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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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concussion protocol. >> al: third and 20. and wilson, going for the end zone, and picked off at the 1 yard line by ogletree. we'll take that back to the 9 yard line. the refs can't be thrilled about that. they wound up with the interception. >> cris: they end up with a good shot on russell wilson, too. >> al: they did. by aaron donald, with 3:08 left. >> cris: watch the end of the play. aaron donald, coming right through there. right. as russell wilson throws it, a shot, nothing illegal. i don't want to say that. but i just know how it sits with defensive players sometimes, when they feel like their team
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had been slighted. and of course, pete carroll will tell you, i'm trying to win the division. i'm trying to lock this whole thing up. but there's been some back and forth. and the rams have had huge special teams plays in the past. there's been a little chip byness going back and forth. and the punter took a shot one time at one of their defensive linemen. and they almost came back and got him. there's some history here. >> al: there sure is. case keenum is the quarterback, with goff back in the locker room, getting checked out. keenum throws. short gain. caught there by brian quick up at the 13, tackled by jauron johnson, second down. >> cris: you don't take the first overall pick and go quarterback and think you're going to hold that job forever. you did an okay job for this franchise as a backup
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quarterback. >> al: to the 25 yard line. brian quick making the catch. thorpe with the tackle. first down. >> cris: and it works both ways. pete carroll has been around the block a couple of times. what are the seahawks doing? they're firing blitzes left and right at case keenum. >> al: taken in by michael thomas. second down. >> cris: i'm sure for john fassel, not the result he dreamed about. but this certainly has to be the thrill of a lifetime to get an opportunity to be the head coach. and i still go back to that first drive, al. they have one of those two touchdowns. don't miss the wide-open guy. and convert on the fourth down. it's a different game. >> al: no question.
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second and four. and that's incomplete. over the middle. intended for austin. the rams, their final road game of the season. been better on the road than they have been at home. and they will go home. and end the year with two divisional foes, in arizona and san francisco. >> cris: you have to like where seattle is sitting right now with their remaining schedule and their chances of getting that bye, one home game. and then, hopefully for them, one shot of the championship and a return trip to the super bowl. >> al: they don't need a tiebreaker because it's a half-game they're behind, because of a tie with arizona. and the pass floats. it's incomplete. todd gurley makes it fourth down and four. >> cris: that was a big miss. and the rams have just missed opportunities. gurley was going to have a
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chance for a big play, if not a touchdown here. and the ball was at least seven yards underthrown. >> al: fourth and four, the rams down by 21. it's the fourth time tonight they've gone for it on fourth down. haven't converted any. still haven't. austin makes the catch. seattle will get the ball. and we go to the two-minute warning with 1:57 on the clock. and seattle, on the cusp of clinching the nfc west. on "thursday night football."
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thick. cheesy. and golden brown. papa john's new pan pizza try a three-topping for $10. add a 2-liter pepsi for $2. papa john's. the official pizza sponsor of the nfl. >> al: on the volkswagen postgame report, heather on the field. the star of the game. and we'll look ahead to "sunday night football." tampa bay at dallas. century link field, a beautiful sight. at the southern edge of downtown seattle.
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tomorrow at 9:00 on nfl network, the passion that helped carry him to canton. kevin green, "a football life" tomorrow at 9:00 eastern on the nfl network. holly collinsworth not here. unless you stayed off of the ferris wheel on this trip. this is the -- this will be the second clinch for seattle this week. the sounders soccer team won the mls cup and they had a big parade here, downtown on, i think, it was wednesday. and the seahawks will, tonight, clinch the nfc west. >> cris: it was a good win, too. it was a slugfest out there, when thomas rawls only rushes 20 times for 34 yards. you know, it was a tough night. but russell wilson, bouncing back, as everybody knew he would. and they clinch it at home,
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which people don't get overly excited about in this town anymore. but that's the first step in the process. >> al: one more kneeldown will do it. seattle will go to 9-4-1. the rams will go to 4-10. john fassel will get a couple more games as the interim head coach. pete carroll gets another nfc west title. and the seahawks win it by a score of 24-3. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report. this has been "thursday night football" presented by bud light.
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welcome to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> the seahawks bounce back from their loss in green bay, to beat the los angeles rams by 21 points.
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for the third time they clinch the nfl west. and in so doing this year, they eliminate the arizona cardinals from playoff contention in the 2016 season. heather cox is with russell wilson right now. >> russell, coming into this game, you, in your career, hadn't had a ton of success against this defense. how did you turn the tide around tonight? >> their defensive line is unbelievable. all those guys up front. but the offensive line came through. we made some big, big plays. thomas ran the ball really hard. weren't getting big yards. but when we did, it was a key moment. and guys make great plays. luke wilson's touchdown. other guys make great catches. and tyler lockett, running down the sideline, going with the ball that's unbelievable. a lot of great plays. the defense played lights-out. a great game. great enthusiasm. and to win the nfc west is not an easy challenge. to do it here at home, it doesn't get any better. >> with this win, you capture the division.
