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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dramatic drop. after a warmup, another blast of cold air is moving in tonight. ready, set, ship. the deadline to get the holiday packages out is almost here. what you need to know so your gifts arrive on time. five in a row. the eagles come so close but lose the battle today in baltimore. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> now at 6:00, warm, wet and windy. we've seen a dramatic change in the weather today, and it is just the beginning. temperatures will take a big tumble tonight. good evening. i'm denise nakano. get ready for a 30 degree drop. after reaching the 60s earlier today, you'll need to bundle up tonight and tomorrow morning. take a look at this. our nbc 10 camera s captured ts
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temperature reading of 55 degrees late this morning. the warmer weather is long done. now, we're dealing with windy weather conditions. you can see the flags in center city. they're blowing out there. that's making the already chilly temperatures feel even colder. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erika martin is tracking the changes. >> we do have much colder temperatures because the cold front is well past us. temperature today, the observed high at philly international, 2:14 p.m., 60 degrees. we're already seeing 40s just a few hours later. notice, lehigh valley and the pa suburbs seeing mid to upper 30s. expect colder temperatures as the night comes to an end. all due to a push of colder air sliding into place. look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood dpoforecast. current wind, we were seeing southerlies earlier and now northwesterlies. this is making all the
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difference, which is why the temperatures are declining quickly. atlantic city, we're seeing 20-mile-per-hour sustained wind speeds. 15 for dover. millville, 17 for you. allentown and trenton, 15-mile-per-hour sustained wind speed. what does that mean? it means we do have another cold blast in effect. we are going from 60s to 30s by tomorrow. expected high temperature on monday, in the mid 30s. your neighborhood temperature starting at 6:00 p.m., notice how the winds shift and the temperatures start to decline. i have more details coming up in the full forecast. back to you. >> thanks. you can get the latest information on the changing weather with the nbc 10 app and nbc we are constantly updating the first alert neighborhood forecast to help you plan your day. the countdown is winding down. we are now just seven days from christmas, and six days from the start of hanukkah. not only is the last-minute rush on to buy the last-minute gifts but also to make sure those
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presents make it to their destinations on time. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. nbc 10's lauren mayk hit the streets and has more on the holiday mailing rush. >> at this post office here near 30th street station, they were expecting to close at 6:00. if you take a look over here, you can see there are still people in line. it is still busy in there. the folks here are beating the rush because when this post office and others re-open in the morning, it is expected to be for a very busy day. >> reporter: one week before christmas, amanda newel is busy. in this north philadelphia neighborhood, she is delivering packages in the pre-holiday rush. we caught her partway through her day. >> it was all crowded up. to the top. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service expects package volume to be up 12% this holiday season. packing their trucks are online
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orders and ones like the boxes sheryl jackson packed herself. >> i had to convince them. >> reporter: she was among those in line on this sunday trying to beat the crowd. >> i think it gets worse as it gets closer to the 25th. we've experienced the line on the 23rd. and we decided to try to preempt it a little bit. >> reporter: in line, gift givers carried, toted and shuffled their presents. te others patiently stamped each envelope. this is the second batch of his for the season. now they're on their way. >> i can hardly wait for people to be excited for the gifts i got for them. >> this checks something off your list. >> this is the end of my gift. >> reporter: not for amanda newel, one week before christmas. >> happy holidays. >> back out here live, you can see that even after the official close of business at 6:00, the
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workers here at this post office are helping out these customers who have been waiting in line here to mail their packages. now, if you haven't gotten yours out yet, there is still time. even though tomorrow is expected to be the busiest day, it is not the final deadline. there are deadlines for the postal service throughout the week, depending on when you want the package to be there. and how much you are willing to pay for it. the next deadline to keep in mind is tuesday. that is for first class shipping. live in university city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. to reiterate, here are other shipping deadlines. if you want your packages to arrive before christmas, tomorrow is the last day for three-day through ups. you have friday for ups air. and fedex, tuesday is the last day for two-day delivery. last-minute shoppers were shopping in the dark this afternoon thanks to a power outage at the king of prussia
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mall. several stores were affected. power was only out for about 30 minutes but stores were unable to ring up sale s during that time. let's been one month since an 8-year-old died in a hit and run crash. tonight, people said a prayer and released balloons in her memory. her family and friends stood in a circle at 63rd and lance down avenue. the man police arrested in in the case will appear in court this week. the family says it is tough to handle, especially during the holidays. >> certainly hard. i just want to thank you all for coming and showing support. she will always be missed. >> yes. >> she will never be forgotten. >> woodland faces homicide by a vehicle and involuntary manslaughter charges. he is due in court this week. the incoming chief of staff
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for president-elect donald trump wants public hearings for officials release their findings that russia was behind the hacking of democratic e-mails. reince priebus' comments come as members of the electoral college are set to elect donald trump as the president of the united states tomorrow. a new poll also shows more than half of americans are concerned about russia's interference into the presidential election. some democrats and republicans are still calling for a special committee investigation into how much influence russia might have had on the election. it's becoming all too familiar. another sunday, another eagles loss. the birds lose a close one to the ravens in baltimore this afternoon, extending their losing treek lose ing streak to five straight games. john clark is live in baltimore. the eagles had a chance to win this one. so close. >> you said it.
