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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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jessica boyington has your traffic. >> watching our cameras around broad street it's closed at broad street for the next half an hour until 5:00. also, all construction out there on 422 eastbound between route 202. two lanes are closed until 5:00 a.m. and maybe closed at one time for you not to be able to get through that space. eastbound right now just a nine minute trip. no major delays on 422. also we'll watch an accident on lansdale. back to you. >> thanks for that. breaking from overnight a new jersey state trooper is dead. cameras were there as his body was transported about an hour ago. . >> the 31-year-old trooper was killed when his car collided with another car. pamela osborne is live. tell us what happened.
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>> reporter: when his body was removed from the hospital this morning officers lined up to watch him go. there it is, a silent show of respect. fellow officers saluted as he was taken away from the hospital. he was on duty and responding to a call when he was involved in a fatal crash. he was on state highway 55. it was about 7:00 when police say a man traveling southbound in a toyota corolla struck the trooper. trooper williams was flown to cooper university hospital where he died. williams was 31. it was just last january that he graduated and game a state trooper. the cause of the crash remains
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under investigation as family and fellow officers ask for privacy during this difficult time. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. >> at the jersey shore police need your help solving an armed carja carjacking. take a look at this. it began around 11:00 yesterday morning when police say one of two men involved took out a gun and forced the driver of the vehicle out of the car. police say the car has new jersey plates with the number x 34gst. if you know anything about the car call police. a car on fire in philadelphia. you can see flames shooting pretty high from what was once a lexus sedan. police are looking at surveillance that appears to
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show someone throwing something into the car moments before it caught fire. they will be hearing about ways to make rails safer. two committees are meeting to hear from federal transportation agencies about positive train control which is designed to automatically stop a train before a possible crash. it all comes after a deadly crash at a train station in september that killed one woman and injured more than 100 others. we have new details on the new york trial of a man charged with murdering six-year-old etan patz. they argued there is no evidence to back up fernandez's confession to police. earlier the prosecution rested its case by claiming hernandez felt guilty about strangling the boy. the first murder trial ended in
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a hung jury. bill cosby's defense team dealing with a set back before the entertainer goes on trial. yesterday a judge ruled that a 2005 deposition can't be used at trial. in it cosby alleged giving andrea constan. he only testified after being promised immunity by authorities. the judge rejected that saying there was no legal agreement of immunity. they a cosby's trial is set for june. learning more about an incident that sent foam flying out of a substation this weekend. they say there was not an explosion and there was no fire. the fire company says one of two large transformers came offline similar to how a circuit breaker flips off. when that happened there was a popping sound and flash which activated the foam fire
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suppression system. it is still under nchlgts a recall effort calls for a second look at election results state wide. jill stein filed the suit yesterday. it calls voting machines in the state vulnerable and hackable. donald trump won by 46,000 votes. they are not argue that hacking occurred, rather that it could have happened. >> citizens have a right to know are those machines hacked or not? let's get inside them. it's easy. >> the republican party said it looks forward to what it calls absurd claims. we learned that philadelphia's recount gave hillary clinton five more votes in the city. 4:35. happening today the head of philadelphia public schools will announce an education grant to help adults learn credit towards
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a high school diploma. he will announce the award this afternoon. this year's grant from the u.s. department of education is $236,000. the program will be offered at four different sites in the district. now to delaware county and a violent crime caught on camera. >> that's right. watch as workers struggle with a robber. hear what the thieves are accused of stealing there. santa and adult entertainment collide. we'll take you to delaware to explain why the jolly elf set up shop next to an adult toy stoefrmt > -- store. it is 38 degrees here at nbc 10. grab your rain gear. changes during the day. we have more wet weather. neighborhood forecast coming up.
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some of the ramp closures around broad street. they are starting to pick up a little bit early. i'll keep my eye on that. note that it might be a little difficult for you. pa turnpike looks okay. there is construction between willow grove and ben salem. 22 minutes at the most if you're headed westbound with speeds also into the mid-60s. 76 around market street. no major problems or delays. you can see traffic is sparingly
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moving through. an accident out in lansdale. updates in about 10. a live view of boat house row. temperatures have calmed down. clouds have just started to move in. nothing falling from the sky just yet. there is rain to the south and southwest. that's going to be moving in during the day. we will get a dry start this morning. 38 degrees this morning. holding at 38 degrees as clouds increase at 8:00. mostly cloudy this morning. it's this afternoon that the rain moves in. upper 40s for philadelphia, way above freezing. this is only going to be rain moving into the area. it stays with us into the late afternoon and into the evening hours as well. suburbs, you'll see clouds taking over.