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what kind of confidence does that give you in this team to make a deep run in the playoffs, russell? >> we always have great confidence. not just winning this game or even losing a tough one. we have great confidence. we have great confidence because of how we prepare. and i think that coach really gets us prepared. all of us players were dedicated to the game. we're going to continue to be better. i think just continue to grow. we got a lot of great things happening. obviously, a check mark to win the nfc west. but a lot more to get out of it. every game counts. >> russell, enjoy this one. >> go, hawks. >> al, back up to you. >> thank you, heather. it's on to arlington, texas. the tampa bay buccaneers against the dallas cowboys. we saw the bucs lose at home against atlanta. how in the world would they win five games in a row after that. but they've done it. >> no way, right?
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they were not impressive on that thursday night. and then, they just started putting things together. and i think the real key has been the play of their defense. they have been able -- they shut down this offense. but we'll go into dallas with the same enthusiasm. russell wilson, clinching the division. that guy just loves playing football, doesn't he? >> he does. they win the nfc west. and the dallas cowboys will try to win the nfc east. and hold on to that number one seed. only in cowboy land can you win 11 in a row. there's always something going on. and of course, we have plenty going on this weekend. >> but remember, they went on the road, back-to-back, against minnesota, a tough defense. against a new york giants defense. this is three-straight tough defenses. this will be challenged again. >> bucs at cowboys. on "sunday night football" we'll be back here in seattle after this. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies
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♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. bitter breeze. gusting wind. we'll have it feeling like zero out there ahead of snow coming for your weekend. double disaster. a driver plows into two bucks county homes. now each house can't be lived in just before christmas. president-elect in pennsylvania. mr. trump brings his thank you tour to the keystone state and makes a prediction about what pa voters will do in four years. >> "nbc 10 news" starts now. dangerous cold tightens its grip on our region. "nbc 10" in upper darby and old city, everywhere people are
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bundled up but still shivering in the deep freeze. >> the wind chills can have a feeling as cold as zero degrees outside your window in the morning. flags on top of the air mark building are picking up the windy conditions right now. >> snow is heading our way friday night into saturday morning. it will then change over into a wintry mix for philadelphia, the pa suburbs and the lehigh valley. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> we're bringing you live first alert team coverage. let's bring you meteorologist sheena parveen. >> the warning starts friday night. first we want to start with the bitter cold. take a look at the feels like temperature right now. feels like minus 3 in coatsville, minus 1 in philadelphia, mount holly. tomorrow morning will be just as cold if not a little bit colder than it was this morning. make sure you bundle up. we could be feeling like 4 degrees tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. 2 in pottstown.
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maybe minus 2 in westchester. alan town close to doylestown. make sure you are very well covered in the morning. it will be bitterly cold. then we have the first alert for philadelphia briefly. the pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley for snow and a wintry mix. it will go from 11:00 p.m. friday to early saturday morning. some accumulating snow, a brief icy mix making slippery roads early saturday but then we'll see that all change over to rain. here's a look now. we go into 2:00 a.m. saturday, the snow starts to move in. not for everybody though. then by 6:00 a.m. saturday, we're looking at rain in delaware. icy mix briefly before it starts to change over. snow falling, suburbs and lehigh valley and the poconos. i'll show you more of a time line look as we go through saturday afternoon and what it means for your sunday. >> sheena, in this bitter cold has homeless outreach crews
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working overtime in a live or death situation. >> calls to the hotline have been ringing off the hook trying to get people off the streets. >> joining us live outside the convention center. andre a. >> reporter: take a look at the good news. far fewer people than we saw just yesterday. as you can see, some people are still braving the frigid temperatures. homeless outreach is trying to let them know that this is a very dangerous decision. >> they bring us blankets, they bring us food, they bring us hot chocolate. where i am now is safe. >> reporter: darryl brown is talking about sleeping outside of the convention center. concerned about being sent to a shelter that is not wheelchair accessible, he braves the frigid temperatures last night and was considering doing that again. >> how long have you been out here? >> since thanksgiving. >> meanwhile, inside. >> they shouldn't be out there in the cold. >> reporter: 10-year-old christopher heart field attends
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an open house. he wants to get more involved. >> they should try donating money to foundations, finding out ways to get help. >> reporter: during the similarly cold month of january 2015 project home estimates 510 people were homeless, out on the streets of philadelphia. nearly half were in center city. >> we want them to know that we're out here to save their lives tonight. >> reporter: homeless outreach coordinators are being inundated with calls for people who need emergency shelter but when they arrive it can be a tough sell which gets us back to mr. brown. after some coordination, outreach crews were able to find a shelter that's handicap accessible and he agreed to go. a small victory for what would be a very long night. >> i don't think i have it tonight so i'm out here. >> reporter: now people are being told not to hand out blankets or sleeping bags because they want to get them
