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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a major lab company targeted leaving thousands of medical records at risk. what you need to know. >> the former congressman is sentenced to prison. why he is still a free man tonight. >> the war over recess. a local school district looks at shortening time at play. more than 30,000 patients have their medical records stolen after hackers target one of the largest lab companies in the country. good evening. >> if you have ever gotten lab work or taken a drug test you have probably heard of quest diagnostics. the company is notifying customers that their personal
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information might have been exposed. randy gyllenhaal has the details. >> reporter: quest diagnostics has dozens of testing facilities in our area including this one here in philadelphia. now the company says thousands of its patients' personal info has been hacked. if you have taken a blood test here, your personal info might be at risk. quest diagnostics says 37,000 patients are affected. hackers infiltrated the online patient portal stealing lab results, names, birth dates and phone up ins. >> medical companies are prime targets for this. >> reporter: this cyber security expert runs layer eight security. he says the medical industry is a treasurer chest of personal data. the hackers were likely out to steal identities. >> people want information because they will not necessarily need it right when they steal it.
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they will sell it to the next highest bidder. >> reporter: using it for anything from fake prescriptions to blackmail to identity theft. >> the information is valuable. you can create multiple personas and health care claims and prescription claims off of one identity. >> reporter: quest has notified affected patients and police are investigating. in the meantime, experts say check your credit report while companies need to do more to beef up security and training. >> there's a lot you can do in cyber hygiene that will train people. we recommend companies do that a lot. >> reporter: the company says it has addressed the security vulnerability and is taking steps to prevent something like this from happening again. in philadelphia, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. headed to prison. a judge sentenced former pennsylvania congressman fattah to a decade behind bars. he was convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of federal
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charitable and campaign dollars. the judge called the crimes astonishing and order eed fatta to report to prison by january 25. after today's sentencing, the former congressman said he was grateful for the support of several people. >> want to thank my legal team. i want to thank the support of my family and staff and friends through this very tough time. thank you very much. >> fattah's lawyers have vowed to appeal his conviction. he served in congress for more than two decades. bill cosby is heading back to a montgomery county courtroom today. he is scheduled to appear at a hearing for his sexual assault trial. prosecutors will try to convince the judge to allow 13 previous accusers to testify during the tri trial. he is charged with drugging a woman. to our weather. a chilly but dry night.
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on market street where we found people wearing their winter coats. >> depending where you live you might have a chance of seeing rain or even snow tomorrow. sheena parveen has our forecast. >> winter weather across part of the area. not everybody. temperatures right now are cooling down. 35 in allentown, 31 mount pocono, philadelphia 41. 37 wilmington. these numbers will keep dropping as we go into tomorrow morning. through the overnight hours and for your morning commute, upper 20s through the lehigh valley tomorrow morning. 32 wilmington. exton, 30. philadelphia, 33, dry and cold. take a look at what we expect tomorrow. future weather keeps us dry through most of the day. we will see clouds move in. now we're looking at tomorrow night. this is showing us 10:30 tomorrow evening. we will be in between an area of snow to the north, some rain to our south. if you are in the lehigh valley,
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poconos, expect to see snow showers. south jersey or delaware, maybe a rain shower. we will look at this. also the big story is the big cooldown later this week. that's coming up. now to the presidential transition. after lots of speculation, president-elect trump is set to announce his pick for secretary of state. he shared the news on twitter this evening writing, i will be making my announcement on the next secretary of state tomorrow morning. sources tell nbc new mrs. trump is expected to choose exxon mobile ceo rex tiller son. he has no government or diplomatic experience. tillerson has close business ties to russia. several lawmakers have suggested this could make it difficult for him to be confirmed. this comes as the president-elect is at odds with the cia. mr. trump has questioned the cia's conclusion that russia hacked the dnc surfeervers and
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podesta's e-mails. there's a call for a congressional investigation into what the intelligence community says russia did and why. some gop leaders are backing the cia over the president-elect. >> obviously, any foreign breach of our cyber security measures is disturbing. i strongly condemn any such efforts. >> the president-elect has put the intelligence community on edge by refusing to get daily presidential briefings. the electoral college votes to send donald trump to the white house in pennsylvania 20 electors will meet in harrisburg monday to officially cast their ballot for mr. trump. grass-roots groups have been organizing vigils like this last night in philly. they are urging the electors to vote for anybody else. they say president-elect trump is unqualified and are concerned with his ties to russia and russia's alleged interference in the election. nbc 10 spoke to an elector to
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says the pennsylvania delegation has no intention of changing their vote. >> all 20 of the pennsylvania electors are 100% in favor of donald trump. i think it will be a unified front. i don't anticipate anybody changing or defecting in any way. >> he says he and other electors have been inundated with e-mails and phone calls asking them to vote for clinton or another can't. president-elect trump is making headlines for calling out another american company on twitter. this time, lockheed martin. look at this tweet. the f-35 is the most expensive weapons program with an estimated cost of nearly $400 billion. donald trump's tweet sent the company's stock plummeting. the same thing happened days ago when the president-elect attacked boeing on twitter.
