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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now at "nbc 10 news today" honoring a life lost. today, a local new jersey community is remembering a
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states trooper killed in a car crash. water worries. take a look at this video of water running in a philadelphia high school. hear why officials had to shut off the water supplies as health officials are now getting involved. baby jesus stolen. we'll tell you where police found the statue in bethlehem after the suspect was caught on this camera. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's start with meteorologist erika martin with the weather. a big system in the midwest and plains is affecting us, right? >> oh, yeah, it's due here. that westerly air is going to shift northwesterly. vai and rosemary that means temperatures will get below average certainly tonight into tomorrow. if you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast, otherwise, a high-pressure system does dominate. even though we are seeing plenty of clouds.
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current temperature 35 degrees. allentown, 33. coatesville, 32. at trenton, 31 degrees. but a wader perspective. this is why we do have those colder temperatures on the approach. notice that the big push moving in from the north-northwest. all that is due here by later this afternoon through the overnight hours into tomorrow. out the door forecasts, notice we're seeing 30s to start. only 40s as the expected high temperature. low to mid-40s. we're normally seeing upper 40s for this time of the year. however, keep in mind, it's only going to get colder through tonight into tomorrow. overnight lows in the 20s tonight. we're only topping out in the 30s for tomorrow and saturday. here's jessica with traffic. >> thanks, erika starting off with an accident closure. on the southbound side of the blue route coming away from the schuylkill expressway. there's the schuylkill right there. you see on the blue route, no big problems or delays.
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center city, looking just fine. the vine street expressway expressway the cameras at 8th street. eastbound moving towards 95. this is westbound towards the schuylkill. no big delays through the vine. here 35, moving through delaware. no problems yet. ten minutes northbound from 295 to 495. into the high 60s. i'll check in with new jersey roads when i come back in ten minutes. 5:33 right now. 35 degrees outside. members of a local south community will gather to remember a state trooper who died in a crash. matt has been following the investigation from the beginning and you have more on the honors for trooper frankie williams that will be happening today? >> reporter: right. there is a vigil later on tonight rosemary and vai. those who live north the port north barracks were trooper williams was stationed. they want to pay their respects. and here at the belmar barracks,
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you can see that the flag is flying at half-staff. there's still a big question why the crash happened. we did obtain the 911 calls that came in reporting an erratic driver. >> 911, what's your in which. >> i think there's a drunk driver in front of me. he's swerving on the road. we're doing like 20 miles an hour. this car made contact with a tractor trailer. we're going 20 on 55. >> reporter: the callers presumably referring to the car driven by dr. lloyd rudley who crossed over into the gas median and hit trooper williams' car head on. the trooper was responding to those very calls. both men died in the crash monday night. the candlelight vigil to honor trooper frank williams will be held tonight at 7:00. lee chester hall at leesburg
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volunteer fire hall in main street in leesburg, new jersey. now, the exact cause of the crash, it is still under investigation. pending toxicologist testings and other factors there. coming up at the top of the hour, we spoke with a friend of the driver who said it may have been a medical condition. it may have been his diabetes acting up. we're going to have more on that at the top of the hour. for now live in belmar, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." a new jersey lawyer is asking a judge to reconsider. and on friday the judge ruled against the man's criminal complaint. the to reopen access lanes on the george washington lanes back in 2014. three former christie allies were convicted or pleaded guilty in the bridge scandal. christie was never charged. and parents are worried that the west philadelphia high school told students not to
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drink the water there. >> yeah, a parent who wants to remain anonymous sent us photos of a video of water in a bathroom sink. last night, we spoke to one man who has a granddaughter in the school. he has his own ideas about the water. >> when you see that, what goes through your mind? >> chemicals, pollution. you got to look at it do they prepare the food with that water? that's the main issue? what do they use that water for? >> according to a district spokesperson, the water is safe for handwashing. administrators are bringing in bottled water for drinking. now, news in the lehigh valley where a statue of baby jesus was taken from a nativity scene at a christmas village in bethlehem. >> soon, it will be back where it belongs. you can see a woman in a hat carrying a statue through
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downtown bethlehem early sunday morning. police tell us they didn't know the statue was gone until it showed up at the hospital in the crib? neighbors couldn't believe it. >> a surprise when i heard bethlehem. i thought this can't be bethlehem. things like this just don't happen here. >> police tell us the statue was accident tale damaged when it was being recovered. it is being fixed and will soon be back in christmas village where it belongs. police tell us they have some leads but they're hoping that the person involved in the theft will turn herself in. tonight in wilmington, city council will consider asking the state for money to keep a fire truck in operation. a resolution was requested for $300,000 to keep the truck rolling. the truck drivers water to the community. last night council voted to take it out of operation to save in overtime costs.