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into shelters. they say the better decision is to call homeless outreach. reporting live from the convention center, "nbc 10 news." >> so glad for that tonight. stay ahead of this week end's snow. up to the second updates pushed to your phone. tracking snow online on interactive radar. sky force 10 over this house fire in boarden town. officials say crews managed to get the blaze under control in an hour. no one was hurt here. the cause though is still under investigation. in bucks county a woman is in police custody after not only crashing into her home but her neighbor's, too. that wreck made both places unlivable ten days before christmas. officers say it was all because the driver was trying to back out of her driveway in bristol township. brandon huxton reports, police
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believe she may have been under the influence. >> reporter: just finished fixing up this house, police say drivers went out of her driveway and crashed into her neighbor's home across the street. she then sped up and crashed into her own home while her adult children were inside. our "nbc 10" camera got a good look inside. he didn't have to invite us inside. his neighbor drove right into his living room while he was at work. >> i talked to my neighbor. he goes, yeah, dan, you're going to need a whole new house. i was in shock. >> reporter: police say moments after his neighbor plowed into his home she drove across the street into her own. damage caused it. >> she said something happened to her car. it's crazy. i think she was shooken up. she was worried about her dog. >> the restoration crews fixed both homes, they took her into
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custody for a drug test. as for dan phelps, he's staying in a hotel tonight and glad no one was in his home during the cash. >> if anybody was home, they would be dead. the car has tread marks into my living room. >> "nbc 10 news." new tonight, the princeton men's swimming and diving team has been suspended after racist comments were placed online. they were discovered in an e-mail group for the team. the school says it will decide in the next few days if the team will compete in anymore events this season. tonight president obama is promising to take action in response to russia's alleged effort to influence the presidential election. this comes after they told nbc news why the obama administration did not respond
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more forcefully to the russian cyber attack. they say the president did not want to appear to be interfering in the elections. they thought the administration thought hillary clinton was going to win and did not believe a cyber war was worth it. in a new interview with npr president obama says it is time to act. >> when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of an election, then we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> reporter: yesterday nbc news exclusively learned. president-elect donald trump made no mention of an alleged hack. he said his win in the keystone state wasn't all that crucial. >> and i love pennsylvania, but
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we didn't even need you guys. isn't that terrible? >> "nbc 10's" drew smith was at the rally with trump supporters who waited hours to see the man they voted for. >> reporter: temperatures in the teens and a brisk wind didn't turn away more than 10,000 people in hershey. >> i'd rather be freezing out here than have hillary in the white house. >> vice president-elect mike pence walked out followed by the president-elect. >> before the election you guys were like wild beasts, we're going to win, we're going to win. >> reporter: the enthusiasm hasn't waned. >> he'll make america great again. trump promised to bring back jobs completing similar scenes. he also addressed the pennsylvania recount calling it a scam before embracing. >> i hope somebody out there asks for a recount. >> reporter: he did not speak of
12:00 am
russian hacking. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: while he tried to fight boos about president obama, he laid into the white house spokesman. >> he is so bad the way he delivers a message. >> they'll get another pennsylvania win in four years. >> he does what he says. it's amazing. >> reporter: high hopes and expectations for the man who turns this state red for the first time in decades. >> reporter: the thanksgiving tour wraps up in turkey. a major crackdown outside facebook. ruled face news to counter is. starting today, facebook's 1.8 billion users can flag anything they consider fake news. the story will be passed on to our partners and other organizations. experts say the more people who are skrut niezing questionable stories can only help to bring fake stories to the surface. >> associated press, politifact,
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this is a good first step but it's not the answer. >> reporter: any stories determined false will be marked disputed and appear lower in your news feed. the creator will be banned from promoting it on facebook. and coming up next, a bitter cold morning again tomorrow. i'll show you what it will look like through the afternoon and then we have rain, snow, and a wintry mix for your weekend. that's next. plus, out in the cold. some homeless people in camden tell us they're out in the dangerous temperatures even though shelters are supposed to keep them warm when it's this cold. and later, this isn't your ordinary over the top decorations. spreading the true meaning of the holiday. i'm "nbc 10's" keith jones and eric coleman.
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guilty on all accounts. a jury happened down guilty verdict on all 33 federal charges. the self-declared white supremacist admitted to killing 9 black church members in june of last year. prosecutors say roof was trying to start a race war. tonight one of the shooting survivors spoke out. >> i wasn't expecting anything less. i knew it was going to be guilty, guilty, guilty completely. >> the same jury will decide next month whether roof will get the death penalty or spend the rest of his life in prison. today gun violence survivors took to capitol hill to demand change. among them, a man from philadelphia who was hurt in the pulse massacre. angel santiago was shot in the leg when a gunman opened fire six monthso


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