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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 5, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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scraper first thing. not much wet weather left in this e lehigh valley. just rain drops and only rain for delaware and philadelphia. the suburbs, we'll see it clear out quickly. fr degrees this afternoon. philadelphia is heading to 51 degrees later today. break it down hour by hour. we're going to come few minutes. >> thank you, bill. again for another update on the situation in lehigh valley. >> that's right. northbound, jessica, what can you tell snus. >> reports of the pa turnpike northbound extension being closed. a string much green where it once was red. we had pamela osborne stuck behind this accident scene. she actually confirmed with us she was able and they were allowing some traffic to squeeze by. for now let's stay on the northbound side. ifnd y lehigh valley, watch for that accident scene. you want an alternate, that's
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route 309 over there. it might be in the process of starting to clear or at least allowing traffic to move watching the schuylkill expressway around girard avenue. 13 minutes into center city. and lastly we'll end with this up at norris town. marshall street right around the railroad crossing there. we'll have an update on the hen i me back. thank you, jessica. let's take you snowing a little bit more a half hour ago when we came on the air. it's mostly stopped as bill said at here's a live look at camelback. no skiers, of course. they'll come a little bit later in the day. >> they missed the good part. >> right. they'll have snow when they get weather team called for and, indeed, >> that's right, vy. from the cameras and the first alert traffic center, "nbc 10"
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has you covered this morning. >> monique braxton is live for us in storm force 10. tell us where you are and whats. >> reporter: good morning to you both. we are now going through jenkintown. beautiful landscape, christmas decorations up. as you can see, the roads are wet. when we left the station it was raining harder than this. that was maybe 30 minutes ago. it is now drizzling here in jenkintown. no traffic. this is the first or second car that we've met on our journey since we have been on 611. we're going to continue to head north probably head up to the quaker town area. we just thaerd there may be some snow flurries in that vicinity. as soon as we see them, you'll see it. live from now from storm force, monique braxton. >> we'll continue to check in with you. the lehigh valley and points north have the best chance to see snow and ice rather than rain. >> they're already seeing a wintry mix up there.
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"nbc 10's" pamela osborne is live. pam, update us on the conditions that you're seeing up in allentown. >> reporter: yeah, it's a little bit all over the place. just a moment ago it wasn't doing anything at all. now it looks like we're getting a little bit of this snow mixture going on. we're actually a little bit late joining you this morning because we were stuck behind a crash on the turnpike this morning. we're giving you a live look at some of the road conditions here. now that accident was right around quaker town. it had both lanes of traffic on the turnpike blocked. two-car accident. one of the cars spun around and was pointed in the opposite direction of traffic. that should be a warning to all of us as we head out the door to slow down. it doesn't matter whether you're seeing rain or snow or combination of the two. the ground temperatures may be cooler than the air temperature and in these spots expect slick and pea tensionally freezing rain conditions on the road. that is what penndot was most worried about. they did put crews out at midnight. when i see you back here again
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at 5:00 we're going to give you a look at that accident. fortunately no one was hurt. we're also going to tell you what penndot is doing and what penndot is telling drivers to avoid more accidents like that throughout the morning. that's when we see you back here at 5:00. reporting lin valley, pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks, pamela. we'll see you shortly. 4:34 and 40 degrees outside. live look with us right now in plymouth meeting montgomery county. raw weather and slippery parts of the region can put the brakes on your commute. we see a little bit of mix there. a lot of rain driving past our camera lens. the morning is starting out as we said raw and wet throughout delaware county. "nbc 10" was in upper darby where street lights made the roadway glisten under a very cold rain. make sure you have the free "nbc 10" app. it has up to the minute school delays, radars and weather alerts. can you send us your weather
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videos and pictures. a south jersey community is honoring the memory of a little boy who was killed last year. a bench now stands in memory of brendan there's lyrics from a song. the bench is a place where people can come and reflect on the joys of life in his honor. >> this bench represents a place of reflection rather than sadness so that people can come and reflect on the good of this little boy rather than the sad of his passing. >> the little boy's father is accused of killing him. he's charged with murder. the trial is set for next month. it's 4:35. our live team coverage of wintry mix that you're encountering this morning, it continues. >> live view of cape may. no mix there. that's just rain. 40 degrees at 4:35. most of the area is seeing rain but not for much longer.
