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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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tracking all the weather for us. >> at one point during the day tomorrow, we may be seeing 30-degree temperature contrast from allentown down to southern delaware. 30-degree difference across our area. got a bunch of neighborhoods in between. when we have differences, that's how we can show it. at the moment, not a big difference across the area, it's cold, bitter cold everywhere. it's 19 al lentown. 16 in coatesville, and 20 degrees in other parts of coatesville. as the sun goes down, the temperature is going to drop even more, the wind is not really dropping much. it's still 15 to 25 miles an hour sustained. it was gusting over 40 miles an hour earlier. right now, it feels like 1 below in coatesville, 4 in wilmington
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and allentown, 7 below in mt. pocono. and by tomorrow morning, more of this arctic air moving in from the great lakes, it's going to keep that arctic air in here, even if the winds die down, it's going to feel like it's close to zero in west chester, allentown, doylestown, everybody's in the single digits, philadelphia at 5. it's not going to warm up a whole lot on saturday, but not this bitter cold. after that, we're setting up for some snow to in spread through the area. hats, gloves and scarves for just about everybody as they got off the bus at the charter school. crews were loading the salt on to trucks to get the roads ready for what lies ahead this weekend, and that includes snow for many areas that will change
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over to rain. >> and sheena, you've got updated information on all that? >> and it depends where you live, we're going to see snow moving in at the start, we're going to see an icy mix and then rain. we're going to have a mixed bag, it will be cold at the start and then we're going to warm up very quickly. because of what's happening saturday morning, we have a first alert for philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs and the lehighal valley for snow and wintry mix. it's going to start at 11:00 p.m. friday, we'll start to see the snow approaching, it's going to run through saturday morning, and then it will change over to rain, icy mix and slippery roads. you'll really just want to wait to see that change over to rain to get out on the roads. here's a look at future weather, there's the area of snow we're looking at tomorrow evening now. now we're looking at 1:00 a.m. saturday, the snow moving into the poconos accumulating.
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it's going to be cold enough so anything that falls at this point will be snow. starting to see it more early saturday morning. this is 6:00 a.m. but most of south jersey and most of delaware is mainly rain. where you see the pink, that's a icy mix, could be parts burlington county, berks county, that's the icy mix. then you see the snow through the lehighly and other suburbs in pennsylvania. then by 8:00 a.m., so not too long after it begins, we'll have a pretty good south wind, that will start to warm up the atmosphere and change a lot of this over to the rain, but if you're in the lehigh valley and the poconos, you're still seeing snow at this point. continuing moving north by account in the morning, icy nix now up near the poconos, the warmer air moving into the lehigh valley, so a good portion of the area is changing to rain
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by 9:00 in the morning saturday. coming up, we'll take a look at your entire weekend forecast and more about the bitter cold for tomorrow. most of us have a warm place to go to protect ourselveses from the bitter cold. >> one of them is the joseph house in camden. and that's where cydney long is tonight. >> reporter: it's difficult enough to be outside in conditions like this for a matter of minutes, but imagine if those moments turn into hours. so if the sun goes down tonight, this is where camden's homeless will be pouring into, joseph's house is quiet for now but not for long. as an escape from the biting cold, wind and major drop in temperature, the love and warmth could be felt at joseph's house in camden wednesday night, those les fortunate celebrating with a
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party. joseph's house hit capacity. >> unless you're ready when a cold blue night really hits, you're wondering, if i'm at capacity, what happens. but now that plan is in place. >> reporter: unlike the beginning of last winter, joseph's house has a partnership to keep the homeless safe and warm if they become overwhelmed. >> there are two different organizations we can call, to check do they have capacity and if the answer is yes, there's also a fellow that provides transportation. >> we basically advise all emergency personnel that if they see somebody who is homeless and out on the street and does not have a place to turn, that they do pick them up, that they do refer them to some place where thigh can seek shelter. >> and they're not lacking clothes, socks and personal hygiene for those in need, but for some 3,500 people every
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night, they always need help staying afloat during the winter months. >> do we need help? absolutely, will we keep the heat on? we hope we can. >> reporter: and many of camden's homeless did spent the day at the camden library or getting a warm meal at the soup kitchen. due to funding, the soup kitchen don't open until 7:00 at night and joseph's house will hit capacity here tonight. the first alert weather team will be working throughout the weekend to bring you the latest forecast for your neighborhood. you can watch them on air or go and download the nbc10 app. you can get our exclusive neighborhood forecast there as well or track the snow and rain on the interactive radar. other news, the donald trump thank you tour has arrived in pennsylvania. at the giants center in hershey,
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pennsylvania. nbc10's drew smith is there live where people have already started lining up out there in the cold for tonight's event, right, drew? >> reporter: painful cold, but still thousands of people, this does have the feel of one of the campaign rallies, although that campaign is over, you can see the merchandise still selling. we have seen people from all over pennsylvania, tons of new jersey license plates out in the parking lot. and we met someone from new jersey and new york city. these lines formed early, like i said, thousands of people all bundled up because this is truly dangerously cold out here, but that shows much these people want to see the president-elect. these are the folks who were tuned into this campaign, they continue to be focused on the issue, and now they're here not only to congratulate the president-elect but also to make sure he follows through and delivers for them.