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they are so close and right at the end of the game, trying to score, tie it up or actually go for two and the win, but they just can't pull out a win to save their lives right now. take a look. the eagles got down ten points with under four minutes to go but they fight back. they got a field goal. then carson wentz led the eagles on a touchdown drive. great pass to zach ertz. then, carson took matters into his own hands. he ran the ball in so the eagles are within one. they can kick an extra point, tie it up and go to overtime, or go for two and go for the win. doug pederson says he was going for the win the whole time. running back ryan matthews was not on the field for that play. the birds don't get it. they lose by one point to the baltimore ravens. but, doug, you made up your mind. you were going for two the whole time, right? >> yes. i -- yeah, i had my mind made
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up. if we had a chance to go for it and win it, we were going to win it. i wanted to win the football game. the other thing is, you know, even our chances in overtime were less than 50% of winning this game. so, you know, as an underdog going in, i was going to win the game in regulation. >> so how did all of doug's players feel about him going for two? we'll hear from them in sports. the eagles have lost 9 of 11 games and they're officially eliminated from playoff contention. we already knew that. i'm john clark, live in baltimore. see you in 12 or 13 minutes. >> thank you. christmas came early for kids in need. members of the police department welcomed santa and some of his little elves. nbc 10 was at the crock center for the police department's gift giving event. more than 50 families were selected from local churches and community organizations to receive the gifts. the event was organized by the fraternal order of police lodge
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218. up next, leave your quarters at home. we'll tell you the one place you can park for free up until the new year. plus, reaching new heights. used to think santa was soaring with his reindeer. why was he scaling this skyscraper overseas today? we'll explain next. where things come from?
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how they get here?
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what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ santa claus showed off his climbing skills to deliver presents to kids in germany. rather than casting down the kr chimney, he went to the top of the tower. we'll have the video in a second. he used a riope ladder to desced to the cafe on the 24th floor. the children watched with excitement before he made his way inside to hand out gifts.
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all about the windy night, gusting in the forecast. you see the wind turbines harvesting energy. i'll break down the wind profile for you hour by hour. we're going to talk about the major cooldown in the works tonight into tomorrow morning. we're going from 60s to 30s. details coming up in the full forecast.
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residents and shoppers in camden can park for free starting tomorrow. free meter parking throughout the city through monday, january 2nd. no tickets will be issued until january 3rd. ♪ jingle all the way the christmas spirit was alive and well in north philadelphia. hundreds of homeless families
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took part in the operation ho-ho-hope celebration. after christmas carols were sung, more than 2,000 presents were handed out to the kids. it was made possible by catholic philadelphia outreach. time for the first alert forecast for erika martin. the plummeting temperatures are coming. >> that's right. so we have a really cold night in the forecast. it is all due to a shift in the winds and a cold front already moving east of us. right now, i do want to show you satellite and radar image. still picking up on light returns for parts of kent, newcastle county. notice cape may seeing light rain showers. everything pretty much has pushed offshore, seeing the clouds breaking through the overnight hours. temperatures right now in delaware, mainly seeing 40s. upper 30s for greenville. wilmington at 43. odessa, 42. felton, 42. notice the northwesterly winds,
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picking up a bit. here is our live shot outside. the winds are gusty. they're only going to get stronger through tonight. finally, subsiding by early tomorrow morning. your winds right now coming out of the northwest. atlantic city, currently sustained wind speed, 20 miles per hour. we're getting reports of dpgust of to 35, 40 miles per hour. 15 for dover. 13 miles per hour for philadelphia. that's really a big difference. earlier today, we were seeing the nice, warm, southerly winds, which is why we saw the 50s and 60s. neighborhoods right now, lehigh valley, 36 degrees. walnut port, 35 degrees. your neighborhood temperatures, i want to show you just how affected we will be by the northwesterly winds starting at 6:00 p.m. you can start to see the winds shift northwesterly. for some, 35 degrees at 9:00 p.m. pause this again at midnight.