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other changes on the way. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood just ahead. the "nbc 10" first alert severe weather update is brought to you by colonial generators. never lose power again.
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good morning, everyone. jessica buyioyington. traffic is moving northbound towards the lehigh valley between quakers town and the lehigh valley. the accident scene had earlier closed off the road. right now they're allowing the right shoulder to get by but all active lanes are right now closed on the northbound side. trickling through there. you want to take an alternate, that's route 309 will get you headed northbound a little bit easier than taking the northeast extension sitting behind the
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delay. 78 near route 412. no major problems at least in terms of an accident. you can see the roads are slippery. the ramps especially. getting on and off of the majors and the highways. accident in norristown reported around the railroad crossing and marshall street. you might be detoured there. just a little bit slow. route 30 over in new jersey, white horse pike around 295, we aren't seeing anything major happening here. definitely watching for slippery spots. definitely see that the roads are a little bit shiny. that means slippery as well. stop here in hammonton. atlantic city expressway traffic is headed westbound. back towards philadelphia. that's where you're going. around route 54 the right lane is only closed there. more updates on these when i come back in ten. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> a damp start this morning. we have issued a first alert for the lehigh valley, berks and
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suburbs. it's gotten colder overnight. we're seeing a rain/snow mix in the lehigh valley and berks. most of the suburbs seeing rain. farther north suburbs seeing a mix. this is not going to be causing too many problems. it will be awfully quick to end, too, between now and 6:00 if not before then. we're going to see it taper off and improving conditions. the light rain/snow mix that we're starting with won't last much longer, but if you're heading out right now you'll have to deal with some of these elements. we went on the air at 4:00. we saw steady snow in the camelback area. it's really lightened up. it's tapering off. that's the end of the snow there. for plymouth meeting, this is a steady rain falling. temperatures above freezing, well above freezing in plymouth meeting. there's still a chance that we could see some snowflakes mixing
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in in some of the suburbs. doppler radar, there's plymouth meeting. conshohocken, norristown steady along anderson road. that rain is not going to last very long. you can see the snow farther north. p not much of it. it's heading to the east. starting to lighten up. neighborhoods montgomery county, bucks county in. temperatures just above freezing right now. you may see a little bit of a rain/snow mix. there it goesas rapidly improving conditions. by this afternoon we'll be and a quick warmup. you'll see sunshine in the pocono mountains as well. right now the temperatures above freezing. well above freezing. this is why it's only rain in south jersey and delaware. wilmington and dover 49 degrees. trenton is fine at 38 degrees.
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go farther north and west. here's the colder air just a couple of degrees above freezing for reading and allentown. pottstown at 35 degrees. this is where you could see some slipping and sliding first thing this morning as the temperatures have dropped to right at freezing for many neighborhoods. nazareth, bath, just a degree above freezing. what we're going to see is the rain quickly taper off. hour-by-hour forecast. 9:00, 42 degrees. cloudy skies. isolated shower at noon. warming into the low 50s. thanks for that. coming up ne, county by county for a look at things happening today and that includes a noisy alert for people living in one section of montgomery county. >> meanwhile, a live look at th pennsylvania turnpike. storm force 10 gassed up and it
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is rolling. up next, we'll check back in with first alert meteorologist bill henley and krystal klei. >> malled by the bengals. hear from carson wentz on thego.