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>> i think he's much more humble now. he said from the givening, he's not a politician, he's not a professional speaker. but i think he's calmed down quite a bit now and he's only going to get better and better. >> i think it's gone quick and well, half the guys are out of the swamp which is nice and half the guys know what they're doing inside the swamp, so maybe they can tread water for a while. >> reporter: trump has two cabinet positions to fill and we know at one of the two thank you rallies he held, he announced some picks. trump expected to be here at 7:00. we're going to head through the security line and see you on the inside. >> the president-elect trump is dismissing an nbc news report
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that russian president vladimir putin knew about and personally directed a hacking operation during the u.s. election. he also isn't buying a cia theory that putin did it to help trump. trump tweeted, if russia or some other entity was hacking, why -- russian cyber intrusion in october and the white house spokesperson pointed out today that mr. trump had urged the russians to find hillary clinton's missing e-mails back in july. >> listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity. >> gop lawmaker peter king said that democrats and the intelligence community are putting a cloud of doubt the president-elect which is what he says putin wanted them to do. a delaware supreme court is
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tossing the death sentence of a convicted cop killer. it comes months after the state found that its death penalty law is unkochxal. that means 11 other death row inmates must now be resentenced. that came in an appeal of rick powe powell. police charged 27-year-old donald thorn in six cases. the events began on november 2 1s. police say he cut and stole inflatable projectors and christmas lights. in south jersey, a coat drive in cherry hill has collected more than 400 winter jackets that are going to be sent a tennessee town that was affected by the wildfire. the shipment also includes hats
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and gloves. those wildfires started late last month and killed 14 people. they destroyed more than 2,400 buildings and caused more than $500 million in damages. two juveniles are now in custody for starting the fires. dollywood theme park is near the area affected by the wildfires. thieves a s ars are targeti of the most vulnerable members of a jersey shore community. >> the guy came in and hit me. >> attacked in her own home. and she's not alone. where police say thieves are targeting retirement communities and what you can do to protect your vulnerable relatives. a jury has found dylann roof of the charleston church shootings but their work isn't finished just yet.
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look out? >> and slipping and sliding with this school bus and more snowy weather is moving this way. the first alert weather team will have the timing and the totals for your neighborhood next.
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the jury has found dylann roof guilty of all 33 federal charges that stem from last year's massacre at that church
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in south carolina. the jury deliberated less than three hours. the self-described white supremacist admitted to killing nine people at the historically black church in charleston in june of last year. the jury will have to decide next month whether roof will face the death penalty or his life in prison. he also faces the death penalty in a separate trial set for early next year. 24-year-old walker appeared in a chattanooga courtroom, walker charged with five counts of vehicular homicide and police say a sixth charge will be added. the bus was traveling around 50 miles an hour in a 30 miles an hour zone when it went off the road slamming into a tree last month. police say walker used his cell phone at some point on the bus before the crash. many points in the county
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are dealing with sub zero temperatures plus snow and ice making driving a real mess. take a look. >> look out! look out! >> neighbors just watched helplessly as a snowy street proved too much for this school bus in portland. there were some students on the bus, but fortunately no one was hurt today. it's hard to believe when you look at this video, but only three people with minor injuries after this major pileup on a pennsylvania interstate this morning. 59 cars and trucks, including 22 tractor trailers were involved in this crash around 8:00 a.m. in this snow covered 880 near falls creek. the road was shut down for. today some shoppers braved the cold in search of some hot
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deals. a couple of the shoppers even said they took the day off in hopes of beating the crowds. >> it's cold out there, but i did come prepared. >> this is part of the fun of it. >> all part of the fun. coming up at 6:00, nbc10's deanna durante will have more shopper who is aren't letting the cold stand in their way. >> you know what i found out today? i need heavier glus. let get your first alert forecast from sheena parveen. >> it's going to stay feeling like the single digits and i don't know who you can walk outside without gloves on. it's bitter cold, we're still feeling a lot colder than the actual temperature and then we have a wet weekend in store. clear skies looking out at center city, that's going to help us stay cold tonight and the wind is going to continue, it's very windy outside now,
