a water main break that happened about a week ago oar so. still seeing some restrictions there. drive times for you and check in with the majors when i come back
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in ten minutes. back to you guys. new this morning, families are out of their homes after this smokey fire in north philadelphia. it began around 2:00 this morning on west huntington street. you can see that the firefighters had to deal with heavy smoke when they put out the flames. fortunate lly no one was hurt. a search is on for a grandmother and her great grandmother. >> the pair was headed to north carolina for christmas but they never made it there. >> the family of this woman and her great granddaughter they're worried this morning. the two were last seen three days ago in virginia. here are the photos. they left mays landing on christmas eve, on the way to visit family in north carolina. relatives last spoke to them on the phone when they were at a gas station in rutter glen,
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virginia. but they haven't heard from them since and they never showed up at their destination. we spoke with the woman's grandson. he says that families members drove south in search of their loved ones. >> facebooked her while she was in traffic and she said she was lost but she takes the route all of the time. >> police in three states are now looking for the car that the two were in. a 2014 silver toy yo ka rav 4 with the new jersey license plate c 80-els. now the last place barbara and la myra were seen is roughly five hours away from their destination. family members are hoping for the best. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. in south philadelphia police and neighbors are looking for answers following the murder of an elderly store owner. the victim was 81-year-old marie buck. she was gunned down on christmas eve. investigators say a man in dark clothing shot her a dozen times
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inside the grocery store that she's observed for decades. the police are continuing to search for the gunmen >> she was murdered. she was murdered and i saw my mother when i went in there and i can't believe somebody would do that to her. >> a memorial is growing outside the store. buck's family says she was planning to retire next month. tonight you'll have a chance to held ap philadelphia grandmother and her kids who lost their home in a fire. this is the destroyed home in cedar brook. the red cross took in sheila johnson and her three grandchildren following the fire. now that help is coming to an end and johnson told us they have no place to go. >> this is everything that we had. i mean it's gone. it's really traumatic. >> fund rauzer for the family is scheduled for tonight from 5:00 to 9:00. it's 4:34 on this morning.
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burlington county, one man is accused of trying to lead children to his car. he approached the boys and then tried to get them to perform sexual acts on him. the victims were able to get away. a professor at the university is drawing criticism for a controversial tweet. school officials met with the professor after he tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. he said the term was an imaginary concept which he was moxing. got reaction from a drexel student and a nearby merchant. >> i think he should have been more careful with his words. i believe that free speech is okay in this day and age but a lot of people may get offended by that. >> anytime you use the word genocide you have to be extremely careful what you're
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doing. that's as serious as it gets. >> in his bio, the professor describes race and racism as two of his responsibilities. the professors comments are deeply disturbing and do not in any way reflect the values of the university. fight fight fight for the cherry and the white. ♪ temple football hosted a pep rally in d.c. last night as they get ready for today's military bowl game. the coach led the celebration as the players spoke to fans. and temple is in back-to-back bowl games for the first time ever. if they can beat wake forest tonight, it would be the third bowl win in temple's history and the first 11-win season in the
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school's history. >> it's something that we had the whole way through, even the day matt left. we talked about we're going to class, going to final. we're not going to jeopardize anything in terms of eligibility and we're going to be the best temple team forever. >> anybody that's been in the program as long as i chave, we gave everything that we could. now that it's coming to an end and we've got the chance to make history yet again, it's just crazy. and i'm glad it's ending the that it is. >> we have complete live coverage of the game on nbc 10 news at 4:00. it's 4:36 right now. this morning, new details about a real-life survival story. >> this college professor spent more than a day in the freezing cold. hear show she made out it alive. and then there's this -- >> making a mess on purpose.
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we'll explain why workers are dumping 100 truckloads of dirt in a trenton sports arena. here's a live look outthe center city sky looirn where we'w line where we're seeing the clouds return. we'll take a look at that coming up.
