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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  December 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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so long, snow. after a blast of wintry weather, the first alert team is tracking warmer weather on the way. water worries, several philadelphia families are wondering why water has been flowing into their homes for days now. super saturday -- last-minute shop remembers hitting the stores for one of the biggest shopping days of the year. right now at 6:00, first the clean-up. now the warm-up. after a morning of clearing snow and ice from cars and sidewalks, big changes are coming for the rest of the weekend. good evening, i'm denise nakano. snow, ice and rain made a mess of our saturday morning. that wet weather has moved out and warmer temperatures are now moving in. now this was the scene many of us woke up to this morning.
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a mix of rain, ice and snow fell across our region, causing some folks to pull out their snow shovels. there wasn't much snow to clear here from the sidewalks in conshahawken. here's a live look at camelback mountain resort. skiers and snowboarders, enjoyed fresh powder. here's a live look at broad street from our kimmel center campus camera, you can see the roads still looking wet. things will be warming up overnight and there's the potential for some fog in some spots. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erika martin tracking the changes. >> we went from 20s this morning to 60s by tomorrow. satellite and radar image is dry. we talked about the snow and wintry him, the freezing rain. all of that is gone and we're seeing rain just offshore. right now we're seeing pretty much just clouds. neighborhood forecast, your
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temperatures hour by hour, starting this at 6:00 p.m. the southerly push is really important, as i get this going. we start to see the temperatures climb very quickly. it looks like cape may you're going to see mid to upper 40s, doylestown, 33 for you and trenton, 34 degrees. mid 40s for borrow. and philly, burlington and doylestownnd 3 for you and as midnight we're seeing 50s in cape may county. i said keep in mind due to the southerly wind we're seeing the fog develop, dense for some of course coming up in our full weather we're going to talk about your visibility in your neighborhood because conditions will stay pretty much foggy through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. denise, back to you. erika, see you in a bit. the winter blast is causing some problems tonight at philadelphia international airport. officials say most arrivals are running about an hour late. and a dozen cancellations for departing flights and dozens of
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delays. you're urged to check your flight status online before heading to the airport. remember you can get the latest information on the changing weather, with the nbc 10 app and we're constantly updating the first alert neighborhood forecast to help you plan your day. a developing story, out of maryland, a tanker truck crash started a deadly pile-up on an icy highway this morning. you can see that truck hitting a guardrail on i-95 in baltimore it flipped over the rail and exploded below. the truck driver died and debris from the explosion flew across the highway, triggering a 55-car pile-up. a second person was killed in that pile-up. nine others were hurt. in minnesota, the winter weather is being blamed for 500 crashes out there. the highway patrol says all the accidents happened after snow started falling yesterday. one person was killed in the crashes and 45 others were hurt.
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a winter storm warning is in effect for that area. a woman and a child jumped from the second floor of a burning home in west philadelphia overnight. and right now, both are recovering in the hospital. firefighters rushed to the row home on north 61st street early this morning. they were able to get the 25-year-old woman and 3-year-old girl to safety. but both suffered serious burns, their conditions are not known. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in bridesberg, firefighters were also working to put out another row home fire this fire broke out on the home on headley street at 10:00 a.m. crews quickly put out the flames. it's not clear if anyone was hurt. developing tonight, a gas leak has forced several families out of their homes in south jersey. right now, crews are working to fix a leak on knox boulevard and four homes have been evacuated as a precaution. officials say they hope to have the problem fixed within the hour in evesham township.