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that's going to continue in the overnight hours. temperatures currently are 20 degrees. that's the actual temperature. but when you factor in the wind, look at what it feels like outside, this morning in philadelphia, it felt like 9 degrees. mt. pocono feels like below zero. take a look at our wind gusts, close to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. wilmington seeing a 30 mirror wind gusts, and yes, the wind again is going to continue tonight so it's going to keep feeling like single digits. here's our feels like, late tonight, 11:00 p.m., it's still going to this cold, as cold as it feels right now, then we go
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into tomorrow morning, still feeling like single digits for your friday morning. some areas north and west feeling like close to zero again. tomorrow afternoon, we start to rebound, feeling around 20 degrees, but it won't be as bad. here's a look at the weather system way off to our west, not very organized, but this will eventually get organized and affect us this weekend. so we have a first alert out for philadelphia, briefly, pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley, the time frame is mostly going to be 11:00 p.m. friday through saturday morning, we're going to start to see the approach of snow very late friday, that will continue throughout the morning on saturday. but we expect accumulating snow to start changing to a brief icy mix which will cause slippery conditions and that will change over to rain. the is going to warm pretty quickly and any frozen precip will change over to rain. 2:00 a.m. saturday, you see the
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lehigh valley, the poconos, possibly berks county starting to see some snowfall, and some accumulation there too, new mexico new jersey, delaware, chester county, berks county, that's mostly an icy mix there. 8:30 in the morning, we start to warm up even more with more of a south wind, spreads elsewhere a little bit of a break as we go through the second half of the day on saturday, so things kind of quieting down, but then it comes back again on sunday, it will be rain through the day on sunday, late in the day sunday, we start to get much colder, so we'll be watching for any of that to possibly change back over to snow on the back end of it. shouldn't be long lasting though. as far as the totals are concerned, less than an inch or so in the philadelphia area, not very impressive.
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1 to 2 for our pennsylvania suburbs, 3 to 6 up in the poconos. we're mostly in the mid to upper 20s, saturday, we're going to see warming, that's why we'll see the change to rain. and sunday will be another warm day, more details on this coming up. with just 16 days left in 2016, a very important part of the new year arrived in new york city today, standing at 7 feet tall, the numbers 1 and 7 received a precelebratory lightinging today, they are adon'ted with close to 500 led bull s that will light up when the clock strikes midnight new year's eve. a new act of kindness is sweeping the country. see how people are using light poles to send a warm message this holiday season.
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a set of conjoined twins born joined at the head. they were separated during a marathon 20-hour operation. doctors say they are pleased with how the 15-month-olds are recovering despite the fact that
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they have battled infections and seizures. brand-new scarfs are turning up taped to poles and trees in continental square. each one has a note saying if you need a scarf to stay warm, take one. then they have a bible verse. >> i think it's very considerate that people are leaving them because some people don't have proper things to keep warm. >> other act s of kindness have popped up all over the country. and help us share stories of kindne kindness. the goal is to inspire a million acts of kindness through the holiday season. and we want you to get involved.
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use the #sharekindness. we have also been asking for your holiday photos. >> this photo was sent in by mark stableler. there are 35 homes on his street decked out for the holiday. look at that display. >> and here's another photo sent to us by kristen fuller. >> nbc10 wants to see your creative holiday photos. use the #nbc10holiday and share your photos on facebook, instagram and twitter. we're going to be posting them online and showing them of them here on nbc10. it's graduation day at the cathedral kitchen in south jersey. >> but these students aren't getting a dilemmlem diplomat --
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diploma, they're getting another chance in. >> thieves targets retirement communities at the jersey shore. and here's a live look at the christmas village in center city. a chilly night out there for shopping as this bitter cold weather is going to stick around through the morning commute. the first alert weather team will have the temperatures for your neighborhood and the latest snow forecast. that's next at 5:00.
