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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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look at that. heavy rain moving into our area and we're in for a wet couple of days. we have issued a first alert because of potentially dangerous driving conditions. a teenager shot and killed. fiphiladelphia police are searching for the person who opened fire on a street in mayfair killing a 14-year-old. >> and prime time disappointment.
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the eagles loss in front of the hometown crowd. it's 5:32. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm katy zachry. we are under a first alert today because of the heavy rain moving in. not one round but two rounds. and bill henley has all the details joining us now with the first alert neighborhood weather. there will be periods of heavy rain. it won't be all heavy rain. periods of heavy rain and this time of year with leaves on the ground could lead to slippery roads and clogged drains. we'll likely see more rain and winds increasing. we're seeing rain moving into fiphiladelphia. that's light rain now, just light rain in philadelphia and the suburbs. no heavy rain yet. but there is that potential during the day today. look at these temperatures. it's only going to be rain.
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everybody's well above freezing and actually a warm start but with the southerly winds during the day in spite of the rain the temperatures go up into the 60s for most locations. except the lehigh valley. a warm-up. 64 in delaware. new jersey, 63 degrees. looking at temperatures near 60 at the shore. so warm and windy and damp day today. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour and broke it down for you in ten minutes. first jessica boyington is watching for some traffic trouble on a tuesday morning. watching cherry hill, new jersey, on 295 and our cameras around route 70. no big problems or delays right now northbound or southbound. look at the drive time here. from 38 moving up to the black horse pike a 12-minute trip. speeds in the 60s. if you have to get to the philadelphia area, no problems or delays yet. there's an accident in upper merion. around the germantown pike.
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no problems or delays here either. roads are still dry. checking with the p.a. turnpike, we only have a 23-minute drive time here. westbound from route 1 to valley forge so in increase of speeds also into the 60s. more updates when i come back. tracy? >> it's 5:34. we continue to follow breaking news, the deadly plane crash in colombia. >> pamela, what's the latest you can share with us? >> the jet had been chartered for a professional soccer team out of brazil. we can tell you 76 people were killed when the plane crashed in colombia. and this morning a police o official on the ground has confirmed to reporters that there were five survivors. those five people were rushed to the hospital. this is video we're getting in to show you first responders trying to get those survivors the medical attention they needed. officials on the ground are telling us the plane crashed in
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a mountainous area around 10:00 p.m. eastern time. the chartered jet was on its way to medellin international airport at the time of the crash. we've learned there were poor weather conditions reported at the time of the crash and that the crash site itself is only accessible by land because of the weather. these are some of the faces of the people who were on that flight. the plane was carrying this team, chapecoense. the team was scheduled to play in a final on wednesday. this is video of that team celebrating the win that allowed them to advance to the game they were traveling to play. the team joined the first division in 2014 for the first time since the '70s. they were the underdog team going into this matchup hoping to advance to the continental competition in south africa. this is a tragic ending it to a fairy tale season. chapecoense released a statement early this morning saying, quote, may god be with our
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athletes, directors, journalists, and other guests that were traveling together. the south american soccer federation has canceled all activities until further notice and monitoring all the video, pictures and information that's coming in to our newsroom this morning, i'll see you again in another half hour for an update. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. pamela, thank you. it's 5:36 right now and 48 degrees outside. new this morning philadelphia police are looking for five men who tried to abduct another man and then shot him. the victim was found on south robinson street in southwest philadelphia arp around 11:00. at least 16 bullets were fired. the victim is expected to survive. a 14-year-old boy is dead after being shot three times while walking in the mayfair section of the city. detectives were called to brous street around 9:00 last night. the boy was shot in the chest and died at the scene. police are looking for two men,
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they tell us. at this point the motive for the shooting remains unknown. it's 5:36. today in delaware the red clay district will begin a corner-to-corner watch program near bus stops to help prevent violence. yesterday someone shot a student while he was walking to his bus stop. it happened near 27th and van buren. the 15-year-old boy boarded his school bus after he was shot three times. medics later took the student to the where he is in stable condition. he's a ninth grader. police are still looking for the gunman. firefighters in wilmington continue their battle over brownouts which they say puts lives at risk. the city shuts down one engine a day, and we've learned one of them, engine six, will be shut down until further notice. christopher leetch and jerry, two firefighters killed fighting a row home fire, were assigned to engine six. members of the union went to a council meeting last night only to find out they were off the agenda.