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a mystery leak is frustrating a number of philadelphia families who are wondering when water will stop flowing into their homes. the water department is still working on the issue. which began thursday. nbc 10's drew smith is live. what's the problem there? >> well denise we've been checking with the water department for most of the evening trying to figure out what is going on. apparently it's an issue with a main transmission line. you can see there's a philadelphia water crew right now working on this problem. these neighbors are frustrated. they've been dealing with this for a couple of days. they thought they were going to have to clean up snow and ice, they didn't think they would be dealing with a lot of unwelcome water inside their homes. pumps working on this block of the street are making life better for neighbors. >> all the way down the block. they were getting water damage. >> we're told several water crews have been out to inspect and they're struggling to find the source of the league. this man took us inside his
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parents home where the clean-up downstairs began with mops, moved to buckets and now relying on a constantly running pump. >> my mom and dad is 80 years old. were pouring buckets of water in the sink. he said other neighbors had more furniture damaged and they hope the source of the water is found soon. >> getting damage to the water heaters, whatever. my parents are getting frustrated because of that. >> we're told again this is not affecting the service lines going into people's homes. but it is more of a transmission issue. which is a larger pipe down underneath the water there. underneath the ground. that carries the water. right now service crews are still trying to figure out exactly what's happening here. right now water service is still flowing into people's homes. we're live in feltonville, drew smith, nbc 10 news. thank you for the update. new details about a deadly stabbing in montgomery county. the man charged in the crime? is the victim's nephew. 28-year-old matthew wertz is charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of
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katherine wanamaker. officers found her on her home in contra hawkin county. authorities say wertz had been staying fromwith his aunt after his release from prison earlier this week. now for the latest on the transition for president-elect trump. today he finished up his thank you victory tour with a final stop in alabama. >> we had the single greatest victory in the history of politics. >> the president-elect spoke in the rain in mobile. he touted strong support for evangelical members and reassured supporters he will build a wall along the border with mexico. president-elect trump brought his thank you tour to hershey, pennsylvania on thursday. we are just eight days from christmas. today people are flooding shopping malls for what's known as super-saturday.
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retailers say crowds on the last full weekend before christmas can rival those on black friday. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas joins us live from king of prussia mall. are shoppers living up to the hype? >> well denise, the crowd here is pretty management. we're told that maybe just a little bit more than a typical saturday here at king of prussia. and we're also told that the snow and ice earlier this morning may have something to do with that. however is on sandra watson's christmas list is pretty lucky. >> i've been trying to get my christmas shopping done? >> in the retail world, today is super-saturday, the last full retail saturday before christmas. >> since stores close early next week on christmas eve, today's crowds are expected to rival black friday. >> it's really crowded out here especially because it's the holiday season. >> king of prussia is always a destination on the weekends, but the snow and ice delayed crowds
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this morning. >> on a typical saturday we tend to peak between 2:00 and 5:00. i think because of the weather this morning we'll probably peak closer to 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. >> the news for shoppers who ventured out earlier than the rest. >> how long have you guys been in here? >> a few hours, it wasn't bad, though, not at all. >> now with their hands full of shopping bags, sandra watson has crossed everyone off her list. >> i am done. i wanted to take the whole day to do my christmas shopping and tomorrow wrap gifts. so i am done. >> take a look behind me. that's starbucks has a pretty good line of people just getting some caffeine, getting their caffeine fix before they're coming back out here to shop again this is a very big weekend for retailers, it's still unclear how the weather will impact the bottom line here. reporting live from king of prussia, andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. up next, performing for the pope. why this group of children
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serenaded the pontiff as he entered the vatican. and local tow truck drivers took a break from hauling cars to help santa haul piles of presents today.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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an emotional final good-bye to john glenn. the former astronaut and senator was driven through downtown columbus, ohio this morning. a platoon of u.s. marines escorted the hearse from the capital building to ohio state university for a memorial service. glenn died last week at the age of 95. he was the first american to orbit the earth. >> today pope francis celebrated a special birthday. he turned 80 years old.
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♪ >> a group of catholic volunteers sang "happy birthday" to the pope at the vatican. the pontiff took pictures with dozens of children and met with families in need. pope francis ended the day by celebrating mass. up next, rush to the rescue, police break into a car to save a frozen woman. but what they found inside is a big surprise. erica? >> denise, snow, wintry mix out, now i'm tracking much warmer temperatures and developing fog across the entire delaware valley. i have the details coming you up on the other side of the break.