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the wind made it tough to walk around outside in haddonfield where temperatures dropped into the 20s. and with the wind, it feels a lot colder than that. >> some of you woke up with snow your windows and cars. a light dusting covered these cars and the ground. >> we're going to see just about everything over the next few days, cold, wind, snow, rain, then temperatures near 60 degrees. >> that's going to keep the first alert weather team busy, wouldn't you say? >> we're going to start with the bitter cold, because that's
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happening right now, it will continue into tomorrow, then we'll start with the snow and icy mix starting off the weekend. temperatures have dropped into the teens in many areas, pennsylvania suburbs, 19 degrees lehigh valley, also new jersey and delaware, temperatures around 20 degrees, actual temperatures, but we still have the wind outside, it's gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. and it has gotten colder throughout the day. this morning it felt like 9 degrees in philadelphia, now it feels like 5 degrees. coatesville has dropped to 3 below zero. about 30 minutes ago, coatesville was reporting 1 degree below zero. vineland feels like 5 degrees, atlantic city 6. tomorrow morning, here's the feels like temp for that. it is still going to be bitterly cold. doylestown, allentown, west chester, all feeling close to
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zero, the rest of the area single digits. aside from now we're going into the weekend, and we have a first alert out, pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley, that's snow and a wintry mix. that will start 11:00 p.m. friday, and go through early saturday morning. a brief, icy mix before it changed over to rain. that is the point in time where we will see slippery roadways, so if you have to head out there, you might want to wait until it changes over to rain. here's future weather, 2:00 a.m. saturday morning, snow begins, could see some falling in berks county, lehigh valley and pocono. early saturday morning, 7:00 a.m., mostly rain in new jersey and south delaware. a change from an icy mix possible through the philadelphia area. still at 7:00 a.m., we could see an icy mix through berks county
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and moving into the lehigh valley. then we see that change over to rain, by about 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., this may change a little bit as far as the timing is concerned, so make sure you stay tune today through tomorrow. that change continues up farther to the north, lehigh valley seeing a change closer to 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning. a closer look at the rest of your weekend forecast coming up. icy conditions may have played a role in this accident this morning on the garden state park way. the driver of the pick-up truck killed when his truck flipped over. it happened just a little before the exit to the egg harbour township. cold snaps causing problems for drivers, 268 calls for dead
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batteries, another 197 for problems with tires. >> the nbc10 morning team has you covered with the latest on this dangerous cold and weekend snow. get weather updates every fen minutes starting at 4:00 a.m. robbers targeting some of the most vulnerable members of a jersey shore community. >> nbc10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg spoke to one 83-year-old victim who shared her frightening story from brooklyn township. >> they pushed me down. >> reporter: her knees a scraped. >> they said don't get up. >> reporter: and 83-year-old dorothy rand is still badly shaken. around 9:00 yesterday morning, a pair of men barge into her berkeley township home through an unlocked door and stole cash and other items before running away.
5:35 pm
the widow lives with her 102-year-old mother in holiday city at berkeley. the crime came just two weeks after a pair of armed men tied up other elderly victims in their house in a different berkeley county retirement community, the robbers posed as delivery workers to get inside, but with respeeren't wearing un police are trying to figure out if there was a connection. police have an important safety reminder that's especially timely during the holiday season. people that work for legitimate delivery companies are usually dressed in a uniform, they travel in an official vehicle and have some form of identification. >> if i'm going to get
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deliveries, they drop them at the door. >> reporter: dorothy rand says she's keeping doors locked from now on after being robbed of money, valuables and her sense of security. montgomery county rezs are going to pay more to live in the county in 2017 because today the board of commissioners, they voted 2-1 to pass a $9 billion budget next year and it includes an 11% tax hike on real estate. lawyers for the lower marion school district was back in court today. the district is asking a panel of judges to reinstate a tax increase that was thrown out in the summer by a lower core judge. the district attorney argued that the lower court judge overstepped his authority and should leave issues of school
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spending to local elected officials. the ruling not expected before the new year. sheridan elementary is getting a new play ground. students collected pennies and the teachers set up a gofundme page that raised nearly $10,000. the goal is to build the new playground next spring. philadelphia flyers delivered a truckload of toys that came from fliers fans donated at home games. the toys will benefit thousands of kids and teen aagers throught the region. ♪ >> nice, holiday music today from the filly pops festiv bras
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quintet. comcast is a proud sponsor of the proud salute company. comcast also the parent company of nbc10. so christmas is ten days away, so if you're shipping those gifts you should ship by today if you're using card mail. u.p.s. and fedex are also available to ship your items more quickly. your favorite store could come to the rescue. more than 1,000 businesses are taking part in free shipping day tomorrow and guarantee your purchases will arrive by christmas eve. fact or fiction? facebook says it has a new plan to fight take news. how it will affect your facebook
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. now to the latest from aleppo, syria, where thousands are fleeing the war torn city. the up security council is meeting to figure out how to monitor the safe evacuation process. officials say 50,000 innocent civilians remain trapped in eastern aleppo, and he called the situation on the ground, quote, catastrophic. u.s. secretary of state john kerry blamed president bashar al assad for syrian deaths. starting today, facebook's 8.1 billion users can flag anything they think is a hoax. if enough people report its fake, it will be passed offer to our partners at fact to analyze it. more details on this will work,
5:42 pm
and an interview with a man who creates fake news, that's tonight on nbc "nightly news." >> when you want the real news you can count on nbc10 news on the air and on the nbc10 app. you can get all the news headlines plus your exclusive neighborhood forecast. the dangerous cold continues again tomorrow morning. coming up, i'll show you how cold it's going to be to start your friday, and we'll look at the wintry mix ahead for part of this weekend. that's coming up next.