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it'll be 24 in doylestown. 27 in trenton. and philly. tomorrow morning, bundle up when you're going to school, work. be sure you bundle up. player u layer up. 21 for allentown. doils toylestow doylestown, 22. hour by hour, we'll be under the influence of high pressure system for the next couple of days. i'm going to move this through tuesday. not much going on. in fact, we'll see mostly clear skies on monday and tuesday. not much to complain about there, as far as sky conditions go. your ten-day on 10. we are tracking the cooldown on monday. again, from 50s and 60s to 30s. overnight lows going to be in the 20s. make sure you bundle up, especially through the overnight hours. we climb to the 40s by wednesday. tracking some showers on thursday. and it looks like temperatures for this upcoming weekend, for hanukkah and for christmas, will be pretty mild. we're going to see upper 40s to
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low 50s. we will not see a white christmas. also tracking developing clouds on monday into tuesday with temperatures mainly in the 40s. here is danny with sports. thank you very much. the eagles came within two yards of snapping the four-game losing skid. a failed two-point kconversion had the ravens laughing last. plus, how there was a bright spot. we'll break it down next in sports.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, hey, danny pommells from csn with you. the eagles brought a four-game losing skid into their game with the ravens. forced to start the fifth option
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rookie at tackle. the o-line was showing signs of life early. go to the second quarter, eagles down by a touchdown. ryan matthews changes that. bullying his way into the end zone. a lot of that from him today. 48 rushing for him today. the birds actually by six at intermission. the fourth quarter. eagles down by three. dixon gets the toss and plenty of running room for him. dixon gets to the end zone. back come the birds. wentz to ertz. near side. great job twinkle towing the sideline. 12.6 remaking. i'm going to pull it down and do it myself. and the victory. doug pederson going for it all. c.j. mosley says, huh-uh. the ball is knocked down. incomplete. valiant effort by the eagles. they come up short, losing their
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fifth straight, 27-26. more on today's game, it's john clark joining us from charm city. hey, john. >> hey, danny. this was the sixth time this year the eagles had a chance to tie or win the game on their final possession and, finally, they score add touchdown. but they didn't tie it up. they didn't kick the extra went. doug pederson said, i'm going for the win. all his players we talked to afterwards said, we are behind his decision. >> i loved it. they made a good play and got their hand up at the line of scrimmage. it didn't go our way. >> i'd rather go out swinging this way than go to overtime. doug has full faith in us. that speaks volumes. as a player, you love to have a head coach who has trust in you. we had the mentality we were going to win the game right
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there. >> and that was john clark reporting. time now to check in with kristen welker for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." good evening. >> hi. great to see you. coming up tonight, the brutal, cold wave about to hit a big part of the country. plus, our new nbc news poll on how americans feel about the trump transition and the impact of the russian hacking controversy. also, with the new must'ovie ab the boston marathon bombings coming out, our inside look at the investigation. that's in a few minutes for "nbc nightly news." now, back to you. >> looking forward to it. thank you. we'll be right back.
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a hanukkah tradition in center city. the latkepalooza took place. more than 3,500 were served up from some of philadelphia's most popularrestaurants. this is the 14th year of the event. looks delicious. er erika has a final check of the forecast. >> that's the food we need, especially when it is that cold overnight. so quickly. we went from 60s today, 50s and 60s. by early tomorrow morning, all i can say is bundle up headed out to school. kids and parents, bundle up. you will need it. these are actual temperatures. mainly in the 20s. >> the wind is not helping at all. >> not at all. it'll be feeling like it is in the teens and low 20s. >> wild. thank you. that's nbc 10 news for now. for all of us here, i'm denise nakano. see you back here after sunday night football. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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. on this sunday night of a big chill, melting ice causing treacherous conditions on the highways. the living nightmare left alive in aleppo nearly on the ground and the city and of desperate women and children battling for food. patriots day, we'll get an exclusive inside look how the case is solved for the boston marathon bomber. dead tonight at the age of 99. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc


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