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>> went down there to rally around councilman bob williams and those who support us only to find out they cut us from their agenda. and have yet to give bob williams or any of us an answer on why. >> the union says it plans to protest the program at the mayor's farewell address tomorrow. the philadelphia federation of teachers has reportedly made a counter proposal after it rejected a $100 million contract offer from the school district. teachers have not had a raise in four years. the union says the deal doesn't include back pay or retroactive raises. the school district says it would offer more money if it could. we don't have details on the counteroffer but published reports say a district source called that proposal, quote, completely unworkable. 5:38. the eagles face a steeper climb to the playoffs after falling to the packers 27-13 on "monday night football" at the link. >> it was a tough one. joining us live now the co-host
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of csn's breakfast on broad, jillian mele. hi, jillian. good morning. it's tough news for the eagles this morning to have to swallow. it was a bad loss, an ugly loss at the link. the packers were coming in having lost four straight and the eagles this is basically a must win for them. here's what we're talking about this morning, playoff chances for the eagles, both teams were in the hunt going into this it game. the eagles really had no chance to win the division but they were in the hunt for the last wild card spot. winning last night's game would have bumped their chances, certainly, but their chances were still slim to begin with. now with last night's loss they would have to win out the rest of the season to still have a really slim chance here. it's one of those things, guys, listen, anything is possible but i have to be honest to you and say it's getting tougher and tougher by the week. >> jill yian, thanks. >> see you guys. well, next up for the eagles a trip to cincinnati.
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>> yeah, that's right. and it's going to get tougher and tougher. well, we have rain that is moving in. the eagles loss and now a rainy day ahead. a live view from camden, looking across the battleship new jersey. the rain is just starting to move into these neighborhoods, wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. that steadier rainfall moving into the ysuburbs, very light rainfall in philadelphia in the lehigh valley and in burks county. there's a steadier rainfall. reading is seeing that already. a rainy day all day. fortunately the temperatures are warm to start with and we'll have good southerly winds. that will make the rain feel a lot heavier than it actually is. we will see heavy downpours but with winds of near 20 miles an hour for much of the day it's going to feel rainy through the day and feel like that heavy rain is with us all day long. 46 degrees in the suburbs right now. warm through the 50s and up to
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60 degrees this afternoon. and the rain falling this morning will continue right on into the afternoon. noontime temperature of 56 degrees. a good warm-up in the lehigh valley, too. most of new jersey is dry right now. a few spots starting to get light rain. it will quickly move into the area and then rain and wind this afternoon near 60 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. the rain falling at the shore as temperatures are climbing with winds even strong er at the shore, 26-mile-an-hour wind at lunch time, close to 30 miles an hour at 2:00 this afternoon and delaware looking for sunshine, not happening today. the clouds are already moving in. the first showers arriving, gusty winds, 20-mile-an-hour wind at 10:00, noontime at 2:00. we'll still be seeing wet conditions at 4:00 this afternoon. and this is just the first round of the rain. there's more on the way for tomorrow. look at the ten-day to show you when it will finally clear out when i come back in ten minutes. all right, bill. we await all of those details. thanks for that. so people getting up this morning have to contend with the
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rain and potentially slippery leaves, just a lot of stuff. >> take extra time. look at the schuylkill expressway with jessica boyington. >> we're watching the schuylkill around montgomery drive. no major problems yet on the roads and everything is still pretty much dry for the most part. eastbound side here moving to center city. just a 13-minute trip. you can see not even any brake lights. everything is moving along nicely out in philadelphia, also. some traffic lights on the boulevard around 9th street so watch for possible police activity around that general area. other than that you can see the boulevard doesn't have any delays in either direction even with the lights on flash. route 38 around nixon drive, no it problems or des, maybe a car out the door. this is 95 moving through delaware, drive times here 11 minutes at the most, northbound from 295 to 495. back to you. jessica, thank you. we have new information about the train technology that perts
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say could have prevented the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. you'll remember eight people were killed. hear how close amtrak, septa and new jersey's rail systems are to implementing positive train control. also -- rebuilding a neighborhood once decimated by fire. hear how people living on the block rebuilt after the move disaster, about new plans to redevelop the area.