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a dummy mix-up for police in new york. officers in hudson broke a car window to rescue this woman, only to realize she's actually a very realistic-looking mannequin. police got a frantic call about a woman being frozen in a car with outside temperatures of 8 degrees at the time. well police eventually tracked
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down the owner who works for a medical company, the mannequin is used for a cpr training. well instead of hauling cars today, tow trucks were hauling gifts in philadelphia. it was all part of the annual tows for tots event. you can see dozens of trucks pulling up to the youth service building this morning. drivers unloaded hundreds of gets for kids in need. organizers say dozens of different tow companies came together to help out. >> it's all love. you would think they were all brothers and sisters at this house. and they all come just for the little kids. >>. >> kids got treated to a visit from santa. children's services provide shelter and support for families. firefighters hosted a christmas party for a couple and their five kids at the fire station on kensington avenue. the children got to meet santa who delivered plenty of gifts, the family also got treated to
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holiday treats and food. and hundreds of volunteers were also giving out thousands of gifts in delaware county today. the city team organization made special deliveries to more than 2500 families. and we were there as volunteers dropped off some 12,000 presents this morning in chester. gave each family a food box and a turkey. organizers say they could not have done it without the 400 people who woke up early to volunteer. >> going on today in the midst of the snow and sleet and the rain. we don't work without people coming out. >> all of the gifts and food were donated over the past several months by people and businesses. a north philadelphia family has a new place to call home. just in time for the holidays, there's a ribbon cutting and a special moment for habitat for humanity which marked their 200th completed home in the philadelphia area. the keys to the house on north 16th street were officially handed over this afternoon during the celebration, a couple
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along with the two sons will now be moving in and the snow and slush moved out. >> she the say variety is the spice of life and that's the deal for today. courtesy of mother nature. we're seeing really dense fog develop across the entire delaware valley. be sure to look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood forecast. your fog outlook notice it's all developing quickly. allentown, your visibility currently at two myles. five for quakertown, pottstown. philadelphia, five-mile visibility. three in millville and dover, at five. due to the warmer air sliding into place. satellite and radar image is dry. showers offshore. it looks like we're seeing light precipitation in the mid and upper levels here for parts of the lehigh valley. not making it to the ground. even though we have rain on the approach. a live look outside. philadelphia current temperatures are in the 30s. so warming up quickly.
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if you look at your neighborhood forecast. kensingt kensington. >> chestnut hill at 33 degrees. port richmond. mid 30s for you, warming up nicely. especially along the jersey shore. upper township at 37. woodbine at 39, dennis township, 37 and summers point at 39 degrees. look at the wind profile. southerlily in southwesterly, which is we why have the warmer air sliding into place. we're seeing the developing dense fog, hour by hour forecast. starting at 6:00 p.m. notice not seeing much going on until after midnight here we start to see some rain develop from west to east. by about i say 5:30 a.m. we will see a break in the showers. but then more showers developing later tomorrow morning. into the early afternoon hours. and then certainly everything improving after that. the good news is temperatures are going to top out in the 60s.
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we saw 20s and 30s, tomorrow the deal is 60, we'll get the winds kicking up, especially by the afternoon hours. notice on monday. we're going to see high temperatures in the 30s. we dip to the 60s. tracking the threat of showers on thursday, highs in the 40s and mid 40s by friday and it looks like hanukkah and christmas, not a white christmas, temperatures will be in the upper 40s to low 50s. very mild. tracking potential for possibly some rain showers on tuesday. overall, we've had a mixed bag with temperatures climb into the 60s, well above average. here's marshall with sports. noel's frustration with the 6ers big man situation blew over last night. the flyers try to tie the second longest winning streak in team history. see if they were able to slide by the stars next in sports.
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time to check in for what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> denise, good evening. tooth on "nightly news," a deadly wave of severe weather causes hundreds of accidents with another arctic blast on the way. plus new developments in the struggle to evacuate thousands of civilians trapped in the syrian city of aleppo. a new way for veterans to serve, how one big school district is recruiting them to be teachers. and saying good-bye to an american hero with a look at the remarkable love story of john and annie glenn when i see you in a couple of moments for "nightly news." >> looking forward to it thanks, jose. marshall here from csn.