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a damp start this morning. a wintry mix in the pocono mountains, lehigh valley but not at philadelphia international. that is just rain, and you can see the visibility has decreased because of the rain. they're reporting 8 miles of visibility at the airport. should not cause any problems weather wise from the -- or for operations there. 40 degrees in philadelphia. 4:45. believe it or not, we're going to be clearing out. see some sunshine before too
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long. good morning, everyone. watching new jersey right now. cherry hill. actually, no, norris town, new jersey. route 38 around nixon drive. roads wet. not a lot of cars. we'll keep you updated on the northeast extension when i come back. jessica, thanks for that. 4:46. well, when the eagles lose, birds fans really feel it. >> yeah. we all feel it. the way the eagles lost in cincinnati yesterday left a lot of fans feeling numb. now if you watched it, it was a down day for carson wentz and the offense. a field goal try clanking off the uprights. right there. just didn't help. the defense got gashed through the air. here's eagles reaction following the 32-14 loss to the bengals. >> we're doing things just not good enough. one guy here, one guy there. we've just got to put it altogether. >> three weeks in a row, like i say, i mean, i feel like a couple of bad calls but that's
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out of our control. we've just got to play better. >> it dropped them to 5-7. here's what the eagles quarterback carson wentz tweeted after the game. tough one today, but no time to be negative. gotta stay positive and keep things in perspective. the eagles are back home next week for a divisional showdown. they'll take on desean jackson and the washington redskins. kickoff set for 1:00 p it's 4:4. let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories across our area.mery county, the limer nuclear power plant will conduct a siren test at 2:00 p.m. dozens of warning sirens will sound for three minutes. the power plant does these siren tests every december and june. remember, it is only a test if you hear it. in delaware county today
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villanova will host a global conference on persecution of religious minorities in the middle east. two-day forum will explore the causes of persecution to develop strategies in fighting it. montgomery county today you from a company aiming to get a children has 500 y home. refurbished desk tops, notebooks and they range from 65 to $1 go audubon from 10:00 until 3:00 p.m. the computers with otherly learning software -- come with early learning software loaded on them. in south jersey an old bank t at 10:00 st building at rowan this morning. it used to be the camden bank. the ornate marble lobby and old
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vaultsstent lounges. moving into bucks county, you can pick up a one of a kind christmas gift for someone today that benefits local college students. bucks county community college students are selling their artwork at theiday sale. you can buy ceramic, glass, paintings and woodwork. the sale is today and tomorrow from 10:00 until 6:00 at the rollins center. in month golf ri county today you can send some treats to our troops in time for the holidays. kelly's taproom is the place this evening from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. volunt wckages of vital items and treats. the packages will be shipped to troops deployed overseas and the wounded warriors here at home. all right. and in south jersey you can help families in need this holiday season. hosting their seventh annual holiday food drive.
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it begins at 7:00 at adelphia restaurant. you are asked to bring a new unwrapped drop off the toy at deptford municipal building. 10 minutes before 5:00 a.m. there was a road closure on the northeast extension northbound. it's been opened. we know it was closed because pam osborne was stuck in it. we know it was opened because she got through it. >> jessica boyington standing by. the reports are that it's closed. we have pamela osborne reporting she got through. traffic is getting by but a little bit of a backup behind the accident scene between quaker town and the lehigh valley. if you want an alternate even though it is getting by, you can take route 309 especially moving towards the lehigh valley. 95 around gerrard avenue. cameras here, clearly the roads
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are wet and moving through the work zones as well. that might be a little bit of a sticky spot. later on in the morning, southbound will end with the drive time from woodhaven road to the expressway. average speeds into the 60s. vai. >> thank you, jessica. my producer reminded me a little bit earlier that camelback is not open for skiing just yet, but when it does -- >> you're hopeful. >> yeah. look at that. not snowing there right now but bill told us that it was going to stop but there is definitely snow on the ground. lots of it. >> definitely some precipitation. bill, what can you tell us? >> that's the end of the snow in the pocono mountains. they'll get sunshine later today. not seeing snow in philadelphia, and we will not, no the with this system. just too warm. temperatures well above freezing. in fact, in the 40s right now in philadelphia. only rain in delaware and south jersey. cape may, beach avenue. steady light rain. nothing heavy out there. nothing that's going to last for very long. this is the doppler radar that