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good morning. jessica boyington with a quick check on the roads. we're watching an accident in upper dublin and dreshertowne road. let's check in with drive times over in nersz. northbound, all traffic into philadelphia a five-minute trip with average speeds in the mid 60s. mass transit looks great. everything running on time with no major delays right now for septa, patco, new jersey transit
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and amtrak. on a water main break, it's not a water main break that's an active water main break. we just have lane restrictions now southbound between 95 and washington after. we'll check in with the cameras when i come back. and let's take a look starting with camelback mountain. this is one of the areas hanging on to the foggy conditions that we saw overnight. temperatures are a little lower in areas like camelback mountain and the poconos. there's blowing snow, a light amount because the winds have been cranking up ahead of the cold front that's going to pass. here's a look at the visibility. down to 2 miles. if you're taking the drive farther north, you may run into low visibility patches. things look good for your morning commute. here's a look at the light showers that were passing through lehigh valley but has
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since moved out. we're not tracking much rain yet. but during the morning commute is when the showers should move in, light to moderate rain, awe few pockets of heavier rain. it's not going to be a major concern. here's a look at the planner, 7:00 a.m., 57 degrees, may warmer than average for this time of the year. in philadelphia this morning with windy conditions and rain but the rain will start tapering off about 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. and then we see the temperature capping out near the low 60s through the afternoon. sunshine returning as well to areas like the suburbs and the lehigh valley. temperatures will peak around the mid 50s. we're going to continue with the rain showers a little longer lingering in parts of delaware, new jersey and the shore. i think they'll hang through about 11:00 a.m. but move off of the shore by noon to 1:00. the afternoon we're not worried about rain and the clouds will
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break allowing for more sunshine. temperatures warmer than average. a lot of us getting close to or making it to 60 degree mark. that's what we're tracking today. but tomorrow, a big drop again, there's your wednesday forecast, the low 40s. it's going to feel much cooler. coming up we'll take a closer look at the temperature trend and how it tracks into your new year's eve and the first day of 2017. the monster jam is on its way to trenton. 100 trucks dumped loads of dirt in the bank center yesterday. the monster truck jam series begins tomorrow. the event runs through friday. 4:42 right now. a native american tribe in new jersey is taking action. see what they're doing to stop a pipeline project. making 10,000 personal connections. meet the philadelphia man who is using the power of social media
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to reach out and connect with total strangers. this woman from the lehigh valley spent 30 hours trapped in bitter cold in the grand canyons. hear how she made it out alive.
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. a community college professor from the lehigh valley is recovering in a hospital out west. she survived more than 30 hours in the freezing cold after her family's car got stuck in the ditch near the grand canyon. rescue crews first found karen kline and then her husband and son. the family leaves in eaton north hatch on the county. kline said her car got stuck in the forest of the canyon. luckily she had wilderness
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survival training. she decided to leave her husband and son in the car and find help. it was snowy, windy and frigid. her cell phone lost service and died. kline walked 30 miles before finding a ranger station and help for them all >> i kept thinking of my 10-year-old. i didn't want to fall asleep because i knew you would freeze to death. i don't think we're going to be doing too much traveling. maybe a beach destination next time. >> she's being treated for severe frostbite. weeks of a native american group earned a victory over a pipeline in north dakota, another pipeline battle could be shaping up in new york. the plan has the pipeline going through a reservation which is what the tribe is protesting. the tribe has put up protest signs and tepees but now they
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want others to join the fight. >> needs to stop looking at the rama pose and get their helmets on and stand with us. >> so far the tribe is running into obstacles during their protest. the town officials say they need permits for the campground and the tepees. but they do agree that the pipeline's current path is unacceptable. pay tretriots week is under. there are walking tours, reenactments and lectures planned. how long would it take you to meet 10,000 people. a philadelphia man says it doesn't really matter how long it takes, that's his goal. he wants to spend an hour with you to hear your story. >> i just know that i if meet people good things will happen. >> he's been reaching out with
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people asking them to spent some time with them. he's up to 641. i was 548. he developed the idea partially because of his experience at penn state university. >> i was involved in a lot of clubs and activities there. i knew a lot of people and i missed that community of being able to walk down the street, hey, how is your day going, what's up. that was something i wanted to recreate when i moved into philadelphia. >> lawless wants nothing in return for the meetings. he's open to where the meetings will lead him >> very impressive. >> it was very impressive. we'll see where the project takes him. speaking about initiative, if you're able to get up and out the door, i don't know if i would have be able to find the initiative if i were home right now. >> we'll start with the vine and we have good news to report. both directions open this morning in between broad street
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and the schuylkill expressway. westbound and eastbound, no problems or delays right now. checking in with 95, no big problems or delays here either. it's still a little early to see the major problems, especially before the morning rush really begins. southbound from wood haven road to the expressway, 13-minute trip. average speeds in the mid 60s. we'll check in with mass transit, septa running 15 minutes late due to equipment problems. more updates when i'm back in ten. really warm, 55 degrees already outside. >> so mild. the latest christmas present if you ask me. crystal klei is joining us now. >> temperatures are great. but you do have to prep for the rain that's going to move through this morning. we'll see some showers and