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mostly cloudy and 35 degrees at 8:00. the chill will come off. 42 degrees at noontime. rain this afternoon at 2:00, 4:00 and sbrinto the evening ho. a little bit colder with mainly clear skies. we are starting to see scattered clouds move in. you'll see sunshine this morning. below freezing at 8:00. the rest of the area warming into the 40s. since it's coming up from the south it will take a little longer. you can expect the rainfall by late afternoon into the evening and late night hours. right at freezing in new jersey. temperatures climbing. a little bit of sunshine breaking through this morning before the clouds take over completely. umbrellas going up at 2:00, 4:00 and into teche evening hours. 40s right now and in the 40s all day long close to 50 degrees in spite of that afternoon rain at the shore. for delaware temperatures
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starting off in the 30s, a dry morning this afternoon. we'll see the steady rainfall move into the area. the weekend forecast and a look beyond with the ten day on ten when i come back in ten minutes. after listening to bill it is hardly swimming weather. >> we take you county by county for a look at what's happening today. also, a violent crime caught on tape. hear what they took when they targeted this laundromat. also bottom of the 9th. here why he is about -- they ab lose some major league business. manolo!
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robbery. the search is on far pair of robbers. the thieves burst into the laundromat around 4:00 yesterday morning. watch as one of them holds down the woman while the other suspect takes cash. one i they think one of the thieves is a woman who spills a tray of quarters and struggles to pick them up. >> two urban terrorists come in. they have ski masks. one is armed with a gun. you can clearly see the gun. >> one of the thieves removed gloves fifing them evidence to work with and possibly fingerprints left behind. in ocean county police crediting a chance encounter in a deadly hit-and-run case. allen picker is a body shop owner. he used his expertise to help figure out the type of vehicle
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that killed a man in toms river. he spotted the very same car he described for police. >> so the prufbumper was broken. i said you know the car they are looking for? i think i just passed it. >> clearly he is a special individual and we are thankful for his assistance. >> they tracked the car to neptune township t. 73-year-old turned herself in on charges related to the deadly accident. 4:46. let's take your state by state and county by county. today montgomery county will open the off-ramp. the entrance is half mile west of where drivers now exit the highway in order to reach armond
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hammer boulevard. also the future of two public swimming pools will be the focus tonight at a meeting. they want feed back. a study found both pools built in the 1950s will need funding for significant upgrades to stay open. police coming together to try to bridge what they are calling a racial divide among youth. they will discuss recent issues across the country in hopes of building trust between police and the community. >> a few police departments are hosting a holiday shopping event for students. the heros and helpers event will help buy holiday gifts for their families. they will help them pick out the gifts. the event starts at the target in allentown. eagles players will treat football stars of the future to
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a holiday shopping spree. the event is set in cherry hill. more than two dozen kids will get a gift card and spend time with other eagles. and the today show has kicked off the second annual share kindness campaign. the goal is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness through the holiday season. we want to get you involved. follow #sharekindness. you can also use the hash tag on instagram or twitter. fire forces more than a dozen people out of an apartment building in the 4,500 block of frank ford aven frankford avenue. we are not sure how seriously
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the line will be shuttling buses around the scene this morning. >> definitely could cause problems in f it continues. we'll bring in jessica boyington who will let us know of any mass transit issues. >> what are you seeing right now? >> i will start right now around vine. still watching for that construction right now. not clear yet. back to mass transit. if you're just tuning in and caught the end of that they are resorting to shuttle bussing passengers near frankford due to the apartment fire in the way. there is also a trenton train 1701 running about 14 minutes late. that's about all of the delays we have so far. route 4122 looks okay.
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two lanes will be closed until 5:00 a.m. this is route 73 around 295. no problems in either direction right now. you can see 73 north or southbound looking just fine. more on your roads when i come back. >> all right. thanks for that. definitely cooler on the cooler side. no rain. are you liking that? >> i like it much better. we can't be too picky. i think we have rain in the forecast. let's check in with bill in the first alert forecast. >> yeah, this morning a nice dry view and a chilly one too looking towards philadelphia. skies were clear overnight into new jersey. at the shore a little bit of a chill in the air. the coldest temperatures not in new jersey and delaware and philadelphia but in the suburbs this morning. we are seeing readings in the low 30s and below freezing.