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shows philadelphia getting scattered light rain showers, light, steadier rain right along the coast for atlantic city, cape may and southern delaware. already starting to dry out in central and northern delaware, parts of north jersey. precipitation coming to an end. rain overnight. we saw a few snowflakes in the northern and western suburbs. most of the snow was in the pocono mountains. there it goes. in alan town you're seeing drying conditions already. the last few showers moving through hatfield, warring ton, won't last much longer. seeing a little bit of wet weather to start with. this afternoon it will be sunshine for the pocono mountains. there are cooler spots. 34 degrees. right at freezing. be aware of that. the rest of the area not an issue. temperatures in new jersey, especially mild compared to what you're seeing in the lehigh valley. 40 right now in audubon, 39 in
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voorhees. despite of the wet weather the temperatures are warmer than normal for this time of year. that's helping us with this system. only rain in princeton, robinson. 50 degrees in afternoon. we'll see it clear out in a hurry. hour-by-hour forecast. steady rain moving off shore. we'll still be looking at clouds at this time but the clouds won't last long. by 9:00 they'll be thinning out. by noontime we'll likely see sunshine and completely dry. breaking it down neighborhood by neighborhood. meteorologist krystal klei has it. >> tracking the temperatures. philadelphia neighborhoods mostly around the lower 50s. somerton in the 50s. lehigh valley, mid upper 40s.
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allentown, we did see snowflakes. you might see a flake or two on the ground now, it's going to melt off pretty quickly. ground temperatures still too warm for us to see any type of accumulation aside from the poconos. in new jersey, 51 for us later today. 53 ocean city. in delaware, upper 40s to around the low 50s. going to make it to the low 50s. we see a mix of clouds and sun. ten day on ten. we are tracking on/off chances of rain. tuesday late day overnight. chances of rain we'll also see return into parts of 30. much colder friday into saturday. thank you, krystal. this morning live coverage of the wintry mix moving across our region. >> that's right. let's take a live look in plymouth meeting. this is montgomery county. this is the scene you'll find throughout most of montgomery
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county. coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, we'll see the conditions happening in your area as you get ready for work or school. plus, bowl bound. the temple owls and their date with the deacons later. morng, e.
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jessica boyington. its a wet out there. approaching the platt bridge. that's hard to see on our cameras there. the visibility i far, but other than that we'll keep our eyes on everything for you. no problems on the area bridges for now. i'll update you on the northeas when i come back. jessica, thanks. a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. on temple's campus. >> the owls are headed to a bowl
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temple beat may havy to win the first ever athletic conference. the owls will start getting ready for their date with wake forest and then december 27th. matt ruhl is beaming about what his football team has accomplished this year. >> they won a championship and i wanted them to be treated like champions. they got that. they got that feeling of people out there saying, hey, we appreciate not just the fact that you won but all the sacrifices that you have played. >> military bowl will be played in annapolis, the aac. and everything is coming up roses for penn state. nittany lions won the game over they'll play usc in the rose bowl on january 2nd. lions big ten title touched off
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a wild scene in happy valley. students packing the streets. officers in riot gear used pepper spray to break up some of the crowds yth might make arrests for minor property damage. the turn around that is p remar. nine straight wins. outside the. grew up in lang horn, head coach, we're happy for them and penn state. now for more of the stories we're following on "nbc 10 news", it's >> a wintry mix in valley right now on traing a mi rain and snow in parts of our region. here's a look right now at the "nbc 10" weather radar. here's a live look montgomery county. this isecitation coming down right now. and "nbc 10" is taking you neighborhood by neighborhood so you can see what your commute to
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school or work would look like. storm team 10 is tracking the wintry conditions. morning. 10 news" starts now. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're issuing alert. some places dealing with rain some places dealing with snow. we have live team cove you morn. first alert traffic reporter jessijessa boyington tracking t traffic. >> the areas of concern in the ehigh area, berks county and suburbs only until 6:00. may even end it early. this one is kinding dmoun a hurry. mix indeed. very light precipitation and the temperatures are borderline. look closely. this is a live


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