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especially for those of you who have three or four days off, and you get to work this morning, toss the umbrella in the car. showers right now passing through pennsylvania and you see they extend farther down to the southwest. that's heading our direction. we look closer into our area, the clouds are thickening up as they move in from the west. then as the clouds completely pass over us, the showers start to move in. in the afternoon the clouds and the showers move out so sunshine later today. here are the temperatures. at least you have there to look forward to as you get out of the door. you don't have to get the abrupt 20s and 30 cold blast. all in the 50s right now. the airport is right now at 55, same for center city. really a nice start for the morning. the temperatures won't climb a ton, but they will climb in some spots to around 60 or the low 60s. here's the hour by hour
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forecast. 6 a.m., the spotty showers arement coming in. i'm expecting more around 7:00 a.m. this is the picture we'll see. showers beginning to pass and these spotty showers will continue to move through 10:30 a.m. in philadelphia, 10:30 to 11:00 they start moving out and by 1:00 a.m. they're moving aof of the shore as well. as we go through the night, clearing conditions as well. we stay clear into into the night and wednesday. wednesday looking nice but a more typical day with the 40s for the highs. today we're climbing to around the low 60s in center city, upper 50s for doylestown, mid 50s for the lehigh valley. we're showing a mix here because this is going to be a start with rain and then see sun kind of day. same deal for new jersey, the shore and delaware. we're looking at the mix as we go in the afternoon of more sun,
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less clouds. we're looking at showers at well, oacean city at 60. as we fast forward to the holiday weekend, new year's eve and new year's day. overnight is going to be seasonal but that meeans chilly. it looks like the rain potential is going to hold off until monday. we'll take more about that coming up. students at mitchell elementary school in southwest philadelphia are in for a surprise when they return from christmas break. 240 new computers and 80 new ipads all thanks to their principal. she ran the philadelphia marathon last week to raise awareness that her school needed computers. and it worked. well if you're off this week and looking for a holiday bargain, you can get $2 off admission at the national
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constitution center. bring some school supplies to donate. well do you have plans for new year's eve yet? now about an evening out at the blue cross river rank at penn's standing. as we take a live look now, we're inviting you to celebrate the new year here with nbc 10. there will be two fire works shows that night, one at 6:00 and one at midnight. if you can't make it to penn's landing, nbc 10 will be broadcasting the el fire works show live during or 6:00 news hour. shopping turned to panic for hundreds of people in new jersey. >> here's video as the shoppers thought they heard gun shots. up next, learn really happened. find out how you can help clear the shelters, adopt a new dog or cat this week in some cases free.
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five minutes before 5:00 right now.
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happening today, resuming work along city avenue. lane closures today through friday, 9:00 to 3:00 you'll find the right lane closed. they're expected to work through next year, infished by november. the 76ers are pushing for rookie jo ellen bead to make the nba all star team. he's averaging more points per ga game. players with vote on the all-time selections. these head coaches lobbied hard for him big man. >> there is no doubt in mind that she a serious consideration for that. i mean he hasn't done much wrong for him not to be legitimately
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considered for that game. >> the all-star game is set for new orleans on sunday, february 19th. today marks the second day of whkwanza. the celebration honors after dan heritage and traditions. each of the seven days hasn't a different principle starting with unity. >> people are disbursed around the planet. it has united us across land, across water and it's one of the only holidays that we have that does that. >> kwanza ones until january 1st. holiday time is as good of a time as any to help clear the shelters. take a look at alana. i recently got to meet her as part of the bark in the new year program. i learned that alana is one of
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many pets looking for a forever family. >> people like to focus in the new year on bettering themselves and leading healthier life stiles and having a pet is a big part of that. they increase your social life, you meet a lot of new people and they encourage you to be healthy. >> the bark in the mew year is going on all week. tomorrow you can. pick your own dapgs free and on friday, puppies and kittens are free. just a few minutes before 5:00 and now more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5. >> the search is on for this 71-year-old south jersey woman and her great granddaughter. they were last seen headed to north carolina for christmas. they haven't been seen ore heard from in days. shopping mall scare, hundreds of people ran for their lives at this new jersey mall when someone thought they heard
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gun fire. and christmas day tragedy, police in ocean county want to know who hit and killed a man on his way to visit family for family celebrations at christmas. >> good morning. welco welcome. it's 5:00 i'm traydy davidson. >> and i'm katy zachry. let's get to crystkrystal klei our weather. >> we're looking at conditions this morning, can't complain about the temperatures. look at this. this is a 24-hour change map. we're comparing temperatures right now to 24 hours ago and we're way warmer. 20 degrees if philadelphia and 25 degrees warmer in allentown. yesterday we were talking below freezing temperatures. not today. here's a look at the actual
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temperatures. mid 50s across the area. dover at 56. even allentown up to 51 degrees. so it's a very moderate start to your morning. but we do have changes moving in in the form of rain. clouds will building in a bit more. we have light rain trying to make its way in. but the bulk of the showers are sitting off to our southwest. you can see this area of rain that right now is just starting to move into the southwest part of pennsylvania. that's going to continue tracking along here moving to the northeast and the line itself tracking directly west to east. so that rain will be moving our direction as we go through your morning hours and starting to move out through the afternoon. here's a look at the philadelphia forecast as we go through your morning. right now we're at 56 degrees. we just saw the mid 50s starting to boost. we're in the breezy to windy edge and the showers will be moving in. we'll continue to track that and talk afternoon conditions coming up well we're also


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