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me.
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pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪ five top airlines will not face any punishment after an investigation into price gouging. raised airfares in the
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northeastern corridor in the wake of the may 2015 amtrak derailment. while airfares did go up during that period, some fares along the same route in fact dropped. go for release. and drop pegasus away. >> nasa successfully launched eight miniweather satellites. the satellites which weigh just 64 pounds apiece will be used to measure surface winds deep in the heart of hurricanes. a hollywood feel in our nation's capital today, the cast of the upcoming film "hidden figures" were on hand for a private screening for the film. the film tells the story of the african-american women at nasa who did the math that put men in space. the ohio state house is being prepared for john glenn's
5:46 pm
body to lie in state. the astronaut's body will lie in state from saturday through sunday. the capital square review and advisory board passed a special resolution on monday to make an exception for glenn. just in time for the holidays, the shells at the salvation army in norristown are stuck thanks to the help of police officers in the county. >> local law enforcement officers and volunteers unloaded boxes and boxes of food to the salvation army. >> we are all working together to make sure that people are fed, people are clothed and people are housed. and we can't do it without one another. and that's what the salvation army is all about, doing the most good.
5:47 pm
>> this toy and food drive started 20 years ago with just a handful of police departments in montgomery county. now a few dozen are involved collecting thousands of pounds of food for nonprofits in the area. people are wasting no time hitting the slopes at camel back mountain. >> open said just as snow started to fall. the resort will stay open day and night for skiing and snowboarding. and the snow is much needed the pennsylvania ski resorts. last year they couldn't open until early january. they lost a lot of business between christmas and new year's day. and sheena, they will get some more snow this weekend. >> they will get snow this weekend. it's going to last through friday into saturday. temperature-wise wer
5:48 pm
temperature-wise, we are still dealing with the cold temperature, which is actual temperature is 20 degrees. philadelphia feels like 5, coatesville now feels like 2 below zero, feels like 5 in vineland, 6 in dover. mt. pocono feeling like a minus 7 right now. tomorrow morning, this is friday, 7:00 a.m. here's what it's going to like. some areas close to zero, like doylestown, allentown and west chester and the rest of the area feeling like single digits, right around 5 degrees. so bundle up tomorrow, it's going to be another bitterly cold start to your day, and we start to rebound as we go through the afternoon. we're nice and dry right now, our next weather system for the weekend is way back off to our west, we really have to look at the western half of the country, to see where the next one is coming from, it's not very organized but it will be by the time it gets here.