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lockheed martin has several locations in our area. a group of students and professors want the community college of philadelphia to become a sanctuary institution. nbc 10 has learned that two professors started a petition seeking to give the school that designation. this follows the university of pennsylvania's recent announ announcement it will be a sanctuary campus. they will not allow immigration authorities on campus unless they have a warrant. sky force 10 over a deadly shooting. one person was killed and another injured. police were called to the home around 8:30. no word on the condition of the injured victim. tonight, two men are recovering after she were shot while sitting in a car. police say they were parked near third and nedger when someone walked up and started shooting. one was shot in the upper arm and the other a graze wound to the wrist.
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both were taken to einstein medical center and are expected to be okay. u.s. marshals were forced to use deadly force. agents shot and killed the man as he left the home where he was staying around 10:30 this morning. he was wanted for a shooting on huntington street from in july. agents say he pointed the gun at them. when they tried to take him in. his mom says she had a feeling something like this was going to happen to her son. >> he's not real bright. he has mental problems. so he's like a loose cannon. it didn't surprise me. >> it's not clear if he fired on the agents. but they say he definitely pointed a gun in their direction. new at 11:00, thieves targeting houses of worship. police say there are a rash of burglaries at churches in coatesville. it happens this morning. the thieves got away with
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$5,400. the criminals also hit four other churches this week alone. deal other r no deal? how new jersey's governors could look to change the rules to help him cash in. class warfare. a school district looking into whether students should spend less time playing and more time in class. why some parents are so upset about the idea of shortening recess. >> snared by a selfie. why police believe this picture right here could help them crack a case. and get ready for this. it's the coldest air we're going to see so far. windchills will be below zero for some neighborhoods this week. i will show you who can expect that and the timing coming up never.
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new at 11:00, the man accused of murdering holly grim could face the death penalty. that's the punishment they want
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for. investigators say she kidnapped grim in 2013. the two worked together. police searched the backyard and found a bone matching grim's dna. a somber farewell to a fallen new jersey state trooper. more than 1,000 members of law enforcement came to boardwalk hall to pay their respects to trooper frankie williams. the 31-year-old rookie trooper and another driver lost their lives in an accident a week ago on route 55. >> to see somebody cut down really in the most productive, wonderful time of their life, after being married just two months is horrible. >> williams is the fourth member of the new jersey state police to die in a car accident in the past 18 months. the children of a philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty two years ago have filed suit against the
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makers of her safety equipment. joyce craig died after becoming trapped as she worked to put out this house fire. today, her estate filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen companies linked to the protective gear she was wearing. craig left behind two young sons. new jersey governor chris christie is reportedly working to change a state lashi in on a deal. that law bars sitting governors from accepting money other than their salary. according to published reports, the republican governor is working with top lawmakers from both parties to tweak it. the amendment is tied to a proposal to increase lawmaker staff salaries. christie was expected to get a job in the trump administration which seems unlikely now. hollywood award season is here. diversity is the name of the game. a year that started with another oscar so white controversy is ended with a diverse list of
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golden globe nominees. this year, the academy of motion pictures and sciences invited more than 600 new members. new at 11:00, a debate over recess. a local school district looking into the idea of cutting it short. >> it's to provide more class time for students. some parents say that would do more harm than good. keith jones reports from upper dublin. >> reporter: i talked to officials tonight. i talked to parents. they say more time in class at the expense of time here in the gym is bad for their kid. one after the another -- each parent concerned recess would be cut. >> i think a lot of things are discussed without the parents' knowledge. then brought up for vote at the legislative meeting. >> reporter: jennifer has three children who attend upper dublin elementary school. >> there's a rise in anxiety and
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things of that nature among the children that they just need to get out. it's hard to be talked at for seven hours a day and retain everything that's being taught in there. >> reporter: she told me a teacher informed her of the potential plan to cut down on recess in favor of more class time. >> when i heard about this sweeping change that might be coming, i knew it was time to come out. >> reporter: this man has four kids. his father has parkinson's. >> it's like growing a garden. you can't just -- if you want to grow big, healthy tomatoes, you can't flood it with water. you have to give it the right amount. i'm afraid they're trying to flood our kids with knowledge. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics and research from stanford show recess is necessary. kids feel more engaged and it offers emotional and physical benefits. i took the concerns to the superintendent. >> no decisions have been made.