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and rolling bypasses on september 24th leach and fickes died fighting a fire. the closest engine to the scene had been shut down to save money. 5:38. that time of year where we appreciate the simple things in life, right? a philadelphia family saying good-bye to a home speaking exclusively to nbc10. >> there was no way out. no way out. a few more minutes in that building we would not be here at all. >> her sister and her children are among six families out of their home. the children were rescued through a window by firefighters on ladders. >> i mean, calling down on the floor. and thanks to the guy that
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helped us get down and we all survived. >> everything that we have is gone. i thank god that we have our life. >> now, just a little more than two weeks away from christmas, the american red cross is helping the families with food, clothing and a place to stay. investigators, in the meantime, are working to figure out exactly what started that fire. i'm "first alert" meteorologist erika martin. and conditions are high and dry. a high-pressure system is influencing our weather pattern, even though we do have a couple of clouds that will eventually make it as the sun comes out. as you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see the local forecast. looking at 32 degrees along with andorra. chestnut hill, 31. and society hill, 37. of course, lehigh valley a little cooler right now. seeing lots of upper 20s.
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nazareth at 34. easton warmer right now at 35 degrees. one of the sasaving graces woul those westerly winds. melvern, 35. chester heights at 27 degrees. warrington, 32. and ft. washington currently at 27. so, i do want to show you the weekend forecast. and what to watch for for friday and saturday. tracking the potential for lake-effect flurries to make it into the suburbs and lehigh valley. notice the temperatures mainly in the 30s and 40s. saturday, same deal there. feels like temperatures. that's a really big story, however. once the winds shift from the west to northwest. they start to gust up to 25, 30 miles per hour. it's going to feel a lot colder than those actual temperatures. heads-up now. it starts the feels like temperatures at 5:30 a.m. we're seeing upper 20s to 30s. notice we'll keep that and pause
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this until 9:00, 10:00 p.m. 21 in allentown. 21 in trenton. 25 in philly. feeling like upper teens for allentown, pottstown and westchester by early tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m., 5:30 a.m. when you're heading out the door it will feel like 17 in pottstown, 21 in philly, ten day on ten, if you follow us on social media, of course, we'll have more updates there. back to you. thank you, jessica. 5:41, this thursday morning. i like jessica so much, i never want her to win the lottery. >> oh, really? >> yeah, i like her that much. otherwise, she'd quit and do something else. i want her here for traffic every morning. >> right, we need you, jessica, to tell us what's going on in south jersey. >> i know we were watching earlier on winning the lottery. and i was just saying how much better a person he is than i am.
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and starting with traffic, we're not seeing any delays approaching that point right now. moving through new jersey might look good in some spots not all in spots. we're watching in carney's point township, police activity reported. route 130. this general area here. we have delays moving and the ramps are closed. maybe you have to head to the delaware memorial bridge that you can take the new jersey turnpike. that looks better than 295. at least there's no ramp closure in that direction. you can see it looks great s gr looks good there as well. no accidents eastbound or westbound. so a better morning than yesterday. from the blue route to the vine street expressway, 13-minute drive times. and speed into the 60s. rosemary and vai, back to you. >> thank you, jess. when ever second matters. just ahead, we'll tell you about a local county that's the first in the state to use a new emergency system that could
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potentially save lives. plus, remember pedals the bear? we'll find out the controversial killing, and now the six people getting sued.
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5:45 right now on this thursday, a hunter in new jersey who said he's been falsely accused of filling pedals the bear is now suing six people. >> yeah, pedals became a sensation because he walked upright as a human because of a paw injury. john defilippo filed suit claiming that facebook postings falsely accused him of killing the bear. state officials did not identify who killed pedals. operation home front is giving a helping hand to families right here in our area. yesterday, they gave out meals to active duty and wounded soldiers and their families. each delivery included coupons for groceries to help put together a holiday season. >> a lot of families try to make a reasonable holiday for their children. budgets can be very tight if they've had things come up. this is just one way for
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operational to say thank you. >> the 300 meals went to about 300 military families, many of whom are separated from their loved ones during the holidays. heading to a conference matchup against the redskins this weekend, the eagles all agree they only need one thing. a win. >> it's frustrating. normally, especially in this business as a quarterback, you know, i'm wired to be a winner. i hate losing. >> we all got to pick it up. we all got to do a little better. focus on our jobs and get a win. we just need a win. >> we just need a win. we're back in our division, back at home. and we want this win back. >> two key players can be back on field. matthews boys, jordan matthews and ryan mathews, no relationship. nbc10 is your station for the philadelphia eagles.