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nor fort washington in the 20s. that's to start with. cold enough that we would see snow if rain was moving in right now. seeing a few scattered clouds right now. in the clear for lehigh valley. it is so much lower than south delaware this morning. it could go lower before they start to climb. the system will bring in warmer air with it. it will be rain moving in this afternoon. it looks like it will be moving in just as we go into the afternoon hours. light rainfall in delaware and south jersey just starting to move in. it comes in this afternoon. colder where we can see snow. that snow not happening in the lehigh valley or suburbs that stays to the north and rain as we head into the late evening
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hours. temperatures will continue to warm up. we'll start off mild with an isolated shower. we are going to clear out tomorrow afternoon. ten day on 10:00 47 degrees. sunshine will be fading pretty rapidly. sunshine back after a cloudy morning. a slight chance of showers on thursday. more likely we'll just get clouds and breaks of sunshine, 46 degrees. those clouds coming from a cold front that will bring us the cold on friday, saturday and sunday especially blustery. morning temperatures in the 20s. highs in the 30s. the windchills will feel like it's in the 20s for most of the day friday and saturday. 39 on sunday. you can see the temperatures start to creep up on sunday. it's a good thing because we have more wet weather on the way for monday. a little chillier. the we end of the week 39
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degrees. yes, that's rain and snow next thursday. >> thanks for that. it is 4:52 right now. santa setting up shop in an unusual place. he is sharing a parking lot with an adult toy store. the long time store owner says she was frus ratrated so many peoples have to drive so far. she has seen nasty comments on facebook but adds there is nothing for parents to worry about. >> come up, check it out. we are not out to do anything negative. >> she said she doesn't have anything on the outside of the store that would let children know what she sells inside. a big blow to a lehigh valley company. an official uniform provider. under armour will be in charge of providing uniforms to the
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league's 30 teams. majestic majestic has been in that role since the early 1980s. they will provide uniforms for the next three seasons. school violence is caught on camera. >> next on nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m., find out what with started this fight between students at wothis high school. and next, hear why a family could not do this light display without the help of strangers.
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good morning everyone. no major problems or delays. we have updates for you on that
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apartment fire and the effects on mass transit. i'll have that when i come back at 35:00. pennsylvania's new teacher of the year is not from our area. some of the runners up are. the winner received his award yesterday. nominees include megan henry, lindsay leavengood. congratulations to all of the nominees. with colorful autumn leave ts gone it's time to marvel at christmas likes. >> we want to show you a brilliant display now in the ninth year. take a look at this front yard in ambler. he said it takes weeks to prepare the dazzling array of a quarter million lights. most visitors make donation to benefit local charities and help
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out with the costs. he says it's worth it. >> our led lights draw that much power. it runs about $2,500 for the season, maybe a little more. >> reporter: what do you think about all of the lights? >> i think it's perfect. >> the display runs through december 30th. nbc 10 wants to see your creative holiday photos. use #nbc10holiday. send your pictures on the nbc 10 app and your photo might make tv. i'm not sure if i might like to have him as a neighbor. he would put my home to shame. i got one little tree up with lights. >> which is pretty good. i don't want to show anyone my house after that. >> yeah. all right. now for more stories we are
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following for nbc 10 at 5:00 a.m. a new jersey state trooper is dead after this violent head-on crash. good morning. it is just about 5:00 a.m. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm katy zachry. let's begin with bill henley and our first alert neighborhood weather. a brief rest from the rain. >> yes. temperatures have dropped below freezing for the suburbs. philadelphia 39 will climb into the 40s. clouds will be moving in. by 9:00 cloudy skies and 42.
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this afternoon those clouds will start producing rain and only rain for us. we'll see temperatures climb well above freezing. a chilly rain for philadelphia. middle 40s for delaware and new jersey. i'll break it down hour by hour when i come back in less than ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> thank you. the section of the city with an apartment fire right now at frankford. this is having an impact right now. the market shuttle bussing passengers due to the fire department activity near the trac tracks. also bus routes 3 and 5 are also on detour. bus 3 and 4 are oning behind. we'll have live


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