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no recommendations have even been prepared for the board. >> reporter: but she admits meetings have been held. they're exploring options but said right now -- >> i want to stress, we will not cut recess. there are no recommendations at this time. >> reporter: no official decision has been made. officials stress that they are investigating their options. keith jones, nbc 10 news. you are certainly going to need a coat for recess tomorrow. >> and a bigger coat for the further we get into this week. how cold are we talking about? >> i think we're talking about cold enough for there to be no are says lat recess this week. it will feel like zero in some areas. we will show you that. for tomorrow morning, at the bus stop, kids need the jacket. it's cold. below freezing north and west. allentown, morning temperature around the mid 20s as well as exton and quakertown,
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philadelphia around freezing as well as atlantic city and wilmington. we will be dry in the morning. that's the good news. we're continuing to dry out. things are cooling down. tomorrow will be a colder start. then we get the wind plus the bitter cold thursday. that combination is going to give us the windchill below zero. that's dangerous cold. we have a first alert out for that. then we go into the weekend. we have our next round of rain and snow, even a wintry mix in the forecast. we will show you that in a second. tomorrow as we go through the afternoon, we're staying mostly dry. you will see more clouds move in. 44 degree. allentown could see a snow shower in the afternoon. if you are north and west of philadelphia, through mostly the lehigh valley and poconos, you have a good chance of seeing a snow shower. south jersey or delaware, you could see rain later in the day. here is what it looks like on
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future weather. we stay dry in the morning. there's 6:30 tomorrow evening. snow for the poconos. maybe the lehigh valley, too. then even later at night, we could see a few. this is not going to be a big weather system. it's weak what's going to move in. not a lot of moisture with it. a lot of the area will be in a dry slot. we could see rain down to the south. then we clear out as we go through wednesday morning. that will be a quick mover. then it's going to set us up for a cold thursday. we do have a first alert out for thursday into friday. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, we're talking about thursday night into friday morning for the coldest period of time. bitter winds, near 45 miles an hour with the windchills feeling below zero. here is what's it's going to look like. thursday, this is 1:00 p.m. thursday, right around lunchtime. we could be feeling close to single digits. friday morning, we could see some below zero windchills, especially as we get into the lehigh valley, pennsylvania
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suburbs and the poconos. that arctic air that's going to come down and it's going to hang around to end out the week going into the weekend. that's when we have our next weather system. we will look at that forecast coming up. carson wentz answers the tough questions from one of his biggest fans.
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new at 11:00, police in atlanta county are using technology to track down a smartphone thief. police are looking for the woman in this photo. she's accused of stealing another person's cell phone. thanks to a tracking device in the phone, it snap aid selped a of her without her knowing it and transmitted it back to police. carson wentz answered a lot
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of questions this season. >> apparently he is doing the same thing off the field. a young man mailed him a letter asking him five questions from his favorite color to his favorite football player. he tweeted out his answers and thanked the boy for his support. the letter included some eagles themed artwork including a red line through a cowboys star. some advanced artwork right there. he didn't ask him when the birds will have another win. >> i don't know if carson can answer that. that's the tough part about it. the birds have been decimated by injuries. one eagle is lost for the season. he had a key role in the loss yesterday. we find out, he was playing hurt. that's next.
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i'm john clark. the eagles have been ravaged by injuries. they placed players on injured reserve. their seasons are over. jon dorenbos had wrist surgery. they signed a new player tonight. coles got knocked out. some called it a cheap shot. he said it was a bad hit. he wishes he could take it back. he will contact sproles. the eagles had a chance to win the game. tobin gives up the sack. the eagles reveal today that
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totob to tobin sprained his knee the play before that. he said he would have given him help if he knew he got hurt. >> we're always looking for those situations and for those things. obviously, we didn't catch it. we gotta be -- as coaches we have to be more in tune to that. >> the flyers lose another player. the flyers are the hottest team in sports. they have won nine in a row. we have a big game in college basketball tomorrow night. villanova hosting temple at the pavilion. it's going to decide the big 5 title. both teams are 3-0 in the big 5. nova has won 17 straight games in the big 5. here is jay wright. >> they have done a great job of having a couple great scorers and they make everybody better. this team has a lot of good
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scorers. >> we have done okay. now we have to play villanova, who is arguably the best team in the country. they certainly were the best team in the country last year. they haven't lost yet. they have it going on. >> they do. these kids got it going on. check out these kids decorating the christmas tree by doing soccer tricks to place the ornaments on the tree. how about the bill for the dropped ones? i'm not sure my mom would allow this. i'm john clark. we are right back. (my hero ze) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now
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i'm bracing for the cold. but we have time. >> we have a couple days. then it's going to get really cold. we are talking about windchills below zero. it's not on the ten-day. you don't see those. but that's when you factor in the wind. as we look ahead to thursday and friday, highs in the 20s, lows in the teens. early friday morning, it's going to be the coldest. thursday, over the weekend, we have a wintry mix moving in. we will keep you updated. >> that time of year. >> stay warm. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, hailee steinfeld, musical guest onerepublic.


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