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and we're getting you ready for the sun game against the redskins. join us for a power hour sunday morning. an exclusive interview with trey burton and all of the highlights and game day final after the news at 11:00. nbc10 is your home for football tonight. watch the raiders and the chiefs, traditional rivals, facing off in the division showdown tonight at 8:25 right here on nbc10. stay with nbc10, news after 11:00 beginning. you know, you've been telling us we're at the start of a like a slow -- slow dive. >> the arctic blast, temperatures are going to get so much colder. i've got to tell you guys, it's not cool that you're nice and toasty and i have to walk over there. >> chilly over there. >> here it is, the arctic blast. notice the purple, of course,
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dominating tonight through tomorrow. this is the story. it has been the story for the past couple of days because we've been tracking and monitoring just how cold it's going to get tonight into tomorrow. and really trend below average through sunday. if you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. notice how that polar air retreats just a bit by sunday. a live look outside. ice skating rink, definitely bravery with the temperatures there. trenton, 31 degrees. allentown at 33. atlantic city also seeing a pair of 3s. but where is this colder air coming from? of course, from the north-northwest. so notice the great plains, much cooler temperatures. rapid city at 1. billings zero right now. and that colder air is sliding into delaware valley. due here tonight into tomorrow. so neighborhoods right now for delaware seeing low to mid-30s. greenville at 32. caliville 32 for you.
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link lincoln at 31. milton, 31 degrees. keep in mind, we do have a chilly start today. but chillier tomorrow. mt. laurel, 29. pemberton 28. and princeton, 28 for you. upper 20s to low 30s for the most part. keep in mind, we're going to see mostly clear skies all thanks to a high pressure system keeping everything high and dry. with the exception of a lake-effect snow pushing in late tomorrow morning early afternoon hours. notice, we start off much chillier by tomorrow and only topping out in the 30s, pretty much that's it. then we see 40s by sunday. needless to say, i have blustery on friday and saturday with those strong north westerly winds and temperatures in the 20s. but i quickly want to show you how we decline into the teens
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tuesday into the overnight, wednesday aininto thursday. >> i know a lot of people are starting to get up, get out the door and crank on the heat. >> yeah, if you're heading out on the blue route, we want to keep you up with what's happening there with jessica boyington. >> because of a ramp closure because of an earlier accident heading southbound, coming away from the schuylkill expressway just around st. david, you can see the blue route looking in the green. drive times are look for the most part. we're not really seeing any delays. on the boulevard, 17th street, we're good to go. that's typically where we see it. on the p.a. turnpike, drive times here, 22 minutes from valley forge. both directions. rosemary, back to you. just ahead -- we'll tell you what one county in our area is doing that could save a life
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when every moment is critical.
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"hairspray live" brought 1960s baltimore to the nation's
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tv screens last night on nbc10. >> it was it's biggest one yet, take a look. ♪ >> the tony-award winning musical features a curvy teenager to fights to integrate a local dance show on a 1950s civil rights movement. ariana grande, kristin chenoweth. >> and keith looks like a young dick clark. >> he does. the party was packed and hopping. keith also checked in a small watch party in camden. among those attending in camden is a local 15-year-old who has been inspired by "hairspray." >> when i watched "hairspray"
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she didn't care what she looked like. she was so pretty. no matter what she looked like she was beautiful. and luclucy, lifting up cam youth. the program is for racial justice, love and diversity. hairspray fans hit us up on social media. we want to hear your comments about the live show. did you like it? twitter addresses on the screen. it is a first for new jersey. as promised camden county has rolled out a new 911 system that will hopefully save lives. people can go on to the smart 911 system to create a personal profile and information that may be critical for first responders in an emergency. officials tell us you choose how much personal information you want to input. >> everything you want to do with that system, in order to
5:57 am
make sure that the first responders have as much information as possible will go in there. >> the new system will cost camden county $50,000 in annual licensing fees. the county says it's worth it. >> we're always conscious of how much information is too much information. i think that kind of information for first responders is very credit ca critical. this morning, we're learning more about what led to a crash that killed a new jersey state trooper. up next, a 911 call from just before a deadly collision. and we'll tell you how the community is remembering the fallen trooper. plus, the owner of a burks county preschool said she paid for a new floor from the building but problems cropped up afterwards. how "nbc10 responds" helped with a solution after she paid to get
5:58 am
it fixed. and now holiday spirit outside. >> and the arctic blast and erika martin will tell us about it when we come back in 6:00.
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drive by shooting a man standing on a corner taking a bullet as a car takes off from the scene. philadelphia police tell us it shouldn't have happened in this neighborhood. honoring trooper williams. together, a community comes together to remember a new jersey state trooper killed at a scene. good morning, thanks for being with us. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. 6:00 straight up on this thursday. let's get to meteorologist erika martin in for bill. and the forecast, the arctic blast hitting us from the north and


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