5:49 pm
snow and a wintry mix briefly in philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs lehigh valley, it is going to start around 11:00 p.m. friday and last through saturday morning, we will see accumulating snow and then it will turn into an icy mix and that will turn into slippery roads and then it will start to rain and we'll start to warm up. now we're starting friday night into very early saturday morning. that's saturday 2:00 a.m. look at the temperatures, everyone is well below freezing, anything falling will be snow, that's mostly going to be north and west of philadelphia. then 6:00 a.m. saturday, watch the warm air moving in from the south, cape may could be 47 degrees, expect maybe rain in new jersey and delaware. but then you notice temperatures around freezing from the i-95 corridor and points north and west at 6:00 a.m. and then north and west of that
5:50 pm
through the lehigh valley, cold enough still for snow. 8:00 in the morning, earn keeps warmings, icy mix moving into the lehighly and the poconos still dealing with snow. by midday saturday, we'll see the area warming into the 40s, some area into the 50s by saturday evening, very different from saturday morning to saturday evening. then we go into sunday, that's our next round of rain coming through, but look how warm the temperatures are, later in the day sunday, we'll be cooling down quickly, so we'll have to watch if any of that rain tries to briefly turn to snow. saturday morning before we see the changeover to rain. about an inch or two in pennsylvania suburbs. through the lehigh valley three to six. your forecast starting with tomorrow. about the mid to upper 20s for friday, saturday we start to warm up. and in the morning, again, the icy mess and we go into sunday
5:51 pm
and we'll see more rain moving through. more details coming up at 6:00. >> lester holt is joining us from nbc studios in new york. >> hey, lester. >> reporter: >> ahead for us tonight, a follow-up for the nbc news exclusive we brought you last night about vladimir putin's direct involvement in trying to disrupt the u.s. administration. why the obama administration held back in acting sooner. and facebook has a project to night fake news on its site. all those stories and more coming up at 6:30 for "nightly news." most of us wish we could be better cooks in the kitchen. >> yeah, we do. but for one group of students, learning to cook will change their lives. we'll show you why, next all new at 5:00. tomorrow on nbc10 news today, passionate about toys, what child isn't especially at
5:52 pm
this time of year? we will introduce you to a young montgomery county girl who's got cancer and it's not stopping home r her from playing santa for other kids. how you can help her pay it forward. that's tomorrow starting at 4:30.
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scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot? we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. cigntogether, all the way. it's a program that promises the ingredients for a successful future. >> today the cathedral kitchen
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graduated the largest culinary class in its eight year history. nbc10 south jersey bureau recorder cydney long has the story from camden. >> reporter: it's a touching taste of an ultimate achievement, filled with emotion and pride. >> you feel like you are someone right now, right? >> yes! >> reporter: say hello to the 16th annual baking graduates, a place george thompson never thought he would find. >> i got locked up eight years ago for selling drugs and they charged me as a kingpin. >> reporter: after 35 years behind bars, he earned the best attitude award in class. >> i never get upset about anything. >> reporter: it's a program that boasts an 85% placement in
5:56 pm
restaurantses across the state. how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel real good and i hope i go far with it. >> reporter: a cathedral board member served as master of ceremony. >> this is a positive story, this is a win-win situation. i get emotional just thinking about it. these are people who were in prison, who were homeless and they have all picked themselves up by their boot straps. >> reporter: the cathedral kitchen has been feeding more than 300 homeless each day, but this year's culinary arts school, it is the largest class yet with 31 graduates. george plans to work at the cathedral kitchen until march. >> then i'm going back up north to north new jersey and hopefully i'm going to open up my own restaurant. >> reporter: a sit down seafood place to call his own. >> i can sleep at night like a
5:57 pm
baby knowing i did some good. >> reporter: from camden, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> a great story. >> yeah, congratulations to all of them. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. >> coming up next, a local district attorney is about to do something no other woman has done in pennsylvania. also ahead, the bitter cold isn't stopping the procrastin e procrastinators from last-minute holiday shopping. and i'm tracking how much know we're going get across the delaware valley when we might warm up to 60 degrees. a huge swing is next.
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layer and cover up. the wind is making it feel even colder and snow is on the way. hot deals, the bitter cold isn't stopping people from shopping outside. thank you, pennsylvania. donald trump is an hour away from returning to the keystone state that helped him win on election day. howling winds, that's causing it to feel even colder outside. there's still a few snowflakes on the ground and another round of snow has a target on our area. i'm jim rosenfield, temperatures are dropping fast, and it's only going to feel colder as we get into tomorrow. the water on the schuylkill
6:00 pm
river is a little choppy from the strong winds out there. >> people are bundled up as they walked on the street. >> let's begin with nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, how low is the temperature going to go tonight? >> the temperature is going to be in the teens, but the wind is going to make it feel like pretty close to zero. the air temperature is 20, the highest we got to during the afternoon was 25. 16 in coatesville, 19 in wilmington and in trenton. we still have a pretty good wind out there sustained at 26 miles an hour. in wilmington, we have seen combusts over 40 miles an hour during the day today, although not strong as it was earlier. but it feels like 2 below zero in coatesville, this is with


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