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the flyers entered saturday's game in dallas the hottest team in pro sports. winners of 10 straight, 11th victory would tie the second longest streak in team history. taylor leer follows up nick cousins' shot and puts hope the rebound. leers' first nhl goal to give the flyers the lead. adam cragnon there to put the rebound home. flyers go down 2-1. flyers on their first power play of the game. ivan proverov with room but he can only strike the post with the shot. the flyers 10-game winning streak is over, they fall. >> we know we're a good team before we even started it we were playing good hockey. we had full confidence in ourselves and you know you build up a 10-game winning streak, it's pretty cool. it's over with now and you know, we got to start again and just got to continue building on the positives we had during the
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streak. >> to the eagles who arrived in baltimore ahead of tomorrow's game with the ravens. the eagles entered the game on a four-game losing skid. with more here's john clark with the bird. >> the eagles are here in baltimore trying to avoid losing seven straight games on the road in the same season for just the third time in franchise history. the last time it happened, was 18 years ago. in ray rhoades' last season. the birds arriving at their hotel. some stopping to sign autographs for a very special eagles fan. who made the trip. the ravens are team that is fighting for the playoffs. fighting for their division. they face the steelers after this. and ravens safety ladarius webb said when we beat the eagles, we'll definitely talk about the steelers. the birds are playing for pride here. >> obviously we're at a situation where it's going to be hard for us. things have do go perfectly for us to get in we're understand it. we're know focused on ourselves than anybody else. at this point it's about what we
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do. >> in baltimore, maryland, john clark, csn. basketball now, the 6ers finally got all three of their big men healthy enough to play in the same game last night. following a loss to the lakers. noel's frustration blew over into a rant due to his lack of playing time. here's a look at noel, the center only got eight minutes while okafor and embiid played over 20. noel spoke to brent brown about the comments he made last night. >> we had a conversation you know he kept it more real with me. i respect him a little more for that. so you know you see some things were more exciting. you know, you hand it will how you want to. you know, i handle it the right way. >> we appreciate it's a challenging situation. and you know, to kick off on untenable, to tick off on impossible, i'm not going there. i think you know, it is most
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definitely a challenging situation. >> one college hoops note for you, temple beat njit, 68-63, your look at sports, denise, back to you fl. well people put on their ugliest holiday sweaters, and hit the streets of philadelphia today. the ugly sweater 5k made its way through fairmont park this morning and runners wore all types of colorful sweaters as they braved the cold blast. the much-needed hot chocolate at the finish line. now we're dealing with the fog. >> now we're dealing with fog and the temperatures climbing into the 60s, we were talking about it during the break, denise, we saw 20s and 30s and now 60s, the southerly air is making everything a lot more tough as far as visibility goes. you can see a live look outside. that fog is developing very quickly. and visibility is poor across the entire area. that's going to be the case through early tomorrow morning and yes, denise we climb into the 60s and 30s on monday.
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>> such a drastic shift from yesterday and from snow -- >> 60s, the warmest temperature of the week. >> that's right and certainly above average for this time of the year. one more look at the fog. i want you to see visibility is poor again that's going to be the case through the overnight hours. all due to the warm southerly air. get rid of the sweater and bring in some lemonade for tomorrow? >> balmy conditions. >> and 30s on monday. >> roller coaster. thanks, erika. for erika, marshall and all of us here, i'm denise nakano. see you back here tonight at 11:00. for news and weather updates any time, head to and the nbc 10 app.
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on this saturday night, deadly weather. horrific scenes across the country. hundreds of accidents as motorists caught in a dangerous grip of ice and snow. more severe weather on the way. desperate days. in the ruins of aleppo after the syrian government crushes the rebels. tens of thousands, many of them children, still waiting to be evacuated. new twist in the sensational murder case involving real estate heir robert durst. the new revelation about his apparent confession. and love story. as the country says farewell to an american hero, a story of john and annie glenn. and what bonded them for a lifetime. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc


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