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new details, the nation's three busiest railroads in the northeast with still not up to speed when it comes to pos itiv when it comes to train control. the technology slows down a speeding train. septa is the only railroad in the northeast that's nearly finished installing the system. ptc is installed on all but one section of track. employees have been trained on how to use it. now amtrak has ptc installed along the northeast corridor on most of the rail company's 450 miles that it owns between
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washington, d.c., and boston but a 56-mile stretch between new haven, connecticut, and new rochelle, new york, still does not have the technology. and new jersey transit has made little progress when it comes to getting the ptc into place according to federal railroad administration. it's not on any tracks. now the railroad says the federal data does not reflect the amount of progress. they say they're on schedule to meet the deadline to have ptc fully installed. it's 5:47. to an nbc 10 exclusive. a major effort to rebuild a philadelphia neighborhood destroyed by the move bombing decades ago is under way and only nbc 10 was there yesterday as companies interested in redeveloping dozens of vacant homes toured the area. more than 60 homes burned down after a police helicopter dropped a bomb on a house that was serving as the headquarters
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of the radical group move in 1985. efforts to rebuild over the years ended with shoddy construction. now the city is hoping to avoid making the same mistakes. nbc 10 spoke to neighbors who welcomed the news. >> i would have liked to see it all come back together as a whole community and people living in the homes and not have vacant homes it has all these years. >> the city will take proposals from developers through the middle of next month. we'll keep you updated. it is 5:48. >> much warmer than yesterday. >> we'll take it. >> and it's going to get warmer in spite of the rain that's just starting to move into the area. light rain now. there will be periods of heavier rain. look closely this is a live view from south philadelphia. you can see the streets are starting to get damp. that is light rain that is falling right now. it will be intensifying through the day and it is falling in it
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the lehigh valley, a few clouds, rain clouds have already taken over and the rain is going to be steady for much of the day. add to that some gusty winds and what we will see is a warm-up. see how it's in the 40s with the suburbs. look to the south where warmer air is in south jersey and at the jersey shore. with southerly winds that warmer air will overspread the entire area. the 40s and low 50s happening right now, that's temporary. will see 60s for these neighborhoods this afternoon and even warmer tomorrow. a rainy start at the bus stop, a little chilly but nowhere coal as yesterday. near 60 degrees in trenton, up to 54 degrees. that's at 8:00. the rain just starting right now. you're seeing some light rain showers just start to go move into delaware. steadier light rain in new castle county and into the suburbs and the lehigh valley
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including burks county, the light rainfall to start with. there will be periods of heavy rain but it's not going to be heavy rain all day. it will be a long event starting right now it's still going to be going on for the evening commute. by then we could see more than an inch, possibly closer to 2 inches in some neighborhood especially in the lehigh valley from this first round of wet weather. more on the way for tomorrow. watch how this moves through today, hour by hour forecast shows it tapering off this evening but still showers in the area at 6:30 this evening. them as we go into tomorrow morning, look at the rain building just to the southwest. that's at 5:30 in the morning. that rain will be sweeping into the area. we could even see thunderstorms tomorrow before it heads out early thursday morning. so some rainy weather ahead today and tomorrow. 62 today. 70 tomorrow. we clear out and dry out thursday, friday and saturday. sunday we'll likely is he see
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more rain. it stays chilly with afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. >> at least it's drying out for friday for our tree lighting at the blue cross rink. let's get to you work. >> jessica boyington is standing by. >> and we're watching the boulevard around 9th street where the traffic lights are out and malfunctioning. you can see them on flash. that affects the cars turning onto the boulevard and in both directions as well so you can see with cars moving through, a slowdown, brake lights because they're having a difficult time navigating through the intersection, so watch for that in both directions. you might see some delays soon. an accident in upper merion on king of prussia road and this is route 70 around kings highway. actually not even a car -- there we go -- through the intersection. both directions there look
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great. 422, the schuylkill expressway, an eight-minute trip. katy and tracy, back to you. tune in this friday night at 7:00, our morning team of tracy davidson, vai sikahema, bill henley and jessica boyington will be live to bring you the holiday tree lighting live. the show will be filled with musical performances and special guests. >> you should come, too, katy. >> i think i will. it sounds family friendly. we want to see your family pictures. tweet us your creative holiday pics using #nbc10holiday. you can send the picture through the nbc 10 app. i love that music behind that. well, a daring rescue in south jersey is caught on camera. every second counts when someone is trapped inside a burning car like this one. next hear how one police officer who never thought twice about risking his own life to save another
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they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. meteorologist bill henley has been telling us we have issued a first alert because of the rain and the slick conditions. here's one of the reasons why,
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falling leaves. aaa is warning drivers to be careful of leaves that may have blown on to the streets combine with rain that could be like driving on ice. >> you definitely don't want to brake hard on those leaves. you want to take a patch of leaves that you happen to drive over very slowly. >> i still am going to do what i have to do regardless of the weather. as long as it's not snow, i'm cool. >> aaa urges drivers to be careful of any ponding or flash flooding. and they say if the rain is too risky, pull off the next exit. make sure you download the nbc 10 app. you can track rain conditions right where you live, right as they move into your neighborhood. a quick thinking police detective is credited for saving a man from a burning car. >> it came just weeks before his retirement. the video captures the moment
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the car went up in flames with the man still inside. it happened the day before thanksgiving. james watt had a medical problem and slammed into another car in the parking lot. that's when the police detective ran straight towards the burning car and pulled him to safety. >> i've never seen my family other another thanksgiving again. >> the city will honor him with a lifesaving award. a viewer tells us he tried to cancel his interservice, but those bills kept coming. >> next, how the nbc 10 response team stepped in to help save the man's credit score. plus an update on the plane crash in colombia that leaves dozens onboard dead and we'll tell but the few survivors. 48 degrees outside. >> that's right.
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if you're heading out the door, make sure you have the free nbc 10 app. it's your one-stop resource for breaking news, neighborhood weather and traffic all day long.
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deadly plane crash. there are five survivors after a plane carrying dozens of people went down in colombia. teen tragedy. police are looking for a suspect in a shooting. and fading playoff hopes. the eagles drop a matchup against the green bay packers putting chances for a postseason run in jeopardy. 6:00 a.m. 48 degrees. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. we have issued a first alert as rain is moving into our area, a lot of it. right to bill henley in the neighborhood forecast. bill, give us the details. a storm system that


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